Best Headphone Replacement Pads Logitech

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1. Replacement Cushions LOGITECH Headset Black

Replacement Cushions LOGITECH Headset Black

It is high elasticity, durable and soft. Soft and memory foam is durable. The package includes an Ear Pad.

Brand: Sqrmekoko

👤I adopted a stray dog and she chews everything she can. She stole and chewed my headset. She destroyed the foam earpieces and the bare plastic has rubbed my ear. The earpieces were a perfect fit for a replacement and cost 50% less than new ones. The earpiece hole was stated to be too small in a review. This is incorrect. They are similar to the ones supplied by the factory that have to be pinched and pulled to fit over the earpiece. Because of this dog, I have been able to attach them multiple times and the hole in the foam is small enough to keep them firmly attached. Place earpiece into foam cup, pinch 15 degrees away and pull out and over, repeat the process all the way around. I can't tell a difference between the two because they fit perfectly and I have one factory and one attached right now. The earpieces are not perfect. After installation, put them in the same position as the old ones. If you don't have a factory-installed original, you can't see foam from the outside of the headset. There is a This product is perfect for half the price of the original, and it's a long review, I know, but it's a good one.

👤They fit my H800 headset perfectly, but they're a little thin in the center of the pad, where it covers the actual speaker, so I give them an overall rating of 4 stars. Replacement ear pads are thinner in the middle, but they seem a little too thin to me.

👤It is snug so it will stay in place. The sound is clear and vibrant. I would recommend.

👤I bought these hoping that they would fit my older Logitech, which is identical to the H555 except for the PC connection. They fit, but not perfectly, but they are comfortable enough to wear. See the picture for more.

👤Ear cushions for LOGITECH H800 H 800. The previous replacement set was replaced with a Headset Black- Thinner. The H800 headset didn't seem specifically made for it. It's too early to tell ifDurability will be the real test.

👤I love my headphones, but my foam is turning to dust, it's sad. On a distant website, new foam would be thrown on the corpses of their brethren. I could use my headphones again. They were cheap and fit well. My headphones have been reborn.

👤The earpads fit as expected and are of great quality. The original set was in my possession for over four years. We will see how long these last. I am happy to know that I can still use the LOGITECH H800 H 800 Headset that I bought four years ago.

👤I've been given another year to use my logitech H800 headphones that are no longer made, but I really like them, so I've gotten another year. Thanks for that existing!

👤My logitech h800 headset has a pair of ear pads. I expect them to last 5 years if they have the same longevity as the original pair.

2. Rosenice Replacement Cushions Logitech Headphones

Rosenice Replacement Cushions Logitech Headphones

The package include 5 pairs of earpad. The soft foam is durable. The size is about 75*65mm. It's ideal for replacing ear pads that have been lost or damaged. It is compatible with the H800 headphones. The ear pads can be used to improve the bass performance of your headphones.

Brand: Rosenice

👤The cushion on the left phone had worn through and become uncomfortable, even though I love my H800 Wireless Headphones. I don't like replacement ear cushions. They have always been cheap and thin. Not these. They are thicker and don't tear easily, which is something I've seen before. Since the H800 uses oddly shaped mounts, the last is important. I used a crochet hook to guide the cushion over the mount. I can wear the H800s for hours without feeling uncomfortable. Love them! There is a The man is named Jerry.

👤The replacement foam cushions for the H800 Headset are a good place to start. They fit the H800 securely and don't feel cheap. The installation video has more information.

👤The H800 headphones have been through a lot. Lots of phone calls and music. The original pads began to fall apart a few months ago. The speakers are like torture devices, so I wanted a fix. I decided to place an order for a pair of Rosenice Replacement Pads after reading some reviews. There is a The installation of the pads was easy because the envelope arrived promptly. There is a I am happy to be able to use the H800 again because the pads feel great. If you have your pads on your last legs, I would recommend you. Will purchase again.

👤These replacement foam ear pads are for the H 800. The original foam ear pads have not worn out, but they have stretched and are useless. They come off all the time. I saw that these were a feature and not a bug when I saw that they were reviewed as "kind of tight". They fit. It was nice and snug. The foam on your ears feels the same. They stay on as they are supposed to. I highly recommend them.

👤The original ear pads that came with the headset are just as good as the H800's. I use this headset a lot and my ear pads wear out over time. I will buy these again in the future. After the H800's came out, no one sold replacements for them, so I'm glad they finally started making replacements. I'm a happy customer.

👤The most comfortable headset I've ever owned is the H800 from Logitech. They were packaged in a way that made me worried they would be permanently damaged, but after putting them on they looked perfect. There is a I ordered another set of foams four years later. These are still for sale. If these also lasted 4 it would be an example of quality.

👤I thought this wasn't going to be very nice, but I bought it anyways. It keeps my ears warm and it turned out better than I thought. I'm glad it's only a few bucks. It was pleasantly surprised.

👤You can't say much about them. They work well. For short use, they are comfortable. I have not had meetings that lasted more than 2 hours. My ears start to notice the headset more at 1.5 - 2 hours, but it was the same with the originals.

3. Earpads Logitech Headphone Replacement Cushions

Earpads Logitech Headphone Replacement Cushions

Will fit other brands and models. It's for the H609 and H600 headphones. Replacing your previous earpad cushions with soft ear cushions for comfort. Headphone is not included.

Brand: Poyatu

👤I have a Logitech H600 headset that I have owned for 7 years and have been putting through its paces because I work from home. The foam earpieces rotted and fell off. The replacements were priced right and fit perfectly. The leather part of the earpiece covers are comfortable. I am very happy with them. If you own an H600, I recommend these covers.

👤I bought them because another reviewer said they were good for the H600 headset. The original thin foam pads were more comfortable for my ears. The speakers sit further away from the ears, so you'll lose some volume and bass. Otherwise. They fit the headset well. They're comfortable. I would forget I was wearing a headset after a while, because the old ones were so comfortable. These aren't very good.

👤I had a logitech h600 and it was interesting to see how thin the foam factory pads were. They feel comfortable, but they feel different. It was a little difficult to put them on, but they were worth it. It works despite the fact that they muffle the sound a bit.

👤The seller is shipping the right replacement pads for the H390. Went on without a problem, felt great. Came with a year. It is a warranty. Excellent!

👤The foam pads deteriorated. I bought them as a replacement. For what they are, they are a bit pricey. The ear cushions should be bigger. The original foam cushions were definitely an upgrade.

👤My other reviewers said that they fit. The original pads are 1/2 the size of these. The construction is good and they are padded. I would like to know the size of the replacements for the specific headphones that are going to be used with.

👤Getting the old ear pads off was a challenge, but the new ones are exactly as they should be. I was very pleased to find them very comfortable.

👤The ear cuffs on my headset were peeling. I was tired of the plastic in my hair and ears. The top hit on the internet was this pair of cuffs. They fit just as well as the original.

4. Sunmns 40mm MDR Q22LP Panasonic Headphones

Sunmns 40mm MDR Q22LP Panasonic Headphones

The package includes an Ear Pad. It's compatible with Sony Q21 Q22 Q23, Sony Q22LP, Panasonic rg930, and Logitech H555 headphones. Soft and comfortable touching. Increasing fidelity of music is achieved through noise isolation. It's easy to install, update or reuse ear pads. The package include 5 pairs of earpad.

Brand: Sunmns

👤The day was saved by the Youtube video. I ordered ear pads for my headphones. I received the covers the same day I ordered them. They are not worth much at all. I ruined the first pad when I tried to stretch it around the earphone. A review said you need to watch the video to install them correctly. They are designed to fit around the small disc insert that must be removed from the earphone. My headset is new.

👤This is the best way to replace your cushions. You can watch a short video on the internet to change them. The results are just like new, and it is very easy to do.

👤I bought them for an older person. +) I still use a Sony radio headset. The ear pads were small for this device, but they were able to fit. They are not as thick or as comfortable as previous replacements, but they are good for a short period of time. I didn't need 5 pairs, but for $5.99.

👤You have to remove the retention rings to install them. The ring-pad subassembly can be snapped back on after cleaning up the area on the earphones. Push them in, don't trim anything, the foam will extend through the interface area. There is a little extra padding provided by the overlap.

👤I still wear the ear headphones, even though I wear a hat. The foam on several pairs has broken down, but I like a kids pair ofPhillips over the ear. I'm able to use the headphones again. I don't think they are as comfortable as the original pads, but they fit and work.

👤The pads that fell apart on my H555 were purchased by me. The pads were delivered the next day. I had serious doubts about them fitting since they appear to be much smaller than the ear pieces on the H555, but with careful fitting, the pads stretch and cover the whole ear piece. The pad is a little thinner than the original ear pads, but that doesn't bother me. I wear the headset for several hours each day for work. I am happy with the purchase.

👤These were a joke. They say 1.57 inches. They must have measured them like tarps. The finished product is about an inch and a half long. Very flimsy. The sides are folded around to make the final product. Some of them were made weird. Definitely not worth the money. They are not worth any money. Poor quality.

👤I was initially confused as to why these ear pads wouldn't fit my triangular shaped ear pads for my portable headphones, but as I replaced them they fit perfectly. I used a plastic knife and a tooth pick to make my ear pieces.

👤Le poils faciaux la barde are usent rapidement.

👤This item is hard to find in normal electronic stores. It works perfectly.

👤You will get a snug factory fit if you are patient and gentle with the installation. I was very pleased with these.

5. Brainwavz Upgraded Earpads Logitech Headphones

Brainwavz Upgraded Earpads Logitech Headphones

The upgrade ellipses are easy to install and will enhance your headphones quality and comfort in a few minutes. Their ear pads are made with soft, long lasting materials that will comfort your ears. Their pads come with real memory foam, the same that they use in all their premium ear pads, not like the stock ear pads which just have normal foam that becomes uncomfortable over long periods, their memory foam will remain comfortable even after long hours of use! Better than stock. Their ear pads are made from better materials and offer better sound isolation than stock pads and allow you to hear more detail from your headphones. They knowARPADS, so trust them. Brainwavz knows how to make ear pads for the most worn headphones, bought and used by home users to professionals.

Brand: Brainwavz

👤The stock ear pads are not as comfortable. The stock ones can get warm if they don't breath. The stock pads block out a lot of sound. They are still faux leather and will eventually peel, like the stock ones, due to your body oil and warmth. I knocked off one star because I noticed that the stitching had cut through the skirt that goes on the ear piece. I'm going to both with a return and a refund because it's only 3 stitches, but I don't think it will affect the wear or function. If it goes out after a year, I'll still consider it well spent.

👤I used these on my headset. This was an off-label use. There is a The material and feel of these pads is much better than the original ones. That is what you will get when you buy it. This isn't always the case in this marketplace. There is a The design of the headphones and ear pads is so important that they don't seem to have thought that anyone would want to replace the pads, and as such, they are not easy to install. You have to stretch them as you shimmy a small strip of material over the small indent on the headphones that are supposed to hold the pads on. It isn't perfect. If you were to hold the headphones by the pads and manipulate them between your fingers and thumb, the pads would come back off again. Don't do that. I don't know why you would.

👤The new muffs are on the top. Below are the originals. There is one thing missing. The center is filled. There is a soft fabric that keeps your ears from resting against the plastic of the phones. The soft center fabric that protects your ears from the phones is missing from the new upgrade. The center fabric would have made them perfect. I found thin foam that could be put in the centers to act as a cushion from another set of headphones.

👤I am happy to have these replacements from Brainwavz. They have a soft feeling memory foam. It is now very comfortable to wear my headset for hours at a time. They are easy to install. I regret buying other cheap pads from Poyatu. The cheap foam around my ears made it hard for me to wear the headset.

👤The ear pads on my headset were blue. The original ear pads looked gross. I thought it was time to get something that wouldn't attract the oil and so I got something that wasn'tWashable. The Brainwavz ear pads fit that role. They are easy to install. The construction seems to be good and the padding feels like foam.

👤This set seemed like a good replacement for my original ear cups. I can say that they're a win and money well spent, having been using them daily for the past 90 days. I would recommend them for anyone because they breathe better and are more comfortable than the originals.

6. Geekria Earpads Logitech Headphones Replacement

Geekria Earpads Logitech Headphones Replacement

Headphone is not included. The ear pads are made with high quality foam. Your ear cups, ear pads, ear cover, and ear pads need to be replaced. Give your headset a new accessory. It should be a brand new look. Quality made ear pads are durable and long lasting. The ear pads are compatible with the H800. Will fit other brands and models.

Brand: Geekria

👤They fit my headphones perfectly, just check the model and order if it matches. My headphones are about 3 years old and work great, but the ear pads are terrible because I always wear them while working out. This made them feel new. Happy!

👤The ear pads for my headphones were falling apart. My headphones are like new because of these replacement ear pads.

👤I got these to replace my old headset. They feel better than the factory pads. They don't look right, but they are snug and comfy. I have big ears.

👤These were easy to install and comfortable. The new ones seemed to be an upgrade.

👤Quality is as good as the original. The yellow stretcher is a good non-marring phone case. They're going the extra mile, because the manufacturer/seller threw in a little plastic "fishbone" ear bud holder, and a velcro cable tamer.

👤I needed these after the pads on my headphones wore out. It took about 30 seconds to put the new ones on. It's like they are brand new.

👤After a few years of use, folding them up, putting them in my backpack, and carrying them home every night, the foam on my headphones had worn out. I was happy that I wouldn't have to replace my headphones. These are as comfortable as the originals and were easy to install.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

👤These were bought for a headset. They fit and work well.

👤It makes me feel like I have a new pair of headphones. Fit well.

👤Replacing the ear pads is not an option because they hurt the ear. I was happy to find so many options. After waiting a month, I decided to go with the cheaper option and waited another 2 weeks. The seller apologized and gave me the money back. There is a They were here in 2 days after I ordered them. It says memory foam. It seems like a basic foam to me. The H800 came with soft foam and it feels the same. There is a They have a plastic device that is used for installing. I got a guitar pick shaped device from the ad. I don't know what you would do with it as it was very easy to install. You slip it on the top or bottom and pull it over the ear housing. The mic side fit on easier than the other. I can't say the product was worth more than the price, but I can say it was worth more in the long run. My ears are thanking me.

👤I bought these headphones for my wife when they first came out, and she wears them a lot. The new pads come with a tool that helps put them on, but it's difficult because it's a perfect fit and there's no wiggle room. There is a I think it was too much for foam pads, but they fit perfectly.

👤It would have been easy to install, but make sure you know the size. There is a The manufacturer could give the opening of the circle that would go over the opening of the headphones.

7. Replacement Logitech Headphone Headset Cushion

Replacement Logitech Headphone Headset Cushion

The ear pads are made with high quality memory foam and mesh fabric. Your ear cups, ear pads, ear cover, and ear pads need to be replaced. Give your headset a new accessory. It should be a brand new look. Quality made ear pads are durable and long lasting. The ear pads are compatible with the G930 G430 G35 F450. Will fit other brands and models.

Brand: Geekria

👤Be warned! The product has been changed. I bought a set of ear pads and they worked great, but then I bought a different headset and they were smaller. Both of my orders point to the same Amazon link. The old product and the new farce are in the attached images.

👤The red accent markings make my G35 headset look better than it did when I bought it. Thanks for including the installation tool, it was very helpful. The kit that includes the head pad isn't meant for the G35 headset because it doesn't have the same size as the one on the headset. I used the spare two fake leather head pads that came with my G35 headset after ordering the ear pads only. My ear pads fit my headset well and I'm not sure what people are complaining about. I assume that some ears are more sensitive to certain fabrics than others. The cloth mesh pads are better than the leather pads for two reasons. The cloth pads are more absorbent for the ears than the leather pads, and they won't crack or peel off.

👤I have had my headset for a year. The pads are all pealing, but they still work great. The black vinyl-like covering is coming off and making a mess. I ordered the ear pads and the headband pad and they fit perfectly. When my headset is new, it looks like new, but now it wears better than before for a total investment of around $20 I didn't know that Geekria existed, I had been looking for original replacements for a long time. Maybe they didn't do it the last time. I have been searching for a while. I am very happy that I was able to resurrect this great headset instead of throwing it away.

👤A perfect fit for my G930, with replacement ear pads. They are light and soft. These allow my ears to breathe better than the standard ear pads. If you're having trouble keeping your headset on for more than 30 minutes because it makes your ears too warm, give these a try. The packaging was great, and it included a very helpful tool for getting the original pads off. I would have preferred black, but I know these are also for the more popular G430, so I completely understand. There is a The sound is slightly different compared to the leather pads. The leather seals better, and provides a little better isolation from the outside, and sound leaking from the headphones is a little more pronounced. The bass response is slightly reduced, but it's a very small change. The standard pads are better than the suede/microfiber version. After wearing them for 3 months or so, I'm still in great shape. I spilled a drink on them and they got sticky. It's easy to take the pads off and clean them up in the sink with a little soap and water. It's still better than the original pads.

👤I've had a pair of G430's for about 2 years and they're awesome. I have washed the ear pads by hand on occasion, using warm water and dish soap. They reached a point where they didn't need to clean them anymore. I found these replacement ear pads in the same style as the original ones. There is a I found no evidence of Logitech selling their own products, but they are a perfect fit. Gave the headset a new lease on life. It would definitely recommend it for the price.

8. Replacement MDR G45LP MDR G55LP MDR G410LP MDR G101LP

Replacement MDR G45LP MDR G55LP MDR G410LP MDR G101LP

It's very easy to put on. It's compatible with Sony G94NC, Sony NC6,B&O Betop and AKG-K403. The package includes 10 pairs. Earpud. High elasticity, durable, light-weight, soft and comfortable. It's good for Headphones' diameter.

Brand: Blacell

👤They fit the H600 headset but are half the thickness of the originals. I was able to stretch two earpads over each earpiece and give them an overall thickness similar to the original earpads. There is a I give them 3 stars because they fit the earpiece and double up have the same thickness and comfort as the originals. There is a The original package and replacement package arrived with only 5 pairs instead of the advertised 10 pairs, so I am giving them just 1 star. I will not ask for a second replacement but I will suggest that Amazon pull the product until the vendor packages the correct amount or changes their ad.

👤I use the H340 headset daily for work and purchased these for it. The ear pads that were received were larger than the original pads that were installed on the headset, which was about 55mm. The ear pads seem to be more comfortable than the shredded ones I had. I still think these ear pads are a good deal, even if I end up buying more ear pads for an H340, I may try to find some closer to the original 50mm size.

👤I noticed the reviews about the wrong size after I ordered them. I tried to cancel the order, but couldn't. I was going to try to return them, but decided to check them first. The company may have listened to the previous customers, but they came in and fit my headset as advertised. They fit both my Plantronics and myMotorola 850 headsets. I'm happy with them.

👤I bought this product because it said it fit the H600. I ordered the USPS to deliver it to someone other than my mailbox. I had to call and get a refund. When I got the earpads, I was a bit disappointed that they were so thin, but I thought that I could afford to change them frequently and that I didn't care about the price. I couldn't get one to stay on because they were too small. I had to return them.

👤55mm is the size of the pads. They need to be stretched to cover 65mm of the originals. They are very thin and compressed. It's to be expected that they are generic. My suggestion is to get out the ruler and measure the originals before buying replacements instead of relying on the "fits model X" information on the product description.

👤The leatherette on mY headphones started to crack. I ordered ear piece covers and they covered the earphone ear pieces. Nice fit. I use a headset to do voice recoding, but I can't hear noise canceling. You get a set of ear covers. I don't know how long they will last because I got mine a month ago. I recommend them for what they do.

👤I received 19 pads instead of the 20 I received, and one of them was not packed flat. One of the pads was packed with crumpled up pairs of shoes. They were not the same shade and looked dirty. I threw the ones next to them away. I only got 7 pairs.

9. Seninhi Logitech Monitor Headphones Replacement

Seninhi Logitech Monitor Headphones Replacement

The headset is compatible with:Logitech H390 / H609. The materials are available. It is made of high-quality foam. Features: It's perfect for your ear. Usefulness Enhance the bass performance of your headphones. For the H800, stereo headphones for monitoring. Satisfied With the Guarantee If you receive any defects in the product, they will give you a full refund, but they are very confident that the quality of their products, if you receive any defects in the product, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Seninhi

👤I have 2 H800's and both sets are old enough that the ear padding has broken down over time. I saw some reviews that said these are too small, and it looks like H800s ear pieces have 2 pieces with a larger circle behind them. If you put on this part, the padding cutout hole won't stay on, it's the size of the smallest circle. The material is light and stretchy. You have to stretch over outer crinkle to have a chance to stay on. There are no instructions for how to do this or not, as packing is a blank plastic bag. I used to hold down one side with my thumb while stretching the other side over. If you hold down in the middle, you'll most likely tear the material, so make sure you hold down as far as you can to the side you want to stretch. I installed both sets that way and they work just fine. It's not as soft or nice as the original, but it's good enough.

👤Works as intended. I replaced my crumbling original ear pads with this. It fit perfectly.

👤These did not fit my headphones. The cutout was not deep enough. The sound was distorted because the foam seemed to compress tightly onto the holder. I had to ask people to repeat themselves.

👤My pads deteriorated. The headphones went on without a hitch. The sound is good. I wish I had thought about it a long time ago.

👤I've had my H800 headphones for over 6 years and they have lasted the whole time, but the ear pads are not a good fit, so I've purchased replacement ones twice.

👤These fit perfectly. The logitech ones were like bread crumbs. Let's see how long these last. There is a $7 for a piece of foam is not cheap.

👤These are a great replacement for headphones. It fit perfectly.

👤They seem to be okay. Hopefully, they will last.

10. Geekria Replacement Logitech Headphones Protective

Geekria Replacement Logitech Headphones Protective

It is compatible with the G533, G633, G635, G933 and G935 headsets. For hours of comfortable listening. Product dimensions are: Earpad:4.13 x 2.95 x 0.98 inches. The package includes a headband and earphone ear pads. Will fit other brands and models.

Brand: Geekria

👤I had to replace my ear and head pads because they were degrading. These were easy to install, but they were not as comfortable as the original ones. The foam doesn't mold to the head. These are fine if that's not a concern for you. I will wear them long enough to see if they change over time. It's much better to have no black pleather in my hair or face.

👤My headphones fit perfectly. The tool for fitting the earmuffs on the headset is a huge bonus to get the tight leather edge on the earpiece without stretching. The headband was a simple replacement. The pieces are initially firm, but I think they will break-in eventually.

👤Replacing the old pads of a 2016 933 was easy, but the foam used in ear pads is very stiff and has a scratching sound when the headset is on. Everything feels better if there is a break in period.

👤They fit amazingly well, the only downfall is the audio sounds lower than they were with the original pads, since these push the headphones further from your ears.

👤The replacement ear pads are better than the originals. My ears are more comfortable.

👤These are for the ear pads on my headphones. It took just a few minutes to put them on, and they are just as comfortable as the originals.

👤Fr Schnellleser. Ihren Sets gekauft und gebe fr meine G633, sowie die kabelosen G933. There is a Ihren Unboxing und Review Videos, die me whrend des Lock Downs angeschaut. The Verfgung is in German. Ich ist mal, wie bei anderen Headsets und Produkten ist. Ich ist die diverse schweitreibenden Actionspiele. The Geekria Box (siehe "Package Content") umfasst 3 Pads, kleines Werkeug und Tuch. Aber. Danke fr den Bonus, Geekria :D Die Pads passen wunderbar und lassen. Klebeband ist das mittlere Stck der Kabelabdeckung. es war aber berhaupt kein problem. Ich ist immer, aber die Originale ist immer, aber die Originale ist immer, aber die Originale ist immer, aber die Originale ist immer, aber die Originale ist immer, a There is a Game on!

👤They're worth it. I wanted to replace my old ear pads. They look and feel like the original. In the first picture, you can see that the old ones lost the cushion and got flat, making me feel pain in my ears. My headset feels like it's the first time I've used it. I recommend them.

👤Im Ersatzpolster waren bei uns anzubringen. The Montage am Headset ist die erleichtert. There is a Anfangs ist es etwas ungewohnt, da die Polster die Umgebung besser isolieren. Sogar gut ist das grundstzlich. Bin ist das Zufrieden.

👤Per le mia logitech G935, perfette. In piu lavarli li ha rovinati, inserti in pelle standard. Sono fantastici, essendo in tessuto, ben aderenti. da pulire.

👤Ja die Polster passen super und sitzen. Sie ist die originalen Ohrpolster. So wie manche hier schreiben, das es zum 1std ende...oder man Kopfschmerzen. Finde die Polster super.

11. Earpad Logitech Wireless Headset H800

Earpad Logitech Wireless Headset H800

The ear pads can be used to improve the bass performance of your headphones. There is a spare set of ear pads for the H800. There are genuine Logitech spare parts.

Brand: Logitech

👤I bought these three years ago for my headset and they have held up well. I bought replacements for my original earpads after they broke. I am still using these replacements.

👤The ear pads are a flaw. My suggestion is to buy the cheapest ones you can find, as they are all cheap and will break. These are cheap and are replacements for the original product.

👤My ear pads were worn out. I bought them. I used super glue to glue them on because of the challenges I had putting them on the headphones. They work well and are comfortable.

👤I was happy to see that the pads came in an envelope. The pads are the same as the old ones. I'm happy that I was able to find original pads, as I've been burned with poor quality stuff in Amazon more than once.

👤They fit my H800 well, but$15 for 2 small pads of foam, really?

👤This item works as advertised.

👤The ear pads fit perfectly. They arrived on time. I wrote that the item didn't arrive. The package was moved by the strong wind from the porch to the next house. It was my fault.

👤I had these headphones for a long time and they still work great. The old ear pads were not holding up. They fit perfectly and have not fallen off. It's better to buy new headphones.

👤It took double- quick time to arrive. The product was expected. The headphones are comfortable. The only product I could find that worked was pricey but it did the job. I was happy with my purchase.

👤The fit was the same as the quality of the originals.

👤The English version is below. Jedenfalls ist in the kleinen Logitech-Ttchen. Ich hatte die Ohrenpolster am nchsten. Tag in Briefkasten. Sie passen optimal in die Ohrmuscheln des H800. Im 2h ist die Ohrenpolstern bei denn. Es knnte ruhig mal. There is a Fazit: Sie passen perfekt, fhlen, das H800 in Glanz erscheinen. Im Originalpolster von Logitech ist handelt. These ear pads are for the Logitech H. They come with a bag that shows the logo and part numbers. I had them in my letter box the next day. They fit perfectly on the auricle of the H800. After 2 hours with the new ear pads, the usual pain to the ear comes back. It would be great if there was a thicker version of these ear pads. There is a They fit perfectly, feel comfortable and let the H800 shine again. The ear pads are from Logitech. There is a Ohrenpolstern ist diesen. The original Ohrenpolster von Logitech ist es. Jedenfalls ist in the kleinen Logitech-Ttchen. Ich hatte die Ohrenpolster am nchsten. Tag in Briefkasten. Sie passen optimal in die Ohrmuscheln des H800. Im 2h ist die Ohrenpolstern bei denn. Es knnte ruhig mal. There is a Fazit: Sie passen perfekt, fhlen, das H800 in Glanz erscheinen. Im Originalpolster von Logitech ist handelt.

👤Einwandfreies Produkt ist, passt es natrlich. Ich ist das originale Ohrpolster, das spricht also bei der Robustheit des Ohrpolster. Ich ist damit der Tragekomfort erhalten. The ist bestens.


What is the best product for headphone replacement pads logitech?

Headphone replacement pads logitech products from Sqrmekoko. In this article about headphone replacement pads logitech you can see why people choose the product. Rosenice and Poyatu are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone replacement pads logitech.

What are the best brands for headphone replacement pads logitech?

Sqrmekoko, Rosenice and Poyatu are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone replacement pads logitech. Find the detail in this article. Sunmns, Brainwavz and Geekria are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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