Best Headphone Rest Clamp

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1. Aluminum Headphone Stand Hanger Foldable

Aluminum Headphone Stand Hanger Foldable

The case is compatible with wireless charging. Series 1/2 Airpods have wireless charging case capabilities. Airpods case cover does not allow for wireless charging. A marginal The thickness of the desk can be used to determine the thickness of the clamp, which can be easily fixed on most tables. High quality. The desk hook holder is made of aluminum alloy. Silicone rubber on the stand protects your headphones from being scratched. It is easy to remove and re-attach the screw clamp. Soft rubber pads on the ends of the clamps protect your desk or table from damage. It is easy to install on desks, cabinets, glass surfaces, desktop towers, shelf, etc. It's great for hanging game controllers, cables and other gadgets. There is a space-sharing program. The one-way folding swing has a length of 3.15 inch and allows headphones and other small stuff to hang on it. You can save space by folding up when it's not in use. You should arrange space ideally with horizontal and vertical installation.

Brand: Goldmille

👤I have been looking for this one. The design is made of metal. The rubber pad is for hanging your headphones on. It's universal design was perfect, as my table does not allow for a table mount. I put mine on the upper leg. If you need to adjust the hanger, it comes with 2 extra screws and an allen wrench. The rubber pads on the inside of both are perfect for the screw mechanism. This is a perfect piece of furniture.

👤The attachment is spring loaded. It does not open wide enough to fit in my desk. My desk height is 112 in. This is a great product.

👤This is the one you need if you want a headphone holder on your desk. I have no expectation that it will fail in my lifetime, it appears to be exactly what it appears to be. It was easy to purchase.

👤At first I was unsure if it would be useful, but it turned out to be very good. It is virtually mountable and has a section for cable ends.

👤The support arm holds my headphones securely. I put the headphones on for 3 or 4 times a day and the support arm never moved. The support arm doesn't scratch or damage my headphones.

👤A great desk hook. I ordered a second after getting my first one. The price should be a little lower.

👤This is perfect for me.

👤Sturdy steel and rubber coating are recommended for putting the headset.

👤Teams and zoom calls have become the norm. ... I have a headset and a pair of headphones in my desk. This is a great way to streamline the workspace. It can fit up to 3 pairs of gear. I've been most impressed by the solid steel feeling build quality, and I have mine fixed to my office desk. Great purchase.

👤This was bought for the recommendation of a friend. I use it to the left of my desk and it supports my headphones without me slipping down the desk leg. If you want something to hold your headphones out of the way on your desk, I would recommend it.

👤The little stand is great. It's easy to fit to a table and can be adjusted.

👤It was easy to install.

2. 6amLifestyle Rotatable Compatible Headphones 6A 13BK

6amLifestyle Rotatable Compatible Headphones 6A 13BK

2020 The arms of the dual headphone holder can be easily moved around by you. They won't get in the way if you put them under the desk. You can store two sets of headphones. The holder has dual 2.5in arms and is ideal for all kinds of wired and wireless headphones. The arm of the headphone hooks are equipped with arched soft rubber pads. 2. The raised parts of your headphones prevent them from falling. The Headset stand can support up to 11 lbs. It's great for purse, cables, backpack, umbrella and also for headphones. 60-day money back, 12-month warranty are included in the quality assurance and after-sales service. If you have a question, please contact them. The rubber pads are attached to the ends of the clip to protect your desk from scratches. The thickness of the desk can be mounted with the headset hanger. It's also suitable for cabinets, shelfs, and glass flat surfaces. Direct use, no installation required, makes it easy to attach and use. You can put it wherever you want. The knobs can be twisted and fixed. No need to drill holes or apply glue. It's easy to install, remove or move.

Brand: 6amlifestyle

👤This one is strong. It looks and feels like plastic. The weight advantage of a plastic over a metal is given by this. There is an in-depth thought that goes into designing the product. This is one of them. There is a The arm that comes to the top of the desk has been moved so that it doesn't hurt your hand or fingers. The cushion is soft enough to hold the headphones and hard enough to last a long time. The use case difference is the only problem I see. This is made to hold the biggest headphones. You need to calculate your dimensions before buying this.

👤I like the design of the clamp for holding my headphones. The design is very sturdy. The left side of my new smart desk has a holder on it. It's so easy to remove the holder and move the desk somewhere else, I like that. I wanted a holder that could be easily removed if it was screwed into the table. The soft padding on the top part of the 2 slots that hold the headphones help prevent scratches to the headphones. The price is correct. If there is a need, I would buy this product again. Attached is a picture of the product holding my headphones. Good stuff.

👤This item is awesome! It was perfect for my use case. It is strong and stable. I have my headphones under my desk. This is a great headphone hangar/holder. Solid metal is durable, and others use plastic which can break. Very easy to install! You can protect your table and HPs by adjusting the knob on your desk. The max load is up to 11lb. Simple is beautiful! There is a There are noatable CONS.

👤It's a nice piece and it's much better value than some of the more pro-level offerings. Machined well, very nice finish, some type of power coat, looks and feels much better than expected at this price, rubber padding in the right spots, and good design. One could argue that the tips of the hooks could be better for safety, but on the other hand, it makes placing and removing the headphones easier. There is a The bottom part can be moved freely which makes mounding easy. Very happy, great value!

👤This item was what I needed. I needed something that could be removed from my desk and not be in the way. The desk is very sturdy. I have a metal bar that runs along the bottom edge of the desk and I was able to adjust the grip on it. I use it for my DJ headset. I'll be buying another one for the wired headset. The dual headset is great.

👤The thickness range could have been larger, but this stand works well for holding two pairs of headphones. I made a mistake by not measuring my table thickness. I fixed this by attaching removeable Velcro strips to my table and headphones stand. Well built and worth the price.

3. Auoinge Hammock Adjustable Footrest Headphones

Auoinge Hammock Adjustable Footrest Headphones

The second item is a headphone stand mount holder for a virtual reality headset. It's ideal for all things. The Foot desk hammock is suitable for most desk types. The table length is 4.5 feet. Stable weight. Below 80 kilograms. The puppies are upgraded. The fixed rubber footed clamps can be adjusted to your most comfortable position without worry about your foot hammock sliding or falling down. It can also be used as a backpack holder. The fabric is durably absorbent. The Footrest under the desk hammock is made of premium quality cotton fabric with 4 layers, which makes it soft and cool on the feet. It is possible to port and adjusted. There are two ways to relax. If you really want your legs up during lunch, you should low down just for a slight lift during work hours or high up parallel to your thighs. You will love it more than the make shift chair. No questions were asked about the LIFETIME GUARANTEE and MONEY BACK policy. Get your hammock!

Brand: Auoinge

👤I wanted to like this hammock. It's pretty comfortable when it's attached. The problem is that it falls off the desk when it's tight. The plastic pads attached to the metal locking screws broke. The hook will stay on for 15 minutes before it makes a loud noise and crashes to the floor. It damaged my wooden floor. Maybe it would stay attached to a thicker desk. The minimum thickness in the product description should be set because mine is fairly thin.

👤I was showing it to my mom and she said thank you. I have to buy another one. I was showing her to be funny. She was mad when I said no. I have to buy her a one. I actually used it. It's so comfortable to kick back and watch. It's better to prop one foot up than to cut my foot open trying to use my printer, and it's even better that the chair has a built in footrest.

👤I decided to try out the foot hammock because I was creating a new desk setup and I debated over a normal footrest or one of these, so I bought mine around Christmas time. It's comfortable. I don't know if it's because of how long my legs are, but I set this on my desk no matter how low or high it is. It feels like pressure was put on me instead of letting my feet relax. It's pretty much the same thing. This only lasted 6 months before my left mount mangled the chord's integrity and cut the hammock's support in half. I am at my desk every day and have not put on any strenuous testing on the hammock. This is a cheap product, but I thought I would get more out of it than 6 months. There is a It's a fair value, $16 for 6 months of an uncomfortable foot rest. I wish I'd spent more money on a decent piece of furniture that would have been comfortable and last more than a year. It isn't worth the money to waste time on this product or any related product. No matter how cheap it is, you can find one. If you want to stand the test of time, you need a proper footrest.

👤I stopped using it a couple of months ago because the mounts shredded the cords due to sharp edges on the loops. The rubber grommets on the mounts don't stay in place because of movements from placing my feet on the hammock. I have replaced the cords with para-cord, but the mounts still shred them. I tried to replace the blue cord with a para-cord. There is a The mounts tend to move on the desk, and the pads that are supposed to protect it eventually slide out from between the desk and mount. The issue with the shredding of the cord was disappointing. The concept is great. I would give it a higher rating if it did not shred the cords. If you can't use it, it's not worth buying.

4. AWOKE Headphone Earphone Headphones Sennheiser

AWOKE Headphone Earphone Headphones Sennheiser

No questions were asked about the LIFETIME GUARANTEE and MONEY BACK policy. Get your hammock! AWOKE supports all sizes of headphones, such as the Sennheiser 202 II HD598 HD 650 HD700, the Dre Beats Solo, the Sony MDR7506, the Hyper X Cloud II's, and the Astro A50's. It is easy to install a table edge or horizontal shelf with the user-friendly design. The table tops can be up to 2” thick. Silicone pads protect your furniture from damage. The gaming headset holder is small, light, and most important, unique fashion style. The support is in the degree. The headphones can be placed on top of the table with the help of the swivel stand. It's a good idea to put them in the front for easy use. The use of multi-Scenario use. This desktop stand is great for home, office, recording studio, bedroom or next to your computer.

Brand: Awoke

👤It's very wobbly, but it looks great. I tightened it as much as I could, but it still shakes. Am I doing something wrong or am I missing something?

👤This is an awesome stand for headphones. It's ridiculous that I have so many headsets. I'm running out of room at my desk. There is a This one allows them to hang above the desk in between two of my other headphone rack which hangs them below the desk. You can only have them close enough to see your headphones if you have multiple traditional desk clamps. You can place this in between them as they hang above those that allow you to maximize space. There is a You can change the angles, direction, and height of the headphones you want to hang. What is the best thing about this rack? The headband sits on a platform. It's long enough that it won't cause any problems for the headband or the headset because it's not large enough to cause any problems. Highly recommended!

👤It's a good idea but not executed well. It looks cheap. It doesn't feel very safe when attached to a desk. It's wobbly but will support the average headphones. The headband support brackets aren't a good fit for headbands like the HiFiMan Ananda, and it's not a good fit for the Focal Clear. A bag. Some will be happy with it while others won't.

👤I use this for my 660S to replace a flush with the desk. The stand is very sturdy and allows more slack in your cables. My desk is a custom 2 1/2 thick and I was able to use the limit on the clamps. The tubing is very light and the spring is fully adjusted.

👤You can place headsets on this arm, which has a rocker on the end. The arm is on a ledge. If you don't tighten the vise down, the pad on the end will cause markings. It works well. You can adjust the bar in many different ways. It's made of metal.

5. Lamicall Headphone Stand Headset Hanger

Lamicall Headphone Stand Headset Hanger

Universal mounting: The portable vehicle headrest mount player allows you to easily install the posts into your car. It comes with everything you need, including a leather screen cover. It is easy to install. You can easily move the stand to any place you want. No screws are needed to steady mount the desk clamp to your office desk, gaming table, bedside, studio, glass desk, headboard, nightstand and tables. The degree of flexibility is. The headset holder can be swung under your desk to take off the earphone. The desk clip is suitable for most furniture surfaces. You can organize your life. A universal headset holder. It can help you place headphones, it can also hang bag, hat, umbrella and other daily gadgets in your kitchen counter, bookshelf, entrance cabinet and so on. Save space by keeping your life in order. Anti-slip and durable. The part of the desktop and headphones hook that is covered with rubber pads will not scratch the furniture. The connecting rod of the headphone stand is made of metal and will hold your headset firmly and not easy to break. It is wide compatible. This under desk mount is compatible with almost all wired and wireless headphones.

Brand: Lamicall

👤The unit is made of plastic and has rubber pads. It holds up my headset. After being locked into place, it clicks into preset levels. The height is not adjusted. I wanted it for that reason. You may or you may not. Installation was easy, the two parts that fit together with a screw handle set the tension. It has the ability to screw down tightly. I'm happy with it.

👤The Lamicall Headphone Stand/Hanger is located. I stumbled across this on my daily check and it's a huge problem solution for people who have a minimal overhang on their desktop. No one is worried about it coming loose. I tried it for anyone with a severe lack of overhang and it worked. A perfect solution is recommended.

👤If you don't mind permanent damage, you can flip the hook over, the cover plate for the screw is secure, and the screw is easy to strip. It's much easier to grab my headphones than it is to use them.

👤The Lamicall Headphone Stand, Headset Hanger is a very simple design. The knob mechanisms of other designs are more difficult to deal with than the tightening/loosening barrel mechanism of this design. The jaws which contact the table edge are made of rubber so that the stand won't slip when tightened. It holds my headphones and is attached to my desktop. It was protected well during shipping. I will buy a second one for my office.

👤I needed a headsets stand for my equipment. I thought I was going to find desktop ones, but something that wasn't on my desk turned out to be even better. The only place that I could put my desk drawer was on the side of my desk, and it was a very short lip. I didn't think it would stay on being clamped. I was wrong. It has a strong grip. I am very happy with it.

👤My husband needed a place to store his headphones, so I gave this to him. The holder works well. It works well in our small apartment. It saves space by attaching to a table or desk.

👤I like that it has a wide hook. It's great for my desk to hold headphones.

👤I bought this for one of my grandsons so he could place them in a safe place when not in use. Did the job!

👤The job was done well and so 5 stars there. It's one of the few that allows the rest to go under the desk as well. I wish it had a way to lock the rotation of the rest and a smaller form factor for the part on top of the desk.

👤The item works as advertised. I use it to hang my headphones and wrap cords. You can put it at any angle you want. The delivery was fast. I would recommend it.

👤Je fais tu télétravail et j'ai un casque pour mes rencontres. Tout ce qui voyais des produits. Je chose to besoin. A un caoutchouc pour protéger mon meuble. et serrer le support Je recommande.

6. Foldable Headphone Aluminum Headphones Universal

Foldable Headphone Aluminum Headphones Universal

The under desk mount is convenient for storing. Easy installation of a springed C Clamp. For a near universal fit on most desks, the Under Desk Headphone Hanger is used. It can be lain flat on the wall when it is not in use, folding or expanding at your convenience. It is easy to remove and re-attach the screw. Soft rubber pads located on both ends of your desk or table protect it from damage. Easy to install on desks, cabinets, glass surfaces, monitors, desktop towers, shelfs etc. It's great for hanging game controllers, cables and other gadgets. The TV stand does not have room for the soundbar. The sound bar width is less than 2.1 inches, it is 5 lbs and there are two racks to support it. It is a strong headphone Hook because it is made from high quality aluminum and can hold headsets without bending or breaking.

Brand: Apphome

👤My TV stand doesn't have room for the soundbar so I used two racks to hold it. The sound bar is 5 lbs heavy and supported by two racks. I'm happy it worked out.

👤I'm glad I chose this one because there are so many different models to choose from. It has a heavy, solid feel to it, and it has a nice padding on the arm so it won't damage the furniture. It folds up when not in use. Great product! I am an actual consumer, not a fake reviewer.

👤They are very well constructed. I attached them to the end of the stand that holds my TV. I put my sound bar on them. The sound bar is small enough to fit on them, so they can hold it in front of the TV. The sound bar could not be held on the TV stand because there was not enough room.

👤This thing is perfect. My boyfriend's desk has a small lip on the sides that hangs over the sides, but it is a vintage metal desk. Since these holders are mostly designed for desks with empty space below, I had to search through a million to find one that didn't require so much depth for the tension screw. It works great after finding this one. It's easy to install, but will still hold a large clunky headset. The photos have accurate measurements.

👤There are three people working from home, one of them is a gaming son. I'm running out of places to put my headsets, my son has a gaming headset, and I've got my headset for Teams. This particular hook is unique for a couple of reasons. I like the metal construction. It blends in with any black furniture or decor. If it happens to be in a high pass area of your desk or table, the folding design will allow you to get it out of the way. The ability to adjust the orientation from a vertical to horizontal one was a feature that made this a definite purchase. My desk is made of wood and metal and has a lip on it. The standard vertical style brace clap design is useless because it is short of the height of the table. I can't use boom stands with this table because of the other accessories I have. The only thing I had to do was remove the two allen screws and attach them to the leg of the table. It is now a permanent fixture. A huge problem was solved when I reached for my headset. I bought two of them for work and one for home. A great buy.

👤I always remain objective and honest when reviewing products. I always review with information that I feel others would like to know about the product, as I always assume what I'm writing will affect the purchase. I try to go beyond surface characteristics and input into quality, value and application. I will always end the review with an answer as to whether or not I would purchase the item again, which I believe is the most critical question pertaining to the item. Let me know if you want me to review your items. I was looking for a cheap hanging solution for my headphones and this product was the only one I could say anything about. I usually have my headphones on, but it can flip up when not in use. The screw base makes it easy to use for different sizes of desks. I'll probably buy another one for my daughter. It's a very handy device, serves the purpose well, and is cheap, but sturdy. You won't be disappointed.

7. MoKo Adjustable Sennheiser Audio Technica Headphones

MoKo Adjustable Sennheiser Audio Technica Headphones

AJUSTABLE CLIPS: The clamp can be adjusted based on the thickness of the desk, and can be fixed on most tables. High quality. The desk hook holder is made of aluminum alloy. Silicone rubber on the stand protects your headphones from being scratched. It is easy to remove and re-attach the screw clamp. Soft rubber pads on the ends of the clamps protect your desk or table from damage. It is easy to install on desks, cabinets, glass surfaces, desktop towers, shelf, etc. It's great for hanging game controllers, cables and other gadgets. The PS5 and PS4 Headsets have a headphone stand. There is a space-sharing program. The one-way folding swing has a length of 3.15 inch and allows headphones and other small stuff to hang on it. You can save space by folding up when it's not in use. You should arrange space ideally with horizontal and vertical installation.

Brand: Moko

👤I don't have a lot of space on my computer because I have a lot of stuff up here. There are four monitors, two PC towers, seven consoles. A standard upright headset holder was not going to work. I gave up on them and forgot about it. A week ago, a friend posted their desktop stand headset holder and it was one of the recommended items. It went in the cart. There is a Two screws hold the hardware to the shelf. The unit can be attached to the unit in either horizontal or vertical orientation. The ship is in the vertical orientation. It took me a while to set it up. I used the included key to tighten the screws, but the most important part of the process was to remove the clamp because the thread is so fine. Pop it on the shelf and the couple will turn it on. About 2 minutes from opening the Prime envelope to putting my headset on. There is a It's made out of a high quality coated steel that reminds me of a monitor mount. The weakest point is definitely the hinge, and if it broke it would happen there. Make sure it's not mounted in a place where you could hit it with your arm or leg. You will break off the shelf.

👤The all-anodized-aluminum structure feels sturdy, and the Silicon coating on the headband ensures that it won't be damaged while it's resting. There is a second strip of silicone on the inner edge, which is used to keep the foldable section in place. You can change the position of the holder by 90 degrees, and then use the horizontal and vertical position. It has its own wrench and a pair of extra screws. There is a It's well-designed and made.

👤I wear my headphones a lot when I play games or watch streaming services. They are in the way when I drape them over my monitor or set them on my desk. The stand is perfect. I attach it to the side of my desk so that it can be hung when not in use. The hook can be locked in an up position so it's out of the way when not being used.

👤Very happy. A reusable piece of equipment. It saves a lot of desk space. Good quality. Will update if it goes south. It's only close to a con because it's annoying that it can withdraw, so on rare occasions it can withdraw and get kicked. You have to pull it down before you can rest your headphones.

👤I've tried a number of different methods of attaching headphones to things. This is the only one that has lasted and worked consistently. I have been in ownership for 6 months. It's still rock-solid and hasn't budged. I use my headphones daily and I would have expected some attention, but I haven't. They work. What a concept!

👤I'm glad I found this holder. I wear my headphones in bed at night and have a lip on my night stand. I can put my headphones on the stand. I have a desk that has a hanger on it.

8. APPHOME Headphone Rotating Universal Headphones

APPHOME Headphone Rotating Universal Headphones

Easy to install on desks, cabinets, glass surfaces, monitors, desktop towers and shelfs. It's great for hanging game controllers, cables and other gadgets. The APPHOME headphone stand can be hung on to most desks, but only if they are 45mm thick and 5mm wide. Not only for storing all kinds of headphones, but also for headsets, glasses, and bags. The under-desk headset stand is a great place to keep your heavy headphones with its rotating neck. You can change it to any direction. Swings underneath your desk for discreet storage and swings back out for easy access. The hook supports all sizes of earphones. Make your desktop more tidy by using the under desk headphone hook with a headset cable organizers. It's a good idea to hold your headset's cable in place to prevent it from dragging on the ground or getting caught between your desk chair's legs. It is easy to remove and re-attach the screw. Soft rubber pads on the ends of the clamps protect your desk or table from damage. The PC gaming headset holder for desk is made from high quality aluminum and can hold headsets without bending or breaking, making it a strong headphone Hook. Please contact them if you have a problem.

Brand: Apphome

👤This is a good thing because it keeps my headphones off my desk and out of sight. I like the range of motion because it made it easier to reach my desk. I had a smudge on my desk, but it was easy to wipe off with my sleeve, and it could also be cleaned with a towel. There is a The product branding on the side is ugly. I don't think anyone will check out my desk, see the logo, and say, "Woah, you got an APPHOME hanger?" I need to get one of those!

👤The screw is easy to loosen and tighten for a non-damaging attachment to any desk, it is made of metal and has a soft rubber feeling. I have only had this for a short time, so I will be interested in how it holds up, but for now it is perfect.

👤This product was one of the accessories that I needed to complete my new L shaped desk for gaming. It was easy to install as you just have to loosen the screw and it will fit your desks width. I have a glass desk. padding is added to the screw so that it won't scratch, for instance like mine, glass, metal and wood! The little opening for wires is something I love. This is a great headset holder and it's an awesome price.

👤I bought this item for my husband and me to clear out some of our desk space. I place my headphones wherever I can find them on my desk when not in use. They are out of my way when I need them. It's a small thing, but important to me.

👤I researched different designs before buying this. I like how this is strong and mounts almost anywhere, so you can move your headphones. They don't protrude. The rounded padding doesn't hurt your headphones. The dual headphone hanger version works great for me.

👤I found this perfect as a headset holder that can be put on your desk. The rotating feature makes it possible to have the headphones under the desk rather than out. The quality padding on the holder will prevent any scratches on the headphones. The cable organizers are nice to have, but I don't personally use them. The build quality is very good. There is a The build quality is very clean, sturdy, and polished. I'm very happy with it.

👤I don't like to drill things to the table and double-sided tapes have their limits. I preferred this as a single solution and so far it has been great, it does not tilt, looks good, and the infinite screw appears to be of an excellent quality.

👤I would buy this one again if I needed another stand. I have it hooked up to my desk. You can easily change the hook.

👤Aunque parece un artculo "capricho", la realidad es ayuda a darle ms vida. Mis Shure de cuero ahora ya estn colgados.

👤Producto, fcil de usar.

👤Aluminio se ve y siente a la hora de colocarlo.

9. VIJIM Headphone Foldable Universal Headphones

VIJIM Headphone Foldable Universal Headphones

The one-way folding arm design allows headphones and other small stuff to hang on it. You can save space by folding up when it's not in use. Under desk Headset HangerAdjustable clamps securely onto desks up to 2.04"/52mm thick and as narrow as 0.2"/6mm for a near universal fit on most desks. The non-slip silicone pad on the support surface will prevent the hook from scratching the leather of the headset head beam. The headphone stand is made of high quality aluminum, framed with space saving foldable structure, and finished with sand. It can carry up to 11 lbs. Easy to install on desks, cabinets, glass surfaces, monitors, desktop towers and shelfs. It's great for hanging game controllers, cables and other gadgets. Easy to install on desks, cabinets, glass surfaces, monitors, desktop towers and shelfs. It's great for hanging game controllers, cables and other gadgets.

Brand: Vijim

👤I didn't think I would need the fact that you can use it in multiple orientations and on objects with a wide range of thicknesses, when I bought this, because it was the least expensive of similar products. This gave me several options for the application that I have, and I was able to find a better solution than I would have found without this adjustability. It would have been better if it had a higher lip on the end to prevent it from sliding off.

👤This is my second desk mount. The first went to the trash because it was loose and narrow, and it let my headphones hit the floor. This one? The fold away feature makes it so much more convenient and easier to use. This year I will be by for my next computer. I will recommend it to others. Money was well spent.

👤The mount that dumped my headphones on the ground was replaced. Very sturdy. It's easy to install on my desk and keep my headphones out of the way when I'm not using them. The black color helps blend the hook with the desk. It's also fairly affordable. It is not very attractive.

👤Does what it says. Holds headphones. It is metal and takes a beating. They will hold up if you don't put them on the desk of a busy tech booth in an auditorium.

👤Over the years, I have been in many recording facilities. I have never seen a tool like this before. My headphones are new. Buy them in bulk.

👤These are perfect for my head phones. It was easy to attach to my computer desk and hold my headphones.

👤It works as you expect it to, so there is not much to say. It will stay up if you flip it up, that's a nice touch.

👤It's a great way to keep the headset out of the way. Sturdy and great value.

👤I'm in a work from home situation and I have to keep control. My headset is expensive and I don't want to risk it falling on the ground. I like to take care of my "costy" things, even though I don't have an obsessive-compulsive disorder. There's a soft part to put the headset on, nice features, and a metal build. I fixed it on my shelf and it fit perfectly. I think it's a good idea.

👤I bought this earphone holder because my earphones were hung on the desk's handle, which would push out the traces of them. There is a The soft leather support protects the headphones. After folding, the fixed brackets do not take up much space. It can be used at 90 degrees or 180 degrees if the screw hole position is changed.

👤It is hidden if not being used when the hook is up, thanks to the design of my DJ table. Even when I hit it, it was very sturdy. Solid built and priced. I can use it whenever I want since it is not fixed. It's easy to install and remove. Great purchase for me.

10. Headphone Stand Sticky Headset Hanger

Headphone Stand Sticky Headset Hanger

Two preset heights give you maximum control over the level of your computer screen to improve posture and prevent neck and back pain. There is a notice. It is not possible to use it for painting a wall. If you paste to the wall, it will fall down. Make sure the surface is smooth, dry and oilless, and hang your headphones after 24 hours to make sure the hanger is firmly stuck. 500g is the max total weight. The headset holder with a magnet can be used when it is not in use. The arm of your headphones is covered with a soft rubber pad to protect it from slipping and scratching. The headphone hook has a strong sticky design, which can be applied to any smooth and clean surface. Hold your earphone in a firm position. Remove the sticker and stick it under your desk. It's great for hanging cables, hats and other gadgets to the kitchen counter, bookshelf, studio and company. A multi-purpose hook. The under desk mount is compatible with almost all wired and wireless headphones.

Brand: Lamicall

👤Does what it says it does. No issues.

👤I like the design. It's easy to hide and doesn't get in the way. It flips closed when you don't use it for headphones. It was easy to install, just remove the paper from the device and stick it on the spot you want it. The second adhesive pad they sent will help if The adhesive ever wears out. Overall, a great purchase, it does what I wanted it to do.

11. Headphone APPHOME Rotating Universal Headphones

Headphone APPHOME Rotating Universal Headphones

The dual Headphones Hanger under the desk can hold two headphones at the same time, with a headband width within 2.1inch. The rotating neck of the headphone arm allows it to be used as a storage option for heavy headphones. For a near universal fit on most desks, the Clamp can be as narrow as 5mm and as thick as 50mm. It is easy to remove and re-attach the screw. Soft rubber pads on the ends of the clamps protect your desk or table from damage. It is a strong headphone Hook because it is made from high quality aluminum and can hold headsets without bending or breaking.

Brand: Apphome

👤I transitioned from a regular desk to a standing desk and I love it! There is a I bought the Anti Fatigue Bar to stand on so I can work on a stand up desk. I bought a dual stand under my desk so I can hang my headphones when not in use. It's very easy to install on a desk and it's very sturdy, but I like that it rotates so I can tuck it inside the desk rather than have it stick out. Absolutely nothing! There is a 5 out of 5 stars! If you need to hang stuff for storage, such as headphones, book bag, and anti fatigue bar, I highly recommend this. It's strong enough to hold anything. There is a Hope this was useful. If it was, please click on the button below. Thank you!

👤The design is subtle and easy to install, and thepadded hooks can be adjusted to your desk. There is a If you have a thicker desk, you won't have much clearance for your headphones. This was used for our headset. The hooks aren't adjusted to go lower than the C clamp, so it barely fits under the desk. I thought it would be bigger and longer because of the reviews. Would not be possible to fit 4 quality headphones on here. I thought my headphones wouldn't be a problem at my desk. It works. It works and is cheap, but not my favorite for the purpose I bought it for.

👤Excellent headphone holder! I use this to hang my headphones above my headphones amplifier at the back of my desk. There is a The steel is very strong. It is very easy to install. I like the way the hanger rotates. I will probably get another pair of headphones. This is the best I have found before. I bought another one to see which one I liked the best. The other is made with plastic and takes up more space than the other. I'm sending it back. This is the keeper!

👤I use it to hold two briefcases. The Bag of Holding is from ThinkGeek and the large briefcase is from Saddleback Leather. Hanging them from the device keeps them out of the way of the robot. It looks better than any other method of storage I have tried.

👤I wanted to buy a single hook for my headset. I found a dual headphone stand and extra wide brackets. I don't have enough room on my desk to hang this hook. I need something to hang from the shelf. It is about 2 inches thick. The hook is perfect on the edge. I use the extra long arm to throw my headset on there. I know where to find my headsets.

👤I was worried that this might not hold up because my desk has a metal tube on the bottom side, and I needed something that was strong enough to hold two pairs of headphones. I've had no issues. The item I received is not the same as the one pictured. There are two small tunnels on the plane of the headphone-holding areas near the edges that you can cut out if you want to get a cable grip. It's too wide to hold regular 3.5mm cords, so maybe it would hold woven cords?


What is the best product for headphone rest clamp?

Headphone rest clamp products from Goldmille. In this article about headphone rest clamp you can see why people choose the product. 6amlifestyle and Auoinge are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone rest clamp.

What are the best brands for headphone rest clamp?

Goldmille, 6amlifestyle and Auoinge are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone rest clamp. Find the detail in this article. Awoke, Lamicall and Apphome are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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