Best Headphone Splitter 3.5mm 3 Way

3.5mm 1 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. UGREEN Headphone Splitter Computer Smartphone

UGREEN Headphone Splitter Computer Smartphone

The microphone is portable and easy to put in your bag or pocket. It doesn't require additional audio software, just enjoy music and voice chat with your favorite 3.5mm headphone at any time, they will give you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours. The UGREEN Headphone Microphone Splitter is a simple way to connect headsets of 4-pole 3.5mm TRRS plug to PC or laptop with separate audio and mic jack. The turtle beach recon 50 gaming headsets can be connected to the computer via the headphones. The headset splitter has oxygen-free copper wire and polished 24K gold- plated connections. The headset is original sound quality and offers better gaming and communication. The UGREEN 3.5mm Y Mic Splitter Cable is built to last. The gold-plated plugs and aluminum alloy casing enhance the durability. The nylon braided jacket is strong enough to endure twist, tug, and tangle. UGREEN PC headset is compatible with most TRRS headsets, such as smartphone headphones. The HD is from Sennheiser. Cs wired headset, Hyperx cloud 2, a speaker, and more. The design is easy to carry around. The cable length is 20 cm. The mic splitter is only compatible with CTIA standard headphones, not Apple Earbuds or Beats headphones.

Brand: Ugreen

👤The situation is that only the audio out works, not the audio in. It can't be detected by the desktop. I tried it on my roommate's desktop, but it failed again. -- Update line. Dec 12th There is a The seller contacted me and sent me a replacement, so I changed from 1star to 3stars. It still doesn't work. I can't give 5 stars. Dec 24 The seller sent me another one, but it still didn't work on my Alienware desktop. It worked on my roommate's desktop, but I realized it may be related to Alienware. I change to 5 stars since it works on my computer, and I appreciate the seller's kindness. Merry Christmas! There is a If you are an Alienware user, the splitter may not work on your desktop.

👤When I plugged in the cable, there was a loud static. After a lot of searching, I found an option that allowed you to turn up the sound of your mic, but it was at max volume. You are golden if you look for something that says +db and lowers it to 10. The cable is great. Unless your settings get in the way, it does exactly what it is supposed to do.

👤I am giving this item 5 stars because of the amazing customer service I received. There is a The communication and length of the customer service rep's journey to find a resolution was simply amazing. They offered to replace the item for free, but I refused because it was being used for a temporary solution. I don't think this item is faulty. I think there is a tolerance issue with the headset that did not work. They submitted a partial refund on my behalf after explaining this to the customer service rep. Customer service should be recognized. I wouldn't expect that level of communication from a $10 item. I am both thankful and appreciative that it did. This item works well for my headset. Customer service will make things right if the item doesn't work with your headset.

👤This is for my laptop, which has separate ports for headphones and mic. If you plan on using headphones that only have one headphone port, consider a product like this if you want to use a mic. There is a I have not experienced any problems with this product. The build is pretty solid with the metal parts and braided cable. I would probably not recommend excessive bending.

👤I bought this for my headset to split the audio and mic into two separate devices. It works perfectly, it's a Hyperx cloud 2 headset. I have a headset that I use to reach the back of my computer. Works well! Audio and mic are flawless.

👤The mic and speakers on the xbox one headset were not separated by the sound card in my PC. I picked this up and it works well. Able to use any type of headset with this setup. I won't have to replace it anytime soon.

2. Splitter Headphone YOUCHENG, Headphones Computers

Splitter Headphone YOUCHENG%EF%BC%8C Headphones Computers

MillSO offers a 12-month warranty to protect against quality trouble or compatibility issues. You can extend it by calling the MillSO customer support team. They are happy to help with any problem you have. The 3.5mm audio cable is divided into 4 groups, 1 female to 4 male, and 1 Input 4 Output mobile phone computer audio sharing connection cable, suitable for all 3.5mm plug audio output devices. 3.5mm audio splitter allows to connect 4 headphones/speakers to most devices with 3.5mm auxiliary port. This is a great solution for movies and games friends. The 3.5mm audio transmission will not be affected by signal loss and noise because of the gold-plated connection. The audio sharing cable is made of high-quality material and allows you to enjoy a better life. Any device with a 3.5mm audio jack can be used with the audio cable. The audio will work if you use TRRS headphones with this extension cable.

Brand: Pngknyocn

👤I split my echo to four speakers and it worked great, except for some volume loss which is to be expected.

3. Headphone Splitter Headphones Earphones Speakers

Headphone Splitter Headphones Earphones Speakers

There are 6 eye catching color schemes. You can share stereo audio with dual headphones or earphones. You can connect 2 external speakers to create your own surround sound system. Plug & Play doesn't require software. The DUKABLE aux splitter cable is compatible with most devices with a 3.5mm mini jack, including portable audio devices, phones and tablets. For wide-ranging use, a headphone jack is compatible with most portable audio devices, phones, computers, TVs, headphones, and home and vehicle stereos. Most cell phone and tablet cases have a Slim Design. Find Braided Cable surface gives you extra protection to your cable and adds more stylish look to your gadgets. The Dukabel Advantage: Oxygen-Free-Copper Conductor for optimal audio transmission, Thick 24K Gold-Plated Jack for eliminates signal loss and static noise, Fine Braided Cable for stylish-look and extra resistant-protection, and Slim design for secure-fit without taking off cases The 18-Month hassle-free warranty is back by DuKabel.

Brand: Dukabel

👤June 30th is an update. The company commented on my review with a standard copy/pasted message apologizing for their product and offering to replace it if I email them my order number and assure me the product is under a one year warranty. I email them the information and have not received a reply or replacement. I will be rating their customer service and warranty, both of which are garbage. If I could, I would eliminate the 1 star rating because the company wasted my time with a fake apology and promise of a replacement. Don't trust the company. It was fine while it worked. After I bought it, it stopped working. I only get partial audio on the wires that connect to the headphones. I have to wiggle the cables to get it to work and hold it in place to make sure it continues to work, which is impractical. I bought a different splitter that lasted two and half years, and another that lasted another two years. I'm not happy because this splitter was more expensive than the other two and I take good care of my stuff. I can understand that this isn't working after a year of use, but six weeks is not good quality. If you want something that you won't have to replace very often, then you should buy something else.

👤We are going on a long flight and want to watch movies on one iPad at a time to conserve battery. The splitter worked well for listening to music or watching a movie with headphones.

👤I take this for granted. To justify a five-star recommendation for any product, it would be necessary to "surprise" me. I don't want to brag about a product's excellence just because it does what it's supposed to do. No offense for not rating five stars.

👤This is a small product that doesn't have much to review, but I will give it a try. The packaging was professional and clearly labeled with good branding. There are many $10 items found on Amazon. The product was more of a gray color than the one pictured. It was described as silver, and I didn't care about color at all. Then onto the main test. I needed a speaker setup on my porch. The previous owners of the house left the speakers with no oomph, so I wanted to incorporate a Klipsch sub I had laying around. The split went from an echo input to a small stereo amplifier and a sub input. The splitter passed the test because it was able to communicate without being distorted. Even if no one ever sees it, I enjoy knowing that the knitted sheathing over the wires is there. A product from a respectable company.

👤I've used a few different headphones in the past, but this one seems different. It feels different. I got this one because my older ones broke and I had to buy a new one. There is a It is working well so far. It doesn't have as many potential points of failure as other ones have. There is a I like how strong the connection is. The jack stays put when it snaps in tight. There is a There was no loss in audio strength. Great all around. Would make a great wedding gift. Or a gift for the person who listens to music. Buy lots and throw them out at parades. Whatever you want!

4. Headphone Splitter Connector Earphone Compatible

Headphone Splitter Connector Earphone Compatible

The MFI Earbuds are compatible with all of the cable devices. The headphone line splits into 5 auxiliary ports for sharing sound with up to 5 people. Works with any device with an AUX port. The auxiliary cable is included for connecting to a device. Use the standard controls of each connected device to mix and fade-in songs. It's made of plastic with a cable and backed by an AmazonBasics limited one-year warranty.

Brand: Mzd

👤My friend and I are doing a show called Dawgs In The Office and we need to have our own headphones, so I bought this splitter. One friend has the same type of Audiotechnica headphones, and our sound level is the same. The other friend uses stock Apple headphones and his sound seems to be a little louder than ours from time to time. I'm not sure if that is a user error, his sensitivity level, or the splitter. The headphones do work, with all of that being said. The sound quality is great with these, but I have had issues with the sound being distorted between the two sets. I've had up to 4 different sets of headphones in this, and the quality remains.

👤It worked well, but there were times when the sound didn't come through. The cable jacks in the port had to be adjusted to reestablish a solid connection.

👤I am getting a loose connection in the male end. It is only $7 and not worth the time and energy to return. It is a matter of time. When this gives up the ghost, I will have to order a different one.

👤We use it in our van. It's a great option for all 5 kids to use headphones.

👤This is an excellent audio jack. You can't send voice over it because it doesn't support microphone use.

👤We will use this on nights we watch a movie outside. No neighbors will have to listen to our audio because we use individual head phones.

👤I haven't had a problem with the small star shaped device, it works great, make sure you push the jacks in all the way.

👤The wires break very easily when I buy this splitter again.

👤It works perfectly for my use case.

👤The signal is split as required. It's pretty simple.

5. Headphone Splitter Connector Adapter Earphones

Headphone Splitter Connector Adapter Earphones

It works well as an earphone splitter. Share up to 5 audio outputs at the same time. Any audio player or device with a 3.5mm connection is compatible. A phone amplifier is used to amplify audio inputs and outputs. Stereo Audio Cable is 3.5mm Male to Male plug. Enjoy sound is a good way to share your voice with your friends.

Brand: Onelinkmore

👤The sound quality isn't as good when using this splitter. I don't think it's poor but noticable. Sometimes there's static heard as the volume level decreases. The connections for the headphones are not tight and if the cord is moved or the jack is pushed back, then the sounds are cut off. It's annoying and could be an indication of the quality. This will work if you have a headphone splitter. Heavy users should look for a different option. I hope this review helped you.

👤I thought this item was cool because you could listen to 5 speakers at the same time. I hit the buy-now button. I opened the package. I don't have enough speakers to listen to 5.

👤I attach a set of bookcase speakers and a wireless speaker with 3.5 audio capabilities to this and connect all three of them to my tablet via an extension 3.5 cable to get sound on both ends of a room. It's not as clean-looking as using just the wireless option, but the wired option works. Every time. Time. No interference, cutting in and out. The speaker's battery lasts longer because it doesn't have to have a connection. I wish I'd bought this many years ago.

👤I suggest you ignore my review because you aren't likely using it in the way I'm using it. I'm going to say that it works for me. I can't tell you if you're interested in sound quality, because that's not what I'm using it for.

👤The kids are watching a movie together on the road trips. You just have to make sure you push the headset jack all the way.

👤My piano playing daughter wants to learn to play the drums and needs all the equipment to do so, so she can listen to music on her phone and still play the drums. She has sensitive ears. The drummer has sensitive ears. She is fantastic! She has changed a lot. She can hear the song at the same time as her sister wears headphones.

👤Even on earbuds, the bass doesn't sound as good as it could, and you can tell it's not as good. There is a I only had 2 plugged in at once, but I could hear both.

👤I didn't have to have multiple input wires to my stereo. I was going to buy a switch to click between inputs but realized that only 2 inputs would be active at any one time, so I could daisy chain them. A DVD player, a 3mm wire and an external blue tooth are inputs that feed this part. The sound is very satisfactory.

6. ONXE Headphone Splitter Adapter Speakers

ONXE Headphone Splitter Adapter Speakers

1 year warranty, free return, and 1x ONXE 1-in to 5-out Headphone Splitter. It's ideal for microphone additions and PC/laptop audio. You can connect your speakers and headphones to your computer. Even if the audio device is in a jacket or case, the 3.5mm audio device connection can be made. The design is 1 to 4 cable. You stay away from the speaker and headphones. One male and four female plugs are included in the way to connect 4 mini-stereo speakers to your computer.

Brand: Onxe

👤The volume is dropped when using these. They were useless for us and were thrown out.

👤We bought this for our studio. Sound volume is split up for each device when you plug in multiple devices. It is not supposed to make you want to hear it. You can't cheap out on this. Went to the local store to buy something.

👤The cord comes in handy. It is great to have this for multiple reasons. It is very well made. I am impressed with the quality. Plugs snap into place. Not too loose but not tight. This is a good one for the cord collection. It's very handy to have.

👤I need this bad for my studio. I used it for studio monitoring. It works perfectly.

👤I needed to split the soundcard PC into 4. There is a They all were expensive after searching for answers. I bought a cable splitter because of my faith. It worked out. I might add... The only problem is that all of the mics have to be on. I don't think it has to do with the cable.

👤My family should be able to use the same mp3 call, we had a great time on the airplane call.

👤He conectado varios aparatos.

👤Somewhat ok. It does its job.

7. Stereo Splitter Qaoquda Plated Female

Stereo Splitter Qaoquda Plated Female

J&D has a one-year limited warranty. 3.5mm stereo male is connected to triple stereo headphones. The cable can be used to connect triple stereo headphones to a mini-stereo jack on your mp3 player, PC, CD, MD or any device. The cable makes sure that stereo and headphones have their own interface. The gold-plated connections provide superior protection against the elements.

Brand: Qaoquda

👤I have a logitech sound system. There is a 3 aux in. I was in doubt when I saw this. I plugged it in when I got it. It was very effective. The audio was great and I can use my logitech sound system with this plug. Thanks to those who have the idea.

👤Before buying, know what you need. This type of cable was required by me. An older portable radio had an aux in port, so I wanted to connect multiple audio and audio-visual devices to it. I can keep these multiple connected adapters connected without having to swap them out or touch them to use because this AUX port is in a storage compartment. There is a Audio quality is what you would expect. You won't be disappointed if you keep your expectations in check.

👤I have a sound system in my bathroom that allows me to listen to music from my IPad-mini or my Echo Dot device. I have the same setup in both my living room and bath. This is the third time I've used this particular splitter and it doesn't seem to work with an IPad-mini. There is a Ipad-mini connected alone. No problem connected alone. No problem with the Ipad-mini. It's the same thing. Ipad-mini works well, but no bass. Spitter may work with other setups, but not this one. There is a This is a basic and flimsy build. Can't seem to handle many high-tech devices. It seems to work well for many other buyers based on the current rating of this splitter. Hope this helps!

👤The audio is fine if you have a single input and a speaker. Everything sounds as though it's underwater when you plug in another input. I can't recommend this device for its intended use case.

👤The speaker system has three input connections, but I only use one line from the standard onboard sound card. It sounds great and did the trick.

👤It works great to run my computer and alexa at the same time.

👤There's no noise because they fit snug. They do a good job. I'm happy.

👤The cable works just fine. Quality materials will be used. There was no degradation in audio quality.

8. Headphone Splitter Converter Connector Cable(black)

Headphone Splitter Converter Connector Cable%EF%BC%88black%EF%BC%89

The 3.5mm line splits into five ports. You can connect 5W headphones or speakers at the same time. It's great to share with friends or kids. Also works with portable DVD players. The standard controls of each mp3 player allow for mixing and fade-ins. 1 year warranty, free return, and 1x ONXE 1-in to 5-out Headphone Splitter.

Brand: Onxe

👤Not all scientifikey... The device splits your audio signal. The entire device rating will change when you add a different audio device. A bunch of speaker wires and one headset will increase the resistance of all signals. Unless you can boost volume to account for the loss of power, do not use a bunch of speaker signals and a headset. If you plug in one device and it makes things quieter, turn it up or remove it. FINE uses 2 to 5 duplicated audio signals. The Ohm values are being mixed. Not good Al!

👤I bought this one because it looked the same as the others but was a bit cheaper. I wanted it to split the pulse sync output off of some inexpensive budget instruments, and it seems like it's perfect for that. I send the pulse signal from an external source to the splitter, and then into as many as 5 different drum machines. I'm not using it to carry sound, but it does that well, even with the expected volume drop.

👤Take a look at how many parents and grandparents wrote positive reviews. If you're an adult with a decent sound, plugging in two devices will result in a huge reduction in volume and sound quality that is worthless.

👤One of the answers said that the Headphone Splitter supports stereo. False! As soon as I received this today, I could tell the split sound was not stereo by my hearing ability and appreciation of stereo/spatial sound. Any audio book or stereo music became dull, diffuse, and awful to listen to. If you want to have an appreciation for sounds, mono is not acceptable. I'm returning as a false product claim.

👤Understand what it is. This is a good passive cross accessory. It isn't a mixer for equal signals. When used with resistance inputs and outputs, it works well. If the inputs and outputs don't match, you need an active mixer which will give you some isolation, amplification, and the ability to adjust the gains on each input and drain on each output. If one pair of headphones has a lower resistance, it will get more of the signal, and if one pair has a higher resistance, it won't sound as loud. I was satisfied with the need to cross connect some devices. I bought a mixer for other uses.

👤It was a life saver when in the car for 32 hours. The kids could watch the same thing and we didn't have to listen. I will buy another one if I lose or break this.

👤I wasn't sure if this would do what I needed, but it did. I have three PCs and an Xbox, and I wanted the sound from 2 of them to be the same as the last one. It works. There's a little bit of interference noise, not sure if it's from this device, or from the cheap patch cords along with a bunch of electrical devices in close proximity. I don't notice when I play a game or watch a video. It makes sense that this device works this way. Anything you plug into it that sends an audio signal will send it, and anything you plug in that receives an audio signal will receive it. It works as expected.

9. Headphone Splitter Computer Smartphone Headset

Headphone Splitter Computer Smartphone Headset

WARRANTY: You don't need to return the item if the problem isn't working. You can use your newer headsets to connect to a PC or laptop for use with VOIP applications such as Skype or chat programs. 3.5 MM Speaker and Headphone Splitter with Two Male Ports, One for Headphone Jack and the other for mic jack on your PC / laptop. The 3.5 MM Audio Y Splitter Cable with Oxygen-Free Copper is a great solution to have on hand in your laptop bag. Any PC computer laptop with 3.5 MM can be compatible. Jacks are compatible with 3.5mm Stereo Earphones. It's possible to connect two headsets on one audio source, and enjoy your cell phone music with your friend.

Brand: D & K Exclusives

👤The sound quality is excellent. My PC never saw the headset as a mic or headphones, never both. My headset wouldn't work with the pc because it didn't have any 4 channel aux ports. If this will work for you, you can find out about it below. I chose to use the back panel since it did work with the back panel colored pink input/ green output ports, even though the front panel mic input port did not work with this. If your ports are colored like this, it should work for you. If this will work for you, you need to double check your headset and pc/device, just count the rings on the plug, each ring is an "R" in the type. The headsets with two rings, "TRRS", will work with this adapter. Even though the input is hard to check, if it is colored it is almost always a TRS jack. If you're lucky, you'll find out your pc has a TRRS jack, so don't buy this adapter. Pink input and Green output worked for me. The output jacks should work just fine with the colored one. If an uncolored input doesn't work, you should be prepared to return if this is the case.

👤You'll need to push the headphones male into the jack to get the adapters to their ports, it's very hard to do. I didn't push all the way in due to the extreme resistance for the jack to lock, and my sound was failing, because I got tired of bad sound quality. I thought I broke something when I pushed the jack very hard. It turned out that it wasn't well connected, which was causing bad sound quality. It was great after it went all the way in.

👤The mic worked well. I wanted to use these with my Earpods for gaming. When it split the audio, it was very jany. Poor quality female and jack. It's not fun to use stereo headphones in a game that requires you to pay attention to audio cues and it's not fun to use mono headphones in a game that you enjoy listening to. There is a I told myself that the bad reviews were a sign that this was just a coincidence. There's only a 5% chance that I'd get a broken product because of the ratio of 1-star reviews to 4 and 5-star reviews. I'm buying another product from a more reliable source, and I don't know if that is a coincidence or not. Was a lot of money wasted in these trying times... Cheers.

👤The microphone split didn't work for me. I can still hear the audio on the headphones, but I can't use the microphone. I wanted them to work on the Boss headphones. I tried Apple Ear Pods and they didn't work, then I tried some Anker headphones and they didn't work for that either. I tried them on another computer and thought it was my computer. None of them worked. Disappointed and satisfied.

10. Stereo Splitter Qaoquda Plated Female

Stereo Splitter Qaoquda Plated Female

Up to 4headset or earbuds can be connected from a single source. 3.5mm stereo male is connected to triple stereo headphones. The cable can be used to connect triple stereo headphones to a mini-stereo jack on your mp3 player, PC, CD, MD or any device. The cable makes sure that stereo and headphones have their own interface. The gold-plated connections provide superior protection against the elements.

Brand: Wpeng

👤A simple solution. I can only play one of the speakers at a time. This was hooked into my aux. I plug the two sides of the aux extension into the female adapters. I put the other end into the speakers. I can daisy chain as many as I want. They are no longer wireless. Everything is playing in sync. If I want to use the technology, I just hook it up to each. A source with several people. This hook-up is dependent on the transmitters for sync so you will have some lag so you would want placement of each speaker to be outside of hearing from each other.

👤I used the splitter to use my 5.1 sub. There is no degradation in the sound quality. This is something I would highly recommend.

👤The speakers broke up. Since installing, the broke up immediately but still no issues. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤The male 3.5 tip was broken. I had to fix it instead of dealing with the return.

👤Good value for money. It worked well.

👤I used mine to hook up a speaker.

11. LP Headphone Splitter Nylon Braided Earphone

LP Headphone Splitter Nylon Braided Earphone

One 3.5mm jack port computer allows the use of older audio accessories with newer computers, and allows you to use a higher quality headset with your phone. It's not possible to listen to two people at the same time, but it is possible to use an audio port for a microphone. Share partner: Travel buddies can share music with the multi-headphone splitter. Video on the airplane, etc. Up to three students can listen to audio without disturbing others, and teachers can use the splitter as a learning tool. It's great to study in the library. Universal Compatibility: Most devices with 3.5mm auxiliary port can be connected with the LP Headphone Splitter. Premium sound quality and volume of inputs into speaker will always be kept by the LP headphone splitter. The premium aluminum metal housing of the 3.5mm audio splitter will ensure optimum sound quality. Premium copper core structure, good function, no-loss sound quality connection are perfect for audio devices. Double-braided nylon audio splitter add to the tangle and free. A secure fit with phones is provided by the intelligent step-down design. Wherever you go, the lightweight, handy, convenient and compact splitter is a must have. You can carry it wherever you go with the portable size and fashionable appearance. 30 days free return or 1 year free replacement. Lifetime service and 24H. Promptly and friendly response. Please contact them on Amazon if you have a question.

Brand: Lp

👤My girls can watch a movie with their own headphones. The headphones were attached with no loss of quality or volume. It seems like quality.

👤It works great if I turn the volume up. If I have something playing at standard volume, another device kicks on, like my laptop docking station. I can't get the volume loud enough to make it usable at this point, and if the other device kicks off then the stuff is blaring from it.

👤I use the splitter to send an audio signal to my stereo receiver. The cord works in my application. This is a good value and arrived quickly. I think it's a good idea.

👤The product is small for my needs. Does not lower the volume by adding devices and it is not splitting the signal to the left or right per channel like some others on Amazon, which means it is perfect. If you wanted 3 kids to listen to the same music on their headsets, you would have to make them use different headsets. This product is a great value and has a lot of uses. It looks like it was made well. Thanks!

👤I bought this for my wife to take with me on the plane to visit my family. It was great to be able to use our earphones to cancel out the noise in the plane and watch movies on my laptop. I like it more than stiff alternatives because it feels and looks high quality. It's always a sign that something sticks out. It is. It's safer to use and it gives you peace of mind that your aux cable won't break inside your device.

👤It works well when you want others to hear what you say. I have used them with a recorder and a device.

👤I used this splitter for a project. As you plug more headphones or speakers in, the volume doesn't decrease. I like that this has a cord to get away from the speaker jack, as some people sit right next to it and block the other ports, unlike this one.

👤It works like it should but there is a delay. It's possible that one of the speakers was not the same brand. You can buy a 5 plug one for the money.

👤Corrisponde alla descrizione, tutto funziona correttamente e senza problemi, per ora nulla di strano da segnalare. Ottimo lavoro grazie.

👤Cble remplissant sa fonction, est trs petit meme pas 10 cms de long. I parat fragile.

👤Arrivé est déj en deux parties.



What is the best product for headphone splitter 3.5mm 3 way?

Headphone splitter 3.5mm 3 way products from Ugreen. In this article about headphone splitter 3.5mm 3 way you can see why people choose the product. Pngknyocn and Dukabel are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone splitter 3.5mm 3 way.

What are the best brands for headphone splitter 3.5mm 3 way?

Ugreen, Pngknyocn and Dukabel are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone splitter 3.5mm 3 way. Find the detail in this article. Mzd, Onelinkmore and Onxe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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