Best Headphone Splitter 3 Way

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1. Stereo Splitter Qaoquda Plated Female

Stereo Splitter Qaoquda Plated Female

30 days money back guarantee, 1 year free replacement warranty, and 24 hours friendly customer service are provided by Quality Assurance. Please contact them if you have any questions. 3.5mm stereo male is connected to triple stereo headphones. The cable can be used to connect triple stereo headphones to a mini-stereo jack on your mp3 player, PC, CD, MD or any device. The cable makes sure that stereo and headphones have their own interface. The gold-plated connections provide superior protection against the elements.

Brand: Qaoquda

👤The splitter does what it is supposed to do. It's fine for headphones to plug in. There is a It was exactly as advertised.

👤I can watch my movies while my husband sleeps.

👤It did what it said it would do.

👤Good quality was quickly received.

👤The item arrived on time. Thanks.

2. AmazonBasics 5 Way Multi Headphone Splitter

AmazonBasics 5 Way Multi Headphone Splitter

The highest quality audio transfer without static or popping is ensured by 20 AWG 4N OFC wire. The headphone line splits into 5 auxiliary ports for sharing sound with up to 5 people. Works with any device with an AUX port. The auxiliary cable is included for connecting to a device. Use the standard controls of each connected device to mix and fade-in songs. It's made of plastic with a cable and is backed by an Amazon Basics limited one-year warranty.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I picked up this ear phones splitter for my parents to use on their trip to Scotland, and they reported that it allowed them to enjoy movies on the plane together, sharing one screen in peace and quiet. The sound quality reception was normal. I hope this helps someone make a decision. Thanks.

👤This was a lifesaver. My kids were able to watch a movie together on one laptop while on the plane. They were quiet for a long time. It saved a lot of fighting. I wish I'd ordered one a long time ago.

👤I bought three of them for my classroom and they have not lasted very long. I know kids can be hard on things, but they've been good with these. I was shocked when one died after just a month. A second one has the same issue a few months later. If the wire isn't in the correct spot, the splitters don't work. You can move the wire around and make it work, but you have to hold it in place. I tried to fix it. I ended up buying a different brand because it really hasn't worked. The sound was good and they worked well. I'm not happy with their durability since they aren't cheap.

👤Make sure you hear the click when you put the headphones on. The click means that the headphones are secured to the splitter, but it will take some finger strength to pull them out. Don't pull the cord at the end if you want to stretch the cord or damage your headphones because the splitter won't let you remove your headphones.

👤This is the product for you. Sharing distorted sound quality with your friends can be enjoyable. The sound quality is split between 5 people. Some will hear the bass while others will not.

👤Over the years, I have used a lot of splitters. Most of the cable variety. They all seemed unreliable and unreliable signals. This splitter is amazing. I am a DJ and play music for friends. We plug one of these guys into the mixer and we can all listen to the tracks that are in queue. Delivery to all five channels is consistent. The construction isdurable. It felt good on the cord. Nice snap in the plugs. The extra small aux is a plus.

👤I got two of these, one to use as audio splitter and the other as a bootleg combiner for mics. It can handle signals in both directions, even with a slightDB loss. I'm not saying this is the best solution for that, but it's a lot cheaper than an audio mixer or combiners. I am using phantom power from two mics and converting this over a sound card so it won't be noticeable, but it will introduce a small amount of background noise. You can't hook 800-273-3217

3. Headphone Splitter Connector Adapter Earphones

Headphone Splitter Connector Adapter Earphones

It works well as an earphone splitter. Share up to 5 audio outputs at the same time. Any audio player or device with a 3.5mm connection is compatible. A phone amplifier is used to amplify audio inputs and outputs. Stereo Audio Cable is 3.5mm Male to Male plug. Enjoy sound is a good way to share your voice with your friends.

Brand: Onelinkmore

👤The sound quality isn't as good when using this splitter. I don't think it's poor but noticable. Sometimes there's static heard as the volume level decreases. The connections for the headphones are not tight and if the cord is moved or the jack is pushed back, then the sounds are cut off. It's annoying and could be an indication of the quality. This will work if you have a headphone splitter. Heavy users should look for a different option. I hope this review helped you.

👤I thought this item was cool because you could listen to 5 speakers at the same time. I hit the buy-now button. I opened the package. I don't have enough speakers to listen to 5.

👤I attach a set of bookcase speakers and a wireless speaker with 3.5 audio capabilities to this and connect all three of them to my tablet via an extension 3.5 cable to get sound on both ends of a room. It's not as clean-looking as using just the wireless option, but the wired option works. Every time. Time. No interference, cutting in and out. The speaker's battery lasts longer because it doesn't have to have a connection. I wish I'd bought this many years ago.

👤I suggest you ignore my review because you aren't likely using it in the way I'm using it. I'm going to say that it works for me. I can't tell you if you're interested in sound quality, because that's not what I'm using it for.

👤The kids are watching a movie together on the road trips. You just have to make sure you push the headset jack all the way.

👤My piano playing daughter wants to learn to play the drums and needs all the equipment to do so, so she can listen to music on her phone and still play the drums. She has sensitive ears. The drummer has sensitive ears. She is fantastic! She has changed a lot. She can hear the song at the same time as her sister wears headphones.

👤Even on earbuds, the bass doesn't sound as good as it could, and you can tell it's not as good. There is a I only had 2 plugged in at once, but I could hear both.

👤I didn't have to have multiple input wires to my stereo. I was going to buy a switch to click between inputs but realized that only 2 inputs would be active at any one time, so I could daisy chain them. A DVD player, a 3mm wire and an external blue tooth are inputs that feed this part. The sound is very satisfactory.

4. HTTX Splitter Multi Port Headphone Connector

HTTX Splitter Multi Port Headphone Connector

3.5mm male and 3.5mm female. Attach 5 stereo headphones/earphones/speakers to one audio source. It's convenient to have a speaker and earphones in your home or office, no need to plug in one and pull the other. Can be used for music mixing and fade in/out function, for example, two ipods play at the same time. Also works with portable DVD players. Their worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service are what you get.

Brand: Httx

👤You can distribute the audio signal with this splitter. It was pleasantly surprised by the quality.

👤The product is nice and small, but with plenty of space it works well.

👤It was perfect for adding additional speakers.

👤The bass flies away when I connect a second speaker to it.

5. Oluote Gold Plated Nylon Braided Auxiliary Headphone

Oluote Gold Plated Nylon Braided Auxiliary Headphone

The male and female type of connection. 24k for superior sound quality. A clear, smooth-flowing optimal signal is offered by Gold-Plated Connectors, which is why they bring a high-quality sound experience. The cable is made of a new environmental protection quilt with cotton braided,durable and longer service life. The headphone splitter converts a single 3.5mm stereo jack to three 3.5mm stereo jacks. You can share your favorite things with your family and friends on a single device. The 3.5mm jack headphone splitter can transfer audio from your phone, mp3 player, CD player, laptop, and more to 3 output devices. The 3.5mm jack headphone splitter audio cable is made of high purity oxygen-free copper and has a small signal loss.

Brand: Oluote

👤I need more ports for my computer. The 4ft length was useful. It has a feel of good quality construction.

👤It was fast and reliable. A great item for networking.

👤I would order more often from this product.

6. Headphone Splitter Gold Plated 2 Female DuKabel

Headphone Splitter Gold Plated 2 Female DuKabel

The Dukabel Advantage: Oxygen-Free-Copper Conductor for optimal audio transmission, Thick 24K Gold-Plated Jack for eliminates signal loss and static noise, Fine Braided Cable for stylish-look and extra resistant-protection, and Slim design for secure-fit without taking off cases The 18-Month hassle-free warranty is back by DuKabel. The 3.5mm audio splitter converts a single 3.5mm jack into two, allowing 2 people to listen to audio from the same source. The Stereo Splitter cable is compatible with most cell phones, mp3 players, tablets and other devices with an auxiliary jack. Excellent Performance: The 2-way splitter is compatible with 3.5mm jacks and works with a wide variety of devices. You can connect the mic and headphones into the jack of the laptop, PC computer or phone. Do not support headphones for mic function. Focus. The 3.5mm audio y splitter cable with 24K gold-plated contacts, triple shielding jacket, strong nylon-braided exterior, secure-fit design, pure metal housing, and oxygen-free copper wiring, is the best quality 3.5mm Audio Splitter Audio Cable. The DuKabel headphone jack splitter was created with a strong braided exterior. It is the first time they have used fishing wire-kind materials for protection. Anti-slip grab design, Crystal-like appearance, gentle touch feeling. The jack has additional insulation that helps it to last longer during multiple plug-in and plug-out maneuvers and keeps the interference from other electrical devices in the car to minimum. They offer a 12 months warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee, so they are confident in their product. If you need a premium and durable Y Splitter cable to share music, the DuKabel 3.5mm Stereo Splitter Cable is something you should consider. Not sure? They are happy to help you contact their friendly customer service.

Brand: Dukabel

👤It is working well for 2 months so far. It'savier duty than most cables. The speakers on both headsets can be used as microphones to carry sound from one headset to the other. I didn't experience that with my headsets, but it could be possible with larger microphones on larger headsets. This side effect is unavoidable without a more complicated device. The impedance of both headsets will cause the volume to be a little lower. The sound quality is very good and I didn't see any changes in fidelity compared to directly connecting my headsets. There is a If your device has more than one headset connection, you may want to use those instead of a splitter because of the isolation and increased impedance. The description says it is a balanced audio cable because the ground wire is independent. That isn't the case. Not signaling over the shielding does not make the connection balanced. Two wires are needed for every signal. It would take 6 wires plus the ground to carry Left, Right, and Mic signals. They would be wound in a spiral for the length of the cable so that they would have the same exposure to interference. You would need audio equipment designed to handle those connections and subtract interference from each balanced pair, as well as a set of wires that expose all 7 wires' connections independently. There are some requirements, but they are the only ones. Instead of a cable with all the connections, separate 3-connection cables are used for each audio signal. It would be better to protect from crosstalk between audio channels if it were a single balanced audio cable. This inaccurate claim is not relevant to the buyers of this cable since it is not designed to connect to a balanced input/output. There is a This splitter is good at what it does, it provides a sturdy, simple, unbalanced headset or headphone split connection, possibly with superior shielding.

👤Audio clarity is not affected when I use the splitter or when two headsets are plugged into it at the same time. There was a slight decrease in volume when two headsets were plugged in. If you have volume control, the volume decrease is not a big issue. I'm very pleased with the quality of the audio. I only use this in my home with a portable bluray player, but the sound is great even with other devices and computers nearby.

👤It's as simple as possible. I used included ear buds and she used a comfortable headset to split the sound from our iPad to two different listening devices. The plugs are snug and have a satisfying click when properly inserted. We've only used them a few times, but so far I have no concerns about their quality. There is a The control button does not work on the ear buds, so you cannot change volume, skip or pause with it. It's probably a weakness of the Apple design. I don't know.

👤The Y-plug splitter that I had was cumbersome and static, so I used this as a way to split the output from my mic to my headphones and speakers. This gave me a more flexible solution that made it easier for me to work with. Good purchase.

7. Stereo Splitter Qaoquda Plated Female

Stereo Splitter Qaoquda Plated Female

J&D has a one-year limited warranty. 3.5mm stereo male is connected to triple stereo headphones. The cable can be used to connect triple stereo headphones to a mini-stereo jack on your mp3 player, PC, CD, MD or any device. The cable makes sure that stereo and headphones have their own interface. The gold-plated connections provide superior protection against the elements.

Brand: Qaoquda

👤I have a logitech sound system. There is a 3 aux in. I was in doubt when I saw this. I plugged it in when I got it. It was very effective. The audio was great and I can use my logitech sound system with this plug. Thanks to those who have the idea.

👤Before buying, know what you need. This type of cable was required by me. An older portable radio had an aux in port, so I wanted to connect multiple audio and audio-visual devices to it. I can keep these multiple connected adapters connected without having to swap them out or touch them to use because this AUX port is in a storage compartment. There is a Audio quality is what you would expect. You won't be disappointed if you keep your expectations in check.

👤I have a sound system in my bathroom that allows me to listen to music from my IPad-mini or my Echo Dot device. I have the same setup in both my living room and bath. This is the third time I've used this particular splitter and it doesn't seem to work with an IPad-mini. There is a Ipad-mini connected alone. No problem connected alone. No problem with the Ipad-mini. It's the same thing. Ipad-mini works well, but no bass. Spitter may work with other setups, but not this one. There is a This is a basic and flimsy build. Can't seem to handle many high-tech devices. It seems to work well for many other buyers based on the current rating of this splitter. Hope this helps!

👤The audio is fine if you have a single input and a speaker. Everything sounds as though it's underwater when you plug in another input. I can't recommend this device for its intended use case.

👤The speaker system has three input connections, but I only use one line from the standard onboard sound card. It sounds great and did the trick.

👤It works great to run my computer and alexa at the same time.

👤There's no noise because they fit snug. They do a good job. I'm happy.

👤The cable works just fine. Quality materials will be used. There was no degradation in audio quality.

8. Headphone Adapter Charge Splitter Support

Headphone Adapter Charge Splitter Support

This accessory has been certified to meet Apple's specifications, and has been designed to connect specifically to the iPhone. 3.5mm headphone jack, lighting headphone jack, and call & wire control are included in the design. Only support charging is allowed at the lighting charging port. Only the lighting headphone jack can be used if both jacks are plugged into the headset. The sound quality is advanced. The audio experience for your entertainment is high fidelity and lossless. The charging speed of the headphones has been increased by 1.5 times. While enjoying music or movies, don't worry about your phone or pad running out of power. The phone is compatible with the mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 12 mini, and 12 Pro. No need to plug and play, all devices run on the same operating system as the iPad. Their friendly service, one year warranty and 45 days money back guarantee are what you get with the 3 in 1 iPhone audio and charge accessory. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions about the headphones.

Brand: Uwecan

👤The definition of misleading is that the description does not accurately describe how this product works. There is a This is a single unit that contains a jack and a charge. The description implies that you can charge your device while wearing your headphones. There is a You can't use the headphones at the same time as you charge the device. Not a game change. It's a pity. The only benefit is that you can use this for both headphones and to charge them at the same time, but instead of having to use two separate connections, you only have one. Seeing as. This isn't a reason to keep this item, nor is it a reason to recommend it to others.

👤I have had this on my phone for a week. This is the first time I have not a jack. I like being able to charge the phone and use the cheap jack-in headphones I have collected all around the house and in my car, and not having to search for the lightening- connected ones or the expensive wireless ones, and wondering about battery status. The cable is twice as long as I need it to be. The phone doesn't always respond to volume changes. It's usually solved by pulling out the jack or spinning it. It's nice to have a product that helps solve a problem that shouldn't have existed in the first place.

👤I was disappointed that I had to buy an adaptor after buying the Iphone XR. I stumbled across Labobbon's page on Amazon and it was selling it. The package arrived exactly on time, but after a week of use, I noticed that the charging jack and headphones were giving me issues. I contacted the Labobbon team and was reassured that my satisfaction was the most important thing. They provided me with excellent service and my new adaptor is working perfectly. The Labobbon team made it possible for me to charge my phone while I use my headphones.

👤For some weird reason, my phone sometimes doesn't recognize the device plugged in, so I gave this device 4 stars. Sometimes it happens when I answer a call. I hear nothing when I answer. When I plug it back in, it will not work. The issue could be my phone, but it has been taken care of. Maybe I'm the only person who has this happen to. Would I buy it again? Yes. I would check to see if another one is available first. The dongle does everything else well.

👤I bought the aux cable so I can charge my car's battery while using the 3.5mm plug. The sound quality is not good. The sound quality and volume of the headphones I plug into the 3.5mm jack is poor. The sound quality is fine when I use my other 3.5mm to iphone lightning port adapter and plug it into the lighting port on this device. The sound is also fine when I plug my other accessory directly into the phone. The audio quality on this device is sub-par. I tested 2 of these devices and found the same result. If you want to use the 3.5mm jack, avoid this product. I will be back.

9. Headphone Splitter Converter Connector Cable(black)

Headphone Splitter Converter Connector Cable%EF%BC%88black%EF%BC%89

The 3.5mm line splits into five ports. You can connect 5W headphones or speakers at the same time. It's great to share with friends or kids. Also works with portable DVD players. The standard controls of each mp3 player allow for mixing and fade-ins. 1 year warranty, free return, and 1x ONXE 1-in to 5-out Headphone Splitter.

Brand: Onxe

👤Not all scientifikey... The device splits your audio signal. The entire device rating will change when you add a different audio device. A bunch of speaker wires and one headset will increase the resistance of all signals. Unless you can boost volume to account for the loss of power, do not use a bunch of speaker signals and a headset. If you plug in one device and it makes things quieter, turn it up or remove it. FINE uses 2 to 5 duplicated audio signals. The Ohm values are being mixed. Not good Al!

👤I bought this one because it looked the same as the others but was a bit cheaper. I wanted it to split the pulse sync output off of some inexpensive budget instruments, and it seems like it's perfect for that. I send the pulse signal from an external source to the splitter, and then into as many as 5 different drum machines. I'm not using it to carry sound, but it does that well, even with the expected volume drop.

👤Take a look at how many parents and grandparents wrote positive reviews. If you're an adult with a decent sound, plugging in two devices will result in a huge reduction in volume and sound quality that is worthless.

👤One of the answers said that the Headphone Splitter supports stereo. False! As soon as I received this today, I could tell the split sound was not stereo by my hearing ability and appreciation of stereo/spatial sound. Any audio book or stereo music became dull, diffuse, and awful to listen to. If you want to have an appreciation for sounds, mono is not acceptable. I'm returning as a false product claim.

👤Understand what it is. This is a good passive cross accessory. It isn't a mixer for equal signals. When used with resistance inputs and outputs, it works well. If the inputs and outputs don't match, you need an active mixer which will give you some isolation, amplification, and the ability to adjust the gains on each input and drain on each output. If one pair of headphones has a lower resistance, it will get more of the signal, and if one pair has a higher resistance, it won't sound as loud. I was satisfied with the need to cross connect some devices. I bought a mixer for other uses.

👤It was a life saver when in the car for 32 hours. The kids could watch the same thing and we didn't have to listen. I will buy another one if I lose or break this.

👤I wasn't sure if this would do what I needed, but it did. I have three PCs and an Xbox, and I wanted the sound from 2 of them to be the same as the last one. It works. There's a little bit of interference noise, not sure if it's from this device, or from the cheap patch cords along with a bunch of electrical devices in close proximity. I don't notice when I play a game or watch a video. It makes sense that this device works this way. Anything you plug into it that sends an audio signal will send it, and anything you plug in that receives an audio signal will receive it. It works as expected.

10. Belkin RockStar 5 Jack Headphone Splitter

Belkin RockStar 5 Jack Headphone Splitter

The length of the headphones is 20 cm/7.87inch, which is small and lightweight for road trips and plane rides. There are important notes. The headphones can't be used with microphones. It doesn't work with the inline volume control on the headphones. Attach headphones or auxiliary cables with 5 AUX ports. The auxiliary cable is hard wired. The mixing and fade ins are controlled by standard controls. It works with any device with an AUX port. There are 6 eye catching color schemes.

Brand: Belkin

👤I had purchased a 2-way splitter. I have 3 children and they always end up fighting when they watch a movie on a plane or in a car. I bought a 5-jack splitter to end the war. The 5-jack splitter works better than the 2-way one even though both of them are made by Belkin. I use the 2-way Belkin splitter because I hear statics and hum noise, but this 5-jack splitter works perfectly when plugged in. There is a My family has been using this 5-jack splitter for almost 4 years after I purchased this back in 2015. It's still going strong. I like the fact that it comes with an AUX cable as an added bonus and it seems more durable than the 2-way splitter. I use the AUX cable to play my music in my car or home speaker. Even if it's just two people, I highly recommend this product for private listening to music or watching a movie. Please vote so that it helps others as well. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below.

👤Negative reviews are posted by people who don't understand that your phone can't power 5 headphones at the same time. This is because the device's weak signal from the jack is sending power to the mini speakers inside the headphones. As more speakers are powered, the power being sent from the jack will split evenly and supply less power to each speaker. For those who understand how this product works, it's great. It was built solidly and nothing was wrong with it. The connections are tight. They should add a picture explaining how volume loss with headphones will affect a cell phone or tablets. A lot of people can't grasp that idea.

👤Many people, including the sellers, haven't been clear on if you can have multiple inputs to one output, so there was a bit of confusion when purchasing this. You can fill up all the female jacks with input devices. If you want multiple devices to output to, this would be used. I have a PC, Intel NUC and a smart phone that are all connected to a stereo system. I don't notice a drop in clarity when using multiple inputs, but it would be more likely to get distortion with multiple signals at high volumes. I will not be using more than one at a time, so it acts as a hub for me. There are two things to remember when using this. Quality and cable length seem to make a difference. My PC has a better soundcard but it has to travel 8 feet on a cheaper 3.5mm cord, while my NUC has a low-end soundcard but uses a higher quality 3.5mm cord. If you have more than one device, one may take control of volumes. My phone will take over all the inputs and outputs. I'm pretty sure this has to do with the function of smart phones audio control, but I felt it should be noted. I was hoping that the Rockstar would work as I hoped it would.

11. HOCAUVION Splitter 2 Pack Hocauvion Headphone

HOCAUVION Splitter 2 Pack Hocauvion Headphone

Their worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service are what you get. Male to female audio cable. The cable is designed to duplicate a stereo signal. It's ideal for use as a headphone adaptor. The Y cable can combine two outputs into one input. The audio splitter cable has a 6.35mm port. It is molded and shielded to prevent interference. The male and female type of connection.

Brand: Hocauvion

👤It works well and isn't the most expensive option. I am happy.


What is the best product for headphone splitter 3 way?

Headphone splitter 3 way products from Qaoquda. In this article about headphone splitter 3 way you can see why people choose the product. Amazon Basics and Onelinkmore are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone splitter 3 way.

What are the best brands for headphone splitter 3 way?

Qaoquda, Amazon Basics and Onelinkmore are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone splitter 3 way. Find the detail in this article. Httx, Oluote and Dukabel are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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