Best Headphone Splitter for Ipad Lightening

Ipad 30 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Headphone Lightning Extender Compatible Converter

Headphone Lightning Extender Compatible Converter

QUALITY ASSURANCE You will get 4adapters and they offer a 12-month warranty. The Aux Headphone Jack Audio + Charging Adapter + Phone Call +Wire Control has four functions in one. The 3.5mm headphone port does not support calls. Only the first audio jack can be used if both audio jacks are plugged into the headset. Particularly Designed for iPhone Lovers. The chip has better stability and sound quality. The dual lightning cable splitter works well with the iPhone. Also, iPad, iPod. It's compatible with later systems. No error message pops up. The first choice for music lovers is Audio + Charge, which supports up to 24bit 48kHz lossless output,ensuring sound transmission stability and fidelity. The headphones are made of high quality material. Simple and stylish to carry, easy to put into a bag or pocket. This is a great choice for sending a birthday gift. You'll get 3 in 1 in exchange for the surety. They offer a 12-month warranty and easy to reach service.

Brand: Zoyuzan

👤The product seems to be good and the charging is working well. One of the main reasons I bought this device was to be able to use my wired headset with a 3.5 jack, but it simply doesn't work on this device. The problem is definitely this item, I confirmed that the headset and the adapter I was using worked on other devices. I don't like returning items so I will just deal with it. I might ask for a refund and buy another product.

👤It worked great for a few days, then one of the sockets loosened and disconnected from the wiring, but there was no way to fix it. It looks great on the outside, but leaves a lot to be desired.

👤I bought this on May 6, 2021. Didn't last more than three months. I bought one a year ago and it still works. The longevity of these adapters is questionable. Do I buy another?

👤I brought this for my daughter to use with her Apple devices and it worked for a few days, then it stopped allowing simultaneous charging and listening to music via the lightning ports. It allowed one or the other, but not both at the same time. We never tried the other earphone jack because we bought the lightning port jack. I thought it was a good product, but I think I got a dud.

👤The port on my phone broke after I worked one time. The music was static when I used it.

👤When I decided to use the adapters I bought for everyone in the house, I realized that none of them worked in any of the different phones we have at home.

👤I have only tried to use the charging port a few times recently, and it doesn't work. It will sing like it is charging. It will not stay charging. Either I want my money back or a new one sent to me. This is crazy. So angry.

👤I did not work at that location. All after a week.

2. Converter Compatible Headphone Lightning Connector

Converter Compatible Headphone Lightning Connector

You will get 2 high quality products. They are committed to providing good service to all of their customers and will treat them well. They will give you an 18-month worry-free refund service. The 2 in 1 iPhone Charger and headphones adapter supports up to 24bit 48kHz, ensuring sound transmission stability and fidelity. It allows you to enjoy music without worry about running out of battery. It is designed for iPhone Lovers. Trusted Apple MFi Certified. The 3.5mm headphone jack and the 3.5mm lightning adapters are Certified by Apple to meet rigid iPhone requirements and ensure they let you use audio accessories with precision clarity. The lightning to aux is not compatible with phone calls. The fast charge is called Superior Fast Charge. The speed is increased by 1.5 times and the time saved is 30%. The audio cable has an upgrade chip that can read data quickly. The sound experience is excellent. Keep Apple Ear Pods sound quality with no compromise is the aim of the Audio + Charge. The 100% copper core provides a high fidelity sound for fast data reading. You will get a 2pack of adapters after the sale. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Zoyuzan

👤The audio quality when charging is not good and they are attractive.

👤One of them didn't work and the other didn't work at all.

👤They have shorted out within a couple of months.

👤I got it out of the package. The second time did not work. I couldn't return because I was traveling. Don't buy.

👤Don't buy them. One lasted a day and the other a few hours. It's so cheap.

👤Only open the package if you can find broken goods.

👤The tip of the product broke.

👤I bought these for my husband because he walks a lot. These worked well for his phone.

3. Lightning Headphones Certified Compatible IPad Support

Lightning Headphones Certified Compatible IPad Support

100% guaranteed sound recording. The headphones are compatible with the 3.5mm Headphone/Earphone. The 3.5mm audio plug on your lightning devices can be connected with this iPhone aux adapter. It's a perfect solution to allow you to enjoy the music while charging. Excellent Compatiblitty 2. The Pack Headphone Adapter is compatible with the following phones: iPhone 2 in 1 with lightning to 3.5mm AUX Audio + Charger Splitter. The Pro 11 Pro Max/XS/XS Max/XR/X 8 7 6 Plus is an iPad Air/ iPad Pro. Any device that runs the latest version of the OS is compatible with the iPhone Lightning Charger and Headphone. The 3.5mm jack extender is compatible with the iPhone accessory. The charging speed can be increased by 1.5 times and 30%. Improve output efficiency and save charging time. Please note that this is a very important information. The call function is not supported by this headphones. The glossy white design is stylish and minimalist copper wire core provides you with high-speed and stable signal transmission. You can use the jack to listen to music and maintain the original sound quality. Plug and Play is compact and elegant. You don't have to worry about the upgrade. If you often go out, you can put the replacement for apple headphones into a backpack or handbag. Recommended gifts for family and friends.

Brand: Belcompany

👤It's a good price for what it is. It doesn't do much. Like you, I need this thing to have regular functions of a phone, like being able to hook up to the internet. There is a That's all it does. The connection tightness is not top notch, like many of the "value" level brethren of the lightning connectors. There is a It just falls out. It can be hard to "mind the cable" at times for fear of being disconnected. There is a I shouldn't complain, but I would have paid more for a more snug connection. There is a Again, it works as advertised, and it doesn't pretend to be something it isn't. Which is a cheap way to listen to music. It does alright. There is a I'll most likely buy a more expensive one for this reason.

👤I opened this item on 12/25. I only connected it a few times because I needed to use my wired headphones at night while my phone was charging, and I only purchased it because I needed to use my wireless headphones at night. I connected it to my phone and it wouldn't charge or work. I am returning it and buying a more expensive one because I think it's better to pay more for what you get.

👤I bought this for my phone so that I could use my ear plug. After just using it a few times, it stopped working, where I can only hear one side of the headphones. I tried to adjust the pin but it wouldn't work. Don't waste your money.

👤My son was unable to use it because of the static it caused. I returned it.

👤You get what you pay for. The product broke after two hours of use. The phone won't charge, which was the point of getting this accessory in the first place.

👤The little device stopped working after 4 months. The first one was purchased for at least a year or more.

👤The first time I ordered, it didn't work, but I tried it with headphones and it didn't work at all. The second one worked for my show but not my call. I'm not sure if it's a low quality input or not. It's made in China and I should have known better. These things are only $40 at Best Buy. I wouldn't recommend this seller.

👤After a few months, stopped working. The audio jack doesn't work at all, and there are kind of charges. After a month, I was thrown out. It's cheaper than Bellini, but you get what you pay for.

4. Certified Headphones Splitter Lightning Charging

Certified Headphones Splitter Lightning Charging

You will get a 2 pack of headphones and a 36 month warranty. Contact them for fast support if you have any questions about this. The chip is Apple MFi Certified. The 2 in 1 double lightning adapter cable is certified by Apple. It supports calling, charging, data transfer, microphone and remote. The dual lightrning iPhone headphones is perfect for your daily life. Plug and Play is an Exquisite and compact appearance. Plug and play, you don't have to worry about the upgrade. If you often go out, you can put the headphones and the phone in a backpack. Recommended gifts for friends and family. It's designed for iPhone users. The dual lightning splitter works with the 12/12/12 edition of the phone. iPad, iPod, and More are included in the Pro -11/11 Pro 11 Pro 11 Pro 11 Pro 11 Pro 11 Pro 11 Pro 11 Pro 11 Pro 11 No Error message pop-up is supported for iOS 14 and before. The latest decoding chip and 100% copper wire core ensure fast charging and long lasting, as well as support up to 48k HZ and 24bit audio output, which is nondestructive digital sound quality. You will get a pack of dual lightning headphons and a 24 month product quality assurance. If you have any questions about this accessory, please contact them.

Brand: Esbeecables

👤Don't spend money! They do not work.

👤It does power pass-through well, but I get a device not supported when I plug in my headphones. Multiple combinations of plug-this-in-first-then-that worked and still got the message. The money was wasted.

👤Don't bother. I couldn't get it to work. It was a cycle of static and not worth it even after it starts playing again.

👤Stay away from the product that has a puncture.

👤After a few months, the phone stopped working and said it was not supported.

👤I use my car to charge and have an aux at the same time. Have not had an issue yet.

👤Works great so far and came on time.

👤I have it for 2 months and it works well.

5. Lightning Headphone Converter Compatible IPad IOS14

Lightning Headphone Converter Compatible IPad IOS14

The Super Sound is a 3.5mm Headphone accessory that has a sampling rate up to 48KHz and filters out noise. A clear sound with no breaks. UPGRADE FEATURE2 output ports can do the same thing. You can use any of the ports to plug in your headphones. Their 2 in 1 dual lightning adapter cable are certified to meet the rigid requirement of the iPhone. Clear calling, safe charging, fast data transfer, and precise microphone are supported. 100% pure copper core and microchip ensure a high quality voice. The material is anti- impact. There is more solid and tight at the joint. It's compatible with the following: iPhone 12/12 Pro 11/11 Pro X / Xs / Xs Max / XR, iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus iPod / iPad.

Brand: Rosyclo

👤I bought this because I wanted to charge my I-phone and have 2 sets of headphones plugged in at the same time, but only one works when I try to plug in a lightning cable. I am disappointed that this won't allow me to share what I'm listening to with my wife on trips.

👤This item did not work. I would have returned it, but it would have cost me more than I paid for it. The item is in the trash. Amazon should be ashamed to sell something like that.

👤The cheaper one isn't compatible with the more expensive one. Wham has a headset and connecting lightning to a Mac, but the charging part is not working. I guess I will have to buy the expensive accessory from Apple.

👤This item does not always fit in my phone or ear piece. There are some messages stating that the device is not compatible. Sometimes it does work. It might be a single glitche.

👤I am very happy with the purchase so far. There are no problems with sound quality or charging speed when both ports are used. Not sensitive to movement like many non-Apple accessories. Sturdy. Good value for the price.

👤The answer to my question. I use my phone with my ear buds a lot. The problem of a low battery was solved by this. You can use the ear buds at once.

👤The unit worked as it was supposed to. It always causes a warning about the device not being supported.

👤It's useless because it gets a not charging message on my basic iPad.

6. Converter Compatible Headphone Lightning Connector

Converter Compatible Headphone Lightning Connector

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them. The 2 in 1 Double Lightning is compatible with the following devices: iPo-d touch which have a jack or other device with a connection. Also support OS systems. It was designed for iPhone users. Multiple functions are provided by the lightning to 2 lightning adapter. A jack audio, charging, phone call, and music control is included. There are two ports, one for charging and the other for audio. The lightning splitter does not support double headphones or double cables plugged simultaneously. The lightning charging splitter is made of high quality material. Simple and stylish, easy to carry and put into a bag or pocket. This is a great choice for sending a birthday gift. Premium Sound Quality-Audio Charge supports up to 24bit 48kHz lossless output, which is the first choice for music lovers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Zoyuzan

👤The Y-Splitter was supposed to charge my phone. Even though Earbuds work well on the other lead, they won't work on the one lead since this was not made to Apple's standards. Amazon sells a Y-Device that works the way I need it to.

👤Don't buy if you're warned. No way. No how! Doesn't work. I don't think it was meant to.

👤I barely used it. I was easy with it when I did it. It stopped working within a week. It was difficult to charge. Within about 15 seconds of use, it says "accessory not supported". Don't waste your money. It doesn't seem like any of these work.

👤I wouldn't recommend it.

👤Con frecuencia hay problemas. A razonablemente, por lo dems funciona.

👤The product was good. The search said it would fit my iPad, but it didn't. I gave it away.

👤These only last me 1-2 months and are not worth it.

👤It actually does what it says it will do.

👤I was disappointed that the product did not work.

7. Headphone Lightning Compatible Converter Certified

Headphone Lightning Compatible Converter Certified

The MoYaGoa phone adapter for headphone jack is tested multiple times to ensure that you receive high-quality products. Please note that this is a very important information. The phone call doesn't support this adapter. There is a way to split lightning to double lightning. Listen, charge, data transfer, and phone calls are all done in the first four minutes. This is a small and convenient design. There were no extra cables. Plug and play is all you need. It is compatible with all Apple devices from the iPad to the iPod. The headphone is made of copper wire and has a 24 bit audio output. QUALITY ASSURANCE They offer a 12-month warranty and 24h easy to reach service.

Brand: Zoyuzan

👤It doesn't work. Either the phone is charged or the headphones are working. It is only one or the other. Not at the same time.

👤It didn't work. Like, at all. It wouldn't stay connected. Sound wouldn't play in my ears.

👤I am not saying anything bad about the headphones. The problem with this particular product the part that actually plugs into the Iphone isn't long enough, the headphone adapter.

👤It won't work with a case on your phone, and it didn't work for a full day.

👤The charging port works well if you just want a side charging accessory. I have tried many different sets of headphones and it doesn't want to connect to them. The audio Jack doesn't bring sound to your earbuds. I hope the person at Apple decided to have the Jack removed from all of their phones.

👤Would not play music but would like to get a refund.

👤I bought a two pack and the first one broke, I was left with the piece in the phone's charging port that could not be reset into the splitter. I can already see that the second one will come loose. I use the splitter at work for nine hours a day. The sound quality is good. It never connects like other splitters do, but it fell apart quickly.

👤They didn't work anymore and they were very unhappy with it.

8. Certified Headphones Splitter Lightning Converter

Certified Headphones Splitter Lightning Converter

You can get the same or higher quality headset accessory at a more affordable price. It is a reliable gift for friends or family to use it in multiple venues. The single hole problem of Apple devices can be solved perfectly. A multi function phone jack. The official certification of the iPhone aux adapter ensures that they can enable you to use audio accessories with precise clarity. Enjoy the music while charging. Call + charging and remote control can be supported by the iPhone accessory. Universal Compatibility The chip in this dual lightning is upgraded and has better sound quality. It's compatible with the iPhone 12. iPod touch, iPad Mini and more. No error message pop-up is supported. High-quality. The latest decoding chip and 100% copper wire core ensures fast charging and long- lasting, as well as supporting up to 48k HZ and 24bit audio output, which can provide you with sound without impurities. The digital audio input port has high sensitivity and low impedance. High-quality mobile iPhone performance, no additional software, plug and play, lossless sound quality, high-speed transmission, can be retained when running on the road or used in the car, this little thing is your best friend. It is a good idea to give the best gift for your family or friend. Customer service is professional. They provide an 18-Months of after-sales service with the dual lightning iPhone headphones accessory. If you have a problem with the headphones, please contact their customer service team, they will be able to help you within 12 hours.

Brand: Desoficon

👤Tengo un phone mini. Cuando conecto el adaptador al celular y luego conecto el cable de energa funciona perfecto. De audio en el vehculo, se escuche en los altavoces del carro. Y compre un adaptador para mismo tenerlo. Me decepcionado.

👤The first time I used this, it charged my phone battery to 29%. The same thing happened again. This is not a good idea if it can't do what it says it can. I bought a similar product from the Apple store after returning this.

👤I tried the product for a few seconds and it worked, but the first piano lesson of the day didn't work out. I live an hour away from the ups store so this piece of garbage isn't worth the time or money. Do not waste your time. I had to buy one from Walmart. I used to have one similar to this one on Amazon, but it only lasted 2 years, and this company needs to stop selling it to people.

👤It works the same as the description. I lost my first one, but I like everything about it. I use it to power up at night. Both features work well. The sound quality is excellent and it powers up as fast as it can.

👤Audio doesn't come through at all and charging power is very low, sometimes not even enough to register that it's plugged in.

👤I've had different brands of this kind of equipment. Some sound bad and my phone only recognizes them 3 times. It works every day.

👤The audio doesn't come through at all and the charging power is very slow after the replacement. Don't waste your money!

👤I like to listen to audio books but when I get ready for bed, my hole is dead and needs to be changed. This was an effective way to solve my dilemma. It was for a couple months and no issues.

9. Certified Adapter Splitter Lightning Headphone

Certified Adapter Splitter Lightning Headphone

You will get a pack of dual lightning headphons and a 24 month product quality assurance. If you have any questions about this accessory, please contact them. 5 in 1 function. The 2 in 1 Double lightning cable has 2 ports, works with all lightning headphones, and supports charging and audio output at the same time. Call Function, Charging, Headset Control, Data Transfer, and Microphone and Remote are supported. The design is perfect for iPhone Lovers. The Double Lightning Splitter works well with the 13 and Mini 13 models. Pro/11 Pro Max/XS/XS Max/XR/X 8 7 6 5/iPad. No worry about system upgrades for compatible systems. The Audio + Charger Adapter for 2.1A is using the latest decoding chip. It takes 1.5 times to increase the charging speed. Nondestructive digital sound quality and ensure the stability of the transmission can be achieved with the 100% copper wire core. Plug and play. Plug in and enjoy pure high fidelity sound quality. It's the perfect solution for listening to songs and charging at the same time. Service and warranty. A 30-Day money-back gurantee or replacement is included with the 24 month worry-free warranty. They will do their best to help you with the 2 in 1 lightning adapter in less than 12 hours.

Brand: Esbeecables

👤It is hard to believe that this is an Apple MFi certified product, since it did not work with my phone. My phone couldn't be charged through this accessory. The problem was not caused by my phone charging through my regular lightning-pin charging cable. The headphones that came in the box with my phone wouldn't work through this splitter. They work just fine when plugged into the phone. I threw away the flimsy packaging because I couldn't return it. It goes in the electronics junk-pile. There is a A grade of F.

👤I love the size of this product. I have an Apple product. I bought two MFI certified adapters, one was flat and the other was rectangular and had two wholes above the other. I tried the other one first and it didn't work with earphones but I got it to work with them. I was willing to try this one out and I am very happy I did. After connecting the charging cord to the phone, it started charging. I have it connected as I review it. It is still charging. I connected my earphones and the music was instantly sent to my earphones without having to use a cord or an accessory. I would have bought two instead of one if I'd known this was the perfect accessory. I will be purchasing another one to use with my iPad so I am not constantly plugging it in and taking it out of phone and tablets. The sound quality is amazing. The earphones for the iPhone are the same. If you don't have anything between the phone and earphones, interference plays smoothly. You will need this for an IPHONE 8 plus. Don't get the other one. The other may work better on a different phone. I am not saying don't try it. This is the only way to use the iPhone 8 Plus.

👤After about a month of occasional use, completely stopped working. There is no audio or charging through the headphones after I connected the charge source and headphones to the dual inputs. For a short time, this worked well.

👤It arrived quickly. It's very light and compact and can be attached to my phone at the same time. Sometimes a notification on the phone shows that the device isn't compatible, but it still works.

👤I had issues with my phone. I was always confronted with the choice to charge my phone at night or to shut off my volume because I didn't want my kids to hear the loud noise of the phone being charged. With this product, I can listen on my earphones and charge my phone at the same time. I would have liked to have bought this sooner. They didn't know they had this product. amazing! It made my nights easier and more relaxing.

👤I only use this on a few occasions because it is convenient for me, but I need this in order to use my headphones/charging. I avoid it because of the function. I got the product and it comes in a bag that can be resealed. It reminded me of the cheap candy you buy at the corner store. This is a major case of it, because like first impressions of products, it shows how the product will function and be like. After 15 uses of the product, the two lighting ports are sensitive. The end jack of the headphones/charger is not comfortable to put inside the device, and the cable itself feels stiff compared to a board. Some people have issues with the product not working, but not in the way I wanted it to, but in a way that feels good. The value was pretty much the same as what you purchase here, a disposable adaptor that lasts about a week of use and shows signs of decay like weak sound, movement of the wire in any way will cut out the device, and the feeling of it just falling apart. Save your time and money by avoiding this.

10. Certified Lightning Headphone Splitter Compatible

Certified Lightning Headphone Splitter Compatible

Mangotek has a one-year free replacement guarantee for quality issues. If you have a question about this lightning cable splitter, you can contact them via Amazon messages, they will resolve your issue within 24 hours. The dual lightning splitter cable has two ports for charging and one for audio. Call Function,Charging,Headset Control, Data Transfer, Microphone and Remote are supported. The Double Lightning Splitter works with all headphones. It's compatible with Apple Ear Pods. The dual 2in1 Lightning Adapter is compatible with the latest version of the operating system. You can listen to audio through a headphones while charging your phone with the dual lightning adapter. iPod touches 6th generation,iPad Mini/iPad Air/ iPad Pro, plus/7/7 Plus/6 Plus, plus, You can charge your phone at the same time as you output audio. The charging speed can be increased by 1.5 times and 30%, and the sound quality can be improved. Plug & Play doesn't require an app or additional software. You just put your earphones or chargers in the jack. It's lightweight, portable and perfect for all iPhone users. No error message pops up. There is an 18-month warranty and friendly customer service. Please contact them if you have any issues with the headphones. Sending friends a birthday or holiday gift will be easier with the 2 in 1 dual lightning splitter.

Brand: Belcompany

👤Work stopped in a week. The popup said this is not an authorized accessory. Don't work completely.

👤This product does not work with my phone. Does not allow me to use headphones and charge my phone at the same time. I will not recommend this device to anyone. The device doesn't do what it was designed to do. I don't feel like I throw money away.

👤The headphones didn't work on either of them. Returned.

👤This didn't work for my phone.

👤The product stated in the description that it was compatible with the Iphone 8. It isn't compatible. When I tried to use this product, my device wouldn't support it. My son's phone did not work after he purchased an Iphone 12. The description needs to be updated because it is not accurate. Very disappointed. I'm leery to buy this again, but I need it. There is a person named Jill.

👤Don't buy it. The earphone jack is not working.

👤They do not work with Apple products. I plugged it in and my phone wouldn't support it. I wasted my money on cheap garbage that can't be returned because I'm past my window. I didn't try them until I needed them. I wish I had waited past the return date to try them, but I have learned from that.

👤The device works for power. When using the splitter, my Apple earphones no longer make sound. There is a I have power plugged into the port marked power and earphones in the port marked headphones. The splitter used to work well. I don't know if the splitter is Apple certified.

👤The product is good, but not the one I wanted.

11. Certified Headphone Lightning Compatible Converter

Certified Headphone Lightning Compatible Converter

Friendly service They offer an after-sales service for 12 months. Feel free to contact them if you have any problems with the lightning dual charger and headphones. Within 12 hours, they would offer the most professional and prompt response. It's widely applicable. It's compatible with the following: iPhone X / Xs / Xs Max / XR, iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus iPod / iPad. Function introduction Audio and charging. It allows your device to listen to music, watch videos and play games, which is great for running. It is easy to carry. The sound quality is perfect. The 100% copper core used in the adapter provides a high quality sound, 48 KHz and 24 bit audio output, and maintain the original sound quality. High quality. The PC is made of ABS. The design is glossy white. This is a good choice if you want to use it yourself or as a gift. QUALITY ASSURANCE They offer a 12-month warranty and easy to reach service if you get one.

Brand: Zoyuzan

👤Absolutely junk! Doesn't work with the phone. Don't waste money or time.

👤Some people think this is a piece of junk. I did not have that experience. I got a message when I plugged in my phone that it was not compatible. I re-inserted this other way and it works great. I always flip it when I get those types of messages. There is a If you want to charge your phone while wearing Ear Pods, I would recommend this. If you get a message that isn't compatible, you should put it in the other way.

👤Do you want to listen to music quietly with your headphones, but your phone is low on battery? The cure is this wire. Some phones may be picky as to whether you plug a wire in one way or twist it around. I put a black dot with a black marker on one of my connections. I do it the same way every time. This product is useful.

👤I bought this product for my son who has a constant need to charge his phone and listen to his earbuds with a single port. I bought my son another type of splitter, but he couldn't use it with the phone case. I thought the product would fit in the opening of the phone case. If you didn't carry your phone in the pocket with all the wires hanging out, it probably would be. It took less than a week for the male to be unable to charge the phone. The user is probably not to blame for the product. If you were going to be a user and not carry it around in your pocket, it would work for you. I bought him and the extender to use with the short splitter.

👤I get accessory not supported errors when I drive. You need to jiggle or connect it to work. I realized it was less likely to do that if I mounted my phone on the phone holder, because I was tired of fiddling with it while driving. The cable won't slip out for some reason. I think the sound is coming from the fact that the splitter is not a good fit for a lightning port.

👤This little device is awesome. I would have known it existed a long time ago. It is amazing! I love it! The most frustrating thing about buying an i-phone for $700 or more is that Apple removed the ability to use headphones while you charge the phone. This was an issue for me when I traveled. I like to use headphones when I'm on a conference call because they help drain my phone. I would love to be a part of the testing of products like this, as it is a great device for a non-techie person. It is so easy to use. Thanks!

👤I tried it and it worked. The wire wouldn't work if it was moved around. Not happy with the item.

👤I would like this thing to work. Apple missed the boat because it only had one port to charge and have headphones. The customer might be trying to force them to buy ear buds. This thing doesn't work. Doesn't matter if it's a trick or not.


What is the best product for headphone splitter for ipad lightening?

Headphone splitter for ipad lightening products from Zoyuzan. In this article about headphone splitter for ipad lightening you can see why people choose the product. Zoyuzan and Belcompany are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone splitter for ipad lightening.

What are the best brands for headphone splitter for ipad lightening?

Zoyuzan, Zoyuzan and Belcompany are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone splitter for ipad lightening. Find the detail in this article. Esbeecables, Rosyclo and Zoyuzan are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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