Best Headphone Splitter for Ipad Usb C

Ipad 10 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Adapter Headphone Charging Compatible Mackbook

Adapter Headphone Charging Compatible Mackbook

2 in 1 3.5mm Male Jack charging cable and friendly customer service are what you get. This type C to 3.5mm audio andPD charging headset earphone adapter allow you to listen and charge at the same time. This is not a good idea to use this for fast charging because it may slow down the charging speed for phones with QC protocol. Hifi Quality Audio is a high quality audio system. The 3.5mm femal adapter is compatible with CTIA and OMTP standard. Support Max is a fast charging protocol. 20V 3A charging,Identifies automatically the voltage and current required by different products, ensure the stability of charging, protect your phone or computer from over voltage /over current. The charging speed is related to the charger. This charging accessory is compatible with most of the type c devices. The Note 20 iPad pro and more. This type C to 3.5mm +PD charger is easy to carry, it has an aluminum housing and braided wire for long time use. Eva box is used for carry and storage.

Brand: Wisyifil

👤The ALC4050 chip used in the dongle does not support 32bit/384Khz. It supports up to 96Khz. The vendor code of the chip is VID_0572. If you are looking for a dongle with ALC4050 chip, you will be disappointed. This isn't it. Update 8/8/2021. The seller claimed that the chip shortage caused the replacement of the Realtek with a Conexant one. The Related Alc 4050 is used in the recent lot. The sound and power supply are good.

👤Easy 5 stars. It sounds great, compared to some of the cheaper ones. The difference is night and day even with 16bit/44Hz mp3 tracks, even though I bought a cheap 24bit/192kHz headphone-only dongle. The sound is clear and full range. The PowerAMP app has a feature that turns on the USB DAC. There is a Plugging in or removing the power will pause the audio. This is easy to forgive, since this was very affordable, but it might be an issue with my phone or the app I'm using.

👤I've tried many of these so called 'USB-C to mic and headphone' adaptors. This is something I do not lightly say, but it has become my one of choice. There is a It is a solid construction to start with. It has a nice weight and a braided split cord between the power and headphones. If you are using a headset where the mic and headphone ends are seperate, it comes with a splitter. I tested it on my phone. It was able to charge at standard and fast speeds, but the Super Fast 45 watt charging would not work. This was tested on three different cables and two different chargers to make sure it wasn't a problem. The cables wouldn't charge at the 25w or 45w speeds unless I detached the plug and plugged them directly into the cables. This was tested with two different types of chargers to see how fast they work. The issue is the lower 25w. The slower speed was the best. I didn't mind this at all for the time I listened to music at the same time as I was charging, but it was an annoyance that I had to detach the cables to get the full charge speed. When I don't need the cable charge, I have wireless to compensate. There is a The audio side. This is where the adaptor shined. The music was good. To make this happen, I had to turn off the setting on my phone's internal audio amplifier that was controlling the audio on my phone. The audio was amazing once this was done. The app is decoding. It was close to my Note 9's audio bit. I think that will be a tough one in phones. There is a The phone is good. Most of the ones I've tested claimed to support this feature but failed here. Horribly! This one came through well. They were able to hear me clearly and loud on the other side of the call, despite the fact that every other person sounded hollow. The controls on the phone's headphones worked well if you plugged them into a jack on the phone. It was tested with a Quad Driver Cellphone Headphone. The lack of a seperate microphone and headphone jacks made it impossible for me to test the headset. I can't give a review of how well it works with that setup.

2. INVERSE 3 5mm Headphone Jack Adapter

INVERSE 3 5mm Headphone Jack Adapter

This audio accessory is not compatible with the iPad or iPhone. The upgrade 4 in 1 design has dual 3.5mm headphone jacks, a USB C power delivery, and a music control that allows you to listen to music, watch videos, use audio navigation, or call while charging. You can play music and charge your device at the same time. It is important to note that. The type C jack and 3.5mm jack can not be used at the same time. ) The Hi-Res Sound and Fast Charging has a high quality smart chip that makes it compatible with Hi-Res digital music. The charging speed was increased by 50%. Save a lot of time. The anti- interference ability is enhanced by the high quality aluminum alloy oxidation shell. The Tin Plated Thicken Copper Core has no damage to mobile phones and no electricity consumption. It is important to note that. It's not compatible with the Moto and One Plus Phone. It works with most of theusb C devices. compatible with a variety of devices, including the New Pad Pro, the Essential phone, the Dell and more. They will provide a free return service for 45 days from the date of purchase, a free exchange service for a year, and a 24 hours friendly customer service. If you have a question about theusb type c to 3.5mm female headphone jack adapter, please don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Inverse Net

👤Anyone who has a new phone and likes wired headsets knows how annoying it is to have the Headset Port knocked off. I have a new phone and it hurts to wear ear buds. Without an accessory, I couldn't use wired headphones. It finally happened. I tried the charging capability and it works. I don't speak for speed because I have bad charging wires. The Headset Port works. I have to listen to music the way I like to. There is a It is pretty basic. There isn't much. I would love if the wire was more flexible, but it may loosen over time. I can't say if it will hold up. I am enjoying listening to music with old-fashioned wired buds.

👤If the phone is moved, the cord goes out, or it just stops working, you're listening as you would if you unplugged the device.

3. Headphone Adapter Ivoros Earphone Converter

Headphone Adapter Ivoros Earphone Converter

If you want to contact them, you will get a full satisfaction reply within 24 hours. Audio and fast charge splitter are included. Music and charging support call and volume control. Up to 9v/3a power delivery is provided by the dual fast charge. The i-Pad Pro is compatible with the following phones: S10/Note 10, Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, S21/S20/FE 5G/+/Ultra, S10/Note 10, Note 20, Note 20, Note 20, Note 20, Note 20, Note 20, Note 20, Note 20, Their advantage is that they focus on the technology and innovation of the products.

Brand: Ivoros

👤My husband doesn't like it.

👤I don't know if this product is good or not, it only lasted a month. It seems like I didn't get my money's worth, so I wish you could send me a new one.

👤You can't do both at the same time. You can either listen to music or charge the phone. It charges slowly.

4. Microphone NIMASO Headphone Splitter Compatible

Microphone NIMASO Headphone Splitter Compatible

COMPATIBILITY: The 3.5mm stereo headphones have a mic. Separate Microphone Headphone Splitter is a device that allows you to connect a PC with a microphone and a phone with a microphone. It makes it possible to chat with teammates when playing games or chatting with the audience in the live room. The original sound quality can be maintained with theusb-c microphone adapter built in 24bit/ 96KHz upgraded DAC chip. It greatly improves the noise cancellation ability and anti- interference ability, providing a high-quality listening experience and lower power consumption. Plug and play is possible with the use of high-quality copper wire, which ensures to offer stable audio signal and excellent transmission texture. It is compatible with Macbook/Macbook Air/iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9. The Nimaso pack has a 3.5mm microphone splitter. It's convenient for chatting and live streaming. If you have a question, please contact them, they can solve it within 12 hours.

Brand: Nimaso

👤The mic part on my S21 does not work after I tried this. The same thing happened when I tried the mic adapter on other phones and a couple of laptops. The mic is not working. The mic works when it's plugged into a port directly, but not with the accessory. The part of the adapter that has headphones on does work. I contacted the seller immediately, but after a few emails to have me diagnose the problem, they wanted my personal information before they would send me a new one. I decided to return it to Amazon for a new one because of security reasons. The new item had the same problem as the old one. I am not sure what is going on since others seem to have had good luck. I wouldn't get this item or any of the others that look the same. I think a manufacturing glitch has happened along the way.

👤With the new MacBook Air Laptops and the new iPad, they all have a 3.5mm or larger jack for professional headphones. This seems similar to all of the others. If you don't know what that means, then just buy these, they are durable, high quality and high audio quality all around. I have been looking for something like this for a long time and have found it. I use these everyday.

👤I used this with a microphone and speakers for my conference calls. It worked well. The sound quality of my speakers and microphone was clear. There is a It's important to listen and be heard in remote work. I can hear and be heard more clearly than others on conference calls. This is partly because of the microphone quality, but the Nimaso Audio Splitter was an essential part of my conference call solution.

👤I have bought a product from NIMASO before. The first thing I used was a cable for my camera. It impressed me. This is the same quality as the other one. The thickness of the cable makes it inspire confidence. The design is short and discreet to avoid tangles. Sound quality was good for the price and there was enough gain using my mic. I used a mono mic and it worked well. I recommend this because it makes my setup simpler for doing voiceovers on my iPad.

👤This was one of the things I didn't think I'd need. My mic came with its own accessory, so it was all set. They said to plug-n-pay. It was detrimental to the recording because it gave terrible feedback. I needed something that worked. There is a The Nimaso splitter is amazing. The connection is tight, the construction quality is top notch, and I couldn't recommend it more to anyone that needs one. The ability to use headphones with it makes it even better.

👤I was a little hesitant to try this because my PC does not have a mic input, but I will give it a try. It claimed to do what some alternatives cost more than $100 for. It worked! It requires a 3.5mm stereo plug and my mic is mono. I used a mono to stereo accessory. I tested the connection and it worked, but that was not my reason for buying it. There is a It's a great alternative to expensive alternatives.

5. Charger Headphone Splitter Earphone Compatible

Charger Headphone Splitter Earphone Compatible

Life Companion and Magnetic Earplugs. The earbuds with mic are small and lightweight with magnetic earplugs, which make them easy to keep in your pocket or bag. It's perfect for listening to music, audiobook, phone call in daily life, work, walking, jogging, running, exercise, online study, school, listening to audiobook, remote learning, virtual meeting. This is the world's first dual-usb c earphone jack accessory that supports both the dual-usb c earphone jack and the dual-usb c phone charging. This is a note. The 3.5mm aux jack is not included in the adapter. It only works with original headphones. Data transmission and video display are not supported. It doesn't support splitting power to two phones. The Hi-Res Audio and DAC chip has a high quality smart chip that makes it stable and no loss of transmission of audio signal. Voice calls are clear and not stuck. The charging speed can be increased by 1.5 times. You can feel free to remove the charging cable if you want, as the extension port can help you connect farther than before. Also, note: Their adapter can't support fast charging from samsung. Support phone call and volume control with high quality and durable material. It is finished with a high-class feeling. The high-tech audio chip is perfect for allusb C earphones. It is possible to hurt the phone and lose power, but Tin Plated Thicken Copper Core is safe and stable. It's suitable for type c smartphones and computers without 3. 5mm jack for headphones. This cable is compatible with the following phones:Galaxy Note 10/10+/S20/20 Ultra,Galaxy Note 20/ Note 20 Ultra,Google Pixel 3/ 3XL/ 2/ 2 XL,HTC U11/ U12 EssentialPH-1,LG, Essential phone. Don't work for Moto Z.

Brand: Leclooc

👤It allows me to listen to music and charge my phone at the same time. I will update this if something changes.

👤This item "DOES WORK" will be given to you. I have a phone that is called "WACK", it is from an error that I am from. I have to either charge my phone or use headphones, it isWACK. We paid over $1,000 for a cellphone that has flawed issues, and at the bottom of the phone there is a bend in the charging cord. The charging port is located on the bottom of the SMH, so it is messed up for all the bending. I was going to search for a compatible accessory that would both charge and use my phone's corded earbuds. This actually works. It really does. I use my corded earbuds because people complain about the sound quality of my other headphones. There is a The corded earbuds are an excellent alternative. This item is recommended by me. The sellers or makers of this item are not paying me. It is not a fast charge but it works.

👤It's what I needed. It works for my S20 phone. I'm good.

👤I tried this with a standard-issue wall charging station and recorded a 60-cycle hum with my external lav mic attached. I plugged it into my power bank and it works great, no hum. The pass-through recharged does pass through whatever power you plug into it. Attach a fast charge to it and it will charge fast. I have not tested headphones, but I can say that it works well with an external mic. I can use an external mic to shoot video and keep my phone charged at the same time. We'll see how long it lasts...

👤This works for charging controllers.

👤I use this with the factory wall adapter, a 6 foot Anker cable, and the Pixel earbuds on my phone and it works perfectly. No issues! I don't have to worry about battery drain anymore because I can play as long as I want.

👤The product didn't work so I left it a 1 Star review. I thought it didn't work. The seller reached out to me and asked if there was a reason it didn't work. I decided to test the product again after they contacted me. I think I fixed the issue of the headphones not working by restarting and updating my phone or a new pair of headphones. There is a I have a Mi 10T that supports fast charging and it works too. There is a I got a new pair of headphones and a new 3.5mm tousb C accessory. I'm assuming my old headphones and 3.5mm adaptor may have caused the original issue, as my phone was not up to date with updates. I would like to add that my headphones have a 3.5mm plug and I have to use a 3.5mm tousb C adapter in order to use them so this may have caused issues when I tried it first. There is a Attached is a proof that my phone is charging through theusb port, as well as a picture of my phone fast charging.

6. Adapter Female Headphone Converter Samsung

Adapter Female Headphone Converter Samsung

Plug and play doesn't require installation of software, drive, or complex connection mode. Let's use the simplest way to enjoy music. The limitation is pay attention to it. The female port of this adapter does not work with any other peripheral like ausb-c headphones,usb-c flash drive,usb-c hub, etc. You can fast charge your phone and listen to music using traditional headphones at the same time. It is not supported for devices with a headphone jack. Most of the devices in the market have phone calling and music control. The built-in chip and copper wire ensure stable and virtually loss-free transmission of audio signal. The double-braided exterior and aluminum alloy case is made to endure daily bends, twists, and pulls.

Brand: Elebase

👤Sound quality is good. The charging works as promised. There is a But... There is a Oxygen OS 11 has an issue that stops the audio from working when the charge is plugged in. They're working on it. This is not compatible with Warp Charge. Unlike other fast charging technologies, Warp and Dash cranks up the amperage, which requires thicker cables and will generate destructive amounts of heat if passed through skinny cables. The charging function promised by Elebase works, and nobody is selling one that is Warp compatible.

👤I wanted this to work, but it doesn't. Ear piercings are loud. Very disappointed.

👤I bought the iPad Air which doesn't come with headphones, so I was waiting for this. After waiting for 2 days, I received an accessory that works with my pointed jack headphones. I tried all sorts of angles and tried to get the charging to work. It is not working. I was looking for both charging and using the headphones at the same time, so I'm going to return it. Waited for something that wasn't worth it. Disappointed.

👤I was going to use this for my new S21 ultra, since there is no longer a headphone jack. I used the jack in my truck to connect my auxiliary cord. The sound was playing in my truck. The sound quality was terrible when I tried my corded headphones, and when I tried to charge my phone, it didn't work. I got a refund and bought a different brand. Hopefully they work.

👤This product works. I have tried a number of different adapters to see if it works. They don't affect their performances. It improves sound quality. It is not a certified Hi-res level, but the improvement is significant. In shows, conversations are clear. Volume adjustment is the only complaint I have. The output on my iPad pro is already loud. I would like to lower it so that my wife won't hear me watching "Sex/Life" on the couch. Overall, a good choice.

👤The power cords can't stay attached. I've tried different cables. Two pop right out and the third will fall out. I need to secure that one with electrical tape in order to use it. The audio side works well.

👤I had issues with this product from the beginning. When plugged in, it would always be disconnected and reconnected, sometimes for up to 5 minutes, before it could play music or charge. Something that plugs into my phone should not have an issue. I recreated the issue on all of the peripherals. My wife bought a lemon as well, but hers performed worse than mine, so I assumed it was just a lemon. Buy at your own risk.

👤It does what it needs to, but there are a few things you should know if you plan to get this product. It did exactly as it was supposed to. You can connect your headphones while you charge them. There are sometimes loud static and crackling noises. It happens 30% of the time and it can be pretty painful to listen to crackling noises directly into your ear. There is a You will no longer be able to hear anything from your phone's speakers if you plug the adapter in. If you want to listen to music on your speakers, then you should not use your adapter.

7. Dual 3 5mm Headphone Splitter Charge

Dual 3 5mm Headphone Splitter Charge

The ZOOAUX nylon braided dual-usb C headphone and charging accessory has an 18-month warranty and friendly customer service. If you have a question, please contact them and they will be glad to help. USB C dual. Two people can enjoy music, videos, and movies at the same time with this dual 3.5mm Headphone Splitter. You can use car audio, music volume control, or phone calls while still charging your phone. The perfect sound experience can be achieved with the built-in internal audio chip. The sound of digital audio is clear. It's compatible with the 1Pad Pro, but not the other 1Pad. Plug and play to listen to music with two 3.5mm headphones. If you want to contact them, you will get a full satisfaction reply within 24 hours.

Brand: Anytrox

👤I didn't know that my new tablets didn't have an earphone jack. It's not as convenient as plugging in your earphones, even though I bought a Bluetooth earphone. It's difficult to pair my earphones up when I want to change devices, and I use my earphones for another device. The convenience that comes with it is what you get with this adapter. It has a separate plug for charging my tablets at the same time. I was able to charge the tablets at the same time I was watching a movie and listening to the sound through the earphones that were plugged in. I don't have to remove the earphone connection in order to charge the tablets, because the same accessory is used to charge the tablets. There is a It works, that's the important thing. There isn't a setup. The earphones worked immediately after I plugged it in. You have to be careful with the size of theusb connection that you have. This is what my tablet has. Many of the phones have a miniusb connection. It's too large for those.

👤Have used this nightly since May. I use it all night to charge my phone and listen to rain sounds. I would almost feel like I got my money's worth if they had just stopped working. The audio went away after I hooked them up. I tried plugging in again. I noticed that it was getting warm. The plastic started to change shape after I smelled something burning. It was too hot to touch. I'm glad this happened before I fell asleep and it could have set my sheets on fire. If you can't monitor them, you shouldn't trust them.

👤I didn't notice that my phone didn't have a jack until after a week. There is a The tool helps with the missing Aux port. If the headphones are plugged in and the charging port is unplugged, you will hear a faint echo of the plug being pulled through the headphones, but that's only if the headphones are a solid purchase. My sister has the same phone and I need a second one.

👤This is not a good combination. I have a new iPad that I want to take to the car dealership so I can watch a show while they inspect my car, but on the other hand I have to go to the store. The only problem is that I only have a old jack and a spot for another device to connect to, so I can't use my headphones while I watch a video or listen to music. I think I have an old headset with a jack, but I just had to order another item that goes fromusb3 to lightening, and I think it was my mistake for not looking closer.

👤Plug it into the port on your phone and you've got a jack for headphones. The sound quality is good. I don't understand why people don't like the idea of having this plugged in at the same time. If that is what you want, buy that and not this.

8. AGVEE Adapter Headphones Splitter Charging

AGVEE Adapter Headphones Splitter Charging

3 Packusb is what you get. A male to female. They offer a 12 months warranty. Please contact them if you have any questions. Good service and humanized upgrade. All problem is solved by one email. They are kind and honest. They would rather spend more time with you. You don't have to connect the phone, headphones, and cable in order. Support low noise calls. The original Apple 3.5mm earpods are not supported. High-Excursion drivers allow for greater dynamic range, improved bass, and lower distortion. The signal noise ratio is 120dB. The total Harmonic Distortion is 90 decibels. The ANC feature is active noise cancellation. Full Frequency Sampling support 44.1k-384k/32bit. Many excellent parameters ensure an enjoyable gaming experience. The sound is called HI-RES SOUND. The high-resolution audio provided by the Hi-Res certified DAC can express the ultimate quality of music and the reproduction of the original sound, and give the feeling of the original singer or performer in the live performance. It's suitable for earbuds. The chip is ultra-low power, which means it can extend the phone's battery life without worrying about battery overload. Key updates and quick replenishment. Support fast charing. Better anti- interference transmission can be ensured by seamlessusb c male connecticut. The latest high speed and high resolution decoding chip. The maximum power is compatible with the charging protocol. Data transfer is not possible. 3.5mm headphones and earbuds. Only theusb c earphones will sound if the 3.5mm earphones are inserted at the same time. COMPATIBLE WITH The following devices are recommended: For iPad Pro (2020, 2018), 12.9 & 11 & iPad Air 2020 The Essential Phone is for the Google Pixel. The unlisted device are not recommended due to the incompatibility of the type-c protocol.

Brand: Agvee

👤We like the Agvee cables. We are very happy with our previous set, so we decided to make a second set of 3, 6ft braided type C connector, cables.

👤Work great and charge fast.

👤I bought three wires. Less than four months have passed, and one has stopped working.

👤I love these cables. They last a long time. We replaced our charging cables with these. The provided cord minder is great. It helps to keep cords protected when not in use.

👤If the cord comes unplugged, the phone doesn't stay plugged in.

👤Chords are sturdy and not cheap.

9. Adapter Charger Headphone Charging Lossless Music

Adapter Charger Headphone Charging Lossless Music

Important tips. The microphone port of this 3.5mm audio jack splitter only supports the 3 pole TRS port, does not support the 2 poleTS and 4 pole TRRS ports, and the ios earphones were not supporting microphone input but only audio output, neither volume control. The microphone and headphones are connected to the same end. You can't connect two headphones at the same time. Not working with Go Pro. 2 in 1 is an accessory. You can listen to music and charge your phone at the same time with thisusb c to 3.5mm audio jack This accessory will allow you to charge your phone without the 3.5mm audio port, also allow you to listen to a song. Or, and. There is a remote control. Better sound quality. The built-in smart DAC chip of this audio device is up to 24Bit/ 96KHZ and supports volume control and answer calls. The charging speed is up to 20V/3A 60W, with the type C port. The audio headset is compatible with the iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, and the Sony Xperia XZ2. If you have any questions, they will resolve your issue within 24 hours.

Brand: Szhaiyijin

👤I have read many times that Apple products don't work with accessories that say they are compatible or work for a period of time and then suddenly stop, and this seems to work very well. After having not one but two sets of AirPods that wouldn't stay connected with my Apple products, I gave this a try. I have used it with my old school head phones. So far, it's working perfectly and hassle free.

👤I purchased this because it had a microphone symbol on the device, and that is exactly what I needed, a mic in connection. I sent this to someone I was trying to help connect an external mic to a phone for, because I purchased this with all the hope. This did not do it. I reversed it and sent the mic port to the soundbar and it played great. It failed for how it is marked.

👤When I plug my headphones in, I can't hear anything from this one. The newer headphones can't be plugged in. I bought this to use my headphones with my new Macbook. What are I doing wrong? Let me know if you have any ideas.

👤I plugged it in and the video played for a short time, but then everything stopped. There was no video or sound. Everything went back to normal after I unplugged it. Everything stopped 2 seconds after Plugged it back in.

👤I can listen to music and charge my device at the same time, as promised by this product. That is true. The description says it should support charging up to 60W. It was a lie that the device would be able to handle 60W. The sound was too loud when I was on a call. I had to press the volume down button several times to save my ears. Not happy with the product.

👤I only used it two times.

10. Headphone Adapter CableCreation Charging Splitter

Headphone Adapter CableCreation Charging Splitter

Any questions can be directed to them within 24 hours. Within 24 hours, you will get a full reply. You can connect a Type-C headset and aPD adapter at the same time. Don't worry about the phone being out of power when you're watching a movie, listening to a song or having a long phone conversation. There is a 2 in 1 USB C splitter that can support the charging of the PD. It supports the charging of up to 60W. The charging function takes the priority when connecting a Type-C device with noPD function. The built-in DAC chip for stable and secure signal transmission maintain optimal audio quality. The sample rate is supported by the DAC and the input is supported by the ADC. The type-C female port and the type-C audio port can be connected to each other. Compatiblity is wide. The Macbook Air, MacBook Pro, and S10/S20 are all compatible with thisusb c adapter. It is not possible to make phone call on the iPad Pro. Lifetime friendly technical support and a 24 month product replacement warranty are included inCableCreation. Please contact them if you have a question. Also, note: This is an audio device. Two type-C female ports can't charge at the same time.

Brand: Cablecreation

👤They seem to be the only option that doesn't have a cable on Amazon. Since cables fail all the time, it makes it more portable. I would say it's more of a 4. There is a If it was allowed for data + data ability, it would read one flash drive at a time. They were honest about the lack of data and that wouldn't make them a star. The center male and female parts should be shorter for the case users to make it more compact. Maybe it's already as small as possible. A model wearing black wouldn't hurt. I wish it allowed for data to be transferred even if it's not the fastest way to do it. Someday a perfect model will be made. Update 1. It also acts as a right angle adapter. It makes holding my phone easier when I have my charging cable plugged in.

👤It arrived when they said it would get here, but it doesn't fit on my phone with an Ottebox case, which is a shame. It was less than 2mm too short. I don't know how well it works because I'm not taking the case off to use it. Oh well. I'm not sending it back because it looks like a cool product. It is what it is.

👤The 7th picture shows that it can do something. On the right side it says it is an audio splitter. I took a chance that it could do something. The seller told me that it can do the two data types, but I need the third data. The rating was raised to 3 stars.

👤I like that this dongle supports data from the internet, and I also like that charging power support is fine with my devices. They don't say that it works, but it works. If you connect a flash drive to one of the two ports, it will be a data port. If you connect the other port to the power source, you can use it for data, but not for charging. If one port is connected to data then the other is switched to power mode and vice versa. I would prefer a revision with a little less wide and both ports have power and data at the same time. It would be worth a lot more money to me.

👤It works, but takes a long time to charge. Please see my picture. It takes around 2 hours for fast charging to work, but it takes a few hours to change.

👤As per description, does not fast charge my note 10. Otherwise worked well.

👤I was worried that it would not be as good as it sounded, but it is. I like the fact that it is T-shaped, so I can use it on my lap without hurting the cable. Sound quality when you use earbuds is very good. It's also good to have charging.

👤It stopped working after one week, but forgot to return it after 30 days.

👤The product works well. If the phone supports it, it's really fast. There was one issue that was a deal breaker for me. It only works with headphones that have a mic. If you don't have an in line mic, you can't take calls. The cable creation company was kind enough to give a full refund for contacting them via mail. Excellent response and care. If it isn't a deal breaker, I would recommend this product.

11. 2 Female Headphone Splitter JSAUX Compatible

2 Female Headphone Splitter JSAUX Compatible

12 months product quality assurance is provided by them. Feel free to contact them if you have any issues. They will be able to help you in less than 12 hours. Look forward to your visit. This is theUSB C Audio Sharing Splitter. It's ausb The signal from one port will be converted into two. You don't need to share an ear bud with your friends when watching movies or music. You can connect 2 headsets for the same audio play. The sound quality is hi-Res. Without a single bit quality reduce, thisusb c to dual 3.5mm aux splitter uses a built-in newest Realtek DAC chip which will stable decoding 24bit / 96khz sound quality signal and Losslessly transmit them to the 2 headsets you connected, without a single bit quality reduce. The dual 3.5mm aux headphone adapter is compatible with most devices with a type c port. The female jack port can be used to connect with headphones, headsets, and speakers. The nylon exterior makes audio cables more tangle free. Friendly customer service is what you get with nylon braided audio cable.

Brand: Jsaux

👤My phone now uses the easier type C connection after I upgraded it. My wife and I walk daily and listen to books on tape or on the internet at the same time. I needed to upgrade my older type splitters. The older ones quit after 4 or 5 months. The materials used on this splitter were very impressive. It is easy to use and does what it is suppose to do. I am very happy and unless there is an unforeseen issue I would buy it again.

👤I bought this to connect my microphone to my S21+usb-C connection. It arrived two days after I placed my order, and I plugged it in and it works. No setup or drivers required. Audiotool recognized my mic and used it. I gave 5 stars for the audio quality, but I haven't plugged a pair of headphones into it. I don't plan to. I'm certain that the adapter will work for me for a long time. It will probably last until you get tangled in the headphone wire and jerk the connector a lot. The best bang for buck I've had with any audio related item.

👤The cable was recognized by my iPad Pro as "HD audio". One of the jacks has a symbol for headphones, and the other has a symbol for mics. I tried plugging in two headphones and both worked. The headphones on either of the jack worked. There are no noticeable quality differences between the 3.5mm aux adapters and this one. The cable is braided and feels good. When the iPad was in the landscape orientation, the strain relief rubber thingy at theusbc end worked well and kept the cable at a reasonable radius of curvature. There is a The only odd thing is when you have a mic jack, it's triggered. I can't figure out why this happens.

👤It's a great dual purpose accessory. It does a great job with the wide array of mobile devices. The construction and materials seem to be strong. This seems to be a top choice for either input or output.

👤I have been pleased with all of the adapters I have purchased. I have had no issues with these so far. There have been no issues with sound, volume or static.

👤The sound quality is very good, I used it to play karaoke music. I haven't used it to listen to music at the same time.

👤The device is not detected by the phone when it is used with the Note 20 Ultra. I bought this to use for my Radio- Show V-log, and I might get some good use of the camera. Back to the drawing board.

👤We needed to share the audio between two people, so we took a tablet. I don't have an audio plug, just a type cusb plug. It worked well.


What is the best product for headphone splitter for ipad usb c?

Headphone splitter for ipad usb c products from Wisyifil. In this article about headphone splitter for ipad usb c you can see why people choose the product. Inverse Net and Ivoros are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone splitter for ipad usb c.

What are the best brands for headphone splitter for ipad usb c?

Wisyifil, Inverse Net and Ivoros are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone splitter for ipad usb c. Find the detail in this article. Nimaso, Leclooc and Elebase are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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