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1. Razer Nari Essential Wireless Auto Adjusting

Razer Nari Essential Wireless Auto Adjusting

Audio controls in the headset include an analog volume control wheel and mic mute switch. The #1 best-selling gaming peripheral manufacturer in the US is The NPD Group, Inc. The US retail tracking service is based on dollar sales. The Nari Essential is a lightweight and auto-adjusting headband for extended gaming sessions. The sound of gunfire and enemy footsteps can be heard in a virtual sphere. On-Headset Audio Controls: Volume adjustment wheel and mic mute button are on the headset. 16-Hour battery life for continuous use allows for extended wireless media consumption. The microphone collapses when it's not being used and extends when it is, all while blocking out background noise. 2.4 GHz Wireless Connection for Performance. It can support a range of up to 40 ft.

Brand: Razer

👤Most of the 1 star reviews are from kids trying to use the wireless on xbox, which a little bit of reading would have told them from the start that it wouldn't work. This is a good headset for the price. It is very comfortable. We shouldn't be sitting at the PC gaming for 4 hours straight, so it can be a bit heavy after a couple hours. The battery is good, I can't imagine playing for so long in one sitting that the battery dies, or that you have some serious life problems, or that you have time management skills to work out. Sound quality is standard, nothing amazing but works well, and the virtual 8-speaker THX works exactly as it should from all the games I have tried so far. The ear cups are good at canceling sound, but they aren't really noise cancelling. If you don't live with mom, it's probably not a bad thing. I have to answer the doors and pretend to be an adult. There is a The price is right and the headset is great. Kids who don't do their research first are allowed to make bad reviews to mask their own carelessness to market research. There is a If you get poor sound, poor mic quality, or faint recording, please try a different port. There is a difference between the three versions of the device. You want to be certain that you are using 2.0. The ports on the front of your PC are not shielded like the rear I/O. They give issues with sound from these kind of devices due to interference.

👤The headset is the worst I have ever bought. I have a pair of turtle beaches that are better than the ones I have, and they cost less than the ones I have. I thought they were faulty when I first used them. I tried using the mic with some friends and they said I was too quiet and gave them an echo. How that is possible is beyond me. The microphone that comes out is too short and picks up noise that is not related to my voice. I messed with the settings for hours and they were still terrible. The battery life is the best part. These things die in a few hours. Its pathetic. The party trick is called the haptic crap. Its definitely not a game changing thing. They are almost entirely made of cheap plastic and they are advertised as metal frames. I feel like I just got mugged when I combine all that with the 200 dollar price tag. If it was an option, I would give these a 0.

👤I have always thought of the company as trustworthy. I spent around $130 on a headset that fell apart over the course of a year. An adult who still has items from his childhood takes good care of his things, he wears a headset that was worn by him. The headphones are the worst yet. I have headphones from Walmart that have not fallen apart like these. They said it was customer damage. Really...really. I will never purchase anything associated with the company. After reading other reviews on Amazon, I think it's a common problem for their headsets to fall apart, and they should look into it since they are the ones selling the product.

2. Razer Kraken Gaming Headset Headsets

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset Headsets

The 9.38 ounces of ultra-lightweight, high-grade soft over- ear leather earmuffs, flexible and plush headband and an ergonomics design provides a long- lasting comfort for hours of gaming. Product 1: The Peripherals Manufacturer in the US: Source. Product 1: 7.1 surround sound for audio. Outfitted with 50mm drivers, they are capable of software-enabled surround sound. All-day Comfort: Oval, cooling gel- infused cushions that prevent overheating and pressure build-up. Product 1: Retractable noise isolating microphone Product 2 is compatible with any of the Kraken Headsets. The second product is an accessory that fits anywhere on the headset's headband. Product 2: waterproof and sturdy design, perfect for worry-free use. The Kitty Ears accessory is a unique statement to jazz up your headset.

Brand: Razer

👤The headset looks great on my girlfriend's head. The mic isn't the best. It picks up all the sounds in the background. It would be a 10/10 if it did a better job at cancelling noises other than the speaker.

👤It's a good headset for a lot of money. I bought it for my wife so she can use them for work as a phone headset and they work great.

👤The look, feel and sound quality were great. Love them either way, not really sound canceling but not really sound canceling at all.

👤You don't understand how much I love them. It works great with my setup. I suggest buying a stand. I use a different mic for my pc than the one on the iPhone. Excellent quality all around.

👤It's a great quality, cute and comfortable.

👤It's very cute to live stream with great sound quality and noise cancelation.

👤They are comfortable on my ears and fit nicely on my head. The sound quality is great. Pink is a great color.

3. Razer Base Station Chroma RC21 01510100 R3U1

Razer Base Station Chroma RC21 01510100 R3U1

The nylon braided outer layer of the cable is very strong. The case can be constructed with aluminum alloy. The anti-breakage design saves the cord. The case is easy to carry and protects the cable from the elements. The ultimate personalization and gaming experience with the Razer Chroma is fully compatible with popular games, hardware, and gear from over 30 partners. The rubber base has a low center of gravity to keep docked headphones safe. The base can be separated from the stand for safe transport.

Brand: Razer

👤This is my first item from the company, I didn't know what to expect, but I'm a fan of their products and online friends. I had high expectations too. I don't have a gaming PC so I can't use it to its fullest potential. I got it for aesthetic reasons, since most of my gaming and pc stuff is black and pink already, and it had pretty lights. Let's get cracking now that is out of the way. I read a lot of reviews and wondered if I could just plug it into my wall or if it had to be plugged into a computer. Everyone said I could put it in my wall. I wanted it to be next to my bed where I keep my headphones, but now I have to move them because it needs to be plugged into a pc. I thought I had a faulty item until I found out it only works on a pc and it's the brand. There is a dents in my cushion are not a big deal, they affect how it feels. I have never seen a stand do that. If you want to use it for charging anything or have the lights on your computer 100% must be on, then you should put the ports in the front. Speaking of the device... If you plan to use a phone or other device that requires a fast charge, you should not use the 5v from PC. It will still charge but not as fast as something made for lightning charge. There is a I don't know how it all works, but when you plug this into your computer, it will begin to download a software. It took me forever to figure out which of the 10 software's it actually was because I wanted the option to control the lighting. I was impressed by how it can be made to fit your needs, you can use their color chart or create your own, it can do a variety of light effects, like breathing, static, go with your music, Star light etc. If you don't register your product and make an account for it, it will reset and you won't be able to use your light settings. The lights on your PC are turned off when you're not using it, which is nice because I was worried it would always be on when I was asleep. There is a Is it worth $50? Absolutely not. I am paying for a brand. I understood that when I bought it. This is a 100% treat for me. I was a little disappointed in the price that was paid. The update is 1 year later. There is a I cringe at my original review as I write this. This is a 100% treat and I have never had a product like this before. I now own almost the entire line. It would make sense for this to only work plugged into the PC for those who don't know much about the specifications, but for those who do, I know a lot more about tech. The software that I purchased, called Synapse, has been greatly improved since my original purchase, so if you want to change the colors you just need Synapse. There is a I wouldn't purchase this for face value, but it ties the whole setup together.

4. Razer Kraken Kitty Microphone Reduction

Razer Kraken Kitty Microphone Reduction

The response time is 20 hertz to 20 hertz. You can choose from 16.8 million colors, a suite of effects, and glowing earcups in addition to kitty ear lighting, and you can land on a unique look for every occasion. Stream Responsive Lighting: Take your showmanship to a new level with lighting that can respond to your audience's messages, and personalize exactly which colors and effects are used with the Streamer Companion App. A retractable high-quality microphone that is tuned to block out all background noise is what the Active Noise Cancellation Microphone is made for. Only available on Windows 10 64bit, the THX Spatial 7.1 surround sound is the best surround sound for accurate positional audio and superior audio experience across any form of entertainment. The ear cushions are cooling-gel and the frame is aluminum, which means they are more durable and less heavy.

Brand: Razer

👤I love it! It is not noise canceling. I can have both earmuffs on. The other is a single device. It was annoying to find out that there was no jack. They look cute, but they sound great.

👤I have always wanted to be a cat-gamer. I love these! They sit on my head, have great noise cancellation, and the way that you can play with the lighting in the headphones is so much fun. I love the product and recommend it to everyone. My friends are jealous of me.

👤They're nice only in the fall. It is an internet connection. If you are using a game system other than a computer, you should buy ausbadapter.

👤So good. I bought these in October of 2021, but I didn't know there was a surround sound or sound mode. I thought I had it on when I noticed it. I accidentally turned it on when it was February 1, 2022. It is definitely worth every penny. 600/10 recommend.

👤I don't have a problem with the brand. The headset was not wired for PS4 or switch. It is upsetting, but not bad.

👤The sound quality is up to par, the head set is working well, and there is no awkwardness to wear.

👤Take off your work clothes. It doesn't. Unless you want to buy an attachment for it, you can't do that with switch. This thing does not plug in to consoles so change the title for PC. It's great for PC.

👤This was a birthday gift for someone. They fit around my ears well and had great sound and mic quality. They died after only 2 months. The headset kept cutting out and cutting off, before dying and taking out my entire Windows OS through corruption that required a complete reinstall of Windows to fix. I have to conclude that the build quality on these headphones is poor because I am not the only person who has experienced this. I would not recommend them to anyone because I loved how cute they were and the built-in ear light effects.

👤I changed it to: The left speaker stopped working after 3 months. There is a They are very comfortable, unlike other headsets I have had in the past, that make it hard to wear it for long. The cooling gel is nice. I've been looking for a nice gaming rig, and I can get one with the quartz edition. The volume control wheel on the left headphones is a little annoying when I accidentally turn it up to loud or quiet when I go for a toilet or food break. Not a big deal, will just have to get used to it. There is a Sound quality is very good, and you get a sound that is multidimensional, which is important in survival games or first person shooter games.

👤I bought this product in 2020 and enjoyed it. I liked the surround sounds features. It was comfortable to use, even though it was a wired headset. The value for these headsets is not worth it. The sound would suddenly cut off and not be heard again until mid December, when it would just cut off all the sound for 2 minutes. I took care of the device and it remained plugged in, so it wasn't the movement that caused the damage, but the fact that the device remained plugged in. Since I first bought it, I realized that the wire that is connected into the headset was loose the entire time. It was my fault that I didn't do research on the headsets. I spent more time being frustrated with this product than I did enjoying it and it only lasted for a couple of months until it fell apart!

5. Razer Tiamat 7 1 Subwoofers Rotatable

Razer Tiamat 7 1 Subwoofers Rotatable

Plug and play and strong compatibility are what Meet is about. The volume control can be used with windows and Mac systems. The one click mute function is incompatible with zoom, but other functions of the controller can be used normally. 10 discreet drivers, 5 in each ear cup, deliver a true 7.1 surround sound. The Audio Control Unit can be used to control the volume of each audio channel. Years of ergonomics and pro-gamer validation have led to the creation of the headband's unique construction that ensures balanced weight distribution and reduced clamping force. A digital microphone can be pulled down or flipped away. There are requirements for a PC with built-in 3.5mm audio jacks and a 1usb port for power and for true 7.1 surround sound.

Brand: Razer

👤You don't need a sound card to use this headset, and it will sound good. You need a computer that supports 7.1 surround sound, and patience to tune the audio settings on your computer to get it working right. You can skip the step where you install Razer surround, as it's easier to use the Realtek HD Audio Manager to get the sound you want. If you want to use a 7.1 surround sound headset, you need to open the audio manager and make sure you have the correct setup. Each speaker has a boost of 10 Db. They sound great! If you want to change the sound settings further, you can use the equalizer. I took a couple of hours to figure out what I had to do, but I hope you read this so I can save you some time. Make sure your audio drivers are up to date. There is a The best gaming audio experience I've had was once I got it working. Take the time to work with them.

👤I expect most of the bad reviews to be from people who didn't bother to do the research on whether or not their PC would support true 7.1 surround or who simply didn't know how to set it up. I feel bad for them. I did some research. I have a Sabertooth 990fx with a 7.1 surround sound system. My main audio system is a 1200 watt Yamaha 5.1 system, which is the best sound available 10 years ago. It had to be manually set as surround instead of stereo in Windows. I have attached a picture of how to get there. In windows 7 right click the volume control icon on the taskbar and then click on the devices you want to view. You will know if you're getting true surround when the bass hits your ears. The sub drivers are 40mm. If you have a MoBo with a Realtek 7.1, you can take a step further with the next picture. Click the properties in the sound panel to view enhancements. Speaker fill and Bass management should be turned on if available. Speaker fill will spread the normal sterio sounds through all the surround drivers. It only kicks in when there are missing channels so it won't affect things like games that have a native 7.1 feed. When the sub(bass) is used, bass management widens the range of frequencies used. These sound better than any sterio speakers I've ever heard. Don't buy into the BS about needing a sound card with a big amplifier. The headphones have amplification built in. No sound card or onboard device would be able to run these drivers. The amplification on sound cards will never beat what Razer puts in the volume control for these, because it's not safe for ear bud headphones to beamplified. There is a I have cleared up some of the nonsense of the bad reviews. I love these. I tried to go back to listening to my big sound but I can't. The headphones are more realistic. I can feel it all the time. The cheaper method of gaming surround sound where they use one driver and software tries to make it seem like surround is what I use to play the games. They call it virtual surround. It made me have a headaches after 3 minutes. It only plays with frequencies. My ears are not good enough for true surround. It seems like I'm cheating because I can now detect sounds in games that no one else does. People think I'm looking through walls. I'm actually hearing through them. There is a These are what you need if you are incompatible with virtual surround. I would have missed out on the best listening experience of my life if I had headaches.

6. Razer Kraken Kitty Custom Tuned Beamforming

Razer Kraken Kitty Custom Tuned Beamforming

The #1 best-selling gaming peripheral manufacturer in the US is Source. The headset can last up to 20 hours with lighting on, or up to 50 hours with the lighting off, because its wireless connection remains stable and uses less power. 40ms low connection. To be quicker to aim or react with audio and video that is even more in sync, you need to use Gaming Mode. 40mm drivers are custom-tailored. The headset provides a rich audio experience that increases your gaming enjoyment, pushing out clear trebles and midrange as well as deep, impactful bass. The mic has a sweet spot for your voice that is designed to pick up less noise from every other direction, so you can sound as good as you look.

Brand: Razer

👤This is a review from someone else. If you're only using it to connect to your phone, this headset will work great. It's cute and the colors are great. The cushions are comfortable. If you try to play a game with it, the sound is very distant and sounds like you're listening to a recording of a speaker. The actual game sound is garbage, and if you take calls it's fine. I don't know why they marketed this as a gaming headset when it doesn't work. Razer products have been bad in the past, but this is the worst they've ever been. They need to step up their game, but they have to make the headsets lower quality. If you want to hear quality game audio, do not buy this. It shouldn't be a problem if you don't care.

👤These aren't a gaming headset. They sound terrible even with the spatial audio app. I should have stuck with my older krakens that didn't have cat ears. I might hook these up to my phone to see how they work. I have earbuds and a bose headset. Will probably give them to a friend. The new corsair virtuoso's should have been purchased.

👤The overall construction of the headset is adorable and I like it. The sound quality is great, and the ear cusions are comfortable, so I can chill out on the phone with my friends. I like that it lights up. There is a That feature is the only thing. This headset was made with the mobile app that it pairs with in mind more than on a PC, and currently you can't change it's color through the app. I found a way to do it and these were my steps. The app for phone 2 is called Chroma RGB. Set the headset to whatever you want and mess with the colors. I found a way to pair the headset with the PC, even though it was malfunctioning from the phone. If you want to change it again, do the steps I wrote. The price I paid for this headset is justified since I have a keyboard, mouse, headset stand, and microphone, and the quality is better than any other PC accessory I have tried. I only docked one start due to the fact that you can't change the colors with sphinx. The cord that comes with it is only for charging.

👤You need to download the app on the store. There is a It's a bit more of a hassle for windows. You need to change the audio configuration from handsfree to the other setting. You can find this under the Default playback Devices in Windows 10, and i recommend you get the Windows Razor Synapses App for windows from the Razor Website. The battery life is great even with the RGB. 7 hours. If you have a bass that's loud, it's ok for a $100.00, but adjust your phones or PC to get a better listing experience. It is a closed Ear cup and bright. It is made of all plastic and fake leather. If you like WIRE Kracken Kitty, my be for you or Nari Ultimate. The other head phones are more expensive and heavier.

7. Razer Kitty Ears Kraken Headsets

Razer Kitty Ears Kraken Headsets

Also included: 3.5mm TRRS Output Cable, Furry "Deadcat" Windscreen, Soft Carrying Case, and 3.5mm TRS Output Cable are included. It's compatible with any of the Razer Kraken Headsets. It's possible to fit the headset's headband without sacrificing comfort. The Kitty Ears are waterproof and are perfect for daily use. The Kitty Ears accessory is a unique statement to jazz up your headset.

Brand: Razer

👤I have had no issues with this product. I got them back in September. They have been snug on my headset all the time. I loove these kitty ears. They're so cute and exceeded my expectations. I thought they were going to be very fragile. They're made of something softer. The texture is soft. I was worried that they might pull my hair. I haven't had any issues with that either! I don't notice that they're there. It's not that big of a deal, at least I don't have to worry about the headphones not being secure. You can spread out the straps or push them closer together to make a bigger cat ear. I like them wider. The difference is shown in two of my photos.

👤I am glad I bought these. I like the look. They did not impress me a lot. They are more expensive than they should be. There is a My main issue is that it's hard to clip them on. I bought them for the headset they're made for, but they're too tight, which is frustrating. If you take the headset off, it leaves weird marks. I assumed they kept on. Well- They keep coming off on their own. You can see what I mean with the photos I've included. If you don't push them back down frequently, they pop off. The last photo shows the effect they have on your headset even if you try to reduce it. The 4th photo shows how they don't sit perfectly if they're pushed down completely. There is a I feel like the ears should have speakers or lights, rather than being a lump of plastic, because everything seems sturdy in that it's not going to break. There is a I am happy I bought them. I wish they were better designed. And cheaper.

👤I love these ears! They look cute on my headset. I own a pair of Astro A50 but the colors match up perfectly and I always wanted cat ears on my gaming headset. I took a chance and the work was perfect. Thank you Razor for making a wish come true.

👤I wish they had black and pink ones, but I settled for the pink and grey ones. They're cute, their packaging is A+, and they don't look bad on the black Kraken. It was hard putting them on the headset, but they had enough stretch to go around, and I am not angry because I think it's necessary to keep them from sliding around. I wanted to dress up as a meme for Halloween. If you need to dress up as a cat last minute, I recommend using kitty ears, because I don't own any cat headbands.

👤I got these because. They fit perfectly on my headset. I recommend spacing them out to more of the side of the head so that they don't apply pressure on the uncomfortable spots. The more comfortable they become, the more they are put to the side. I wore them for 6 hours and had no issues. They were easy to put on a headset. It will be difficult to put them in if you have a thicker band.

8. Razer BlackShark Gaming Headset Detachable

Razer BlackShark Gaming Headset Detachable

Plug and play, 3.5mm plugs for mic and headset, and ausb plug for lights, more fully ensure the stability of the sound. The best-selling gaming peripheral brand is Source. The U.S. retail tracking service includes gaming keyboards, mice, headsets, and peripherals. The combined dollar sales were Jan-Sept. 2021. It is possible to provide accurate spatial audio information beyond standard 7.1 surround sound in games. The Triforce Titanium 50mm High-End Sound Drivers are made of titanium. Individual tuning of highs, mids, and lows can be done with 50mm drivers. The All-Day Comfort is a cooling gel- infused cushion. The Hyperclear Cardioid mic has a more focused voice pickup area, so you can get the most out of the mic with advanced voice tweaking options. Audio enhancers can be connected via ausb port; the only audio that can be heard on Windows 10 is the Spatial Audio.

Brand: Razer

👤I had low expectations of this headset. I had a great headset from Corsair that had a great mic and sound, but the connection with my PS4 wasn't very strong and I would notice a lot of dropouts in audio. I decided to use the 3.5mm jack on the controller to see if friends with PS4s swore by using it. Quality builds. The first thing you notice is how light the headset is. It's clear that this isn't a headset that prioritized premium materials. It's light and comfortable. Light materials should be great for long term sessions if you consider the issues with heavier headsets and neck pain. The pads are made of faux leather. The part that rests against your head is a little more absorbent. I don't think I'll have any issues with these. I don't feel like I'm in a death grip because the force is moderate and they won't fall off accidentally. There is a I think the quality of the mic is a great compliment to the quality of the headset, no one thought I was on a headset. It's like you're actually talking on the phone. " I could see using these on conference calls if the video was off. The mic is good. There is a The audio quality is good. I was expecting things to fall apart here, but they did not. I decided to make a comparison between these and my pair of HD600s that I own. There was no contest between the two headphones in terms of vocals or detail retrieval, but the Razer wasn't a bad headphone by any means. It was clear and present, without being muddy. The spotty connection ruined the sound of the Corsair Virtuoso. I think that gaming is more forgiving than listening to music. I ran through a few games to see if I could do it. I tried a game that focused on background music and it sounded great. I tried a headset with more explosions and it felt good. There is a Flaws are not dealbreakers. The volume knob is different from the other volume knobs in my life. The sound is turned down by clockwise. Why? I would like to know that I'm quiet. The first attempt at a call failed because the person was engaged. There is a The Blackshark V2 X is an amazing product at the price point, even though it has a terrible name. I don't play as many games online as I used to and I listen to more music. It makes sense to have a cheap headset for online play with friends and conference calls, as well as a great pair of headphones for music and solo play. This works for me.

👤I used to play in the semi-pro section of the game, and these headphones are better than the studio-grade ones we used. The ANC isn't as good, but it still allows me to focus on the game and tune out everything else. The sound of the surround allows for distinct and accurate noises in a chaotic battlefield. The cable is perfect for everything from movies to games, and it is crisp and clear. It's lightweight and snug on my head, and doesn't put pressure on my glasses. I would pay a lot more for good headphones.

9. Razer Kraken Ultimate Gaming Headset

Razer Kraken Ultimate Gaming Headset

Compete across your PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and Mobile Devices with the 3.5mm combo jack. The ultimate personalization and gaming experience with the Razer Chroma is easy to use, full integration with popular game titles, and syncs with Razer hardware, Philips Hue, and gear from 30 plus partners. It is possible to provide accurate spatial audio information beyond standard 7.1 surround sound in games. The All-Day Comfort is a cooling gel- infused cushion. An improved mic with ANC reduces background and ambient noises for crystal-clear communication. On-Earcup Audio Controls include volume up and down. The audio is only available on Windows 10 64bit. The response time is 20 hertz to 20 hertz.

Brand: Razer

👤My reviews are detailed. If you want the short and thin, it's a good product, but you have to take a wild ride to get what you paid for. It is not easy to get 7.1 surround. I should explain that I am very technical. I have been a software developer for ten years and ran a custom to order computer company that caters to enthusiasts with large hardware and software needs. There is a The device is gorgeous, durable, sounds awesome, super comfy, has a very nice feel to the cord, and my favorite feature is the physical mute button, which glows red when you're on it. The style and look is amazing. I can't run this thing in 7.1. There is a There is a code to enter in the app. You'll get the code after you register the product, if you have one of your ear pads. You're welcome. Most games only support 5.1 anyway, and this is virtual 7.1 based. If you want to subscribe to the ability to use 7.1 features, you can pay for a new code. I would pay a subscriber fee to use my own headphones. There is a After messing with this thing for three days, I've given up on some email they claim to have sent, some code to enter into another software suite they want me to download, and expected software let downs from the games I play that don't support 7.1 anyway. I don't think there is a need for this hubbub. Make the software run it by packing the ability with the product. There is no reason for this to happen, if you enter a code to get another code to download a new piece of software. It may have been exciting for young people in the 90's. We just want it to work. Make it work for the prices we pay.

👤The set's mic died two days after the return window closed. I spent 25 minutes with useless Amazon tech support and was told they would call in an hour to see if the issue was solved. Erth's most customer focused company never did. I had to answer dumb questions from the rep of the company. I already knew that the set falls under warranty, so I asked if you downloaded software. I need to wait for another 72 hours from Razer to find out the next step. There is a The second ser's mic dies again in July after we replaced the first set in March. Same horror story customer service from the same company, with all the problems, and nobody replies, call again, and a rep working from him with a bad connection... Never ending... The second faulty set was replaced, and then sold and bought a different brand. Sound, design, and make are all nice, but they are not very good. The headsets will not last. The service itself is an insult to the customer service by the Razer. Spending money and time is not worth it.

10. Razer Kraken Quartz Headphones Gel Infused

Razer Kraken Quartz Headphones Gel Infused

2.4 GHz Wireless Connection for Performance. It can support a range of up to 40 ft. 50mm drivers have a wide sound, from subtle footsteps sneaking up behind you to the loud explosions that blow you away. A soft cloth and leatherette combination provide comfort and sound isolation, so you can enjoy gaming for hours. Ensure your shot calls are always delivered in absolute clarity with the Unidirectional Retractable Microphone. Bauxite aluminum frame has thicker padding. It is for lightweight, durability and flexibility. The headband padding makes the headset feel lighter. Compete across your PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and Mobile Devices with the 3.5mm combo jack.

Brand: Razer

👤I needed a new headset for my sister to play games with, so I decided to get pink. The sound is not good. The surround sound app comes with no mic settings like my other one, and it costs more, so why do you have to download it? Highly disappointed.

👤I did extensive research on quality gaming headphones that are pink. They are used for hours upon hours of e-learning, zoom meetings, and gaming. They are very comfortable and don't make me feel bad. The sound is good. I like that it has a button. The speaker moves in a certain direction. It exceeded my expectations and met my hopes. I think they're a good choice. I would consider giving a pair to my cousin. The stitching is perfect and the detail is noticeable.

👤I bought a headset from China. It was so static that I barely picked up any sound from the mic. The audio quality was not good. Terrible for price. You will regret it if you buy this mic for the looks.

👤I can't describe how happy I am to have this. This was my first purchase of a product and it will definitely be the last. If you're looking for a high quality headset that's in a budget, I would suggest saving up or buying a new pair. It comes with a software that you can download to make sure you get every high quality sound experience. The shade of pink is gorgeous. The noise cancellation is amazing. The mic is decent, but it is not used for recording or anything. The headsets are very soft on the ears and top.

👤Had to act after seeing a deal on this. My daughter likes it because it matches her keyboard and PC. She uses it daily. I wish I could stop her from talking to her friends.

👤I like this headset. The size of the earphones is perfect for rubbing and causing irritation. They are cute and work well for chatting and gaming.

👤Like the head set. I bought this because of the earbuds. I answer calls for 8 hours a day. These are comfortable. I have no issues with them. They worked out of the box.

👤There's nothing wrong with the headsets. The speakers come with a disaster EQ out of the box, so I had to install MacEq.

👤I love these! I have a small head so buying a headset was a challenge. They used to press my glasses against my ears and cause my headset to ache. This problem has been completely removed from gaming for me. The extendable mic is a nice touch as it allows you to move it away from your face when not in a party. The sound quality is high and the comfort is good.

👤Am Computer damit ist gespielt. Ich bin der Meinung. There is a Ich war mhsam, aber zum Optionen und Einstellungen. Wegbekommen is the word for Rauschen. Ich hre, I'm so happy. In Discord, wende man z.B. in die Sensi richtig. There is a top for Optik & Verarbeitung. Ich meine ist. :D Es ist bestimmt, aber geil is aus. Komfort ist gegeben. Ich bin besondere, I bin besondere.

11. Razer Kraken Ultralight Gaming Headset

Razer Kraken Ultralight Gaming Headset

The frame of the Kraken is lightweight and durable. The microphone has a response of 100 hertz. The best-selling gaming peripheral brand is Source. The U.S. retail tracking service includes gaming keyboards, mice, headsets, and peripherals. The combined dollar sales were Jan-Sept. 2021. 7.1 surround sound for audio. Outfitted with custom-tuned 40mm drivers, they are capable of software-enabled surround sound when used for PC gaming only. The lightest headset ever at 250 grams is 40% lighter than the competition. The sensitivity is109 dB. A cardioid mic reduces background and ambient noises for crystal-clear communication. Audio controls in the headset include an analog volume control wheel and mic mute switch.

Brand: Razer

👤I have had these for a day and so far they are alright. I have had better headsets. There is a There are pros and cons. The lightest headset I've ever owned is very lightweight. Memory foam padding on headband is very comfortable, and the phone is pretty good. The cord is long and not elastic, which is great for noise cancellation, and it is screamy and static, so it can hurt your ears. What is inside could use some work. A lot of work can be done with mic and sound quality. There is a The build is 10/10 Sound: 3/09

👤The sound we've heard from Razer is very balanced and lightweight. It's easy to drive, 7.1 software is included for PC use. There is a The attached cable and mic are still difficult to use on PS4.

👤This product doesn't work unless you download and install their spywear. The mic wouldn't work. Without installing the spywear, the 7.1 doesn't work. The pivot for the mic doesn't have a hing or a protective rubber bendy thing, so it sounds like everything is coming from the sky. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take a long time for that sharp hole to cut through the mic sheath and wire on a $12 mic. There is a Tom is the best.

👤I was thoroughly disappointed after buying these with moderate expectations. I'm usually pleased with the products of the company, as my previous headset lasted me for nearly 7 years. I decided to get a cheaper headset just to see if it fit my needs, this headset is sub par, I decided to get a cheaper headset just to see if it fit my needs. Multiple people I spoke to said that the audio was very low quality. I don't think I've ever written a review before but the low quality on this headset was a poor one. I would spend more money buying something better.

👤I have been using these headphones for 2 months. There is a The price of the gaming headset is perfect. The sound quality is good for some games that use 5.1 surround sound. Make sure you use the correct channels. The sound quality is good. There is a The noise cancellation is there. There is a hole in the ear cups for glasses. You can feel them with your finger. Since they are using a 3.5mm jack, they will work with PC, Android, Xbox one's controllers, and PS4 with sound and microphone. It will work on the Nintendo switch. A longer cord goes into two separate 3.5mm ports for sound and mic. From my experiences with other headsets, usb isn't any better. The wheel on the headset can be used to adjust the volume. The microphone blew me away. The quality of the recordings was amazing for a budget gaming headset. It is a cardiod microphone that does not pick up background noises. I used it for online college classes and got a good score for how clean I sounded. If needed, it can be muted with a button. The headset is quite comfortable. It can be worn for a long time. They didn't bother me at all. The ear cups don't swivel which gives the headset some extraDurability. A+) They don't feel cheap even though they are mostly plastic. There is a If you are looking for a wired gaming headset, these are a must buy. Well done!


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Headphone stand pink razer products from Razer. In this article about headphone stand pink razer you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone stand pink razer.

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