Best Headphone Stand with Usb Charger Led

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1. IFYOO Headphone Earphone Sennheiser Accessories

IFYOO Headphone Earphone Sennheiser Accessories

The desk headphones holder has a dual headset hook. There is a power cord, AC cord, 2 cable clips, and wood screws for the unfinished surface desk attachment. The home for your phone. The desk setup can be created with the help of the Headset Stand. Make sure your headphones are always within reach. Protect your headphones from daily scratching by elevating them. There are 3 Dynamic RGB lighting modes, Flowing Rainbow, Colorful Breathing, and Up to 4 static colors. It's perfect for gaming or productivity. Good game and good vibe. The headset stand has 2 xusb 2.0 ports with data transmission and power supply support. Plug and play gives easy access to yourusb devices. Versatile and study. It's compatible with headsets with headband. The stand has an anti slip mat and weighted base. Make sure you have a headset on. The best way to show your headphones and enrich your desk setup is with a sleek and minimal design. They're open to talking to you at any time.

Brand: Ifyoo

👤Does a good job with headphones. The right height. It works well with the option to change it up and the ports work well. I have a short miniusb cable that I can use to charge my wireless headphones. It was perfect. Couldn't ask for a better price or better service.

👤Love the lighting, but not a lot of setting. Sturdy enough for bulky headphones.

👤I bought this for my son and he loves it.

👤It's really sturdy even with plastic materials. The only problem is that it's hard to switch off in the back and I don't want to leave it on 24/7.

👤It is not straight. It left a mark on the foam of my headset. The part where it rest is too narrow.

👤I like this headset stand. I charge my phone while I play. It makes my setup look nice when I'm not playing. It was worth the money. Very sturdy.

👤Well made product. It works well and looks great.

👤Je recommande de mon content.

👤J'ai recommande!

👤Artculo recibido en p├ęsima condicin.

👤Practico tiene un buen juego.

👤No se mueve tan fcilmente, la base es pesada.

2. Headphone Headset Stand REAWUL Earphone Accessories

Headphone Headset Stand REAWUL Earphone Accessories

The package contains a headband cover. There are 9 lighting modes. There are 9 lighting modes in the REAWUL RGB gaming headset stand, including red, blue, green, purple, and chartreuse. Plug and play function, like a keyboard and mouse, and no driver needed, are what the 2 SmartUSBChargers have. One 3.5 MM AUX Port. This gaming headset stand can deliver a full range of 7.1 virtual surround sound when used with ordinary headphones or 3.5mm audio jacks. You can choose the color with the touch sensor switch. The measurement is 4.33x11.42 inches. Perfect gaming desk accessories for men. You will get a headset stand, 5ft microusb cable, user manual, lifetime warranty and fast response customer service.

Brand: Reawul

👤I have been looking for a long time for a good headphone holder and wanted to give this one a try. This is one of the best headsets out there. There is no hassle for it because it has multiple colors to choose from. It's very easy to assemble and it can hold all types of headphones. The guide to put it together was in another language, but it was common sense. My desk is less cluttered with the help of theusb chargers.

👤I didn't want to spend a lot on those expensive stands because I was tired of leaving my headset laying around. I figured I would give it a chance after seeing this and the price. I wasn't disappointed.

👤Cool colors can be chosen, or it can go through all of the colors. Headsets will not work until you plug it into the holder.

👤It isn't an easy process, but I bought this after doing a lot of research. I chose this one based on reviews and price after a lot of research. It arrived three days after purchase and I was very happy with it. It has a lowkey presence on my desk and has a lot of lighting features. Excellent satisfaction!

👤I have nothing bad to say about the headset stand that I have had for a week now. The product is very good. The stand looks great with my headset on it. The headset has a lot of modes, but the one I like the most is the RGB mode. I would buy this product again.

👤This stand is very easy to set up. You don't need any instructions. It looks great with my set up, and it looks great itself. It is sturdy so that it won't fall. 10/10 product.

👤I love this headset stand. It lights up. There is a jack for a headphones and a slot for an mp3 player. This light illuminates my room. You can change it to another color. I no longer hang my headphones on my monitor. I love this headset. If you need one, give it a try.

3. Fledging Certified Compact Charging Station

Fledging Certified Compact Charging Station

Each charging station has lifetime technical support. They promise worry-free service no matter what. A way to plan for the future. The outlet war is over. While taking up less space than a tablet, you can charge up to 5 devices at the same time. The power and heat are balanced across all the ports. You can charge multiple devices at the same time. Spruce uses GaN to charge faster, stay cooler, create less waste and stay compact. The intelligent design provides maximum charging performance. The C1 port can charge up to 140W, but certain electronics have limits. They will only charge these to their max. It protects the battery and prolongs the shelf life of the product. It is universal company. Don't worry about compatibility again. If your device charges from a cable, then you can charge it with Spruce. There are many examples of how to connect to the internet, including: MagSafe 2 for older MacBooks, DC for screens, and micro-usb, non-North American AC cables, Airpods, and Apple Watch. It's perfect for functional modern home decor, busy parents on the go, business trips and vacations, or the office. The wireless charger can fit in your purse, backpack or luggage. It can house your phone vertically or horizontally, and it can charge at 70 degrees. Remove your case before charging. There are cases 3mm or 1 inch thick. Trusted quality. The technology should be worry-free because Spruce is certified in every major market to the highest standards of safety and backed by a 1-year replacement warranty. They are committed to providing top quality product. If you have any questions or concerns, please send them to them.

Brand: Fledging

👤I opened my own gym in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We were in desperate need of something that would consolidate all of the things we needed to do. We started looking for something that could help with this, and also charging those devices fast. After hearing an ad on NPR, we came across the Spruce, which was made in Alabama. I wanted to support this from multiple businesses. I knew that the price tag was a touch higher, but I can tell you that it is worth every penny. The touch charge pad on the top doubles as a speaker phone base, it's compact and discreet, and the devices charge super fast. There is a If you're looking for something that's reliable, fast-charging, and multi-functional, then this charging dock is for you.

👤The packaging feels very apple. It's a solid piece of equipment if you unbox it. The multi charging ports allow me to charge my watch, iPad, headphones, and phone all at once. It looks good in my bedroom. Everything I needed.

👤So you're a person who likes to read reviews before spending a lot of money on a device that will save you time and space, and you want to make sure you read reviews before you fork over money for a device that will save you time and space. Let's keep it short and sweet, then we can discuss why this is the device you're looking for. There is a The station is sleek and works with the otter box defender series on the s10 and s10+. The Wife works from home all day on a Microsoft Surface. There is a If I run into any issues at the time, none will come back. The Spruce is a great addition to any home office because it provides the convenience of portable charging and it's also great for adventures.

👤Since my power strip behind my computer is full, having a compact charging station near my computer really helps, since I was lucky enough to have a number of products near my computer that need to be charged. I'm able to charge my phone, PS5 controller, and headset at the same time with this station. I need to use them all, so I will definitely be doing this after long gaming sessions. The station is small enough to fit on my desk, and it looks really sleek.

👤I would highly recommend the Spruce Charger to everyone because it has been an excellent addition to my desk. The wireless charging capabilities have been great for reducing the number of cords on my desk for things like my phone and headphones. The ability to turn the wireless charging station into a display stand is a nice touch. The Spruce is an all-in-one charging block for several products and it has been a great way to reduce the amount of stuff on my desk. It's amazing that we only need to bring one charge for all of our technology when we travel.

👤The Fledging Spruce is a dream come true for us as a family that craves clean space. It allows us to charge many devices at once, and it also allows us to keep our countertop clean of many charging devices.

4. SENZER SG500 Surround Cancelling Microphone

SENZER SG500 Surround Cancelling Microphone

If the cable is fully inserted and the switch is on before you use, the volume can be adjusted and your devices are suitable for their combination of audio and voice connetors. They offer a 12 months warranty to their customers when they purchase a gaming headset. The ear pads are foldable and collapsible. The ear pads are magnetic, making them easier to clean and maintain than other headphones, and the headphones fold inside the arm, making them perfect for easy storage and travelling. The lightweight design of the ear cushions allows for up to 8 hours usage without excess pressure build up, meaning you won't feel any pain even after a long game. The weight is only 0.66lb, which is 40% lighter than standard gaming headsets. The bendable microphone arm can be fixed to any position to ensure the clearest voice pick-up, and filters out surrounding environmental noise and static. The Senzer noise cancelling headset with microphone provides real-time in game chat without delay, making it easier to communicate with team-mates, friends and family. The surround sound gaming headset gives you crystal clear audio and is a great way to enhance your gaming performance. Pick up the direction of gunfire, vehicles and voices more clearly, as well as enjoying a more enhanced audio experience as subtle sounds like footsteps, wind and rain are projected with more clarity and precision. Plug and play multi-pLATFORM COMPATIBILITY works with most modern devices that have a 3.5mm jack, such as the PS4 and XBOX One. Plug & Play makes it the ideal headset for travelling or as a gift, safe in the knowledge that it will fit a multitude of devices.

Brand: Senzer

👤I own two pairs of Senzer's SG500 headphones. I gave the first pair to a family member and then grabbed another pair for myself. The sound quality is good and they feel light and comfortable. Pros and Cons: - The build is good, the soft weight is easy to travel with, and the microphone is permanent. The band is great for the buck. 100% would recommend.

👤I use these headphones for work. I needed a mic that wasn't attached to the wire part of the headphones. The mic on the wire of the Beats Solo3 would rub against my shirt or hair and my coworkers would be able to hear it during zoom meetings. My mic wasn't as clear when I went wireless with the beats. These headphones are very comfortable. The memory foam ear pads are squishy and there is no squeezing on my head. I'm able to wear these all day for work and not have any headaches or neck pain. I was a little worried since they look huge in the listing, but they fit perfectly and I am small. These would be great for kids and small adults. They can extend for larger heads. I like that they fold up so I can leave them on the side when I'm not working. The earpads are magnetic and can be removed, but it's not clear why anyone would do that unless it's to change them. The best part is how easy it is to connect these to my computer. It's just one cord, not the other way around. I've been using the main input aux cord, even though these come with an accessory. There is a The sound quality is what you would expect from a pair of headphones. I can't hear the AC running in the background if I have music playing, but it's not as bad as the Bose noise canceling Bose. The bass on these is clear and not distorted like most cheap headphones. I'm happy with the sound quality. They look like pilot headphones, but they are lightweight and portable. I wish the mic could be turned off, instead of being bent upward every time I want it out of the way. If I keep bending the mic wire upward, how long will it last? There is a knob on the left side that I don't think does anything.

👤I found these headphones on Amazon. If I could, I would give these headphones 10 stars. The sound quality and price are what I base that assessment on. I am a DJ. I use expensive headphones. $200 is the retail price for these headphones. I have to take them off my head because it's too loud and they won't break. The sound quality is better with these headphones for $50. The drivers produce clear sound. The way in which each headphone is made with a large cavity produces a very good base. The comfort takes these over the top. I could wear these headphones for hours because of the soft cushions. I plugged them into my PC and played some music through them. The sound was clear and I was amazed that this was using a video from my PC. They did not distort one bit when I turned them up as loud as they would go with the volume on my PC. If you're going to be using the headphones for music, you can tilt the microphone away from your face. It comes with the y splitters so that you could use it on a PC as well. The microphone is good. He adds a lot of depth and quality to the experience. I hid them in a cabinet because I don't want my son to try them because he's going to want to smoke them. I like the retro look of these headphones. If you're looking for a good pair of headphones to play music on, I highly recommend these! Purchase them now! He will be happy that you did that. If I ever break my DJ headphones, I will just use these. I paid for one of these and could buy four more for less.

5. Headphone Charger Desktop Headset Charging

Headphone Charger Desktop Headset Charging

Quality Gourmet provides a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee and a 24 month warranty that will ensure you a hassle-free purchasing experience. If there is a quality issue with this headphone rack, please contact them. A great gift is a universal headphone stand with 3 charging ports and 2 outlets. 3 port smartusb charge It is convenient to charge your smart device without a plug in wall, because it can detect your device automatically and deliver its fastest possible charge speed up to 2.4 Amp per port or 4 Amp overall. You can charge your devices with this safe outlet power strip. The AC Outlet has a total output of 1250W. Fire-resistant and hardened plastic outer shell for durability, no risk of wood flammable and metal leaking, build-in premium circuitry and microchip ensure device safety. A multi-protection system protects against overload, short-circuits, over-current and other charging issues. The COZOO Headphone dock, Power Strip, and 3-Port USB Charger come with a 24 month warranty and 90-day money back guarantee. If there is a quality issue with this headphone rack, please contact them.

Brand: Cozoo

👤Okay. The headline speaks volumes. This is a very functional stand and it is very cool. There is a The price is correct. Good deal. The workhorse part for my personal use is the charging of my mobile phone, IPad, and Marshall and Bose headsets. My grandkids have to charge their IPads and mobile devices when they come over. All at the same time! There are minor design flaws. According to me, of course. The headband is not padded. The foam cushion will be damaged over time. The vertical stem is straight up and down. The ear cushions have to be on the stem if you place the headset on the pedestal. Over time, dents will form on your ear cushions. That's it! These are pieces of equipment that are very expensive and are sitting on this stand. In conclusion? I installed it and like how it looks, I'm keeping it. I'm using it. I'm very happy with it. See you.

👤I wanted to put a small charge station on my bedroom furniture. I stumbled onto the Cozoo stand and thought I would give it a try. The design is simple and has 3 ports. There is a large press button in the corner and a small light under the middleusb port that indicates off. I didn't think I'd use the 2 power outlets, but I've found myself connecting things there because it's convenient. The entire unit is solid and won't tip over. I am happy I found this. It works and looks great.

👤I was excited to receive this in the mail. I plugged it in to charge my phone. The ports do not hold a charge. It connects and disengages from all 3 ports. I've tried plugging the device into both a power strip and a wall outlet. The tries didn't charge my phone. I tried different cables. The outlet ports work well. They can charge my laptop with a brick. Only 5 of the ports work correctly. The stand works great if I hang my Sony or Home Theater Radio Shack headphones. If you get it for the 2 outlet ports and as a stand for headphones, I would pass it on, but if you get it for the two ports and as a stand, I would recommend it. I have to buy a seperate unit for my devices which means that I'll be using 1 outlet port to plug that into and I'll have to use more cable to deal with. I would have given it a 5 star if it had worked correctly.

👤My dad loves it! They sent me the wrong item after a bit of a mixup. I am glad I gave them a second chance. There is a The base is heavy and unlikely to tip over and spill your expensive headphones/headset on the ground. There is a The charging is spot on and can charge two phones and a headset in a few minutes. It has two outlets on the back for additional charging or if you just need an extra couple plugs for your PC. Useful! There is a The stem and rest for the headphones are thin and light, and I wish it came in more colors. The center of gravity is very low, which makes it hard to topple over, and I fear that they might snap. The top is molded plastic and you can see some of it from the process, but it shouldn't have to be trimmed with a razor. There is a The base's construction is very high quality and there is an on/off switch so it isn't drawing power. There is a The excellent base design made this product a solid B. Would definitely recommend it. They should send the right product.

6. Headphone Wireless Charger KAFRI Charging

Headphone Wireless Charger KAFRI Charging

After sales service. If you don't like the necklace, you can exchange it for a new one or get full money back. If you have a question, please contact them. The lights are RGB. There are 9 lighting effects modes, up to 16 million colors, and theRBG Headphone Stand can show an amazing gaming atmosphere. Simply pressing a Touch switch will select that. Great gifts for a man and a woman. Place your phone on a fast charging pad and you'll be good to go. No cables or interface required. It's compatible with the Apple iPhone X, Apple iPhone XS Max, Apple iPhone 8/7 Plus, and the SAMSUNG GALAXY S9/S9 Credit cards and metal will interfere with charging. Charge models can be identified. Fast wireless charge up to 10W compatible with the S10, S10 Plus, S10E, S9, S9 Plus, S8, S8 The Note 9, S7, S7 edge, S6 edge+, and 7.5W wireless charging for the phone are included. 5W standard wireless charge for all Qi-enabled phones is included. Fire-resistant and hardened plastic outer shell, build-in premium circuitry and microchip ensure device safety. A multi-protection system protects against overload, short-circuits, over-current and other charging issues. If there is a quality issue with this headphone rack or you are not happy with your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Kafri

👤The headset stand is terrible and not even worth 10$, the charging port is low quality, and the lights change when you try to charge your phone. This is not worth 30 dollars. I don't like leaving reviews but I don't want you to waste your time or money.

👤Absolutely recommend this headset stand. The stand was easy to set up. The stand is very solid and feels very premium. I don't think I'll ever use wireless charging. The main reason I got this stand was for the lighting. The lighting looks great. It's the perfect amount of light. You can have all the colors or a specific color. I have two headsets that are the same, but work on different consoles. This saves me from having to figure out which headset is right for me. Stand can be plugged into a brick or surge protector with ausb ports. This stand was perfect for my needs. I adjusted the settings on my camera to make the lights look brighter because I wanted my camera to look crazy. I highly recommend it.

👤Where do I start? I like to spend more money on things with higher quality or brands that are well known. After watching a review of this product on the internet, I decided to buy it. The base acts as a wireless charging point. I was looking into a wireleless charger for my desk as well, and after reading lots of reviews on diff products saying can't charge with case, I got worried this RGB stand would have the same issue as I have an otterbox case on my Iphone 11 Pro, so It charged me with my case on. I've seen people spend a lot of money on a wireless charge and can't charge it with their case. The stand is sturdy and holds my headphones very well. This product is a great value. No need to spend more money on a brand. The lighting is not too bright or dim. It's plug n play. Since it doesn't need to send data to the PC, you don't need to worry about having enoughusbs, it can be plugged into a wall outlet. I recommend this product to anyone who is interested in a headphone stand.

👤I bought this unit just over a month ago and it works well for me, easy to assemble and sturdy enough to hold an Artemis Spectrum gaming headset. I can easily charge my Note 10 with the headset stored just by shortening it a bit, because a few people in the comments are talking about not being able to charge their phones with the headset in place. The phone has to be in the right spot to charge, which is a bit of a hassle, and the headset stand has to be placed in the right spot. If you buy a stand that doesn't seem to charge your phone, shift it around a bit to make sure it's lined up right to charge, it will charge even if you don't use it much.

7. Headphone Extension Charging Extender Accessories

Headphone Extension Charging Extender Accessories

The curve shape makes the stand more stable. Designed to protect your headphones. A multi-functional headset stand with a blue light and multi-color light pole to organize the cord. A great gift for a family member. A multi-color light pole and blue light base are used for the COZOO Headphone Stand. You can change the light modes by touching the button. There are two USB 2.0 ports that can transfer files or charge with speeds up to 480 Mbps, support popular OS like Windows, Linux, Mac with plug and play function, no drivers required. Fire-resistant and hardened plastic outer shell for durability, no risk of wood flammable and metal leaking, build-in premium circuitry and microchip ensure device safety. A multi-protection system protects against overload, short-circuits, over-current and other charging issues. The CoZOO Headphone Port has a 30-Day money back guarantee. If there is a quality issue with this headphone rack, please contact them.

Brand: Cozoo

👤My son and I like it. It is not heavy. It is very light and holds his headphones in perfect condition. We don't have any animals to worry about. It was easy to put together. This was perfect to hold his headphones because he was into the color changing lights theme. I can charge both his and my cellphone at the same time, but he can't charge his iPad at the same time. I was able to use the wall outlet more because I was able to connect this to theusb outlet on his desk lamp. I will buy again if necessary.

👤I was excited for this product. It wasn't great. The product is black and sticks out like a sore thumb because it has a long white cord. The black cord was needed to use it. It plugs into the computer's hard drive. When I try to charge my wireless mouse, it won't work because my computer isn't open. My mouse won't charge if my laptop goes dark. It does not hold my headphones well. It only shows a few colors that are on rotation. There is no way to modify the color features. I wish I would have returned the product. I am not a huge fan. Look for something better if you skip this.

👤The noise cancelation is low because this is a stand for headphones. It works well as a stand and the light adds to the gaming experience. If you remember to plug in your headset in the middle of the game, you won't have to find a charging cord in the middle of the game, which can mean the difference between a victory and a loss. There is no controller to change the colors. You have to do it manually.

👤I bought 2 of these because I work from home and am a gaming enthusiast. I have multiple phones with headsets for my job and I was tired of just throwing them on my desk. The color changeable lights add a nice atmosphere and keep my headsets out of my desk.

👤You can have a rotation of the rgb color. The stand is sturdy. Highly recommended.

👤It looks very cool. The change color button is very sensitive. It changes color by itself. It was very annoying. You get what you pay for.

👤It is also a charging stand. There is a Type C port. It looks great at night. Plug and play! Simple but nice. I like it.

👤It fits in with the living room. It is possible to change color manually or auto. Sturdy enough for the bulky headphones, and charges our 2 kindles without problems.

👤I recommend it to everyone on YouTube, it was a top five fan of one of my videos, and the guys got to set it up. Take care of it, it looks nice.

👤I really like this stand. It adds a nice decor to my desk and holds my headset perfectly. Theusbs are great for charging anything.

👤The type C power cable is loose. I switched to a shorter one. Looks great!

8. Headphone Charger KAFRI Headset Charging

Headphone Charger KAFRI Headset Charging

Silicone construction with steel core reinforcement. There is no slip on the surface material. The headset is softer than other headsets. The lights are RGB. There are 9 lighting effects modes, up to 16 million colors, and theRBG Headphone Stand can show an amazing gaming atmosphere. Pressing a switch can select that. A great gift for a man. Extra ports allow you to charge your smart device without the need for a plug in wall. It can detect your device and deliver the fastest possible charge speed. The safe outlet power sockets are 2. You can charge your devices with this power strip. The AC Outlet has a total output of 1250W. Fire-resistant and hardened plastic outer shell, build-in premium circuitry and microchip ensure device safety. A multi-protection system protects against overload, short-circuits, over-current and other charging issues. If there is a quality issue with this headphone rack or you are not happy with your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Kafri

👤This holds my headphones. There isn't a lot of cable mess with the small charge cable on the front. When I need a 3rd item charging, the additional power outlets are perfect, but a little plug just blends in with the base. There is an added bonus. All the different options are great, but I keep mine on a single color.

👤Just arrived. The parts work. The piece in the base is a bit too narrow. See the photos. Afraid to force it on because it may break. I wouldn't recommend it to a friend.

👤It's easy to assemble and look at. I like that it gives you options on the stand's color. There is a I use the outlets and theusb plugs on my laptop. The value was correct.

👤Me gust mucho el soporte, soluciona el problema de tener los auriculares.

👤I like this thing. It looks cool with my gaming set up.

👤The stand is great. It does its job well.

👤The phone is charged quickly by theusb port and the RGB is good. I haven't tried the outlets yet. It looks great next to my PC. I would recommend to anyone. There are multiple preset for the lights.

👤I got this for my boyfriends birthday in December. He likes it and it works great with his gaming set up.

👤The construction quality is not there. There is a 1 cm gap on either end between the top and the base of the middle rod. I like the extra plugs it brings to my workspace. It is definitely a case of 'you get what you pay for', but it has worked for the past few months of constant use.

👤I'm very happy with the price. The ports, outlets, lighting, and stand are all working as expected. The build quality is good but not outstanding, so I'm not giving it 5 stars. If I could, I would give it 4.5 stars.

👤The power sockets andusb pllug are good for the price with rgb, and they are great for my Corsair headset.

👤My guy loves it. The extra port for charging is helpful in cutting cords and making it easier to use extension cords. It's a smart purchase.

👤The setup is easy with the base. My game room back lights were matching. Plugs are great for charging headphones.

9. MOCREO Headphone Gaming Headset Charger

MOCREO Headphone Gaming Headset Charger

Customer satisfaction is their first priority. The local customer support team is easy to deal with. It is easy to replace orRefund your money. The Atmosphere Bubbles are from theRGBLED lights and lights. The headset has 3 light modes, which are red, blue, and green. Under the light rendering, the atmosphere is more beautiful, making it a cool gaming atmosphere. The base of the foldable headphones stand is made of Zinc alloy and can be adjusted to fit your needs. The accessories are perfect for gaming gifts. The holder is suitable for all size headphones. It's a perfect accessory for saving desk space. Not only a holder of headphones. It's also good for your iPad. There are 2 USB Ports. The headset hanger can detect your device and deliver its fastest possible charging. When plugged in, 1 AC input can provide power for the stand. Premium chips and circuits are built to ensure device safety. There is an anti-scratch pad. You can get a worry-free service, a headphone stand, and a 5ftusb cord.

Brand: Mocreo

👤This thing is amazing. It's a heavy item as well. I know it is stable. It's the best addition to my addiction. There is a This is what you should buy if you want a stand that is not plain. This is a paper weight. It is very strong.

👤I got this as a more decorative item and I love anything that lights up, which you can see by looking at my computer. Even when the lights aren't on, this is pretty. It holds the headphones securely. The stand is very sturdy and heavy. It doesn't feel cheap. I hope this becomes available again because I have someone that wants one as well. I would love to buy this again.

👤I left it on for about 2 hours and the light wouldn't turn on, but the seller asked me to send a video and I did. I brought the Asurion Protection plan with me.

👤It messed with my mic while I was gaming. The built in mic will mess with your in game mic if you connect it to a pc. There is distortion and noise. The light can affect your eyes at night. The light is placed on the bottom of the stand and it hits your eyes. So careful!

👤Excellent product. It was well made and studied. I use it to hold my phone. It makes my desk light up. It looks like a piece of art. So happy! It's a must for anyone who likes their home offie atmosphere. Love, love, love!

👤It has everything I want. A smallusb hub, a headphone hanger, and rgb which I didn't expect to see, give it a cool effect. I no longer have to key in my headphones and my devices have a stand.

👤It takes around 7 hours to charge your phone, but it has 2 charging points. Misleading outputs. You can't charge your headphones or other small battery devices on oldusb. Can't charge anything similar. Your battery might be corrupt.

👤The stand is falling with headphones on. It was very cheap and returned within a few days.

10. Headphone HORUMP Charging Accessories Boyfriend

Headphone HORUMP Charging Accessories Boyfriend

The height of the headset holder makes it compatible with headphones of different sizes. If you have a question, please contact them and they will give you a solution. The all-in-one headphone holder has a light and can hang headphones. The headset stand and power strip should be combined to make a single accessory. A well-stocked headset drawer. Their headset stand has 12 different light modes, up to 16 million colors, and one button for choosing light mode and turning it off for an amazing gaming atmosphere. Great gifts for a son or husband. You can charge your mobile phone, tablet, smartphone or other devices with theusb charging port. It can detect different devices and provide the fastest charging speed up to 2.4A per port or 4A overall, be convenient and save time. Wireless charging is not supported. TheRGB Headphone Stand is perfect for supports all size headphones. When not in use, the backside hook can be used to wrap and store cables. What you get is a headphone holder and a power cord. LIFETIME WARRANTY service will be provided if you have any questions. You are both a customer and a friend.

Brand: Horump

11. Gamenote Headphone Charging Earphone Accessories

Gamenote Headphone Charging Earphone Accessories

Wide compatibility works with most over ear headphones. It can be used to store cables, wires, bags, and other items. The desk accessory is perfect. Combine the power strip and headphone stand and you will have a single device that you can use. The headphone stand can be used as a power strip, it has 3 power sockets, and the total output is 1250W, suitable for home and office, charging laptops, printers, pc monitor, Xbox PS4 game devices, TV, lamp and more. The stick can be removed. There are 3 SmartUSB ports for charging your mobile phone, tablets, e-reader, wireless headset and other devices. It can detect different devices and provide the fastest charging speed up to 2.4A per port or 3A overall, be convenient and save time. RGB lighting and touch control. This headset holder has 2 lighting modes, 6 lighting effects, multi-color flowing modes, and single color breadthing modes to create a cool gaming atmosphere. You can choose the color with the touch sensor switch. Perfect gaming desk accessories for men. The hardened plastic outer shell of the headphone hanger is safe and easy to use, and it has a built-in button for connecting or cutting off power supply. The headset stand is portable.

Brand: Gamenote

👤The bottom was bowed/warped and wouldn't sit flat on my table, so I sanded the center and added extra depth to the feet on each corner, not sure why there is a review for the product since it came. Buy something nicer if you save money. There is a If you turn the stand off, the LEDs can't remember its color setting, so if you run a specific color scheme, you either leave it on all the time or have to change it.

👤It's a power strip with a stick on it. You can get a headset stand for less than $10 and a power block for the same price. You're paying an extra 30% for convenience. It's reasonable, but the pale coloring of the LEDs doesn't match the rest of the peripherals on the desk. If you can find one for the same price or less, it might have better lighting effects.

👤This is the most beautiful piece of office equipment I've ever owned. I can't stop staring at it. I can charge my computer, phone, headset, and other electronics at the same time. I thought it was broken because it kept turning off, but I found out it had some sort of surge protection that it didn't like, so it shut off and protected everything else plugged in. I can take it with me when I travel. So far, it's functional, beautiful, sturdy. I cannot recommend more.

👤This stand is easy to use. If you knock over the stand, the pole will fall out, but it will hold up when standing up. Very beautiful. It has some plug ins at the top. Is it worth anything? There are cheaper options that work just as well. A good product.

👤The headset stand is the best and has everything I wanted. It holds the headset, but also has a charging port. It's convenient to charge other things at the same time with the surge protectors and elector plugs. It is cheaper than most of the PC accessory brands, but offers more. If that makes a difference to your purchase, it has different color glow modes. People need to know more about these.

👤I started buying cheap headphones because I didn't have a good place to hold them. I won't have to because they are in their place. I got this stand because of the ports on it and the light on it. It keeps my desk organized.

👤My son bought this with his holiday money. He loves that it holds his headphones and powers his devices. It makes his desk area look nice since there's not a bunch of wires randomly coming from a surge protector and it keeps his headphones from breaking from him.

👤It was easy to put together and you can add more plug-ins if you want. It charges quickly. The features of this product are nice, and the RGB is one of them.


What is the best product for headphone stand with usb charger led?

Headphone stand with usb charger led products from Ifyoo. In this article about headphone stand with usb charger led you can see why people choose the product. Reawul and Fledging are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone stand with usb charger led.

What are the best brands for headphone stand with usb charger led?

Ifyoo, Reawul and Fledging are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone stand with usb charger led. Find the detail in this article. Senzer, Cozoo and Kafri are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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