Best Headphone Stand with Wireless Charger

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1. Avantree Aluminum Headphone Sennheiser Accessories

Avantree Aluminum Headphone Sennheiser Accessories

TRRS cable is included for phone connection and class compliant. The Photo Savings Deluxe accessory bundle is a convenient way to record. See the description. Simple and space saving are included. Their stylish design features a silicone top pad and solid steel construction to provide a stable foundation for your headphones and clear some space on your desk. STABLE & ANTI SLIP. Their headset holder has a Silicone cable holder at the bottom that can hold your phone in a variety of positions without scratching or damaging it. Their headphone hanger is perfect for keeping your headphones in perfect condition, whether you use it on your desk at work or at home. The convenience and company are two things. Their headset hanger is compatible with major brands including Bose, Bose, and Audio-Technica, and is perfect for headsets measuring 4 cm at the headband and 25 cm tall.

Brand: Avantree

👤The Steel Series headset was the reason I purchased this stand. It comes with an elastic band that rests perfectly with the headstand, instead of just a curved headset. One of the issues I have with this product is that the rubber mat is locked in place when squeezed on both ends. There is a I have an opinion of the over all product. There is a Adhesion: There is a place mat which is inserted into the metal frame. See the pictures. I've moved my stand a few times, and it's come apart, making a mess. The metal frame needs to fit into the rubber place mat. It was good: 4/5. The product will stand on its own once you place the frame with the mat. The product does its job. There is a The material quality was graded at 4.5 out of 5. The product is two objects. The place mat is for cables. The thick plastic mat is not cheap. There is a Overall, 3. This is a good idea for a beginner stand. You get what you pay for, it's only 20.00$. This isn't the best on the market, but it works. If you want something that requires no assembling, you may not want this. It's the same thing. Silicone pad is not a base. It's kind of flimsy, can't stand on the ground. The price is fair for what you pay for.

👤It looks like it's cheap. I don't like the flimsy silicone base and headset rest that it has. The metal stand is the only sturdy part. If the base and headset rest parts were made of plastic, I would like this stand more. I don't think it's worth $25.00. I would not be upset if this had cost me less. I was contacted to offer another product at the same price. They want to see us happy and care about their customers. I bought a bamboo stand after returning the silicone stand. There is a

👤I was looking for a perfect stand for my headphones, and this is what I found. This one is perfect and there are flaws in it. It doesn't ruin the top padded part of the headphones, and has a convenient tray for cable. If your headphones are small, the size is perfect. As soon as I opened the first stand, I bought a second one. My headphones are on the stand. The stand should be able to hold bigger headphones because the headbands are not pushed all the way in.

👤It feels cheap, but it gets the job done. The metal arm/leg, bottom Silicone cup/base and top Silicone headphone rest are in 3 pieces. There is a The pieces are made of silicone. The arm is used to support the product. Some of the base sits on a surface that isn't perfect. It doesn't seem like it will fall over. What is the biggest reason I like this product? The Silicone headphone rest is long and wide and is made of Silicone. It will fit to the headband pretty well because it has some flex to it. It distributes the weight of the headphones across a large portion of the band, rather than a small square location. Many other headphone stands can leave an impression on the headband. The stand has a large area to support it. The HD 800 S headband has the same width as the support, so it doesn't sit inside the channel, but sits on top of the silicone. The only product I can find that won't harm the headband cushion over time is this one. I have no fear that my headphones would slip off. Even with the fully extended headband, my headphones have plenty of room at the bottom. If not for the simple, yet good design and material of the headphone support itself, this product would not get a 1 or 2 star rating.

2. PloutoRich Headphone Headsets Charging Products

PloutoRich Headphone Headsets Charging Products

Qi fast charging wireless charger design is intelligent protection and reliable. Over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, and foreign object detection function can prevent over-charging of equipment battery. Truly 4 in 1 Wireless Charger. The multi charging station can charge your phone. Earphone and headphone. simultaneously. No longer have to worry about finding the cables or the desk. The all-in-one wireless charging method will make it easier to work and play on the messy desktop. Please enjoy your time on the computer. Headphone Stand The headset holder can hold headphones. You can store your headphones in a convenient location. You can charge your devices with the dual C-Port design. The type C to A OTG is included. This gaming headset stand is a great gift for the avid video game player. This headset holder is a great decoration for many occasions, like study room, gaming room, Living room, Bedroom, and Office, because of the popular design of concise T shape, Classic black, Skin-friendly touch. The small size allows you to store and carry easily. The height is 9.84in, the length is 7.68in and the width is 3.7in. The cooling hole arrangement reduces heat generated during charging. The apple wireless charger has been approved by a number of organizations. They recommend using the fast charging adapter in order to make sure the charging is stable. There is a fast charging accessory included. Wide Compatibility The charging station is compatible with the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Pro, and the Apple AirPods. 10W fast wireless charging for: the S21, S21+, S20, S10 Plus, S10E, S9 and S9+. The charging stability will be affected by magnetic, metal, and cards.

Brand: Ploutorich

👤There are two major problems with this device. 1. The watch charging stand does not work if anything else is charging on it. When the watch is the only thing present, charging is intermittent. I bought this because I wanted to charge 4 things in one stand. 2. The lock feature is easy to damage. It's delicate. There is a The description of the charger doesn't say that it will charge the Watch, phone, and headphones at the same time.

👤The tower is worth it. I now have a station that charges all my devices. It has a locking mechanism that can be used to break the stand. I would recommend this item to anyone who is tired of having multiple charges for their devices. The stand does not charge headphones that are wireless. I can only use two plugs to charge my phone, my watch, my earbuds, and my big headphones. The charging power is good for how many devices are using the stand at the same time. It's easy to use and can be easily stored away in baggage, so it would be great for traveling. This thing is awesome.

👤The wireless charging device works well, but not all the time. The headphones stand feels flimsy and the watch charging port doesn't work.

👤The headphones stand is solid, and all wireless chargers work as expected. I use the included USB-A adapter to charge the headphones while on the stand. Premium feel and non-slip feet. Would recommend. The Apple Watch charging station stopped working about a week ago. Replacement came in with no issues so far, but I deduct one star for a defect.

👤I wouldn't recommend a poor charging ability.

👤Good product with fast charging as well.

👤It is a pretty good product. It does the job and doesn't break the bank. The headphones stand might be a bit higher. You get what you pay for and a charging stand.

👤It works like a dream. My gf is very happy with it.

👤The product didn't work out of the box. The included cable and power adapter worked fine, but the charging port had no power. I think a loose connection may have been the cause. A pity.

3. Satechi Headphone Stand Wireless Charger

Satechi Headphone Stand Wireless Charger

If there is a quality issue with this headphone rack, please do not hesitate to contact them. Place your headphones in a phone stand. The stand has a small footprint to keep your desk organized. You can disassemble the stand by removing a screw. The Satechi 2-in-1 Headphone Stand has two ports, one of which has a 5W Max output. It has a Magnetic Wireless Charger that can charge phones at 7.5w. The stand needs a higher power transformer to work properly. The power adapter is not included. A secure rubberized grip is needed to keep your headphones protected. It also ensures easy access. AABLE ORGANIZATION has a backside hook that you can use to wrap and store cables that are not in use. It's compatible with all over- ear headphones and any device that has ausb type-c port. The stand allows you to charge other devices.

Brand: Satechi

👤The build quality and design of this stand is very premium and shares design language with Apple. The whole thing is made of metal and glossy black plastic. This is a mistake because it will show scratches and dust more easily than if it were not. There are two ports on the back of the stand that can be used to charge headphones and magnetic charging pads. This isn't suitable for charging tablets or phones because it only outputs 5w of power. It's not enough for headphones or something like that. The magnetic ring is raised up by a quarter or an inch, which is not universal. It's fine for non-MagSafe phones that support wireless charging, but they could have issues with balancing on the raised portion of the charging pad. If the ring had been flush with the base, it would have worked for magnetic charging. You won't need to worry about your phone sliding because of the magnetic strength. This thing is designed to be placed on a desk next to an iMac or another Apple product so as to fit in with the premium, high-end look and feel. It makes it easy to charge your headphones and phone. I wouldn't recommend it for people who don't have MagSafe phones or devices. There is a Attaching the arm to the base requires a small amount of assembly.

👤This is not a cheap stand. I thought I could get a simple stand for my headphones and remove the current wireless charging unit from my desk. There is a I am not happy that the box looked like an opened return that had been resealed and then passed off as a new item. There is a The black surface was scratched. There is a I tried a variety of power sources but none worked unless I removed my phone case. I don't have an issue with the other wireless charging points. Satechi products are usually good quality, but this is not. It looks nice with clean lines. Avoid.

4. Headphone Headset Wireless Charging Headphones

Headphone Headset Wireless Charging Headphones

You can store your headphones in a phone stand. It has a small footprint to help organize your desk space. It supports all sizes of headphones. 3IN1 is a wireless charging station. The fast wireless charger is not static. It can work with phone, iWatch and AirPods at the same time. It's applicable to all wireless-enabled phones. iWatch 6/6/2, AirPods 2/Pro, and the S10 Plus are compatible with the iPhone 12/mini/pro/11pro/XS Max/XS/XR/X/8 Plus/8. Plus, note 9. iWatch 1 and AirPods 1 don't support wireless charging. 2-Port SmartUSB C Charger. You can also charge other devices with the dual-usb C-Port design. The headset holder is about 7.7 inches long and 3.7 inches wide, and it is easy to carry. The package includes a 4in1 Wireless Charger, with Headphones Stand,Type-C quick Charge Cable, 1*fast Adapter, and 1*English User Manual.

Brand: Lcgens

👤The charging stand is sturdy. The locking system for the stand is very easy to use. Push it in and slide the tab to lock. I love that it has a port for both the input and the output. They give you a device to use. The wall plug has a standardusb port. It charges my Note 20 Ultra and Buds+, but it doesn't charge my watch. I can't hate on that because they don't advertise it. I need a place to put my headphones and this looks modern and sleek, so I will use it at my desk.

👤It's easy to assemble, perfect size too. Saturday and stays out. My phone was charged perfectly. I was able to plug in my headphones to the port in the back, but it doesn't fit tightly and can be easily knocked out, so I usually just plug in to my table lamp. You don't have to use the adaptor if you have a port for charging. It is a great addition for my headphones and charging devices, and it looks great on the table.

👤I loved the stand. I am able to charge my electronics with ease, and save my desk from being cluttered. I will return it. There is no padding on the top of the stand. I noticed that the padding on my headphones was not straight. Save yourself some time and get this stand if you don't mind that. I would look for a stand with padding if I were you.

👤I ordered two. I liked it because of the 3 wireless charging connections, but the units I ordered didn't have the Apple Watch accessory. Would not recommend it.

👤I like the premise but this just doesn't work for me. I got the watch charging station to work once, but now it won't work again. The airpods charging system works intermittently, but it won't charge 100% of the time that the case is sitting there, based on the indicator light it charges for a few seconds, then stops and repeat.

👤You can't charge your Apple watch and AirPods at the same time.

👤It doesn't charge my watch at all, I don't know what my headphones are, and the slow charge overall is not good.

👤You can plug in your Airpod Max with the charging port at the back of the headphone holder. There is a The Air Pod works well but you need to make sure they are on the right spot.

👤The Apple watch's charging port doesn't work. I bought this because of the charging points. The purpose was not served.

5. Headphones Charging Additional Headphone Management

Headphones Charging Additional Headphone Management

Raptic Rise is a sturdy aluminum stand that holds your headphones. Raptic Rise has the fastest power for any wireless charging compatible device. The Raptic Rise has a port at the back that allows you to charge your headphones while they are resting. Raptic Rise was built with a sleek black base padded with leather and genuine aluminum alloy, which made it easy to fit into any environment. The Rise Headphone only weights 14.7% of its weight. Raptic Rise has a built-in cable management system that will allow you to wind up any excess cable at the bottom of the unit.

Brand: X-doria

👤I started a return because there was a constant whine when anything was being charged. Whether a phone or headset. I wanted to keep it because it is sturdy and looks good. I decided to try it again after packing it up for a return. The whine noise was still there. I tried different things, but nothing worked. I decided to try a different power source. Fix, boom. Maybe it was malfunctioning. There is a The package appeared to have been opened before I received it. The package had one side open. The contents could be accessed. Everything was new. There is a The holes for the screws, securing the stand to the base, were too small. Flat screw tips were not pointed. It made it more difficult to drive the screw in. I was able to manage it. It is very secure. I couldn't give it a 5 because it had issues. The design, weight, and sturdiness are top notch. I kept my return canceled.

👤A good built in wireless charging pad and an extra port for charging your headphones is included in a solid headphone stand. It is easy to assemble. The standardusb c is used for power delivery. The cable management is great. There is no gaming aesthetic here. It looks modern and minimalist. If the headphones sat a bit higher, I would have liked it. They start to take up more space on the wireless charger than they should. Making the otherusb port a type c would allow for a second one to be put in.

👤This is a great stand for headphones and a phone. I use it with my Sony. There is only one light that is on. I had no problems charging my phone because I had to align it with the pad. There is a plug at the back that I use to charge my headphones. I work well. I don't think the base will tip yet, it's quite heavy.

👤This stand is perfect and it solved more issues than I knew... It has helped me clear out my tiny desk that I've been working from for the past 8 months, while giving me easy access to my phone and headphones. The cord management channels are hidden in the base. The stand is heavy-duty and sturdy, and the directions are clear, so it shows that these are designed in the USA. Absolutely worth it. It would be a good idea.

👤I needed a stand that would allow me to charge my wireless headset while not in use and also allow me to charge my phone when I need to. The bottom cable compartment is not suitable for wires that are longer than a foot so wires that come with headsets will not fit here.

👤The metal stand is well balanced. Even with a thick case, the charge can easily juice up my phone. The light is not overpowering. This thing is a tank so it won't ever need another one.

👤Solid construction is a pros. It works perfectly, but I think it's a con that you can hear when using the wireless charging dock. It is not loud but noticeable. There is a I was pleased with the purchase.

6. ROG Throne Qi Integrated Wireless

ROG Throne Qi Integrated Wireless

The packaging contains a Magnetic Wireless Charger with 4ft of a type-C cable, a Magnetic Ring, and a User manual. Up to 10W of fast charging power can be delivered by wireless charging. Stay charged with the ROG logo at the base of the stand for efficient wireless charging with an indicator of charging status. Also has a 2-port hub for cable-based charging. Audio from your favorite games and music can be heard with the built-in ESS 9408 DAC and amplifier. Virtual surround sound setting can be used to create audio profiles for different genres of games. TheSECURE STORAGE design has an anti-slip rubber pad that protects the headset against shakes and bumps. The large surface area distributes the headset weight evenly. The stand and other Aura-enabled ROG gear illuminate it's environment with preset lighting effects and 18-zone Aura sync lighting from an endless color spectrum.

Brand: Asus

👤The title states that my stand does not have wireless capability. See the attachment. There is a It's not like I place my phone on it and it doesn't charge; I'm talking the base doesn't have the wireless charging indication on the front; and it doesn't have the port on the back to plug in the wireless charging power cord. There is a It did not come with the wireless charging power cord. See the attachment. I'm not sure what's going on. I can't believe that there are different versions. The customer service of ASUS was not pleasant to say the least. I was repeating myself a lot and I am not sure if they understood what I was trying to convey. Either way, Amazon is sending a replacement for the hardware problem. It's a good thing that fingers crossed. There is a It was easy to setup and modify via Armory Crate. I will give you any updates as they come.

👤I bought this headset stand because of a couple of reasons. I could use AURA sync to pair it with my laptop. It has a wireless charging base for my phone to eliminate the need for an extra cable on the desk because cats are evil. It has 2 ports for the internet. It has the equipment. Imagine my shock and amazement as I saw that the back of the device had a micro-b connection. I own and have ever owned all of the technological devices that have been "normal". A male, microusb orusb-c) connection is compatible with almost anyusb port. But no. It has to be special. I know this isn't the end of the world, but I have to say! I was not going to swap a phone cable for a micro-b cable. Imagine my surprise that when you sync the colors and connect the cord, it turns off the colors. My mouse is from ROG. It's cool in aesthetic sense, but it's not very functional. Thankfully I found a micro-b male to theusb-a female adapter and that there are bluetooth dongles for $25 on Amazon. There is a The sound quality is great. It should have supported a 15 W capacity, but 10 W still works, even though most phones don't need more than 15 W. The holiday season will see a version 2.0 on the horizon. Things that would make this device better. There is a I am happy with the purchase. It is still cool despite the flaw. Stay alert, hopefully my solution will work.

👤The best headset stand is available. It has a built in wireless charging, a good built in DAC, and some good looking RGB. My use case is that the wireless headset and mouse don't need the ports for data or audio, and don't care for the audio. I can use this as my charging hub for my phone, mouse, and headset. It would be better if I had a wireless charging mouse. The only thing I need is a magnetic charging cable and a power cable for the stand. The only thing I don't like about using it this way is that I lose the RGB function. There is no onboard lighting processing on the stand. If you want something other than a solid color, you need to connect it to a PC. You can't use an effect on it. If you turn off the lighting, it will stop working. There are some improvements. I'd like to see a second version of this. The Micro B port should be replaced with a Type C port. There aren't many good options for good quality replacement cables for the Micro B, and the abundance of type c to type cables out there. I confirmed that the stand is not detected by a PC if it is using a standardusb micro connection. The fat Micro B connection is required. The built in audio output should be removed. The stand is more expensive than most headsets. What is the market for people who don't have a wireless headset or better audio solution to spend this much on a headset stand? It can be cheaper to remove it and add more room for more ports. The front of the device should have a wireless charging status indicator. There is an indicator on the front that tells you if something is charging on the pad or not. It's a red color if nothing is charging. It's a blinking blue if something is charging. Most wireless charging points have the same indicators, but they usually have a light off when nothing is charging and a solid color when something is charging. There is a A revision with these updates would get a perfect score from me. There is a note. The two versions of this are made by the same company. One with and one without the charging device. It seems like Amazon will sometimes send the non Qi charging one on an accident. Return it to another person.

7. Headphone New Earphone Supporting Headphones

Headphone New Earphone Supporting Headphones

The new bee stand is compatible with all sizes of headphones. The aluminum headset stand and rubber foundation are sturdy. The desk should be dust free and flat when you place the headset holder on it. This wireless headset stand is great for home, office, studio, bedroom or next to your TV. The gaming headset holder is small, light, and most important, it's a unique fashion style. Don't order it. If you have a problem or suggestion, please contact them, they will be more than happy to help.

Brand: New Bee

👤The packaging was simple, sweet and complimentary. There is a It was easy to put together and works as advertised. I recommend this product if you want to display your headsets in a neat, compact way for the customer. I got two photos. This review was written again because of Amazon.

👤It's small and lightweight, but it's also very inexpensive, so for how little I paid for it, it does it's job well. There is a If you have large headphones or a cat that walks across your desk, there is a chance that your phone will tip over. There is a There is an edit. The foam on the band of my husband's headphones don't go away because of the stand pressing into it, and it has been used for about 6 months. It doesn't change the comfort of the headphones, but it makes them look worse. If you have nice headphones that you want to keep pristine, I recommend spending a little more for a curved stand because I use one for my headphones and do not have any indents. There is a If you don't care, this is a great stand that is very easy to use.

👤I bought a lot of these for storing and displaying headphones. I was pleasantly surprised by how well made these are. The wide and flexible piece on top of the headphone rests is made of TPU, which means that nothing will get scratched, and the top part of the rests is made of rubber. Some headphones have cheap foam pads up top so resting them on a thin pole or peg will usually damage them. It's not an issue with this stand. It's one of the cheapest ones. The base, post, and top are made of plastic with rubber pads. I know how good these are, so I can't imagine spending more.

👤I bought this to keep the headphones on my desk from getting thrown around. This device is very strong. There is a The unit is light and stable, even though it wouldn't stand up with headphones on. The base and stand feel like plastic and metal, respectively. The rubber top gives the headphones a good grip. There is a I am very pleased with this item. I have purchased 2 more of these.

👤There is no quality in construction. I got an $8 dollar stand after paying $8. There is a The stand can't support heavy headphones or have enough clearance for cable without causing stress to headphones. You should buy a stand that is worthy of your headphones. Is that true? The construction is cheap. The unit is assembled. The plastic that contacts the headphones bends easily. The plastic piece that is supposed to cradle the band is only three quarters of an inch in width. The stand has no width and makes an indent on the headphones. It will lead to pain. There is a The stand is too small for my headphones. I don't want my headphones to be hammed by the pressure on the cord and port. There is a Buying something else and returning.

8. Oakywood Headphone Stand Wireless Charging

Oakywood Headphone Stand Wireless Charging

Oakywood Headphone Stand & Wireless Charging Station is made of real wood. It is a handcrafted product. It was made in Europe. Fast charging with modern 15 W technology. You will be able to charge the phone in less than 3 hours. It works with most cases up to 4mm thick. There are notifications forCERFIFICATIONS. The slim wooden charging device is certified. Your phone won't overheated because of advanced temperature control. COMPATIBILITY: This product can be used with all Qi-enabled devices. Your device will work perfectly with it. The charger and hanger are unique and elegant. They are both minimalist and suite. The headphones look great when hung on.

Brand: Oakywood

9. Gamenote Headphone Charging Earphone Accessories

Gamenote Headphone Charging Earphone Accessories

Wide compatibility works with most over ear headphones. It can be used to store cables, wires, bags, and other items. The desk accessory is perfect. Combine the power strip and headphone stand and you will have a single device that you can use. The headphone stand can be used as a power strip, it has 3 power sockets, and the total output is 1250W, suitable for home and office, charging laptops, printers, pc monitor, Xbox PS4 game devices, TV, lamp and more. The stick can be removed. There are 3 SmartUSB ports for charging your mobile phone, tablets, e-reader, wireless headset and other devices. It can detect different devices and provide the fastest charging speed up to 2.4A per port or 3A overall, be convenient and save time. RGB lighting and touch control. This headset holder has 2 lighting modes, 6 lighting effects, multi-color flowing modes, and single color breadthing modes to create a cool gaming atmosphere. You can choose the color with the touch sensor switch. Perfect gaming desk accessories for men. The hardened plastic outer shell of the headphone hanger is safe and easy to use, and it has a built-in button for connecting or cutting off power supply. The headset stand is portable.

Brand: Gamenote

👤The bottom was bowed/warped and wouldn't sit flat on my table, so I sanded the center and added extra depth to the feet on each corner, not sure why there is a review for the product since it came. Buy something nicer if you save money. There is a If you turn the stand off, the LEDs can't remember its color setting, so if you run a specific color scheme, you either leave it on all the time or have to change it.

👤It's a power strip with a stick on it. You can get a headset stand for less than $10 and a power block for the same price. You're paying an extra 30% for convenience. It's reasonable, but the pale coloring of the LEDs doesn't match the rest of the peripherals on the desk. If you can find one for the same price or less, it might have better lighting effects.

👤This is the most beautiful piece of office equipment I've ever owned. I can't stop staring at it. I can charge my computer, phone, headset, and other electronics at the same time. I thought it was broken because it kept turning off, but I found out it had some sort of surge protection that it didn't like, so it shut off and protected everything else plugged in. I can take it with me when I travel. So far, it's functional, beautiful, sturdy. I cannot recommend more.

👤This stand is easy to use. If you knock over the stand, the pole will fall out, but it will hold up when standing up. Very beautiful. It has some plug ins at the top. Is it worth anything? There are cheaper options that work just as well. A good product.

👤The headset stand is the best and has everything I wanted. It holds the headset, but also has a charging port. It's convenient to charge other things at the same time with the surge protectors and elector plugs. It is cheaper than most of the PC accessory brands, but offers more. If that makes a difference to your purchase, it has different color glow modes. People need to know more about these.

👤I started buying cheap headphones because I didn't have a good place to hold them. I won't have to because they are in their place. I got this stand because of the ports on it and the light on it. It keeps my desk organized.

👤My son bought this with his holiday money. He loves that it holds his headphones and powers his devices. It makes his desk area look nice since there's not a bunch of wires randomly coming from a surge protector and it keeps his headphones from breaking from him.

👤It was easy to put together and you can add more plug-ins if you want. It charges quickly. The features of this product are nice, and the RGB is one of them.

10. HORUMP Headphone Charger Charging Earphone

HORUMP Headphone Charger Charging Earphone

The dual Headphones Hanger under the desk can hold two headphones at the same time, with a headband width within 2.1inch. You can charge your smart device without a plug in wall with the 5 port smartusbcharging unit. It can detect your device and deliver its fastest possible charge speed up to 2.4 Amp per port or 4 Amps overall. You need to use different ways to hold your under desk, so come with 2 screws and 3M VHB tape. Please clean and dry the surface of the desk and stand before you install it. Wait 24 hours before using. 6 cable management hooks for keeping cables neat and organized are included in the cable organizers. Saving space for your phone and headsets is helped by it. Can hold two sets of headphones. The arms are not the same. Their promise is to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase of their products. They will give you lifetime warranty service if you have any questions. You are both a customer and a friend.

Brand: Horump

👤This is very nicely placed under my desk. I don't use screws because the tape looks strong. It supports my headphones. There is a The side wings have a notch on them. It saves space and I don't have to have a headphone holder. There isn't a way to turn off the blue lights. Overall 5 stars.

👤I have a tv stand above my couch that makes it hard to charge my phones and controllers. The kit does a great job of charging my equipment. I used screws instead of tape and it was easy to install.

👤An amazing find. I used 3m double sided tape. It does come with some tools to set it up, but mine didn't damage it. I like it. If you're looking for a way to charge your items without having to use an outlet, then buy it. I wire managed it, but it is not a brick charging point. A long cord is attached to the item.

👤I bought this stand to keep my headset out of sight. I used the screws that came with it to attach it to my desk, so I can't comment on the strength of the 3M tape. It's made of plastic and doesn't feel weak, but I'm afraid to hang up my headsets. It comes with a screwdriver, brackets to help guide the power wire in place under the desk, and double sided tape for the brackets. The built in ports are nice, but it would have been nicer to have a few more ports.

👤I like this thing. It keeps my things out of my way all the time. Everyone always needs moreusbs at your desk. The screw brackets and sticky tape are pretty good. I used double sided tape because I was skeptical if it would stick in the middle of the night. It seems very sturdy for the price. Would recommend. Everyone with a computer needs one of these.

👤I used to have a small extension cord with 3usb drives that I used to charge my phone, headphones, watch, and other things from, but I was short of the 3.0 rapid charge. The device solved my issues and gave me a place to hang my headset. The wings are barely big enough to fit the headset, and they seem a little flimsy.

👤The unit is described on Amazon. I was surprised that the box was not sealed when I received it, as I thought it had to be. Some of the 3M tape was bent up, but still applied. Time will be the most important. I plan to take my devices out of use after being charged. Rather be safe. There is a My desk is cleaner because I have a place to put my noise canceling and headsets. God bless!

👤The "wings" that hold a headset aren't long enough to hang anything from, and it doesn't attach well to my power strip. Does not help with cable management. Disappointed in the work.

11. Headphone TEEDOR Lighting Earphone Accessories

Headphone TEEDOR Lighting Earphone Accessories

The smart indicator light lets you see the charging status at a glance. The fan board has bumps and foam pads on it that will fit with the holes in the console. It will allow your console to be securely fastened to the vertical holder without tipping over, which is a problem in homes with pet cats that love to climb and jump. You can get a perfect headphone stand in 10 seconds. Store the headset so that it is easy to reach. A small footprint is needed to organize your desk space. 10 light effects are provided by theTEEDOR RGB gaming headset holder. A cool game atmosphere is created by multi-color flowing and single-color lighting. Press the button to select the light you want. There are perfect gaming desk accessories. The headset stand has 2usb ports, which can charge your mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, wireless headphones and otherusb charging devices. Exquisite details. The head of the stand is made of plastic. There is a smooth aluminum alloy rod in the middle. The rubber base design has a low center of gravity and is non-slip. The height of the headset holder makes it compatible with headphones of different sizes. If you have a question, please contact them and they will give you a solution.

Brand: Teedor

👤I bought two of these stands. Both had the same problem which was that the base's lighting was only on one side and only a small part of the way across the other side. The other side was not lit. The stand could not be connected to the power due to the plastic stuck in the middle of the port. I had to use the other cable from the other stand to turn it on. I would not have re-packaged it for return to Amazon if it weren't for these defects. I will not risk exchanging these for the same product as I expect if two of them are wrong. There is no need to risk being caught in an endless return loop. I need to find another brand that will work.

👤The purple color is actually dark blue. The picture and video show a pretty purple color but the headset is dark blue. Very disappointing. There is a It was very easy to assemble, the only good thing about it. The headset rest is wobbly, but the base is sturdy. The rest of the headset is soft and follows the curve of the headset.

👤The first day I got my stand, half of the LEDs stopped working. Cheaply made.

👤It worked well with different headphones.

👤I like the product, it is ok.

👤It's very hard to use a short wire.


What is the best product for headphone stand with wireless charger?

Headphone stand with wireless charger products from Avantree. In this article about headphone stand with wireless charger you can see why people choose the product. Ploutorich and Satechi are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone stand with wireless charger.

What are the best brands for headphone stand with wireless charger?

Avantree, Ploutorich and Satechi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone stand with wireless charger. Find the detail in this article. Lcgens, X-doria and Asus are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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