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1. Headphone KAFRI Earphone Charging Accessories

Headphone KAFRI Earphone Charging Accessories

Premium quality is made of aluminum metal. 60 days of money back is included in the Headset Holder Warranty. Double Headphones Hanger can hold two headphones at the same time, with a headband width within 2.1inch, such as a gaming headphone, children headphone, and so on. You can charge your smart device without a plug in wall with the 3 Port SmartUSB Charger. It can detect your device and deliver its fastest possible charge speed up to 2.4 Amp per port or 4 Amps overall. The lights are RGB. The RBG Headphone Stand can display 9 colors changing effects to create an amazing game atmosphere at your preference, that can be selected by pressing a Touch switch. Great gifts for men and women. Fire-resistant and hardened plastic outer shell, build-in premium circuitry and microchip ensure device safety. A multi-protection system protects against overload, short-circuits, over-current and other charging issues. If there is a quality issue with this headphone rack, please do not purchase it.

Brand: Kafri

👤It's a nice idea, but it doesn't live up to the potential. Is a decent job holding on to the desk, not sure if it will take too much weight. The lip at the top is not more than 1/2 inch. There is a flaw in theusb C port It won't register as charging my phone, but it will charge my ear bud case. I didn't return it because of that. The swap for a better power supply didn't help. It doesn't provide enough power to the port. The charging cable on the A port does not generate enough juice to quickly charge my phone. Pressing and holding the button will shut off the light.

👤I am always on the phone. It's helpful to have a place to hang my headset in my desk. There is a I like that I can charge a few devices here. There is a I don't like the fact that there is a circle of light on the front. The light is in motion. If you have this in an area where you sleep, it could keep you awake. The light show could make you sleepy. I'm not sure if it works that way, but I'm trying to see the bright side. I made a new year's resolution to be more positive.

👤There are no options for one color or different modes in the RGB lights. I don't like them but the rest of the things are very well made and I have to give it 5 stars. The hub is nice. I mounted it under my desk because it was strong enough to handle. It's under my desk to hide the mess of wires.

👤If it fell down immediately or within 20 minutes of installation, it wouldn't be possible to hold onto the table and plug in to the wall at the same time. If your space is set up just right, you're good, but other than that, good luck! I felt like the item was false in the description.

👤The convenience factor is great. The attachment screw is set up to be too close to the brackets, which is a manufacturing defect. Result: The cheap plastic cap on the end of the screw makes the device slip off with the smallest of movements, like hanging a set of headphones.

👤I own a few pairs of headphones. A mic and tooth for my phone. I think they fit on my desk. The unit is held sturdy by the clamps. It is handy to have both the 2 and 1 charging ports. The light is funky. It would be nice to have the option of turning it off, but I can set it to whatever color I want or let it spin through the various colors. I am very happy with the purchase. It gets my headphones off my desk. I highly recommend it.

👤It's a great addition to my set up and helps me keep my headphones organized. I love that the lights can be turned off and that the extra outlets are clutch. I have been using it for almost a month and it has never moved. The plastic feels cheap but I can't complain about the price.

2. Headphone Wireless Charger KAFRI Charging

Headphone Wireless Charger KAFRI Charging

Stick the cover of the double-sided glue under the desk or somewhere else you want. Make sure the surface is clean and smooth before use. Please don't jump into it. The lights are RGB. There are 9 lighting effects modes, up to 16 million colors, and theRBG Headphone Stand can show an amazing gaming atmosphere. Simply pressing a Touch switch will select that. Great gifts for men and their partners. There is a fast charging port. Have your devices ready to use. Charge models can be identified. Fast wireless charge up to 10W for the S10E, S9 and S8 5W standard wireless charge for all phones, plus, Note 9, S7, S7 edge, S6 edge+, 7.5W wireless charge for all phones. Fire-resistant and hardened plastic outer shell, build-in premium circuitry and microchip ensure device safety. A multi-protection system protects against overload, short-circuits, over-current and other charging issues. If you are not happy with your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Kafri

👤A replacement will be here in a few days after I received a message from the seller. My stars were changed from 1 to 4. Thank you! There is a I couldn't return my husband's Christmas gift because the item worked great until a few days after the "return by" date. I contacted Amazon and was told it was too late, but they sent me an email to help me. It has been 5 days without a response.

👤Both of them are great. There is a It feels cheap and cheap-looking. The headphones covering up most of it is not a big issue. The reason for 3 stars is that the plug and outlet made a lot of sparks when I plugged it in.

👤Unless you center them, two headsets might tip this thing over in one direction. My Corsair are light and smaller than my Astros A40, which is big and heavy. I still like the idea of wireless charging.

👤It works well. It could be a little heavier. This is the one that I found the best for a dual headset stand.

👤More plastic than expected and it works. Great at holding a charge.

👤A headset holder. It looks nice with a game set up.

👤The wireless charger broke.

👤It works for now. There is a The plastic is very cheap.

3. Headphone Charger Desktop Headset Charging

Headphone Charger Desktop Headset Charging

Quality Gourmet provides a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee and a 24 month warranty that will ensure you a hassle-free purchasing experience. If there is a quality issue with this headphone rack, please contact them. A great gift is a universal headphone stand with 3 charging ports and 2 outlets. 3 port smartusb charge It is convenient to charge your smart device without a plug in wall, because it can detect your device automatically and deliver its fastest possible charge speed up to 2.4 Amp per port or 4 Amp overall. You can charge your devices with this safe outlet power strip. The AC Outlet has a total output of 1250W. Fire-resistant and hardened plastic outer shell for durability, no risk of wood flammable and metal leaking, build-in premium circuitry and microchip ensure device safety. A multi-protection system protects against overload, short-circuits, over-current and other charging issues. The COZOO Headphone dock, Power Strip, and 3-Port USB Charger come with a 24 month warranty and 90-day money back guarantee. If there is a quality issue with this headphone rack, please contact them.

Brand: Cozoo

👤Okay. The headline speaks volumes. This is a very functional stand and it is very cool. There is a The price is correct. Good deal. The workhorse part for my personal use is the charging of my mobile phone, IPad, and Marshall and Bose headsets. My grandkids have to charge their IPads and mobile devices when they come over. All at the same time! There are minor design flaws. According to me, of course. The headband is not padded. The foam cushion will be damaged over time. The vertical stem is straight up and down. The ear cushions have to be on the stem if you place the headset on the pedestal. Over time, dents will form on your ear cushions. That's it! These are pieces of equipment that are very expensive and are sitting on this stand. In conclusion? I installed it and like how it looks, I'm keeping it. I'm using it. I'm very happy with it. See you.

👤I wanted to put a small charge station on my bedroom furniture. I stumbled onto the Cozoo stand and thought I would give it a try. The design is simple and has 3 ports. There is a large press button in the corner and a small light under the middleusb port that indicates off. I didn't think I'd use the 2 power outlets, but I've found myself connecting things there because it's convenient. The entire unit is solid and won't tip over. I am happy I found this. It works and looks great.

👤I was excited to receive this in the mail. I plugged it in to charge my phone. The ports do not hold a charge. It connects and disengages from all 3 ports. I've tried plugging the device into both a power strip and a wall outlet. The tries didn't charge my phone. I tried different cables. The outlet ports work well. They can charge my laptop with a brick. Only 5 of the ports work correctly. The stand works great if I hang my Sony or Home Theater Radio Shack headphones. If you get it for the 2 outlet ports and as a stand for headphones, I would pass it on, but if you get it for the two ports and as a stand, I would recommend it. I have to buy a seperate unit for my devices which means that I'll be using 1 outlet port to plug that into and I'll have to use more cable to deal with. I would have given it a 5 star if it had worked correctly.

👤My dad loves it! They sent me the wrong item after a bit of a mixup. I am glad I gave them a second chance. There is a The base is heavy and unlikely to tip over and spill your expensive headphones/headset on the ground. There is a The charging is spot on and can charge two phones and a headset in a few minutes. It has two outlets on the back for additional charging or if you just need an extra couple plugs for your PC. Useful! There is a The stem and rest for the headphones are thin and light, and I wish it came in more colors. The center of gravity is very low, which makes it hard to topple over, and I fear that they might snap. The top is molded plastic and you can see some of it from the process, but it shouldn't have to be trimmed with a razor. There is a The base's construction is very high quality and there is an on/off switch so it isn't drawing power. There is a The excellent base design made this product a solid B. Would definitely recommend it. They should send the right product.

4. Seven Warrior L Shaped Ergonomic Headphone

Seven Warrior L Shaped Ergonomic Headphone

Can be used with Mac without installing a driver or Windows system. The Seven Warrior gaming desks use a sturdy X-shaped leg design to stand up to any serious gaming demands. The table top has a steel frame. The table is kept sturdy even on rough ground with the help of leg pads. The modern L-Shaped Design of their gaming desk is saving-space and spacious. The 3-piece L shaped computer desk is the better choice because it fits in every corner. The dimensions are 50.4 x 50.4 x 18.9 The long and wide desktop is large enough to hold up to 2 monitors, and can be used for home office work, gaming, and other activities that demand more space. You can make a U-shaped desk by getting two L-shape desks together. User friendly. Their gaming desk has a full monitor stand that allows for more space to store your equipment and also allows you to sit with better posture. The computer desk has a built-in 4-Outlet and 2 USB Ports. The cup holder and headphone hook keep your drinks and headphones at your fingertips. The gaming handle rack has an organized playing atmosphere. Reliable raw and fast installation. The combination of raw materials and rigid metal frame provides a safe and healthy environment in your home office bedroom. It's easy to assemble the desk. Instructions and tools are included in the package. They have an allen key for you. You can set it up in 30 minutes. A pack of 2 rolls of led strip lights are in 63INCH. Their led strip lights have 6 light patterns. Choose your favorite color and dim the light. The memory function keeps the led strip lights on last mode when turned on. The smart led lights strips have a controller box and 44 keys.

Brand: Seven Warrior

👤The desk I had for a month almost caught fire today. I sat at my desk and turned them on, but the color wouldn't change, and then I saw smoke. I immediately turned off the LEDs and used my phone to see what was happening. The rubber around the led bulbs melted. The desk is great, but be careful with the LEDs. The price should be a lot cheaper.

👤The desk was easy to assemble, had no missing hardware, and felt very sturdy for what it was. The built in power strip is nice. Hopefully the new desk will hold up over time.

👤This fit in the space I bought it for. The desk has both pros and cons and has been awarded a 4-star over a 5-star. Had I been able to, I would have rated it 4 1/2 out of 5. There is a The packaging in mine was done well. I'm not sure if other people were receiving returned items or not, but I couldn't find anything wrong with my packaging, and it all came in one piece. There were some greasy marks on the desk. There is a The corner piece is great and the leg room is good. You can put it together by yourself in about an hour. It might be easier for some parts. There are pros and cons. The monitor shelf could be a tad higher. I had these tiny drawers under the shelf of my last desk, but this one is too short to fit them under, which is a huge problem since it doesn't have drawers itself. The picture is attached. Not for monitors with wide stands. It hangs off the edge. The picture is attached. If you have pets that chew wires, the wires behind the desk are bad. I put a mesh wrap around the desk and attached it to the wall to keep the cats out. It may not completely keep the cats out, but it definitely helps deter them. The picture is attached. One of the legs wouldn't go in all the way. I gave up after 30 minutes because it was a little wobbly. Attached is a picture. It seems sturdy. If you put a tower on the outer edges of the desk, it will push other towers out from under the desk. You can have it in a horizontal position. I think it looks bad. There is a The desk did not meet all of my expectations, but I had difficulty finding suitable desks. I really like this one and the extra surface space it offers, but I had to change my plans a bit because of it.

👤It was nice to come 10 days early. Some screws came with bends and scratches from poor packaging. There are handprints on parts. The led light strips are all black, but the "adapter" is white and doesn't match the color scheme. The desk is well made, but needs better care after all the parts are made.

👤The corners of the desk are damaged and the led strip lights that were sent with the box do not work. I replaced the battery with a brand new one. I spent a lot of money on this desk and it was a Christmas gift for my son.

5. Headphone Headphones Adjustable Universal EURPMASK

Headphone Headphones Adjustable Universal EURPMASK

Customer service is great. Give it a try. You can return it within a month if you don't like it. They will send you a new one if it is faulty within a year. Universal under design allows for a near universal fit on most desks by attaching a thin, narrow, and thick piece of metal to them. It is easy to remove the Spring Clamp. The audible headphone arm swings underneath your desk for discreet and non-intrusive storage and swings back out for easy access. BUILT IN CABLE LOOP holds your headset's cable in place to prevent it from dragging on the ground or getting caught between your desk chair's legs. Soft rubber pads are located on both ends to protect your desk or table from damage. The under desk mount is convenient for storing. Easy installation of a springed C Clamp.

Brand: Eurpmask Choose The Color Of Europe

👤We needed a better solution to keep our headphones from breaking and this was our answer, it's very sturdy and feels very well made, it's even better if you have an xbox one controller, it's even more perfect. My purse is probably around 10 lbs. I'll probably order more for myself and gifts in the future. Highly recommended.

👤The hook portion can bend if you put a lot of weight on it and it is very cheap. There is a The head doesn't lock up. The clip is not tight enough to prevent desk steps that are less than a quarter of an inch from moving. You can get a Brainwavz Hengja Hanger for the same price that has better construction quality. I would've gotten a second one, but I got this instead when the page from my old order suddenly said out of stock and started directly to a screen protectors. I wouldn't buy it again. Cheap, poor construction, plastic bends, top sticks up a lot. A bad product.

👤It's easy to put my headphones out of the way. I didn't want one where you have to use glue or screws. You don't need a heavy duty one if you have light headphones. The mount has a sufficient amount of space. The desk is protected by the padded clamps. The mount has a hook so you don't lose your headphones. You can choose which direction you want to hang your headphones. The cord clip is nice, but it's stiff, so I just wrap it around the hook and grab my headphones when I need them.

👤This thing is great. I was embarrassed that I didn't think of getting this a long time ago, but I did not know it existed. Maybe it didn't. I am a recording artist and I use expensive headphones. They were not taken very well care of in the past, as they would flop around on various surfaces. The device is easy to set up and I like that the hook can be changed to hang things or not. I think it's a good deal so that I can get another one for my other cans. I recommend this to anyone who wants to protect their investment.

👤It was easy to put in place. I got this because I was sick of my headphones laying in random places. The hook is neatly underneath. The picture doesn't show it, but there is a small loop for a cord to go through so I leave my charging chord handing from there so all my cords are close together and easy to manage. You can put the headphones on the hook and swing them out of the way under your desk. I put one on the side table for my headphones.

👤I didn't expect to write a review on this. I thought I knew what I was getting. This is a cheap, easy to scratch plastic. The cable clip would be better not there. The only. The mechanism for twisting the hook into different positions is a nice thing about this. You only need to rotation from 90 degrees and 180 degrees. The hook is pretty loose and you can position it anywhere from 0 to 180. I would have given it a pass, but the junk quality means it should be a lot cheaper than other METAL items. It would be a good deal at five bucks, since I got it for twelve ninety nine. If you don't know better, maybe eight. No way in over ten. I'll probably keep it because it's not worth it with the Pandemic. It will have to do.

6. RGB Headphone Stand USB Charging

RGB Headphone Stand USB Charging

What you get is a fantastic gaming atmosphere. Gifts for the man, husband and boyfriend of a PC gaming enthusiast. They are happy to provide technical support if you have problems with the gaming headphones stand. Please note. Please remove the frosted protective shipping film before use. Headphones are not included. You can change the color of light with the front touch button, as well as use one of the 3 dynamic color modes. The floating design is minimalist yet sturdy. Universally compatible, you can easily mount any standard size headphones. The port does not support data, but it does have a charge port. Attach your headphones and start to charge them.

Brand: Asterion

👤You can make the lights bright or dim depending on your mood, and it has ausb port for charging the headset, which I like. It's easy to set up, but also easy to scratch. If it happens, I love it so much that it can be overlooked. A simple negative would be wishing it was cheaper. I really like it. I can pass the price now that I have it.

👤My wife bought this for Christmas as she knows that I like my desk and PC to look like a mythical creature. This is a cool product that lights up the clear holder piece for your headphones, and has a few different modes that cycle through colors. It's a great price for what you're getting, and it doesn't look bad on your desk. I did not like how wise holder is. I prefer a thinner holder. I didn't like the lack of more personalization of color. I think this isn't a fault of the product, but more of my preferences. This product is perfect for your kids' console setup in their room. It adds nice, although basic color ambience. This may not be a good fit for people who like to have their lights synchronized across their lamps, PC peripherals, as well as PC case and cables.

👤The best purchase of 2021. I needed a new headphones holder after getting a new desk. I noticed that it didn't look as transparent as it appeared when it first arrived. I saw the stickers, don't forget to peel off the film. This thing is getting bigger. The Chord has a long plug in and a port for ausb. If you are on the fence, buy it.

👤A great stand. The plastic snaps in tight. The power is from a standard plug but it seems to be connected securely, which I think is important for these types of things. The easy touch button can change colors. It works well with my light-up. There is a stand for virtual reality. This is top-notch quality and I am happy I bought it.

👤I bought this because of the good reviews, but when I plugged it in, it didn't work for long, and then I started screaming. I'd pick a color and it would flicker on and off and cycle through different brightness settings before I switched colors. Plugging it is the only way to turn it off. I've tried plugging it into different outlets and ports and it doesn't work. Definitely coming back.

👤I'm working on changing my desk and office. I decided it was time to give my headphones a home after laying them on the desk for a while. It's not cheap, but it's a good one. It gets the job done, maybe over priced.

👤I expected this stand to work well in my setup.

👤It works perfectly after a month of use and being left on for multiple days at a time. It was in perfect condition. The start of my gaming set up was great.

7. Headphone Aluminum Headset Sennheiser Audio Technica

Headphone Aluminum Headset Sennheiser Audio Technica

The stand is made of wood and metal. Sturdy and stable: Solid heavy base has anti-slip design. The desk should be dust free and flat when you place the headset stand on it. Superb workmanship. The finish of the headphones can be protected from scratch. The headphone stand has a stylish design. It's suitable for home, office, studio, bedroom and also for exhibition center store display. The stand is compatible with most models of headphones.

Brand: Qincoon

👤The factors that are being asked to rate this item are not understandable. It is a stand to hold your headphones while they charge or to keep them out of the way. It is easy to use and it looks nice.

👤The materials are premium and it's easy to build together. It looks great with my desk.

👤It did the job, made very well, priced right.

👤The base is sturdy and of good quality, the wooden top is just laid on top of the rod and it spins around.

👤Happy with the purchase. The top wooden piece is not permanently connected but it is on my desk and I enjoy it.

👤The stand is of the highest quality. It is easy to use. Highly recommended!

👤It is cute. It is easy to assemble and stable.

👤Weien Schreibtisch ist gut. The Over Ear Halterung is used. Zusammenbau ist das Ding quietscht, und ist aus wie kostet.

👤Bonnes finitions, est un part de la zone supportant le casque tourne. C'est dommage car, et. Vous pouvoir a bte. A voir

👤Parkstation fr den Airpods Max, Ein wenig berteuert. Gnstigere Alternativen ist es bestimmt.

👤Jardin un audio, quand mme un peu cher pour ce, c'est!

8. CastleLife Headphone Charging Adjustable Accessories

CastleLife Headphone Charging Adjustable Accessories

The COZOO Headphone dock is a 5-port, 5ft, 1.5m Integrated Power Cord and has a 30-day money back guarantee. If there is a quality issue with this headphone rack, please contact them. The headphone stand is made of solid wood and has a support tray. The more comfortable the tray holder is, the more you will use it. No worries about a metal scratch to your heaphone. The headphone holder has three fast charging ports, which can charge your device faster, and also allow you to charge 3 electronic devices at the same time. It saves you time. The Headphone dock has two phone slots and two AC outlets, which can charge your devices. A metal rod is connected to the black base and walnut top. The headset stand holder height can be adjusted. Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Anniversary, or other festival gifts are great for your families and friends. If you are not happy with the quality of the care you received for theusb headset stand holder, please contact them.

Brand: Castlelife

👤The headset stand is easy to set up, and the slots are nice to hold a phone or tablets.

9. Headphone Headset Wireless Charging Headphones

Headphone Headset Wireless Charging Headphones

You can store your headphones in a phone stand. It has a small footprint to help organize your desk space. It supports all sizes of headphones. 3IN1 is a wireless charging station. The fast wireless charger is not static. It can work with phone, iWatch and AirPods at the same time. It's applicable to all wireless-enabled phones. iWatch 6/6/2, AirPods 2/Pro, and the S10 Plus are compatible with the iPhone 12/mini/pro/11pro/XS Max/XS/XR/X/8 Plus/8. Plus, note 9. iWatch 1 and AirPods 1 don't support wireless charging. 2-Port SmartUSB C Charger. You can also charge other devices with the dual-usb C-Port design. The headset holder is about 7.7 inches long and 3.7 inches wide, and it is easy to carry. The package includes a 4in1 Wireless Charger, with Headphones Stand,Type-C quick Charge Cable, 1*fast Adapter, and 1*English User Manual.

Brand: Lcgens

👤The charging stand is sturdy. The locking system for the stand is very easy to use. Push it in and slide the tab to lock. I love that it has a port for both the input and the output. They give you a device to use. The wall plug has a standardusb port. It charges my Note 20 Ultra and Buds+, but it doesn't charge my watch. I can't hate on that because they don't advertise it. I need a place to put my headphones and this looks modern and sleek, so I will use it at my desk.

👤It's easy to assemble, perfect size too. Saturday and stays out. My phone was charged perfectly. I was able to plug in my headphones to the port in the back, but it doesn't fit tightly and can be easily knocked out, so I usually just plug in to my table lamp. You don't have to use the adaptor if you have a port for charging. It is a great addition for my headphones and charging devices, and it looks great on the table.

👤I loved the stand. I am able to charge my electronics with ease, and save my desk from being cluttered. I will return it. There is no padding on the top of the stand. I noticed that the padding on my headphones was not straight. Save yourself some time and get this stand if you don't mind that. I would look for a stand with padding if I were you.

👤I ordered two. I liked it because of the 3 wireless charging connections, but the units I ordered didn't have the Apple Watch accessory. Would not recommend it.

👤I like the premise but this just doesn't work for me. I got the watch charging station to work once, but now it won't work again. The airpods charging system works intermittently, but it won't charge 100% of the time that the case is sitting there, based on the indicator light it charges for a few seconds, then stops and repeat.

👤You can't charge your Apple watch and AirPods at the same time.

👤It doesn't charge my watch at all, I don't know what my headphones are, and the slow charge overall is not good.

👤You can plug in your Airpod Max with the charging port at the back of the headphone holder. There is a The Air Pod works well but you need to make sure they are on the right spot.

👤The Apple watch's charging port doesn't work. I bought this because of the charging points. The purpose was not served.

10. Headphone Wireless Charger Suguder Charging

Headphone Wireless Charger Suguder Charging

A risk-free purchase is what you get with the Wireless Charger Station, 1 x AC Adapter, 1 x User Guide, and 1 Year no hassle full refund and exchange warranty. This 15W fast wireless charging stand is compatible with all Qi enabled devices. 3W for iWatch series. 5W for Airpods pro/ Airpods 2 only. There are buds andbuds. There is a fast charging mode for the 13 and 12 year olds. 8/7 Plus. 15W for the S21 Ultra, S20 Ultra, S20 Note, S10 Plus, and S9 watches. There is a 25 cm type c to lighting cable for charging the AirPods Max. This accessory can be used to hold your headphones, in- ear earbuds, and jewelry. It supports headphones of all sizes, such as a child's headphones. This wireless charging station has three efficient chips to charge your phones, iWatch and AirPods at the same time. Make your desk tidy by clearing out the wires. It's suitable for many occasions, like study room, gaming room, living room, bedroom and oiffice. A practical gift for a husband, son, man, husband and boyfriend. There are heat-dissipation holes on the bottom of this multi-protection wireless charger. No worry about damaging the internal components. It uses over-current/over-voltage/over-charging protection as well as foreign object detection function to make sure safe charging. When the temperature gets too hot, the phone wireless charger will stop charging. The perfect present choice and Satisfactory service. There is a 24 months limited warranty and a Lifetime Enthusiastic After-Sale Service. If you have a question about your purchase, you can contact them via e-mail and they will be able to resolve the issue for you within 24 hours. When charging the phone, earphone, and iWatch together, you must use a 9V-2A(18W) or 12V-2A( 24W) power input. The product does not include the accessory.

Brand: Suguder

👤It's a nice addition to my computer setup. The product is made of a plastic. It looks good for the price. The illusion is broken by the underside of the top piece. I would like that part to be a piece of plastic. It was mentioned in a few reviews that it was too unstable to hold the Airpods, but I have no issues with it. There is a The Apple Watch charging dock is nice. Some reviewers say that the magnets that pull the Apple Watch towards it are a little weak, but it doesn't feel bad, compared to the original Apple Watch charger. My watch is secure. The reason for this dock to get a good rating is because of the charging spot. I have never had a wireless charging dock before, so I'm not docking because I don't know if it's supposed to be magnetized, but I am docking because it takes a bit of fiddling to get the iPhone in the right spot for it to charge. It can come off the charge in a single knock. There is a I think that this is worth the cost compared to others on the market.

👤When I bought this thing, I had trouble with the wireless charging going really slow, and I would share my phone, watch and AirPods with others. I used it for a stand for my headphones and a lightning cable for my AirPods Max. I wondered if I would use more watt. I was able to use all four of the chargers on it with decent charging speeds because I used a 20 watt power brick. I ordered a brick to charge my phone. It should cure all the complaints I have. The sellers should let you know that you need a fast charging brick, or at least increase the price, and include a 20 watt minimum charging brick. I use this product everyday and I love it.

👤This was a great purchase. I've been looking for a stand for the headphones. The void has been filled by this stand. I had an issue with the watch charge. The issue was with the aftermarket watch band. I put the watch on the charge after removing the band and it worked great.

👤The first one that I bought did what it was supposed to do, and this is the second one. I was looking for a stand that would have a wireless charging station for my phone, airpods, and apple watch. The first one I bought was not able to charge the apple watch. Gave this one a try and was not disappointed. Everything works as it should.

👤My desk and cable management was a mess because I have a lot of apple devices. I had to cut everything down to one cable and a small place on my desk. It fits in with my other black and space gray items and desk. It doesn't look cluttered. There is plenty of space to move things around on the charging station. Its not flimsy. There is a The charging works well and there doesn't seem to have any issues, just make sure you use their recommended charger. There is a I would say two things if I had to nitpick. The quality of the materials is not great. I would be happy to pay more for higher quality materials, even though this isn't a bad thing for the price point. The magnets are not very strong. I can find the point of charging easy, but it would be better if the magnetic pull was stronger.

11. Headphone WixGear Premium IPhones Smartphones

Headphone WixGear Premium IPhones Smartphones

It is wide compatible. The holder supports all sizes of headphones, such as Bose Quietcom Fort 35, Sony MDR7506/ WH-1000XM3 and B&O H8/ H4/. Beoplay H9i, beyerdynamic headphones, B&W headsets, HyperX Cloud II's, Astro A50, Razer gaming headphones, Audio-Technica headphones, ASUS ROG gaming headsets, etc. The headset stand phone stand is compatible with all phones. It can hold all types of devices, from mini tablets to most sizes of headphones. This is a desk accessory. You can save desk space by not having to keep separate stands for your phone and headphones. The headset holder headphones stand has an angle and height that is perfect for viewing. It can be lifted up to 45 and height can be adjusted. The dual headphone stand is for securing your phone and headphones. It has an anti-scratch and non-slip design to protect it from scratches. The desk organize cell phone stand is a great way to keep your desk free of wires. It has a charging slot for your phone and a cable organizers.

Brand: Wixgear

👤What did I not like? The product is great. It holds my cheap headphones in a nice place behind my phone, which is nice because I really don't use them that much. I have a large phone, a Google Pixel 4xl. The corner is 6.3" wide. It fits perfectly and allows me to charge it from the bottom. This feature is difficult to accommodate, but this one does it and does it well. It looks exactly like this picture. It is strong as can be. Well made! The instructions on the one page were difficult at first, but it was probably due to my attention deficit disorder. The "cord management" feature was a nice surprise, as a piece of rubber slid onto the post that the charging cord just lays into. Being surprised, the "cord management" can hold 2 cords vertically and horizontally. It was very well thought out and designed. I'm buying one for my nightstand, one for my pool table, and one for myself. Thanks for the thanks! This may sound like a fake review, but I swear it's not. The director of the military.

👤I was surprised that the stand would help my computer setup. You aren't always searching for cables because there are cable management features. The stands for the phone and headphones are designed well. I don't understand why you would buy anything else. Couldn't recommend this enough. It was well designed and the price was great.

👤The design is impressive and the product is sturdy. It's light in weight and affordable. I would recommend this item to my friends.

👤This looks good. My headphones and Note 8 are in it.

👤The phone/headphone stand is very sturdy.

👤The stand is lightweight and sturdy. It can't be used for its purpose because it came without screws.

👤Make sure you balance the weight, I like the size.


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