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1. Anker Lightning Headphone Certified Charging

Anker Lightning Headphone Certified Charging

It is easy to bring with you a dual lightning headphone audio and charge accessory, which is suitable for your daily life or leisure time. It's light and fashionable, perfect for travel, watch videos, play games, at home, at office. Two-in-One: Make the port bigger. Listen to music, watch videos, or take calls while simultaneously charging your phone. Spotless Audio: Plug in a pair of headphones and listen to high-fidelity audio. Thanks to lossless audio, everything from songs to calls sound clear. The glossy finish blends perfectly with your phone, while the compact design ensures it fits in bags, purses, wallet, or pockets. Apple has certified MFi for flawless compatibility with the latest Lightning devices, guaranteeing safe audio output and charging at your device's maximum speed. There is a welcome guide, a charging accessory, and a Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack.

Brand: Anker

👤It works perfectly while taking away the mic function. It must be stupid Apple's fault since no product exists that allows you to use wired headphones while charging and not use the mic input. Apple is to blame for the mega-billiion dollar. Why doesn't this be stated in the list of features? They don't think it's important. It is to me. Honesty and upfrontness are worth a star. If you get a call or want to record, pull the plug. Apple is to blame.

👤The product doesn't work well with the phone. Poor software handling of their stupid single port looks to me like it is Apple's fault. That is blaming gravity on God. You are not getting relief, and you should not be buying a device from Anker that is advertised to work with iPhone 12 that doesn't work consistently. What happens? Headset doesn't work often. The headset is not recognized by the phone when it rings, because it is plugged into the phone and not into the headset. You can make an outgoing call with it, but you can't answer calls with it.

👤If you connect power to this device, the audio immediately sounds bad. If you only use the audio jack, the buzzing sound will go away. You're probably buying this product to charge and play music at the same time. Stay away!

👤I bought this after rolling the dice. The version works as expected. It supports the inline headphones. There is a I rolled the dice on a cheap card. The box was worked out of. Cheap. When the phone was scrolling, I started out with some static. When moving the phone, I stopped playing. There is a Over time, movement became very sensitive to static and stops. Take it from me. Save the $12 and avoid the cheap versions.

👤We purchased this back in May of this year and it worked for a while, but we were told by people that the audio was bad. One day a loud pop was heard on my end and I got a message on my phone that the item wasn't compatible with my phone. We tried it on my husband's phone and it did the same thing. The Apple message said it wasn't compatible with his phone. There is a Try our old audio accessory. It worked perfectly, like it always has. After we contacted the support of the company, they sent us a new device and we tried it in our Iphone 11 Pro Max phones, but it was not compatible with Apple. According to all of the other reviews, the same thing is true, and that's why it's unusable. This item needs to be recalled and figured out because we have other Anker devices that work the way they are supposed to. We're going to call out this problem to Amazon.

👤I am sorely disappointed in this purchase. It has barely been six weeks, and it is not functioning anymore. I tried with another device, but nothing came of it, even after changing the aux cable out. I received a message on my phone saying that the accessory is not compatible. Maybe it is a big change from the last update. I hope so. I don't hear anything from the accessory anymore.

2. Anker Adapter Female Samsung Devices

Anker Adapter Female Samsung Devices

Most pro audio and home audio equipment is compatible with this device. The 55 million+ are powered by their leading technology. Audio that is distortion-free. You can transmit audio from your device to your headphones, earbuds, or any other 3.5mm AUX device. Take calls, pause or skip tracks, and adjust the volume via your headphones. Plug and Play is a great way to start listening. Their worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service are what you get.

Brand: Anker

👤I didn't know that the S20 didn't come with 3.5 audio jacks. It was not a problem since I had an Apple 3.5 to usbc adapter. There is a I had issues with volume. I could barely hear the sound when using the Apple accessory, but I could turn up the volume all the way. I decided to buy this because of the fact that Anker has never failed me before. I'm very happy that the issue was fixed by this adapter. The trash should be avoided. Buy this instead!

👤The adaptor worked perfectly on my Note 20 ultra. It was a bit pricey but you get what you pay for. The sound is clear and loud. It is compatible with my phone, which is important, but not for some of the cheaper ones available. You can always count on a solid product from Anker.

👤When it came to accessories, I preferred the "universal" Android phones. The S21 phone has a headphone jack, but it has been taken away. There is a The interface for your wired headphones is provided by the Anker stereo adapter. I can tell that the audio quality is great. Plug one end into your port and the other into your headphones. I'd rather have a dedicated jack, but Apple has gone on me. This is a good adapter to use. Can't say about durability yet. I'm happy that I have the Anker accessory so I can use my headphones the same way I always have.

👤I've gone through 7 different manufacturers' adapters. At some point they all failed. The best accessories and speakers are available from Anker. The 3.5mm audio jack to theusb type C makes a huge difference in sound quality. Pay the little extra and treat yourself.

👤I ordered both of them from different brands. They both work with the Apple iPad Pro 11. They are both sturdy and well made. The audio from both brands is clear and crisp, but the audio from the Apple iPad Pro is different. The other brand name has an audio accessory that is listed as normal headphones. I can't really test if the Anker Audio Adapter is better than the other ones. I trust the Apple iPad Pro to list the Anker one as Hi-Res Audio. I returned the other one, and kept the Anker Audio accessory. I have Flac music that I can use to test out the adapters on the iPad Pro, as well as the VOX player app on the Galaxy Tab tablets.

👤It started making noise when I moved it slightly.

👤I'm using this device with a phone and a pair of earphones. The sound quality is the same as mine. The adapter seems sturdy. I don't hear buzzing or hissing with my earphones. I use my own hardware for wired earphones, but they allow for a much louder listening experience than with wireless earbuds. If you don't like the volume on your wireless earphones or prefer wired headphones, then this device should be a good solution.

3. Anker USB HDMI Adapter 2 Pack

Anker USB HDMI Adapter 2 Pack

Plug and play is a type C to 3.5mm aux cable cord. Plug and play means you don't need to install anything. Let's use the simplest way to enjoy music. The maximum audio output depends on the headset device. The 65 million+ powered by their leading technology are part of the Anker Advantage.

Brand: Anker

👤The product is described. The price point is great.

👤I got the cable to connect my laptop to my TV to view my virtual graduation ceremony, and it worked great.

4. Anker Powerline Lightning Certified Supports

Anker Powerline Lightning Certified Supports

You've never felt a cable like this before. As you plug PowerLine III Flow into your device, the finish on your fingers feels very soft. One of their strongest cables is their softest. The PowerLine III Flow has a 25,000-bend lifespan, more than enough to handle the stresses and strain of charging on the go. Flex, bend it, twist it. It is tangle-free even when stuffed into a bag or pocket. MFi is certified to work with all of your Lightning devices. When using a Power Delivery high-speed charger, make sure to charge your device at its highest possible speed. The PowerLine III Flow USB-C to Lightning Cable, Silicone cable tie, welcome guide, and friendly customer service are what you get.

Brand: Anker

👤The cable is expensive. It isn't as smooth and silky as was claimed. The cable I received was very heavy and had sharp bends that left it with a lump in its skin, which is very disappointing considering the reputation of the company. The cable I received had an intermittent electrical connection at the end. It was unusual for the support to ask for a proof of purchase, shipping address, serial number, picture of the cable, and other questions atypical of an Amazon merchant. Someone promised to ship me another cable. The replacement cable was worse than the original. It's almost like they fished wires into a tube and made it fit like a condom. I have pictures attached to me. This has to be the heaviest. I have never received a cable like this from a company with a reputation for quality and design. This product is clearly a loser. There is a I am still underwhelmed. Don't buy this cable. There are many alternatives. This is not something anyone should think about. I hope that Anker can better this garbage.

👤It is failing with the constant connection issue after 3 months, but was bought based on the claimed durability. Plug it in at night and it won't see much use in the morning. I have tried braided cables at this price point, but they are not as durable as this one. After I left the original review, Anker reached out to me and offered to replace the cable. I have been using the replacement for about 5 months and it has been much better than the first one. I was not asked to change my review. My experience has led to a score of 5*.

👤Not connecting for 2 weeks. This is the first cable I have had that went bad. When I got the cable, it was in my car, but it was not used for a while. One should stick to the tried and true and not get caught up in the new and exciting. I will most likely return the other cable I bought for inside use, and will not be repurchasing this style of cable.

👤It is a beautiful cable. Come on. You started as a budget friendly company and now you sell cables for more than Apple. This or any cable should not cost more than $20. It is a great cable, but it is not worth the price. I would rather get the 3 packs for less.

👤The cord is soft and the pastels look nice. The main negative is that the 18-month warranty on this cord is not as long as the lifetime warranty on other cords like the powerline II and powerline + III. There is a I hope the cord lasts. Time will tell.

👤Two of these cables stopped working within a few weeks. I had to get a new one. The replacements have been working well. The replacements have stopped working again. Don't buy this. Stay away. They have a soft feel. The cables are a bit heavier. I like it, but I wish it was more durable. I usually get the power line plus series. Have never had an issue with those. Anker was very responsive when I needed a replacement. I appreciate their support. The process was fast.

5. Headphones Adapter MillSO Amplifiers Theater

Headphones Adapter MillSO Amplifiers Theater

Please let them know if you have a quality problem and they will give you a replacement or a refund. MillSO is a 3.5mm Female jack into a A piano keyboard to headphones, guitar amplifier to speaker, amplifier to speaker, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 30 cm-more-length: quarter inch adapter, 30 cm durable, and premium soft PVC jacket extension cable trends to create more available space between two connected devices MillSO is a very portable and flexible accessory that can convert a port to a 3.5mm port. The devices you use should have a stereo jack. Transfer audio between devices. The MillSO 3.5mm to 1/2 headphones have a 24K gold- plated connection and are qualified for audio. The 3.5mm jack and plug are compatible and make it easy to listen to music. The MillSO offers an unconditional warranty for the 3.5mm to . Contact them for assistance. Their support team will help you.

Brand: Millso

👤This has done most of my 3.5mm to 1/2in adapters. A lot of my adapters have more hiss and static, but not with this. My amplifier prefers a 1/2in connected directly to cables, rather than the adapters that it does. It's fine for my headphones that end in 1/2in. Some of them have good quality screw ons. The 3.5mm headphones are not easy to use with the adapters. The majority of the headset cables I have issues with are 4 channel. Buying new cables for each pair of headphones is not a good idea. If you get static from your amplifier, double check that you aren't using the wrong one. The adapter has been great.

👤We've owned a digital piano for almost 9 years and have never gotten a headset because we couldn't figure out what kind of accessory it required. We lost the manual that came with it years ago, and since we bought it while living overseas, we thought it needed a special kind of accessory that wouldn't be available in the US. My kids are getting older and they are always arguing over when is a good time to practice since one kid is always sleeping or studying and the other wants to practice. I don't know why I didn't check out Amazon, the model and brand seemed to offer the best value, and I chose it. It works perfectly. I am very happy. We only had it for a week. I can't say if the quality will last, but so far it's been good, I'll change the rating if it ends up being poor quality. I didn't order this years ago.

👤I found this cable for a reasonable price, a male to female 3.5mm headphone jack to connect to my Onkyo receiver to broadcast sound to my wireless Sony headphones. There is no out of the ordinary sound artifacts other than the normal moderate and negligible sound I hear from my system. The connects seem sturdy and the wire sheath is flexible. I recommend, though I only had it for a short time.

👤I have a Sony stereo receiver and a Yamaha keyboard. I needed to be more careful about my noise level since I moved into an apartment with my closest neighbor. I have been able to enjoy jammin' at my preferred volume level without being bothered by my new neighbors. There is a loss of sound in some jacks because of improper fit. This one is perfect. I'm very happy with it and I'm considering buying another one. I don't play my keyboard and listen to my receiver at the same time.

👤The plugs for the 3.5mm and the 6mm make perfect contact with the channels on my stereo. I am using it to connect a stereo receiver to a microphone jack. There was no distortion or snap. The cable is made to do what it was made to do.

👤The headphones should be plugged into the Schiit Magni with a 1/2 jack. The cable is flexible and thick. The connections seem to be made of solid material. I couldn't solder anything that was equivalent to the price. The technique to overmold the plug to cable joint is one that I really like. This product connect headphones, so flexibility and give is paramount to avoiding damaged solder joints or wires in the event that you accidentally grab the cable and give it a hard tug. Well done. I would recommend this accessory to anyone who wants to change a plug to a jack.

6. Anker USB C Lightning Audio Adapter

Anker USB C Lightning Audio Adapter

It is widely compatible. The braided cord is 47 inches long. 5mm stereo Plug. Under normal use, will not twist or break. You can use with all your favorite devices. The 50 million+ powered by their leading technology is called the Anker Advantage. The Apple MFi Certified works perfectly to connect the headphones to the devices. Listening is simplified. One pair of headphones is all you need for your computer. Lossless audio. Digital 48KHz/24-bit transmission. Retains earphone mic and remote functions while connected to yourusb-c devices Does not support charging.

Brand: Anker

👤I have been looking for a way to use my existing lightning earbuds with my iPad Pro since the day it was launched, and there was no such option available anywhere. Until now. It works perfectly. I don't have to buy a whole set of wired earphones. I can use the ones from my phone. So far it's been great!

👤Anker is alive again! I've been looking for a way to use Earpods with my Note 8. This is the only one that works with the audio format of theusb-c. It works well. The buttons work well and the sound quality is great. I have an app called bxActions that allows me to change the volume buttons on my phone to make it easier to use. This makes my setup a great backup when I don't use my gear. When I'm at home, the Earpods are more comfortable than when I'm out. There is a The only issue I have found is that the built-in equalizer does not work with this setup. It sounds awful and it tends to decrease the volume. I think you should turn it off. YMMV. I tested this on the phone that I own, the Pixel 2, and it works perfectly. I have a Windows 10 PC and it works great with theusb-c tousb-a adapter I bought. I'm writing an update now that it died several months ago. One day, it died on me. I checked to see if it was the earphones, and they worked perfectly with the phone. The person decided to quit. It will be great if Anker Customer Service can replace it. Will post a new update with the progress of their service.

👤It works perfectly. There have been no issues so far.

👤I ordered this after I got my new iPad Pro and thought it was worth it, because I only had lightning headphones. I was wrong. After opening the packaging, he died. Customer service was not helpful. The leading tech company leads all competitors in overpricing, lack of quality control, and unwillingness to back up their own products with any sort of guarantee. The last one is the most basic type of guarantee that exists. Don't fall for him. They are a hoax built on lies. I have purchased several of their products. I just bought into their hype. Their prices are the highest. The old adage is that you get what you pay for. Don't buy anything from them, they produce electrical current-based solutions. I could have purchased an AppleCare Plan. Oh, well. Live and learn. I want you to learn from my mistakes.

👤My wife and I can watch concert videos and movies together with the help of these two Audeze headphones. These are what I needed to use with the cables. It took a little investigation to figure out how to make both of them work at the same time. It's great to be able to use the headphones with the cables. Anker's products can be trusted to work.

7. Anker Lightning Certified Powerline Supports

Anker Lightning Certified Powerline Supports

New nylonusb-c to lightning cable, welcome guide, worry-free lifetime warranty, and friendly customer service are what you get. Power delivery You can use this cable to charge your device with the power delivery charger, and you can use it to fast-charging your device. You can sync your Mac and iPad Pro with the help of the Lightning port on your device. It is proven to last 12 longer than other cables and is resistant to over 15000 bends in laboratory tests. MFi certification and strict quality testing ensure that your Apple devices are charged safely. They gave Powerline II a hassle-free, lifetime warranty because they were so confident in its performance.

Brand: Anker

👤The cable material quality seems good, thicker than the equivalent Lightning cables but still flexible. I've used Apple cable before, but it's much more durable. I tested this with 3 different types of charging devices. The Anker hub with ausb-c port supports 5V/9V/12V. The Macbook 61W has a 15V charging port and supports 9V and 5V. The charge is at 9V and the support is 5.2V / 9V and 20.3V. This was with an iPad Pro 10.5 and it looks like the fastest charging is going to be from ausb-PD charger that supports 15V charging, so keep the voltages in mind when selecting a power brick, the highest

👤The first third party cable to use the fast charging over theusb-c is made by Anker. My phone gets a full charge in 60 minutes. There is a It is not all great. I have had an issue with using the cable for updates and file transfers to my Surface Book 2. I had several errors updating my phone, backing it up, and moving files. One time an update resulted in a restore that was only successful after changing the cable to the official Apple one. I am not sure if this is an issue with my cable or my PC, but it is a disappointment. It is nice to have a cable for fast file transfers. It is a few dollars less expensive than Apples 3ft version. It seems to be more durable. The cable is thicker in diameter and less flexible. It is worth mentioning for those who like items that are lightweight. There is a I can't wait to see more offerings in different lengths. I hope to see an improvement in the data side of things.

👤This cable is not a good one and is not a good substitute for a genuine Apple cable. In my testing, when my phone is at 44%, my Apple cable will charge it from savesay will charge it from savesay will charge it from savesay will charge it from savesay will charge it from savesay The phone will charge until it reaches 100% after my phone reaches 84%. The test was done with the Apple 87 Watt charging station. When my phone is at 44%, it will charge to 70% in about 10 minutes. It will use the same Apple 87 Watt USB-C charging station. The charging capability with this cable is not as good as it could be. The cable doesn't charge as efficiently as a genuine Apple cable.

👤I've been using this with an iClevef 30wPD Charger and it works great! I charge my phone super fast. The most I have seen it pull is 7w. The cable is very strong, but too short. I hope a 6ft version comes out soon since that is what the item is for. I have been buying 6ft Anker cables for a year. I like that size. They don't know when a 6ft version will come out. I hope it is soon. It's referred to as TL;DR. The cable is built by Apple and works with the Fast Charging feature on supported phones. It is cheaper than Apple's official cable. It is definitely worth the price. This is too small for you if you are used to 6ft. I bought a new extension as the one I had was too short for me. I wanted to see if Fast Charging worked. I can confirm that fast charging works with the extension cable. This will satisfy me while I wait for a 6ft version.

8. Anker Powerline Charging Compatible Samsung

Anker Powerline Charging Compatible Samsung

3 premium nylon-braidedusb-c 2. 0 cable, welcome guide, and friendly customer service are what you get. The 50 million+ powered by their leading technology is called the Anker Advantage. High-speed compatible. When you pair up a Quick Charge power adapter with a maximum 15W output, you can fully charge the S10 in 90 minutes. Universal Compatibility is designed to work with virtually allusb-c devices This cable is made with a bulletproof fiber core and will probably last longer than your phone. The welcome guide, and friendly customer service are what you get.

Brand: Anker

👤Over the years, I've had a number of anker charging cords and have been pleased. There is a When I got my new phone with ausb C port, I wanted a nice long 10' Anker charging cord. There is a The first one seems to be fine, then I bought another to have a backup in case. The most recent one stopped working, it's touchy... I plugged it in and it quit after I first plugged it in. There is a I unplugged it and felt the plug, and it was so hot that it burned my fingers. It was very bad. There is a There was a smell of burning electronics. I was just saying to doze off a bit before this happened. There is a I woke up and was happy. This could have started a fire. There is a I've had positive experiences with the charging cords from the company, but I've had some of the old miniusb cords that they sell get stuck on me, sometimes. There is a I think I got a bad cord.

👤The cable is strong. I wanted a cable that would allow me to use my phone while I lay in bed or on the couch. The issue with the cable was that it would always flip between charging and not charging unless you angle it at a specific angle. There is a The cable still charges the phone if I keep it at the perfect angle on a desk or table, but when I move it it starts flipping between charging and not charging. I woke up the next morning with a half charged phone because it stopped midway through the night. It takes more time than my older Powerline+ model when it does charge. I was able to get a charge in 20 minutes with the powerline+, which was nearly twice as fast as the cable. There is a I've never had an issue with an anker cable. They are my go to manufacturer. This cable was not an exception.

👤I bought this to use with the new XBox and its controller, which has ausb-c port instead of the old micro-usb. I didn't notice any other reviews for this, so I'll add that it appears to work. The braided exterior of the Anker cable was not very flexible and it was heavily armored. The cable seems to have a good balance of protection and flexibility, without adding too much weight to the game controllers.

👤Another nice product from the company. I was very upset when Apple changed the charging block and cable to a new type of cable. The cable is sold in many lengths that are both the same as the one that is used for the laptop and the one that is used for the phone. These cables are well priced and sturdy. A quick charge at a full 2.6 Amp is supported. Thank you, Anker, for stepping in to fill the gap that Apple leaves.

👤I bought the 10ft. cable for my phone because I wanted a reliable product and I read a lot of reviews that said it had issues but I ignored them because I thought they were rare and I wanted a cheaper product. There is a I learned the hard way that it doesn't work after I put my phone on a charge before sleep and it wouldn't charge, so I missed my alarm for work. Tl;dr. In six months, it stopped working. Goes on and off. I was very disappointed in Anker. They charge a lot of money for a cable that only lasted half a year.

9. Anker Powerline Lightning Connector Certified

Anker Powerline Lightning Connector Certified

Mangotek has a one-year free replacement guarantee for quality issues. If you have a question about this type c to lightning adapter, you can contact them via Amazon messages, their customer service will resolve your issue within 24 hours. Power delivery You can use this cable to charge your device with the power delivery charger, and you can use it to fast-charging your device. You can sync your Mac and iPad Pro with the help of the Lightning port on your device. It is proven to last 12 longer than other cables and can handle over 12,000 bends in laboratory tests. MFi certification and strict quality testing make sure your Apple devices are charged safely. They gave Powerline II a hassle-free, lifetime warranty because they were so confident in its performance.

Brand: Anker

👤Let me start with how much I love the products from Anker. I have been using them for over 3 years and have never had any issues with their charging cables. I experienced a very odd break tonight. The cord was ordered on Nov. 25. I have had no issues with it, it has been charging at lightning speed, and the cord has not shown any signs of an issue. I heard a loud snap when I plugged my phone in, which is when the phone becomes snug with the phone. I pulled out the cord and the picture was attached. faulty things can happen to any product and I am not trying to turn anyone away from this company. I was disappointed that this happened so soon after purchase.

👤I have owned many anker products and I paid more for this cable over another just for the anker brand. I received a cable that stopped charging. It will stop charging your iPad as it charges. I tried it on two different ipads. I can't get my computer to recognize my iPad when I use this cable. I don't know what happened. I had my iPad pro plugged in all day. It drained the battery. It won't start up after I plugged it in. I took it to my apple store and they said they couldn't put a current on my iPad. I'm pretty sure this cable killed my iPad pro a few days after I used it.

👤I recently purchased a cable from annker and it seems like it's working well, but I was a little upset to see my new product open. I am questioning its authenticity or if it is new. Do not buy a counterfeit or a bad product. I got a new cable from Anker a few days after I reported this. The new cable is working well. Customer service is great.

👤In a couple of months, the connector stopped working. The charging goes on and off for a year after I got it. It's so annoying. I wasted my money on this cable. I thought it was a good company.

👤I was excited to receive one of the first Apple cables in Midnight green, which was supposed to complement the new iPhone 11. My first impression was not exciting. The cable looks like a dark grayish green. It feels like a piece of spaghetti in the snow. It is the stiffest cable I have ever seen. How well it works is no longer an issue, it is simply a cable that either works or doesn't. This one works and it serves its purpose despite the fact that it is not plain white. I give them a lot of credit for choosing to make a cable in a highly unusual color even if I was expecting more. I don't like how inflexible it is. Nice but not a home run. My iPad Pro is incompatible with the new Midnight Green cable, which is a dark grayish green, because it won't charge. I contacted the tech support at Anker and they were not very helpful, they told me that my new iPad probably has a dirty charging port, despite me telling them that the green cable works perfectly with my phone. Dealing with the technical support from Anker has gone downhill recently. I contacted them using the seller messaging link, which proved I had just bought the cable, but they didn't believe me and I had to send them a serial number or photo of the product to prove I actually had it, so they agreed to replace it but only if I sent them That is a lot of hassle for something that they messed up on. I just ordered a lightning cable from Belkin and it works perfectly, and the cable is much more flexible. The rating of this cable is still high. When they were a small company, they replaced my cable without asking me to return the one that was faulty, and they did not request that I return the one that was faulty. I threw it away because I thought there was a broken wire. I've heard stories of bad charging cables starting fires. The best I can do is four stars for this green cable because I would prefer a more flexible cable.

10. Adapter Anker High Speed Transfer Notebook

Adapter Anker High Speed Transfer Notebook

The PowerLine III Flow USB-C to Lightning Cable, Silicone cable tie, welcome guide, and friendly customer service are what you get. Join the 55 million+ powered by their technology. There is space to plug two adaptors side by side into your MacBook Pro'susb-C ports. The adaptor is finished in Space Gray and is scratch- resistant, so it will blend in with your MacBook Pro. The male and femaleusb-c andusb-a 3.0 are designed to be plugged and unplugged for life. It's widely compatible and can connect up a wide range of devices including external hard drives, phones, mice, printers, and more.

Brand: Anker

👤The standard width of mostusb c plugs They can fit in most openings. There is a The normalusb C male is connected to this Anker end. If you have a case or slim place that is not big enough, you may need to connect to this one even though most normalUSBC connections will fit.

👤It wouldn't go in all the way if you got heats up a lot. It took me about 15 minutes to copy a 7 gb file from M1 MacBook to a flash drive. Deep grooves are found on metal flash drives.

👤If you need an inexpensive way to connect several devices to your Mac Mini, these are the ones for you. They can't occupy the two ports that are right next to each other. I have included two photos of my Mac Mini with all the ports fully populated. The A8165 is sandwiched between two of the other ones. The method of installing the adapters allows for up to 4 ports. The optical drive contained in the OWC Mercury Pro enclosure is connected to my fourth port through a cable from Cable Creation. This shows that there is a direct connection between the Thunderbolt ports and theusb-c devices. If you own a Mac Mini, you only need one of the two packs and the A8165 to use all the ports. If you have a budget, you can add a single Thunderbolt port to the back of the Mini. The products mentioned in the review are avaliable on Amazon.

👤I bought these because the apple a adapter is too heavy to fit against my Space Gray MacBook. I use the apple accessory to make my computer dangle off the side. I love the small size and the high quality design. If you get 2 for less than the price of one apple accessory, you should buy these.

👤There's not much to review with these. They work as described. I almost bought another brand from Amazon until I saw a reviewer's photos of him sanding the adapters down so they would fit on his MacBook Air. I don't need to use both of them at the same time, but I like knowing that it can be done without having to sand them down. I put a protective shell on my MBA and these fit nicely with it. There is a The only gripe I have with these is that they are quite small and I'm positive I'll lose one or both at some point. I keep these in a small pocket in my briefcase and have to fish for them at the bottom. More of a suggestion than a complaint. There is a These are great. I've had good luck with other stuff from Amazon as well.

👤It works great for plugging in old devices into a new laptop. They are narrow enough to use 2 side by side. It's perfect for both data access and charging.

👤These will not work if you have an otterbox defender. I have to return them because they are too thick for my box. 5 stars for quality... For the 1% like myself, I deducted one star for it being too thick. Anker makes great products.

11. Anker Powerline Certified Samsung MacBook

Anker Powerline Certified Samsung MacBook

It's widely compatible and can connect up a wide range of devices including external hard drives, phones, mice, printers, and more. Sending or receiving an HD movie in as little as 2.5 seconds is possible with 10Gbps Data Transfer. The power for laptops, phones, tablets and more is versatile. It's compatible with Quick Charge 3.0. It is safe to charge and transfer with the help of the USB International Federation. They gave a hassle-free lifetime warranty because they were so confident in PowerLine's performance. A hassle-free LIFETIME WARRANTY, and friendly customer service are what you get with the Anker PowerLine II.

Brand: Anker

👤The cable has a 56k Resistor which limits the power to savesay Unless you are using a device that supports the "Quick Charge" standards, it does not support the advertised 3.0a charging rate. The Note10 series and the Pixel series will not achieve 3.0a with this cable. These newer devices need a dedicated cable and power supply to achieve full charging. I wanted to clear up the confusion. This cable is still a great choice for connecting to a computer.

👤Anyone looking for the right cord to make it work is out of luck. This cord worked immediately after I tried multiple cords.

👤Anker is a better brand than most, but they are starting to act like a Belkin and overcharge for mediocre performance. I would buy Chiwee Brand if I wanted mediocre perf. I got the same perf with a better build quality after paying a lot for an anker. I could buy some of the other brand. I get 1009 MB/s read on my T7 using a similar cable. You say this cable is faulty? This is the second cable I have. This is supposed to be fast. It can charge the MacBook or Ipad pro, but the data speeds are terrible. I would have used the cable that came with the device and the $2 extension cord if I wanted this only for power. There is a I will pass this time around.

👤My phone came with a cable. My car has a standard sizedusb port, so I grabbed a generic braided usbc cable to try to connect my phone to it. My car can charge the phone, but it won't recognize that it's plugged in. The app needed a physical connection to work. My car does not have a female usbc port, so the instructions for connecting the auto are impossible. I tried seven different ways to get my car to see the phone. I changed a lot of phone settings. My car's head unit needs to be reset. I read about this cable while I was in the car's diagnostics menu. There is a It is the same thickness as my phone's original cable. It is thicker than normal generic cables. It is thicker than the braided cables I bought to use for charging. There is a The cable works well. Hardware was the solution to my problem. I've always trusted the Anker brand for quality. Thank you!

👤Over the last few years, I have had a lot of cables change out, depending on how annoyed I was with the interruption of the phone service. The cable that came with my Note 9 was the only one that worked all the time. This has worked since I received it. I received a message saying the phone wasn't charging as fast as it was draining the battery. I will keep an eye on it. I could have left the screen or games running in the background. I will try to update the review if it continues to be an issue. If you drive a stick, the cable might get in the way of your gear shift. It's been a very good cable.


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