Best Headphone to Lightning Adapter Black

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1. Lightning Headphone Adapter Connector Certified

Lightning Headphone Adapter Connector Certified

Listening is simplified. One pair of headphones is all you need for your computer. Apple MFi is certified. MFi certification requirements have been completed by COVS. The Apple MFi certification and COVS strict quality testing ensure that you can connect to your devices. It's perfectly compatible. The 3.5mm jack is compatible with all devices that have a lightning connection, such as the iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPod. A must-have accessory for any device that does not have a 3.5mm jack. It's a handy accessory to carry around. Plug and play. Plug in and enjoy pure Hifi sound quality. The 3.5mm jack headphones are great for sports and allow you to enjoy your favorite music, movies and videos. It was a perfect match for the 3.5mm Headphone. The sound effect is original. 100% copper core is used to provide a digital sound quality that is maintained the original. It can also be applied to cars. It is made of high-quality materials. Highly quality material makes it very portable. The small, lightweight, and portable adapter is what it is. You can put it in your bag or pocket and enjoy your music with your phone. The sheath is made of high elastic nylon and is easy to bend. The sound quality can be affected by damaging the copper wire and chip. Every customer can get a long-time life lightning jack adapter from COVS. If you have a question about their products, please contact them.

Brand: Covs

👤When I use this device, the sound only came out of the right side speaker, and no stereo sound thought it was just one of the three devices, because they all function the same way.

👤I keep a spare of regular earplugs in my car and these are perfect for fulfilling that need, the sound is great, no distortion, very satisfied with.

👤A balanced signal is not provided by the adapter. The sound was stronger in one earbud.

👤I didn't work with the 3mm headphone jacks.

👤Does not work during a call.

2. Headphone Lightning Extender Compatible Converter

Headphone Lightning Extender Compatible Converter

QUALITY ASSURANCE They offer a 12-month warranty and 24h easy to reach service with the one adapters you get. It's widely applicable. It's compatible with the following: iPhone X / Xs / Xs Max / XR, iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus iPod / iPad. Function introduction Please note that there is no call function. It allows your device to listen to music, watch videos and play games, which is great for running. It is easy to carry. The sound quality is perfect. The 100% copper core used in the adapter provides a high quality sound, 48 KHz and 24 bit audio output, and maintain the original sound quality. High quality. The PC is made of ABS. The design is glossy white. This is a good choice if you want to use it yourself or as a gift. QUALITY ASSURANCE They offer a 12-Month Warranty and 24h easy to reach service.

Brand: Zoyuzan

👤I need an accessory for my new phone, so I'm on the hunt. I bought an apple branded accessory on Amazon for cheap, but it doesn't allow for charging while plugged in, and they only allow you to buy one, so you can't use it. The headphones aren't even recognized when plugged into the phone and into the adapter, so I was really hoping this would do the trick. There is a Worthless...avoid.

👤I might have had a bad product, but it didn't last a month after I received it. I've inserted and unplugged it at least 20 times. It was hard to put the plug into my phone and the port for the charging port, but everything is fine. After the first few times, it got a bit easier. I like to be very careful when I get new things, so I hated having to force it. There is a The wire and plug end are undamaged, but it's a little loose when it's in my phone. I don't know what's wrong with it, I've done everything I can to get it to recognize the device, but I'm not sure if there's any foreign objects. The regular charger works just fine.

👤I am glad I took the chance. The phone is connected to the sound system in the car without displaying errors. I recommend it for connecting your phone to a sound system. It was not designed to provide a voice connection. If you want to have a voice, don't buy it.

👤I use this to charge my phone and share headphones between my computer and phone at work. The phone volume is quieter when I am plugged in than it is when I am not. Not a huge issue, but not unexpected or undesirable.

👤Initially, it worked well. I wanted it so I could charge my phone and play music in my car. The charging and audio became inconsistent and abruptly stopped. The lightening tip came off my phone. Completely broken. It was only used for a couple weeks, but it was used 20 times. Throw it in the trash. Very disappointed. This doesn't allow microphone use with headphones for those that are curious.

👤It does not fit an I Pad air. The IPad Air does not fit the small end of the adapter. I can't use it.

👤I bought it for my old Honda, which doesn't have a built-in gps device. I use a 3.5mm plug to connect my old wireless transmission to my Honda's radio frequencies. I can charge my phone and listen to my music at the same time.

👤I had to return it because it wouldn't charge my phone while I was using it. It was easy to return.

3. Lightning Headphone Certified Connector Compatible

Lightning Headphone Certified Connector Compatible

The phone lifetime money back guarantee is for the mini screen protectors for the iPhone 12. Register online to get a new screen guard for free when you buy a new phone. New phone and protection sent to your door. Apple MFi is certified. Apple approves the Mangotek 3.5mm Lightning Audio Adapter to protect your device and ensure high-quality sound. Strong function. This 3.5mm lightning audio accessory supports listening to music, as well as the wire control function such as a microphone, volume control, pause and play, answer and hang up the call. Plug and play with no changes. It is wide compatible. It's designed for people who love the iPhone. You can use your MFi certified 3.5mm headphones with the Mangotek lightning to 3.5mm headphone conversion. Premium sound quality and small size. Up to 48kHz, 26bit audio provide perfect sound. You can use it in the car, office, gym bag, backpack, and so on. You get a 3.5mm audio accessory. Friendly customer service, 18 months warranty.

Brand: Mangotek

👤If you make a negative review on this product, you will be retaliated against. TIMES. A day. If you want to change your review to a positive one, you have to pay 15 dollars. There is a warning that some of the people who put 5 stars might have faked their reviews. It's really weird.

👤I have tried many different kinds of these. I still use some of them. The ones with short wires were poor quality. The wire can't seem to hold up when it's close to the phone. This is the first that I have found that does not use a small wire. It was perfect! There is no wear and tear on the dongle. The 90 degree angle makes my small stand more versatile, as none of my actual headphones are on. Unless Apple makes more styles of earbuds or goes back to a regular connection, there is no better answer. I think you will find it to be an effective answer to using your headphones. Try one!

👤A simple way to connect a shotgun mic to a phone was needed. This did the trick perfectly.

👤I use this with my earbuds. I have a wire dongle for them, but recently it kept making it so the screen would stop or there would be weird audio issues. I thought this would be a good choice because it was one solid piece. There is a The first day it worked well, and I liked it. I noticed that if I placed the adapter at a certain angle, you would hear the noise of the cell signal over the earbuds. I used a few different pairs and got the same result. It worked well if I turned it the other way. There is a After a few weeks, it is sending the right audio signal from the right place, and causing the show to pause or lag out temporarily. I don't have any issues, but I don't like the stock earbuds that come with the s20. There is a This may be my use case for the device, so I give it 3 stars. I would not purchase this again because I wish it was better.

👤I have ever purchased a Lighting to 3.5mm adapter like this. I recommend this to everyone. I use the Beats Pro Over the ear headphones and they make my music experience heavenly. I have had many other adapters fail in the past, but this one is the only one that works. It's sleek, stylish and very comfortable to hold in your hand in your pocket while connected to your phone. Works great with iPad as well.

👤I need an accessory for my old school headphones. The wire I bought for the adapter has broken and shorted out very quickly. This is the best one I have ever purchased. The sound quality is superb and poses little to no risk of shorting out. There is a You will be happy with this one.

👤The phone stopped recognizing it as a compatible accessory after 2 days. Every hack was tried to get it to work. The design is better than the original one that my kids destroyed. It seems like the design would be durable. The reason I gave it a 1 star is because it was stated in the description that it would be a compatible accessory. If it doesn't, why include that? Returning.

4. Lightning Headphone Certified Connector Compatible

Lightning Headphone Certified Connector Compatible

The product comes with a free return service for 3 months and a free exchange service. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions. Apple MFi is certified. Apple approves the Mangotek 3.5mm Lightning Audio Adapter to protect your device and ensure high-quality sound. Strong function. This 3.5mm lightning audio accessory supports listening to music, as well as the wire control function such as a microphone, volume control, pause and play, answer and hang up the call. Plug and play with no changes. It is wide compatible. It's designed for people who love the iPhone. You can use your MFi certified 3.5mm headphones with the Mangotek lightning to 3.5mm headphone conversion. Premium sound quality and small size. Up to 48kHz, 26bit audio provide perfect sound. You can use it in the car, office, gym bag, backpack, and so on. You get a 3.5mm audio accessory. Compare with similar items, friendly customer service, 18 months warranty, and 7 hours friendly customer service.

Brand: Mangotek

👤I used it for a week and it broke. I thought it would be fine once I put it back in place. I can not charge my phone without a loud static sound playing in the background. The static increases with the volume. The static is so bad that I don't charge my phone at the same time anymore. The aux port is failing as well. It makes weird noises when I connect and connect again. It is very annoying that this pauses my audio. I have no choice but to replace this device since it is getting to such a bad state. Maybe this is a manufacturing issue. I will not be buying this again. It cost me too much to only work for a month.

👤It works well and I am happy with it. I bought a real Apple product for my wife that is called the Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter and it is only $8. I bought that for her and both seem to work. If you want black, this one is a great option.

👤The original review was not a good one. After 7 months, the adapter would not work and the calls would be disconnected. Will try to find out if the adapter lasts longer from Belkin. I have changed my review to 5 stars. After my initial review was posted I received an offer to replace the adapter from MangotekUS. After 8 months of using the product, I determined that the adapter was the cause of the static and disconnected calls, as opposed to a faulty phone or earbuds. They were very professional and quick to respond to my emails. Mangotek has a level of customer service and hard work that deserves 5 stars. Awesome company and great customer service.

👤I want to shake my mother's hand and say, "Why did you force us to use this little piece of equipment in the first place?" Shame on you! I like the fact that it is durable, but it doesn't work perfectly with Bose earbuds that allow you to adjust volume from the cord. You have to turn it to get the sound to come through both ears. You can't turn the phone the wrong way. You are adjusting the plug again. I am adjusting until something better comes along. This is 10 times better than Apple's version. The plastic coating on the wires doesn't open until it's too expensive.

👤The headphones never worked. The compatible phones for the product are the iPhone 12 Pro Max. I plugged the headphones in after I followed the directions on the back of the box. In case that mattered, I flipped the adapter. The volume button on my phone shows headphones, but no sound comes out. The audio stops when I pull the jack out. I tried wiggling my headphones, twisting it, pulling it partially in/out, turning my phone off and on, and trying other sets of headphones, but no sound came out of the headphones when plugged into the adapter. If the headphones don't work, I don't need the adapter to charge my phone.

5. AmazonBasics Lightning Headphone Adapter IPhone

AmazonBasics Lightning Headphone Adapter IPhone

The 3.5mm jack cable has a lightning connection. It is crystal clear and lossless audio transmission. Plug and play is easy. Works with all 3.5mm headphones. It's compatible with devices that support the newer version of the operating system. It's easy to bring the adapter with you for work, travel, or everyday use.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤It will make a very unpleasant sound when this is attached to my phone. I returned my item and got a new one, but it still has the same issue. Amazon should test their products before selling them.

👤Absolutely junk. For about 20 minutes, it worked, but now it just crackles and can't hear anything else. Don't buy. Worthless. The junk apple one lasts a couple weeks.

👤I noticed the lightning connection was loose after using the adapter. I had to wiggle my phone around to restore the connection while I was walking with it. The lightning connector broke after about a month and a half of the disconnection happening more frequently. I replaced it with an official Apple accessory and it fit perfectly.

👤I don't like that every Apple cable is white. All of my cables are black. I'm not an Apple user. I needed an accessory that I could keep in a travel pack. It makes my wires and cables look better.

👤I have good quality corded headphones which I could not use with the new phone. I got a 2-pack of inexpensive cords and one end broke after I sat with the phone in my pants pocket. The sound was lost if there was a loose connection. The volume control on the headphones didn't respond well. I bought this model because I needed a replacement. It is working great so far. There are no issues mentioned in the first adapters. The shorter cord makes it easier to pack. This allows me to listen to my music while walking the dog.

👤Since Apple doesn't think it's necessary to give new phones with the adapter, I needed this one to use for conference calls since I received an iPhone XR as a replacement for my 6s. This thing works with my headset. Will recommend this to others.

👤It works great, and I have a 100% satisfaction with Amazon. If you need such an item, this is the one to buy. There is a Two previous attempts to purchase an accessory for my phone were complete failures. One of the earlier items was shipped directly from Apple.

👤If you don't pick up your phone, it works. It gets really annoying when trying to walk while listening or even picking up the phone to check a text if the headphones are not on. It's safest to plug in first to make sure you don't accidentally serenade your coworkers, because when you hit play again it doesn't come out of the phone speakers. After a couple weeks, I got fed up with it and bought the official Apple accessory.

👤I don't think it's a good product. I wouldn't bother ordering one from the Apple Store because most of the Amazon Basic products are as good as the original. If I flip it it will either cut out every ten seconds or it will pop every time I move it. I'll be ordering a true Apple adaptor for the price, even though it was worth a try.

6. Lightning Certified MOOU Headphone Compatible

Lightning Certified MOOU Headphone Compatible

It is easy to carry and ensure high-quality music. It is easy to carry. You can put it in a backpack. This product can be used for daily life or leisure time. This is a great choice if you want to use it yourself or give it as a gift. MFi certification requirements have been completed by the Apple MFi Certified: MOOU lightning to 3.5mm adapter. The Apple MFi certification and strict quality testing ensure that you can connect with your Apple devices and have high-quality sound. It is designed for iPhone lovers. Most of the APPLE devices are compatible with the 3.5mm to lightning conversion. It is not compatible with the new iPad Pro which has a 11"usb C interface. The wire control function of the compact iPhone headphones adapter is a strong function, it allows your Earbuds / Headphone / Earphone to Control Volume, Skip Music, Answer the calls, and use the phone as usual. It will work without error messages. The microphone and remote control from the 3.5 millimeter headphones are MFi certified. The special strain relief design of the Moou iPhone aux adapter can bear 40000+ bends in strict laboratory tests. Premium aluminum housing makes the cable more durable. Premium nylon braided type c cable is tangle-free. The Super Sound is a 3.5mm Headphone accessory that has a sampling rate up to 48KHz and filters out noise. A clear sound with no breaks.

Brand: Moou

👤SpatialAudio was the biggest advance in music since the CD came out. There is a The Apple lightning dongle has a weakness because it doesn't have the chip that can play SpatialAudio. There is a I had stopped working. I am glad to report that this one does. There is a It gets 5 stars for that. I don't like the price. I could have bought several since this should be no more than five dollars. I hope the market makes the price go down.

👤The hard plastic wire cover fails at the connection point where the wire joins the jack. Returned the first one because it failed within a week and was replaced with an identical product. My son was much more careful with it and it failed at the same time. My son may fiddle with it, but his other adapters have been around for a long time. This time, I'm trying a different product.

👤I thought that Apple might have made the adapter break in order to make customers buy new earbuds. This one broke more quickly. It had to be replaced by late November. I had a lot of issues with phantom button presses that caused music to pause, play, fast forward, and rewind at random. The audio goes out on one side when you call up Siri. The issues began at a Frequency of about once every few days in October and ended up near constant by the end of November. There is a I keep my earbuds in my pocket a lot, but I don't think I'm doing more than normal wear and tear. I don't know why regular flimsy earbuds can last for years, but the dongles can't last a few months. I hope you leave a comment if you find a better product.

👤These types of products tend to show their true selves after the return window closes, so I waited until I had them for more than 3 months to review. They didn't surprise me. After you plug them in, they are filled with static. You get static when you move the cord. When plugged in, it makes Siri talk randomly. It cannot be used. Trash complete!

👤The product lasted about 6 weeks, but the audio only worked on one side. Disappointed with the purchase.

👤This is the solution if you need a lightening to 3.5mm adapter for a new device. It works.

👤The headphones and ear are connected by a plug into the phone. It was exactly what I needed.

👤This worked well for my application. I use an Aerophone-10 Electronic wind instrument which allows me to play music from my phone to the Aerophone headphones while I play along with it. I can download updates from my phone.

👤I went for a walk outside and it died within 30 minutes. Not sure how the connections are done internally but they are not strong enough for daily life. Not recommended.

7. CHARGEWORX Lightning Headphone Certified Connector

CHARGEWORX Lightning Headphone Certified Connector

Lifetime technical support and a 12-month warranty are included in the Reliable Warranty. MillSO's customer support team can extend it to 18 months. They are happy to help with any problem you have. The ChargeWorx premium 3.5 lightning plugs are certified by Apple to meet rigid iPhone requirements and ensure they let you use audio accessories with precision clarity, including music, phone calls, and the 3.5mm headphone jack. IPHONE SUPPORT : VERSATILE. The ChargeWorx audio lightning is designed to work with all your favorite phones. They work with many models of electronics with the Lightning Connector. Every user can rely on the support of the "Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod" certification. The most important aspect of this audi o lightning is that it allows you to still listen to your headphones without distortion or limiting sound quality. It is small and easy to use, making it a good choice for travel. You should keep an accessory in your car, office, gym bag, school locker, backpack, and so on. The audio jack to lightning is compatible with all the recent models and features. The fastest connection possible is ensured by the high - spe ed copper core of Chargeworx. ChargeWorx quality craftsmanship and a reliable warranty are included in the price of the lightning audio jack adapter. Contact them if you need fast support.

Brand: Chargeworx

👤The world is flooded with cheap and barely functional lightening and headphone adapters, which are not good for audio or function, and only allow the function of a built in microphone to be used for calls. Earphones/buds with the three ring 3.5mm plug have functions. Most do not. The CHARGEWORX is a little more expensive, but it has excellent sound quality, does not mix up L/R signals, and supports earphones with a microphone. It is recommended.

👤I decided to stop using the 6s because I'm really attached to fingerprint recognition and chose the 8s. I tried to plug it into the stereo so I could listen to my music, but it wouldn't work. The headphones jack is no longer a thing. Since my car is 12 years old, it's not an option. I wanted to find either a lightning/aux cable or an adapter. Even though I found a lot of options that were less expensive than this one, a quick search of Apple's certification list didn't show that those items were certified. Apple confirmed that Chargeworkx and a few other brands were certified. The least expensive option was the Chargeworx adapter. It's perfect so far. It's a tiny thing that connects to the end of my aux cable, so I can plug it into my phone. My commute home is only about 20-25 minutes when traffic is heavy, so there's rarely a need to charge my phone at the same time. The sound quality is the same as when I used my old phone without an accessory. There is a This company is telling the truth about the MFI being certified, it's a fair price, and it works exactly as it should, so it's a good buy.

👤The lightning-to- 3.5 was what I needed. Since the new earphones that come with the xr use the lightning port connection directly, I don't have amm headphones for it. I don't like the Apple in- ear earphone style and prefer my Sony portable over-the-ears headset. I bought this one because I wanted a black one and it was easy to get one in white from almost anywhere. It works fine with no error messages, and it is certified for use with the iphone. I wish apple hadn't deleted the 3.5 headphone port, but it is what it is. It works well.

👤I needed a small 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter to continue using my ear phones after I upgraded my phone to the iPhone 11 Pro. It's small and of the highest quality. I did not notice a difference in sound quality between my previous phone and my new phone, even though I used this adapter with my new phone. It is exactly what I was looking for and I am very happy with it.

👤I keep it in the case with the headphones in case I need to listen to something on my phone. I already have a few white ones but bought a black one to match the headphones cord.

👤This is the only one of its kind that allows phone calls on a headset with mic capabilities. I tested it on a pair of headphones.

8. Mangotek Lightning Headphone Certified Headphones

Mangotek Lightning Headphone Certified Headphones

This 3.5mm headphone jack adapter is small and lightweight. It's easy to carry when you travel, and you can put it in a package or handbag to listen to it whenever you want. The Apple MFi certification and strict quality testing ensure quality and compatibility and securely connected with your Apple devices. Also, note: If the headphones are not MFi certified, the functions will not run normally. The original sound is supported by the full array of audio headphones, Sampling rate up to 48KHz and the ability to filter out noise. A 3.5mm jack is not included in the new iPhone. The sound quality of your headphones can be kept without compromise, with this iphone dongle, you can keep the signal transmission stable and high-speed. Plug in your phone and listen to music. Mangotek has a one-year free replacement guarantee for quality issues. If you have a question about this jack, you can contact them via Amazon messages or their customer service will be able to resolve it within 24 hours.

Brand: Mangotek

👤Maybe those with the little cords between are the way to go, at least they won't break after a week. I changed it to: If I remove the review, the seller will offer 15 dollars. I will not, but it could help others.

👤It was a great idea to reduce strain relief and use all my stereo mini headsets with my phone, but only lasted for about 10 to 12 hours of use before audio output shifted to the phone speakers. Other head phones, lightning earbuds, and Trouble shot head phones. It's this. It stopped working, but there was no visible sign of damage. This is not very impressive, for a non moving part with no chips. They are waiting for a replacement but have no confidence. The piece of gear should either work or not. The replacement failed after only one hour of use. Time to get a refund. The straight line Apple adapter is half the price and lasts at least a few months. The quality of the product is terrible, but the concept of the right angle to reduce strain relief on the cord is a good one. Don't buy!

👤It seemed like a clever alternative to the corded ones that break from use. I used this to listen to music on my phone. I never left my desk. When I used it again, the phone plays audio over the speaker only when it's plugged in, it no longer recognizes it. The other jacks work. If you're looking for something that will last a week, look elsewhere. I asked the seller if the item has a warranty. The seller apologized for the hassle, and offered to give me the purchase price back if I bought another unit. The new unit arrived a few days later and works perfectly, so I am happy again. They will back their advertised warranty. There may still be a quality control or inherent design issue causing premature failure, as I am seeing a few other reviews with similar issues. If the issue reappears with the new unit, I will update here. The new replacement unit stopped working 10 days after I got it. Quality issues are definite.

👤If you are like me, you have a number of old iPhone headphones with 3.5mm connections that you can't use anymore with newer models. I like a wired one because I don't want my wireless ones to go to waste, and I also like to walk with one. Both problems were solved by this adapter.

👤I only use this one for two reasons, the first being that the audio is clean and clear. 2 shortens the tail on my phone. There is a The phone is attached to the adapter and it feels good. I use wired earphones at night because they block the sound. I had a long tail coming from the bottom of my phone that could cause damage to the lightning connection. If the phone's body is twisted or pressured, this will keep the phone's connector tighter to it's body.

9. Syncwire Lightning Headphone Certified Compatible

Syncwire Lightning Headphone Certified Compatible

The product comes with a free return service for 3 months and a free exchange service. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions. The Apple MFi Certified version of the lightning to 3.5mm adapter is compatible with Apple's original MFi and C101 smart chip. The Premium Sound Quality can be provided by the iPhone aux adapter, which supports up to 26bit 48kHz lossy output. It supports listening to music, as well as the wire control function such as a microphone, volume control, and pause and play functions, plug and play with no setting changes. The high-quality assurance of the syncwire apple aux adapter is due to the fact that it is made of Hi-Q aluminum alloy case and nylon-braided cable material. The design is lightweight and portable. It is designed for Apple devices. You can use your existing 3.5mm headphones with the new iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max/12 Mini/SE(2020)/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XS/XS Max/XR/X8 Plus/7 Plus/7/7, iPod touches 6. It doesn't work with the iPad Pro 11 and 12.9" which have ausb C interface. 3 years of support, fast and friendly customer service, and a 36-month warranty are provided by Syncwire.

Brand: Syncwire

👤The adaptors are usually not tight. There was a bad sound. This fits well and I bought 3 more.

👤The best iPhone accessory is the Syncwire iPhone adapter. I love listening to music and podcasts on my Apple phone and enjoy the quality sound. I am happy with my purchase. Excellent shipping and delivery.

👤Several people can enjoy sound if I link my new phone to external speakers.

👤I use my phone to listen to music and read books while walking. The original Apple accessory failed after a few years of use. I have tried several cheap adapters and they all had issues, like buzzes, crackles, no sound on phone calls, and failures after a few uses. There is a The syncwire is perfect! I have been using it every day for a week now. Audio is clear on the phone. I am very happy with the purchase, it seems very well made and plugs very securely into the iPhone port.

👤I'm a new comer to the world of phones. Since I switched over to my new phone, I had to listen to NY mass transit if my headphones were to die, and I didn't want to buy expensive headphones. I was near the fence. I was relieved that I could drown out the noise even if my headphones were dying, because I saw someone on the train with a similar one. I am excited that the phone and aux cord work with the same accessory. The $16 accessory saved me $484. I am eternally grateful.

👤I put this up to my Bose sound machine. It works just fine. I don't know how long it will last because I just received it. It feels like a standard cord. I was expecting it to be longer. I guess that is on me for not reading the description. It is not a big deal but would have liked something longer. I can tell there is a differential. I am fine with that. I wanted the thing to work so I could play my Apple Music on my Bose.

👤I haven't been able to find a good substitute for the apple accessory. This is more durable than the genuine apple ones. Excellent sound quality and construction. I think it's much better than the original apple product.

👤It was necessary to jiggle it to get it to play in stereo, which wears out the outlet. It couldn't be made to work without being held the whole time.

👤I have been buying this item from this manufacturer over and over and have had confidence in it, until now. I didn't bother to check the controls because the sound quality was ok. You can't increase or decrease volume with the controls on my headphones. I tried the same pair of headphones with another device that had an input jack and it worked perfectly. I can't control the volume with the same headphones that I have on. I don't know if I'll buy from them again. I don't recommend this product and would only rate it one star as I can't rate it any less.

10. Certified Headphone Lightning Connector Compatible

Certified Headphone Lightning Connector Compatible

12 months worry-free return and 24 hours after-sales service are provided. If you have any questions, please contact them immediately and they will answer them. APPLE MFi certification is required for the COVS iphone aux adapter to connect with your Apple devices. Premium Sound Quality. The Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Converter has an independent digital audio decoding chip that supports up to 48 kHz audio output. Plug and play with no changes. You can bring your favorit music with you. It only supports audio output. The design is compact and durable. The lightning to 3.5mm female adapter is a pocket-friendly compact cord that can be used wherever you go. Long lasting product is what they focus on. It is made of advanced material, which is scratch- resistant, not easy to twist or tear, and is the most durable lighting accessory ever. Supreme Compatibility You can connect your existing 3.5mm headphones to the iPhone with the iphone headphone adapter. It's not compatible with the new iPad Pro which has ausb C interface. Friendly customer service and an apple accessory for a jack. Please contact them if you have any issues. Within 12 hours, they would offer the most professional and prompt response.

Brand: Covs

11. RAYZ Lightning Headphones Earphones Compatibility

RAYZ Lightning Headphones Earphones Compatibility

You get a 3.5mm audio accessory. Compare with similar items, friendly customer service, 18 months warranty, and 7 hours friendly customer service. The RAYZ Lightning to USB-C accessory allows you to connect your favorite Lightning headphones to your Macbook, iPad, or any other host device. It's as easy as plugging in. Premium braided material and a cable management latch make this storage tangle-free. The RAYZ Lightning to USB-C is designed for tangle-free storage. Full resolution audio from any device with no signal degradation is possible. Retains earphone mic and remote functions. It works perfectly to connect the headphones to the device. Listening is simplified. One pair of headphones is all you need for your computer.

Brand: Rayz

👤I love Rayz for plane travel and have had them for a couple of years. When I got an iPad Pro M1, I thought about what to do. Couldn't be happier to find a solution, this is standard with Rayz Pro. When I plugged them in, I was disappointed. They did not connect to the app. The basic features of the Rayz app will work, but they are still working with Apple to get the app to work. The noise cancellation will work, but fine tuning with the Rayz app is still being worked on.

👤It works with my newer Macbook as I can manually switch from speakers to headphones. It doesn't work for my wife's iPad air. There is a website that says you can change the audio settings on headphones, but this is only for Apple devices. The device is nice and tough. 3 stars for incompatibility. Returning.

👤The MacBook Pro had all of the ports on it, and the dock had a Thunderbolt 3 port. It worked with different headphones. There is a It did not work on my original model Nintendo Switch, a Nintendo Switch lite, or my new Animal Crossing edition Nintendo Switch. I tried both pairs of headphones and unplugged and plugged it back in many times. The Nintendo Switch models did not act like anything was plugged in. All of them are on the latest version of the software. The product listing should be updated if this is not compatible with the Nintendo switch. It works great if you're just buying it for the Mac.

👤I spent a lot of money on different types of connections, but now that I have an original one, it's clear that it works great.

👤It was necessary to change the setting on audio. It worked.

👤Reliably connects to my phone and makes better audio than the phone alone. Mike is better than the phone.


What is the best product for headphone to lightning adapter black?

Headphone to lightning adapter black products from Covs. In this article about headphone to lightning adapter black you can see why people choose the product. Zoyuzan and Mangotek are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone to lightning adapter black.

What are the best brands for headphone to lightning adapter black?

Covs, Zoyuzan and Mangotek are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone to lightning adapter black. Find the detail in this article. Amazon Basics, Moou and Chargeworx are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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