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Rca 8 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Rankie 3 5mm 2 Male Adapter Cable

Rankie 3 5mm 2 Male Adapter Cable

It is possible to have universal companybility. The rca to 1/8 stereo cable is compatible with a variety of digital devices, including the iPad, and home audio systems with a 3.5mm audio jack. 3.5mm auxiliary ports are perfect for connecting to a TV, amplifier, projector, and more. The signal is protected with dual shielding, high-quality polished metal, oxygen free copper conductors, and gold-plated connections. Keep cable tangle-free with a soft jacket. It could fit most mobile devices in a case with a snug and secure connection. High quality stereo audio is transmitted. The red and white male RCA plug colors were separated. The easy grips for plugging and unplugging of the RCA are what ensure reliability. Customer service from Rankie.

Brand: Rankie

👤I used this cable on a computer. The setup would go from 3.5mm on the PC side to 2mm on the speaker system. The audio wouldn't work because of the bare wire showing and the original cable was worn out. I installed the red to white to red cable after reading reviews. It wasn't. The audio played out of the speakers that were not the same as it should have been. The cable was assembled and operated correctly when it was plugged in red to red and white. There is a Audio was better than the previous cable. The bass is strong in the sub and the sound is clear on the smaller speakers. The feel of the cable makes it seem like it will last longer than the previous one. The metal plugs are nicer than the plastic ones. There is a Good cable. Would definitely recommend.

👤I had no problem with this cable as it looked very sleek on my desk. I returned it because it created an annoying buzz with my use case. I have a Fulla 3 DAC and powered speakers. Amp. I can use the Fulla 3 as a preamplifier. When I plug my headphones into the speakers, the cable doesn't work, but it creates an audible buzz. I can hear it through my headphones even when I'm not using them, and to reduce it to a tolerable level required turning the speakers lower than I wanted. I thought it was an issue with the Fulla 3 as it is a cheap solution, but when I used the original Edifier cables and tried the same use case, the buzz completely vanished. The buzz was the cable's fault. I had to return it. There is a If you're just using this cable to connect your speakers to another device, you'll most likely be fine, but I wouldn't take the risk and would try a different option. Don't bother if you have a complicated setup where this cable is just one part.

👤The cable I needed was 3mm. Wanted them the same day and ended up ordering them because they looked decent. There is a The quality is decent for the price range. I hooked them up to my other device after setting them up, but then decided to check the setup. I did a speaker calibration using them. The sounds for the left speaker were coming from the right and vice versa. I thought I had flipped them when I connected them to the receiver. I moved the reciever to see that the white was in the same color as the red. I checked the reciever to make sure it was balanced. The old ones were tested after trying a different input location. The issue was with the cable. The colors were put on the wrong ends. It was easy to flip them to the other side. It was an annoyance trying to solve a problem and then realizing they are back there wrong. The cables are decent for the price.

2. AmazonBasics 3 5mm 2 Male Adapter Stereo

AmazonBasics 3 5mm 2 Male Adapter Stereo

High quality. The double-braided exterior and aluminum alloy case of their jackadapter is designed to endure daily bends, twists, and pulls. The box contains 4 foot 3.5mm to 2-Male RCA adapter cables. It's easy to connect devices. The device can be connected to a speaker, stereo receiver, or other device with the help of the cable. 3.5mm to 2X RCA CONNECTORS have two male and two female connections on one end. The standard ax jack. The 3.5mm auxiliary jack is used for headphones or ear buds. Clear audio and minimal signal loss can be achieved with a dual-shielding, polished metal and gold-plated 3.5mm connection. The design isdurable. The design of the step-down ensures a secure, fully plugged-in connection.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I got these cables to cut and wire. The cables had dual sheilded coax inside. There are wires around them for shielding. The coax wires were not used, both sides of the wire were connected to the center pin on the RCA. The ground is covered by outer metal shielding. They paid extra for the wires but didn't use them. I think they originally intended to use the coax wiring, but then it cost too much to solder up the coax and they switched.

👤I wanted to use my Bose Wave radio to amplify my TV. The Bose is old enough that it still uses the older RCA input jacks, so I used this cable to connect my headphones to my radio, it worked like a charm. I will be able to watch TV with Bose stereo sound.

👤About a month ago, I hooked this up. The first time I used it, it was great. The left channel didn't work the second time I used it. It was disconnected and cleaned. They are still malfunctioning after being connected. I disconnected them again and replaced them with my older one. It worked. I ordered the basics because I wanted longer cable. Will order another brand in the future.

👤It was the cheapest cord by brand. I have never purchased Amazon Basics stuff before. I was skeptical. 3rd Party phone cases are as good as the cords. Plugs felt firm and the audio was clear. The cable would be the only thing that would be ding. The material didn't have much rigidity. One quick tug and it will snap. There is a I would buy another cord from Amazon. I've included pictures. No issues with the cables after 8 months. I ran over with the vacuum a couple times and they were still holding up.

👤I bought this to connect my audio system to the 3rd Gen dot. The sound and visual quality are excellent. If you are doing the same thing, be sure to turn the dot volume up all the way so your amplifier will have a hard time reaching an acceptable volume. I assumed the dot volume-out was tied to the settings on the dot unit. Good cable for a long-term installation.

👤I purchased an RCA brand cable from Walmart and it started clicking and popping when I touched it, but it stopped working after I had used it for a while. I was cautious because of the "AmazonBasics", but I found the cable to be very sturdy and flexible, and it was the same brand as my TV. Hopefully in the future, I will purchase again.

👤I use this cable to connect my computer to my amplifier. The one I got was five stars, but it had the left and right channels backwards. The color rings must have been put on the wrong way. You can just run the balance controls from one side to the other and switch if you want. The plastic welds are solid and the connections are large and tight. I had a skinny cable that was not as good as the sound quality I have now.

3. 3 5mm Adapter RFAdapter Speakers Subwoofer

3 5mm Adapter RFAdapter Speakers Subwoofer

There is a gold plated connection. It's perfect for audio applications where you need both 3.5mm and RCA connections, such as running a small audio device into a mixer. It's used in speakers, sound card, TV, etc. The cable is made of high quality wire. The strain relief is molded and it is easy to plug and unplugging. signal loss, noise and interference can be minimized by using nickel-plated brass. They offer a worry-free warranty and friendly customer service within a year. They will serve you their best if you are not satisfied with any product.

Brand: Rfadapter

👤Initially, I thought I would work okay. I moved my sound bar to cause a loud hum. The connections are too loose.

👤The product arrived on time. The price is fair and works.

👤The connections are very loose and have to be taped.

👤It was difficult to set up my computer's software, but it works.

👤I used this cable to connect a backup camera to my car. The smaller 3.5mm connection is easier to use than the larger one when wiring the main body of the car. Quality is good. It worked out perfectly for me.

👤It's what I needed to connect my amplifier to my reciever. There were no complaints here.

👤Adapteur pour connecter amplificateur de guitare. Merci beaucoup!

4. UGREEN Adapter Compatible Tablets Computer

UGREEN Adapter Compatible Tablets Computer

The red and white to 3.5mm audio accessory works with all 2RCA or auxiliary interface devices. 3.5mm Male to dual RCA Female Audio Cable: UGREEN 3.5mm Aux male to 2 RCA female is a great way to connect a phone, laptop, projector, amplifier, and more with a common 3.5mm audio port. Excellent Audio Quality: The pure copper used in this cable ensures high fidelity sound quality. The multi-layer shileding design protects against interference from RFI and EMI. The UGREEN 3.5mm to Red and White Audio Cable can be used for both 2RCA and 3.5mm Aux. The 3.5mm male and female cable is compatible with audio transmission needs. Red and white color-marked connections make it easy to make hookups. 10000+ bend lifespan and high flexible jacket make 3.5 toRCA audio cable more durable and tangle free. You can carry the auxiliary stereo audio cord around easily without having to worry about its size. The female RCA to 3.5mm Y is compatible with devices with a 3.5mm audio jack. UGREEN is compatible with a variety of devices, including: iPods, mp3 players, CDs, laptops, tablets, and speakers.

Brand: Ugreen

👤After finishing our basement, we ran our 5.1 surround sound stereo system through the walls and had everything ready to go. The surround sound was hooked up to our projector via an RCA cable with a different stereo connection, which produced sound out of all of the speakers, except the front right speaker. The speakers on the left side were not working, and the right side was working, but I had a different stereo to stereo connection and connected it to the projector. I tried multiple connections and finally decided to buy a new one, so I bought this one. The surround sound is amazing. The sound of the sub and surround sound makes it feel like you are in a movie. This cheap little item worked wonders for us and we would recommend it to anyone.

👤Works well for my needs. I wanted to listen to music from my laptop through my home. Needed an auxillary splitter with 2 female auxillary plug ports and a male audio plug. Female auxillary ports can be used to connect to stereo's male auxillary plugs. There is a Once I connected auxillary plugs on both stereo and laptop sides, I put an audio plug into the computer's headphone port and connected a HDMI cable from my laptop to my T.V and VOILA computer monitor.

👤Use it to connect Bose speakers. The Bose input has two standard males and the computer has a mini male jack. I am nominally satisfied that it did it's job. The ratings for each should be lower because construction should be less expensive. It does what it's supposed to do, but it's not at the highest rating because of construction and price.

👤The 3.5mm plug is found on the Amazon Echo. A sound amplifier or whole house audio system will have a set of old white and red audio cables. What do you do? You can use this short Y-adapter to give your Echo the old school white and red output jacks, and then hook up your old RCA cables to the Y-adapter, so that you can use your big amplifier or whole house audio system to talk to you.

👤The Bose Soundlink Mini Special Edition was used to input the output from the turntable into. The quality is as good as it gets.

👤I needed a cable splitter to use my mp3 players with my home audio equipment. It works perfectly.

👤I bought a 3.5mm Ugreen jack to use with my echo dot. The product was well packaged. I bought the speaker wire from a different manufacturer to complete the connection to my old speakers. The connection was good, however the echo dot doesn't have enough power to drive the speakers to a medium loudness so I'll need to find a small amplifier or powered speakers to do what I want.

👤The sound quality from the tv is quite poor and I used the 3.5 to rca adaptor to connect it to the jbl surround sound system. The sound bar was a lot more expensive, but this adapter works well. I used the jack to get a connection.

5. Gold Plated Copper 6 35mm Stereo Adapter

Gold Plated Copper 6 35mm Stereo Adapter

36 months manufacturer warranty. The perfect connection is connecting any devices with enabled devices The sound signal is transmitted with minimal signal loss thanks to the dual Shielding and gold plated connecters. Bi Directional: 2RCA or could all be the audio input, and in another words, it both work from 2RCA to . There are two male and two female connections on one end and one male and one female connection on the other end. Their hassle-free 12-month warranty and friendly customer service are what you get.

Brand: J&d

👤I soldiered from a random piece of audio cable and cheap jacks to make these. I was quite disappointed. The cables are very thin, the jacks are metallized plastic, and you can hear hum even on moderate volume levels. I tried them in a number of different settings. The cable pairs had the same problem, so it's not a defect.

👤I bought a second set of small speakers for my home studio for editing but they use the same type of cables as my monitor controller and only had a small amount of them. This seemed like a better solution than an RCA cable with a small amount of adaptors. I like having a smaller setup for keeping my ears safe.

👤If you have a studio, you need a lot of cables. I've been recording and playing live for decades, and I always need special cables for various connections in the studio, and for performances. I've seen and used all of the cables I've bought over the years. These are the best quality I've ever owned. I am very happy. A musician and studio engineer.

👤The cables used to hook up my amplifier were Sturdy. Can't really ask for more. If I need more, I will buy these again.

👤I like the design and feel of the cord, it works great, and I like the color.

👤My computer and studio monitor are connected to a speaker system. The sound is amazing. The volume had to be reduced. Excellent.

👤The cables are made of plastic. Poor quality.

👤The price works well with connecting new equipment to old equipment. We got the longer cords as setup can change and need longer cords. Music works well!

👤This product works well for the price. After a few hours of use, they are nicely balanced and sound a bit harsh at first, but after a bit of time, they settle down. It will come at some cost if you want more clarity.

👤These were bought to connect a keyboard to a amplifier. They look great and have lots of gold in evidence.

👤The product was brought to connect my music interface to my hifi amplifier. Would recommend.

👤The leads look good, but I haven't been using them for a week, so I can't comment on their durability. The build quality is good and they look stylish. The next day they were delivered.

6. Female Stereo Splitter Adapter Extender

Female Stereo Splitter Adapter Extender

This Shielded audio cable has a 3.5mm female to aRCA female. 3.5mm female to dual RCA female audio splitter. This 3.5mm to RCA adaptor is perfect for converting sound from a computer or any other source that outputs a 3.5mm headphone style connection to a receiver, amplifier or other device that uses a stereo RCA input. The 3.5mm to RCA cable splitter allows you to connect an Iphone, Ipod, IPad, MP3 player, smartphone or laptop with the common 3.5mm audio port to a TV, AV receiver, amplifier, projector, radio and other electronics with the same RCA connectors. Left and right audio stereo sockets are used. The 3.5mm stereo jack sockets are gold plated. The length is about 20 cm. The package has a stereo audio accessory.

Brand: Bshtu

👤I was left wondering if it would work in the other direction, but it does! I want to use my CD players and turntable with my speakers and I have dual male outputs. I have a male 3.5mm stereo jack. The gap is being bridged by this adapter.

👤Nowadays, all female Y connectors are rare. It's a simple solution to connect my headphones to my TV. The old one I bought from a local supplier was priced too much and didn't provide the same quality of audio. It arrived quickly and was well packaged. I will buy another one.

👤I didn't like what I saw. It was returned after it was shipped broken.

👤I needed the purpose of this adapter. I was able to connect headphones to listen to audio signals.

👤My son loves it.

👤I've had no issues with it.

👤Looks and works as advertised. The need for a special application was filled.

7. SHD Splitter Conductor Shielding Shell Black

SHD Splitter Conductor Shielding Shell Black

The 24k gold plated connectors are resistant to rust and tarnish. 3.5mm jack to stereo audio cable is compatible with any digital device with a 2RCA device. The OFC and Real Gold Plated Plugs are made of copper. The cable is tangle-free and has a high flexible jacket. The high-quality sound is ensured by the dual Shielding Al/Mylar and Copper Braiding. No need to take off your protective cases for your phone.

Brand: Shd

👤The cable only lasted a few months. It fell apart easily. I am past the deadline.

👤The item arrived quickly, however, it stopped working out of one side of the speakers in 2 weeks. I tried to hear the sound on multiple phones, but it was not on one device. I know the item is not very expensive but I hope it works for at least 2 weeks. It's pretty disappointing that the item stopped working correctly because it's not something you would use all day.

👤Our amplifier has been around 9 years. I don't want to have a birthday party. I wanted to give you an idea as to why I bought this cable. Ours is an older model, so it doesn't have a radio. I use the Aux. When I want to listen to music on my phone. There is a Each input channel has its own settings. I simply programmed how I wanted the sound output to sound without having to change my settings every time I use our DENON on a different channel. I could have purchased a module that would have plugged into the Aux ports, but we're planning on getting better tech this year, and it seemed like a waste of money to buy a module when I could get a cable for less. I've been very pleased with the cable. There is no sound limit or sound distortion. The heads that plug into the R/L ports fit securely. There is a I love the fact that this cable's head plugs into my Note 9 headphones without the need for a case. There is no loss of sound or distortion. This seems like a decent cable for the price.

👤I am running out of a Mac book pro. The wrong cable can cause loud cracking sounds or cause weird out of phase sound distortions. Things sound great because this cable works perfectly.

👤I used this cable to connect my older surround sound unit to my Amazon echo dot. I can now play music in my backyard. I connected the surround unit to my speakers. I can use my phone to control the dot and not have to go inside to tell her what to do.

👤I bought this to connect my tv to my stereo. The components of the big dog speakers. There is a I changed the audio output on my TV. Shaboom! It works great. There is a Happy New Year to me! Buy with confidence. I'm glad I did, I rolled the dice. Thank you. There is a PS... My laptop has the same cord. The itunes are a kickin'.

👤I have used this twice since purchase. I had a different audio solution and it was kept new and undamaged until a need arose. I used it for about two hours and everything was fine. The sound quality is poor and the volume is low. Since the day it worked, it has not been touched. This was a dud and quite poor quality for this to happen after one use.

8. CERRXIAN Auxiliary Headphone Adapter Cable Lemeng

CERRXIAN Auxiliary Headphone Adapter Cable Lemeng

This red and white to Aux stereo Y splitter cable is compatible with all digital devices with a 3.5mm audio jack, as well as home audio systems like amplifier or receiver with RCA jacks. The golden plated connections make it less likely that the singal transporation will be lost. 3.5mm port audio devices such as ipod, mp3 and laptop can be converted to 2rca plugs for equipment such as tv, audio equipment, computer sound equipment and speaker. The copper wire core is oxygen-free. High performance and versatile bass for your audio equipment; precise transmission of high bandwidth Frequency quality for detailed cleaning of natural pure audio sounds. Excellent strain relief can be provided by fully molded connectors. The dual conductor is protected from interference. The copper wire is shielded. A 3.5mm audio port can be used to connect a portable audio device, iPad, mp3 music player, and more. The 3.5mm jack to 2RCA stereo cable is suitable for use with a device or computer that has a 3.5mm jack. The package includes a Stereo Jack to 2 RCA Stereo Plug Cable.

Brand: Cerrxian

👤My mom bought a TV with an earphone jack. She was really disappointed. The jacks just plug into the back of the TV and the earphones into it. It was perfect.

👤I wanted to use this to hook up some Boston speakers to a spare flat screen tv that didn't have a headphone jack, but did have audio ports out. Sound quality is good.

👤I replaced my Turntable's pre with a one that didn't have a headphone output, but did have rca jacks, so I bought a few of these. I had no issues with this cable, it was very easy to use, and it worked perfectly from the rca output into 3.5mm.

👤It's a good idea to use this for headphones that are running to TV. It works well.

👤I bought this and the audio cable to use at night so as not to disturb others. Works well. Would recommend.

👤First they used regular head phones. There is only one level of volume. I wanted a variable volume control on my head phones. It was worth it when I had headgear with volume control.

👤It worked out fine. I can't tell the difference between high quality and budget. The adaptor does the job.

👤I didn't use it for the intended use, but I used it to make a dish network called "JOEY" work with a set of external speakers.

👤Je l'utilise pour raccorder la sortie audio, mon enregistreur de caméra, vers l'entrée de l'amplificateur audio. Je recommande.

👤The product was good with fast delivery.

👤They are a nice addition to a home theatre. I used this and audio extractor to get some sound from my portable stereo. I need to have a monitor instead of a television.

👤It's perfect for my little amplifier. Thank you.

👤They're perfect. There is a The quality is ok.

9. CERRXIAN LEMENG 2 Pack Adapter Splitter

CERRXIAN LEMENG 2 Pack Adapter Splitter

The 3.5mm Stereo to 2RCA adapter is designed to split a stereo signal. You can connect your audio sources to your sound system. The 3.5mm male to dual rca female audio cable is ideal for connecting a portable device to a home stereo. Gold-plating is resistant to corrosion and has minimal signal loss. Plugging and unplugging are easy with the help of the treads. Left and right are indicated by the red and white jacks. Plug and play is easy to install. It's suitable for left and right audio input and devices with a 3.5mm auxiliary jack.

Brand: Cerrxian

👤I have purchased a lot of things in the 3.5mm format. Most of them don't work well. This item is not an exception. If there is no specification for the connection, no one pays attention to it. There is a One channel that becomes intermittent is the most common issue. The left channel quit immediately. The left channel might come back with a re-insertion, but not always. The jack it was put into is a new device, it hasn't been used in a while, so age and wear seem unlikely. It seemed that the tip was not making solid contact, that the adapter was not going in far enough and that the tip was not making solid contact. The ring at the base of the pin is solid. The ring was filed to the plastic housing. My left channel stopped working. There is a This tip connection failure is common. The 3.5mm is not robust. It is not going to be able to deal with abuse, yanking, and stress. The jack could be the cause of the left channel failure. The jack is not easy to repair. The drop-out problem seemed to be solved by removing the metal at the base of the plug. There is a The plug and jack were cleaned in an attempt to resolve the channel dropout. Didn't help.

👤The plated contacts worked well. There is a If you're planning to use it on crowded setups, you might be off getting the 'dongle' type ones. If you have a sound card, streaming device, power cable, or power cable, you can use it to connect to the internet. It's about an inch wide if inserted vertically, and half an inch if horizontally, so it might not go in with ease. I had to prop up the device on a piece of wood and shove it onto the jack to make it level.

👤If you have a sound bar or base that uses the old style analog ports, you should get a pair of wireless headphones or sound bars that have an audio output port like this. I highly recommend it for the above uses. This product should solve your problem since most of the new tv's output stereo is from that one audio port.

👤I use this to connect my Turntable mixer to the rca. I put it into my phone. A clear recording on my phone. If you don't have the rca cables, this setup costs $30. You can spend $50-$200, but it's all there for you with an irig or evermix.

👤I use this with a receiver to amplify my music on my boat. If it is in the sun for too long, my radio can become overheated. I just plug the cables from the back of the deck into the receiver and voila, my phone becomes a radio.

👤It works as expected. The utility of these things is hard to express through a review. It's essential for retro gaming to convert from 18th inch to RCA. A two-pack makes sure a spare is around.

10. StarTech Com 6in Stereo Audio Y Cable

StarTech Com 6in Stereo Audio Y Cable

You can easily switch the lens. 35mm male to 2x female. The stereo mini jack is connected to the RCA x 2.

Brand: Startech

👤I bought four sets of these in different sizes and the reviews were mostly good, so I anticipated that the risk was minimal. There is a I received some items that were not up to par. Like most of the negative reviews, I had a good first experience. The first one shorted out. I'd wiggle it or turn the jack just-the-right-way until I had to move. I tried a different one of the batches that I had ordered. At the beginning, worked and then stopped. I lost track of the return process until recently, when I found them in my household goods, because I was in the process of moving across country. It reminded me that I need to write a review if the word isn't getting out on how good the product is. This is one of those times. They are very slim and lightweight, but I thought that would be a plus. Especially on the long cords.

👤I can't handle it either. All I get is a sound like robotic fingernails tickling tinplate in attempts at morse code, and a lot of "Hmm, I'm not sure about that..." The enjoyment of Amazon unlimited music is not enhanced by either of them. If you spend the extra $3, you can get one that's shielded or two. Better yet, go with the flow. It's not the cause of any problems you may experience with the voice assistant. There is a I didn't want to listen to the negative reviewers either, wasted $7 plus my time and nsaids, and put up with the nonsense trying to prove I could get it to go away. I don't recommend it or this product. Sorry... Black makes it look great in my cords, so to be fair, it's a plus.

👤It would wear out in 5 years if it was unplugged and plugged back in 3,000 times a year. I bought this 5 years ago. A few months ago the metal pin was so worn down that it would come loose. It was like throwing a banana down the hallway. I bought another one and it required a larger amount of force to fit it in comparison. At the end of it, I could swing my phone around. The pin is softer than the phone hole, so this cheap cable sacrifice itself. There is a The pin is perfect for my needs.

👤When I bought headphones for my family, I knew that they were replaceable 3.5mm cables, which meant they were perfect replacements for the ones that got chewed, broken, or closed in a door. There is a The wires are thin and don't "feel" durable, but it seems like it's in line with what I've gotten before with my last couple of sets of headphones. It seems like it won't break due to use of stress, but it may be more vulnerable to physical damage if it's closed in a door. I have been using 2 of these in my kids' devices for a couple of weeks, and they are very happy to have gotten rid of the old cables that had gotten to the point of needing to be held at a certain angle. I've also noticed that they have no problems with audio quality. It seems to be great, especially at this price point. Just to have some spare parts.

11. VCE 2 Pack Plated Female Adapter

VCE 2 Pack Plated Female Adapter

This aux extension cable can be used with iPod, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire tablets,Samsung GALAXY smartphones and tablets, Microsoft Surface tablets, and mp3 players. Golden plated and oxygen free copper conductors are used for signal transmission. 3.5mm port audio devices can be converted to 2RCA plugs. The majority of home audio systems use jacks for audio inputs. This cable is perfect for connecting your mp3 player or phone to your home audio system. The package includes: 3.5mm female to 2 RCA plugs.

Brand: Vce

👤I've had audio equipment for about 50 years and have bought hundreds of cables. I thought I should be able to tape it down permanently, because I saw reviews that said you would have to hold the jack in place after you put it in. It's not that easy. The jack won't stay in, and they don't work when inserted all the way in. They need to back out about a quarter of an inch to find the'sweet spot' to get any sound at all. I tried a number of different headphones and all had the same problem, so it's the cable and not the headphones.

👤I was worried that the FAQ wouldn't work for what I needed. I wanted to watch movies on the TV with my headphones on. The TV doesn't have a 3.5mm connection, but it does have audio-out jacks. I thought that the little accessory would work. I thought it wasn't working when I first plugged it in. The sound was still coming through the speakers, but it was not through the headphones. After fiddling around with my TV's audio settings, I finally got it to work the way I needed it to. The TV's speakers are silent, while the audio comes through the headphones. The TV remote has volume controls. If you're buying it for this purpose, you should do a little research on your TV's audio settings, as I guess many TVs this would not work with, but I got a lucky break with my TV's audio settings. I was glad to try this. My roommate is working at his computer 10 feet away, so I can watch movies in the living room.

👤I wanted to connect my headphones to my TV. I wanted to switch back and forth easily, so plugging into the jack wouldn't have worked. The headphones won't cut off the sound if I leave them plugged in. I can turn the TV off and still get good audio.

👤I needed speakers for my TV. The speakers inside the tv were not loud enough. I had the computer speakers with the 3.5mm connection. I connected the speakers to the tv and turned it on. I can hear my tv.

👤I used this to connect a digital-Analog audio conversion to a tv. I could send an analogue signal to the receiver. You get two in a pack with the item. How could you make a mistake? You can connect an audio device with left/right audio outputs and no small ear plug. If the second one finds a purpose, I will buy it again.

👤No sound at all, did not work. I checked the settings on the smart tv and they were correct. I got the adapter and it worked great. I was trying to convert my old speakers to the new smart tv. The image that I posted has a converter in it.

👤The ends of the All 3 cable cxn are made of high quality plastic. The colors are bright and clear and the audio is crystal clear. I cannot recommend these highly enough because of the price.


What is the best product for headphone to rca adapter?

Headphone to rca adapter products from Rankie. In this article about headphone to rca adapter you can see why people choose the product. Amazon Basics and Rfadapter are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone to rca adapter.

What are the best brands for headphone to rca adapter?

Rankie, Amazon Basics and Rfadapter are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone to rca adapter. Find the detail in this article. Ugreen, J&d and Bshtu are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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