Best Headphone to Rca Cable 8ft

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1. Adecco LLC Stereo Female Adapter

Adecco LLC Stereo Female Adapter

Excellent signal quality can be achieved with high quality gold plated plug, oxygen free copper wire and double shielding. The mini-jack to 2-RCA stereo audio Y cable length is 8Inch. The Female Stereo Plug is a great way to plug a portable CD player, mp3 player, iPod, smartphone, tablet, PC sound card, and other devices into the existing RCA connections. You can send your music from an mp3 player to a stereo system with the Y adapter cable. Plugs audio cable is designed to split a stereo signal and prevent interference from RFI andEMI. The female 3.5mm stereo mini jack and the two color-coded male RCA plugs are on the other end of the cable.

Brand: Adecco Llc

👤I needed to connect a Sony 75 inch Television with a 3.5mm cable to a Sennheiser 120 wireless headphones transmitter. The TV was delivered before the adapter was received. It worked well after it was installed.

👤A cheap and useful connection accessory that converts stereo connections to mini-pin. Good quality, just what I needed. The solution was delivered as advertised.

👤I used this to hook up my old surround system. They tried to sell an audio setup that would have cost $45 at the best buy, but it was a joke.

👤This is a must have accessory. If you don't have a cable box, this is perfect. You can listen to tv at night by plugging in a tv and a headphones receiver. I love this.

👤The sound from one device to two devices was split by these. I should have ordered a mini stereo jack and two mini female stereo jacks. The mistake was mine. I will keep the adapters for a future project. The mistake was mine. I will be more careful in the future.

👤This is what I needed to connect my speakers to my PC. The product seems to work well and it is made from good materials.

👤My grandson built some small speaker cabinets and he needed to connect the speakers to the output device with a female jack and this worked perfectly.

2. Oldboytech Nylon Braided Compatible Controller Gold Plated

Oldboytech Nylon Braided Compatible Controller Gold Plated

Red/white color-marked connections are easy to use. Oldboytech's RCA to AUX (2 pack) is a 3.5mm cable that delivers music between devices of Red and Black interface. DJ controller to mixer, hi-fi system, laptop to amplifier/turntable. Unparalleled Stereo Sound. You can get a great stereo sound experience with their professional cable. The Oldboytech RCA to 3.5mm combines copper conductors, aluminum alloy casings, 24K gold-plated connectors with double shieldings to protect the audio signal against RF, EM and ground loop interference. Oldboytech nylon braided headphone aux to stereo audio lead can endure any twist, tug, and tangle and pass 10000+ bend tests. Ensuring optimum sound quality is achieved through the use of gold plated and aluminum alloy casings. The extended wire joint protects the cable from bending. The 3.5mm aux jack cable is compatible with many devices, like smart TV, turntable, speaker, amplifier, mixer, DJ controller, car radio, MacBook, iPod, Pad, and iPhone. What? You get 2 Pack Oldboytech to 3.5mm cable for 8 feet. Before being sent off, each cable is tested to make sure it works.

Brand: Oldboytech

👤The cable looks like it will hold up. Time will tell. There is a Some reviewers say that the sound quality has improved with this cable. You are gifted with ears that can hear a difference. I had a good audio connection and no issues. I would buy this cable again if the price was the same. March 10, 2020 is the new date. If you bought the cable from this seller, you won't be worried about the channel crapped-out. A replacement for the failed channel was sent to my mailbox after I contacted the seller. Talk about great customer service. Excellent customer service.

👤I needed the plugs to connect my phone to the Stereo receiver. To leave. There was no loss in quality. I use a Polk Atrim out door speakers to stream into my channels. The two pack is nice, I did not want a "Blue tooth" but power in receiver. The cables have a good braid and I have never had a problem with them, so don't expect them to have any problems.

👤I bought a DJ controller and use them. I want to learn how to use them and mix music with them, but my speakers don't have an input from the RCA brand. I am shopping for studio monitors for my DJ controller since I am really into using it and taking to it like a duck to water. The audio from my DJ controller is crystal clear, even though I was expecting the usual buzz or hum from the cables. I would suggest these to people who are looking for a 3.5mm jack. These are new to me. I will update the review after a while.

👤These cables are used to connect my two PCs to my home theater audio system. I have to convert the mini plug to the RCA plug in my pre-amp because the computers are mini plug oriented. A pre-amp is a receiver that doesn't have power or wires for the speakers. In my case, the output of the pre-amp is a set of RCA jacks, which connect to power and speaker cables.

👤Very nice! Look. They work as well as any should, do not cost an arm or a leg, look nice, and don't degrade sound quality. A cable should be transparent and not add or take away from what it connects to. Thank you and the cables work just fine. Highly recommended? Trust me. I know what I'm doing when I'm reviewing.

👤I use these to connect an echo input to a Denon receiver, then on to PSB Silver i speakers and PSB sub woofer. No issues so far. The seller will send you new cables if you get a hum, but other reviews say the cable is not good. If they're going to be left in place, I would consider something more heavy duty, but if you're going to be frequently unplugging and replugging them, it's an excellent choice!

👤I would expect them to work. I'm concerned about their durability but they are being used in a low-stress environment so I'm sure they'll be fine. They met all functional expectations despite my concerns about perceived durability. There is a word of caution. The cables were not able to make the sound better.

3. AmazonBasics 2 Male RCA Audio Cable

AmazonBasics 2 Male RCA Audio Cable

It's great for connecting the iPad Mini and iPad Pro. The box contains 8 foot 2-Male to 2-Male RCA audio stereo subwoofer cable. Crystal clear audio. It's ideal for home-entertainment and high-fidelity systems. The input can be high or low-pitched, and can be connected to either L or R input. 24K gold-plated full-metal connections are resistant to rust. Reliable performance. It eliminates unwanted noise for clear audio and minimal signal loss for consistent audio. Red/white color-marked connections are easy to use.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤These cables are large and made from good material. They won't fit in my jacks.

👤These are not bad cables. They are not great either. They seem to have a decent build quality. The gauge is thin. It needs to be a heavier gauge. Here is the reason. There is a The bass drops out at 60hz and below. They seem to lose out on the highs at around 15khz. To confirm my assumptions. 3 people did a blind study against some more expensive rca's. One of my sons tried to fool us by playing 3 or 4 different songs and 5 test's while he changed the cables. They all came to the same conclusion as me. All 4 of us were correct on which cables we picked. There is a Most people have normal audio gear. The cables will work. I have higher end gear. These cables are not for you.

👤The cable set is great. You would pay three times more for an equivalent product at a big box store that sells home electronics. The ends held on to the equipment. They could be pulled off at the same time. I've seen higher end jacks damage the RCA jacks on connected equipment because they held on too tight and could not be removed without damaging something. The pressure was right. I use this for my receiver's outputs. The cable is flexible and easily routed, but it is a lot thicker than the generic cables included with some equipment and cheap ones that are still widely sold. Amazon got this right.

👤This purchase was a no-brainer for a hardcore audiophile. The garage audio system has this y cable. The cable is too long for my needs, but it produces superior performance.

👤I've now bought about 10 pair of basic cables and they are better than some of my more expensive purchases. I love them all - appearance, performance, packaging, all are great! I have equipment that costs several thousand dollars, and cables that don't have to break the bank. Highly recommended. Well done Amazon!

👤Unless you're buying really expensive cables, don't bother with more expensive cables. Just buy these. I use a lot of these in my setup, and they sound great. I bought a fancy Audio Technica cable in Japan for $100 and can't tell a difference between these and it.

👤It was good quality for how much you paid. I don't think the gold is worth it, but I think it's more of a facade than anything else. The wires were quiet and resistant to interference. All but one of the plugs fit perfectly on the receiving jack, and the only one that didn't fit was tightened up by the pliers. There is a The length was good. 3 feet doesn't feel like enough and 6 feet is often too much, so the doctor ordered a little bit of slack and a little flexibility with 4 feet. I will probably get more of these in the future.

👤I was able to connect my Yamaha receiver to my Polk PSW. The receiver has out connections. I only have one Sub. I used this cable to connect the outs of the two subs to the single subs on the Polk subs. The cable does not pick up any interference. The cables sound great with my subs.

4. ANRANK RC35212AK Female Y Cable Adapter

ANRANK RC35212AK Female Y Cable Adapter

Customer service from Rankie. 3.5mm male to 2mm female cable. The stereo audio cable is perfect for connecting PC and personal audio to TV's, home theater, and Hi-fi equipment. The Y-cable connection is easy to use. The mini stereo jack has a connection to PC/MP3 player/portable CD player, while the stereo RCA jacks provide a connection to your Hi-fi audio system, AV receiver, or TV.

Brand: Anrank

👤I plugged the 3.5mm male plug into my keyboard so I could play through the TV stereo instead of just headphones, and I wasHOOKED up to long male both ends of the wire. Why mention this? Some wires that are used to extend and mix with other types don't work because of a distance, hookup loss, or glitch. Even when the stretch and weight of the long wire tugged at the connection while dangling, the adapter held the composites tightly. I am being explicit because that info is important to some.

👤The product is what I needed.

5. SOLMIMI Nylon Braid Subwoofer Headphone Smartphone

SOLMIMI Nylon Braid Subwoofer Headphone Smartphone

We offer a 12 months warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee, so they are confident in their product. If you need a premium and durable cable for your home stereo system, the DuKabel 3.5mm Audio Stereo Cable is something you should consider. Stable performance ensures Bi-Directional transmission of high-definition audio, SOLMIMI RCA to 3.5mm audio cable adopts pure oxygen-free- copper wires, 24K gold-plated connector. The extension cable protects the original auxiliary port of the stereo audio devices. It looks like a "little wine bottle" and is easy to plug and insert, but it is also stylish and elegant. Crystal-like nylon braided exterior protects the cable from damage. 15000+ bend lifespan, anti-slip grab design. A 3.5mm auxiliary port (Aux-in) on most devices makes it easy to connect headphones to a stereo system. The SOLMIMI Advantage is an intelligent step-down design that makes the aux RCA cord fit in any phone case. Feel free to contact them if you'd like, their priority goal is your satisfaction, backed by SOLMIMI's 1-year hassle-free customer service.

Brand: Solmimi

👤This is a typical quality patch cable. It does it's job, but I wish the plug material was more durable. It works for what it is, even though it doesn't seem very solid.

👤The stereo jack plug is converted into one 3.5mm stereo jack plug. It's useful for connecting auxiliary inputs for recording. Maybe for connecting a receiver. There is a The cable is of excellent quality. It looks good and feels like it will last a long time. Highly recommended! The rating isAAA+++.

👤This is a very handy cord for connecting portable audio devices to traditional stereo gear. It is made with aluminum and should hold up better than plastic in portable use. I use my echo dot to connect my downstairs stereo.

6. DuKabel Cables Crystal Nylon Braided Conductor

DuKabel Cables Crystal Nylon Braided Conductor

C2G packages all product in branded packaging to make sure you get the highest quality products. Focus. Every single detail on Pure Essentials is to ensure that the best quality 3.5mm auxiliary audio cable is presented. The sound quality provided by this cable is a thing of beauty, which means that it can be used for a variety of purposes. The jack itself has additional insulation which helps in the durability of the product during multiple plug-in and plug-out maneuvers and keeps the interference from other electrical devices near the device to minimum. Ever Plug-in and out is great, it's a step down design, nylon braided exterior, and secure connection. The triple shielding that runs through the entire length of the cable cuts out irrelevant noise. Your lifetime. The choice was the DuKabel 3.5mm to 2RCA auxiliary stereo. Y splitter is compatible with everyone. Make sure that the step down design is secure fit on many devices. If you need a longer cord, they recommend that you combine it with a 3.5mm extension audio cable. They offer a 12 months warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee, so they are confident in their product. If you need a premium and durable cable for your home stereo system, the DuKabel 3.5mm Audio Stereo Cable is something you should consider.

Brand: Dukabel

👤The materials used to make cable are good. The sound quality is bad, at least with the one I got. I use my old worm out cable again because it is so bad. If you like one volume for your music, I don't recommend it. After my original review, DuKabel contacted me via email. They apologized for the issue with my cable and sent me a new one. This one has worked well and is holding up well. I would not order again from them for the customer service alone.

👤The Haram Kardan amplifier is 25 years old. An optical audio output and a 3.5mm out put is what an LCD TV has. The sound quality is great. The amplifier gives me a good version of surround sound, which is okay with me.

👤Great product. But... Check the plug size. Not being an electrical whiz, I had to learn how to use amplifier and speakers. There are three small sizes for cell phones. I thought I needed a 3.5mm male plug for the amplifier. This is what I needed. The amplifier had a small port. I went to the local big box store and bought a 3.5mm to 1/2 conversion kit.

👤Don't look for a 3.5 to RCA cable, avoid buyer's remorse and look for a decent sounding cable. It looks great on paper but the sound quality is terrible. The jacks on the DuKabel are too loose and not made to proper spec. They're not as good as the free patch cords we get with stereo equipment, but you would think that they should be at least as good.

👤I bought a 5 meter cable to connect the DAC on my pc to my receiver. I have had issues with humming in the past, I thought it was a problem with the pc, but it turns out it was an inferior quality cable. I like the nylon outer jacket that won't let you crimp the cable in such a way that it will do damage, I love these cables, they are very durable, and I tried to pull the connectors off, but could not. The connections are strong. I think this cable will provide many years of service. Buy with confidence.

👤I have an older Technics receiver that is non-blueTooth and I wanted to listen to music on my Mac over my audio speakers. The job was done more than this. Audio transmission is excellent because of the well made cables. I have worked in the audio and video industry for 30 years. Would buy other cables from this company. The first cable was used in an upcoming Halloween event.

👤If you're looking to improve your cable game, the DuKabel Top Series cables are a good deal. This is the next logical step if you're currently using the stock RCA interconnects with your gear. It's not a $0.50 cable, but the build quality demands a bit of a premium over the run-of-the-mill cables. I have a Dragonfly DAC and an Emotiva UMC-200. I can't complain about anything. The music is put into the pre-amp. What more can I ask for? I don't think it would be that much better to justify the added expense of a more expensive cable. Get your cables before they go.

7. 3 5mm Adapter RFAdapter Speakers Subwoofer

3 5mm Adapter RFAdapter Speakers Subwoofer

There is a gold plated connection. It's perfect for audio applications where you need both 3.5mm and RCA connections, such as running a small audio device into a mixer. It's used in speakers, sound card, TV, etc. The cable is made of high quality wire. The strain relief is molded and it is easy to plug and unplugging. signal loss, noise and interference can be minimized by using nickel-plated brass. They offer a worry-free warranty and friendly customer service within a year. They will serve you their best if you are not satisfied with any product.

Brand: Rfadapter

👤Initially, I thought I would work okay. I moved my sound bar to cause a loud hum. The connections are too loose.

👤The product arrived on time. The price is fair and works.

👤The connections are very loose and have to be taped.

👤It was difficult to set up my computer's software, but it works.

👤I used this cable to connect a backup camera to my car. The smaller 3.5mm connection is easier to use than the larger one when wiring the main body of the car. Quality is good. It worked out perfectly for me.

👤It's what I needed to connect my amplifier to my reciever. There were no complaints here.

👤Adapteur pour connecter amplificateur de guitare. Merci beaucoup!

8. Monoprice 105597 3 Feet Premium Stereo

Monoprice 105597 3 Feet Premium Stereo

This cable is perfect for connecting your mp3 player or phone to your home audio system. The cable is made of heavy-duty cable. Each conductor is a shield to prevent interference from the outside. The cable is 12mm thick and the housings are 41mm long.

Brand: Monoprice

👤I used this for my Fire on a receiver after purchasing it for about 4-bucks, and it worked perfectly. I bought a shorter cable on that auction site and went to different brands to save a few bucks, but they were all different. We have a large house and a receiver in three different rooms for different things. We received a software upgrade to the Fire that didn't give us the same level of sound, so we had to crank the receiver up to 50 to hear the words. I tried the Fire back on the receiver that had this cable and it worked fine, the volume on the Fire is always set at maximum. The problem was solved when I moved the Fire and the cable back to the room. The first suspicions were that the Fire 3.5mm jack was malfunctioning or the receiver was malfunctioning, but it turned out that the cable that connected the Walkman cassette player to the Fire 3.5mm jack was working great. I don't know why it worked on the Walkman and not on the Fire but, clearly, not all cables are the same and fail to perform over time as they once did. 5-stars for this one. I bought a new one with good reviews and a brand name after throwing the old one away.

👤I wanted to do a video. I kept using the new cable for the computer headphones. Less than a week, it stopped playing and passed only one stereo sound. When I replaced the cable with a different one, the speakers sounded the same. The laptop jack breaks if you continue to use this cable. This cable is bad. The male jack pointer should be slightly thicker but it is not. The cable comes out when you just rotation the laptop, it makes a lot of noise. I tried other phones and it was the same.

👤There is a top quality product. These cables are thick and durable. I put these up there with the best of expensive high end cables such as the best from Monster. Better materials do matter with analog lines. There is a These aren't fancy in appearance, which is the only potential negative. A plain black covering. There are no ritzy colors or finishes. The heads are gold- plated, but not high-end. The quality shines through if you feel them. They should last a long time because of the superior protection from interference. They do a great job. The difference in sound quality is obvious to me, but I don't think super expensive would be as good as these. Get these and improve your sound over the audio gear that comes with overpriced names. MonoPrice is a good brand.

👤The cheap cable that came with the tube amplifier was replaced with these. The sound was ruined by a big mistake. It sounded better after Swopped it out with the original cheap cable. I don't believe in the whole audiophile cable thing. The exercise proved that the cables can make a difference. Spend more on brands that are reputed. It seems like the thick cable is all show and the inside is just a tiny bit of copper, as shown by the reviews here.

9. CableCreation Auxiliary Splitter Gold Plated Smartphones

CableCreation Auxiliary Splitter Gold Plated Smartphones

CableCreation has a Worry-free Two Years of Warranty and Lifetime Friendly Customer Service. The right angle design of the 3.5mm to RCA cable allows it to connect to the backs of various electronic devices without the cable sticking too far out. The 90 degree configuration will relieve stress on the connections. This cable can be used in either direction, from rca out to 3.5mm in or from 3.5mm in to rca out. You can't choose the same directions for use at the same time. It must be one side in and the other side out. All 3.5mm jack devices fit perfectly with the ultra slim gold-plated connector. 3.5mm to 2RCA auxiliary stereo. The Y splitter can be used to connect to Stereo Receiver, Speaker, Amplifier, TV, Car and other devices. The 3.5mm to rca audio cable is flexible and durable for daily use. The black and white color makes the cable look neat. 24k gold plated connections and oxygen-free copper, soft cotton provide optimum stereo audio transmission.

Brand: Cablecreation

👤I bought two cables, one short and the other long. Poor shielding makes the 10' cable unsuitable. The hum is annoying. Cheaply made cable runs are vulnerable to this. I am not claiming to be a professional audio engineer. I understand the basics of audio signal paths. I made sure that my audio/video equipment is properly grounded and that I didn't run the cable in close proximity to the power cords. The jacks are very tight. It is very difficult to remove once inserted.

👤The cord can ruin your stereo components if you need to twist them off. The rca jacket stayed put and the rest of the cord gave way when I tried to unhook them. It was wonderful. Don't use this cord!

👤The laptop phones port is connected to a regular stereo amplifier. I was tired of not having decent computer speakers and this provides a way to solve the problem. The right angle plug on one end makes it easier to deploy. I don't expect my setup to be challenged for a long time because it is static. I'm not doing anything that will challenge the durability.

👤I measured the capacitance of the cables with my DMM. 50pF. This is very good compared to many others on Amazon, which measured over 300pF for similar lengths. Lower capacitance cables help retain the sparkle in the recording. These are good for the price and I use them to connect a Dragonfly Red DAC.

👤The right angle of the RCA's makes this one stand out. This allows one to easily connect them to the backs of various electronic devices without the cable sticking too far out. Right angle cables are usually more practical than standard ones and look nicer, as they are almost always more aesthetically pleasing. The quality of this cable is pretty good, and so far, it's sounding great. There were no complaints here.

👤I bought this to connect my Hi-Rez digital audio player to my headphones and I can put my headphones on and control the player in my hands. What more can you ask for? Sounds great.

👤I wanted to use this cable to plug my echo dot into my stereo.

👤This cable is good. The braided cloth sleeve is low profile and attractive. Resistance to cable strain is not good. I wouldn't use it in my travel bag because it solved my need for my desktop.

👤The wire does the basic job and looks nice. There is a It shouldn't be compared with any high end cable as it isn't that catagoty. It's okay for the primary job. There is a The terminals used for the cable end tend to become loose as you use them over time. My recommendation is to use it for the alliance where you don't need to remove them often. There is a A decent buy for the price, but not the best one.

👤I didn't notice a sound improvement compared to my previous cable. I don't have to take out my mobile cover for 3.5mm to work, like I had to do with my previous cheap cable. The only two things that look promising are the wire coating and the fact that the cable will last long. There were some reviews about the sound improvement with this cable. It's the same as the previous local cable. There is a The length of the cable is very small. There is a I don't think price should be more than 250.

10. UGREEN 3 5mm Auxiliary Stereo Splitter

UGREEN 3 5mm Auxiliary Stereo Splitter

The 3.5mm to 2RCA audio cable is suitable for plugging into your mobile device's headphone jack and the port on your sound system. UGREEN's cable is perfect for audio connections in both professional and domestic settings. The UGREEN audio cable has gold plated connections and copper ones, which make it ideal for stereo audio transmission. This cable has crisp and high-quality audio. The interference from RFI andEMI is no longer a problem with the help of this audio cable. 10000+ bend lifespan and high flexible jacket make the RCA splitter more durable. It should not break on you for any reason. The tangle-free design of the RCA to 1/8 stereo cable makes it easier to use. The UGREEN 2 Male RCA to 3.5mm cable has a slim design and could be used in a case. Thanks to the red and white colors, this rca to headphone jack is very easy to use. Most households or studios should be able to fit in three, six, 10 and 15 feet of length. This red and white to Aux stereo Y splitter cable is compatible with all digital devices with a 3.5mm audio jack, as well as home audio systems like amplifier or receiver with RCA jacks.

Brand: Ugreen

👤I initially gave this one star because I said that one channel did not work. The seller contacted me, offered to replace it if it was truly faulty, and I did so and it worked perfectly. It's nice to have that level of customer service. If that were an option, I would add another star for customer service. Thanks and praise.

👤All my reviews start out at 5 stars. Also, know as well. People want to know what a product review is about. I don't deduct for things like packaging, shipping problems or customer service, there are other ways to express those issues and concerns. I don't deduct because I didn't do my homework and ordered the wrong part. I have been in the sound design and engineering industry for nearly four decades and one thing I have learned is not to waste my time with cheap products; the consequences of which you will learn very quickly. If you leave the products alone, the crimped assembly line can work. If you want to really use your equipment, you should spend the extra money on longevity and dependability. My approach to product in life is to get the best for the cheapest. These were the best for the price and not the cheapest. These products are made to look good and are very well made. Make sure your installations are clean and neat, use good products, and the result will look good and sound good.

👤This cable is perfect for streaming Pandora from my phone to my home receiver. The perfect amount of contraction that these jacks have to firmly grip the female inputs without the obsessive, guaranteed-to-break grip that other brands have is something I must emphasize. The cables can be easily inserted and removed. Excellent sound quality, no static, and no complaints. Highly recommended!

👤I plugged the 3.5mm to 2RCA Audio auxiliary Stereo Y Splitter Cable into a pair of bi-amplified Proton 300 speakers and almost cried, but I had to. Suddenly, I have everything I need. By asking, I can raise and lower the volume. The speakers have not been used in years. They are better than the crappy portable stuff that is out there today. It's the best of modern technology and the best from the past.

👤One of these was bought to replace a PA system that got pinched in a cord case and was used for large venue and outdoor shows. I decided to try a pair because they are well made. When I got to the next show, the system had never hummed before, so I tried the second one. I checked them on a cable tester and they were fine, but the audio was bad, luckily I bought 2 -10 foot Hosa cables which I have used for years and tried one of them, and that solved the problem. In the right setup or at home, these may be fine. The hum problem and a harsh stage environment bring out the worst in some products as they bring out the worst in everything. I gave it 3 stars because they do work, they are very well made and love the look of them, but they will not reject interference well, and they are very well made and love the look of them. They need to look at better cable for their products.

11. FosPower Plated Stereo Splitter Adapter

FosPower Plated Stereo Splitter Adapter

The mini-stereo male to 2RCA male 10ft cable is connected. BEVELED PLUGS. The step down design plugs allow cable to be fully seated. It is built for flexibility and quality. The copper braided and aluminum foil shielding greatly reduces interference. TABLE SIGNALS The foam greatly reduces signal loss. The 24k gold plated connectors are resistant to rust and tarnish.

Brand: Fospower

👤I own expensive speakers and equipment. I have an ear for subtle music sounds. I signed up for the service and streamed my music at a very high sound quality setting, which is equivalent to 320kbps. The sound of my Ipad was ok but not great, but I had a Radio Shack cable to connect it to. I couldn't believe it when I switched to the FosPower cable. The sound quality was the same as listening to a CD. This cable is amazing for the price. I don't think buying a more expensive brand will make me gain more.

👤When the amplifier is turned on, I had hum noise from my speakers. Everything seems to work when I play something. I changed my cable twice. It was better with the second cable. It didn't go away. Everything went away when I connected this to my amplifier. I am enjoying my amplifier, Pioneer BS22 speakers and Sony SACS9 subwoofer. The cable is larger than other cables I had. I wasted my money and time trying 2 from Amazon, so don't look for any other options. This is the best and will solve all of the problems.

👤I use this to connect a wall mounted TV to a receiver. I was using the toslink optical TV output to convert 5.1 audio into stereo, but I was having trouble with the conversion. The 3.5mm analog output on the TV outputs a more reliable stereo signal than the optical+ DAC setup. It was nice to get rid of the things. The cable was easy to fish through. It feels nice and snug. I don't hear any noise or distortion in the audio.

👤It's good to connect Internet radios to Bose Wave Radios and other sound equipment in order to get stereo sound coming at you from different directions. It gives the effect of being at a performance. A setup like that is much better than a system where the sound comes from a single spot. It's like having a good set of headphones on, without having other sounds blocked, or something in your ears. I use a laptop computer to watch music videos on the internet. I use the audio signal from the TV to send the signal to the Bose Wave Radio. The Bose speakers still work, because I'm not using the TV headphones, which cuts off the TV speakers, so the sound comes from both locations, the Bose and the TV. If you want to send audio to another set of speakers, make sure the internet radios and TVs you buy have an out connection. Many internet radios and TVs don't have an out connection. The speaker in the radio gets cut off if you plug a cable into the jack. You don't want that. The Grace Digital Internet radio has an amplifier. I have a Bose Wave Radio on one side and a Grace Digital Internet Radio on the other. The stereo sound coming from the left and right at the same time is amazing. There is a There are ways to send audio signals. All the parts of the system need to be able to do that.


What is the best product for headphone to rca cable 8ft?

Headphone to rca cable 8ft products from Adecco Llc. In this article about headphone to rca cable 8ft you can see why people choose the product. Oldboytech and Amazon Basics are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone to rca cable 8ft.

What are the best brands for headphone to rca cable 8ft?

Adecco Llc, Oldboytech and Amazon Basics are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone to rca cable 8ft. Find the detail in this article. Anrank, Solmimi and Dukabel are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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