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1. Turntable SUCA AUDIO Phonograph Preamplifier Recorder

Turntable SUCA AUDIO Phonograph Preamplifier Recorder

The tube preamplifier is for Turntable. It converts phono signals to Line Level Signals with low- noise integrated circuits and high-quality components to remove low-frequency noise. The post is designed to protect your turntable. 2 in 1 Turntable Preamp. MM signal and 3.5mm AUX input with priority. It can be used as a tube and MM preamplifier. Many audio devices are compatible with this. To meet different demands. TheGain is a design that can be adjusted. 39/42/45 dB gains levels are switchable, it's convenient to match different audio signal better, give a control and great listening experience. TheVacuum Tubes Replaceable Design is a design. Tubes can be replaced by 6K4 / 6J1 / 6J4 / GE5654 / 6AK5 / 6*1n. The sound is warm, dynamic and sweet. The internal layout details are reasonable and concise to ensure a clear sound and low noise. Bring the best user experience to customers and create cost-effective products with heart.

Brand: Suca-audio

👤The ability to craft the sound with the selection of different tubes and the ability to pair it with various MM cartridges were some of the reasons I purchased this. Once the signal is amplified, a premium tube at the early stage can make a big difference. These features are only found on expensive stage Amps. Most high-end phonoamps don't offer this important manual adjustment. When the input level is ideal, amplification works best. There is a As an initial test, I connected the relatively low-fi Amazon Alexa Dot into the aux input and the RCA output to my integrated tube amplifier, which is essentially using the device as a pre-pre-amp? Why? This device adds a higher quality amplification stage to compensate for the low grade amplifier chip that distorts the sound less at lower volume levels. I was surprised by the sound. The listening quality of my Class A tube amplifier was increased by this device. Can't wait to use the turntable. It seems to be a nice upgrade for a small price. Highly recommended.

👤I am using this as a stylus for my turntable. Then goes to a studio amplifier. I tried with a class D and anAB tube amplifier. The speakers are Sansui's. I gave it a test and was happy with it. For this unit, I need a basis for comparison, because I pull the Chinese tubes without even trying them. The Chinese tubes were not damaged. If I allowed them to burn in for 30 to 50 hours, it would be better. That won't happen. There is a I installed some military 6J1P-EV's with a 1983 date code and they are still there. The tubes are part of the amplification. swap tube types or use tubes that test differently That will show you. I tried some of my 6AU6's and 6AK5's, even though I didn't have a matching pair, they did a great job. My 6J1P-EV's (gold w/platinum) tested stronger on my EMC206 tester which is a great tester after a refurbished and few additions. There is a I like the different settings for gain. This thing is even more versatile. There is a There may be less expensive and more expensive pre-amps out there. This was cheaper than building one from scratch for me. I am very happy. Tubes allow me to change my tone character. I would recommend both sound quality and aesthetic factors. Update- There is a After a year, the li'l preamp is still doing well. It is not a tube pre amplifier. It's a hybrid of tubes and Silicone and I am happy that it makes it lighter, quieter, cooler and more portable. In my original review, swap out tubes to get what you want. The seller should offer a variety of tubes for this. There is a My albums sound great and I have used this unit with other turntables andamps as well. They tried on their systems and got one. It's the best one to get. It was used for an experiment in overdriving a guitar amplifier. Wow. Hope this review helps people get away from generic sounding solid state systems and into their own unique, one off, custom listening experience.

2. Dayton Audio Amplifier Bluetooth Headphone

Dayton Audio Amplifier Bluetooth Headphone

Tube warmth, class D efficiency. There are two types of inputs:Bluetooth 4.2 and Aux. Adding an active subwoofer output. A high quality amplifier. Very low THD 0.1%.

Brand: Dayton Audio

👤The fit and finish is great for the price, and the knobs feel great. I gave this a look because it has a sub out and I wanted to use it for something. I put it with two Dayton Audio B452 airs and a Sony Subwoofer and it sounds great, even with the stock Chinese tubes. There is a It has two aux in's, ausb port for sticks, and a bluetooth connection for use with a computer and record player. They work great after trying them all out. It has a jack on the back that can be used for quieter listening at night or when loud music isn't the best thing. A great little hybrid tube amplifier. It lacks tone controls, but you could pair one of the tube preamps with tone controls through one of the AUX inputs. I would recommend this to others as well. Dayton Audio should do more branded tube gear in the future.

👤I use this little amplifier for my speakers. I am using an offboard amplifier from my computer. 1. It sounds great. There were some old DCM bookshelves on it. I have my Monitor bookshelf running from it. Both sound good. Maybe not as good as a 5k amplifier. This did not cost $5k. 2. I like the look of it on my desk. The blue glow from the amplifier is appealing. 3. It has two inputs. I looked for high and low and found only one RCA and other connections for desktops. I use Aux1 and Aux2 to run my computer and turn table. I can use every thing I need for inputs. 4. There is a sub out. Most bookshelf speakers don't go very low, so this is a life saver. On the positive side... The left channel went out and I had to return my first unit. It stopped working when it got scratchy. I was out an amplifier for only one day after it was replaced by Amazon. There is a The left side of the new amplifier is very rough. There is a There is a quick tip to solve the problem. Lower the volume on your computer. You can raise the volume on this amplifier. The POT will be removed by the extra volume. The first unit had a bad POT and the second unit had a bad POT.

👤I bought this thing on the spot. I was looking for a small amplifier to drive speakers in my bedroom. I wanted a small device that had a few inputs and a connection that could drive speakers to a decent volume and sound good for bedroom listening. My main living room rig is a mcintosh c28 preamplifier, a proac studio 100 speakers, a vpi turntable, and a mac mini server. The acurus system in my office includes a cdchanger, acurus preamplifier, acurus 250amp and rogers ls3 speakers. I enjoy good audio. I own a lot of high end audio equipment at home and at my recording studios. I was blown away when I connected the dayton audio amplifier to the speakers. This thing sounds great. The top end is clean, powerful, and has plenty of power to drive all of my speakers to great volume. I have hooked it up to my old favorite pair of tannoy pbm5 studio monitors, a pair of hafler monitors, my rogers ls3/6a, and currently a set of my yamaha ns10 studio monitors which are known for being harsh. The ns10's sound great. Truly. I'm thinking of buying another one of these to drive my other pair of ns10's in my studio. It is warm and clean. The high end of the ns10's tweeters have tubes round them. I have a small powered Yamaha sub that I use to round off the low end of the octave. The little rig in my bedroom sounds amazing. This dayton amplifier sounds amazing when I listen to music on my phone, or stream audio from a website. This is a no-brainer for less than 150 bucks. I'm going to get a few more of them, one for my studio ns10's that I use for an extra mixing reference, and maybe one to drive a set of b&w minipods that I have out in my garage. It's so convenient to just hook up this little amplifier and send music from your phone or iPad via blue tooth... It sounds great. If you are wondering about this... Don't. Get it. It's that good. Does it replace my rig? No. If it was my main rig, I would be happy. It can fill a small room. It sounds nice for a digital amplifier. I may experiment with different tubes later, but the stock tubes sound fine. They don't distort or sound crunch, just add a warmth and roundness to the bass. A simple set of tone controls would be a good way to improve this thing. If I could add a touch of the top end to the ns10's, I would be able to improve the overall tone and sound. It's small, but mighty. It looks pretty cool. The controls are solid. I've found nothing wrong with this thing, the connectors are all quality. Truly. It's that good. I'm going to setup this dayton with my main proac speakers and listen to some vinyl and higher quality digital files to see how it performs next to an audiophile level system, I'm sending my mcintosh c28 in to get recapped, and I think I' When I get the results, I'll change this review. This amplifier is absolutely amazing for just over $150. Truly.

3. MUZISHARE Push Pull Integrated Amplifier Upgrade

MUZISHARE Push Pull Integrated Amplifier Upgrade

A luxurious and elegant artistic atmosphere is created by combining a black lacquer panel and retro vacuum tube, which is suitable for home and desktop audio system use. The version of MuZISHARE X7 has been upgraded. The custom-made silver film capacitor is better than the classic version of the extension. There is an integrated amplifier. This is a power amplifier, a Headphone amplifier, and an amplifier for a Phono player, so you can use it to output to speakers. The machine uses a high-power Z11 core toroidal power transformer dedicated for the machine and tube 5AR4 for the rectifier power supply. The KT88 vacuum tube can be used to do the AB1 push-pull power amplification. The choice of the motor. The function of the Triode and Ultra linear selection is provided. It was soft. It was pure and sleek. It is suitable for enjoying vocals. Music and other types of music. The sound is open. The momentum is positive. For a lot of scenes. A type of music. The power tube has a current adjustment knob. There is a pure power amplifier. The pre-amp signal input can be linked. With the function. It can be connected to the player.

Brand: Muzishare

👤It's a bit of a pain, and you shouldn't have to do it, but spraying some CorrosionX into the volume pot improved the noise in the unit. It's safe for electronics and it's sprayed on circuit boards, so it shouldn't cause problems, but do your own research. There is a The more I listened to the amplifier, the less I liked it. Over time, your ears can pick out more of the sound of the equipment you're listening to. The stock tubes were removed. I swapped the 12AX7 for the Genelex Gold Lion, but not the other ones. This made a noticeable improvement in the sound quality. It's more spacious and less constrained, less honky, more open highs with a subtle touch of sparkle, and a lot more power in the bottom end, although you have to turn the volume up a little higher to reach the same levels. The only real negative is that the aftermarket tube combo resulted in a little bit of mid-bass congestion. If you really want good sound, you should scrap the stock tubes and spend a few hundred bucks on upgrades. After just a few weeks of playing, my volume control became static when rotating, and this got worse over the course of a day or two. I thought this was worthy of note because of another customer's complaint. I ordered a replacement amplifier from Amazon after the volume control became more static and scratchy after less than a week of use. The second amplifier had the same problem as the first, noisy volume control on the right channel. Problems with multiple units caused me to deduct a star. The graduations on the VU meter for bias setting are different on my unit than in the manual, as if they changed meter suppliers and the markings are different. I set it to the 40ma bias after reading the manual. The manual shows this as a different position than my meters. There is no way to know if I'm biased without opening the amplifier and taking the tube sockets. I was starting to like the sound of the amplifier less and less after listening to many different speakers, including a pair of MartinLogan Motion 4i speakers. It's kind of constrained and occasionally honky, like a caricature of tubey traits. I decided to bias the output tubes higher. This made a noticeable improvement in sound quality. I replaced the stock tube with a long plate from another device. This improved the sound, a little more detail and crispness up top and bottom. There is a The build quality is excellent. The brushed aluminum faceplace, controls, remote, and metallic blue finish are all top-notch. When it is lit up in the dark with the tube cage off, it is beautiful to look at. The sound is good, but not great. There is a Tubes or MOSFET output devices have a smooth presentation in the upper treble. There is no harshness associated with the solid-state Amps. There is a The midbass is tight for a tube amplifier and relatively substantive into efficient loads at lower volumes, and yet there is a touch of tubey roundness in that region. The mids are dependent on the speaker pair. There is a separation of multiple harmony vocals that lesser amplifier cannot reproduce, and on certain recordings there is a breadth of soundstage that is not as good as other (solid state) amplifier I own that can be had at this price or less. There is a Despite its power rating, and the advantages of tubes when driven to their limits, this amplifier struggles at moderately elevated volume levels. Even with smaller speakers, the midrange distortion is obvious. If you keep the meters from exceeding the 0db mark, it's not an issue, I found this to be a good metric. The vendor said that the amplifier is not suitable for driving MartinLogan electrostatics. I own a pair of Aerius i ML stats, and I tried this amplifier with them. The amplifier sounded very constrained and nasal. It opened up quite a bit and sounded nice at low volumes, as in background music level. The amplifier sounded more open using the 4 ohm terminals because it dipped to below 1 ohm at the high frequencies. There is a There was a lot of distortion when turned up above background levels with either 4 or 8 taps. It's not a good match for electrostatics. There could be bass distortion at relatively low levels on multiple speaker combinations. The bass distortion was not noticeable on speakers with rolled off low end. There is a The best pair of speakers for this amplifier was an old pair of Optimus bookshelf speakers. The speakers are not good due to excessively warm and colored midbass. The dispersion pattern of the Linaeum speakers allow the amplifier to sing in terms of soundstage and hologram. I think I will keep the amplifier as a piece of furniture and use it for listening to small speakers in the bedroom. The amplifier could sound very good with the right combination of speakers andamp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp There is a Unless you are specifically looking for a tube sound, and are willing to pair with the exact best match of speaker for this amplifier's characteristics, and listen and low to moderate levels, I think higher levels of fidelity with a wider range of speakers can be obtained. I own an amplifier that is so remarkable that you can hook it up to a pair of cheap speakers and it will make them sound better. This is not an amplifier. It is possible to get a taste of that sweet tube flavor at lower volumes with this product. If you have the time and money, tube rolling can be improved.

4. Stereo Bluetooth Vacuum Amplifier Turntables

Stereo Bluetooth Vacuum Amplifier Turntables

The metal aluminum case is very suitable for home and desktop audio system use and the mini size with attractive appearance makes it fashionable. MM Phono input converts the signal from the phony to line level signal and amplify it, with low- noise integrated circuits and high-quality components to ensure clear and clean sound. The 3.5mm AUX input can amplify the low level audio signal from your phone, tablets, mp3 and other devices. The JAN5654 vacuum tube and HiFi Sound are the best for your music because they improve everything from detail, transparency, immediacy, richness, dynamic, tone, etc. Pluggable tube sockets are easy to pick from and alter the sound signature to one's liking. The max output power of the TDA7498E amplifier IC can reach 160W+160W, and it is equipped with a 32V/6A power supply, which makes it easy to drive most home passive speakers. It's convenient to connect an active sub and build a 2.1 stereo audio system. It is possible to get more smooth and delicate sound by adjusting the bass and treble knob, and it is also possible to enjoy the original sound. A bassboost switch is designed to enhance bass effects and make you feel like you're in a movie. The metal black case and vacuum tube with blue and orange decorating light looks fashionable and attractive, it is very convenient to use and suitable for stereo home and desktop audio system.

Brand: Douk Audio

👤I ordered this not expecting it to be cheap, but here I am. There is a In my spare time, I repair vintage electronics. I went looking for speakers that wouldn't fit my beomaster 8000 because I wanted some. I needed something that had a built in amplifier, rca inputs, and a radio. This checked the requirements and had the power to drive my Bose 501s. The tube pre-amp was a bonus. Good looking construction is solid and heavy. The wide range of DC voltages makes it easy to replace a bulky adaptor. There is a The sound quality is similar to my B&O Class A mono block, but with the preamplifier. The only thing that irritates me is the fact that other receivers have a beep that I don't like. There is a My technics play perfectly through it, and the signal is stable. The ground works well with no hum. There is a The tubes came with it. Being made in China by a company I have never heard of, I expected the tubes to be as good as the Soviet ones. When I saw genuine, made-in-the-USA, General Electric, 5654Ws in the box, my jaw dropped. The notorious JAN type is not just any 5654Ws. JANs are the mil-spec type designed for longevity and performance, and are considered by many to be one of the best for audio use. I keep a few in my personal stash for repairs because I know they will never go bad. There is a I am impressed. I have no regrets for the size, form factor, number of inputs, sound quality, and price.

👤This amplifier is built on chips. The magic sound is not created by two tubes pre- amplifier. There is an electronic sound. The manufacturer is not completely honest.

👤I wanted a small form factor, power and bluetooth when buying this Douk amplifier. I decided to take a punt because this unit appeared to be able to cover those bases. The addition of a pre amplifier was an added bonus for a vinyl junkie. I upgraded my speakers to Q-Acoustic 3030i. They match very well, no need for a sub! There is plenty of power in reserve when you feel like cranking it, and I am still a little startled by the sound quality and bottom end. The sound is great regardless of source. There is a It's a cool looking, well built and very functional little unit that does exactly what I bought it for, can't ask for more than that. I took a punt. I gave it a thumbs up.

👤I am not so sure about the Wattages that they advertise, 160WRMS on each channel. The game is changing around 120W more or less around the number for each channel. Pick the signal up in a second. The range is very impressive. It would be nicer if they put a building fan for cooling. I used this little badboy for 14 hours and it didn't give me any issues with overheating. The price I paid was $150. I got the sound quality that I wanted and it was a few dollars off. This is a hybrid version. I think my money was well spent. I have dual 8 inch floor standing Onkyo speakers and polk psw10 woofer. The sound was amazing. The cute tube created by DOUK audio is affordable. I'm making you purchase more of your products.

5. Vacuum Preamplifier Turntable Headphone Amplifier

Vacuum Preamplifier Turntable Headphone Amplifier

MM /MC phono input, support multiple input impedance switch, converts phono signal to line level signal, low-noise integrated circuits and high-quality components to ensure clear sound. 3.5mm AUX input, amplify the low level audio signal from your phone, tablet, PC, mp3 etc., easier to drive amplifier or active speaker and greatly improve the sound quality. The integrated T4 Plus preamp with retro tubes and VU meter is a unique and amazing combination, it gives you a different acoustic enjoyment with large dynamic and sweet, and the pointer dancing in the warm light with strong vintage feelings. Imported JAN5654 tubes and vintage warm sound: default comes with JAN5654 tubes, improves everything associated with your music such as detail, transparency, immediacy, richness, dynamic, tone etc., much better than 6J1 series especially in human voice. Pluggable tube sockets are easy to pick from and alter the sound signature to one's liking. 3.5mm headphone output and perfect circuit design: T4 Plus, also with built-in classic headphone amplifier circuit. The TI5430+7205MOS for power management is reasonable and advanced, as well as the first-class design with an unbeatable low cost. Mini size and excellent performance: all designs full of details, such as solid aluminum alloy knob, gold-plated terminals, grey integrated moulding aluminum alloy shell, looks vintage and elegant. A stereo audio preamplifier and headphone amplifier is designed for the high end audio enthusiast.

Brand: Douk Audio

👤It sounded best with my headphones.

6. Nobsound NS 08E Integrated Amplifier Headphone

Nobsound NS 08E Integrated Amplifier Headphone

The Hi-fi tube headphones amplifier is called the NS-08E. It can drive headphones and headsets at speeds of up to 600 mph. The new version has a warmer tube sound and more replaceable tubes. The upgrade circuit can lower background noise and increase bass power. It can be used as a stereo preamplifier. The best way to improve the preamplifier function is to use the NS-10P (ASIN: B07719G56B). The shell is super mini. Solid workmanship. Customer service was prompt and courteous. Please contact them on Amazon for any questions.

Brand: Nobsound

👤I didn't give this five stars because of the stock Chinese tubes and the fact that the port is not recessed, which is annoying as I couldn't plug in my PSB headphones. There is a As for the stock tubes. I was motivated to buy a pair of Amperex PQ 6688s on eBay because of a fellow reviewer who was going to tube roll and try a different set. The quality is vastly different. The Chinese tubes covered the sound. With the 6688's you get clarity, detail, bigger soundstage and musicality. I really enjoy working at the office and this sounds great.

👤The review is a simple comparison of different Headphone Amps. There is a I want to be clear that I am not an audio engineer. I like to listen to any kind of music that I like. This review is just what I think about the products. There is a I am using the Logitech 980-000910 Bluetooth Audio Adapter and it will cost $21.98 from Amazon. I know this is not the DAC you want to buy, but you may want to check out one of the most popular brands. I can't tell the difference between those DACs under 100USD. They are easy to re-pair to other devices, and that's the good thing about Logitech. I can not tell the difference because I am not close to Audiophile. Fulla 2 by Schiit is priced at $100 plus $10 shipping. There is a I know this is a solid-state Amp, and I know this is a digital amplifier. If you buy any of the Tube Amps listed below, you will buy a DAC to pair with it, and the price will be very close. All of the hybrid tube Amps I compared are not real tube Amps. I listed Fulla 2 because of that. 2. The T2 2X6J9 Vacuum Tube Headphone Amp is available from Amazon for $59.90. Nobsound is selling a vacuum tube integrated amplifier for $50 on Amazon. The V2 Class A 12AU7 Tube Multi-Hybrid Headphone Amp is from Amazon. It seems like all tube Amps are cheaper now that you know the price. If you bought a tube amplifier, I am sure you want to try tube rolling, so please consider that as well. The price of Fulla 2 is close to other tube Amps. The power to drive headphones is the second thing I consider. I don't have a lot of headphones and this review is not about headphones, so please don't ask me about them. The headphones I am using here are from Massdrop, Sony, and Sony. I don't own a Dre headphones. If you want to know why, please use the internet. There is a Some are cheap, some cost more, and some need more power. The volume knob can be used from 7 o'clock to 5 o'clock. I will be able to show you how much power is provided by every amplifier. I know that the headphones are about volume but also how well they control it. I don't care about the tech issue and I don't want to see a lot of numbers calculating here. All I care about is how loud the music is. The 4 Amps with the DAC give you a good sound, but the tube Amps are a little warmer. You can't tell the difference unless you compare them. There is a You will love any of these 4 Amps when you use your headphones under 250 OHM. They do a good job. You will not go wrong with any of it. Just buy the cheapest one you can find. There is a You need to choose a 300 OHM headphones. If you use 600 OHM, you can forget about the second one. I crossed it out from the list and didn't bother to roll the tube. There is a If you turn the volume all the way up, your ears won't bleed, and I only need to turn the knob, then you'll get enough volume on 300 OHM, Fulla 2, Nobsound, and other headphones. I need to go all the way to 4 o'clock. There is a On 600 OHM headphones, Fulla 2 and Nobsound only gain a small amount from 2 to 3, and from 3 to 5, they don't gain any more. To reach the same volume, you need to turn on the clock at 1 o'clock, and from 1 to 4 it gains a bit. I don't like how the music sounds when it's on at 5 o'clock, but it did gain volume more when you turn to 5 o'clock. The volume on SMSL T2 is so loud that you need to push your earcup tight to hear what they are saying, but it's not very useful for training your listening skills. There is a If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a high-end amplifier, then you should choose the Bravo. There is a I am going to talk about how much heat these Amps will generate. I only talk about the other 3 because I cross out SMSL T2. If you really want to know, it is the same as Nobsound. You can either grab it or put your hand on it. You will feel a little bit warmer than your hand. There is a You can pretend that it is not hot and leave your hand on the case for a while, and then tell yourself that it is not hot. The heat sink can fry eggs. The heat is a safety issue. It is kind of like you forget to turn off your stove when you leave your house for more than 3 hours, I don't think you want to leave Bravo on when you go to work. You need to power it on and off before you leave. There is a You might want to know that this is not a problem for me. There is a The Fulla 2 and bravo are both small. Nobsound is using 3.5mm. I like the 1/3 better. There is a Nobsound only has 3.5mm audio input, I assumed that it couldn't be used with different sources, but you are welcome to try it, I just assumed that it couldn't be used with different sources. Fulla 2 has 3.5mm at the front and back. I can use the Fulla 2 here, I can connect to the computer and use it. There is a Both Nobsound and Bravo are using external power. You can make a generator portable by carrying it with you. I will use it at home. There is a You can power Fulla 2 with your computer. You will need external power if you turn the volume over 3 o'clock. You can use either a battery bank or cellphone mini usb charging station. There is no other output after that. Fulla 2 can be used as a pre-amp. I use Fulla 2 to connect to LSR310S and LSR 305 and it works great, but you can use the computer to control the sound from the headphones, but not the knob on Fulla 2. When you plug in headphones to Fulla 2, it will make the speakers quiet. Jotunheim won't power off your speakers or plug them in, that's Schiit company, they try to force you to do some workout, not just sitting there all day. There is a If you don't buy the right tubes, Nobsound will have a problem. Just need one. I have tried a lot of different tubes on both tubes and I don't feel any difference between them. I think stock tube works well. Amperex is a good place to try different tubes. Baldwin and Sctron are recommended forBravo. There is a I don't think you need to spend money on tubes. The sound is not that different when roll tubes are used. I am not an audio engineer. What can I say? There is a I can tell you what I choose, but only me. There is a I keep Fulla 2. I usually carry a battery bank with me, so I can just use it as a power supply for Fulla 2, or I just plug into the computer. I use a cell phone in my dining room, so I won't forget to turn off the stove when I finish eating. You won't go wrong on any of it if these 2 ask for it. I like Fulla 2 better, but I just can't say no to this cute but powerful Bravo.

7. Nobsound Little Bear Turntable Pre Amplifier

Nobsound Little Bear Turntable Pre Amplifier

A vacuum tube protective cover, a remote control, and an English manual are included. This product can be used as a MM Turntable Preamp or a HiFi Tube Pre-Amplifier and can provide high fidelity and warm sound. All Class D amplifiers have very loud background noise, so do not connect T7 to any of them. The tube can be replaced with other tubes. The mini size makes it more portable and suited for a variety of scenarios, and the alluminum body makes it strong and elegant. The gain switch is moved from inside to outside. Customers can adjust its gain more quickly.

Brand: Little Bear

👤I will keep this simple with a few pro tips. 1. Ignore the critics if you read the reviews. 2. The upgraded tubes are for sale. Don't worry about the research, Amazon suggests you buy them in the "frequently purchased with" portion. 3. Before you hook this pre amplifier to your turntable, stand alone speakers, flac player, or both, you need to remove the screws from the front. You will see a switch if you look inside. The GAIN switch is on. It is set to high. Use a screw driver to push it away from you. The GAIN to LOW switch is made by this. There is a You will be confused and angry if you don't do this. 4. Turn everything on by hooking it up. Don't get too excited, these are tubes and they need to warm up. Give it 10 minutes to warm up. There is a This unit, for the price, is amazing, and I made these upgrades and adjustments. Even on the records with surface sound, they all sound amazing compared to any pre-amp built into any turn table. I can hear sounds that I can't hear on the pre-amp. If you don't want to break the bank with something outrageously expensive, I'd go with this. It looks nice. If I pick up another turn table, I may upgrade to the next step. I am very impressed.

👤It does what it's supposed to. I don't hear any problems with the budget unit. I think it's funny that they put lights inside the mounts to make you think they glow. It looks cool. It takes a few minutes to warm up, like a lot of tube things. Give it some time if it sounds dark. I turn it on about ten minutes before I use it. I don't have to think about it. Tubes are almost always a novelty at this price point. You're buying visual aesthetic more than anything else. There is a big issue. The circuit baord has the only gain control. Unless you're feeding a very high-headroom input, you need to switch this to "low" If you're feeding a digital input, you need to switch it to low. Modern records will distort badly even with -20dB of gain applied before the ADC.

👤So... I'm going to give you a smaller version of the reviews. The unit needs about 10 minutes to warm up, so it has the best sound quality. You can hear a slight hum when I turn on the unit. The hum goes away in about 5 minutes. Let it warm up. There is a I replaced the stock tubes with G.E. tubes and it sounds great. I'm not sure what the stock tubes sound like. I kept them in case they explode. That's what happens when they go out. There is a The reviewer suggested that you open the unit and reduce the hum. I couldn't open the unit because I couldn't remove the board. My setup didn't require me to change anything. There is a The turntable I'm using has a Sure M44-7 needle and a Technics headshell. I'm going to replace the needle with one that isn't used for scratching. I'm a DJ. Use what you have. The reciever is a Sony. This thing works as advertised. Hopefully, it helps, if you make it to my review. Don't spend a lot on records. There is peace.

8. OneOdio Adapter Free Headphones Professional Telescopic

OneOdio Adapter Free Headphones Professional Telescopic

mounting on computers, desk and wall is durable. The OneOdio Studio monitor headphones have a clear sound. Powerful bass, clear vocal, and crisp high tones form stereo sound with large, 50 millimeter speaker unit drivers. It's built to stay competitive. The ear cushions are made of soft padding. The headband is stretchable and can be adjusted to fit you. No more adaptive individuals. DJ style coiled cord is easy to reach from the TV to the chair. There is a 3.5mm plug included. You can plug in the mixer you want to use. The self-adjustable headband and 90 ear cups are ideal for mastering and mixing and can last for hours. All devices have an audio jack. The bass sound is good and the comfort is good. These are the headphones you've been looking for.

Brand: Oneodio

👤First off, what are these headphones? Over 40 years of pro audio experience here. There is a These headphones are great for personal listening. DJ quality? If you are talking about a weekend warrior occasional party DJ. DJ use that subjects them to a lot of physical punishment, then absolutely not! They're $30.00 headphones. I give a 5 star for the reasons. Sound quality is important. I can't tell you a real notable difference between my headphones. These are my first 50mm driver phones. Here is my opinion. All you get on these reviews is opinion. The first test. A sound system check. It was very accurate. There is a The second test. Bose studio demo Very good. Music tests. Also sprach Zarathustra. Excellent and Accurate is what Richard Strauss is. Just like I was there, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. Nice highs and low frequencies. 3. AC/DC, Shoot to Thrill. Yeah, 4. It sounds great. 5. Both GFR and BS versions arenoid. 6. Skynyrd. It would take an awfull headphones to ruin Simple Man and Free Bird. The front row experience is something that should be taken into account. 7. IRON BUTTERFLY IN, A-GADDA-DA-VIDA, Rock ON! There are 8. The CD is called the Acropolis. This is also very Pleased here. There is a These headphones are not what they say they are. Some reviewers have stated that they are not Bass Heavy. They're reproducing more accurate Bass that smaller driver headphones can't. I would call them "Bass Accurate", not heavy. Some have noted that they are not "skull crushing" I have been wearing them for over five hours straight and have used a Neoteck NTK059 headphones. I am pretty sure that all but the most demanding audiophiles will be very pleased with these, even though the Amp did add a positive aspect to the experience. I bought a second pair.

👤I bought these last year and thought they were a good buy but I had no use for them. I have a job in a noisy cube farm where I want to block out all the noise without having to pay for noise-cancelling headphones. I had these on my bed. I decided to give them a chance. I've owned hundreds of headphones and earbuds over the years and I think I'm a pretty good judge of sound quality. These are great for the price. The price to value ratio with these blows them out of the water, as I have other over-the- ear headphones that do the same. If you're looking for clear highs, solid mid-range, and bass that rivals studio monitors in clarity and power at a price that's too good to be true, then these headphones are for you. I sound like a fan. I take listening very seriously. No one can come close to this price. These guys have done a lot. Did I mention the comfort? The build quality and comfort of these is second to none and I wear them for 8 hours a day and 5 days a week. If you want to see what I'm talking about, buy the whole family a set.

9. AIYIMA Preamplifier Record Turntable Phonograph

AIYIMA Preamplifier Record Turntable Phonograph

Box X4 is a power supply, user manual, and friendly customer service. MM signal input and 3.5mm AUX input are the two ways this Tube MM Phono Preamplifier can be used. It can be used as a MM phono preamplifier or a tube preamplifier for amplifier, compatible with many audio devices such as MM record player, CD players, DAC, phone,TV,MP3 players, computers and so on. Tubes can be replaced with 6K4/6J1/6J2/6J4/GE5654/6AK5/ 6*1n. The sound is warm, dynamic and sweet. With DC12V power supply, it's convenient to match better with different audio signalsogy, perfect for MM record players and other audio sources. The mini MM tube Preamplifier has an excellent appearance and strong structure.

Brand: Aoshike

👤The Art DJ preamplifiers deliver a good, balanced sound for a low price, and I have been a fan of them for years. I wanted to try a tube preamplifier after making some changes to my setup. I understand that this is a hybrid tube/ss amlifier and that the tubes are used to color the sound a bit. They do a great job of delivering the classic tube sound of crisp highs that don't sound harsh, but instead are detailed and not fatiguing to the ears. The sound quality is better than the Art DJ. I noticed that the soundstage was more open and the separation was better. I now hear more details about the Art DJ in my records. Midtones sound rich, bass is tight and full, and highs are delicately detailed. The price is the same as an Art DJ. There is a This one is not much to dislike. I would like to have a full variable volume control like on the Art DJ. It has a four position switch. It works well in my system on the lowest setting and I hear no distortion. Some reviews don't like the blue LEDs. I like them because I can see that the unit is on, even if I don't turn it off. The last thing to be aware of is the buzz from nearby householdLED lightbulbs on a dimmer. I still gave this 5 stars as it is hard to fault it. The price you pay for an excellent sound is what it puts out. Even without the upgraded tubes, it sounds great, even though I did not order them. I don't consider myself to be an audio snob, but I do have a good understanding of what makes good audio, and this is certainly something. If you want to upgrade your sound or want a good pre-amp, it's worth trying.

👤There are 2 things that buyers should know. The pre-amp is not powered by the tube. The pre-amp is an internal device. The signal runs through the tubes. 2. This is a Chinese product. You could be able to buy cheaper. If you are willing to wait a month, you can get Chinese Wholesale sites. I like it because of my personal experience. The vacuum tubes look cool and the sound is warm.

👤Don't bother with the tubes that come with it. If you do a little bit of research and get some upgrade tubes, you can bake them for a few days and then enjoy the diamond in the rough. There is a The low end of the sound stage hits you right in the chest without rumble, and it's not too much on the high end. I have changed the tubes out and they really do matter. You can find the right tubes for this thing by doing a little homework. It sounds better than anything I've tried in the price range of 200 or less. There is a It's very rare that something comes along that offers so much value. Even though it was made in China, it's a keeper and absolute keeper. I'm enjoying it on my rig. It sounds great!

10. Nobsound Amplifier Single Ended Headphone Handcrafted

Nobsound Amplifier Single Ended Headphone Handcrafted

The true reality of the sound quality is ensured by the hand welding of this Class A single-ended vacuum tube amplifier. This version has a headphone output that is compatible with all kinds of headphones. There is a switch on the front panel. You should connect your speakers to 8 and 0 posts. This amplifier uses transformer parallel output to reduce its internal resistance and improve its power. The antimagnetic transformer covers can be used to achieve a lower static noise. Its sound output is very good. The bass part is powerful and sweet. Its sound output is very good. The bass part is powerful and sweet. It has a nice appearance. The VU meters and vacuum tubes make it more attractive.

Brand: Nobsound

👤Wait. The amplifier and sound is amazing, but still has a 5 star review. Okay. Let me explain. I don't consider myself a hard core audiophile who can tell the difference between 192Khz and I have purchased my first audiophile setup from Amazon. My setup consists of a high quality streaming set. The balanced outputs of the M300 are fed into a sub. I found this in the trash room. I use the Nobsound 6P1 amplifier and the Audio Technica ATH-M50x to drive my speakers. I bought all of this gear on Amazon, including an expensive array of balanced/unbalanced audio cables and speaker cables. I don't have a room for this gear in my apartment so I have this setup in my cube. My first impressions were very impressive. I start hearing things I have never heard before. The bass was very deep. The soundstage is the widest and separation the most. Oh my god. The vocals are very rich. My hair stood up and I felt a tear in my eye when I heard her rendition of "Can't Help Falling In Love". The music makes you feel different. Into a different state. You sit in your chair, close your eyes and listen to the music. As you become one with the music, your emotions are stirred. You will start feeling something you have never felt before when you listen to John Coltrain's quirky jazz track and "Morning Noon and Night in Vienna". Until that moment of silence. There was a noticeable amount of background noise when listening to the amplifier. I thought that was the charm of the valve. I wanted to give the unit a chance to break. I ignored the noise. The little clicks and pops on the left channel began. It was getting in the way of my experience, so I tried to ignore it. I tried to reseat all the tubes but they were not able to. I inspected the 6H8C tubes after removing one of them. The construction of the tubes was not good. The glass envelope swayed when I rolled them around. There is a What did I do about it? Return the system and complain to Amazon about it. No! Any sane person would do that. I rolled the tubes. The stock Chinese 6P1 tubes were replaced with Russian NOS 6P1P-EB's. I replaced the stock Chinese 6H8C's with a pair of matching Psvane UK6SN7's. The burn in period for the Psvane 6SN7 valves is about 300 hours, so I was a little worried about that, but I will try to enjoy the setup during the burn in period. There is a What is in God's name? There is absolutely no background noise. Dead quiet. There is a pin drop from another parallel universe. The Russian 6P1P-EB's and the Chinese Psvane UK6SN7's became even more amazing because of what I thought was super awesome sounding. There is a It will be even better when the Audio Bloom threshold is crossed when the tubes finally break in. I apologize for the wordiest of all reviews, but I am very excited about this setup. Excellent sound and build quality! A lot of people think that Chinese products are not as good. The stereotype was smashed by the Nobsound 6P1. ! There was an update on 11/14/2019. There is a I replaced the stock 6P1's with Russian 6P1P-EB's and the stock 6H8C's with Psvane UK6SN7's. They finally got in! Oh my god. It sounds even better! It drives with no distortion no matter how loud I crank it. The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is insane. There was no distortion. My ears are starting to hurt, the only problem is now. I can not blow out my headphones. There is a The wait is worth it when the tubes break. The setup was a bit moody during the period, but it did pay off. Some days the bass is distorted, some days it sounds flat. The setup would shine the next day. The experience is almost better than sex once the tubes are fully run in. You and I will be when the audio bloom happens. I have never experienced anything like that before.

11. Bluetooth Amplifier Receiver Integrated Headphone

Bluetooth Amplifier Receiver Integrated Headphone

If you have any problems, you can return the item. The streaming range is up to 12m with no pop when connecting, and the core supports aptX and aptX HD. 50W RMS X 2 power output, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.04% THD, built-in speakers protection circuit, best for outdoor/ceiling bookshelf/ computer/ desktop Floor standing speakers can use iPod, Phone, MP3 players, TV, Echo Dot, CD players, or Streaming Media players as input. Adopt 2 x 6J4 tubes to get clear audio sound, tubes can be replaced by 6K4, 6J1, GE5654, 6AK5, 61, 6BC5 and so on, with headphone output for 16-64ohm. The Hi-fi amplifier receiver is small, practical and powerful and is designed for customers who want to listen to Hifi. Digital amplifier is easy to connect to your audio system with no software to install or settings to change, it's perfect for your desktop or smaller space in your home or office.

Brand: Fosi Audio

👤It was easy to setup. Sound is clear and crisp. It is clear that Bass/treble is great when you turn up the volume. It's cool. I used Riverstone GE5654 Tube to set up the device. When I bought my first set of Riverstone tubes, I became a huge fan. You will not be disappointed in the sound quality of these when you order a mini amplifier that uses this type of tube. Get some banana clips for your speaker wire. Keep it clean and organized. It's easy to move your speakers around. Life is easier because of them. I used the cable connection to start it up. I have an amplifier connected to my Wharfedale. I am using my computer to play music. I can get a lot of volume from this small amplifier. I think my speakers are decent for their price. I love the sound they make and they are powered by this amplifier. The bass and treble work well. As I jump from song to song, there are no issues with making adjustments. The bass is warm and the treble is crisp. I have been sitting here for a long time. It was easy to connect to the internet. If you want to connect to FOSI AUDIO, you have to flip the switch on the back. When I switched to a wireless device, the sound was noticeably lower. Even though my MacBook showed the out volume was full, I adjusted the settings and heard a pop and the sound stopped. My MacBook was recognizing the output volume after I moved the sliders lower. Everything got louder. Check the output volume on your audio source if you experience this issue. You can hear an improvement in the audio quality when you switch back to the RCA cables. You won't be going back and forth testing out the sound when you listen to music or something like that. It's easy to connect any type of device you have lying around, with the help of the internet. I plugged in my Sony MDR-V700's through the front of my headphones after a good sampling of the amplifier through my speakers. The sound and clarity of the headphones is amazing. You get a clean sound through them. When I feel a track needs some adjustment, I like to have separate bass/treble. I think you will be very happy if you are a person who listens to headphones. There is a I am very happy with this purchase. I like how small it is, the power it has, and it never got hot. It stays very cool. This allows me to have all kinds of small electrical equipment on my computer desk to play with when I want to change up the sound. I am having fun with my mini-amps. I have a tube amplifier that I run the sound into first. The sound is amazing. I'm going to be getting more of these little pre-amps and messing with them. I love it!

👤I have been looking for a better sound from my echo dots. I am 65 years old and grew up with sound equipment, but downsizing for an apartment I believed too much in the hype and claims of Amazon. The desire to get rid of my large speakers, boxes of CDs and vinyl, and large wattage amplifier was too much to resist. I had a huge collection of music at my command. But at what cost? The sound was not good for me. Amazon called me twice to take back my reviews. I did not. If you get the right match, I have both built and bought tube amplifier that I love. The sound was instantly improved when I ran the 65 watt Fossie Tube amplifier through the basic Insignia Bookshelf Stereo Speakers. For the first time, I felt like I had matched the size of an echo-dot with the sound. I haven't tried this setup through my Advent towers or Bose as it might be a bit low for big high wattage speakers. You can plug this into an amplifier like my Crown, and run it as a pre-amp, but I am trying to cut wattage not relive my college days. There is a There are pros. The small speakers in my living room can overwhelm my living room which is 20 foot by 30 foot. Keep the volume close to the max and use voice commands to reduce it. The bass and treble controls have a positive effect and I don't need to run them at max settings. I can't hear any crackles or background hiss when Turing the Amp is on. It is aesthetically beautiful, and small equipment for small apartments. There is a When not in use, it is best to shut it off. When you shut it off with the switch, the echo-dot does not respond to voice commands, but the sound is in MONO and running through their small speaker, which is good for the size, but come on! 50 million songs can only be played through a 2 inch speaker. It can be difficult to find the right speaker connections and the outputs on the back of the amplifier. I used bare wire to make my speakers. I don't recommend the knockoffs that get terrible comments.


What is the best product for headphone tube amp phono?

Headphone tube amp phono products from Suca-audio. In this article about headphone tube amp phono you can see why people choose the product. Dayton Audio and Muzishare are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone tube amp phono.

What are the best brands for headphone tube amp phono?

Suca-audio, Dayton Audio and Muzishare are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone tube amp phono. Find the detail in this article. Douk Audio, Nobsound and Little Bear are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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