Best Headphone Usb C Samsung

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1. Samsung Corded Type C Earphones EO IC100BWEGUS

Samsung Corded Type C Earphones EO IC100BWEGUS

If you want to store and protect the earbuds or other small accessories, you can put them in the case instead of putting them in your bag. There is no tangled wire, less mess, scratches, and moist dust. To make the earphones work, you need to set the sound input on your laptop ordesktop. There are compatible phone models. Earbuds are included. There are compatible devices for the laptop.

Brand: Samsung

👤These are really nice looking knock offs. Don't expect the real thing. I lost my original headphones, so I decided to buy new ones. They would be knocked off, and I was correct. You're not going to be able to get good sound quality. There is a lot of static in the back ground when someone is talking to you. The high risk of ruining my port is why I won't use these headphones, they don't fit my new Note 20 Ultra very well. I will not feel bad if I lose them. Put your money towards the original ones on the website or app.

👤One that did not have static sound was damaged before it arrived. 99% of the plastic packaging is fake. When it connects to the window 10 sound, the name is not a type C but a wired one. My real one costs about 15 dollars. I bought 2 fakes for 13 and 24 dollars. The price doesn't say real or fake.

👤These earphones are so good that they are going to be sued. Lemme explain more. For a few generations, the phones have come with the headphones from AKG. I believe these are the same models, but have moved to a different type of phone since the 3.5mm jacks are being removed from a lot of high end phones. There is a The headphones I got with S9 plus came with a standard jack. I am assuming these are the same ones that come with their new phones. The microphone to talk on calls does not work, and these earphones have great bass that one can feel, but, and I mean a big but, the microphone to talk on calls does not work, and these earphones have great bass that one can feel, but, and I mean a big What? Yes! I can't believe it. If this is only for music and not for making calls, why bother with the microphone attached? I am confused. I can't use them for making calls. It is great for music and that is why I bought them.

👤Like many other reviews, they have static. They claim to be the same as the ones that come with the phones, but they are not. The quality of these is garbage, save your money and get better ones.

👤My fault for not paying attention. I thought it was sold by the company. It is not. This came out of a note box, it appears that the headphones came with a phone, and the person sold it on Amazon as a separate product. People should not like this.

👤I became very concerned about the authenticity of the fakes that I saw. I'm happy to say that they are real and the same ones you get from SAMSUNG. The sound is very balanced and comfortable. Not overly boosted like some other name brand ones, but a good bass. I had to get a phone with theusb-c for my phone because I loved the 3.5 version so much. It's just as good as earbuds. The build quality is amazing. No negatives at all. A must have!

2. Samsung Type C Earphones EO IC100BBEGWW Black

Samsung Type C Earphones EO IC100BBEGWW Black

User friendly design and easy operation are what the Smart Touch Control is about. By pressing the earphones to answer/reject the call, hang up the phone, wake up Siri, music play/pause, previous/next track, volume up/down, and by using the headphones to listen to music. They offer a 12-month warranty and a 24 hours after-sale service. For new devices, it comes with theusb-c. The earbuds are easy to fit and have amazing sound quality. The microphone is designed by AKG. While on the go, the inline microphone keeps you connected to your conversations. Plug and play headphones don't need batteries and are easy to use. The braided cable is less prone to tangle. All UrbanX products have a 90 day warranty. Let them know if you have any issues with your purchase. They'll get it resolved for you without having to open a return. All versions of phones are supported.

Brand: Unknown

👤The sound quality of my old set was not as good as I thought it would be, after using the headphones. I was initially amazed at how poor the sound quality was after I noticed the logo on the ear pieces. There is a There were reviews. The headsets wouldn't work with the Ultra. I had the latest phone from the company, the big'n, so I thought it might be the problem. There is a I swapped out the silicone ear piece for a larger one. I was experiencing a sound bleed, and that was all. The ear piece stuck down into your ear canal is not ideal, but they are pretty comfortable after a while. It's just a matter of getting used to it. I like the feel of the cord, and it seems thicker to me, and doesn't get tangled. There is a If you experience the same volume issue, try to get a larger ear piece and try it again.

👤The headphones that came with the Note S10 were where I bought them a year ago. They last a long time, they didn't break until this year when they stopped connecting to my phone. My favorite type of phone. I bought some that said they were compatible with my phone. And they were so bad! They have duplicate companies saying they sell these, but it doesn't have the C connection and is not good quality.

👤I bought these because of some reviews that claimed they worked the same as the originals. I have backup sets for travel and work. I'm not sure what seller they used, but the sound quality and build quality of the product was not worthy of being compared to the originals. I don't like wasting and trashing items. I trashed a few sets because of build and sound quality issues. One set only worked on one side, two sets started coming apart, and one mic didn't work. There is a Only one set worked fully, but the frame was coming apart and the sound was not the same as my original buds. If you want an authentic part, I would recommend buying them directly from the manufacturer. It's not much more than what you get from samsung direct. It's guaranteed to be authentic.

👤This was the second time I tried to buy C type wired earbuds. I bought these because I wanted them to work better than the other pair I bought from Amazon, but unfortunately, they didn't work either. They had a slight static noise, but after a few uses the static was terrible, they started cutting in and out, and there was a constant tick noise. I had the same problems with the other pair I bought, so I am starting to think the C type earbuds just don't work.

👤My kid needed the ear buds that came with my phone, so I bought these to replace them. I thought they would be the same quality. Not even close. The sound quality can be described as listening through a tin can. There is a lot of static and sounds are not clear. It wasn't worth it. I am surprised that they are a brand. They are going back.

3. Samsung Earphones EO IC100BWEGUS Headphone Warranty

Samsung Earphones EO IC100BWEGUS Headphone Warranty

The first product is a compatible phone model. Product 1: Earbuds. The first product is a laptop compatible device. Product 2: Usb type-c to 3.5mm jack. Ultra high quality audio is provided by converting digital files to analog. Product 2: Us version comes with Quick Start guide and 1 year product warranty.

Brand: Samsung

👤The fact that you have to only use the brand that you use is bullshit. I paid a good amount for some of the others that are useless to me. Gfys SAMSUNG.

4. Headphone Adapter Charger Charge Samsung

Headphone Adapter Charger Charge Samsung

What do you get? They have a friendly customer service and an 18-month warranty on this usb c to 3.5mm adapter. It's not compatible with the Google Pixel 6/6Pro. It's perfect for the S20 Ultra, S10 lite, Note1, and Note20. A80/Z flip/Galaxy Fold/Tab S7 S6 S5e, PiXEL 1/3/4/5/2XL/3XL, and Pad Pro 2020/2018, are all from the same company. One cable is all. You need ausb. You can use 3.5mm traditional headphones with the C headphone adapter. The microphone has an answer or calls. Ourusb c to 3.5mm aduio adapter brings you the perfect reproduction of original sound, ensure stable, high-quality audio. FASHIONABLE& PORTABLE DESIGN The headphones are portable and compact. You can keep it in your pocket or school bag. What you get. The 2 in 1usb type c aux audio charger and stereo headphone accessory is high-quality and committed to providing customers with it. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Halasao

👤I needed this accessory for my new phone. I can charge my phone and listen to my music at the same time. It wouldn't work at the same time. It started working perfectly after a minute, but I'm not sure if it was me or the phone. I use it at home and in my car. Everything works well both ways.

👤The cable only allows one function at a time. Both a headphones and a charging station work when they are plugged in at the same time.

👤I have an Apple device. I bought this to use for my laptop speakers and to charge my phone at the same time. The jack will not charge the phone. I don't use the jack so the phone charges without issue.

👤I gave 5 stars for quality and value, but initially it was difficult to get the phone'susb plugged in, so I only gave 3 stars for " easy to install". I'm not sure if it's loosened up yet, I don't use it that often. I would buy again.

👤I got this for my computer to be able to transfer files at the same time. This doesn't transfer files with my computer. I bought a Note10+ 3stars and am using it for half the job.

👤I found a compatible cable for my phone. It's nice to charge while listening to headphones.

👤I need this to be able to use the earphone and mic on my phone. The sound quality is good.

5. Wireless Cancelling Bluetooth Lightweight Graphite

Wireless Cancelling Bluetooth Lightweight Graphite

Product 2: Us version comes with Quick Start guide and 1 year product warranty. Listen clearly. Speak confidently. With three microphones, a curved design to cut down on wind noise, and a machine-learning based solution to filter unwanted sound, the new Galaxy Buds2 is designed to deliver and send every word crisply and clearly, whether you're chatting with a friend or leading a high- The lightest earbuds they've ever made are lightweight and keep music snug in your ears for even the most active lifestyles. You can find a custom fit for the tips with three different sizes. You can find your fit with the "Earbud fit test" menu in the Wearable app. Choose the sound you want to hear, two microphones detect ambient noise, and Active Noise Cancellation blocks unwanted sound to keep you fully immersed in your music, games, audiobooks, and your favorite podcasts. The way it is meant to be heard is through two-way dynamic speakers. You feel like you're on stage with your favorite band when you listen to the sound quality of Galaxy Buds2. You should hear it like you are there. Get lost in what you love. A new world of sound is opening with well-balanced audio, lightweight comfort fit, Active noise cancellation, and seamless connection to your phone and watch. Powerful ANC and intuitive controls keep you focused on what you're doing.

Brand: Unknown

👤I only used them with a television. These were not comfortable for me. They would easily pop out of my ears if I put my head in a certain way. The left air bud ran out of power and the right had more power.

6. Samsung Type C Earphones EO IC100BBEGWW Renewed

Samsung Type C Earphones EO IC100BBEGWW Renewed

The package's dimensions are: 4.1732283422L X 1.0236 22046H. Inches. The package weight was 0.0771617 pounds.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I have used the same type of head phones for years. I threw these in the washer because I forgot I had them in my jeans and wanted to have the same level of quality. I was very disappointed. Constant low static in the background heard by me and the other caller made it hard to hear the other person. The static sound increases when the volume is increased.

👤I have a phone. I was able to listen to music but not hear it.

👤Good sound. I like wearing them for privacy, but the corded ones are difficult to wear.

👤The seller was amazing.

👤These earphones are really nice. It's perfect for walking and multi tasking.

👤As soon as I touched them, they broke. The ear piece fell apart and I tried to put it back together a few times, but the wires just pulled away and you couldn't hear anything.

👤Totally different! The product looks good in pictures, but the quality is terrible. Not worth the wait and money.

👤I would not order them again if this is an example of refurbished quality. You hear hissing while using them.

7. Samsung Headset Microphone EO EG920BW Packaging

Samsung Headset Microphone EO EG920BW Packaging

Earpiece design: earbud. Not applicable to wireless technology. 3.5mm Jack is used.

Brand: Unknown

👤I compared it to the original ear bud that I used to have after I received it. I was hoping that this would be legit since these earbuds came from Amazon. These ear buds are not from a brand. I can't believe Amazon sells countefeit products. I got it from Amazon through the method of ship and sell. I should have listened to the others. The sound quality is terrible. Way too low bass. It feels like it's missing a few channels. It doesn't sound like an original one.

👤The right headphones stopped working today. Don't waste your money. Better yet! There is a If you break up with someone you found out is cheating on you. Give these away if you buy them. The prank was a poor one and a gift for someone would be a great one. I don't post reviews often. These headphones have me feeling a little differently. It is horrible. There is a Please do yourself a favor and do not buy these. I've had the original headphones for all of the S5 and S6 Edge. I will buy a new pair for work. They sound terrible. It was actually distorted by static. Lesson learned, I wish my eardrums could be cured from such noise. If more than one person is shopping on Amazon, you should not buy them. Why do these headphones have SAMSUNG printed on them? They are bad, trust and believe. You can save money by putting two beans in your ears. Good luck!

👤I think Amazon combines all of the headset reviews based on the type. The headset has been a hit or miss since we got it. Sometimes a seller has a great product. I've had the experience of getting a different headset than the one I thought was the same, but it wasn't until I got it that I realized it was a different seller. Our previous ones are lasting for at least 6 months, even though these didn't last a month. The mic broke, the right ear bud stopped working, and then it stopped working all together. Since my kids use these daily and they are looking for one with a mic, I thought these would be good. That's the description. I will write down the seller so I know who to order from and who not to order from.

👤audiobook in the car was hard to hear on full volume. Words with the letters "st" and "ts" are very sharp at high volume. There is a They aren't secured in the ear. There is a They would not stay in place, even though you would think they would fit better than Apple headphones. There is a If I held the headphones firmly in place, that would have fixed the volume issue, but they are loose 30 second later, so that's not a solution.

👤I didn't expect them to be as advertised. The lowest you can get a legit pair for is $20, they sound similar to these, they're not tinny at all, and they're just lacking on the bass side, which the SAMSUNG's are known for. If you have the authentic case from your original pair, then storing them in that would be the best way to keep them out of harms way. If the price goes up to $20, then you'd be better off getting a legit single pair, I got these for $10 for the 2 pack, I wouldn't pay much more than that for these. The left earbud of the first pair I've been using is not completely broken but less sound comes out of it than the right one. The 2 pack is about half the price of a single OEM pair, so it's definitely worth the price, I bumped my review up to 5 stars for how long they've lasted, will update again when they're both broken. The 2nd pair had the same left earbud die within a week. I dropped my review back down to 4 stars as I may have just gotten lucky with the first pair, they definitely sound better for music but just watching videos or podcasts there's not a huge difference. I'll get them again to see if I got lucky with the first pair.

8. Samsung Type C Earphones EO IC100BBEGWW Renewed

Samsung Type C Earphones EO IC100BBEGWW Renewed

The item package has a dimensions of 2.49999996991L X 1.7699999981946W X 1.2199999987556H The item package weight was 0.03 million pounds. The product type is headphones.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤Not bad for the price. Sometimes it's hard to hear quality on video calls, but regular music is fine.

👤The product works as advertised. Good all around sound.

👤No funcionan, lo malo tiene para llamadas y videollamada. solo para escuchar msica y mandar audios.

👤Audfonos, unas condiciones. Recomendado.

👤I like these. The first pair of ear buds are comfortable. The sound is great and I didn't get a headaches. I highly recommend them.

👤I have purchased a bunch of these headphones. The sound and mic quality is very good.

👤quantité de son et file

9. Headphone XINLIANG Headphones Microphone Compatible

Headphone XINLIANG Headphones Microphone Compatible

High Fidelity Stereo Sound:XINLIANG Type C headphones are made with high-quality chips and accessories, with excellent sound quality, stereo playing, and no current noise, allowing you to enjoy High Fidelity Stereo Sound at all times. Even the elderly can hear the loud volume. It's easy to carry a powerful magnet on the back of earbuds. Use with earphone clip, no tangle in daily use. Even if you put your phone in your backpack or clothes pocket, the cable is 1.2m. The mic on theusb C headphones can be used to amplify the sound of the music, answer the phone, and track the next song. XINLIANGusb c earphones are compatible with many devices. For Oneplus 9/9 Pro 5G/8T/8 Pro 5G/7/7 Pro/7T/7T Pro/6T, for 2021. They have prepared 3 sets of soft silicone earplugs for each set of earphones, they will fit ears of all sizes. If you are dissatisfied with the product, please contact them. Contact them if you want a worry-free new replacement service.

Brand: Xinliang

👤I'm not sure why people think these have great sound. It's like listening to a portable radio or using a tin can. They didn't stand up when I tested them against some old earbuds. I bought these because my new phone didn't have a 3.5mm port, but I ended up getting an accessory for the same price as these earbuds. I'm not sure if the type c plug in has any effect on sound quality, it could just be the cheap quality of these earbuds. I'm sure they work for phone calls, but not for music and video. If you don't want to go through the hassle of getting an accessory, find a different pair. There are better quality headphones in this price range.

👤For the money, nice wired earbuds. Someone who says the sound is great has not heard anything better. These are great for the money, but not great. The sound is not as good as the original AKGs. The sound is conjoined and busy, but they are comfortable. If you want a set of wire earbuds with good sound, then look elsewhere, but if you want an inexpensive set, these are a great buy. If you pay a small amount of money, you're going to get value for it. They are good for the money, but not great. That's fine, for the money. If I gave it a 5, you might think they are great, but they are really good for the money.

👤I got these headphones as a replacement for the ones I received with the S20+. I was looking for headphones with the same ear bud shape as my previous ones. I'm impressed with them, considering the price they are being sold at. The headphones are a little more comfortable than my previous ones. It has a pause/play option that I didn't have before. A clip-on has been useful. The sound is great and hasn't had any issues as of yet. The cord feels cheap, but I think I've been spoiled by the fabric quality of the original S20+ headphones. I had issues with the sound coming out in one ear. Hopefully, these won't have that issue. After a month, I noticed that when I ran, there was a static feeling in the ear buds, which didn't feel great. It wasn't enough to drop them completely. After 3 months, theusb connection seems to have stopped working. If I hold it in the right position, I'll occasionally hear some sound, but it's time to retire these. I got what I paid for. There is a I received a free replacement for my headphones, and the seller said that there had been improvements to the cable since I bought it. I have been using the S20 headphones recommended by Amazon and they made me realize how much I liked the Xinliang headphones. I'll see if the new buds are any better than the old ones, because I experienced the same static with them.

👤I don't like wireless headphones as they are too easy to lose. I got these for my phone, they sounded a little flat at first, but after adjusting, they have excellent sound quality. Sound quality and effects are not sure for Iphone settings. I would recommend this product to a friend, they seem to be high quality.

10. Stereo Headphones Microphone Samsung Galaxy

Stereo Headphones Microphone Samsung Galaxy

The earphones detect what connection you need and instantly shift audio to that device. You can purchase original, original products with confidence. Headphones come in boxes. Allow your music to flow. Its in- ear headphones are housed in a premium, sleek metal finish and feature tangle-free fabric cable so you can listen to your favorite music without the distraction of messy wiring.

Brand: Unknown

👤I had high hopes for this product. After my original set went through the washing machine, I was looking for a replacement. The original sound was great. There is a I could tell something was wrong when I put them on. They were not as comfortable as my originals. The braided cord seemed more rigid and the sound was not high and low. Quality was the third test. People kept asking me what. Can you do it again? Your really quiet. You can see some of the differences when you look at a new pair of cell phones that I bought. There is a The only reason I'm giving this two stars is because they did work in a pinch, but I will throw them away after this review. All of the attached photos are of the top and bottom of the originals. You can see the purple tint to the EKG emblem plate when you inspect the body alone. There is a The controller's center button is smaller. There is a The microphone port is not as big as it used to be. There is a The cord was much more rigid. The fit was terrible. If you can't find a legit source on Amazon, you can buy them direct.

👤You can easily see the difference when you see the logo. This is not original, even the sounds are different. The speaker is cheap here. If you want to buy a real one, go to the website. This is just like buying a cheap earphone. It is too expensive for a fake earphone.

👤If I could give a lower rating, I would not be so disappointed in the product, but I would not be able to get a refund.

👤I fell in love with these, they came with my phone. I bought these after I lost that pair. I don't like them. The material is not the same as it was originally made. The fabric is not flexible. The ear bud is a fat bubble type of shape that doesn't fit in my ear. It was fine with my last pair. I think the materials they used went a little bit cheaper a year later. The quality is not the same as the originals. The wire is stiff and hard to push, there is no separation, and the volume adjustment is hard to push. I used to not be able to discern the plus volume from the pause and low volume buttons, even though I used to be able to touch it. The volume rocker is just one continuous bar with no separation that can be felt without looking at it. I wouldn't recommend it. I don't know if I got an off pair or a generic one. I hate to speak poorly of this brand, because it was good when sent with my phone. But no more. I used to be able to use these headphones. The person on the other end only hears a lot of noise and feedback. I fear I will get the same quality if I buy another pair. I kept them because it was urgent and some of the issues weren't immediately realized.

11. Samsung EO IC100BBEGUS Corded Type C Earphones

Samsung EO IC100BBEGUS Corded Type C Earphones

There are compatible devices. Universal support for phones and tablets with type-C port is available.

Brand: Samsung

👤I just purchased a new Note 20 Ultra. They work great with that phone. The star rating will be raised to a 5 based on sound quality and function. The original review that received a 1 star rating will remain for those who want to use these as a general headset. They don't work. They seem like the real thing, since they came in full retail packaging. I bought these for my Nintendo Switch, but they don't work there, and they don't work on any other devices I have either. The product description says they work withusb C devices, but I feel ripped off. I don't know what these supposedly work on, I think they work on a SAMSUNG but not my wife's S10

👤I would give this 5 stars. This isn't a product from either of those companies, but a fake. My pair came in a plastic baggie with a sticker on it, not the real thing. I compared the earbuds to the ones my SO got. The plastic components are different sizes and the cable material feels cheap and stiff. Sound quality? I've grabbed free earbuds on a long flight, but anything that produces some volume in both earbuds at the same time is worse. I'm pretty sure this is from the same factory that makes budget earbuds that have extra stickers on them. If you want to buy a genuine pair from a phone carrier, you should spend the extra$15.

👤I got these headphones in the box when I bought my phone. My boyfriend was using them every time I looked at him. I was happy to see them on Amazon. I bought him a pair of shoes. We love them. The audio quality is amazing and they are very sturdy.

👤Make sure you buy the earbuds from Amazon. I bought these with the option to sell them on Amazon. That pair is great. Bass is at the perfect level and the sound is crisp. There is a I bought them from a third party at a lower price and they arrived in a plastic bag with a bar code. That pair is garbage. I looked at them closely and found a few differences to the first pair I bought. The ear tips felt a bit harder and less squishy after some of the plastic was removed. There is a The sound was terrible. It was a hollow sound and lacked highs and bass. I have headphones that sound better. I wouldn't use the second pair even if they were free. I returned the second pair. I am happy with the first pair. I will buy another one from Amazon.

👤I received a pair of earbuds in an official box, and they worked great. I ordered a second pair to use at work because they worked so well. Both of these were sold on Amazon. I ordered a third pair to keep in my bag. The trouble started here. These were not sold directly by Amazon, but by ENERGY ELECTRONICS. The third pair were wrapped around some cardboard and came in a plastic bag. The earbuds didn't fit in my phone's port, and when I played audio on them, they had a terrible hissing sound. I sent another pair of poor quality shoes back after I thought I had a good pair. I don't know why 2 of these were great, but I'm not going to chancing them again. Stay away from the seller if he is ENERGY ELECTRONICS.


What is the best product for headphone usb c samsung?

Headphone usb c samsung products from Samsung. In this article about headphone usb c samsung you can see why people choose the product. Unknown and Samsung are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone usb c samsung.

What are the best brands for headphone usb c samsung?

Samsung, Unknown and Samsung are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone usb c samsung. Find the detail in this article. Halasao, Amazon Renewed and Xinliang are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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