Best Headphone Usb Extension Cable

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1. CableCreation Extension Extender Booster Compatible

CableCreation Extension Extender Booster Compatible

2 pack 6 Feet USB 2.0 extension cables, friendly customer service, and technical support are what you get. The signal booster design of the active extension cable makes it great for extending theusb connection from popular virtual reality devices such as the Oculus Rift Sensor. You can transfer HD movies or files in just seconds with the Super Speedusb 3.0 data transfer rate. Please only work with the peripherals that come with theUSB 3.0 port, and make sure to connect the port at both ends to ensure optimal performance. You don't need to squeeze yourself to the back of the TV or desktop to connect your peripherals, with this extension cord you can protect the sockets on your devices from being plugged in. Compact Designgold plated connectors for optimal signal clarity, built with foil and braided shield to minimize RFI interference and efficiently reduce signal loss; premiumusb 3.0 repeater cable engineered with molded strain relief connectors for durability and grip treads Plug and Play is compatible with Windows, macOS, macOS X, Linux, Chromebook OS, and other systems, but no driver is required.

Brand: Cablecreation

👤The extension is plugged into a Gen2 port directly into my computer. Don't use the front ports because this is only a Gen1 cable. While using this with the quest, I get a slow battery drain, so this cable is not able to charge the quest. It could be because of my setup. I will know after I receive the cable. There is a Caveat: I am using a male and female to type C and C cable, respectively. I suspect the quality of the adapter I am using is questionable. I will amend the review once I get more cables.

👤The picture on the Brio Web Camera was very small when it was plugged into a Super Speed port on a Dell desktop. The picture was great without the seller's cord. The picture was great when a 4 year oldusb 2.0 extender was used, which was the same length as the cable. This cable did not work as well as a 4 year old version that was purchased from a different manufacturer. I was told by this company that I should plug the camera into a power supply since there is no power supply for the high end Logitech Web cam. The cord did not work in this application, but they did not offer to trade it out for a new one or offer to return it. The whole experience wasted about a week of my time. Not a true 3.0 and not even a true 2.0 extender.

👤Chinese junk doesn't work with the internet. A regular cheapusb 2.0 would work better than this If you need the same thing as I did, avoid this. There is a I will learn if more than a few people are saying that it won't work for a specific item or that it doesn't function as advertised. The majority of people who review this stuff know that it looks like it should work, but they don't know if it will work or not. They have no idea if it works if the review is a 5 star one and they only want their name on it. If you see people saying something doesn't work correctly or with a specific item, they tried it and knew what they were talking about. There is a This will not extend your cables or function as a 3 pin device.

👤I bought this along with 3 other extenders to try to extend the display for my Valve Index. All of the options worked in my tests. There is a I'm also detailing the other options I tested, including price. I hope this helps anyone else who is looking to extend their system. There is a There was no discernable loss of visual or audio fidelity. lag/latency is not introduced by cable length. The signal was successfully transmitted to the headset without snow. The product is theusb (5m) The cable is long 16.4 feet. It works as expected. Other products include the ATZEBE Fiber Displayport Cable 30ft. The cable diameter is remarkably small, but it performed the same as the 5m LINKUP cable with a wider gauge. As the cable began to transmit data, the cable heads produced heat. This may be by design for thermal management, but if it's not, it could be problematic. The cable seems to work well. The price is $39.96) The cable isVESA Certified. The cable is very thick and well built. It did the job. The cable is male to female. Even without being plugged in, this worked to extend the range. The power adaptor is not included, which is a shame. The index worked well without the power boost. The cable matters The display device is called the DisplayPort. The displayport signal booster is a repeater. The signal was extended by 10m for my headset. The cable Matters 2-Pack of DisplayPort to DisplayPort Coupler is included. This didn't work to extend the length of my cable. ATZEBE is a product that can be found at the following links: There is a product called Cable Matters DisplayPort. The product is not linked to the passive.

2. AmazonBasics Extension Cable Male Female

AmazonBasics Extension Cable Male Female

Plugging into your jack without taking off your phone case is easy. There is a 6-foot male to female high-speed extension cable in the box. CONVENIENT: It's ideal for printers, cameras, mice, and other computer peripherals. Gold-PLATED CONNECTORS are resistant to oxidation and have optimal signal clarity. Shielding reduces interference for a clear signal. The power output of the 3.0 version has increased, but it uses less power.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤It works. What else can I say? It's a cable for computers. It won't make you more attractive to the opposite sex. It's not going to buy you a beer, put it's arm around your shoulder and commiserate you for not being attractive. It won't make you go to the ball game to hang out with your friends. It won't bail you out of jail if you drink too much beer, scream at geese in the park and chase them into the water. What kind of friend is this? I give it a place to stay, it uses my computer all the time, and I think it's eyeing my SCSI ports. I rescued it from the depths of a warehouse. That's friendship for you, right? I think it's eating my popcorn as well. There is a It does what I need it to do. What else can I say?

👤If you really need the length, it serves as ausb extension. The power being delivered through the cable cuts the power draw of my devices by half. It worked with 3 different power sources on a few different devices. The power draw was cut to 1.0A after I added the cable because my phone was charging at 1.8A. If you only need a plug extension, you won't be able to charge certain devices properly. I can only imagine that the results may mirror my findings, since I haven't tested transfer speeds.

👤It wouldn't charge my phone after I plugged it into my charger. I thought it might be the power brick. It turned out that if you plug this all the way into a port, it won't work. You need to pull it out just a little, but it doesn't click into the slots, so it comes out easily.

👤I am disappointed that mine doesn't work right. I wanted to extend my Web cam away from the computer and into another room. I don't get any video using these extensions. The screen ends up black no matter what arrangement is used. I have bought work for other extensions. There is a connection to these cables. These are useless without the video.

👤The data transfer rate is the same as the one used forusb 2.0. It took 11 seconds to copy a 2 GB file from the native USB 3.0 cable to the device. The same test was done with this cable. I was hoping to replace the 10 ftusb 2.0 cable, but it is the same performance. It does the same thing as ausb 2.0 cable. There is a They did a data transfer test like I did and got good results, but I saw one review. There is a It's not worth the effort to come back. Amazon should take their good name off this cable. Update: my bad. The cable is fine. I learned that 3 meters is close to the max length. Without a repeater, you won't be able to use a cable of any significant length with this extension cable. Adding a 3 meter extension resulted in a total length of 4 meters, which was too long for reliability in the new version of the software. I experienced dropped signal, poor performance, and such. There is a If you're not using a repeater, only plug this cable into a cable that is a few inches long, or else you'll get faults. There is a weird thing about the fact that the longer cables are allowed by theusb 2.0 spec. There is a For more info, search "USB 3.0 cable max length".

3. URWOOW USB Flush Mount Motorcycle

URWOOW USB Flush Mount Motorcycle

The best way to show your headphones and enrich your desk setup is with a sleek and minimal design. They're open to talking to you at any time. Installation of the gold plated 3.5mm connectors and standardusb 3.0 plug on the dashboard or other surface requires the use of accessories such as screws, brackets, flush mount components and lid. There is a dash flush mount and ausb 3.0 extension. The dashboard dock is mounted. 3.5mm AUX Input works with vehicle, motocycle, marine, and etc. The high speed extension lead is used to connect devices that use 3.5mm audio and/orusb ports. The cable length is 3 feet.

Brand: Urwoow

👤This worked well for most of the time. The rubber retaining nut was difficult to tighten. It worked well. If you double check the hole saw size you will need to use, I didn't see that listed in the packaging and cut it a bit larger than it was suppose to be, but the trim piece provided covered any blemishes. I drilled a hole into the empty space in my 4Runner trim panel for the flush mount. It worked out perfectly. I give the company a 5 star rating for their quick delivery and quality of product.

👤The length of the cables was longer than I needed and allowed for some flexibility in its placement. I connected it to another device that I plugged in to the back of my radio and provided me with an aux input and a charge port. The install is factory original. I'm very happy.

👤This fits perfectly in the cigarette lighter hold in the center console. I had to cut the hole since I didn't get the option, and then ran the wires up to my stereo to make it look great. There is a The cable is tight and nice to hold at theusb port. There is a The cover makes it look even better. Great product!

👤This item makes it easier to enhance your vehicle. It brings a mini plug as well as ausb jack to an easily accessible location. The only negative that I found was the mounting after you tightened the jack. The screws are blocked by the ring so it is impossible to insert one set.

👤I replaced the cigarette lighter in my Suburban with this. It was perfect. Make sure you use Loktight during the install. The works great and it looks factory. Quality cable. The metal threads and metal nut need to be loktight.

👤I put it in a backpack. Very happy with it.

👤They were used in a radio go-box. The cable is too thick and long for my space. The speaker out cable is thin enough to work. I wanted to get the project done and didn't want to wait until a replacement was found.

👤It feels broken and cheap. The anchoring mechanism feels good, as well as the cord.

4. AmazonBasics Active Extension Cable Female

AmazonBasics Active Extension Cable Female

We offer a 12 months warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee, so they are confident in their product. If you need a premium and durable Y Splitter cable to share music, the DuKabel 3.5mm Stereo Splitter Cable is something you should consider. Not sure? They are happy to help you contact their friendly customer service. The cable is in the box. It works with both the 1.0 and 2.0 devices. The data transfer rate is up to 480 Mbps. There is no need for a separate power or plug-to-wall connection for the single-portusb hub. It's not recommended for webcams, video cameras, devices with high power consumption, or home-theater electronics.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤17 months later, I have had no problems with this cable. The cable has been in continuous use since it was connected to the computer. It has worked perfectly, without any lag. I don't see any need for a third device. There is a I've known since the 90s that there were limitations on the length of the cable. My challenge in the new year is to find a cable that's significantly longer and without the need for a hub. There is a The cable was reliable and perfect for what I needed. It runs from the Network/AV closet to the attic and down a wall to the living room. There is a plugableusb 2.0 hub on that side of the cable. There is a Plugable Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter with the Hub. This allows me to do work on my PC from the living room while keeping the equipment out of sight in the closet. I gave pause to consider a cable, but I was not able to justify the cost for "future proof", and none of the devices I'm using areusb 3.0. What is behind a wall? 2.0 is still going to be around for a long time and it was the sensible and cost-conscious way to go. There is a I attached the plugable 4-port poweredusb 2.0 hub and plugable bluetooth 4.0 le to the cable because it worked out great for me.

👤The description states that this is a 32ft active extension cable with a self-powered 1 port hub, but it's actually just a 32ftusb 2.0 extension cable. I use a multi-meter to show that there is no current being drawn by the cable itself which is required in order for this to be an active cable. There is a The cable causes the flash drives to be detected but not usable. The computer will detect and allow low bandwidth navigation of the flash drive, but if you try to write the drive on the computer it will drop out. These are not high performance flash drives, but within the low power device range. There is a What does it do? The keyboards and mice seem to work well. I can run the flash drives if I place a powered hub before the cable. The cable is fine, I was able to benchmark the flash drives and see that they were fast. Drop outs are the same if you put the powered hub on the far end of the cable. There is a The only issue seems to be that the cable doesn't power itself properly, but in my case I was planning on using it for a keyboard/touchpad combo device which does work so it's functional for my needs. It doesn't seem to live up to the description of being a powered active extension cable. There is a In my tests, the cable was plugged into the host port of the computer, which has plenty of power capacity, and into the front and back ports of the computer. The hub was powered by a basicusb 3.0 4 port hub with a dedicated DC wall plug that measured 5.2v instead of the 5.1v measured off the computer directly.

5. Extension ITANDA Transfer Keyboard Playstation

Extension ITANDA Transfer Keyboard Playstation

This sale is for a long cable. The extension is 10 feet long. The 10ft extension cable is long enough for daily life and office work. You can lie on the sofa and sit wherever you want with thisusb 3.0 extension cable. It's no longer necessary to plug in some peripherals under the desk or behind the TV. This extension cable is 10 times faster than the previous version of the cable, it backs up your huge files in seconds, and ensures fast charging and data sync. It is compatible with standard devices. The reinforced and more durableusb extension cable provides stable transmission with the clear optimal signal. The braided nylon material is strong and flexible, which makes it an excellent choice for protection and flexible performance. The long-lasting performance design of theusb extension cable is perfect for protecting theusb sockets from frequent plugging and unplugging The advancedusbextender cable is bend free and more reliable, specially designed for a longer lifespan. The extension cord is compatible with a wide range of peripherals, including a hard drive, camera, printer, mouse, and more.

Brand: Itd Itanda

👤I use this extension cord for myWebcam. I bought this to solve the problem of the short cord on the webcams, because I couldn't reach my PCusb slot. I can use it for other things that would make my life easier. It's a must have since the extra length makes it easier to have lots of devices.

👤I needed to put the Alienware computer in another room because it makes so much noise. The perfect solution was the 10' extension cables. I use my 10000 RPM external hard drive and it works very fast.

👤If you are trying to extend yourusb port to make it easier to plug devices into your computer or media center, you should have this cable. I like to have to plug in my biggerusb dongles into my computer as my only spot is in the back of my computer This is a good way for me to have theusb right below my monitor. I have a few wireless dongles that take up more than one port, and they are on the larger end. I have to plug in another device. I am able to plug in the device without having to worry about removing stuff. I don't have to dig behind my computer to find the empty port. I can use this to extend cables. I use this more for extending theusb port in the back of my TV. I don't like having to plug in my thumb drive randomly. There is less hassle with this device. It works for the laptop, but you are probably just carrying extra length cables that take up space in your bag at that point. This cable is built to be a bit heavier than it should be and be aware of that. The nylon fiber makes the ends tough to break and it's easy to scratch. It is difficult to keep in position. I had to tape it to the side so it wouldn't fall off. It's easy to plug into without having to hold the female side. The female end of the cable has to be broken. It took a bit of force to put in the thumb drive before it was easier to plug in. I can't tell if using this cable reduces the transfer rate. It transfers at the same rate as if you were to plug it in. There were no issues with my hard drive or cable. If you are trying to plug in a bigger device into a port without having to run an extension cable or lose a port, this is a good device to have. It's well built but hard to keep in one position. It is difficult to plug in the first few times. If it's a simple USB 2.0 hard drive, it doesn't require any additional power, but if it's a 2.5 external hard drive, it will.

👤I can place this cable anywhere that I need to because it is sturdy and long. I've been having trouble with my keyboard. The lag time was making me crazy. When I was researching replacement keyboards, a review mentioned lag time, which they thought was their keyboard. They needed to extend the port on the back of their computer. The reviewer saved me a lot of money. I tried their solution and it worked. The keyboard is no longer lagging. I am very happy that I don't have to replace my keyboard as it is a design that is comfortable for me to work on.

6. SOLMIMI Extension Compatible Headphone Keyboard

SOLMIMI Extension Compatible Headphone Keyboard

The data lines and power lines are conductors that are used in the cable. The dual-bus architecture allows for both the Full Speed, Low Speed, or High Speed operations to take place. Error-free Data Transmission: Use high-purity oxygen-free copper wire OFC to wrap a layer of PVC cover + double layer aluminum foil + single layer copper foil film 4 layers of shielding, aluminum alloy cove reduces noise and interference, produces more stable signal transmission This extension cord is perfect for camping, office, home, automotive or any application where a well made connection is required. SOLMIMI is compatible with Windows 10/ 8 (8.1)/ Win7/Vista/MAC. It's suitable for high-definition camera, camera, mobile hard disk, medical equipment, video conferencing, game console, headsets, printers, scanning machines, etc. The braided cord isdurable. The nylon braid is so strong and thick that it won't be harmed by a little kitty. If you have any questions, please contact them, they will be happy to help.

Brand: Solmimi

👤Most users buy the cheapest extension if it works. You are getting PCV sleeves for copper and aluminum wires. The electrical strength is not very good. There is no shielding from interference. Waves can cause transmission problems. . There are other details that set this product apart. 1. PRICE: It was the cheapest extension on the website. I looked at the competition. Constructions were priced more than $1. . 2. The aluminum foil shields the copper wires from interference. The brand is over kill. " It has a second layer of foil. This guarantees that the transmission is error free. . 3. DURABILITY. The interior wiring and shields are protected by a braided nylon jacket. There is a second PCV sleeve between the cable and the connector. This is important. Almost all cable failures occur on this spot from the constant bending during usage. A double PCV sleeve eliminates a common defect. . 4. There is a warranty. It has a one year guarantee. Commodities have 30 days or none. . 5. There are real cop wires. Two times more than aluminum, copper is the most transparent metal. It is better than the copper/ aluminum alloy wires used in competing brands. . There is a The only problem I had was with the connector. Most cables are gold plated to provide the ultimate electrical conductivity. The standard "Nickle plating" is found in cheaper constructions. There were no problems with performance despite this lacking. The extension worked as it was designed.

👤It seems to be well built. There are metal ends on the braided cord. The warranty is one year.

👤Great product. The material looks great.

👤It seems like a very high quality cable. I need braided cables to remain rugged and this one is perfect. Great cable!

7. DuKabel ProSeries Mic Supported Headphone External

DuKabel ProSeries Mic Supported Headphone External

The portable and compactusb to headphone adapter was made from durable ABS material. There is an important note. The audio conversion only supports mono microphone, does not support TRRS. 2 in 1 essential: DuKabel has dual functions. You can add a 3.5mm TRRS aux port to your devices. This stereo tousb adapter can be used for a lot of things. Don't work for TV, car, PS3/truck, etc. It is easy to setup the DuKabel audio adapter. Plug and play. The system will recognize the port in seconds. No external power is required. One for all compatibility, the Usb audio jack is compatible with TRRS headsets and microphones. There is no system limitation. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7,Vista, andXP, Mac OS X, Linux, and the like can be supported. The sound card is built-in with a smart chip that will give you the best listening experience. Efficiently decoding the signal of sound and making a clear sound. They recommend to use DuKabel cables. The Usb to microphone jack adapter has a braided cord and premium metal. It is much more durable than other plastic cases. It has a 12-month free warranty.

Brand: Dukabel

👤I have a Tritton mic/headset that I use to game on my PS1, but could not for the life of me get it to work on my PC, so hopefully this will help someone else. I bought a 3.5mm jack that I would plug into a splitter and use it for the mic and headphones on my tower. Still didn't work. I could hear, but I couldn't use the mic. I was crossing my fingers that theusbadapter would work after purchasing this. It did! The sound quality was great. I was glad I found a solution to my problem.

👤It works as intended. When referring to an object, all that matters. It has no feelings, but is constantly questioning me. I don't understand why I must be the middleman. Why do I need to transfer sound from your computer to this jack? "Because humanity didn't create a psychokinetic medium to transfer sound from computer to ear, silly," I replied. I don't think so. The DuKabel lifetime warranty is also included with the Splitter. Wait! There's more to come. Post purchase worry is alleviated by the 18 months coverage they offer. It's worth the money.

👤It was great for music for a while. There is a I started using the program for work. The mic works for a while, but then it blows up my camera on the hub. Plugging in all the devices is necessary if they stop working. I bought the Ugreen because it works all day long. Buy the Ugreen.

👤I used to own a TROND brand sound plug in that worked well for getting audio into and out of a small radio. I noticed a low audio signal when I tried to use it with a higher quality cable. The audio level increased by 30dB when I pushed the TRRS plug into the TROND sound card's jack. That's not a problem with the two sound plugs I bought. They're very high quality and have a TRRS plug on each interface. I use the TROND for my home computer and the DUKABEL for my mobile device, but the audio cable is now dedicated to the TROND. The quality was better than the TROND and the price was lower. This has the same chip set that is automatically detected in Linux without the need for drivers. Plug-n-play is what it is.

👤The audio jack on my computer stopped working. I called a computer repair shop near me and they told me that replacing the jack would cause my computer to fail, an operation that could potentially damage my computer. The repair shop tech suggested a solution. I'm happy to say that it works. All I had to do was plug it into a port on my computer and connect any device I wanted to use the jack for. The adapter is made of very sturdy stuff. It has braided wire on each end. Nice.

👤I wear headphones most of the time. While my husband watches his videos or plays his games on our computers in the same room, I'm listening to a movie I've seen many times before. The audio jack broke. The audio jack is upward-facing. It's only a matter of time. I was mad because I couldn't use headphones. I don't like disturbing others with what I'm listening to unless I'm on a crafting rampage, and even then, those aren't normally in the same area as others. I knew I had to have an audio to theusb jack. It worked like a dream. We're off to the movies that I love so much after plugging it in and wearing my headphones. The shorter cord was great for my needs. If you're the type of person that likes to have loud noises, you might want to turn the volume down. The packaging was sleek, so props for that, and the adaptor feels sturdy and well-built. Even if it's just a block email, I received a message from the seller, which is a touch of professionalism I enjoy. It's all about attention to detail. I was very pleased with my purchase. I'll be happy to come back to this one if I ever need to, but I doubt I'll ever need another one.

8. AINOPE Extension MATERIAL Transfer Compatible

AINOPE Extension MATERIAL Transfer Compatible

Plug it in and go. DATA SYNCING AND FAST CHARGING: Their extension cable is 10X faster than the standard cable and compatible with the standard devices. The special design of the cable joints makes them more durable. The nylon braided armor is flexible and wear resistant. The included sticky buckles help to shorten the length and keep the cable in an organized manner. UpGRADED CONNECTOR: The all-metal shell and aluminum alloy connection of theusb extension cable gives you a nice texture with good hand-feel. The cable service life is extended by using multiple layers of shielding. This cable can be used to extend your computer'susb connection, as well as a variety of other peripherals, without the need for a keyboard or mouse. There is a free service. They will reply to your questions within 24 hours if you contact them with your questions. The package includes the extension cable for theusb 3.0

Brand: Ainope

👤The CrystalDiskMark scores are pictured. The 979MB/s is connected to my external drive. The AINOPE USB 3.0 Extension Cable has 410MB/s. This cable makes my computer less fast. Does the cable work? Yes. Does it work? Not much. The M.2 NVMe and Gen3x4 PCIe M.2 were tested.

👤I use it with a toy that is very picky and awesome, and I always had to get up and adjust it several times a session, the apex device seemed to be putting too much strain on my gaming console's I put no stress on my port now that I have the extension. I can make changes on the fly because the Apex is right next to me. It's a good thing. There is a I don't have any added delays.

👤These are high-quality extension cables that will ensure that any device that requires an extension receive every bit of the theoretical 3.1 Amp available from ausb port as well as issue free data transfers. 1. The braided design makes the cables stand up under use. The head shells are scratch resistant and of a high quality build. The connections are secure and nice. The strain reliefs are perfect for high-use cables and are molded nicely to the shell heads. The straps are perfect for storing or securing cables. It's perfect for any application where a high quality extension cable is required. There is a A good buy.

👤The extension cable is for my microusb cable. I am able to stay in the game while charging.

👤Excellent quality. The quality of the material surprised me. It's enough to protect the cord from the bends that break after theusb part on most cords. It feels good in the hands and the color is appealing. They have a strap for storing them. Very happy with the purchase. I would recommend.

👤I bought this extension cable because I have a card reader that connects to the back of my PC, but I have to crawl under my desk every time I need to use it. I bought this extension so that I could use it on my desk, where it would be convenient to use. I put a flash card into my reader. Nothing! I couldn't read anything from my card reader. I plugged, unplugged and re-plugged the cable, but it didn't work. I didn't hear the sound that Windows makes when plugging in something to the port. I thought the cable was bad. I plugged my card reader into the port on the back of my PC, where I had used it before. It no longer worked there. The cable seems to have killed my card reader. It was fine when I used it two days ago. It could be a coincidence. Yes, it could. I don't think it was. I think the cable did something to my card reader. I'll have to buy a new card reader because I'm out the money I spent on the cables. Not happy.

👤I had an extension cable for a sixteen hour car trip. I kept the extension cable with me on the trip. Thank you.

9. KabelDirekt Connectors Practically Unbreakable Headphones

KabelDirekt Connectors Practically Unbreakable Headphones

The aux extension lead with 3.5mm male to female is needed to extend your headphones or aux cables. The metal sleeve that protects the solder points offers incredible robustness and breakage resistance, with end-to-end shielding and gold-plated connectors delivering crisp signal quality. Thanks to the ultra-flexible, ultra-durable PVC jacket, you can benefit from maximum storage and travel convenience. 36 months manufacturer warranty. It's perfect for headphones with 2- or 3-pole jack plugs.

Brand: Kabeldirekt

👤I only owned this cable for a day. This is what I think. I needed an extension cable to go from my computer to my bed so I could use my computer there. I don't like to disturb other people with my entertainment. I use headphones. There is a I wanted to buy a cable that was long enough and cheap. I was ready to buy a long cable for about $4 shipped after a quick search on Amazon. I had second thoughts after that. Most headphones don't last a long time, so I was prepared to accept a cable that didn't last long. I didn't want a cable that didn't work out of the box or had serious flaws. There is a 3.5mm plugs are not all created equal and you can end up with a plug that won't hold up when you move. Plug your headphones in and the first time you move, the plug will pop out, or you'll get noise from the sloppy connection. There is a I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a cable that would take days to get here and then not serve the basic function I intended it to. I don't want to return things I bought. Things that don't cost a lot. It's a hassle. I found this after reading a lot of reviews about headphones. I've never heard of this company, but they had a lot of positive reviews and the cable looks good in the photos. I've had every headphone cable break down. It seems like it will take about 3 years. The conductors inside will break when the get stiff near the stress points. You should never buy a set of headphones that don't have a cable because you can't easily replace it. I don't care how much you spent. The cable will probably break down eventually. It's just the nature of them. There is a My goals here were as follows... 1. To not pay too much for a cable that will likely break down in a couple of years. 2. To get good quality for the money. 3. To not buy something that didn't work for me. There is a The cable met all of the goals. The quality is very good for the price when I took it out of the package. I looked at the jacket to see how flexible it was and how solid the connections were. A thin cable with a stiff jacket is one of the main hallmarks of a poorly made cable. The jacket is very nice and supple, and the cable seems thicker than most inexpensive cables. This cable is 25 feet long, so it doesn't tangle as easily as you would think. It's never a bad thing. After checking it out, I knew that it would have a snug, secure fit and that's what happened. The sound quality? I'm not a fan of music. The sound quality using the headphones was the same as mine. I can't hear anything that shouldn't be there. This is good enough to be used for other purposes. I mostly watch videos on Youtube so that I don't have to go to places where subtle differences might be noticed. There is a I'm satisfied. SALVAGEDATA I did not have any with this product. If this cable costs twice what it does, I wouldn't be able to say anything bad about it, other than I wish it didn't cost so much. I don't think I could have found anything better for this price. I didn't try. I've paid $30 for basic cables at places like Best Buy before. I'll be happy if this cable lasts 3 years. If it breaks, I will probably buy another one. The fact that it will eventually is not a con at this price.

10. OKRAY Nylon Braided Extension Extender

OKRAY Nylon Braided Extension Extender

Certified Frustration-Free Packaging is easy to open and ship in. The extension cable is for theusb The extension cable will allow you to extend the connection between your computer and other devices. It can provide better protection for your computer. Long Length and Multi-color. You can increase the length of your charging cable with 6ft/1.83M. They offer more distinctive colors for you to share with your family and friends. The cord is durable. The nylon braided jacket and gold-plated connector give better protection for signals of radio-frequency and electromagnetic waves. It has excellent tangle-free, anti-twisting and abrasion-proof properties, which makes it great for long-time usage. Broad Compatibility It works for cellphone charging and is compatible with a lot of computer peripherals. 2 pack 6 Feet USB 2.0 extension cables, friendly customer service, and technical support are what you get.

Brand: Okray

👤This is a quick test comparison between the Okray cable and the one found here, to give you an idea of the quantifiable performance of each cable that will influence charging speed. The product is called "B01FF0HU48" and it is available on the store. There are variables involved like cable length and wear. There is a The Rankie was the only cable that wasn'tthreaded. The fact that it was the least flexible made it feel like the bulkiest cable. There is a On average, the Okray charged a bit faster. I just got the cables today and so far, I think the Okray is the best option as they charge the fastest and the cost is the same between the 3 cables.

👤Inexpensive. It's way prettier in person. The flexibility of the cable is unique, it feels soft to the hand, and it will curve and loop just fine if you want them to, but there is a bit of rigidity that makes them prefer straight runs. I was surprised by how much benefit this had. They were kept from getting tangled. It helped me run the cable where I wanted to, since they're not too limp to fish through narrow places. They look great, they don't have anything. They run smoothly. I didn't realize how much my old cable sucked. I normally wouldn't review an inexpensive item, but these are awesome.

👤It was used to extend a charging cable. After working for two days, he died. It works with a different extension cable. The mouse cable is working for now. I don't know how it died, but there are no moving parts or chips.

👤Absolutely perfect. How does the cable move? The nylon lining is very strong. Pull it through your hand quickly and it won't give you rope burn. It's better than most plastic or rubber cables. Connection quality? Strong and firm connections. They are not difficult to remove. Gold plated connections last a long time. Length? Useful! I've used 10 ft chargers in the past but they were low quality and exposed wires with a short lifespan. The cables give you the benefit of choice. It's great for charging game controllers or taking a friend's house so you don't have to worry about finding a plug. There is a Is the price worth it? Absolutely. The 2 pack is what you need to get a charging extension. It will work perfectly for any other application.

👤I got them today and they look great. I have measured a 2.5% drop across the cables with no drop in measured Amps. My previous cables had a drop in voltage of 10%. The cables work as advertised. It seems that the build quality is good. Solid connections to the plugs are made with braided nylon cables. I will be replacing my regular cables with these.

👤I got a headset for my PS3 for Christmas. The cord for the headset wasn't long enough to get from the tv center to my couch. I was looking for a extender. In order for the extender to work, I had to get one that was gold plated. I don't know much about that. I did what people said I should do. The price was great for the quality. I don't know what to do with the second one. I was unable to find a gold plated extender in a single pack. Oh well. The sound quality in my headset is the same as if I didn't use an extender, and the light feature on the headset works great too. These are proven to work if you need an extension for the headset.

11. Extension AINOPE Material Transfer Compatible

Extension AINOPE Material Transfer Compatible

Ultra-durable and 2 year warranty. The cord and construction of the office phone headphones make them more durable. 45 days return for replacement or full refund is what the telephone headsets have. Don't. Purchase it for computers and cell phones. The perfect 10ft length will allow you to play the game freely, or lie on the sofa to use your devices for video while you are charging. Please make sure the camera interface is a port and you can also extend it. It's perfect for your life-use. The special design of the cable joints makes them more durable. The nylon braided armor is flexible and wear resistant. The included sticky buckles help to shorten the length and keep the cable in an organized manner. UpGRADED CONNECTOR: The all-metal shell and aluminum alloy connection of theusb extension cable gives you a nice texture with good hand-feel. The cable service life is extended by using multiple layers of shielding to minimize interference and gold- plated connections for optimal signal clarity. DATA SYNCING AND FAST CHARGING: The charging speed is up to 2A, and the data transmission speed is 10X faster than the standard cable. There is a free service. They will reply to your questions within 24 hours if you contact them with your questions. The package includes the extension cable.

Brand: Ainope

👤I needed an extension from my bank of cords, and it had to go across my floor where I could step on it or trip on it. This was a great choice. The material they use makes it lie flatter and not Curl up. It's not rated to be stepped on or driven over, but it's durable enough that occasionally stepping on it on the carpet doesn't seem to hurt it. I don't know the exact tech on this, but it can hold a lot of digital bandwidth. I'm running seven. I have a single bank with two cables that carry audio and HD video, and one that carries data across my floor and into my computer. Very impressive.

👤This is a great build. I was impressed. It made it possible for me to connect my controller to my computer. I am not moving my computer again because it is too far away from my couch. It's heavy and one time. I dropped it on the ground. OUCH! This cable is made of metal. I'm pretty sure I can use it to defend myself from a home invasion. Wouldn't it be cool to use it as a whip? It's a good thing! It was easy to install because I am not dumb. If kmart paid me more, I would buy more of these. Tell your family about this cable. I did.

👤I put the cable on my harley. I ran it from my stereo head unit to the tourpack. My phone stays dry and safe now that I hook it up. I don't have any problems running the auto. Not bad for a 10 ft. cable. Bad cables are the main reason people complain about their auto not working correctly. The shortest cable you can use is 3ft or shorter. This one is 10 feet long. That is about the construction of the cable. I'll be buying more from this company.

👤I bought this to attach the camera and tripod to my online class so I can move it when needed. Works well! It's a nice cable and it's well made. The cable is a little stiff and thicker than most I've seen, which is great as it doesn't tangle and coil up when I move the camera around.

👤I bought this cable to move the PS4 Platinum headset further away from my console. I have learned that having an extended external hard drive causes performance issues with headsets. It definitely made things better. I am able to run the wire away from my console but I'm afraid to step on it because it's not so fragile. I don't recommend walking on it, but it's very sturdy compared to standard cables. The connections are very strong and don't get overly tight. Not sure if this is a nature of the cable or the length. I couldn't charge or connect my controllers through the extended cable. They would not sync through the hard-wired hookup. The cable is very nice for the price. I would recommend anyone to have some extra length to their wires.


What is the best product for headphone usb extension cable?

Headphone usb extension cable products from Cablecreation. In this article about headphone usb extension cable you can see why people choose the product. Amazon Basics and Urwoow are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone usb extension cable.

What are the best brands for headphone usb extension cable?

Cablecreation, Amazon Basics and Urwoow are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone usb extension cable. Find the detail in this article. Itd Itanda, Solmimi and Dukabel are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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