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1. Replacement Microphone Compatible Headphone Extension

Replacement Microphone Compatible Headphone Extension

We want to make sure that their customers are satisfied with their purchase of the Pro Series LIFETIMEGUARUNTEED, so they stand behind the performance of all of their products. If you don't like the product for any reason, they offer a simple return policy and exceptional customer service. Their products are backed by a lifetime warranty. When you are playing a game, high quality cable with gold-plated technique provides clear sound. There are two different size ends for the cable, a 3.5mm 4 pole and a 3.5mm 5 pole. A gift accessory with a pole. The 5 pole connection with the headset, and the 4 pole connection with the consoles. A compatible device with a 3.5mm aux port is Astro A10/A40/A30/A50 gaming headset. The 6.5ft length adjusts to your console or PC setup with ease and is designed to connect your headset to any Xbox One, PS4 or PC via a 3.5mm jack. Black. The cable is 2m in length and has a remote control stand that is portable and practical. The Key Entre Quality Guarantee takes care of all quality-related issues.

Brand: Keyentre

👤I ordered this for my Astro A40s and it worked great. Couldn't ask for more, it's very durable and I couldn't ask for more!

👤It got here earlier than expected, all is good.

👤I bought it for my son. The replacement worked well. Spending more money on a higher dollar replacement is pointless.

👤You might think otherwise if you just play seated.

👤The product is amazing for a good price. Will definitely buy again.

👤It's a really good replacement cord and works great.

👤This was a replacement for the Astro A10 cable that I broke. You will echo in party chat even though the sound works. The microphone flip method on the A10 doesn't completely mute the microphone because it has an inline microphone switch, but with this one, it does.


2. Koss 155954 VC20 Volume Control

Koss 155954 VC20 Volume Control

Convenient level adjustment from headphones is provided by volume control. It connects to a 3.5mm plug. The pocket/belt has a clip for convenient positioning. Can be used with any portable device. It connects to a 0.125-inch jack. The plug is not gold plated.

Brand: Koss

👤The quality of this is so bad that it doesn't last long. The first one lasted more than a year, and the last two have only lasted a few months each. It gets to a point where the source device's connection isn't stable, and sound is cut off from one channel unless you change the connection. I like the form factor. I can't find anything else that I like. The volume adjustment is fine. I don't have an issue with the "throw" of the knob, even though some may say the range from lowest to highest volume is a short turn of the knob. It's a good length for me since I'm usually using it with my laptop where it's not convenient to adjust volume as needed. Looking at a replacement for headphones. If I'm going to be buying 2 or 3 of these each year, I should spend an equivalent amount to get something that will last a few years or more. The Proster Headphone amplifier is the best option in terms of price and size.

👤The unit works, and it's the only type of volume control that's small and portable. The newer upgraded unit isn't even shown on the Koss site because the Amazon listing is outdated. Koss doesn't honor the 90 day warranty on the updated unit, so you'll have to pay shipping and replacement costs, which will be more than buying a new unit.

👤I owned two of these KOSS small amplifier units. The KOSS brand name was believed to guarantee excellent performance and long life. I was wrong to give a second unit purchase. The units worked well for a while, but then the connection went out and only gave distorted sound through one ear-bud. The volume adjustment made the line hum and static. I tried to push the connection in tighter but knew that the time of life of the unit was about to end. I've purchased Koss products and expensive headphones in the past 10 years. This is the third time I have experienced trouble and a cheap product. I realize that this is a very small KOSS amplifier unit and a low-cost item, but it's not a reason to abandon or drop the quality from the previously high quality perceived KOSS brand.

👤Cheaply built. After just over a month, the connection went out. The clear stereo sound through the earbuds and the volume adjustment helped me turn my music down. I only get sound out of one earbud if I physically hold the connection in tighter. The sound goes from one ear to the other when I turn the plug. This is a cheap imitation from China that is starting to spread around Amazon.

👤A lot of junk. Don't spend your money on a product that isn't worth it. I can only turn the volume control a millimeter either way for almost unaudible minimum volume to very loud max volume. I have to fight with the wire connection in order to get stereo play back. The right speaker is all I hear. It would be a law and somone would be held accountable. If the rating system gave a zero star rating, I would give it one.

3. Control Headphones Besmelody Headphone Extension

Control Headphones Besmelody Headphone Extension

It's portable, easy to carry, and can be used anywhere. The volume control can be used to adjust the volume when listening to music. The audio splitter extension cable is wonderful. The solution to having on hand in your laptop bag is the compact design. Oxygen-Free copper has highDurability and Conductivity. It's compatible with the following phones and tablets: Apple's iPad, Microsoft's Surface,HTC's Sense7, the Note Edge, and the smilngs of the smilngs of the smilngs of the smilngs 1x Headphone Inline Volume Control Audio Cable is part of the package. 100% money back guarantee.

Brand: Besmelody

👤I wanted the thumb dial control for volume so I could use my ski gloves. The left channel of the volume control was malfunctioning. Pull out the left channel if you fully insert the jack. And it appears. The cable was tested again to confirm it was the culprit.

👤I compared them to a regular aux cord at home. The sound quality was worse. It was much quieter at volume settings. The volume knob didn't seem to work well, it got louder and quieter depending on the sweet spot. The sound was very distorted at the loudest setting, but it was still much quieter than a normal aux cable.

👤I hate GEICO Ads so I have to turn them off when I listen to Radio streams. The dial works, but only if there is an inline ON/OFF switch.

👤A simple solution does the job. This is used between a remote loudspeaker and a module. It was a perfect solution and walkaway!

👤It isn't an issue for most people, but for my studio it degraded the sound quality enough for me to notice. That was a problem. The volume control worked well.

👤I use it for skiing. There is plenty of room for music.

👤They worked great after being used for 7 days in the snow.

4. Audio Controller Control Inline Attenuator

Audio Controller Control Inline Attenuator

The dimensions are 49.8 x 39.4 Useful and quick. To adjust the volume level. 3.5mm aux input jacks. You can control the volume level directly. The build in solid aluminum is nice and durable. There is no need for a power supply. Plug and play.

Brand: Chenkuiyuli

👤I've been using this for a month. The volume control has a good range of adjustment. The right channel must have the male plug pulled to the side to make contact because of the bad 3.5mm stereo audio output. I ordered several stereo cables for my headphones. I have purchased many in-line volume controls over the years and they all use cheap potentiometers and don't last. I turn the volume on tv ads a lot. I use headphones to watch TV. I can hardwire a short female 3.5mm audio cable to the output. I need to see what I have.

👤The box allows you to control the output level from max to zero and then linearly decrease it until you reach the same level of input. It works well if you use good cables. It has a button that controls the output volume from the level of the input to the level of the output. The max volume is the same as the input. There is a It looks nice and is well constructed. If you find the right position, it will stay there because it has a firm potentiometer. If you use good cables, even if they are unbalanced, it will shield very well. My particular problem is that all of the receivers I tested have the same output level, but they don't match standards to connect to a pro amplifier. This volume controller is able to solve this problem. I know that. Most of the receivers have bass booster or 3D function which is a crime, they change the original source sound quality. max volume is an image of the input.

👤I bought this product to adjust the volume on my headphones. I use a 3.5mm male stereo plug to plug my headphones into the output of my favorite headphones amplifier, because it doesn't have a remote control. I use the unit to set my headphones at a high volume level and then use it to cut the volume. I use a 3.5mm plug for headphones with a quarter-inch plug. The volume control works well, adds no noise or distortion, and the chassis is attractive. It is on the side table next to my chair. I have not had a problem with the volume control being too stiff, but on my unit it feels like the control is a little flimsy and the knob doesn't look right. It is exactly what I needed and wanted, and while the price may be high for what it is, it is a reasonable value.

👤I use a PC and an audio mixing board. fiddling with the PC's own volume controls in the middle of a presentation is quicker and easier. There is a The volume control does what it's supposed to do. It does not introduce noise into the signal. The unit is light and the knob is firm. I want a heavier unit that I don't have to hold down while turning the knob. I would like to have a button that is silent. If it met those needs, I would give it a 5-star rating.

5. VEENAX M3 Headphones Microphone Tangle Free

VEENAX M3 Headphones Microphone Tangle Free

The Quality Guarantee is that they take care of all quality related issues. 10mm custom drivers deliver 888-565- You can feel the perfect balance of mids and treble while listening to music, and you can also feel the bass energy while watching a movie or playing a game. Volume control and premium microphone. You can adjust the volume with the volume control switch. You can use the built-in microphone to make phone calls or video meetings on any of the internet-based teleconferences. Please put the built-in mic on the front of the in-line remote during the call. It is comfortable and secure. 3 sizes of silicone eartips ensure total comfort and effective noise isolation, as well as an ergonomics designed earpieces with 45 degree oblique angles into the ears. It's ideal for listening to music, watching movies, working and traveling. The anti-tangle cord is reinforced. The earphone wire is made of kevlar fiber which is tangle free and easy to store and use. The Golden 3.5mm Plug and Package is compatible with all the devices of the 3.5mm jack. There is a package. VeenaX M3 is a vehicle. 3 sets of ear tips, 6 languages manual and wired earphones are included.

Brand: Veenax

👤The earphone is really good for 5 dollars. The wiring is covered so it is not easy to tangle. It's nice when you just throw it in your bag. It's very easy to untangle if it tangles. I think the packaging is too much because it comes in a small box and then a pouch to put it in. I don't think a lot of people would use that pouch. Maybe getting rid of that pouch will lower the price even more. So far it hasn't broken, even though it's been over 30 days. At first, I had a problem with it. It wouldn't completely use both earphones when plugged into my computer, but after moving it around in the wire it worked. I use it for my phone.

👤I wanted to wait until my sister used them to write a review, but I ordered them for Christmas. She loves them, the verdict is in. She needed a new pair of headphones after breaking her last pair, and I thought I'd give these a try, since I loved the speaker I bought recently. My sister seems to agree with me that the audio quality is amazing. A great bang for your buck!

👤The earpiece on the left stopped working. This is March 14. The original review was done in December of last year. Have things changed? Yes. In December of last year, I was contacted by the customer service of Veenax, who demanded that I give them a 99% discount code so they could send me a new headphones for my review. I refused the demand. They just sent me a new pair of headphones for a 99% discount, because this is 2019. I paid the same amount as before. Are the headphones loud? A loud sound is not enough to make for a good headphones. I don't like the headphones at all. They are made of cheap material, and the build quality is very flimsy, but I respect the customer service attempt to correct my December order. For the customer service, I say 4.5, but for this headphones, I say barely 2. This is my honest review. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤The M6 was bought by me. Earbuds for hands-free communications. I use a flip top box to store the earbuds because they arrived quickly. The earbuds are made from high quality materials. The sound quality and microphone sensitivity of the earbuds are very good for the price range and I have used them for video conferencing, extended phone conversations and listening to music. There are a thousand earbuds with microphones for sale on Amazon, and I chose the ones with the highest ratings and the lowest price. No regrets for this purchase. I don't review everything I buy on Amazon but I did receive an email from Veenex thanking me for my purchase and asking if I would rate their headphones on Amazon.

👤At first, these worked well. I use them to talk on my phone while I do things around the house. I noticed I was saying what after a month. A lot. I initially blamed it on my phone connection, but then realized it was earbuds. So disappointed. They fit my ears perfectly and are past the return date.

6. Shure EAADPT KIT Adapter Combines Attachable

Shure EAADPT KIT Adapter Combines Attachable

The female is connecting the inputs to the outputs of the home stereo and professional audio equipment. Most international flights have in-flight entertainment systems. The stereo pin is accepted. The level attenuator has a precise volume adjustment and is good for listening to headphones that are too loud at the lowest volume setting. The level of incoming signals is reduced. Attachable Volume Control and International Airline Adapter are included. All Shure earphones are compatible.

Brand: Shure

👤I tried to be more careful with my new one because my first one started dropping a channel. After a couple months, it began intermittently dropping one channel, and after carefully wiggling different parts of it, determined there must be a break inside one of the tiny wires coming out of it. These are not rugged at all. There is a The wheel is too loose, it can change volume just by swinging around.

👤I bought this kit because my radio has a jack for headphones, but the volume level coming directly out of the radio is so high that it makes listening to headphones unwatchable. I plugged my headphones into the earphone jack on the radio, and the Shure adapter into it. The sound quality is still great, even though I can reduce the volume from the original "hot" signal all the way down to zero, or anything in between. I use it for 5 days a week at work, and it's the perfect product for that. I chose the Shure over other options because they were always excellent and I have used them before. I am happy that this is just as good as the Shure equipment I have used. I have not used the airline plug and quarter-inch plug that came with it, so I can't comment on those, but I suppose it is nice to have them on hand in case the need ever arises.

👤I need this to do what I need it to do, and it does exactly what I need it to do. I have an old set of Cambridge Soundworks 2.1 PCWorks speakers. The cable that controls the volume was mangled over the course of several moves. Without the cable, everything that gets sent is so loud that you can't use them. I was able to get past one full tick of the volume slider with the attached MacMini. I could only turn the monitor to the first marker with an external soundcard. There is a The solution to my headroom issue was the high quality adapter. I can use this to reduce the sound before it hits the speaker. I can turn up the monitor output from my soundcard and have plenty of wiggle room to dial in an audible level that is comfortable.

👤Picked this kit up to counter the audio from the in-seat entertainment system. I could not detect a drop in audio quality because of the volume limiting aspect. I flew out on the A380-800 and the airline adapter worked. I picked up a second kit in case the first wouldn't fit. I threw the other kit in my luggage because of my first flight. It did not fit on the older A340-600. If you're flying domestic in the USA or traveling internationally on an airplane manufactured before 2008, you'll need a different airline accessory. The jacks are not put into the armrest as they should be, and the airline kit is too large to connect the pins with the port. The Maxell airline accessory would have worked well.

7. Koss KTXPRO1 Titanium Portable Headphones

Koss KTXPRO1 Titanium Portable Headphones

The response was 15-25,000 Hz and impedance was 60 ohms.

Brand: Koss

👤I filled out twenty reviews for some pretty good deals. I've been waiting to say something about these headphones. I've been a fan of audio since the 70's. Back in the 70's, Hifi was sold in Boston Massachusetts. The sound system at my home is worth about fifteen grand. I like a lot of music genres. The HD-590's are my favorite headphones. I'm on my 3rd set of ear pads. Then comes the Koss KTX PRO1 headphones for just shy of 14 bucks with free shipping. There is a It's quite simple. They are not the HD-590's. They don't cost more than $30K and are close. These are in a class of their own. There are lots of similar headphones in the same price group. They're not very close. I bought some headphones that sounded like they were made for banging around at work. The difference is amazing. My estimation is $175.00 for 14 bucks. If you want to cry out loud, give them 14 bucks. That was what I felt. I wish we'd had this deal back in Boston. It would have been great to see people's faces as they listened. We had nothing close to the amount of money that these foolish things had. Hat's off to Koss. There is a I remember the brand. They made headphones for Radio Shack. I remember a pair of earcups. The top of the line. They weighed a ton. There is a Koss made an early generation of headphones for Radio Shack that were built with titanium and neodymium magnets. As another reviewer stated. The price is at least double or more. There is a Have fun! You'll like these things. I have a drawer full of them just in case they disappear when jobs come back to America from China. Nobody is going to build these in the USA and price them below a hundred bucks. Nobody is going to work in an American headphone factory for 2 bucks an hour. It's simple. The party is about to come to a screeching halt, so stock up on whatever turns you on. Just saying. It's a good thing.

👤I bought the Koss KTXPro1 headphones in late 2016 because of many recommendations I received. I thought it was high time I wrote a review of these since I have plenty of time at home with the Covid-19 outbreak. There is a It's Fantastic. There is a Since I bought these headphones, they have been hard-working and have delivered sonic performance I have not encountered in other similarly priced headphones. The KTXPro1's are not close to the reproduction performance of a couple of hundred dollars of cans that a few people would go to the lengths to enjoy. I think they are the best open back headphones on the market for cheaper, because they give you a pleasurable listening experience. There is a The KTXPro1 drivers have a clean and free of sharp-sounding highs, a mid-range that is robust and capable of heavy crunchiness and vocals which sound full and natural, and a bass that has a good extension and can be really decent. They have been able to produce music which is better than other headphones I've had costing three or more times as much, and I have enjoyed everything from classical to pop and heavy metal on these. There is a The sound stage on these is neutral, so unless you need a full surround-sound effect, these are fine. It's important to mention that the headphones are comfortable and durable, after hearing what others have said about them. There is a My mother lost her hearing. It wasn't dramatic, but it was becoming harder for her to hear what was happening in the movies and TV shows we watch together. I needed two headphones that would allow her and I to adjust the volume independently of one another, and I bought a TV with a headphone-out on it, a long 3.5mm cable, and a Y-splitter. There is a It's easy to adjust the up-down dongle on the attached cord, and it's also capable of any range between 0 and 100 percent. Other headphones use click-up or click-down buttons which are hard for elderly hands to operate and they may only have 8 or so volume settings so you don't actually get a nice "anywhere in-between" range like you can get on the KTXPro1's. There is a If I had a complaint about the volume control, it would be that the switch itself was a different color so you could easily tell which side of the dongle has the slider on it. Put a little modelers paint on it and let it dry. Takes care of that issue. There is a I can listen to a movie at my comfort level with the volume controls, and Mom can adjust it to make her more comfortable. It was grand. It's very comfortable to enjoy everything. There is a If you have a small head, the headband can be difficult to wear with curlers, but if you have a large head, the headband is easy to slip off. If you have these on for a long time, they can cause hot-spots on your ears if you and your mom watch a lot of movies. There is a Koss did not include the ability for the speakers on these to rotation along the horizontal plane in the KTXPro1 headphones. While the speakers on these do show a range of play with the swivel on the ends of the headband, it's completely in the near-vertical orientation and can still put pressure on the back and sides of your ear after a long time being worn. There is a For a single two-hour or so session, I have had no complaints, but everyone's ears are different. One of the ear cushions on my headphones has torn and fallen apart. They had been with them for 3.5 years. I can replace them with a set of Koss replacement cushions for $5 on Amazon. It was cheap enough. There are no brushed aluminum or carbon fiber headphones for $20 dollars. The construction of these looks pretty plasticky, though I hesitate to use the word cheap. I've bought cheap headphones before that, but the KTXPro1's look a little cheaper with a dark grey headband and non-braided cord. There is a They're noiseless when they're worn and they creak a bit when handled. There is a The KTXPro1's have been very well received by Mom and myself. They still perform well. Sound and dialogue in movies and music are enjoyable. The volume sliders are still working. There were no problems with the cables, plugs or anything else. My head is a little bigger than Moms, so that probably explains why I went first. I think these are very durable. I've plugged-in and unplugged many times and she and I have used them to listen to things not just on the TV but also on her iPad, my laptop, and we've taken them out with us on the road, and they continue to serve as her in-house I haven't bought anything else since I got these, so I think that says a lot. I am very happy with these. The first note is the end note. Being open-backed headphones, some have asked if other people can hear music coming out of them. The answer is yes... If you're listening at a normal volume, they're not a problem to be sitting next to. Unless you have the music cranking up, some might find it annoying. People around you will hear these more if the surroundings are very quiet. I like that these are open backed and that we can make comments about the film without having to stop it or take it off. I guess that's the trade off. I've had questions about the twin-headphone setup I did for Mom and myself. There is a It's easy to find a long 3.5mm cable and a Y-splitter to extend the distance of the Koss headphones to your TV. If you are going to hook the two headphones and long cable directly into your TV, you need to make sure the TV has a genuine phone out jack. There is a A Headphone Out jack has a lower impedance and can drive one or two headphones directly and you can control the TV volume with the remote in most cases. The other type of jack is designed to take the TV audio signal and connect it to a receiver which handles the volume and allows the attachment of things like headphones. There is a So yeah... If your TV volume is going through a receiver, you probably already have a dedicated headphone out jack on the back. If you're going to use the cable and headphones directly into the back of the TV with no receiver, make sure your TV has a Headphone Out jack that allows you to control the volume of the TV in the headphones. I would recommend a pair of Koss KTXPro1 headphones to anyone looking for a pair of great sounding headphones costing about 20 bucks. I was surprised by the good performance at a decent price.

8. Califone 3068AV Switchable Headphones Headsets

Califone 3068AV Switchable Headphones Headsets

Convenient hands-free calling, Answer, Reject, and end calls directly with the earphones, easily play/pause, skip music tracks through the remote button, is what theMULTIFUNCTIONAL BUTTON has. For optimal listening, there are dual volume controls on each earcup. The plastic is forDurability. The earcups are padded for added comfort. Optimal sound quality can be achieved by changing betweenmonaural and stereo modes.

Brand: Califone

👤I bought this for the sole purpose of not listening to music, but because the are basically the same thing as Metal Detecting Headphones, but at a fraction of the price. They do one job and that is to make a sound. I bought them because they have a volume control for each ear, like a professional metal detecting headphones. They have a Stereo/Mono switch as well. They came with a 3.5mm jack, but the 1/4 inch jack was not included. I am happy with these headphones because they are easy to use and handle the wear and tear that comes with wearing them a lot. Don't let the other ratings fool you. If you are looking for a simple pair of metal detecting headphones, then these are for you.

👤My son uses these for his metal detector. I tested them first because my son has hearing problems. I thought the headphones wouldn't fit as they appeared to be tight. You can adjust your level of comfort by sliding the earpads on each side up/down. These are supposed to fit against the head, but they are still comfortable. You don't want them to fall off when you bend over or turn. They are perfect for metal detecting. They are awesome for listening to music while exercising or sitting around. The sound is good and can be adjusted from mono to stereo. I used them with a cell phone, a computer, an mp3 player, an iPad, and a video game player. An adaptation for the big jacks is what comes with an old school parakeet home sterEO. That was a pleasant surprise. I haven't had a set of those kind of headphones in a while and it was great to listen to old 8 tracks and cassettes and albums on my old setup. I gave the headphones to my son and he loves them. They fit him well and he likes that they don't fall off like his regular headphones. He used his metal detector on his Tab 4. These are worth the price and some. I said that they are flexible and that I am a woman with a son who is 9' small and a daughter who is 7' tall, they did not budge. I wouldn't get them if they weren't what you wanted. The sound and secure fit are worth more to us than the cost. The best headphones I've seen for less than 9 bucks. We'll be getting a few more of these.

👤I would suggest using these for brief applications or environments that call for cheap and durable headphones. They're probably not the best choice for long video gaming sessions. There is a The padding on the headphones isn't thick enough to prevent the speaker grills from resting on my ears. The headband makes the headphones uncomfortable quickly. I could probably use them on a roller coaster without them slipping off my ears if they loosen up over time. There is a The headband is very strong and thick. There is a Each speaker has its own volume control. You can use the switch to alternate between mono and stereo output. There is a You can plug the cord into either of the audio jacks with the attached adapter. I like speaker sound, but I'm almost always satisfied with the quality of it.

9. TNP Portable Headphones Amplifier Headphone

TNP Portable Headphones Amplifier Headphone

All of their products are 100% inspected by their QC, so please feel free to contact them if you have any questions. They will give you the reply you want. If you want the highest audio quality with virtually all types of headsets and earphones include the larger over ear headphones even at maximum volume; adding an amplifier between the player and your headphones can provide a significant audible improvement in clarity, detail and dynamics. The Power switch has a smooth rotating knob for easy operation and precise volume settings. Flexible output option of 3.5mm or 6.3mm stereo jack. Only one input is connected. Micro-USB is powered by either a power input or a DC Adapter. The portable and lightweight Headphone amplifier is designed to enhance your music listening experience wherever you go. This headphone amplifier is widely used in music stores, choir, studios, museums, education, home component systems, commercial sound systems and anywhere you go.

Brand: Tnp Products

👤Sometimes I need to use headphones. The audio from a television can be connected to this device and then to headphones. There is a It works with large and small plugs, as well as using the AC adapter. No hum or electronic hiss were noticed. The switch can turn the headphones off completely or quieter than the signal. It is likely that reviewers aren't plugging in fully or the fault is in their other device, if they have hiss. The volume and off switch are integrated, so it doesn't lose a star. The sound can't be set to your favorite level permanently. Half way works well, and then fine tune from there.

👤This amplifier is a good one. This is the third earphone amplifier that I have owned and it does what I want. The cons are that it is large. The battery was larger than my hand. The power bank is made of cheap material and will be needed if you walk with it. It feels like a hollow tin can. You can either use a microusb cord or use the provided plug. The unit will work fine. It has a power and volume knob. Ok old people... Does anyone miss the practicality of the volume knob? I do. If you are driving, it's easy to find me in the dark. I have this unit hooked up to my phone. I can amplify the audio from my phone. Sounds great! I used a wire to connect it to my fuse panel. You can wire a cigarette lighter accessory to an ignition source. Very easy. If you buy this amplifier, it will increase your speaker volume. It sounded good. It is fragile. It reminds me of some lost and forgotten audio equipment from the 80s.

👤In July of last year, I bought a bedside headphones amplifier so I could watch TV silently at night while my wife slept. It worked well for a while, then the power went out. The power port felt loose so we switched to the microusb port and it worked fine. The audio stopped on one side. Different headphones were tested to make sure that wasn't the case. The audio would come back by pressing on the box itself. It is possible to fix the headphone jack by squeezing the box. The plug came out of the box and the power port broke. The features and sound of the amplifier are good, but the build quality is bad because of some issues.

👤The sound on my computer monitor was not at an acceptable level and I was staining to hear my head phones, even though the volume was turned up all the way. I could connect to the computer. I bought a splitter that will allow me to run my PS4 off the same monitor. I don't wake my neighbors with explosions or fire fights because I hear them so clearly. It works well. It makes what was originally low sounding acceptably loud, it doesn't come close to maxing out my headphones or causing ear damage from that weak source. It's very easy with the volume knob. It did not come with a small male to male accessory, which is disappointing because of the price range. I went from not hearing murmurs in RDR2 to full clarity after using better powered audio from the source.

10. Besmelody Headphone Universal Extension Smartphone

Besmelody Headphone Universal Extension Smartphone

Excellent sound reproduction and signal to noise ratio. The male and female are connected by 3.5mm. You can connect 2 headphones or speakers at the same time with this 3.5mm headset splitter. You can easily adjust your volume with the 2 separate controls. The audio splitter extension cable is wonderful. Stereo audio transmission can be done without reducing signal loss and noise. It's compatible with devices that have 3.5mm auxiliary audio ports, such as the Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, and the Microsoft Surface. The package has a 1x Headphone Splitter Cable. 100% money back guarantee.

Brand: Besmelody

👤I wish I could say these are great, but they don't work after 6 months. Only one side works.

👤I haven't had a chance to try out this product, but so far it's been good. As advertised, it has performed as expected.

11. Volbox Inline Audio Control Attenuator

Volbox Inline Audio Control Attenuator

The knob is large and easy to grip. Stereo input and output jacks are 3.5mm. No batteries are required. Quality parts.

Brand: Electronics More

👤The manufacturer reached out to me after I requested a refund from Amazon. The replacement was offered by the manufacturer. I looked at the wires I was using to connect to the box while I waited for it to arrive. There is a The box is the same as the picture shows, with two female plugs. I bought a long extension cord for females and a short extension cord for males. The earphone cord plugs into a box plug, one end of the short cord plugs into the other, and the male of the long cord plugs into my TV. The plugs on the short cord are different. The short cord is only for mono. My review is below. There is a The box works perfectly, both stereo and volume control, thanks to the stereo, male-to-male cord I purchased. There is a I apologize to the manufacturer and potential buyers who might have been misled by my original review. Customer service is also outstanding. It's out of the box that sound is only in one ear and crackling in the single ear is a sign of poorly executed connection. I can only assume that the maker builds them and then doesn't test them before shipping because of the mix of good and bad reviews. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Quality control is important. Definitely a throw of the dice.

👤It's not sleek or sexy, but it works and there's no other product like it. This is what I was looking for. I took off 1 star because it was overpriced. I took off a 2nd star because the left and right channels are not the same volume. It would be great if it had screw holes so I could mount it, it's very light and the whole device twists when I turn the knob. The 3.5mm jacks should have been on the top of the box. It does not seem linear. It doesn't get much louder once you turn it over 50%. Cristicism aside. It's still better than having to press FN + F7 on my laptop and praying that it will work. Tech companies seem to be replacing knobs with buttons, but these controls don't work well for volume.

👤I use computer speakers to amplify my television. The computer speakers don't have a remote. I used to have to get out of my seat. I used long cables to place this product between the television and computer speakers, and I sat at my desk to watch TV. I don't have to get up to change the volume. There is a There are 2 things that I noticed about this item. These things are not something I care about. It is important to know how someone else plans on using this. When the volume is turned all the way down, sound still comes through. If the input signal is loud enough, you'll still be able to hear it when the volume knob is turned all the way down. There is no sound. 2. The first 5% on this dial is mono audio. The sound comes through both sides when you dial past 5%. There is a Again, these things are not something that I care about, and I think most people wouldn't care. Depending on the set-up and use you might care about this.


What is the best product for headphone volume control 1/4?

Headphone volume control 1/4 products from Keyentre. In this article about headphone volume control 1/4 you can see why people choose the product. Koss and Besmelody are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone volume control 1/4.

What are the best brands for headphone volume control 1/4?

Keyentre, Koss and Besmelody are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone volume control 1/4. Find the detail in this article. Chenkuiyuli, Veenax and Shure are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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