Best Headphone Volume Control Knob

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1. DROK Lossless Computer Controller Adjuster

DROK Lossless Computer Controller Adjuster

The included components are a branded product. The volume control for theusb is made of metal shell and has breathing light. When you press the knob, it will stop at once and return to music when you press again. If you put the volume control knob on your computer, it will work, and if you put the OTG cable on your phone, it will work as well. A great volume control tool for watching videos, playing games, even will be the best volume controller for activities, wedding, meeting, celebration and so on. Simple operation: rotating the volume knob to turn up and down volume, press the knob to make it silent, keep pressing the knob and it will enter night mode, breathing light will stay on.

Brand: Drok

👤A nice blue light is under the knob. You can assign the knob functions to the keyboard or mouse. If you want to reassign knob functions, open the notepad app on the computer and press and hold the knob in the down position for a while. You can either turn the knob to select menu items or set a shortcut key for different actions. There are over 160 keys to choose from. I used HDSDR software to change frequencies on my SDR radio.

👤I bought three of these again, when they had a microusb port in case. They are the same as before, but with a nicerusb-c connection. There is a The knob feels like the best Japanese detent volume knobs of the 1980s. The case is solid, heavy, and has rubber feet that don't move when you operate the knob. There is a It can be more than a volume control. You can completely change this without installing any software if you use the brilliant firmware. It uses a normal text editor to create menus that you can scroll through. You can select functions by pushing the knob. If you want the knob to be a scroll wheel, you can do it. If you want it to mimic horizontal or vertical mouse movement, you could have an interface for your computer. I have configured mine to send shift-option-Mac-Volume-Up/Down for normal rotation, giving me 4x more control. When pushed down, the reguler Mac volume is sent up/down to raise or lower the volume. I use one of these to do station tuning on my software defined radio that I use for ham and short wave listening on my Windows PC. My biggest fear is that dumb consumers will buy something cheaper that isn't nearly as good, dooming everyone to buy junk when quality options like this don't survive.

👤I wanted all metal construction with no light, and I was looking at various volume knobs. I had an older plastic volume knob from that same company that I really liked, and I like a dark setup sometimes, and blue LEDs in particular are very distracting. I assumed I could cover or remove the LEDs easily because the screws were visible. When I plug the knob in, I discover that the light only turns on when I change the volume, with a smooth fade out. I don't need to change anything. It's a useful feature since it will mostly stay unlit. The construction is good. As you change the volume, you can feel the notch in the knob. Thankfully, it wasn't an audible click. You can feel it through your fingers. The light coming on when you turn the knob confirms that it should work. There is a It ran in windows 10. I was surprised. Discuss plug and play. There is a The included cable has really tacky branding on it, which is the only complaint I have. Thankfully the cable is replaceable and I will be replacing it with a black cable. The price I paid was worth it. If it ever goes over $40, I might not do it. I will buy extras if it ever goes below $20 It has been a couple of weeks. Absolutely love it. I can't believe a metal knob makes me happy.

2. Audio Controller Aluminium Control Lossless

Audio Controller Aluminium Control Lossless

The channels are 2 and Stereo. The input is 3.5mm (1/8" - 1/6 inch) and the female is sockets. The output is 3.5mm (1/8" - 1/6 inch). The material is aluminum alloy. The dimensions are 49.8 x 39.4

Brand: Excelvalley

👤Two of these were bought weeks apart. The first one broke after my headphones tugged on the jack. I secured the base and cable with gaffer's tape and earthquake gel to make sure it wouldn't move around my desktop, because I figured this was just a faulty unit. Within two days after the second one arrives, a light tug on the cable of the headphones plugged into the jack causes them to break again. The jack pulls out of the plug, and I'm assuming it severs a surface-solder mount inside the device. I haven't cracked it open yet, but there are two breaks with two separate units within a couple weeks. This one is a dud.

👤I use this for watching television while my son plays games and my wife plays the stereo, it's a nice little device. I didn't like that it didn't come with a male-to-male cable to connect it to anything, and I had to order a cable before I could use it. There are two more If you are looking for something that will give you a lot of volume on the television, it won't happen. Even though the volume will go relatively high, which is good enough for me, it will not go high enough to please a person who likes their volume so loud that they can hear the walls rattle.

👤When turning a knob, there is no noise. It seems to use a 10k potentiometer. It's a bit expensive for what it is. I didn't feel like designing a 3d printed case for the jacks. I'm using this to control the volume on studio monitors. It's difficult to adjust volume without something like this because each monitor has its own volume control. I was using Windows volume control, but it was annoying because of the "ding" it makes. I would have to reduce the number of full screen apps. I can't say I've noticed a difference, but they say software volume control reduces audio quality.

👤It controls mono volume very well. It is not compatible with stereo headphones. I needed a 4 pole 3.5mm system.

👤The audio cable is not included. This thing and the other should be in your audio source. Plug your headphones into the other side of the thing. You now have volume control! I use this to listen to music. I can control the volume with my headphones on, without having to fiddle with the controller app, because I plug this into a Sonos connect via an rca adapter and then plug my headphones into this knob. Works well. I don't use hi-fi headphones with this setup, so I can't speak to sound quality for experts. This thing is what I needed to add volume control to my setup.

👤I wanted to control the volume of my audio out to my headphones. I couldn't get this to work unless I pulled out the headphones from the volume knob. If I bumped it, it could come out. I tried a cable that had a 4-pole male output and it worked great. I got a cheap 4-inch adapter so that I didn't have an unplugged mic cable hanging out. There is a It's great, and I like it more than having to use a headphones for volume control.

3. Knob EMeet Multimedia Controller One Click Switching

Knob EMeet Multimedia Controller One Click Switching

Multi-Platform compatible and good customer serviceSupport PS4 and other platforms. If you have a problem, please contact them. They will try to find a solution to your problem. Button one has a function. The emeetusb volume knob can be used with the emeetlink software. When you need to use the one button mute function, you can use the conference mode. When listening to music, there are two keys, one silent and one loud. You don't need to use a keyboard or mouse when you answer the phone or listen to music. Good voice control. You don't need to return to the computer desktop for volume control if you just jiggle the button on the eMeet pc volume control. It's great for listening to music, watching movies, meeting, or wherever you are. The eMeet volume knob can provide music switch function, which can switch and pause music without mouse control, when using the computer to listen to music. You can quickly switch between songs when you don't like one. You can pause the music when the call bell rings. Good visualization of the visibility of lights and custom button mode. You don't need to worry about the microphone being silenced when using the eMeet media controller. The red light on the product can be seen as a sign that the microphone is turned off. The usb volume knob can be downloaded to modify the key mode design, change the way of using the controller, and bring a better user experience. Plug and play and strong compatibility are what Meet is about. The volume control can be used with windows and Mac systems. The one click mute function is incompatible with zoom, but other functions of the controller can be used normally.

Brand: Emeet

👤I bought this to have an easy to reach volume knob. The volume control works with both speakers and my headphones, and it looks great. The feature does not work at all. There is still sound even after I have installed the application. The seller never received a reply after the message was sent. It was kept for the volume control. The seller didn't respond so I took a star off. The problem has been solved after communicating with the seller. You need to open the software and click on the picture of the device, then choose Button mode, Conference mode, or Custom Mode, and then verify the settings below it for volume on your PC. The instructions could be better and the seller will fix them.

👤I downloaded the respective software after I got this button. The volume on my mac was set to half instead of full when I checked the input settings. Half the time, clicking to mute only works. I have to click it 3 or 4 times to register. There is a If the software is updated for mac, it's worth it. It's a small piece of hardware. Developers can mod the driver if it is open source. The company makes money off the hardware. Don't buy this until it's ready for mac.

👤Picked it up for play and volume control. The software is rudimentary and won't play any music apps, but it will control the volume. It doesn't change the sound at all.

👤My first impressions have been good. The knob has a cable and some documentation on how to use it. The knob is made of metal and has a black finish on it. You can either press the knob down or turn it left or right. If you download the eMeet Link software, you can change the features of the knob, such as what the controls do and whether the blue ring around the bottom is on or not. A really useful product. If you're using a speaker that's compatible with a phone, this might not help, but if you're using a speaker that's compatible with a computer, it will help you adjust the volume more quickly.

👤The volume control works well. Plug it in and it works. The site is awful, but the mic won't work without it. The Windows will not download. China or the US are options. The US client doesn't work. I purchased the item because of the mic control, but I am disappointed that I wasted my money.

👤I got this for my child after their teacher made a mistake. I didn't know my daughter was going to give a presentation to the class. Oops. This lets me know if the mic is silent or not. I can see the bright color of the room. My daughter likes it because it's a giant dial. She is able to adjust volume and quickly unmute. The changes are almost instantaneous.

👤I don't like to drag equipment around in my home. I bought this for meetings and it works well. The software on my laptop works as expected. The whole thing is a button, but if you push it will sound like a normal speaker system. It is red. You know it's not loud. It functions as expected. It's portable and the size is nice.

4. Nobsound Controller Adjuster Amplifier Switcher

Nobsound Controller Adjuster Amplifier Switcher

The case is small and delicate. 3.5mm audio. In: connect a computer, phone, and audio player. 3.5mm audio out, connect power amplifier, active speaker, and headphone amplifier. The signal cable has to be replaced. Customer service is great. Give it a try. You can return it within a month if you don't like it. They will send you a new one if it is faulty within a year.

Brand: Nobsound

👤This is used to connect a speaker to an amplifier. It doesn't work with headphones. There are 41 little indents for volume control in my unit. Only the first 3 are able to use headphones. The first two are too loud and the third is too low. I paid for a lot of things. This cost me $50. I give this 5 stars because it is well made and it makes a nice $50 paper weight.

👤I wanted a device that was well made, had a quality build feel, and that was exactly what it was. I thought it would provide many years of faithful service. I wish I would have gone with the Canadian one, I labored over it, but I think I would have chosen this. There is a I can tell you that this little monster killed two tube Amps in less than four days. I am angry and shocked at the situation. The evidence shows that this device was responsible for making two up until then, fully functioning reliable pieces of audio equipment. This little accessory leaves me out several hundred dollars and no means two recover my losses. There is a I am not an audio pro but I have been around component stereo equipment my whole life and am an avid music listener. Until now I have never blown an amplifier, let alone two in a few days, maybe some speakers, but no Amp. There is a I was not using this device in a reckless, irresponsible or careless way as it pertains to my beloved stereo setup. I have had no issues with this device for a number of years and it blew up my amplifier because it was not being played at high volume. After this was introduced into the signal path, one of my tubes suddenly stopped working with no fanfare, one minute music and the next nothing. I thought "Maybe its just its time to go, it's been in use a fair amount of time, and unhappily tried to accept its fate." I replaced the non functioning unit with another tube amplifier that worked fine until the next day when it stopped working, I couldn't believe it, one minute music, the next silence, it just stopped working. There is a I replaced the tubes with brand new ones and tried different power supplies, but nothing. This device is to blame for their demise. I have used a volume attenuator in the signal path between my DAC and tube for many years without any issues. This was not being played at a high volume that would blow a amplifier, and it was quite a respectable low volume when these things happened, having recently decided to be nice to my neighbors. There is a I can't say for sure that this device caused these two tube Amps to fail, but it would certainly seem that way, seeing that my system had been preforming without issue for quite a while, and this device was the only change introduced into the path. The signal chain has been problem free since the Noobsound volume controller was removed. There is a The Amazon tech support rep was not helpful in finding a solution. There is a There was a steady stream of scripted attempts to appease an irate customer with assurances that she would feel the same way, as well as endless insincere apologies on behalf of Amazon for what had occurred due to a product they were selling and finally did result in. There is a She couldn't do much more than recommend contacting the seller, Douk Audio, as it may contain higher amounts of profanity than what some may consider acceptable. I have a couple of other pieces of equipment made by Douk, and like very much, but this has disappointed me as well as angered me considerably, and left me unsure if I will be able to purchase any thing further with any kind of confidence. There is a The device was called Noobsound. I believe Douk is the parent company, it seems as though a lot of the China manufactured audio stuff is all manufactured by one company based in Shenzin and then a bunch of different brand names are slapped on them. I have had no issues with them and have been very satisfied with everything I have purchased from them. If there were no product support, ratings, or instructions of any kind, it was not helpful. There is a I don't know if it was a coincidence or bad luck, I got a faulty unit. I wouldn't get one of these things near my stereo equipment. There is a If anyone reads this until the end, I would like to thank you for your perseverance and sharing in my attempt to recover from the traumatic event.

5. TNP Portable Headphones Amplifier Headphone

TNP Portable Headphones Amplifier Headphone

All of their products are 100% inspected by their QC, so please feel free to contact them if you have any questions. They will give you the reply you want. If you want the highest audio quality with virtually all types of headsets and earphones include the larger over ear headphones even at maximum volume; adding an amplifier between the player and your headphones can provide a significant audible improvement in clarity, detail and dynamics. The Power switch has a smooth rotating knob for easy operation and precise volume settings. Flexible output option of 3.5mm or 6.3mm stereo jack. Only one input is connected. Micro-USB is powered by either a power input or a DC Adapter. The portable and lightweight Headphone amplifier is designed to enhance your music listening experience wherever you go. This headphone amplifier is widely used in music stores, choir, studios, museums, education, home component systems, commercial sound systems and anywhere you go.

Brand: Tnp Products

👤Sometimes I need to use headphones. The audio from a television can be connected to this device and then to headphones. There is a It works with large and small plugs, as well as using the AC adapter. No hum or electronic hiss were noticed. The switch can turn the headphones off completely or quieter than the signal. It is likely that reviewers aren't plugging in fully or the fault is in their other device, if they have hiss. The volume and off switch are integrated, so it doesn't lose a star. The sound can't be set to your favorite level permanently. Half way works well, and then fine tune from there.

👤This amplifier is a good one. This is the third earphone amplifier that I have owned and it does what I want. The cons are that it is large. The battery was larger than my hand. The power bank is made of cheap material and will be needed if you walk with it. It feels like a hollow tin can. You can either use a microusb cord or use the provided plug. The unit will work fine. It has a power and volume knob. Ok old people... Does anyone miss the practicality of the volume knob? I do. If you are driving, it's easy to find me in the dark. I have this unit hooked up to my phone. I can amplify the audio from my phone. Sounds great! I used a wire to connect it to my fuse panel. You can wire a cigarette lighter accessory to an ignition source. Very easy. If you buy this amplifier, it will increase your speaker volume. It sounded good. It is fragile. It reminds me of some lost and forgotten audio equipment from the 80s.

👤In July of last year, I bought a bedside headphones amplifier so I could watch TV silently at night while my wife slept. It worked well for a while, then the power went out. The power port felt loose so we switched to the microusb port and it worked fine. The audio stopped on one side. Different headphones were tested to make sure that wasn't the case. The audio would come back by pressing on the box itself. It is possible to fix the headphone jack by squeezing the box. The plug came out of the box and the power port broke. The features and sound of the amplifier are good, but the build quality is bad because of some issues.

👤The sound on my computer monitor was not at an acceptable level and I was staining to hear my head phones, even though the volume was turned up all the way. I could connect to the computer. I bought a splitter that will allow me to run my PS4 off the same monitor. I don't wake my neighbors with explosions or fire fights because I hear them so clearly. It works well. It makes what was originally low sounding acceptably loud, it doesn't come close to maxing out my headphones or causing ear damage from that weak source. It's very easy with the volume knob. It did not come with a small male to male accessory, which is disappointing because of the price range. I went from not hearing murmurs in RDR2 to full clarity after using better powered audio from the source.

6. Audio Controller Control Inline Attenuator

Audio Controller Control Inline Attenuator

The dimensions are 49.8 x 39.4 Useful and quick. To adjust the volume level. 3.5mm aux input jacks. You can control the volume level directly. The build in solid aluminum is nice and durable. There is no need for a power supply. Plug and play.

Brand: Chenkuiyuli

👤I've been using this for a month. The volume control has a good range of adjustment. The right channel must have the male plug pulled to the side to make contact because of the bad 3.5mm stereo audio output. I ordered several stereo cables for my headphones. I have purchased many in-line volume controls over the years and they all use cheap potentiometers and don't last. I turn the volume on tv ads a lot. I use headphones to watch TV. I can hardwire a short female 3.5mm audio cable to the output. I need to see what I have.

👤The box allows you to control the output level from max to zero and then linearly decrease it until you reach the same level of input. It works well if you use good cables. It has a button that controls the output volume from the level of the input to the level of the output. The max volume is the same as the input. There is a It looks nice and is well constructed. If you find the right position, it will stay there because it has a firm potentiometer. If you use good cables, even if they are unbalanced, it will shield very well. My particular problem is that all of the receivers I tested have the same output level, but they don't match standards to connect to a pro amplifier. This volume controller is able to solve this problem. I know that. Most of the receivers have bass booster or 3D function which is a crime, they change the original source sound quality. max volume is an image of the input.

👤I bought this product to adjust the volume on my headphones. I use a 3.5mm male stereo plug to plug my headphones into the output of my favorite headphones amplifier, because it doesn't have a remote control. I use the unit to set my headphones at a high volume level and then use it to cut the volume. I use a 3.5mm plug for headphones with a quarter-inch plug. The volume control works well, adds no noise or distortion, and the chassis is attractive. It is on the side table next to my chair. I have not had a problem with the volume control being too stiff, but on my unit it feels like the control is a little flimsy and the knob doesn't look right. It is exactly what I needed and wanted, and while the price may be high for what it is, it is a reasonable value.

👤I use a PC and an audio mixing board. fiddling with the PC's own volume controls in the middle of a presentation is quicker and easier. There is a The volume control does what it's supposed to do. It does not introduce noise into the signal. The unit is light and the knob is firm. I want a heavier unit that I don't have to hold down while turning the knob. I would like to have a button that is silent. If it met those needs, I would give it a 5-star rating.

7. Besmelody Headphone Universal Extension Smartphone

Besmelody Headphone Universal Extension Smartphone

Excellent sound reproduction and signal to noise ratio. The male and female are connected by 3.5mm. You can connect 2 headphones or speakers at the same time with this 3.5mm headset splitter. You can easily adjust your volume with the 2 separate controls. The audio splitter extension cable is wonderful. Stereo audio transmission can be done without reducing signal loss and noise. It's compatible with devices that have 3.5mm auxiliary audio ports, such as the Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, and the Microsoft Surface. The package has a 1x Headphone Splitter Cable. 100% money back guarantee.

Brand: Besmelody

👤I wish I could say these are great, but they don't work after 6 months. Only one side works.

👤I haven't had a chance to try out this product, but so far it's been good. As advertised, it has performed as expected.

8. Meatanty Multimedia Controller Aluminum Adjuster

Meatanty Multimedia Controller Aluminum Adjuster

Quality products are delivered to their customers. Their support is what makes their 3.5mm audio plate come with it. They are here to help if you have any issues with the audio jack wall plates. The Meatanty multimedia control knob is the only one on the market with two 3.5mm audio input and output ports, which greatly improves the user experience, because you can directly connect headphones or speakers to this Usb volume controller. The multimedia controller has multi- function in one, including one-key Mute,Pause/Play,Previous/Next switch button,3 volume increase modes and rotating volume control. It is your excellent listening tool. Powerful and easy to operate, that's what the all-in-one design is. The volume adjustment is simple but beautiful thanks to the high-quality aluminum material and exquisite production process. The anti-slip design at the bottom makes it firmly fixed on the desktop, and the black sturdy and shiny metal shell let it be full of mystery and heaviness. The silky wheel allows you to instantly feel the mechanical world. A great audio tool! Their inline volume controller is compatible with Win7/8/Mac. The package has an audio cable and a data cable. Plug and play, driver-free, just turn the knob to adjust the volume. This device only supports wired headphones. Thisusb volume control knob can improve the personal experience of listening to music and watching videos, but also very suitable for conferences, banquets, speeches and other occasions, never need to control the volume on the computer anymore.

Brand: Meatanty

👤I bought this to make adjusting the volume in my headphones easier, because I just started a podcasts. So far, so good!

👤The rubber bottom keeps the construction from sliding. The controls are easy to use.

👤This is a very good product, amazing material, no audio problems, buttons are great, easy to use, just plug in and it works, and the price is amazing.

9. Controller Switcher Splitter Selector Attenuator

Controller Switcher Splitter Selector Attenuator

Left/right circuit grounds are isolated to provide a safe connection for the amplifier. Accurate, noise-free switch. Easily adjust volume level up and down with the switch of audio source input. 3 in 1 out 3.5mm aux input jacks Control volume and signal in one box. There is no amplification function. The build looks nice and durable. There is no need for a power supply. Plug and play.

Brand: Chenkuiyuli

👤Corrected and Corrected. The audio 3.5mm switch was faulty when it arrived. The only input sockets that worked were "C" and "Off" None of the other sockets worked in the switch. I thought I could re-wire the case, but I discovered that the internal connections are made by a printed circuit board. I didn't see any solder bridges or cold solder joints. When the input was connected to the "C" sockets, the switch only provided output when the switch was in the off position.

👤The problem was replaced with another problem. Don't buy! There is a The audio 3.5mm switch was faulty when it arrived. The only input sockets that worked were "C" and "Off" None of the other sockets worked in the switch. The seller sent me a pretested one and it worked great. Must have been a bad bunch of these.

👤The audio switch/volume control looks great and works well for my application. I was concerned about some reviews of units that did not switch inputs. The internal components are a switch and volume control potentiometer. The 2p4t switches seem to be common in similar form factor. I have soldering experience so I could replace it. The one I got works well. It would take me a long time and cost a lot more to build something like this from scratch.

👤I have the same issue as Robert H. The device does not have outputs in normal mode. There is an output from B only if the selector is turned off. The circuit board must be malfunctioning. Returning.

👤It seems like it was made well. There are three 3.5mm inputs and one 3.5mm output. I like that the switch has an Off position for the 3 inputs. There is a The switch and knob feel solid.

👤I work as an electronic technician. I opened the unit to check out why it stopped working. This device was poorly built. Nothing in the side is worth repairing. I found a use for the knobs and did not send them back to Amazon. The rest went to the dump.

👤The item does not work. Nothing comes out of the output when you put your plugs in. It is sad and substantial, but it doesn't work.

👤Inputs A and B don't work at all. The volume control works. You get what you pay for.

10. Wall Mount Control Knob Wall

Wall Mount Control Knob Wall

ROTARY KNOB ADJUSTMENT A multi-position light-touch knob style adjustment is used for whole house audio source volume systems. You can control speaker volume in different areas of your home, office or business. Add up to 4 pair of speakers to your house and control them all from this wall plate volume control. It has a full hi-fi audio response with no roll-off. The response time is 20Hz to 20kHz. You can control the volume of your speakers with a wall mount. The in-wall volume control is designed to reproduce high-fidelity sound. In-WALL/WALL PLATE. This whole-house volume control is a universal standard decorative flush in-wall or wall mount installation finishing plate for speaker and stereo system control. It has a mounting ring and wire nuts. 100w power handling. All audio and video systems can be controlled with the flush in-wall volume control. You can control speaker volume in each audio zone with a convenient audio source volume setting. The included components are a branded product.

Brand: Pyle

👤I have speakers in both rooms. The speakers in room A play louder than those in room B. My amplifier doesn't have a fade knob to even things out between A and B. I put this product in the middle of the speaker wires for the room. I could use it to balance things out with the room. It reduces the volume of the speakers in room B. It's useless to me. It's probably an Amp issue with this product, so not giving it a 1 star. The short pigtails need to be twice as long as the electrical box to be installed. You don't have to use 8 wire nuts to hook up the board if you have no pigtails. There is a It will work if you have a pair of speakers that are a long way from your amplifier, but it won't do much more. You are not dealing with this product, you are walking over to your amplifier and turning the volume up and down. "FOUR-PAIR SPEAKER SELECTOR: Add up to 4 pair of speakers throughout your house and control them all from this wall plate volume control." I don't think so, without additional hardware at an additional cost. Someone can't write a listing correctly if theusb connection is mentioned. This is the first product I'm not happy with. It was necessary to remove more from the ends of the leads to connect the wire nuts so there was no chance of a return. No more Pyle products for me after learning a $25 lesson.

👤The volume control works well, that's not the problem. The wires are soldered right into the board and you don't have to worry about the little tiny connections. I added liquid electrical tape to make them stronger. The bad part is that I gave it three stars. It's too big to fit in a normal box and it's not possible to fit it through a low voltage frame, which is what these would normally be in. For whatever reason, the next problem. I assume it's made in China and they don't have quality control, no faceplate seems to fit around it, it's just too big, and you can't get a faceplate to snap all the way around it. It's not a good fit. There is a I'll use it until it burns up, which I'm sure will happen in the next 6 months. I'll go to a different brand after that.

👤It works. I had to knock out the wire inlet covers in the back of the junction box in order for it to slide back far enough to be flush with the face. The wire leads are attached to the circuit board by means of a soldered on circuit board and a plastic junction box. All of that is fine. I put this into a two gang junction box and a standard wall plate wouldn't fit over the control face. I discovered that the opening of the single gang wall plate is slightly bigger than the other standard wall plates when I compared them. I had to use a sharp chisel to shave off two edges of the control face to fit a standard wall plate opening. If you can use their single gang wall plate, that's not an issue.

11. ICQUANZX Controller Adjuster Amplifier Switcher

ICQUANZX Controller Adjuster Amplifier Switcher

It can be used for watching videos, playing games, even as the best volume controller for various activities. There are supports for Win10 andVista. The small and delicate case is made of aluminum and has a metal shell. 3.5mm audio. In: connect a computer, phone, and audio player. 3.5mm audio out, connect power amplifier, active speaker, and headphone amplifier. A good listening experience is ensured by Linear airborne inductance. It can be used for phone and computer, just insert it to your computer and it will work.

Brand: Icquanzx

👤I bought this unit after watching the "White Rider" series on the channel SoundmanCA. Just trying to get everyone to see the product in use. The iPad mini head unit in the dash of the Ford was powered by this knob. I figured I would give this little unit a try, since I install iPad dashes myself. Plug a male to male 3.5mm into the iPad's headphone jack, install a 3.5mm female to female noise filter, another 3.5mm male to male to this unit, and then a 3.5mm male to male RCA audio cables. That was a little too much. I don't use "aux" cables. The little module has a quality source, cables, and equipment to compliment it. I am thinking of buying more for home applications.

👤We wanted a knob to adjust volume with so my dad with hearing issues could watch TV with headphones and adjust the volume from his chair, we also have a separate amplifier, cables, and headphones for this purpose, this volume knob is just to get to volume right without having to get up and He is happy with the way it has worked. The build quality of the product seems fine, it doesn't feel like the type of product that will fall apart quickly. It was a little pricey, but we are really happy with it.

👤The build quality is great. It works well and looks good.

👤It does what it is supposed to do and has a nice weight.

👤The volume wheel worked well for a while, but eventually one of the plugs for the headphones broke. It only plays for one ear. I want to open it to try and fix it, but I can't find a way to do that.

👤It works immediately out of the box. It was used to control audio from a KVM.

👤It doesn't make a difference in volume when set to max. Rubbish.


What is the best product for headphone volume control knob?

Headphone volume control knob products from Drok. In this article about headphone volume control knob you can see why people choose the product. Excelvalley and Emeet are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone volume control knob.

What are the best brands for headphone volume control knob?

Drok, Excelvalley and Emeet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone volume control knob. Find the detail in this article. Nobsound, Tnp Products and Chenkuiyuli are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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