Best Headphone Wall Hanger Folding

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1. Enbiawit Headphone Headphones Headset Mount Installation

Enbiawit Headphone Headphones Headset Mount Installation

Universal under desk design allows for a near universal fit on most desks. There is a new word for it. The Spring Clamp is easy to remove. Not only for storing all kinds of headphones, but also for headsets, glasses, and bags. The Wall Mount Hanger is made of a soft, non-abrasive plastic with a sturdy internal frame and will not scratch your headphones. It is easy to install with included screws. The holder can be mounted on any surface you want. Small design saves more space. The holder is made of a material that is light. The headphone stand has screws that hold it in place. It's suitable for all kinds of headphones and earphones, such as wired headphones, wireless headphones, PC gaming headphones, TV headphones, wired earbuds, wireless earbuds, and wireless earphones. It can be mounted on any flat surface you want, such as desk legs, cabinets, shelves, wall and glass. It can be mounted on any panel. Such as on a desk. Clean the surface by using wipes.

Brand: Enbiawit

👤I like this product. The hook is mounted to the wall. I have it to the left of the white wall switch. There is a The hook is large enough for any headphones. Simple white hook design looks nice mounted to the wall. There are holes for the anchor in case you need more. I was worried that the hook would be too small for Airpod Max, which is a sort of wide mesh top. It's a perfect fit, but can probably fit any other headphones. I don't use the feature, but I like that it has additional holes for holding airpods or ear buds. All in all, what I wanted.

👤I use a HyperX Cloud Stinger for work. I have an ikea desk. I stuck it to the side of the Alex drawers. It feels very sturdy and holds up well. I'm not going to pull this off unless I pull as hard as I can. There is a The HyperX is wireless, so I don't have cables to mess with, but it looks like you could wrap the cables around the front lip of the hanger. There are slots where you could keep earbuds. All of them were very happy with my purchase.

👤I got this for my headphones. I wanted to keep them away from my son. I like the idea that you can use this to store a variety of headphones, including gaming headphones, airpods, tv headphones, and your regular music headphones. I think my only complaint is that the 3M glue that I used on my wall did not hold up as well as I would have liked, the part that was sticky stayed on the plastic and the rest of the glue was on the wall. I tried applying the command strip to the sticky part but it didn't work. I was able to remove the sticky part from the plastic and get the glue off the wayy with no damage or problems, and I placed the command strip on the plastic to the wall, and it has been up there with no problem. If you're going to purchase this, you should take into account something, like command strips. I need it and it works just as I need it. My headphones are out of the way now.

👤My desk is not cluttered because my headphones are held for work. They are a good purchase.

👤It's very easy to install and fit, I screwed it into a stud and it's not going anywhere.

2. Latom Foldable Hanging Aluminum Headphones

Latom Foldable Hanging Aluminum Headphones

One holder for all is designed to hold your game controllers and headphones in one place. The heavy duty folding hooks are made from aluminum. The coat hook is 78 x 26 x 71mm/ 3.07 x 1 x 2.79 inches and the screws are 25mm long and 8mm in screw head diameter. You can use these folding wall hooks to hang dresses, clothes, headsets, and hats in different places, such as bedrooms, bathrooms and closets. The hanging hook has a smooth edge that will not damage your clothes or items you hang on. The folding hooks are very easy to install. The hooks are reinforced with 2 screws. The folding hooks are very easy to install. The hooks are reinforced with 2 screws.

Brand: Latomex

👤If you are looking for an item to see your nerdiness, then these are the ones for you. Your headphones are mounted on your wall as if they are a trophy buck. If you want to impress the ladies, you should show off those beautiful headsets. The folding mechanism makes them disappear like your father when you were a child.

👤I had the idea to hang my headphones and a bunch of stick on hooks, but they came up a few times. This one gives value. There is a 5 piece package out there, but this one of 4 costs less. It is made of metal. It falls down. It's about 3 inches or something like that. Comes with screws. I have 6 headphones on the wall. It will work for any hook of that size. I can flip the doors up when they're not in use. You don't need to search for hours to spend 10 bucks.

👤The Greekia version of these are twice the price, and they are fantastic. I was trying to save money, and so I ordered these, and two of them fell apart and opened up. There is no way to put the pins back together after the plastic came out from under the metal lip. The two that were usable were from the four pack.

👤I didn't want to spend more than a few dollars for a mount for my controller. The official ones go over 15 dollars but are not worth it. I found these for a lot less than I expected. If I had bought a headset mount and controller, it would have cost me 30 dollars and I would have had to pay 6 dollars for it. It worked out great.

👤Nice idea, nice design, poorly executed with cheap materials. I received more than I wanted because I marked the box twice. I have replaced one of them three times now. They hang partially open after install, as they no longer flip back to their original position.

👤I bought these brackets to hold my gym gear. They're easy to fold when not in use. The brackets can hold a lot of weight. My opinion is over 10 lbs. They would be great for hats and jackets.

👤I needed a couple of hooks for my headphones and for the price, I got this kit of 4. There is a This is a bargain and it is sturdy. One of them holds their guitar by a strap for weeks without a problem if you use the correct screws. The elbow part is strong and will hold pounds and pounds of load, but the folding design may be deceiving, as it is more of a mechanical design.

👤The metal is easy to open and close, and it stays closed when closed. It's a good size to fit big things.

3. Folding Aluminium Foldable Headphones Max Load

Folding Aluminium Foldable Headphones Max Load

A coat rack single hook saves space. A coat hook with a screw and black surface. The thickness is 3.4mm, the length is 52mm, and the width is 20mm. The screw size is M4x30mm. Max. Load capacity is 44lb. The package contains 10 x aluminum wall hooks. The wall anchor is 20 x Wall Anchors. A coat rack single hook saves space. A coat rack single hook saves space.

Brand: Heneng

👤They're easy to mount, and they're functional. When folded up, they are actually nice looking. It is very convenient. It should have been discovered a long time ago.

👤Needed something that didn't stick out on the deck to hang the towels and robes. It works perfect. They don't get in the way if you flip them up.

👤The hooks did not stay folded up after being installed.

👤Great product. It was used to hang his Nerf guns.

4. Foldable Headphones Aluminum Wallmount Protective

Foldable Headphones Aluminum Wallmount Protective

The package includes 5 wall hooks, 10 screws, 10 anchors, 1 glue, 5 sponge pads, and 5 auxiliary stickers. The hook is 3 x 2.76 x 0.94 inches. The machined aluminum is capable of holding small and large headphones without bending or breaking. The front end of the ear hanger is flexible. Fix on with screws or hold the security side of your desk with strong 3M VHB two-sided tape. The screw should be used more firmly. All headphones can be compatible with Universal compatibility. It could be used to hold other things such as coiled-up cords, lightweight purses, or shopping bags. Storage that is space-saving. It's ideal for home, work, school, or cyber cafes to keep your headphones easy to reach. There is a foldable stand x 5 in the package.

Brand: Geekria

👤My son has an audible sensitivity issue and has a lot of headphones to help him. Managing all of these headphones was starting to be a challenge. While searching for a solution I came across this product and I am impressed with the quality of the products for the price. Many products that I've used like this would come undone quickly, so I was hesitant about using the pads. The pads are great. When you mount them, you can feel how solid they are. The pads are clear so you don't see a white pad behind them. A small touch but nice. I'm considering ordering more of these for other uses.

👤I wanted a clean mount for my headphones. It's hard to go wrong with 5 mounts, but I think they are a bit over the top. If you need to have them retractable, I would recommend removing the pivot screw and adding a bit of blue locktite to keep the screw snug, one of mine was loose and I think it would. If you're using them in an environment that would shake them, you might want to consider doing this. The product is built very well and I don't take any points off of it.

👤My desk is built from 80/20 aluminum. They are strong enough to keep out of the way when not in use, but slim enough to fit in a small bag. I can setup a slender shelf using these, they are open and have a depression which keeps items in their place even when bumped. All edges are smooth and the width is one inch. They are great for a variety of jobs.

👤I was looking for something to hold my headset in place. Many of the items I found on Amazon were made of plastic and didn't have a good look. The item is light and folds in when not in use. It comes with screws but also a very strong double sided tape. If your wall is made of cinder blocks or not allowed to make holes, this is a great looking headset hook.

👤I use these to hang up some items on a cabinet side. I hang headphones and other objects which I use on a regular basis, but which do not need to occupy desk-space. It helps to keep things organized. I used the supplied 3M double-sided tape to attach them. The manufacturer's recommendations regarding load-weight, surface etc. should be paid attention to. Will buy them again and recommend them to others.

👤The screws are junk. I tightened the pilot hole on the side panel of my desk. They're black, but don't go crazy on them.

👤It did not stick to my walls, but it did work on a flat surface. Before sticking, make sure the surface is clean. I really like the product. I can not blame the product for not sticking to the textured walls, as this has happened with other products as well. I like them and am happy. They fold up when you don't need them.

5. Foldable Headphone Aluminum Headphones Universal

Foldable Headphone Aluminum Headphones Universal

The under desk mount is convenient for storing. Easy installation of a springed C Clamp. For a near universal fit on most desks, the Under Desk Headphone Hanger is used. It can be lain flat on the wall when it is not in use, folding or expanding at your convenience. It is easy to remove and re-attach the screw. Soft rubber pads located on both ends of your desk or table protect it from damage. Easy to install on desks, cabinets, glass surfaces, monitors, desktop towers, shelfs etc. It's great for hanging game controllers, cables and other gadgets. The TV stand does not have room for the soundbar. The sound bar width is less than 2.1 inches, it is 5 lbs and there are two racks to support it. It is a strong headphone Hook because it is made from high quality aluminum and can hold headsets without bending or breaking.

Brand: Apphome

👤My TV stand doesn't have room for the soundbar so I used two racks to hold it. The sound bar is 5 lbs heavy and supported by two racks. I'm happy it worked out.

👤I'm glad I chose this one because there are so many different models to choose from. It has a heavy, solid feel to it, and it has a nice padding on the arm so it won't damage the furniture. It folds up when not in use. Great product! I am an actual consumer, not a fake reviewer.

👤They are very well constructed. I attached them to the end of the stand that holds my TV. I put my sound bar on them. The sound bar is small enough to fit on them, so they can hold it in front of the TV. The sound bar could not be held on the TV stand because there was not enough room.

👤This thing is perfect. My boyfriend's desk has a small lip on the sides that hangs over the sides, but it is a vintage metal desk. Since these holders are mostly designed for desks with empty space below, I had to search through a million to find one that didn't require so much depth for the tension screw. It works great after finding this one. It's easy to install, but will still hold a large clunky headset. The photos have accurate measurements.

👤There are three people working from home, one of them is a gaming son. I'm running out of places to put my headsets, my son has a gaming headset, and I've got my headset for Teams. This particular hook is unique for a couple of reasons. I like the metal construction. It blends in with any black furniture or decor. If it happens to be in a high pass area of your desk or table, the folding design will allow you to get it out of the way. The ability to adjust the orientation from a vertical to horizontal one was a feature that made this a definite purchase. My desk is made of wood and metal and has a lip on it. The standard vertical style brace clap design is useless because it is short of the height of the table. I can't use boom stands with this table because of the other accessories I have. The only thing I had to do was remove the two allen screws and attach them to the leg of the table. It is now a permanent fixture. A huge problem was solved when I reached for my headset. I bought two of them for work and one for home. A great buy.

👤I always remain objective and honest when reviewing products. I always review with information that I feel others would like to know about the product, as I always assume what I'm writing will affect the purchase. I try to go beyond surface characteristics and input into quality, value and application. I will always end the review with an answer as to whether or not I would purchase the item again, which I believe is the most critical question pertaining to the item. Let me know if you want me to review your items. I was looking for a cheap hanging solution for my headphones and this product was the only one I could say anything about. I usually have my headphones on, but it can flip up when not in use. The screw base makes it easy to use for different sizes of desks. I'll probably buy another one for my daughter. It's a very handy device, serves the purpose well, and is cheap, but sturdy. You won't be disappointed.

6. Headphone Stand Sticky Headset Hanger

Headphone Stand Sticky Headset Hanger

Two preset heights give you maximum control over the level of your computer screen to improve posture and prevent neck and back pain. There is a notice. It is not possible to use it for painting a wall. If you paste to the wall, it will fall down. Make sure the surface is smooth, dry and oilless, and hang your headphones after 24 hours to make sure the hanger is firmly stuck. 500g is the max total weight. The headset holder with a magnet can be used when it is not in use. The arm of your headphones is covered with a soft rubber pad to protect it from slipping and scratching. The headphone hook has a strong sticky design, which can be applied to any smooth and clean surface. Hold your earphone in a firm position. Remove the sticker and stick it under your desk. It's great for hanging cables, hats and other gadgets to the kitchen counter, bookshelf, studio and company. A multi-purpose hook. The under desk mount is compatible with almost all wired and wireless headphones.

Brand: Lamicall

👤Does what it says it does. No issues.

👤I like the design. It's easy to hide and doesn't get in the way. It flips closed when you don't use it for headphones. It was easy to install, just remove the paper from the device and stick it on the spot you want it. The second adhesive pad they sent will help if The adhesive ever wears out. Overall, a great purchase, it does what I wanted it to do.

7. APPHOME Foldable Headphone Organizer Universal

APPHOME Foldable Headphone Organizer Universal

You will get a headphone holder. 60-day money back is promised. They are confident in their products. Please contact them if you have any questions. The foldable headphone is called a Hanger. It can be lain flat on the wall when it is not in use, folding, or expanding. The built-in cable loop is designed to prevent your headset's cable from dragging on the ground or getting caught between your desk chair's legs. Universal Headphone Stand Under Desk is a universal stand that can fit on most desks. It is easy to remove and re-attach the screw clamp. Soft rubber pads located on both ends of your desk or table protect it from damage. Premium quality is made of aluminum metal. 60 days of money back is included in the Headset Holder Warranty.

Brand: Apphome

👤I purchased the upgrade version without the cable organizers and the new upgrade with the cable organizers. Both versions had the same features, including the solid aluminum screw knob and the notch on the screw clamp pad for attaching to round desk legs. They arrived at the same time, and the upgrade version matched the catalog picture. The Newest upgrade did not. There are significant differences between the pictures of what arrived and the picture of the Amazon catalog. There is no notch for mounting to round desk legs, and the screw clamp pad is not completely flat. The cable organizers are on the opposite side of the hanging arm. The quality of the product was lowered from theUpgrade version in the changes #1 and #2. I will return to Amazon for a full refund. There is still a 1-star review. The seller reached out to me shortly after my initial product review to let me know the product I received was the older version which was replaced in August with the newer version. If I were to order it again from Amazon, they would give me a coupon that would let me get one for free. I took them up on their offer, but I was surprised to see that the older version of the product that had been re-released by Amazon was still there. The seller doesn't control what version of the product remains in Amazon inventory, but this is now November. You would think they would have exhausted their older version of the product by now. I purchased the exact same version of this product from another seller and they were able to deliver the newer upgrade version. 1-STAR to Amazon for pushing old inventory and 1-STAR to the seller for updating their product description, but then continuing to sell the old version through Amazon under a new product listing which does not match reality. I wonder how many other people who thought they were buying the newer version of the Prime Day product got shipped the older version. I was ready to write-off Apphome Direct forever after my second disappointing delivery of the older version of the product. Apphome Customer Service is persistent in ensuring that their customers are completely satisfied with the purchase experience as well as the products they sell. They apologized for the incorrect product being shipped and asked what they could do to make it right, after they had already fixed the issue. The only way for that to happen is for Apphonme Direct to send me the correct version of the product at no cost, and they will refund the price of the product if I purchase it a third time. "Third times the charm" is what they say, and it was in this instance! The newer version of the product was shown on the product page after I received the product. It's a good sign! I have dealt with a number of sellers on Amazon over product issues, but Apphome Direct Customer Service went above and beyond to make sure I was completely satisfied after my previous two bad purchase experiences. Apphome Direct is deserving of praise. I am happy to make more purchases from them again after having a positive experience with them.

8. Folding Aluminum Adhesive Foldable Headphone

Folding Aluminum Adhesive Foldable Headphone

It can be used to hang other items in the house, and it can be compatible with all kinds of hearphones. The wall hooks are made of high quality solid aluminum alloy, strong and durable to endure heavy loads, not easily broken, and can resist rust. These 90 folding coat hooks are foldable so you can use them when not in use. It is easy to install on the wall with screws or their strong glue. Soft sponge pads to prevent scratching. It's perfect for use in entryway, bathroom, bedroom and laundry room hanging headphones, coat, towel, backpack, hat, robe and more. The package includes 5 wall hooks, 10 screws, 10 anchors, 1 glue, 5 sponge pads, and 5 auxiliary stickers. The hook is 3 x 2.76 x 0.94 inches. The package includes 5 wall hooks, 10 screws, 10 anchors, 1 glue, 5 sponge pads, and 5 auxiliary stickers. The hook is 3 x 2.76 x 0.94 inches.

Brand: Hangerspace

👤The study design and high quality finishing of the hooks impress me. The 5 look exactly like the other. I will be using screws to attach the things. I will be hanging a large object. The hook is rated for 60 lbs. This should work well.

👤I need hooks that will hold headphones and a musical instrument to the side of a filing cabinet for easy access. I didn't want the hooks to fall on my stuff so I was a bit worried about what to get. I decided to try these after reading a lot of reviews. They work well. The hold is solid and the mount is easy to reach and secure.

👤I hang my motorcycle helmet, riding jacket and backpacks with these hooks. They were easy to install and hold the weight of my helmet, not that it weighs a ton. They don't take up much room to begin with, but I like how they fold up.

👤I love these! They are sleek and modern.

👤I usually expect the glue to not work and the screws to be put in. These have held for over a month with no issues.

👤Very nice looking, low profile when closed. Each in a separate pouch. The strips and screws are foam.

👤I would definitely order more hooks in the future.

9. Latomex Folding Foldable Aluminum Headphones

Latomex Folding Foldable Aluminum Headphones

A coat rack single hook saves space. The coat hooks are made from aluminum alloy which is sturdy enough to hold heavy items and not easy to break, the screws are made of iron and can hold up to 35 lbs of weight. The coat hooks can be folded. Open it when you use it. You fold it when you don't use it, which saves room space. You can use these folding wall hooks to hang dresses, clothes, headsets, and hats in different places, such as bedrooms, bathrooms and closets. It is easy to install on the wall with screws or their strong glue. Soft sponge pads to prevent scratching. The clothes hook is 70 x 77 x 2.5 inches and has screws and wall hooks. The clothes hook is 70 x 77 x 2.5 inches and has screws and wall hooks.

Brand: Latomex

👤The family room is a music room. I hang cables. The floor is cluttered. They look nice folded up. Can be stuck anywhere. I use tape instead of screws. It would be nice if the hooks came with black screws.

10. Linkidea Headphone Waterproof Retractable Headphones

Linkidea Headphone Waterproof Retractable Headphones

There is a foldable stand x 5 in the package. The foldable hook is sturdy. You can use two-sided glue or screws. The arm of the stand can be folded up when not in use. Keep your desk clean. The holder is compatible with most headphones. It also fits dresses, clothes, headsets, and hats. Product dimensions are 3.0" x 2.7" x 1.0" The package contains Headphone Wall Hooks.

Brand: Linkidea

👤I thought these would be a good alternative to Ikea's folding hooks. They're similar, but the execution is different. There is a There's a big gap because these don't fold up nicely. They fold up, but not on thelves. The casting isn't precise enough to allow them to fold up nicely. The folding part is always too far out or too far in. There is a They're not sleek. They've been painted with spray paint. There is a The hook surface appears to have more grip in the pictures. You can stick on the squares of silver vinyl when you get them. They are functionally adequate and appear strong. The execution leaves a lot to be desired. I probably won't return them, but I'm not happy with them either.

👤These had a textured black look to them. It was nice that it had the same screws and hardware, but I ordered a different set and returned it. I was going to use them in the bathroom, but the edges were sharp and I was afraid my towels would scratch me. 3 felt a little loose, like they probably wouldn't lay flush to the wall when upright. I knew that would annoy me. They're ok, but not what I needed.

👤The hooks are sturdy and high-quality. I made them use in our small laundry so we could fold them up and not get stabbed by a hook. The function is perfect for us. I bought more for other surfaces since they have the option to hang with screws or 3M-style. I will say that the sticky option is not as effective as the one before it and that a hook or two has fallen down when bumped. I will buy more 3M sticky pads to re-hang them because I love them and I would still buy them again.

👤These are well made, solid, and good looking. The rubber that sticks to the hook can fall off over time. I removed the rubber as they were not necessary for my application, but I would be happy if they were able to stay on.

👤One of the packages came broken. There is a I have the Ikea version as well. There is a The one that came in pieces was easy to install and get the job done.

👤All kinds of tape and screws are available. The finish surface looks good and it's cheap.

👤My grandson wants to hang his headphones on his xbox so I bought these to mount on the wall. It's easy to install and look good. I got a wide set for his headphones.

👤They can be used in the horse barn for halters. Looking good.

11. Folding Aluminium Foldable Headphones Max Load

Folding Aluminium Foldable Headphones Max Load

The package contains Headphone Wall Hooks. A black folding coat hook has a screw. The thickness is 5mm, the length is 3mm, the height is 234 and the width is 25mm. The screw size is M4x30mm. The package contains 10 x aluminum wall hooks. The wall anchor is 20 x Wall Anchors. A coat rack single hook saves space.

Brand: Heneng

👤It is a gamechanger for sure. I wanted hooks on the wall in our laundry room. The amount of space you have to hang things on is much more than traditional hooks, which is why you can fold them up when not in use. Very strong. I couldn't be happier. It's easy to install.

👤I love these! I used them as a ledge to get my irons off the counter. I like that I can close them when not in use and let the irons sit on them while they heat up.

👤This is the best idea ever. It is sturdy. They work well.

👤I put up most of my unused headphones. It was cheap and easy. Good quality.

👤The coat hooks were used in the arrival center. I hang the backpacks and coats on them. They were easy to install. They don't take up a lot of space and look pretty slim when folded up.

👤They fold when not in use. Great for the back hall.

👤The half of the screws were missing.

👤Great little hangers and like how they flip up when not in use. I think they would be great in boats of cruiser size.

👤We put these in the bathroom as towel holders. They become almost invisible when closed and hold our heavy Turkish towels.

👤Parfait pour arricher notre.


What is the best product for headphone wall hanger folding?

Headphone wall hanger folding products from Enbiawit. In this article about headphone wall hanger folding you can see why people choose the product. Latomex and Heneng are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone wall hanger folding.

What are the best brands for headphone wall hanger folding?

Enbiawit, Latomex and Heneng are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone wall hanger folding. Find the detail in this article. Geekria, Apphome and Lamicall are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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