Best Headphone Wall Mount 2 Pack

Mount 25 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Headphone Universal Sennheiser Audio Technica Controller

Headphone Universal Sennheiser Audio Technica Controller

The package weight was 5.15 lbs. Easy access to your headphones. The long curved support is made of a soft, non-abrasive Silicone cover with a sturdy internal frame. A multi-purpose hanger. It's great for hanging cables, earphones and other gadgets. The max total weight is 1 kilogram. Clean and organized space. Installation is virtually anywhere - on walls, cabinets, glass surfaces, monitors, desktop towers, etc. You should organize and tidy up your workspace. Convenient installation. It uses double-sided tape for strong, reliable adhesion. Clean surface well using provided wipes. Allow the holder to be used for 24 hours. It is not suitable for use on wet, greasy or dusty surfaces.

Brand: Avantree

👤It worked well for a while. One day, I walked into my room and heard a noise. I was trying to figure out what fell, but realized it was my headset. I followed all the directions after having it for less than 3 months. I pressed the alcohol wipes against the sruface to make the surface clean. After hanging it up, I made sure to not use it for 24 hours. It still fell despite all that. They need a better stand. I'll probably buy something to keep it. It was unfortunate it didn't hold up. There is a Customer service contacted me saying my previous 2 star review was detrimental to their reviews. They gave a free replacement. If they think the 2nd will hold up, I'll change the review. I'm not going to change my review if the second product does the same thing as the first. They asked me to send the email back to them, after they lost the previous messages. I did. They responded with nothing relevant to what happened before. I'll take it down to just 1 star now that I know their customer support isn't helpful. This isn't worth the headaches if you buy it from someone else. There are two edits, the first one is called Edit 2. I bought my own double-sided tape and it seems to be holding up well, so it's 3 stars. Customer support is very determined to make sure I like their product. I didn't use the new one because I was expecting the same thing to happen. If you rely on the glue, then you should buy any other glue.

👤I bought this item on December 13th. The stand has begun to separate from the glue. I was expecting this accessory to last as long as I thought it would. I had thought I would get at least 6 months out of it, considering the brand of glue they chose. I always took care to place things on it gently. The back of the rubber/plastic hanger and the desk it is attached to have begun to separate from the glue that is attached to them. The stand was rated 5 out of 5 for its function and 2 out of 5 for its longevity. Customer service was 10/10.

👤I used to get different types of L-shaped things. I changed my mind after reading reviews about people getting dents in their headsets. There is a This thing is awesome. Stick to a wall and it will hold up a heavy, wireless, headset. I attached one to a desk as well. I picked up a set of two for a very competitive price and was happy to return for more, and they were even cheaper. I can't say for certain, but I can say that you get your money's worth. There is a If you feel like you have a heavy headset and need more support, you can get a double-sided mounting tape. There's enough here to support 20 lbs of weight, and 3M makes the absolute best. The back is large enough to double the amount of tape holding up whatever you're trying to hang on the rounded mount. It's cheap for the amount you get.

2. Controller Stand Wall Holder Mount Switch

Controller Stand Wall Holder Mount Switch

If you care about style, quality, andVersatility, OAPRIRE is the best choice. High quality. The max weight of the controller stand is 4 pounds, and it is made of sterling quality acrylic, with high toughness and fall resistance. The xbox one ps4 switch pro controller design has the ability and compobility to keep the controller safe from scratching and dropping. It is compatible with a wide variety of video game controllers. Easy installation. No tools or holes in your walls make it simple and easy to install. Each controller holder has cable clips. There is space for saving. The controller stand is a great way to display your controllers on the wall. If you care about style, quality andVersatility, this controller holder is the best choice.

Brand: Oaprire

👤I love these! I've purchased a lot of mounts for controllers and headsets. My husband's gaming cabinent has been completely transformed by it. The command strips are so sturdy that you can slam the cabinent door with the controllers mounted on them and they won't fall off. It's very easy to attach. Installation time for all five mounts was about ten minutes, with all my measurements, but I did get a little snoozing with our specific use. I think they look sleek and modern. Highly recommended for your storage and organization.

👤It's been a long time since these were solid. I also bought a PS4 and they work great for PS4 as well, but they aren't as snug a fit for PS4 as they are for Xbox. It works well for the Switch controller. The controller stays up if balanced. I've bought 8 of them so far and I'm happy with them. There is a There are 4 large square pieces of sticky, high quality double sided 3M tape. There are 2 cable managers with tape. It'sFits. The controller of the XBOX ONE is perfect. They fit the PS4 controller well and will not fall off. The material is high quality. There is a The PS4 controller has a little wiggle room, but it fits well. They will not fall off. I use these for my PS4 controllers. The holder isn't designed for the Switch Gamecube controller, but it can still be balanced on in one of my pictures.

👤These are made out of plastic. When they are loaded with a controller, they are about a quarter of an inch thick. I tried to put some pressure on it. The v-shaped portion that is attached to the wall is the only part that moves. It would be difficult to break under normal use. It seems like it will last a long time. The finish is black. There is a The package also includes a few cable management clips. The mounts have not yet been attached to the glue. You will apply them yourself. If the consumer chooses to use a different method of attachment, I like this option. I don't use the glue squares because I think they will damage my paint if I have to remove them. I am attaching Command brand strips for easy removal and relocation. There is a My controllers fit perfectly into this mount. They don't slide one way or the other. It is a good fit. There are two things I don't like about this item. It's a fingerprint magnet. As soon as you touch it, you will see how dirty it is. It is easy to remove from the shiny surface, but it is a problem. I don't like the big white logo on the front of the item. I was hoping it was a sticker that could be removed, but it is not. I will be painting my mounts a flat white so that they don't show fingerprints or match my room better. I am happy that I did not pay more for the "name brand" mounts that are nearly twice the price.

3. Linkidea Gamepad Controller Headphone Headset

Linkidea Gamepad Controller Headphone Headset

The stand is made of high-quality aluminum. The PS5 PS4 Xbox one controller, desktop computer game handles, and most game controllers are compatible with the handle and headset hook brackets. The transparent patch and screw method is suitable for installation in any place-table, shelf, cabinet, glass surface, and so on. Product dimensions are 3.14 x 1.57 inches. The package has headphones stand X 1.

Brand: Linkidea

👤The controller does not provide proper support.

👤It's easy to install. It's high quality. The mount is made of solid metal with a black coating, but the brackets are plastic. It's easy to install if you have a 9 year old. The mounting system is strong. It works perfectly with the Xbox X/S controller.

👤The controller is too small to hold this small accessory. We didn't install it before trying to balance it. The pictures of the product were not real. Returning.

4. OIVO Controller Holder Foldable Headphones

OIVO Controller Holder Foldable Headphones

It is wide compatible. The table headset hook supports all sizes of earphones. B&O H8/ H4/ Beoplay H9i, beyerdynamic headphones, B&W headsets, HyperX Cloud II's, Astro A50, Ra zer Gaming Headphones, Logi tech Headphones, Audio Technica headphones, R OG gaming headsets, etc. Universal controller holder with screws and glue for the most of video game controllers and headsets to be wall mounted for display and storage, mount to a desk, a wall, PC, shelves, cabinets, glass surfaces, rear of the TV/ The double function of the folding front plate is to comfortably support your controller for display and storage. The front plate hinge design closes when not in use to allow a sleek fitting wall mount. Choose what fits you and it is easy to install and mount your gaming controllers for a more secure replacement. OIVO's wall mounts help with easy storage while also displaying your valuable controllers and Headsets. With easy installation you can display full collections with your own designs. The controller wall mount includes wall anchors, double-sided tape, and hard plastic for long operation life.

Brand: Oivo

👤There is an update (11/1521). While they stood up to the 3 older people, they were no match for the 1yr old terror who pulled them out of the wall in record time. We had to move them to a random area out of his reach because kids have to ask permission to use the controllers. The ones I put in my room are perfect, no issues have arisen since they were installed. I think they are great for older kids who can take care of things but not younger ones. The original review was original. At first glance, I don't think I'm convinced. I read the negative reviews and they are thin and don't feel sturdy. I decided to try them since I was looking for a less expensive brand. We used the dry wall anchors with the screws to screw this into the wall. We had them up for a month and have been very pleased with them. I have 3 kids that play with controllers and they are rough. The controllers were pulled off and smashed back on by those who were done with them. I will update if I have any issues with these.

👤36 hours up. They work well. There is a I placed a separate order for a 4 pack and a 2 pack. If you want to drill them to your wall, you'll need the holders with screws and anchors. The mounting hole for these on a flat wall or furniture has been cut out. I mounted these on my shelf next to my tv. There were several 3M brand and no-brand pads in the box. The 3M brand ones fell off within a few hours and I re-stuck them with the no-brands. These are used for PS4 and Switch Pro controllers. I am going to add some padding to the cradle to give it some grip. The padding would help keep the controllers in place. There is a Otherwise a great purchase.

👤I bought these for the purpose of sticking them on the side of my desk, but it still peeled off within a week. I tried another one of their spare pads and had the same result. If you're able to drill holes onto a mounting surface, these work well. I'm not the only one who has a problem with the included pads. I'm going to try and save the product by using some spare 3M tape in my drawer, but I'm not too impressed with it. It's a shame that double-sided tape shouldn't be a priority with these holders, because it has a very solid design.

👤When I got a Nintendo Switch for my birthday, my desk got overrun. I only had an Xbox One controller for my PC games. I had to do something with the Switch and Pro controller added. I mounted the 1/6 on the wall next to my battle station after cutting it in half. This was exactly what I was looking for, and I intend on staining the wood later. I deducted one star from Adhesion because it didn't stick to the wood as well as I expected. I didn't want them to be stuck to the wall.

5. Headphone Link Dream Organizer Headphones

Headphone Link Dream Organizer Headphones

If you have questions or are unhappy with your shopping experience, please contact them. Space saving and foldable. You can fold it up when not in use, and keep it neat and tidy. The headset hook is designed with a cable organizers to make it easier to organize your gaming/wire headphone cable. It can be used for hanging headphones. The aluminum material is strong and can be used for a long time. The raised edge of the wall mount can prevent headphones from falling off. It comes with strong 3M glue and screws, no glue needed, but holds securely, and it's not easy to fall off. You can use strong 3M VHB tape or reinforce with screws. More Than A Headphone Hook can be mounted on any smooth surface like a bookshelf, desk, table leg, cabinet, computer host, door, wall, etc. It is also available for hanging bags, file folders, keys, umbrellas, and other small items.

Brand: Link Dream

👤It says it's aluminum, but it feels very cold. The finish is black and I think it's type 3 anodized aluminum, the kind you'd find on a high end flashlight. There is no mark when you scratch the surface with ordinary objects. I had to use a sharp screw to make a mark. It's interesting for something stationary to have scratch resistance. There is a The hinge is strong. I tried to bend my spare backwards, but it wouldn't bend or warp. It could hold a jug of milk. The mounting point is likely to fail before the hinge does. I used screws directly into the sheetrock of the mount. My only suggestion to the vendor is to give us longer screws. The cable clip buttons help direct and organize the cable. The value was very high.

👤The product works well and is well designed. The reason for the low score was due to the fact that the brackets had only three screws for mounting, where four are required.

👤These little ladies worked well. I have a full studio setup in my home office, which means a lot of cords and headphones. These hold onto smooth/semi-rough surfaces perfectly. I will be buying more packs to manage cable around the house. Great stuff.

👤The package had missing hardware. The wall anchors and screws were not included in the photo. So disappointing. Had to return them.

👤I used this to hold up a pair of headphones. Waited a while before putting the weight on the brackets. After a few weeks, the glue failed. Very disappointing.

👤The material is strong. The cable organizers are working perfectly. Easy installation of strong 3m glue.

👤There are two great options for this headphones.

👤The build was good and past my expectations.

👤All metal is very well built, no wobble when folding it up. I used the sticky pads and screws to mount my desk and they seem to be stuck. You get two of them in a pack.

6. Acrylic Headphone Adhesive Headset Headphones

Acrylic Headphone Adhesive Headset Headphones

It's comparable and it has a warranty. Most headphones and gaming headsets are compatible with this. To make sure their stand is compatible with your headphones, please check the dimensions of the headset bed and the width of your headband. A nice combination and sufficient quantity can satisfy your different demands, and you can share them with your friends. The headphone hook is practical and light, it is a good way to tidy up your desk, it will save space, and you can use it when you're not using it. The headset holders are made of quality acrylic, which is durable and firm, not easy to break, and the black foam pad design protects your headband headphones from wear when suspended. You can give these hooks to your friends as a present, because they are universal, and they are suitable for various kinds of headphones. They are easy to install with matched quality tapes, and you can stick them to anywhere you want.

Brand: Weewooday

👤I can't peel the plastic 3M label, so they may have changed what's used to adhere to the wall. I can't peel the covering on my long finger nails because I have a long nail. I've given up trying to get that off. I will try to use a command strip. The whole thing is brought up when I try to remove the protective label. See the picture. I was able to get that corner to peel off when I took the picture. It's very difficult to remove the protective label. It's very sticky and has 5 stars.

👤These are exactly what you think they are and how they appear in photos. They're very simple pieces of bent plastic with a thin layer of foam in the part that contacts the headphones, but they do exactly what they're supposed to do and so far, they've held my headphones without issue. They're an inexpensive choice that aren't the most aesthetically pleasing, but they do exactly what they claim and look like they do in photos.

👤These aren't strong. The first broke. All four were broken within a week. I ordered metal to be replaced. The headsets were only held by the children but they got some rough treatment. If you use alternate glue, it may work in another home.

👤I was excited when I bought this because my headsets will no longer be laying around. The glue didn't last long. I had to stick it back onto the wall after it fell again. I had to buy the ones that came with it instead of the ones that came with target. Since then, it has not fallen. I had to buy new tape for it because I think it's not worth the money.

👤It broke after catching on something and the hook came off. It took the paint off the wall.

👤I hung these with the headphones on. They are still tight and up. Prepare for missing drywall if you want to remove them.

👤It's pretty basic but useful. Does it keep my headphones off my desk? If you own wired headphones like I do, I would recommend getting cable clips that are waterproof to avoid having to loop the headphones around.

👤It's good to hold up well so far, just make sure to follow the instructions on how to clean the surface and give the glue time to stick.

👤I didn't know how to put my first 1 on. There is a I stuck it to the wall and then realized it was a tag. There is a I have a few headsets. I have a bag for my work at the side of the desk with a laptop and other bits. I bought them and they were very tough.

👤Works great for headphones and PS5 controllers. It might be a tad expensive.

👤Basic hooks are flimsy at the bend but I hope they survive. I will update if they don't.

👤These were used for the training room at work. They are easy to fix and good value for money.

7. ForBEST Controller Headphone Umbrella Backpack

ForBEST Controller Headphone Umbrella Backpack

The latest design for PS4 controller, Nintendo, most game console controllers, provide the best storage space for your gamepad, create your own game space and atmosphere. High-quality materials include plastic, non-toxic and harmless, with 3M super glue, which can be up to 1.5 kilogram/ 3.3lb weight. Your controller is an excellent match for your appearance. It's suitable for game controllers, headphones, cameras, umbrellas, backpacks, data cables, etc. To make sure their brackets are compatible, please check the hanging items. Almost can be installed anywhere. Solid wood wall, smooth tile, glass can be used to save space. If you don't like the product, wrong or parts, you're cursed. They can help you solve the problem within 24 hours. Enjoy a 90-day money back guarantee.

Brand: Forbest

👤The installation was easy and fast. I have been on the wall for a while. We bought in November of 2019. July of 2020 is when both of these no longer hold the controllers. The controllers are falling off of each other. We are fortunate to have carpet where these are located, or we would have been out the cost of this and the cost to replace the remotes. I wouldn't buy these again. I would recommend spending more for better long-term results.

👤I was looking for a product that held my controllers well without bending the cable on my wired controller. They look great on my wall and the plastic holder holds my controllers well. I followed the installation instructions but the glue that holds my controllers to my consoles fails and drops them on top of my consoles, which is bad for both the consoles and the controllers. Nothing has broken so far. I would be cautious.

👤It is easy to set up. Put the tape on the wall. Leave it alone for a few hours. I have not put on anything heavy. I have a headset and controller. Don't put a brick on it.

👤It was great for a week but the controller keeps falling off. I suppose it was heavy for the tape. Cleaned and installed correctly.

👤The pad is unreliable.

👤What I was looking for was stylish. I used 3M Command Strips on the back of the holders, since I have slightly textured wallpaper. Will add an update if they fall. I use Command Strips for everything on my walls and have not had any problems.

8. Fosmon Anti Slip Controller Headphones Playstation 5

Fosmon Anti Slip Controller Headphones Playstation 5

There is a balance of stability and simplicity. Ensuring that you don't have to worry about the damage to your controllers or accessories. Quality has always been a key factor in their products. Your gaming controllers, accessories, and headphones will be safe and secure. Have a wall that you don't want to drill a hole into to install a wall mount stand? Premium double sided mounting tape is required to mount their wall mount stand holder. Want more stability? You can drill and mount their stand holder with mounting screws and anchor bolts. Pick the option that works best for you. It is possible to use it for anything as long as it can fit on their wall mount stand. There are PS3/PS4 controllers, Xbox One X/S/Elite controllers, Nintendo Switch Pro controllers, and any other accessories. You name it! The anti-slip rubber pads on the wall mount stand holders prevent scratches and damage to your controllers. The anti-slip rubber pads on the wall mount stand holder prevent potential fall damage. There is a lifetime warranty. The product has a limited lifetime warranty. Refer to the website for more information.

Brand: Fosmon

👤I was able to use it for my gaming headset as well, since I ordered it for just gaming console controllers. I am very pleased with the quality of the item and the mounting hardware. Highly recommended.

👤It was a good fit for the controller. It is easy to install.

👤The item is great. Useful item.

9. Foldable Headphones Aluminum Wallmount Protective

Foldable Headphones Aluminum Wallmount Protective

The package includes 5 wall hooks, 10 screws, 10 anchors, 1 glue, 5 sponge pads, and 5 auxiliary stickers. The hook is 3 x 2.76 x 0.94 inches. The machined aluminum is capable of holding small and large headphones without bending or breaking. The front end of the ear hanger is flexible. Fix on with screws or hold the security side of your desk with strong 3M VHB two-sided tape. The screw should be used more firmly. All headphones can be compatible with Universal compatibility. It could be used to hold other things such as coiled-up cords, lightweight purses, or shopping bags. Storage that is space-saving. It's ideal for home, work, school, or cyber cafes to keep your headphones easy to reach. There is a foldable stand x 5 in the package.

Brand: Geekria

👤My son has an audible sensitivity issue and has a lot of headphones to help him. Managing all of these headphones was starting to be a challenge. While searching for a solution I came across this product and I am impressed with the quality of the products for the price. Many products that I've used like this would come undone quickly, so I was hesitant about using the pads. The pads are great. When you mount them, you can feel how solid they are. The pads are clear so you don't see a white pad behind them. A small touch but nice. I'm considering ordering more of these for other uses.

👤I wanted a clean mount for my headphones. It's hard to go wrong with 5 mounts, but I think they are a bit over the top. If you need to have them retractable, I would recommend removing the pivot screw and adding a bit of blue locktite to keep the screw snug, one of mine was loose and I think it would. If you're using them in an environment that would shake them, you might want to consider doing this. The product is built very well and I don't take any points off of it.

👤My desk is built from 80/20 aluminum. They are strong enough to keep out of the way when not in use, but slim enough to fit in a small bag. I can setup a slender shelf using these, they are open and have a depression which keeps items in their place even when bumped. All edges are smooth and the width is one inch. They are great for a variety of jobs.

👤I was looking for something to hold my headset in place. Many of the items I found on Amazon were made of plastic and didn't have a good look. The item is light and folds in when not in use. It comes with screws but also a very strong double sided tape. If your wall is made of cinder blocks or not allowed to make holes, this is a great looking headset hook.

👤I use these to hang up some items on a cabinet side. I hang headphones and other objects which I use on a regular basis, but which do not need to occupy desk-space. It helps to keep things organized. I used the supplied 3M double-sided tape to attach them. The manufacturer's recommendations regarding load-weight, surface etc. should be paid attention to. Will buy them again and recommend them to others.

👤The screws are junk. I tightened the pilot hole on the side panel of my desk. They're black, but don't go crazy on them.

👤It did not stick to my walls, but it did work on a flat surface. Before sticking, make sure the surface is clean. I really like the product. I can not blame the product for not sticking to the textured walls, as this has happened with other products as well. I like them and am happy. They fold up when you don't need them.

10. Headphone APPHOME Foldable Aluminum Universal

Headphone APPHOME Foldable Aluminum Universal

It is wide compatible. The table headset hook supports all sizes of earphones. B&O H8/ H4/ Beoplay H9i, beyerdynamic headphones, B&W headsets, HyperX Cloud II's, Astro A50, Ra zer Gaming Headphones, Logi tech Headphones, Audio Technica headphones, R OG gaming headsets, etc. Small and foldable design saves space. It can be used to free your desktop from chaos. Safe and Stable: The headphone stand has strong glue that will allow it to last a long time. The materials are high-quality. The rubber pads on the headband protect it from wear. All kinds of headphones, such as wired headphones, wireless headphones, gaming headphones, TV headphones, and so on, are suitable for the universal headset holder. It's easy to install and can be mounted anywhere. On computers, desk, and wall. Clean the surface by using wipes.

Brand: Apphome

👤I was very happy with my purchase of this headphone holder, but it has been a year since I purchased it. I noticed that my headphones got in my hair when I noticed the odd goop on the bridge. The pull out bracket that my headphones rested on was the culprit. I was able to use alcohol wipes to remove all of the liquified glue and I was also able to repair the small pad that locks the brackets in the closed position with some automotive grade 3M double sided tape. Hopefully it will hold up better than what was used to assemble it. Is this the end of the world? I am going to keep an eye on it because it was a quick repair.

👤I have a charging station in my laundry room. The hug makes it look less cluttered and it gets a lot of stuff off the counter. I charge a lot of stuff on this station. The double sticky tape is used. I made it even more solid by attaching a couple screws to the holes. Unable to keep earbuds and headphones off the countertop while charging. If you don't have anything to hang on it, this is a great option. I'm very happy with the space that was cleaned up.

👤The option to screw it into your desk is what I bought this hook for. I tried the glue before I tried to put it in. I had low expectations, but the sticker is so strong that it's like a combination of Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan. I'm thinking about buying another one for my towels.

👤My father built a desk for me that is solid wood. It was built for writing, not a computer. I used the glue that came with the product because I couldn't drill a hole in it. I have a very light-weight Sony headphones, but they haven't budged over a month. The hook portion is large and padded to not damage my headphones. I might put two different pairs on there. I love that when I move this desk, I can just close the hook and it won't be a problem. There is a The metal is heavy and shiny. It's a good addition to my desk. I wish it didn't have the logo, but it is perfect.

👤Unfortunately it did not last. It fell off my wall in the middle of the night, luckily it didn't break my headphones, I was sleeping. It was loud. I might use it on a wood surface with screws to hold it up instead of giving it to someone else. Holds fast to painted plaster. I've considered buying another one just for the tape. It has been on the painted plaster walls for a long time. It holds my headphones and doesn't bang when I place them down. The inside of the "hook" is made of some kind of material. It doesn't open without you meaning it to.

👤This is what it seems to be. I thought it would be bigger but it is not. I used the two screws instead of using the glue to stick to the wall. I would have been concerned that the headset wouldn't hold it's weight. There is a This looks great on the wall. When I moved my console, I realized I lost the space I wanted for the headset stand and that's when a hanging stand became optimal. This is in front of my console. It's difficult to pull it down when it's folded up, because you don't have headsets on. I think that will loosen over time with use and shouldn't be a negative.

11. UberAtlas Controller Headphone STEELSERIES Organized

UberAtlas Controller Headphone STEELSERIES Organized

This low-profile headphone hook is designed to match the rest of Kanto's premium desktop solutions and brings you one step closer to achieving that minimalist style you've been craving. A dual game controller holder and phone wall mount. You can wall mount your game controller. There is only one wall mount that holds controllers and headphones. It works with PS4 and PS3 game controllers, as well as most other third party controllers. It's good to hold most headphones of any size. The stadIUM segway is a must have for your gaming setup, it keeps your gamepads organized and looks good. SECURE INSTALLATION Their dual controller holder can be installed on desks, shelves, cabinets, glass surfaces, rear of the TV/monitor, and many more. VHB is used by GoPro to secure their cameras during extreme activities so you can be sure it won't let you or your controllers down. The max weight limit is 1.5 kilogram. Hang your controllers out of the way so that they are not in the way and keep your game space free and organized. One holder for all is designed to hold your game controllers and headphones in one place.

Brand: Brainwavz

👤I put this on the wall next to my futon, but forgot to put my controller and headphones on.

👤It was made on a 3D printer. Within 24 hours, the glue attached to the pre cleaned surface failed. The 3D printed material broke apart. It's complete waste of time and money.

👤After a few days of using it, I really like it. It has an annoying flaw. It can hold up to 2 controllers and your headset, that's what I was interested in. I tend to get up a lot. If you have a controller on the lowest rest, I put my headset down a lot. Every time, the headset will hit it. It doesn't matter which controller it is, the headset will hit it. I can't use the lower controller rest because I've had it fall a few times. I'm wondering if it was worth it to buy this one or if I could have gotten the one with just a single controller rest. I think I will cut out the second rest. If the angle was different or if the head rest part had more room to spare. This would be a perfect score. Everything else is great. The command strip is stuck to my desk and it feels sturdy. If it had more room for the headset, it would be a perfect 5.

👤This makes everything look organized and saves a lot of space. I had to drill a small hole and insert a nail into the wall near the top to make it sturdy, but the controller hides the nail. You wouldn't know if it is 3d printed from a few feet away.

👤I bought two of these for my husband as I was unsure if he would like them. The glue is very strong. When we were adjusting to his likely, it did not peel the paint and we have been holding two remotes and a pair of headsets.

👤I bought this for my husband because he likes gaming. He tried to remove it after he hung it up. It ripped the paint and a chunk of the wallboard. We had to rip off the glue and chunk of the wall so we wouldn't have to hang it again.

👤Didn't realize it was bad. Does not look good. I wish I'd known that before buying. It's hard to tell in the pictures. It should be stated in the description. There is a Injection molded one would have been better.

👤I use mine for my head set and glasses, but always close by with my headset for laptop and music. There is a Good quality and sticks to side. There are three shelves for the head set. It was perfect. It's a good thing.

👤I like this product, but it is not what it states. It is false that it sticks to everything. It doesn't. It was stuck on to a wooden surface and fell off. It had to be stuck onto the wall. It has never fallen off since.


What is the best product for headphone wall mount 2 pack?

Headphone wall mount 2 pack products from Avantree. In this article about headphone wall mount 2 pack you can see why people choose the product. Oaprire and Linkidea are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone wall mount 2 pack.

What are the best brands for headphone wall mount 2 pack?

Avantree, Oaprire and Linkidea are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone wall mount 2 pack. Find the detail in this article. Oivo, Link Dream and Weewooday are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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