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1. FENGWANGLI Earphone Headphone Clothing Microphone

FENGWANGLI Earphone Headphone Clothing Microphone

There are 20 pieces of cable clothing clips, and the color information is displayed as pictures. The headphone clips are easy to carry and portable, measuring 1 inch in length, 0.35 inch in width and 0.47 inch in height. The ear bud clips are made of plastic, strong to use, can attach your earphone cable with it, and clip the cable on your collar easily. It's easy to attach them on shirts, jackets and so on, and they can be used to keep earphone wires out of each other, and it's useful for people who enjoy listening to music. 12 pieces of earphone cord management clip are displayed as pictures. It is suitable for most headphones, such as cell phone headphones, earphone, mp3 and so on, and fit for both round and flat earphone wire.

Brand: Fengwangli

👤The bose soundsport wire does not fit. The wire won't fit to the end and is doing some damage to it. Not putting it all the way to the end causes the clip to slide off. Sending back.

👤They are fine for the price. They're not strong, but they're small. I didn't pay attention to how small the size was listed at. They are too small for my cable. I wanted to keep the heavy cable from rubbing against my shirt, so I clipped it to my shirt. My fault. I wanted them to be good for larger applications.

👤The clip is well designed. The cable clip on Amazon accommodates a wider range of cable sizes, even though it doesn't have as graceful a shape. The clothing fabric is gripped between the opposing teeth by the alligator teeth. The clips work well for ear bud cables, but I purchased them for use with wireless microphone cables. If your cable is too thin, you can loop it through the clip again.

👤It only works for the smallest cords. The clasp broke when I tried to pull it apart. It will work on ear buds. It won't work on Bose cords, which I bought it for.

👤I have a set of wireless headphones that I clip to my shirt at work as well as for working out, but the original clip snapped off one day. This is better than what I got with my headphones. The clip is very strong and sturdy and the wire never comes out of it. I have many replacements if one were to be damaged or lost.

👤I used these to clip my headphones to the back of my collar while I was on stage. The clip keeps the cable where it needs to be when I move around and jump with my guitar.

👤I was skeptical about the clips. I think they are better than the Shure clips. The clips are easy to break. I have been buying replacement clips from them for years. Finally a solution that works.

👤I returned the other brand and it works better. I work to my collar while holding my flat wire earbud. I only use one ear bud so I can still hear traffic.

2. Mini Skater Earphone Headphone Microphone

Mini Skater Earphone Headphone Microphone

The length is 1 inch, the width is 0.35 inch and the height is 0.47 inch. The clothes thickness is 0.35 inch. The material is plastic, light weight and eco-friendly. Attach your earphone cable to it and clip it on your clothes. Suited earphone wire has a diameter of 1.5mm.

Brand: Mini Skater

👤The Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones' cord clip broke off, so I got these for an inexpensive fix. The main body of this clip is sturdy enough for its purpose, but the cord hook on the clip is not wide enough to fit my Bose headset, which is why it was not a great idea. There is a If you pull the hook away too far, it will snap off. If you try to push the cord into the innermost slot, you will risk cutting or rupturing the cord's insulation. There is a Fortunately, the inner part of the main clamp is large enough to hold the cord, so you can just clip it over your shirt to keep your headphones from falling off. The cord can still be adjusted through the clamp, but it will still be secure on your person. There is a I created a fixed fit for the clip on the cord by gently pushing the cord into the hook as far in as it can go. I secured the open side of the hook with a looped piece of black twist-o-wire/tape that was lightly tightened to keep the cord in place. I found it worth the small price for a 6-pack for the size and construction of the main clip, and a few more to spare.

👤The clips are too small for Bose headphones. The Bose wireless soundsport wire was cut because of this product. The clip broke with a light touch. Save your money. These clips can damage your wire.

👤For thin wires, they are ok. It can't be used on the nice quality thick wired headsets. It doesn't hold up well on a shirt and the outside clip bends out. I tried to clip the clip to the bottom of my pole but it fell off, it was attached to my clothing.

👤We bought these clips to hold the wiring from our radio headsets away from the mouth. They are hard plastic clips, so they are not appropriate for this product. The clips are used to hold the wiring in place. I use them to clip shut bags of potato chips, cookies, and other bags, so they are versatile.

👤The clips are durable. The cord is easy to slide through the clip. I use it with my full face motorcycle helmet and it has a cord that can be either side of one side. My head movement is restricted because of this. The cord doesn't detach from the clip. It slides through the clip. The clip gets a high score for its security.

👤It works well to replace the clip on my earbuds. The part that goes around the earbuds cord is small and tight, as the hole for the wire doesn't allow it to fully close. The cord does not move. There is a The mechanism that keeps it on my shirt works well. I'm happy with them. My earbuds are on my shirt. The price is great.

👤I have been using these for a while. They work well and hold the correct amount. They hold a phone microphone to my shirt and give way when I forget about them. I think they will last a long time.

3. Mini Skater Earphone Headphone Microphone

Mini Skater Earphone Headphone Microphone

The length is 1 inch, the width is 0.35 inch and the height is 0.47 inch. The clothes thickness is 0.35 inch. The material is plastic, light weight and eco-friendly. Attach your earphone cable to it and clip it on your clothes. Suited earphone wire is within 1.5mm wire diameter.

Brand: Mini Skater

👤I clip the wire of my headphones to my shirt. These are the best clips I've tried so far.

4. CAILLU Headphone Organizer Earphone Management

CAILLU Headphone Organizer Earphone Management

The brand is called TOPHOME. They have been creating innovative, solution-based products for over a decade. The tiny leather cord keeper is a great way to keep your cables and cords out of sight. A compatible phone earbuds case instantly releases a cord leather organization and tangle-free with a single pull earphone case, ideal for headphones, phone headphones, and other accessory wires. It's ideal for lovely gift earbuds charging cable organizer, tiny Leather gifts headphone case,cord organization earphone case 5 cable organizers, and corgi gifts. The leather appearance of the earphone case improves with age and usage. Not satisfied with a 100% refund, they are just one of the best gifts for your. Not satisfied with a 100% refund, they are just one of the best gifts for your.

Brand: Caillu

👤The leather cord holder is small, but it is nice. The photos on the product page suggest they will hold a standard lightning cable, but it is a bit of a struggle, as you can see from the photos. The cord is tight but it works.

👤They are quicker to use than a twist tie, and they don't do anything you couldn't do with a twist tie. They are made from real brass snaps. One reviewer complained that he had difficulty getting one of these around a Lightning cable, and that being a quarter-in longer wouldn't hurt. The solution is to coil the cable into a loop so that the leather fastening fits around it. If the coil's loops are an inch or two larger, everything will be fine. I have coiled 10-foot cables that have thick woven outer wraps, and they fit in an upturned open hand, meaning they are just 6-7” in diameter. I use them on cables that I coil and uncoil frequently, and on cables that I use in front of business associates. I believe they show a little bit of class by showing that you are not just using a twist tie.

👤These are cute. There is a They stink to high heaven. I could smell them in the packaging, the plastic and the cardboard. I was horrified when I opened each layer and the smell got worse. I put them outside in my yard for a day and a half because no one would use them. The smell is still strong even though one faded from the sun. The smell is so pervasive that you have to wash your hands a lot. The package will stink up the room. There is a This is not good leather. It seems like the cow is still decaying, I hope it is not a dog or a skunk. I bought them because it says Italian leather. It is not. Unless Italy is shipping dead animals to China and China is not tanning them before making items to send out. I have many Italian leather bags and shoes and these cord cases don't look like them. Many things that are leather that come from China have a smell that usually airs out in a few days, but these are the worst. I don't want to destroy my trash can, so I'm going to have to throw them in my neighbors trash. The pictures are cute, but don't let them fool you. These are not usable.

👤These are small things that I love. My wires are thin and go to my TENS device. I don't believe it would hold thicker wires unless you made large loops so only a minimum of wires were between the leather flaps. The product looks classy, and I am very happy with it.

👤I only had these for half a day, but I am in love with them. They are a perfect size and seem to snap securely. I wanted a way to organize my cables in my bag. I think I found it.

5. Headphone Compatible SoundSport QC20 PowerBeat Sennheiser

Headphone Compatible SoundSport QC20 PowerBeat Sennheiser

The size of the cable is 2-4mm. Attach your earphone cable to your collar. If the size is larger, you can use the button again after plugging in the cable. 2 packs are black and plastic and have a size of about 44mm. A good quality clip for a headphone.

Brand: Lbt

👤I didn't want to pay a lot for a genuine Bose clip replacement. The clip is a bit larger but you get 3 of them. The clasp is sliding around the cord. They fit my Bose Sports earbuds.

👤Not a fan. The Bose clips are $10 each and are much cheaper but the spring isn't tight enough to hold the cord in place so the clip still slides left and right The clip was not strong enough to stay on clothes. The smallest tug unclips it. They are going back.

👤It was easy to break easily. It's important to be a more delicate handler if you use things every day. There is a Sad. Even though I have to spend money, I will try them more. Probably a mistake. I don't feel like I have a choice.

👤The A20 has a thinner cord. The thicker cord doesn't fit this clip. Went to buy the genuine clip. Will use it for other headphones.

👤After a month of use, broke the first one and the second one. I sit at my desk all day. I'm not going crazy in a band.

👤The Bose A20 headset was advertised. It's too small to fit the cable. This seller is dangerous.

👤The clothing clip does not fit the Bose A20 Aviation Headset cable.

👤It was perfect for me. Does what I want it to do.

6. IMangoo Earphone Headphone Clothing Exercise

IMangoo Earphone Headphone Clothing Exercise

It's easy to attach Headphone Wire Clips to shirts, jackets, and so on to prevent earphone wires from being intertwined and keep them in a place firmly, useful for people who enjoy listening to music. The Universal Headset Cord clip holder is compatible with many devices. The Earphone Cable Clip is small. It is convenient to carry due to its small size. Earphone clips on your clothing keep your earphone in place while you work, run, or exercise. Earphone wire clips in black and white are what you get. 3 months worry-free new replacement is provided by UUGOO. Buy it now!

Brand: Imangoo

👤Bose Soundsport headphones are for me. They fit on well. I have not had an issue with them breaking. Some reviews said they didn't fit or broke easily. I have never had that experience.

👤The clip doesn't have enough clearance to fit the wire. I used it for about an hour and then my cable is permanently damaged. The Bose version costs ten bucks.

👤It's not possible to use a clip for Bose Soundsport ear buds. The wire did fit. I'm positive that it will wear down the wire's coating over a short period of time because it was extremely tight. When I got the clip back on my wire, it was already damaged. Will be coming back for something better.

👤I wanted to replace the clip for my Bose Sound Sport buds. The original is not a good fit. I did not want to spend $10 for a new one. There is a These fit! It is difficult. Be patient. I was able to slip the cord in after I lifted the edge of the cord holder. I broke the first one, but since you get a bunch it is fine. The cord is moving freely once in. It doesn't seem too big. The shirt has a strong clamp on it. These are a great value.

👤Bose Soundsport headphones were purchased by me. The Bose clip broke in 3 months. It came off of the cable. The Bose replacement clip was much more expensive than these. I put one on and it hasn't moved in over a month. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤These are useless to me. They do not fit my audio cables. 2 of them snapped while trying to clip a cable. Garbage does not function as advertised. The people who had luck with these have smaller cables. Absolutely not to recommend.

👤I broke 2 of their clips in the first year of owning my Bose Soundsport headphones. I bought these because they were cheaper. I bought these in February of this year and I still use the same clip. I had to force it on, but it didn't interfere with the sound. I would recommend them to everyone. These clips are amazing and you should ignore any negative reviews. There is an update. The end of March 2020 is when it has not broken.

👤The clip on my Bose headphones is broken. The wire that is supposed to fit in the small area of the shirt is too small for the clip to fit in. If you want to clip the wire to your shirt, you have to use the clip for the wire and your shirt like a clothespin, rather than securing the clip to the headphones in the designated nooks. The wire slides when running or doing floor exercises.

7. MXRS 20Pieces Earphone Earbud Headphone

MXRS 20Pieces Earphone Earbud Headphone

Attach your earphone cable to your collar. The package includes 20 pieces of black earphone wire clips and a large number to support you for a long time. The clips are portable and lightweight and can be carried to any place in your daily life. The clips are made of plastic and are sturdy, you can attach your earphone cable with it and clip it on your collar easily. Attach your earphone cable to it and clip it on your clothes. It's suitable for most headphones, such as cell phone headphones, earphone, MP4 and so on, and can be used with diameter within 2.5mm and width within 4.5mm.

Brand: Muzhi

👤I needed to clip my headphones out of the way while I worked. My headphones wires are always in the way as I clean houses. I can clip it up on the collar of my shirt with these clips. It will take a long time to get through all of them even if they do break, because so many came in a package. Good deal. I am very happy with them.

👤The clip on the Bose SoundSport was lost. SoundSport wire can't be securely held on the wire channel on the clip. I will burn through them quickly. No bueno.

👤The clip that came with my Jaybird X3's broke and I bought these to replace it. The wire clip is perfect for the flat wire on the X3's, so I was concerned about whether it would be tight enough to hold in place. The one that came with the X3's is more solid than the one that came with the clip. This was a great price for 20 clips, even though I only needed 1 and maybe an extra backup. Very happy with the purchase.

👤It's a perfect alternative when Bose charges $5.99 plus shipping. Thank you.

👤The review asked about thickness and sheerness. Not sure about thickness and sheerness in this review. I think they are good. Can be used as a double clip. Good.

👤I bought these to replace the clip that broke off my Bose headphones. The clip is ok but not the same as the Bose clip. It is workable and at a good price. There is enough to share with friends.

👤These are very small, which isn't bad. There is a The problem is that the spring is very weak, and they don't grip tight enough to stay attached to a shirt, and come loose with any kind of activity. It's useless if you sit in a chair and don't move much.

👤The clip on the headphones broke. The clip on all 3 pairs broke between my boyfriend and I. They don't have replacement clips. These clips are great. The wire is strong. We were saved from having to replace the headphones.

8. SUNFICON Organizers Magnetic Whiteboard Noticeboard

SUNFICON Organizers Magnetic Whiteboard Noticeboard

It's a perfect gift for anyone. Please note that earphone is not included in the package. Whether you need to keep your laptop cables and cords out of harms way or just keep your desk clear from charging cables, organizing your life is important. It is safe to use with phones, Tablets, Laptops or Desktop PCs. The multi-use pack includes silicone cable organizers compatible with all mobile devices. Keep your cables tangle-free with brightly colored tabs. It is easy to reuse. Simply remove the clip and go. It is possible to haveTILE and MULTIFUNCTIONAL. You can use the SUNFICON e-Clip as a cable tidy, earphone holder, bookmark, fridge magnet, whiteboard marker holder, or just about anything you can think of. This magnetic clips pack is a great gift for kids, friends, family, colleagues, students, teachers who love cable management, and it is colorful, eye catching, funny and versatile to use. It's made using eco-friendly and dust-repelling silicone with two built-in magnets for heavy duty and long term use. It is soft and resilient to tearing and pulling. It's ideal for home, office or on the go.

Brand: Sunficon

👤Really nice clips! The magnet is strong. You can clip on almost anything. Look at my ears! Yeah, Ha!

👤I love magnets. I bought them to use with my earbuds so that they wouldn't get caught on anything else, as I have a habit of doing along with my son. If you see the pictures attached, you'll see that I can use them to wrap up the cords for my tens unit that I use on my back and neck while I work all day. There is a hole on the side of the magnet that you can fit your cord through so that you can slide the magnets up and down the cord to adjust where you'd like to wrap the cords up at. If you don't want to have one laying around, don't loose the magnet. I enjoy having 6. I know what color magnet it is. I wish I was the one who came up with this idea. I gave my son a set of ear buds so that he wouldn't lose his ear buds while listening to his music. I can't wait to see what else I can use with the ones I have. The packaging is great. The ones that I'm not using have a place to put them in the plastic case. I will buy again. The magnets are strong and don't come up open if I have them clipped to just each other or a thick hoddie, that's why the price was perfect. Oh yes. They also have a little stretch to them. I love them so much that I wouldn't push my luck.

👤I am addicted to organizing cables. I have used hair ties and the thick twist tie. I received two packs because Amazon didn't deliver my cat magnet. I almost missed the error and I don't know if I should give them a thumbs up. There are 6 magnets in each pack. I have used 9 for my wires. It's easy to use different colors for thin cords. Magnet isn't strong enough for long medium thick cords. Great for small cords. It can be used for bookmarks, but it can easily be lost in a large book. You can hang it on the fridge. It is easy to use. The magnet is strong enough for what I need.

👤The little cable tie/book marks are very convenient. It is very easy to use. They are made of rubber, so they stretch a bit. Even with a stack of pages in between, the magnet is still good, as you can see in one of my pictures. You just wrap the ear bud cord around the magnet and it will do the rest. The only complaint I have with these is that when I tried to wrap a thicker charging cord, the magnet wouldn't stay. They are not long enough to hold together. They're only good for wrapping around ear bud cords. I would definitely recommend them. They are a great product.

👤The pop open are not designed to hold against pressure and will not hold against tension. They are great for small cords. I love the colors and the magnet function, but would recommend setting up an actual work station with a computer, printer, and such. Better options.

9. WordHear Clothing Earphone Headphone Headset

WordHear Clothing Earphone Headphone Headset

Suited earphone wire is within 1.5mm wire diameter. It helps prevent the cord from moving. Attach your earphone cable to your clothing. The design is lightweight and small.

Brand: Ecs

10. AOER Earpiece Headphone Earphone Earbud

AOER Earpiece Headphone Earphone Earbud

Suited earphone wire has a diameter of 1.5mm. If the size is larger, you can use the button again after plugging in the cable. The color is black and the materials are plastic. A good quality clip for a headphone. The size of the cable is 2-4mm. Attach your earphone cable to your collar.

Brand: Aoer

👤The cable clamps are of high quality. They can be adjusted to fit thick or thin cables. The Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones have a thick cord around your neck that makes it difficult to attach other clips, I have purchased at least 2 other brands before finding the AOER cable clip. I think these are good.

👤This is a first impressions review and I haven't had a chance to talk about long term durability. I ordered a new syncwire cable for my studio headphones, which I like. The cable is a bit stiff and I can hear the headphones in my ears when I turn my head. These clips were ordered by me. Some reviews said they are bigger than expected. A picture is included for reference. They are very sturdy and hold tightly to my shirt. Even with the other reviews, the size was unexpected. Look at the picture. I feel you will be pleased if you can handle the size of the clip. The part that holds the cable is large enough to hold a braid wrapped cable.

👤The clip is designed to last a long time. The clip for my Bose is small. The AOER clip is long. If you accept the size of the AOER, you can be sure that it won't break like the clip for the Bose QC20 did. There is a The AOER clip is designed to squeeze open so that you can place the wire anywhere along the length of the wire. The wire is placed in the slot and you can simply release the two ends. There is a If you clip the AOER on to clothing or a backpack, it won't budge. There is a I wondered if the AOER clip would pinch the wire, but after examining it, I see no pinch marks. There is a If you want something delicate, go to Bose and ask for a replacement of the original part, you can get two for $5 if you are out of warranty. AOER has something that is industrial in size and performance. AOER would make the same clip but half the size if the world were perfect. AOER is the industrial strength because this is not a perfect world.

👤I bought these because I lost my wired ear buds after shoulder surgery, either the tiny clips they came with were insufficient to stay put, or only held a minimum of cloth so let go easily. These look large. I lost the first one with a new pair of ear buds. I bought a pkg of 24 toggles that came in two colors, at a fraction of the price, and I've since used half of them. The smaller, less expensive toggle is having great luck with me. Why did these not work well? They look large enough to hold onto clothes. I gave up trying to attach them to anything because the remaining clip kept sliding from sweatshirts, zippers, everything I tried to attach them to. The product looks good, but I didn't like it. For the price, I expected a better performance. It's possible that it's highly individual since others seem to have done better with them.

11. Reusable Bundling Organizing Headphone Charging

Reusable Bundling Organizing Headphone Charging

All Niter Size products are backed by worry-free. The package includes silicone cable organizers in 8 colors. Silicone with two magnets is the material of these magnetic twist ties. It is soft and resilient to tearing and pulling. Magnetic cable ties are great for organizing cables, hanging cords,fridge magnets,pen holders,whiteboard marker holders and more. A gift that is colorful, eye-catching, funny and wide application is interesting. It's suitable for home, school,office and so on. If you're not completely satisfied with their magnetic cable organizer or service, you can get an after-sales service. They will solve your problem within 24 hours. If you're not completely satisfied with their magnetic cable organizer or service, you can get an after-sales service. They will solve your problem within 24 hours.

Brand: Motiloo

👤These ties are very useful. The magnets are strong, and they stretch enough for most uses. If the magnets were stronger, it would be nice if the tension in the band would be enough to pull them apart, but tying them in a bow would fix that problem. I gave four stars because the magnets are not completely encased in the rubber as I had thought. Sometimes the magnets come out of the band. Some magnets fit in there more snug than others. If you wanted to, you could glue them in place. I haven't bothered yet because it wasn't a big problem to need to be an annoyance. There is a Compared to similar products on Amazon, these seem to give the most ties for your buck, and the overall quality seems very good. I was happy with my purchase.

👤These are a good design in theory, but not executed. The tie doesn't stretch enough to wrap most cords and cables, and the magnets pop out of the ends of the ties. The magnets are popped into place from the outside. The magnets pop out from the stress of twisting because the stretchy tie between them does not stretch very much. It doesn't work if you are trying to wrap something longer than the cord on the phone. You can't wrap the tie around a computer cord more than once, and you can't press the tie back in to fix the problem. It pops out again. Please make a better version of these!

👤I wanted to use these twists to hold the lightest cords together, but the weak magnet made it impossible. I will not give these away because they are awful. Lesson learned.

👤I was so excited to see these, I thought about how quickly I could wrap my cords and get ready for transport, as I travel a lot. The cords come apart because the magnetic power of the magnets is so low that it doesn't hold together, that's right, they came on time, and are very nice in color, that's right, the magnetic power of the magnets is so low that it doesn't The product was very disappointing. It would be great if they worked. The smaller ones are also low magnet power. Not worth the price.

👤This product was offered at a good price. This seems to work well and I like to be easily organized. I can use it on the refrigerator for pictures, and it will keep cords wrapped and neat. I plan on using them to keep my supplies neat. I can double them up if needed. I like the different colors of the magnets, they seem strong enough for my needs.

👤I use these to hold my extra fabric out of the way when I am hand stitching. They weren't strong enough to do that. They weren't strong enough to hold them together. They are strong enough to use as needle minders. I am using them for that. The product is well made and the colors are pretty. I need to find more stronger magnets.


What is the best product for headphone wire clip?

Headphone wire clip products from Fengwangli. In this article about headphone wire clip you can see why people choose the product. Mini Skater and Caillu are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone wire clip.

What are the best brands for headphone wire clip?

Fengwangli, Mini Skater and Caillu are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone wire clip. Find the detail in this article. Lbt, Imangoo and Muzhi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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