Best Headphone Wire Extension Apple Connector

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1. CableCreation Auxiliary Compatible Headphones IPhones

CableCreation Auxiliary Compatible Headphones IPhones

You get a User Guide and Customer Service. The cover has 10000+ bend lifespan. This 3.5mm aux cable is covered in cotton. Cotton braided jacket has good resilience, no bending, and it is not easy to tangle or crease. The ladder design is friendly for connecting with your phone without taking it off. The 24K Gold-Plated Connector has good electrical and oxidation resistance. The case is made of Solid Aluminium Shell. It can give you a high-definition sound quality. 3.5mm audio port devices can use the 3.5mm Male to Male Aux Stereo Cable. Such as: car stereo, iPod, iPhone, iPad, smartphones, PS4 headset, xbox one, and home theater speakers. CableCreation is perfect fit for 3ft Male to Male Aux Cable and has a two year warranty.

Brand: Cablecreation

👤This is cheap. I thought the braided cord would be more sturdy. I don't think this will last much longer in my car, but so far it's working well for what I need. If it breaks in the next few months, I'll probably update my review. I changed it to: I am buying this again because I'm not a fan of cords and this one has lasted so long that I thought it was over. I'm only buying again because I've lost it due to travel. It's worth the money. Thanks for making good products at a reasonable price, and you definitely get more than you pay for. There is an update. Dec. 29 The original cord was found by me. I didn't buy a new one. It's still working well over a year later. There is an update for 5/25/2020. My cable is still working. It looks like it was ruined by spilling coffee. It still works and that's all that matters to me. I don't need a replacement.

👤I ordered a cord for my car. It works great with no static sounds. Some people have a bad review because the one they ordered was too short. Pay attention to the size of your order. I ordered a 3ft cord. It's the perfect length for the front seat. The 6ft cord is what you should order if you want something to reach your back seat.

👤I have been using this cable daily since I purchased it. A recent encounter with an inferior, barely used cable has awakened me to write a review for a long time. Those who appreciate exceptional sound and build quality will appreciate this aux cord. I've used this wire to hang my badges on after work for almost 2 years and it's starting to wear out. This cable can handle abuse from being ripped out of a car stereo to falling into a cup of coffee. Most major companies are doing away with the 3.5mm headphone jack, so this aux cord will outlive the aux port on today's phones. Don't hesitate if you're in the market for one. This is the one.

👤Absolutely waste of money. The cable is long. I love the color. It does not work. The plug in itself is too small and shakes loose from my phone, computer, car aux port and speakers. I tried everything and thought it was a mistake, but I noticed it was smaller than every other aux cable I've ever bought. I was afraid that it would short out.

👤I've invested in about nine different bluetooth transmitters, which are electronically duct-taped to various inputs, throughout my living room, in addition to the component stereo system and flat panel TV that I've renovated from 1987 to 2015. I found the braided cloth cable and gold contacts sturdy and reliable, so I went with Cable Creation. The cheap cords that came with the transmitters/receivers I'm using had some terrible experiences, I didn't know if they would improve the signal strength enough to get rid of the drop-outs and static. You can trust the brand. It would be great if everything else worked as expected.

2. UGREEN Splitter Extension Earphone Compatible

UGREEN Splitter Extension Earphone Compatible

Effect Buses: 2 Audio Sharing: UGREEN audio splitter allows dual headphones/speakers connected to most devices with 3.5mm auxiliary port, which is a great solution to share cool music, movies and games with your families and friends. The sound of a hi-fi stereo. This 3.5mm splitter has a polished 24K gold-plated connection and oxygen-free copper wire. You will get better stereo sound in both outputs. The UGREEN 3.5mm Y Splitter Cable is built to last forever. The gold-plated plugs and aluminum alloy casing enhance the durability. The strain-relief rings of the connector make the headphone jack splitter more flexible. The Aux splitter is strong enough to handle any twist, tug, and tangle. The 3.5mm male end of the aux jack splitter is compatible with most laptops, tablets, game controllers, and phones. Note 9/Note 8, iPad, iPod, MacBook Pro, Air 2/Pro, mini 4/Air 2, and iPad are all pictured. Only the 2 female ends of this 3.5mm audio splitter can be used for audio output. The length of the headphones is 20 cm/7.87inch, which is small and lightweight for road trips and plane rides. There are important notes. The headphones can't be used with microphones. It doesn't work with the inline volume control on the headphones.

Brand: Ugreen

👤The product is sold to allow two sets of headphones to listen from a single 3.5mm output. There is a It should work in the reverse. If I wanted two different inputs to converge on a single input port, it should work exactly the same and should, in theory, not affect the quality of the input signals in the same way that it does not. This has not been my experience in practice. I think it's important for you to understand whether or not this review is helpful to you and your use case by describing my setup in more detail. I tried to use this product at my computer desk where I play PC games and occasionally some console games using my computer monitor as the display and a pair of nice computer speakers. I use the FiiO E10K as my sound output device for gaming on my PC. The input jack on the back of my speakers is connected to the line out port. I use the line out from the monitor to connect the AUX port on the front of my speakers for console gaming. This does the job well. I thought it would be more elegant to have the monitor's line out to the single input port on the back of the speakers. There is a I'm using this splitter in an input port. It stands to reason that there should be no effect on sound quality when using the splitter on an input port. Not true. The sound quality is cut in half when the monitor and the DAC/AMP are connected. It's half as loud and half as clear. The quality will go back up to normal if I only connect one device from the splitter. I was disappointed but not surprised. I've used splitters in the past to the same effect but had hoped that buying a well-reviewed product would change the outcome, alas it didn't. There is a I can't say if this would work for the advertised use case. I would say that it probably doesn't. There is a The build quality is top notch, so it's too bad. It is made of materials that feel good. It doesn't do what I need it to do.

👤I'm using this on a computer to split the signal between speakers. I bought a splitter from a chain store, but it cost more than the U-Green cable. I knew the quality was bad because I could hear crackling and distortion occasionally. I bought a previous U-Green cable that was very good and decided to replace the lousy splitter with this one. There is no sound difference with or without the splitter. The U-Green cables seem to be of good quality and at a reasonable price. The gold- plated connections sound good and are solid. It is recommended.

👤It worked like it was supposed to. I didn't notice a difference in sound quality when 2 devices were connected. I connected 2 sets of Bose Companion 2 Series II speakers and both had the same quality in my ears. It worked fine after being tested on 2 different earphones. The same method was used on the Metal Silver as well. No difference. I ordered Metal Silver and Metal Black. The material quality seemed to be good enough to last a long time. It doesn't feel like it was made from cheap materials. As time passes, the review may change. Will be posted if something changes. I have noticed that most of the audio splitter cables seem to be designed for devices that already have an independent sound control. Without it, you rely on the volume control of the main device to reduce the volume of the output devices. I've personally experienced that. There is a My review is based on my experience with the item. I am not an expert but I can give feedback. It's a good thing.

3. Meiso Replacement Extension Compatible Headphones

Meiso Replacement Extension Compatible Headphones

Money back guarantee. You can return the 3.5mm male to male stereo audio cable with mic and remote for a full refund within 30 days. All functions are compatible with Apple devices. Fit for QuietComfort 25. Bose NC700 SoundTrue and Soundlink headset/QuietComfort 35 are compatible with the QC45 Headphones. Bose On-Ear2/OE2 OE2i headphones. The 3.5mm to 2.5mm straight jack has a tangle free design. Black. The length is about 140 cm. Superb sound quality and high cold tolerance are part of the build quality. The package includes a headphone cable.

Brand: Muigiwi

👤The cable is a little thinner and more spaghetti-wiggly than the original but otherwise indistinguishable. If they break, will update review. They broke. I can try to get the quality back with a wiggle of the cable, but it sounds like I'm listening to my headset on the other side of the wall. I was a bit disappointed that the cable had broken but I don't know if I can fault the cable or if I tugged on them too hard.

👤The cable works as expected and I love it, but it's important to me that the sound of the headphones is maintained. I bought one for the QC25 but am buying another for the QC35II. My purpose was to use my iPod. Highly recommended.

👤If I plug tab A into slot B, the sound comes from speakers C.

👤I found a replacement cable for my headphones. It is as good as the original.

👤One male connection is shorter and thinner than the other, and it was not advertised that way.

👤The original Boes cable matches the headphones. I lost the one that was with them.

👤It looks like a good replacement and build.

👤The audio cable that came with my Bose headphones was replaced by this one. The sound quality is great for the price. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap replacement cable.

👤It's cheap. A new kitten had destroyed a Bose lead and I bought it to replace it. It's not as strong as the original, and it's thinner. It works and does the job. I only use it when the h/phone's battery isn't good. If it lasts, time will tell.

4. ARCHEER Headphone Extension Compatible Microphone

ARCHEER Headphone Extension Compatible Microphone

The auxiliary 3.5mm extension audio cable is compatible with the Apple iPhone 6S/6S. The Plus/6/6 Plus/SE/6S, iPod, iPad, Air 2/Pro, and Note 9 are all new. The extension cable has a 4 pole plug and 4 pole female adapter ends which can be used to extend the 3.5mm aux port to any device. Stereo audio transmission can be done without reducing signal loss and noise. It's compatible with all devices with a 3.5mm audio port. It protects your 3.5mm aux port from being plugged in. The step-down design makes it possible to work. You get 1x 5 ft extension cable and a product warranty.

Brand: Archeer

👤The cable is good for the money. I didn't notice any degradation in the sound quality of the headphones or microphone I was using. I wanted to use the headset for general purpose audio and voice communication, but I wouldn't trust it for high fidelity use. It works well for that purpose. There were no complaints. I appreciated that the cable was unpackaged and smooth. It's not fancy, but the materials are high quality and functional, doing what it needs to without any drawbacks that are common with cheap cables. It is nice to know that the cable is light enough that it is not like attaching an anchor to your headset. That can be a problem. A nice heavy cable can be useful, but not for every situation.

👤I have wired Apple earbuds on my laptop. The wire wouldn't allow me to sit in my chair. I needed an extension for them. These are perfect for that. There is no compromise. They work with the Apple earbuds microphone.

👤Audio input does not work. I believe it is not protected properly due to the differences in standards between TRRS jacks. It's a poor quality cable with too much resistance. The search for a functioning setup for audio calls continues. It would be nice if more information was given about the actual build of the cable, such as shielding, if it supports CTIA or OMTP. This is useless for apple earpods because they operate on a different standard. This cable works well as an AUX cable, but it shouldn't be advertised as a 4 pole TRRS jack because it isn't capable of extending both audio input and output.

👤Great quality was questionable because of the price. I use it on my turtle beach headphones that were made for the PS4 so I can still use the microphone and speakers without issue. It works perfectly.

👤So far it works great, it only had a week. I am not getting static when I connect my Apple headset to my computer, and there is no degradation in sound quality. I use it as an extension for a laptop PC that is close to where I sit, and the standard Apple iPhone headset doesn't reach that far comfortably. This works the trick.

👤The extension helped prevent my headset wire from getting stuck by the arm of my chair, but I have a complaint about it being able to hear what I'm listening to when I'm on voice chat. The problem is caused by the insulation between the 'audio out' and 'audio in'.

👤I needed more length for my earbuds. I like to sleep with my earbuds on. Sometimes I get tangled when I toss and turn. I put a yellow shrink wrap tube on the other side to give me more protection. The cable that I needed to support earbuds with a built in mic works fine, I was looking for gold connections. Sound is great as well.

👤The extender worked well for about 3 sessions. In March, I tried to use it again, but the connection at the female is intermittent. If you jiggle it, it will work for a while. The cable is useless after trying to re-plug multiple headphones. I'm not sure what the warranty is or how to get it, and the Amazon return window has closed.

5. Certified Lightning Headphone Adapter Compatible

Certified Lightning Headphone Adapter Compatible

Airline music. Enjoy your flight more listening to your own headphones, which have a better sound, and a more comfortable fit. The 3.5mm Aux Cord is certified by Apple to meet rigid requirements for the iPhone. Pro/12 Pro Max/11 Pro Max/XS/X. /SE/7. Plus/7/7 Plus, iPad Pro / Air /mini, iPod touch 6th generation and so on. It supports the earlier operation system. The performance of the hi-fi system. The built-in powerful DAC chip in the Rosyclo Aux cord gives high fidelity stereo audio output and the cleanest sound experience. This aux cable is great for enjoying your music trip. The Audio Cable for Car can bear 15000+ bends in strict laboratory tests. The aluminum alloy shell and the reinforced module are connected with a skin-friendly material to make them more flexible and durable. They don't have to worry about knotting or winding with the simple design. The 3.5mm male to male aux cord has a wide range of applications. A 3.5mm input jack is needed for connecting your Apple devices to car stereos, home stereos, portable speakers, headphones, headset, and anything else with a 3.5mm input jack. Plug and play, no need for other apps. You will get LIFETIME Customer Service and worry-free service at Rosyclo. If you need help, please contact their customer service team.

Brand: Rosyclo

👤The male end of the accessory won't plug into the male end of the headphones. The description needs to be revised. It's not a new issue.

👤It doesn't fit well because it makes my phone pause constantly, and it works great when it works. I can not listen to a single song without playing it over and over again.

👤The aux cord only worked on the speakers on the right side of the vehicle. I bought another cord from a different seller to see if it was my vehicle. I have no issues with my new aux cord and it was definitely a faulty cord. The cord was delivered on January 10. How does it make sense that the last day to return the item was January 9? Since I can't do it through Amazon, I'll have to dig to see how I can get reimbursed.

👤I have an older truck. I bought this cable to use with my phone. After 60 days, I realized there was no sound coming from the left channel. I bought a different cable after checking the audio settings on the truck, but no change. I can't say it's the cable.

👤I threw the piece of junk in the trash because I couldn't get the cable to work. I didn't want to return it to get another piece of junk. I decided to try something new because I liked the black color, I am going to buy one made by apple. I made a mistake but the product was terrible.

👤The cored works great.

6. Connectors Haisstronica Waterproof Watercraft Electrical´╝îElectronics

Connectors Haisstronica Waterproof Watercraft Electrical%EF%BC%8CElectronics

We use better malleable TPE and aluminum alloy oxidation shell and connectors for a longer lifespan and strict reliability. It's easy to take around a small design. Weatherproof solutions are provided. The amount of hot melt systems is right. Cool,harden and get their bond strength in seconds. It is weatherproof. Give your application a bond. TheOLDER SEAL RING is PREMIUM. The solder around the wire needs to be melted and flow until it forms a seal on the wire. If you make a larger connection, make a long lasting connection. The heat shrink are specially designed to be used in harsh environments. The wires and cables should be protected from low impact situations. Environmental seal protection is offered by cable entry seals. There is a requirement with all of the standards. The waterproof wire connections from Haisstronica are compliant with a number of standards. Quality compensation is important. The quality of their products is something they stand behind. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact them. Customers can get a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month replacement warranty.

Brand: Haisstronica

👤I see a video where someone shows how easy and superior this product is to the previous ones. There is a He says you can use a lighter while he uses a hot air gun. There is a I get the product and try it out, and then I do a few more tests, and both joints pull apart in my hands without much effort. I think about it a lot and it's not good because every joint is cold soldered, the wires never get hot enough for them to really meld in with the solder like a normal hot soldered joint is. There is a When the solder insulation gets hot enough to melt, the joint is un insulated and the box is only 20 bucks. Lesson learned.

👤I was hoping they would save the issues related to crimping wires in a tight spot. There is a These didn't work. I heated them with the heat gun and the solder never melted. There is a The solder got soft, but not enough to flow and make a good connection, and the wires pulled out once it cooled down. There is a The heat shrink made it hard to hold the wires. There is a I can't return them because it's beyond the return window.

👤I can see where they are useful, but they have a few drawbacks. Unless you have a heat gun with dial-able temp, it's hard to get it hot enough to melt the solder without melting the jacket. If you are working in a small space, it's much harder. The stick wasn't very good unless you cleaned the wire ends before putting it on it. I couldn't pull them apart if I just tried soldering them, or cleaning them, because I had to clean them. There is a If the wire has to flex in that area you can end up breaking the solder joint, so it's a downside. Most wires are protected, so this is probably not a big deal. In this case, a properly sealed butt splice will protect. It's a good solution for soldering if you have a room that can evenly heat it, and prep the wires. I would probably put a heat shrink on it. It's probably a more reliable connection if you clean the wires. Many cheap butt splices don't hold when crimped, and the tools to do a really good consistent butt splice are not cheap.

👤This is the easiest solder tool I've yet to use and I have many years of experience in automotive. Attach the wires and plastic together with a strip of plastic. I used a simple heat gun and was done in 30 seconds. I measured the wire before the repair and it got.3 and.2 after the repair. They wouldn't let go of the wires when I pulled them on. The product is great.

👤I gave a few to a friend of mine and he thought it was junk as he could pull the wires apart without much trouble. He thought he knew more than the video showed. What do I see when I look at the directions? You know what type it is. He wont want any more from me. I haven't used them in a wet environment yet, but I have had good success with them. I can't comment on that.

7. Syncwire Headphone Extension Cable Nylon Braided

Syncwire Headphone Extension Cable Nylon Braided

The Universal Fit is a step-down design that ensures a snug fit to devices of standard auxiliary ports, like car stereo radio, TV, headphones, earphones, speakers, amplifier, soundbox, laptops, tablets, and more. The audio connection should be extended. There are three syncwires. 5mm audio extension cable is used to extend the audio connection between your devices. Most smartphone cases have a Slim Connector. Plugging and unplugging experience is ensured by step-down design. 24K gold-plated connectors ensure reliability and eliminate signal loss and noise. The best way to transmit sounds from your music player to a speaker is to use copper wires. There is no interference like a wireless connection. There is a note about this. The 3.5mm male to female audio cable does not support a microphone. The audio extension cord has a 15000+ bend lifespan. The gold-plated connection avoids oxidation. The cable can last a long time. Protect your aux devices. The 3.5mm male to female extension cable is a great solution to protect your aux port devices. It's expensive to buy a new device, but it's easy to get a 3. 5mm aux cable. Customer service is fast and friendly.

Brand: Syncwire

👤The extension is very well built. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the extension looks. The code has a nice woven material on the outside of the cord to help it last longer. The gold- plated connections seem to enhance the sound and limit the noise. I was surprised to hear a clean and crisp sound with no interference added by this extension. There is a My kids can connect their music through our car audio to get their concert on from the back seats, because this is permanently in our minivan. Highly recommended. rrh

👤We live in an apartment and the outside noise is bad. My husband plays PC video games in his downtime but can't really relax because of screaming kids downstairs or ear numbing bass music from the parking lot. He wears glasses and has a fat head, so regular headsets are not comfortable. The 3.5mm port is where his earbuds are plugged in, and the sound lag is horrible. I found the cord. He plugs his earbuds into one end, the other end goes into the computer, and he has a clear sound. The cats don't attack the cord, it's on the floor and it's long. It was perfect all around. Highly recommended for wives who have been through a lot.

👤I've been using this for a week now. The cable is small and lightweight. The cable is braided nylon and doesn't twist. This isn't a problem, but it makes for a unique cable. When you apply twisting forces to it, it will coil. It's not feasible to store it folded on itself like most cables, but it is resistant to crushing, bending, tearing, and so on. I'm very pleased with it, and it's great for my headphones. It's also very thin.

👤The 3 ft extension cable is sturdy. The nylon wrapped material looks expensive and is not able to bend or knot easily, like a lot of the other syncwire cables. It doesn't move, but it's not stuck, so you don't have to pull very hard. Good quality.

👤Looks great! If you're into that, you'll be extremely thin. Will not twist into a knot or curl up by itself, both of which are big pluses. I have only used it a few times, so I don't know if it will hold up. There is a The four foot cable is long enough for me, but not for you. When it arrived, I was disappointed with the quality of the cable. It looks like it was a good value. Has not let me down. It is a bonus because it is on sale.

👤I bought a cable extension for my headphones so I don't disturb others while I watch TV. I needed to purchase another one after the one I had destroyed was destroyed. The new one didn't work right. The sound kept going on and off because the female was too loose. I am annoyed that I have to spend time and effort to get the item back, even though Amazon will reimburse me. I would rather spend 12 dollars and have a working cable than 6 dollars and have to return it. The previous cable was cheap and lasted about 10 years. I wouldn't. Purchase from the manufacturer of my dud cable. Beware.

8. FosPower Extension Adapter Connectors Motorola

FosPower Extension Adapter Connectors Motorola

It's not recommended for webcams, video cameras, devices with high power consumption, or home-theater electronics. There are two mini-stereo (3.5mm) male and female audio cables. The 24k gold plated connectors are resistant to rust and tarnish. It is built for flexibility and quality. Copper braided and aluminum foil shielding greatly reduces interference from the outside. TABLE SIGNALS The foam greatly reduces signal loss. Tin plated copper core reduces oxidation and increases wire life.

Brand: Fospower

👤I've spent hundreds of dollars on different brands of earphones, dialogue soundbars, and surround sound systems to try to understand the dialogue on streaming and DVD movies. I gave up on TV when I realized I should hook up my cell phone to my TV. EUREKA! No one has accused me of being a techno nerd. I can now comprehend the dialogue on streaming movies and DVD. I set it up this way. Attach the 3.5mm male to 3.5mm female stereo audio extension to the TV and then connect the other end to 2. A 3.5mm stereo jack to 3.5 audio female to female connection. If you don't need this accessory, you can add on a pigtail from Best Buy. 4. The earphones attach to the pigtail splitter. If you don't use a splitter, connect your earphone directly to the female to female adapter. 5. Fiss! Caveats: If you use cell phone earphones that have 3 bands on the end it can cause a static break in the sound transmission. I was told that this problem can be linked to the total length of the extension cord, the number of extension cords attached together, and if you are using them for gaming or moving about. If you need a long cord and experience this problem, you can gently twist the earphone connection when it breaks. This doesn't seem to be a problem if you're sitting and watching TV or if you have an earlier model with 2 bands. The static problem was corrected by gently twisting the connection. I was able to solve my static problem by using the single 25 feet cord. There is a You might hear competing sounds when using this setup. I can hear the sound of a TV in another room. There is a It is possible that sound absorbers could be helpful in blocking out competing sounds. I haven't found it to be too annoying to pay for it. Component prices are similar at several stores. It's too soon to evaluate durability. The material looks good. The sound quality is good for me. If I find quality substandard, I will update at a later date.

👤The old coiled extension cable seemed to do nothing but get tangled all the time, so I bought these for use with my bedroom TV. The sound quality is excellent. The material around them is very sturdy. The price is very reasonable. I would buy this product again.

👤I wanted to not annoy my neighbors in the apartment building by walking around my living room late at night, so I looked for male to female 3.5mm stereo audio extension cable adapters for my headphones. It surpasses my expectations for quality and price, and has a bonus of 25' cable length. It is a very high quality cable and I would not get confused by those audio retailers who sell the same piece for $50-$100 more. This is the only product you will ever need for your headphones.

👤It worked perfectly the first time I used it and has worked ever since. I can't ask for more. You never know how it will work out when you buy something online for the first time. This is where I write my reviews. If the product accurately reflects what it was advertised as, it should get a good score. The performance of the product can still be a factor in the scoring, but it can be more subjective if the user followed instructions and used the product in the way it was intended. Longevity reviews can be difficult to gauge as some may review the part for a long time. It makes sense to see less than 30 day ownership reviews with the AMZ return window being 30 days.

9. Apple Lightning Headphone Jack Adapter

Apple Lightning Headphone Jack Adapter

The 3.5mm audio plug is used to connect devices to your Lightning devices. It works with all devices that have a Lightning connection, including iPod touch, iPad, and the iPhone.

Brand: Apple

👤This was ordered from Amazon. My phone doesn't work with the 7+ version of the iPhone. The apple product pictured on Amazon has two cylinders with flat transitions from the rubber to the plastic/metal 3.5 receiving end and has flat transitions on the lightning side as well. The product I rec'd has a rounded transition from the wire to the plug. I'm a little disappointed that Amazon would sell this, which appears to be a faulty product based on my first shipment, directly to consumers. I expect this when buying from third party sellers, but not from Amazon. I am exchanging this in the hopes that they will fix this since I haven't had any problems with their generic items before. The exchange product from Amazon appears to be the same as the original apple product and works with the iPhone 7+. If the product fails, will update.

👤These are used Apple lightening adaptors that are being sold as new for the same price as the Apple Store. You should just get a new one from Apple.

👤This accessory is not supported by the phone. After a minute of play time, it stopped saying that my Bose Quiet Comfort 2 and the other headphones were not compatible with my phone. I tried the same thing with the original iPhone accessory that came with my phone. Don't buy them.

👤I almost didn't buy it because of the reviews. I had bought a pair of knock-off brands and had some issues with them, but I bought 2 orders of this item and they are definitely Apple brand. They are the same as the ones that came with my phone. I miss the auxiliary jack, but it is what it is and I had my fit when Apple took it away with the iPhone 7. I need these little extras. At least this one works. Amazon will accept returns on faulty items. I returned the knock-off brand ones that didn't work right. No hassle.

👤Wow... I keep things safe. The edge connecting to the phone broke when the phone fell down while listening to music. I was lucky to get out of my phone. The money was wasted.

👤I didn't work on the phone. They told me it was for an earlier version after I bought it. I wouldn't accept the new updates. They wouldn't take it back because it was past 30 days. I missed the return date because I didn't try the production as soon as I ordered it. It was very disappointing. They were no help when I reached out to them.

👤Several people say that this item isn't the real thing because of Amazon's habit of grouping different things together. The official Apple gear I received was in apple branded packaging and materials. It is the real deal. I thought I'd write this one to help people who were worried about the reviews.

👤The one that came with my phone, but doesn't work, arrived in a sealed box.

👤My company gave me an iPad for business use, the only reason I'm here. There is a This is a Genuine Apple product, from the people who make decisions such as leaving out the headphone sockets so that they can sell billions and billions of dollars of wireless ear buds. The gaming headset with boom mic is one of the headsets that can be supported by this adapter. Your opinion may vary, but wired gaming headsets have advantages. There is a The cable joining the two sides is not very strong and is unlikely to last more than a few months. It's a poor concept and poorly executed. It was almost designed to fail, steering you towards the ear buds. A large money making scheme. I'd be reluctant to trust this flimsy adapter, so one almost needs to have several spare parts on hand. It's an added hassle for people with noise cancelling headphones. The low price of this item and the time and effort of making a claim make me confident that the 1-year warranty is useless. It would be worse than a minimum wage exercise. That doesn't solve anything. There is a I've already sleeved one in three layers of heat shrink tubing to make it non-flimsy, after I bought two to start. It's now too rigid for portable use, so it's only suitable for working from home business calls. I'll probably end up with a wall mounted Pez dispensers. I'll bring a dozen if I travel. Imagine being at the start of a flight and your headset has failed. There is a nightmare. There is a I'll just travel with my personal phone which has a normal earphone.

10. Cypher V Replacement Audio Extension Cable

Cypher V Replacement Audio Extension Cable

The perfect addition to your gear bag, heavy-duty cable and connectors are designed for maximum durability and reliable, static-free performance. The Bose Quiet Comfort 25 35 headphones have a replacement audio cable. The in-line remote buttons are compatible with the following devices. Inline mic/remote cable for Apple. A perfect sound performance is provided by high quality sound transfer and high strength. To give you the best sound. Plug and play is easy. If you aren't satisfied, you don't have to ask for a refund. If you have a question, please contact them. The technology is connected through a wireless network.

Brand: Cypher.v

👤It looks and works like the original one that came with the QC25. When I use my Ipad, I get a notification when I move it, and it plays Itunes automatically. I took 1 star off the rating because of this. Only happens when using this particular cord.

👤The cord has held up well over the past year. The controls all work with Apple's mobile device operating system. The cord is cheaper than Bose's, but my experience is that the quality is better. The durability is very good. Bose messed up the quality of the cord. V is for delivering honest, inexpensive quality.

👤The end of the cord is exposed after 2 months. There is a The volume button on the cord is sticky, so you have to be careful not to have it turn the volume all the way up. There is a You get what you pay for.

👤The microphone-equipped aux cable is not a standard one. The standard size of the cable is the only one that you will see. This product is useless for most everyday applications without another accessory. I'm sure this product works for what it's intended, but I didn't see any indication on the page that this had two different size jacks on either end.

👤The cable is two months old. I can't figure out why it's triggering the Assistant on my phone. I wish I had bought the Bose cable.

👤Works well! It was bought for use as a mic for gaming. Does the trick!

👤I was not sure if these would fit in my Bose headphones since they need a normal cord to be connected. I forgot how much higher quality these were than my other headphones.

👤You will need a 4 pole splitter to split mic and line-in inputs if you use the QC35 II. I used a 3.5mm extension cable and a 4 pole extension cable. I didn't try the buttons on the cable, but I think they work.

11. Certified Headphone Connector Headphones Splitter

Certified Headphone Connector Headphones Splitter

Service and warranty. They have a 36-Month Worry-Free Warranty and 3-Years money-back gurantee or replacement. Please contact them if you have any issues. They will be able to help you in less than 12 hours. Ensures that you can connect with your Apple devices. The 3.5mm audio plug can be used to connect devices. It's compatible with the iPhone 13/12/Mini 13/12/ Pro 13/12/Mini 12/12/ Pro 12 Max/SE 2020. The iPod, Pro/11 Pro Max/XS/XS Max/XR/X 8 7 6 5. Even the new updated version of the system can be supported. It supports controlling music volume and phone calls in your car. Enjoy your favorite music, video or movies without restriction. The 100% copper core has high speed and stable signal transmission. It's a bridge between the earphone and the phone to keep the sound quality. It is possible to plug in and out and protect the Lightning port because of a soft faceplate in their adapter. The experience was pleasant. They provide a money-back guarantee on service and warranty. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. They will be able to help you in less than 12 hours.

Brand: Desoficon

👤I was on a business flight and was going to listen to some tunes on my phone with my Bose headphones. I didn't know there was no jack. I started checking purchase options on Amazon. A few choices had hundreds or even thousands of reviews. I discovered that the reviews were "hijacked" from other products. They had nothing to do with the audio conversion that I was shopping for. They were all given an "F" review rating by Fakespot. There is a I finally found this one. The product was the focus of the reviews and they were graded with an "A" rating by Fakespot. I used it on a recent trip to Mexico and it worked out perfectly. The sound quality was the same as when I used a normal jack. I had to push the cable in a little forcefully. It is a tight fit, which is a good thing. There is a I highly recommend this choice for an audio accessory. I'm considering getting a second one if things change as I use it more, but for now it works great. There is a I hope this review helped you a bit.

👤The first day I used it, it worked great, but the second day I used it, the part that slides into the phone broke. I don't get rough with my electronics. It would have been a nightmare to get out if it broke off in my phone.

👤I bought a new phone to go with it. If you moved just right, it stopped being static. 2 weeks later, I could only hear out of one earphone, and I had to borrow someone's to hear it again. I need to find a better product and trash this product and not have "ears" until I find 888-353-1299 I feel frustrated.

👤I bought this because I hate listening to the radio and I like to listen to music on my phone. My car is old. The little device seemed like a dream, but it didn't last long. The wiring has stopped working because it is loose. I initially thought it was the aux port in the car, but then I realized it was the six cord. I determined that the adapter has stopped functioning as it should. It never leaves my car and has not been damaged that would cause it to stop working.

👤I bought another one of these thinking it was the one that comes with the iPhone, but it's not and does not work at all. She said it was too big to fit. I don't know if I'm more annoyed with the phone for not having a jack for the headphones. I have to get these because Amazon lied about them being similar to the Apple one, or I didn't learn the first time not to order them from here.


What is the best product for headphone wire extension apple connector?

Headphone wire extension apple connector products from Cablecreation. In this article about headphone wire extension apple connector you can see why people choose the product. Ugreen and Muigiwi are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone wire extension apple connector.

What are the best brands for headphone wire extension apple connector?

Cablecreation, Ugreen and Muigiwi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone wire extension apple connector. Find the detail in this article. Archeer, Rosyclo and Haisstronica are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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