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1. Meiso Replacement Extension Compatible Headphones

Meiso Replacement Extension Compatible Headphones

Money back guarantee. You can return the 3.5mm male to male stereo audio cable with mic and remote for a full refund within 30 days. All functions are compatible with Apple devices. Fit for QuietComfort 25. Bose NC700 SoundTrue and Soundlink headset/QuietComfort 35 are compatible with the QC45 Headphones. Bose On-Ear2/OE2 OE2i headphones. The 3.5mm to 2.5mm straight jack has a tangle free design. Black. The length is about 140 cm. Superb sound quality and high cold tolerance are part of the build quality. The package includes a headphone cable.

Brand: Muigiwi

👤The cable is a little thinner and more spaghetti-wiggly than the original but otherwise indistinguishable. If they break, will update review. They broke. I can try to get the quality back with a wiggle of the cable, but it sounds like I'm listening to my headset on the other side of the wall. I was a bit disappointed that the cable had broken but I don't know if I can fault the cable or if I tugged on them too hard.

👤The cable works as expected and I love it, but it's important to me that the sound of the headphones is maintained. I bought one for the QC25 but am buying another for the QC35II. My purpose was to use my iPod. Highly recommended.

👤If I plug tab A into slot B, the sound comes from speakers C.

👤I found a replacement cable for my headphones. It is as good as the original.

👤One male connection is shorter and thinner than the other, and it was not advertised that way.

👤The original Boes cable matches the headphones. I lost the one that was with them.

👤It looks like a good replacement and build.

👤The audio cable that came with my Bose headphones was replaced by this one. The sound quality is great for the price. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap replacement cable.

👤It's cheap. A new kitten had destroyed a Bose lead and I bought it to replace it. It's not as strong as the original, and it's thinner. It works and does the job. I only use it when the h/phone's battery isn't good. If it lasts, time will tell.

2. Protector Protective Headphone Charger Prevent

Protector Protective Headphone Charger Prevent

3,5 x 0,3 x 5,5 cm is the size. You will get 10 pieces of cable protectors in different colors. The cable can be prevented from twisting, knotting, abrasion and dust entering with the help of the spiral protector. They have 10 different colors of cable protectors, you can find them at a glance, but you can also give it to family and friends and use different colors to distinguish them. If your cable is bitten by your pet, you can protect it with a protective cover. The spiral protective sleeve needs to be wrapped around the cable after receipt, you can choose to wrap it in different colors.

Brand: Frienda

👤These are for my phone, iPad, and cell phone cords. Didn't deter at all. It attracted more attention to them. She chewed through them. They were difficult to put on. After twisting cords and getting them on. Will be giving the cords to her to play with.

👤My cat chews wires for some reason. My cat won't touch my cell phone chargers now that I wrapped them in these, because I have a bad habit of forgetting to pick them up. I watched her try to pick up one after she wrapped them. She didn't like the feeling of plastic on her teeth. I finally found a way to stop my cat from chewing on my phone charges.

👤They are meant for earbuds that plug in. When I ordered them, I didn't understand that. They are short.

👤Todos tienen un cable del cargador regular, pero tiene un pedazo de otro.

👤The spirals are small, but I think they will be useful to keep my cat from chewing up my cords. I'm hoping this product will keep me from buying another cord. If you're not looking for a quick fix, this is it.

👤I used this for cables that my cat chewed on. He chewed through the cables. He is unable to chew through it after applying 4 layers. Applying them takes a lot of time. You have to keep them away from the cable. I would buy them again if they were still cheap.

👤It took me a while to get them on my headphones. They seem to be strong. They tend to slip and get bumpy after a while. I pulled them tight when putting them on, so that might be the reason for it. They do what they say.

👤It's annoying to do. I don't want to do it. The junk drawer is where I entered it.

3. Skooob Tangle Free Earbud Covers

Skooob Tangle Free Earbud Covers

Skooob earphones covers are tangle-free. Every time, you have cords in your pocket or bag. It protects cords from stretching. There are lots of vibrant, fashionable and fun colors. Enjoy it for function and fashion. It's easy to put on.

Brand: Hamiltonbuhl

👤I have replaced my earbuds 3 times in the past 2 months because my kitten is chewing through the wires. The wire covers keep him from ruining another pair. It takes a bit of time to get the cover on. One review said to watch a movie or show while you do it. I did that.

4. Rancco Lightning Protector Headphone Charging

Rancco Lightning Protector Headphone Charging

The total length of the single product is 960 cm. The Inner diameter is 2.5mm, but can be used for cable with a diameter of 25mm. The risk of breaking and damaging cable is reduced by 80% by covering the sensitive area. Pets are protected from chewing. The second barrier of defense against chewing through the cable is designed to discourage most pets from chewing through it. The colorful end pieces make your cable stand out and easier to find, and the design gives your cable a new look, no glue or mess. You need to wrap the cable protectors around the data line, which may take more time. Please don't buy it if you don't like it.

Brand: Rancco

👤Our kitten is going through a teething phase where she wants to chew all of our food. It's awful. I bought 3 new MacBook laptop charging points. They take a while to put on, but are worth it. I tried to bite through part of it with my own teeth, but I couldn't. I was able to wrap our fireTV cord, echo device cords, and phone chargers, all of which are new, thanks to the kitten. I would buy these again if necessary.

👤These things are fun. I'm finding cords all over my house. I offer to wrap people's phone charges at work because they look so cool. It takes time, but it's just so satisfying seeing the final result, even if your fingers get a bit raw. If I have nothing better to do on the weekend, I just sit and watch. I think it's a strange hobby. These things offer more support for your cords. I have mine on my phone, power bank cord, and Microsoft Surface charging point. Definitely worth it!

👤The cable protectors are a great way to keep my cables safe. My cat chews on cables for attention, and he can bite through a phone or laptop charge in less than a second. I was willing to spend $7 on these things to replace them. Other reviewers mentioned the protectors coming in a loop that they had to cut, and mine came as separate strands with two free ends. It took me about 15 minutes to wrap a cord, and I used 2 1/3 protectors on a single 2m Apple charging cable. It's easy to wrap it once you get the hang of it. You should wrap the episodes while you watch. It makes for a pretty good activity. My cat tried to bite the cable several times while I was wrapping it, but the protection was hard enough that he couldn't do any damage. If you're careful about wrapping your wires tightly, you shouldn't have any problems with cats biting through them. I don't need the bonus cable protectors end holder, as they don't slip at all, and the pack came with one. I would prefer simple black or white, but the pastels aren't too ostentatious.

👤This is not the project for you unless you have a lot of time, patience, and agility. It took me about 40 minutes to wrap 2 feet of a lightning cord on my phone. The finished product was attractive. The eight pieces are in a loop. When cutting the loop, you should look for the ends of the cord sleeve that have been welded together. You will have to cut it out while you are wrapping and restarting. Photos show two pieces being wrapped together.

👤Are they easy to install? Yes. Do they take a while to install? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes! There is a I wrapped several cords using two and three cable wraps, and the results are beautiful. There was something relaxing about popping on a video and just leaving. It took a few hours, but our cords are beautiful and protected so it's definitely worth the time. A cat nibbles on wires. Repeated nibbles have cost us several cables and chargers. I will write another review in a couple months to see how they hold up, but I have high hopes.

5. Advanced Protector Charger Earphone Compatible

Advanced Protector Charger Earphone Compatible

You need to wrap the cable protectors around the data line, which may take more time. Please don't buy it if you don't like it. The package does not include a headphone cable. The Silicone Data Cable Protectors Set are compatible with the iPod iWatch. Big Stitch Storage Bag, Iphone USB Cable, and Iphone Charger are included. Decorate your accessories. It's a good idea to avoid getting your charger mixed up again. The life of your cable needs to be long. The data cable is protected from being bitten by animals. This is a project that is easy to do. Be cheerful and dress up your charging cable. Enhance your skills. If you don't like the Protector Stitch Set, they can give you a full refund. Their customer service is always available for you, and they will always be responsible for the products they sell.

Brand: Yzfdui

👤Misleading! The plastic cord and stickers are what you get. You have to wrap the plastic around the charging cords. You will never get the sticker right because they are not sized perfectly. All of their pictures show a wrapped cord. It is cute. The company would get a better rating if they showed what they were really made of.

👤The blue on the cords is a separate piece that you have to coil around. It took a long time to wrap it.

👤The headphones were missing. It took an hour and a half to put it together. The project had to put the cording on myself.

👤I didn't know if it was going to be what I thought. I was going to make it myself.

👤It is a cute case for my niece phone.

👤It didn't take long for this to break.

👤My daughter loved it.

6. Protector Animal Repair Headphone Silver Pink Purple

Protector Animal Repair Headphone Silver Pink Purple

Almost all mobile phone charging cables and earphone cables can be adapted. It's designed to deter most pets from chewing through the cable, so it's not suitable for rabbits. The colorful cable protectors make your cable stand out and easier to find, they have a nice design to give your cable a new look, no glue or mess, and they are available in 12 different colors. It may take you some time to wrap the cable protectors around the data line. If you have enough patience, you can get a better looking charging cable. You will get 60 inches of spiral rope.

Brand: Yeheng

👤Don't waste your money if you want to protect a cord from pets. Our kitten chewed through the item we were trying to protect. It's a waste of money.

👤I loved them when I first saw them. I like the different colors of the cord and how sturdy it is when wrapped. It did deter my rabbit for a bit, but she chewed it out immediately. She went through the plastic and the cord without a problem. It's not really good for animal proof.

👤I love the cord protectors. My cats don't like it. It took me two days to put this on my long cord. You have to manually wrap it. The cord is small so you have to wrap the protector around it. It took two days because I was worn out trying to put it on. It's like magic when it's on. Nothing can penetrate that coil. I want to buy more to attach my computer cords. It's worth it if you're worried about chewing on your cords.

👤It takes a lot of patience to wrap a cord. It's made like old school telephone cords and can easily get away from you.

👤I am so disappointed with it. I thought it was supposed to protect it. My puppy broke both of my chargers in just seconds. I am so disappointed.

👤Great product. The cord was twisting into a ball. It was difficult to untwist my headset. It looks great after stooping the twisting. It helps protect the cord. It takes time to put on and is tedious.

👤I wish I bought it before my headphones got damaged. It just takes a while to put on, but it is worth it for me, I want my wires protected! Ty ty!

👤It took a while but once it was done, it worked well. It is less bulky than the other cord protection tubes, but my cat has not been able to get to the cord since I added it. I strongly recommend. The protection level is tripled because the cord stays flexible.

7. Nite Ize CordCollar Identification Protection

Nite Ize CordCollar Identification Protection

The ends of reinforced cable are where they bend the most to help prevent fraying. Universal fit is designed to fit most charging cords. The colorful cable covers help identify cords to make it easier to guess who has the cord. The covers are made of stretchy durable TPE and are easy to slide over larger ends. There are 8 cobras included. Each pack has enough cord protection to meet your needs.

Brand: Nite Ize

👤The update was added on 5-19-20. These have held up for a full week. I will be buying more and more friends that will put them to the test. The cords were bent when they were thrown around. Thank you very much. There is a I'm 33 and relatively tech savvy. These are great. The reviews about how they were hard to install made me hesitant to buy them. I installed 7 of them on various cords after opening the packaging. It was easy to attach them. I would suggest making sure you don't throw it on the tool and then spread it all the way. Give it a couple small stretches to warm it up. I have not seen any cracks on the installation. I was able to get my bulky MacBook charge over all of the heads. I can see that they will help on my chargers. I will revise this post if they fall apart. I would highly recommend this product to anyone on the fence. There is a People with severe arthritis may have issues pinching the small spreader tool all the way. It is not hard at all.

👤The stretchy tubes can be difficult to install, but they work well on most cable types. If you want to put the one on the end that has theusb A type connector, you should start on the other end of the cable. It is almost impossible to stretch it over a type A connection. These work best on cables that have a square shoulder on the connector. The prevention is better than the cure. If you put one on the cable before it starts to break, you won't have to fix it. If the cable has already begun to break, try using some 3D fabric paint to repair it, and then let it dry for a day or two before installing one of these collars.

👤These are good for protection. I know there are a lot of people who have had problems but I believe they are going wrong. Make sure the end of the tool are visible when you put the cord collar on. The tool will tear the collar if not. If you take your time and make sure the tool prongs are visible at the end before you stretch to install, you will have no problems. I wanted everyone to know that this is a great product that protects your cable wires. They don't stress this in the instructions if you follow them.

👤Works well! The magsafe 2 accessory for my Macbook pro started to break at the end. I was trying to find a way to fix it. I tried shrink wrap but it wouldn't fit over the plug. I thought about using electrical tape, but it wouldn't last long. I was skeptical when I discovered this product because I thought it would fit too snug around the actual cord, but I was wrong. I was able to stack two of them to make the total length 1.125 inches because the "collar" is shorter than I needed. It fits around the smallest part of the power cord. I tried to move it by tugging on it, but it wouldn't move. The material is soft and supple. It seems very durable and may have contributed to some reviewers saying how hard it is to install. It only took me a short time to install both. It doesn't require any hand strength but it hurts your hand. It's a dust magnet. Looks better than before.

8. Pieces Charger Protector Manager Cellphone

Pieces Charger Protector Manager Cellphone

The design of this cable protector is practical, it can be put on the wall or other furniture, and you can fix the data cable at any time. The cord end saver can help protect the vulnerable parts of the cable from wear and tear, and help to extend the service life of the cable. It is durable and not easy to damage, and can protect the wires and power cords from dirt, tangles and knots. The spiral cable saver is suitable for most types of cables, including mobile phone, notebook computer, mouse, earphone cable, etc. 36 Silicone cable protectors in six different colors are included in the package, enough to meet your needs.

Brand: Frienda

👤I couldn't thread the cable protectors over my cable because they weren't fully cut-out. I had to cut them with scissors to make them functional. There is a The little cup sticks to a smooth surface, but it does not stick well if the surface is rough. The night stand is finished wood. It doesn't stick to the wood grain. It sticks to my smooth metal lamp. Not happy with having to cut out nearly all of the pieces. I bought them in the first place because they won't stick to my nightstand.

👤It's a good idea to get it for your phone cords. It's easy to attach. Not flimsy, durable. The value is for quantity.

👤I chose this product because of the cups. I wanted to keep my cords in place. Yes, no.

👤They fell off furniture because they didn't stay on my cords. Worthless.

👤La ventouse ne colle pas mme.

9. VizGiz Protector Anti Fracture Management Protection

VizGiz Protector Anti Fracture Management Protection

The spiral protective sleeve needs to be wrapped around the cable after receipt, you can choose to wrap it in different colors. 7* data line protection rope is included. This item could be used to protect the charging cable of your cell phone. Avoid damaging when using many times. More combinations of colors are more fashionable. The cable protection devices can protect the wire and power cord from damage, wear, knotting, and reduce the risk of wear and tear.

Brand: Vizgiz

10. Alex Tech 10ft Protector Sleeving

Alex Tech 10ft Protector Sleeving

The package includes a 3.5mm headphone cable. Length: 10 feet, color: black The wire loom is easy to use. Their cable sleeve will close once loaded. The operating temp was 103 to 257. The cable management sleeve is used for automotive wires. The cat can't chew the cables. The cable protector is insulated. The wire sleeve is recognized by the UL. Their cable organizers keep the cords organized. Their cable organizers keep the cords organized.

Brand: Alex Tech

👤There is an update. My rabbit knows he can chew through the material, so I put my thick MacBook cord in his mouth. cords from a rabbit are not protected by this cord cover. I ordered several different types of protection and this one was my favorite. It takes a couple of minutes to slip the cord through the split, but once it's on it does the trick and isn't too bulky or inflexible. I recommend this sleeve for pets.

👤I don't know why it was so hard for me to find this product, but what's important is that I finally found it. It took me 5 minutes to install, and it plays better than I could have imagined. When one needs to stick out at a different point, you simply wrap the cord protectors around each cord. The solution to the ugly mess of cables that comes with every TV is simple.

👤I have a cat that chews on electrical cords. I can't tell you how many cords she's chewed through, but I can tell you how many charging cords she's chewed through. I was pretty sure I would find her fried one day, like Aunt Bethany's cat did in the National Lampoon's Christmas vacation movie. I tried the sprays that were made for chewing. I bought braided charging cables. I was hoping for some help to stop her from chewing and then I found these sleeves. The sleeves are easy to install and can wrap around more than one cord at a time, which is helpful for the tv equipment. You can open the sleeve and slide the cords inside. My cat hasn't chewed any cords since I encased everything in these sleeves. You can cut these to any length you want, so be sure to have scissors with you. I've purchased this item twice, to outfit all of the cords I could find. There is an update May 2019. I have bought these sleeves twice now and have them on my lamps, tv, and any exposed cords you can think of. So far, so good! They are protecting my cords and this crazy cat.

👤My cat likes chewing. Several products have been tried to cover cords. My kitten is chewing them. My kitten will get an electric shock if it chews cords. I found this product a few days ago. The cord is flexible after I install the protectors. My cat tried to chew through the cord protectors, but she couldn't. She had to give up. I think my cat lost interest in chewing my cords. I won. A great cord protection. I should have it before then.

👤The sleeve is soft and tight. If you don't know the size, I have a cable that is more than a quarter of a inch in diameter. It's not a circle, it's a diameter, and it's not flatted tube width. I bought a small sleeve. I got the cable into the sleeve. The inner diameter of an empty sleeve is determined by the size.

11. Frienda Protector Charger Headphone Prevent

Frienda Protector Charger Headphone Prevent

This flexible cable wire protectors is a good tool to share with your friends and family, which can protect your phone, earphone cable, computer and so on, extend their life span and bring you a beautiful mood. The data cable has a variety of colors, you can decorate it according to your own needs, and the spiral wire protectors make it easy to find. The headphones cord saver can keep your data cable clean and tidy, prevent the data cable from breaking during use, or prevent the cable bitten by your pet from extending the life of cable. The inner diameter of the spiral cable protectors is approx. 2.5mm is sutiable for most cable. The headphone cable saver is made of quality material and is not easy to tear or wear. You will get 15 pieces of spiral protector in various colors, Sufficient quantity can meet your different use and replacement, you can also share them with your family and friends, and different colors to distinguish different cable, and so on.

Brand: Frienda

👤You don't receive enough of the same colors to wrap a set of headphones. The wraps are not long enough to fit in a charging port, so they use more than one color for the headphones.

👤I hate the high price for the new charger because they are white and I don't like how dirty the cords get. It takes about two and a half cords to do a single charge, if you don't have the thicker cord protectors like in my picture first and last.

👤One cord was showing wear, so I got these. I like seeing lots of color and it makes me happy. My daughter took several of them and said this was the product she had been looking for. They are so generous in amount that they brought most back. Her boyfriend's cat loves playing with them. Win.

👤The spiral cable covers arrived as expected. The one I used was easy to install. I think it will function as expected, although I don't know if it will last as long. Love the colors. If we choose, the entire family can color code.

👤Our kitten bit the power cord, which caused the power adapter to short and had to be replaced. The size of the product is important and it is just right for the Apple product. It takes over 2 lengths to wrap the cord, but it will save money and have happy results.

👤Really cute! Some parts were covered up. Wish was longer or had at least two pieces of the same color. I had to use two different colored pieces to cover my cords. It's easy to install.

👤It fit my chords better than expected.

👤The product is cheap.


What is the best product for headphone wire protector?

Headphone wire protector products from Muigiwi. In this article about headphone wire protector you can see why people choose the product. Frienda and Hamiltonbuhl are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone wire protector.

What are the best brands for headphone wire protector?

Muigiwi, Frienda and Hamiltonbuhl are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone wire protector. Find the detail in this article. Rancco, Yzfdui and Yeheng are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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