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1. OneOdio Headphones Noise Isolation Professional Headphones

OneOdio Headphones Noise Isolation Professional Headphones

COMPACT size is small. The professional integrated headphone receiver is easy to carry and use on the road. It's perfect for both on-stage and in- studio performances. Carefully tuning and testing for the most natural sound, which will help instruments and vocals sound more life-like, ensure that the high notes are not distorted as well, ideal for personal listening, recording, monitoring, mixing. 50mm neodymium drivers have a high bass and clarity that is never loud or piercing. The OneOdio wired headphones give you a full sound that is unlike anything you have heard before. The earmuffs fit your ear's natural geometry to ensure comfortable and tight music leaks and noise isolation. The headband can be stretched to the size you want. There is a dual jack and a plug that can be used with a standard-sized 6.35mm and 3.5mm plug. DJ style coiled cord is easy to reach from the TV to the chair. Another cable has a line-in mic and can call and chat on-line. It works with many audio devices. It's ideal for a home studio. These are the headphones you've been looking for.

Brand: Oneodio

👤I lost 40% of my hearing. Since then, I have heard roaring and whistling all the time. I can't talk on the phone, I hear people who aren't right in front of me, and I can't watch TV with a high quality stereo. I have an extensive collection of headphones from all the big brands, some of which I've spent hundreds of dollars on. I use some for music, some for phone, and some for TV. Not anymore! I use my OneOdio phones for everything. There is a They are amazing. There is no one with hiss at high volume. There is no sound on the edge of silence. There is no distortion at higher volume. There is a beautiful sound. There is a These have changed my life. Did you know that rain on pavement is similar to frying bacon? Is it possible that the sound of a hand running over a sheet is similar to the sound of a wind blowing through a willow tree? I never really appreciated these things before I had these headphones. There is a Thank you, OneOdio!

👤These are the phones I use most. I use them when I play music, play video games, or play guitar because my wife works night shift and sleeps during the afternoon. They don't cancel out all of the noise, but they make it dull. They sound great! They feel like a personal surround system for music, movies, and games. Even when I'm wearing glasses, these headphones are very comfortable. There is a The headphones come with two cables that plug in, one of which is a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, which is perfect for my PS4 controller and my mp3 players. I can use the other jack to plug my amplifier into or into a guitar with a pre-amp. I have a set of headphones that allow me to play guitar without disturbing anyone in my house. Simply insert the cord and turn it to make sure it doesn't loosen.

👤I don't know how these headphones could get 4.5 stars. The sound would be similar to a show called "MUD". The bass was not clear, mids and highs were bad. Unless you like your head in a vice, don't get them. The band was very tight. The ear cups were made of foam. I didn't listen long enough to see if the sound cancellation worked. I sent them back the next day. I broke a pair of headphones that sounded better and were more comfortable.

👤Finally, DJ style headphones with large ears. There is a I have had two problems with headphones in the past, the first being that the wire breaks where it connects to the headphones, and the second being that the wire is molded into the headphones. The ear pads are too small and cause my ears to hurt for about 30 minutes. The headphones eliminate both of those problems. I found that getting a plug on both ends of the wire solved the first problem, but until I found these, they all had ear pads that were too small, making them uncomfortable. These are the largest ear pads I have ever seen. They fit perfectly over my ear, making them very comfortable. The jack on the headphones that the wire plugs into makes it less likely that the wire will break, and if it does, it can be easily replaced. The sound quality is excellent, with better bass than any other headphones I have ever used. I recommend these to anyone who wants a good pair of headphones.

2. Sony MDR7506 Professional Diaphragm Headphone

Sony MDR7506 Professional Diaphragm Headphone

40 millimeter drivers and Neodymium magnets are used for sound. The closed ear design provides comfort. The gold plated plug ends in a 9.8 foot cord. It can be used for storage or travel. 10 to 20 kilohertz is the response time. These large headphones feature a secure closed ear design. The technology for connecting.

Brand: Sony

👤I've tried a lot of headphones and these sound the best to me. Generally flat sound is what I like. I want present but not overpowering bass and low bass, and I'm more concerned with clear mids and highs. There is a I've tried to include the following with my sound rating. YMMV. Subdued highs, some mid bass emphasis but not overpowering, is what Audio Technica ATH-M50X is. 6 Bose QC25 is a little weak on bass and weak on highs. It can be a little bassy at low volume. There are bright highs. The ANC is the best. Way too bassy. The Everest Elite 700 is much better than the 7 OPPO PM-3. 10 Sennheiser 202 is not good. It was cheap, too bassy, no highs. The 4 Sennheisers are well balanced. The M2 is close to perfect. The PXC-550 is a wireless noise cancelling device. These are excellent. Extra bass says it all for Sony. The Sony 7506 is called Perfection 10. The Sony 7506 are the closest to perfect that I've tried. They are not heavy on bass but can produce a good sound. The balance leans towards the highs. It was bright but not harsh. You end up hearing subtle sounds in the music that is missing with other headphones. Those who want more bass or don't like bright highs won't like these. This matches perfectly for my listening taste. There is a They are very comfortable. Many of the headphones are not comfortable. Ear cups that aren't big or deep are either tight band or thin band. These headphones are great. The biggest disadvantage is that these are wired, so it's easy to get caught on things. I was looking for a wireless accessory. I couldn't find one at a reasonable price that sounded as good as these. The closest was the Sennheiser PXC-550, but it was $400 and wireless wasn't worth an extra $30. There were times when I didn't want noise cancellation. Sony doesn't make a wireless headphones with this sound. There is a These are the cheapest headphones I've ever listened to. The prices for the headphones range from $20 to $450. Highly recommend the Sony 7506. If you enjoy this kind of sound signature.

👤I'm rating these five stars, but they have a big negative. They are studio quality headphones. They serve as earmuffs if you plan to wear them out and about. I wore them out in June and they were all good, but I was sweating out the top of my head and down my neck. The sound quality is not great for being out in the heat. These headphones never made that claim. They never claimed that they were an object with speech capability. Superb sound quality is what you want in a pair of headphones, and they can deliver that.

👤These headphones have been my go-to for years, especially in the radio and music industries. They sound great and their ear-pads make it impossible for a sound monitor to leak at loud volumes. Unless you step on them, a pair of 7506s will last a decade or so. The issue with these headphones is that they pinch the web between your thumb and forefinger while placing them on your head due to a surprisingly sharp joint that holds the earpieces to the headband. A simple fix is to wrap black electrical tape around the articulation, which really isn't needed to adjust their fit. If you walk into a major market radio station that supplies jocks and producers, you will probably see that the chief engineer has already taped the joint open. For my taste in pro audio, the sound and longevity of these headphones far outweighs the pinch potential, and, for the bucks, you can't get a better pro headphone.

3. Stereo Portable Headphones Headset Samsung

Stereo Portable Headphones Headset Samsung

It's compatible with all mp3 players, phones, tablets, computers, DVD and CD players and portable gaming systems. The portable headset is comfortable around the ear and portable, perfect for you to enjoy powerful bass everywhere. Stereo extra bass headphones give you a comfortable and relaxed feeling when listening to music. The original Sony headphones have 1.38 dome drivers for balanced sound and a range of 12 to 22 degrees. It is at a very high rate. Powerful Sony headphones with high-energy neodymium magnets, which deliver high-quality sound, good choice for people to listen to music with the music player. Sony headphones work for many devices, including the iPod, iPad, PC, laptop, and mobile device.

Brand: Sony

👤I bought these because I was looking for a pair of over the ear headphones that wouldn't pinch my ears even after several hours of wear. The earpieces don't rotate as much as I would like, so after about 2 hours, the ends of my ears are a little tender. My ears don't sweat much, so it's not a terrible trade-off. They're pretty good for the price. The sound quality is good.

👤These are decent. I like listening to music while I'm writing, but I don't want to spend a lot of money on a pair of headphones. The price is great. The sound quality is perfect for me, even though other reviews complain about it. I like that these fold up. The sound stops working in one ear after several months of use. I have had this issue in every set of headphones I have ever owned. Why do I keep buying them? I like the sound quality and they are comfortable. If I am careful with them, I can usually get up to a year or more of use out of them, and I wear my headphones for hours at a time. They see a lot of wear and tear, so I get out of them before they go, I think it is worth the money.

👤The headphones have a color option besides black, silver and rose gold. The first time I wore these headphones, it was difficult to get them to sit on my head, but once I found the right position, they were very comfortable. I think I will be able to wear them without being bothered by them. The sound quality is excellent, and they are cheap. They are lightweight, compact and perfect for travelling.

👤It's Dec 2021, so it still works. Orig review... The cut is small for fit but flexible. Time will tell if the ear cups are mounted securely. The cord seems strong, but it would have been better if the ear pieces were mounted tighter. I don't know if they will last long but for the price they are great.

👤For the price, they are decent. Even though the label was correct, the product was not what I ordered. The padding is large enough to hold a 5yo. I can barely hear what my 5y0 is listening to because the sound is sealed. The 90-degreen jack is a nice touch to reduce the amount of wiring.

👤The sound is good, but the jack or the wiring seems unstable, because the sound breaks up all the time.

👤The sound quality is off the charts and the earphones are sturdy. Sony doesn't pay me to give the ultimate ratings. Sony gave me a great product for a great price.

👤My old headphones broke and I decided to replace them with these. They are easy to store. I wouldn't recommend them if you wanted to use them as noise blocking headphones.

4. Sony MDREX15AP B Black

Sony MDREX15AP B Black

Small, medium and large earbuds are included to fine tune your fit. The 9mm dome type driver units with high-energy neodymium magnets produce a great sound with a powerful bass response. tangles are prevented with the included Y-type cord. You can add 2-tone design and colors to your style.

Brand: Sony

👤I used to like these headphones. Quality for cheap... The quality has gone downhill. The left earbud on the last 3 pairs I have bought has shorted out. The first pair lasted about a month before the ear bud shorted, the next pair lasted about a month before the ear bud shorted, and the last pair lasted about 3 days before the ear bud shorted. I see that is a recurring issue after reading multiple other reviews. It looks like it's time to find a new brand of headphones.

👤When they worked, these earbuds were great. One side didn't work when I received my first pair. I had to wiggle the cord to get both sides to work. I was able to return it for another pair of earbuds and they worked just fine. I thought the first one was malfunctioning. The left earbud popped out of the new one and won't play any audio. I buy other earphones for $10 and only have to replace them once or twice a year. It's ridiculous to only have two break downs over a month. Not buying this again.

👤I ordered these to replace my current pair of Sony earbuds, which have an optional microphone, but I never used it. I ordered the cheaper version without the microphone. I ordered a pair for my phone and laptop. Both are junk. They were crackling and cutting in and out from the moment they entered. I've always been a fan of Sony products, but these earbuds, both pair, came faulty and sounded worse than earbuds from the dollar store.

👤Quickly. It's throwing away money because it wasn't quick enough to get a refund. There is a The earbuds connect by way of an "L" shaped plastic bit, which joins the metal male end to the insulated wiring that branches into your earbuds. There is a The place where the "L" shaped plastic joins the insulated wire of the unit quickly gave up the ghost, leaving the copper wiring completely exposed. There is a It would have lasted if the company had paid for a bit more plastic. The materials needed to make the thing can't be made with plastic. Unfortunate choice of places to save money. I thought the sound quality was decent. It was better than the competition at that price point. There is a It was sad to see it fail. Is it plastic? Really? They have corners on a bit of plastic.

👤The Sony MDR EX37B are my all-time favorite earbuds. I am very disappointed that they are no longer being made because they were the best sound quality earbuds I have ever had. I was disappointed when I purchased these as a substitute. The Sony earbuds have a sound6753167531 when you move the cord, but it usually goes away after a couple weeks. I don't know why Sony discarded a good thing and left me with a bad alternative. After 7 years of buying exclusively Sony earbuds, it might be time to look for something else.

5. Sony Mdr 222Kd Childrens Headphones Renewed

Sony Mdr 222Kd Childrens Headphones Renewed

It was designed for children. The technology of connecting. The small, lightweight over-the-head design has foam ear cushions for a comfortable fit. Clear Audio with 13.5Mm Drivers With Neodymium Magnets. The Resistor Cable has a volume limit. Small headphones for children over the age of 8. Low volume headphones can be made with high impedance. It's lightweight for long time listening.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I got these for my niece and I don't think she took them off. She looks adorable when she wears them. Sound quality and performance are the same as any adult headphones. Highly recommended for kids.

👤I'm an adult. I love these! I don't like the big round rubber deals that cover your ears. I love these!

👤Excellent sounds. My wife is happy.

👤I'm a small woman and have a hard time with big headphones. They are heavy and flop around on my head. I don't like earbuds - they are uncomfortable. I bought these headphones for myself on Amazon before. This time, I wanted the pink. They work for me.

👤The headphones have a great sound. My kids complained about the other headphones because they don't squeeze their head. These are the keepers. Highly recommended.

6. Sony MDRE9LP BLK Ear Buds

Sony MDRE9LP BLK Ear Buds

You can add 2-tone design and colors to your style. The driver unit has a 1.2m cord. There is a wide range of colors to choose from. You can enjoy powerful bass on the go. Pair with a music player.

Brand: Sony

👤I was very sad that the industry switched to a design with rubber nipples in your ear that need to be covered in ear wax. I don't like earbuds in your ear. The ear bud is plastic and needs to be inserted next to your brain to be the classic style. Don't fill your ears withbacteria, these are the best style of headphones. You will like these more than the rubber junkers.

👤I bought these 2 years ago after my first pair from Walmart, but they are no longer in stock. I don't like the headphones that go in the ear. I don't like the look of headphones that go over my ears. Stores no longer sell these headphones. Thank you! The 90 degree angle at the jack means I don't end up with wires or sound in just one ear. The first pair lasted me all of high school. The next pair has been in my pocket for 2 years and I use them every day. They ended up going through the washer and dryer. Twice. The sound on the right side occasionally goes out after the second wash and dry cycle, and I'm replacing them because I was careless. My bad. I'll be purchasing my 3rd and 4th pairs today and I'll continue to purchase them as long as they're made.

👤I bought these from Amazon. I liked them because they don't have one ear bud and the 90 degree angle jack helps them last longer. I've only had to buy them 3 times, because they've lasted a long time for me. It's not bad for cheaper earbuds. There is a This is the 3rd time I have purchased them. The sound is not very loud. Maybe it's just a defect. When I compare the new ones to my old ones, they are more bendy and lighter. The quality has gone down, but I don't know what that means. The old ones are a bit dirtier than my old ones, but they are much heavier and stronger. The old ones have a richer tone to their sound. I'm returning the purchase because I'm concerned that I got cheated or that Sony was hoping we wouldn't notice the decrease in quality. It's just a little thing, but it's scummy. I would like to exchange them for the old model of earbuds. I really liked them.

👤I have been using the earbuds for over five years. This is my fifth pair of headphones. I bring my headphones to the gym because I lose or break them frequently. These headphones are cheap and sound good for most daily listening. They don't block out noise, but they play music very clearly. They don't fall out of my ears when I run. There is a The different color styles add to the bonus.

👤These headphones are still going strong! Even though I use them for hours a day, they still have good sound. If you wiggle them around in the jack, the crackling will go away. There is a The type of wire used in the headphones is something I really like. I hate headphones that have rubber plugs that expose the wires. The wires are encased in the rubber, which is the kind that lasts forever, making these headphones a bit more old school. The type of bud is listed. I don't like having to shove the rubbery buds into my ear canal. If you're laying on your side, they're not comfortable to use. Since I usually fall asleep with my headphones on, that's a big issue for me. These ones fit a little loose and fall out occasionally, but they are much more comfortable for me. There is a This is my second pair of headphones. The old ones lasted almost a year and a half, which was very impressive. The sound in the buds became fainter as one of them gave out. I will be satisfied if this pair lasts for a long time. There is a Occasionally they crackle, the only annoying thing about these. That is not a deal breaker for me.

7. Sony MDRZX110NC Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony MDRZX110NC Noise Cancelling Headphones

It is widely compatible. The braided cord is 47 inches long. 5mm stereo Plug. Under normal use, will not twist or break. You can use with all your favorite devices. Integrated noise canceling technology. Up to 80 hours of battery life. It's lightweight for ultimate music mobility. The drivers have a Dynamic 1.18. The folding design is Swivel. The Y-shaped cord is a long one. The technology of connecting.

Brand: Sony

👤I work in an office with a bunch of bags and hens. I tried these out for the first time today and they worked great. The soft mummer app completely drowns out all of the annoying people I work with and it's free. The idiots all have their own radios and speakers, and they talk about things that I can't ignore. I am sensitive to sound and crotchety. These are working out well so far, I had to try something. I had to set a visual alert on my phone because they work so well. I'm not sure about the battery life. If it means I don't have to listen to these morons anymore, I'd pay for one battery every so often.

👤The analysis with the noise canceling on and off is shown on the charts. These are for money. I'm sure there are other headphones that perform better than the ones that perform worse. The package claims to have "95% ambient noise reduction". The only noise in my office is from the fan on my computer. I'd like to say something about 40%. I graphed the results using a mic in a foam filled box to record differences in ambient noise. The drivers for the Sony headphones would normally find an aural hole in the box. I understand that this is crude, but it was enough for my tests. If you want a more accurate test, you can get a human skull. There is a There is a reduction in decibels on sounds below 86 Hz and a similar reduction at the top end of the spectrum. In the middle of the range between 1000-2800hZ, the reduction of ambient noise is more linear, keeping the noises between 46-55dB while on and 53-62dB while off.

👤I'm a classical musician. I own a Koss UR 18 which is good at their price range and is comfortable and has decent bass. I own a Senheisser HD 280 as well. They are very large with good passive isolation. I had the $450 Beats Pro for a while, and they were great for popular music, with control talk, great bass, and superior to all other beats. There is a These pair or Sonys? The Sonys have more bass and treble than the Senheisser 280, but they sound hollow. It is pretty good for the price range. Nothing impressive. I like the sound of their bass. The bathroom fan and the bus were cut off. The voices are softer but you can hear them clearly. Keep those differences in mind. It's been a few times that people talked to me in the house while listening to angry rock at 40% of volume, and I did not hear them at all. There is a They are ten times cheaper than the Bose QC 25, but they are not as good. There is a They fold flat and small in a way that is very portable. There was no bag included. There is a It comes with one and is easy to use. There is a There was no control to pick up calls. There is a It hurts a bit if you can equalize it well after an hour or so. Sound can be hollow in the middle. There is a It's comfort: Even with glasses on, they are very comfortable. My head is small. Sometimes I prefer them over the Senhheisser HD 280 because of their bass oriented music, and I paid $30 for them. There is a I kept the Senheisser for those situations because they are better at blocking higher pitch sounds. There is a The Sonys have noise canceling which improves their sound. They work without it. Even without batteries, you can listen. The sound does not lose boom and volume. I'm happy with the price. The store went silent when I tried the Bose Quiet comfort 20. The bass was not good. The Sony pair under $50 are not as good at isolating. They are much cheaper at Best Buy. The bass is very sweet. There is a I would give them a try for a cheap option. If you listen to classical exclusively, keep looking. There is a I hope it helps.

8. Sony MDRXB55AP Earbud Headphones Headset

Sony MDRXB55AP Earbud Headphones Headset

Luxurious metallic finish with lightweight design. Extra bass for club-like sound. The mic and remote are for hands-free calls. 12mm driver units. Extra deep bass is what the bass duct is for. There are four different sizes of earbuds tips.

Brand: Sony

👤The sound of these is better than my headphones. I used the credit to buy the other Sony model that I returned, and am very happy I did. The sound quality on my cheapo Moto G7 Play cellphone is not good. Don't be afraid of the Bass Bose. The sound reproduction is accurate across the board. I'm getting perfect reproduction at 16Khz, which is the highest limit of human hearing. It's great that there are complex mixes of different instruments. I have played the guitar for 50 years and these do a great job, even though I know what good music should sound like. The mike works well. I returned the Sony sets that I bought and they were terrible. I bought a used set for $23 and it was the best deal ever. I don't think they were used. The package that they came in was damaged.

👤The fit of the headphones is perfect for me. My ears are sensitive and I wear headphones for hours on end. The first pair I bought were black and red. I thought maybe it was me, and I was using my laptop and desktop at the same time. I thought I would just buy a pair and keep them with my laptop. I got the new pair for my laptop and they are already dead. I am disappointed for the headphones. I didn't want to spend the money on Bose, but I guess I have no choice.

👤I have worn out a few pairs of these. The other four pairs were chewed on by my cat. If you can get one of the earbud sizes that match your ear, you will get a great bass response. Bass' depth is related to how well it is seated in your ear. There is a There is a deep bass part in some songs that I have never heard before. It was updated recently. If not better, it is still as good. The clarity of the bass is amazing. There is a If you are comparing headphones, use the studio version of "Broken Bells."

👤The headphones are excellent for the price. You can't go wrong. The sound is full and warm. I bought a second pair in case Sony stopped making them. There is a I bought the Linsoul Tripowin x HBB Mele as well. The Sony XB55AP are superior. There was no comparison. The Linsoul Tripowin x HBB Mele is not worth much. I don't understand how they get good reviews when something as basic as this Sony pair blow them out of the water. HBB Mele have a nice cable, but the bass is not close to what the Sony XB55AP can do. The Qudelix-5K is the source. It's very little EQ required. They sound great. The stock tips are very useful. The stock tips are better than the aftermarket tips. There is no need to change.

👤This earphone is very powerful. It is the best wired earphone I have ever used. I'll check to see if it's durable. Earphone lasts less than 6 months in my hands. The sound quantity is even better than the earphone I tested. Extra bass is really something.

9. Sony MDR E9LP BLU Headphones Ear Bud

Sony MDR E9LP BLU Headphones Ear Bud

If you have a question, please contact them through the Amazon message. Within 24 hours, their service team will reply with a solution.

Brand: Sony

👤I like these when I get a next generation iPod. The ear buds that used to be made for iPods are now made with large rubber noise-canceling seals that hurt my ears. These are more comfortable. I bought four of them. The two ear buds I have, and the four replacements, will last me most of my life.

👤One of the three pairs I ordered only worked in one ear. I was shuffled between Amazon and the supplier when I returned it online. The other two are fine, but I don't like having to keep an item that was broken because both Amazon and the supplier wouldn't let me return it.

👤I've been trying to find a pair of ear headphones that fit me as well as the ones I have at work for the past few years. I need something small when I travel. I went back to Sony and found what I wanted. They fit perfectly, have great sound quality, and are small enough to fit in my case, and were reasonably priced for what I intend to use them for.

👤The earbuds were not working. Only one ear worked.

👤I listen to music or movies when I sleep. They fit right in my ears with a good range of sounds. I put a loose knot in the right side to make it easier to put on at night. They are strong. I use a cord extension to sleep. My daughter uses them when she is at work. She uses wireless headphones. The headphones come in many colors.

👤The earbuds were wrapped in a plastic baggy and twisted with a twistee when I opened the box. I bought the same Sony earbuds at Target and the packaging was very different, more like you'd expect to see from Sony, wrapped in plastic and sealed. I don't think Sony packaged this box like that. Guessing how long they are. I used the same phone that had zero static as the one I plugged the earbuds into, but there was a lot of static. I received a refund from Amazon because of my disappointment.

👤My ears are small. These fit well and have a great sound. I keep a few pairs around. These are a good value for money. They are tough for what they are.

👤I've been using these earbuds since 2006 and have no complaints. They last forever if you treat them well and have good sound quality. They are one of the few earbuds that fit my ears and never fall out. They are not top quality but they meet my needs.

👤The sound quality is very poor, as compared to previous items, which appeared to be faulty. They could not be returned, so I tried to return them.

👤I've ever bought headphones that were uncomfortable. I can't wear them for more than 10 minutes.

👤The sound of 2 tin cans and a string is perfect.

10. Sony Splashproof Premium Headphones Limited

Sony Splashproof Premium Headphones Limited

The best design for running earphones was achieved byPrtukyt. The in- ear design is comfortable and lightweight. Silicone ear hooks are skin-friendly and IPX5 waterproof, so they are comfortable to wear. You can really get your body moving when you have a secure fit. Sound to drive your workout with a 13.5mm driver, when you're feeling the strain in those final workout minutes, pure, energised sound keeps you going until the very end. Turn up the volume and hear the pure detail with a sensitivity of 104 dB/mW and a range of 17-22,000 Hz. When the rain is falling, splash proof headphones will keep playing while you train. A 1.2 m cord is long enough for the treadmill or the streets and will allow you to get flexible.

Brand: Sony

👤The model number is missing from this product. I should have caught that. They sent me a pair of headphones. The model is called the MDR-AS210. The extra base version is called MDR-XB80BS. It is much more expensive. There is a You're led to believe that there is a reference to any additional bass or extra bass. Another misleading seller. I already have the same set, so I'm sending them back.

👤Most people wear earbuds. I have never been able to get a pair of ears to stay put. The problem is solved by having a design that fits snug around the entire ear. I have a pair of Sony headphones that blow out the water in terms of sound quality, but I also have a different type of headphones that I can take with me wherever I go. They fit the role that I wanted them to play perfectly, and sound better than the in- ear headphones that you could find for under $20 at a store.

👤I bought these to try a new design for holding the earphone in the ear since none of the other options will stay in my ears. There is a The price was reasonable and the Sony name was good. I thought the ear hooks would be less of a pain. I have a fake ear ring that I fight to get positioned in. Both sides are not easy to fit. Once they are in place the speaker seats will not fall out or come out unless the cord is pulled. There is a They don't keep the sound close to your ear so you can hear them if you like listening loud. The ability to get deep base is not really possible with these because they do not seat firm to the ear canal. There is a If you can do without deep bass, they sound good. They will stay once they are on. The lack of heavier bass and the difficulty of the war hooks resulted in them losing 1 star. I needed a pair that would stay in place.

👤These headphones were bought to be used when exercising and running. First, they fit very securely, much better than other headphones that cost a lot more, but it can be difficult to get over the ear lobe. It's a piece of cake once you know how to do it, and they allow you to hear sounds outside while listening to music. The sound is balanced with adequate bass, but not as much as a $200 pair of Dr Dre's! These are better than I expected and have an exceptional value.

👤My old headphones stopped being sold. I needed a new brand. I prefer over-the- ear headphones, which is a rare niche. Simple ear buds fall out. I don't feel like I have to remember to charge or sync the bluetooth. I like my jacks. These earphones don't work for me. There is a The speakers are large. I don't think of myself having small ears, but they have to hang on the outside of my ears which detracts from the sound. Protect me from myself? I don't hear anything special when I hold the speakers to my ears. The earwrap part doesn't bend or mold to my ear, so they feel like they're "dangle" off my ears, rather than hugging it. There is a I would expect this from headphones.

11. Sony MDR1AM2 Resolution Overhead Headphones

Sony MDR1AM2 Resolution Overhead Headphones

The foldable headphones feature a secure closed- ear design. High-resolution audio is compatible. The liquid crystal driver is responsive. The phone is compatible with the mic remote. The cord is 47-1/4 inch. The bass has beat response control. There are ear cups for portable use. In the box is a carrying pouch, a microphone and a remote. The cable is approx. 3.94 ft. The connected technology is called wired. Impedance is 16 ohm and Frequency Response is 3 Hz to 100,000 Hz.

Brand: Sony

👤The Sony MDR-1AM2 is a wired headset. The MDR-1AM2 is an entry level audiophile headset. There is a It's a big leap forward from the Sony MDR-1A that I demo-ed in a showroom. Despite so many plastic shell components, ultra-light (6.6oz) is not obviously fragile. The plastic bridge and cup hinges are worrisome things that need a two-year warranty, rather than Sony's standard one-year. There is a The 40mm diaphram driver is coated with liquid crystal and can reproduce the range from 3 to 100kHz. Most people's real hearing isn't as wide as normal human hearing. The grills that protect these exotic, low mass drivers have a pattern of five co-centric spirals. I will take Sony's word on that. There is a The pads are soft over the ears. The skin ends of the pads extend around the cups, rather than slipping into the cups closer to the ears. I think that the peculiar design choice will cause greater wear-and-tear in this region. The thin wrap-around skin parts on the inside of the headset bag will make contact with your fingers during handling, and you will almost always touch this area with your fingers. Over the years, I've replaced enough Sony ear pads to be able to make this prediction. The generic 3.5mm silver-coated, oxygen-free plugable cables come out-of-the-box. The cables are 47-1/4in. The 3.5mm cable has a microphone. I used the 3.5mm cable to make my tests. The other specifications were 16 ohm impedance, 98dB/mW sensitivity. There is a The 1AM2 has a better sonic resolution than most phones. It's perfect for listening to extreme HiRes 192kHz/24-bit FLAC, DSD-DFF, WAV audio sources. Why does the headphones have such a high response, far beyond the range of human hearing? Think of soundfields, where interference of frequencies beyond the range of normal human hearing can have audible net effects. Think of super-resonances and psychoacoustics. There is a Think about headphones for dogs. The woof-woofers have high frequencies. I am. A/B compared the Sony MDR-V7 with my favorite studio workhorse, the MDR-1AM2. There is a The V7 is famous for having a very flat frequency response, with only a mild low-bass emphasis, that adds no coloring or artifacts when setting up for performance and/or recording and monitoring. There is a The ear cups on the 1AM2 and V7 are single piece enclosures with no float between the smaller cap piece and the larger ear/driver mount piece. I like fewer parts in a headset. There are fewer things to break over time. The 1AM2 has more sound bleed from the closed backs than the V7. There is a The closed cup V7 has 50mm evaporated sapphire drivers, a radially symmetric grill geometry, neodymium magnets, oxygen-free copper wire, 24 ohms impedance, 107dB sensitivity, and a slight 10Hz-20kHz frequency response. It weighs about 11oz. There is a The V7 supports accurate and detailed capture/mixing/balance of specific instruments during dense, complex musical passages in the studio or in the wild outdoors. The V7 helps with mic placement. I'd spend hours in the open air studio listening to Meyer Labs monitors and the V7 and then switch to a CD master and a vinyl master. Over the years, I've replaced the V7 ear pads 4 or 5 times. I prefer the steel headband, metal hinges and fold-in cups of the V7 over the all-plastic headband/hinges and fold-flat cups of the 1AM2. If you want to protect your cup drivers from accidental puncture/damage, use a hardcase. The V7's heavy duty coiled cord is hardwired. These are important considerations when using headsets in the field. I used to have very acute hearing. I've done everything I can to take care of my ears. My hearing is still considered excellent at this point. The bass roll off from 30Hz and my sensitivity is fairly flat, up to a roll off of 13.5kHz-15.3kHz. I only judged the 1AM2 against the V7 by ear, not by a decibel meter. You might hear something different with your ears. All that matters is what you hear. There is a The MDR-1AM2 is hotter than the MDR-V7. It's too loud for me to listen to the MDR-V7 for all day. Test sources are on the internet. You can wear headphones from HiHACKER. Both headsets pass all distortion/phase/panning tests. The bass roll off starting 30Hz was heard during the sweep. The sound is like a medium-reflective recording studio and you can hear it all. Bass is very tight, vocals are good, and the music is clear. The rise starts at 190Hz and increases through 150Hz before rolling off at 30Hz. Bass is richer/louder, without submerging vocals/trebles, vocal clarity is the same, rear vectors are more pronounced during the pan, overall soundscape is more open/airy. There is a The overhead and rear sound effects are clear, but the center and side-to-side sound effects are not always clear. The 1AM2 enhances natural note decay by almost to the level of an extremely nice reverb, even with original recordings of acoustic instruments made in acoustically deadened studio environments. This is not a distortion. It's similar to vacuuming up the sound from the last moving molecule of instrument and air, in the way that a high-end PZM mic capsutures them in the first place. There is a Even when you can't hear fingers sliding on strings, using the V7, you can sometimes faintly hear this human artifact of making music, again, in a very organic way on the 1AM2. There is a The 1AM2 allows me to rediscover what I captured a long time ago, from the perspective of the musician who played those notes. This is enjoyable and surprising. Great recordings sound better on the 1AM2. Commercially released music. Most of the music that I tried sounded good on the 1AM2. The 1AM2 can over accentuate what someone else has already done for less than ideal listening environments and/or lower-end equipment. There is a Mids and trebles can become glassy and oversharp. If bass bottoms out in an ugly way, it's because of the distortion in the mix. I like to listen to music that is not great, but some music that sounded ok on the V7. The 1AM2 will make the materials look worse. It was verdICT. I like the MDR-1AM2 but not the MDR-V7. I prefer the uncolored accuracy of the V7. I would never use the 1AM2 for these jobs because of the fact that you can still hear everything, but there are certain accents and colors that would make it difficult to capture/record things. I like the 1AM2 for general listening. You can hear everything when listening to an already delivered/produced soundscape. There is a The art and science of listening come together with the 1AM2. There is a The bass player actually hears what the bass player actually hears within an ensemble, so I don't mind if the 1AM2 colors jazz music closer to what the bass player actually hears. The 1AM2 has a spacious sound with clarity and presence in the face of that beefed up bass. When using the 1AM2, I'm going to be down 190-150Hz. There is a The 1AM2's wide frequencies convey the sound of the ATMOS mixes. A lot of constructive and destructive harmonics, happening beyond the range of human hearing, producing vectored sonic cues that accompany whatever we really 'hear' in the real world, seems to positionally leap out. There is a Even though they are pricey, I recommend the MDR-1AM2 for uncomplicated consumer use. You can hear it all.


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What are the best brands for headphone wired sony?

Oneodio, Sony and Amazon Renewed are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone wired sony. Find the detail in this article.

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