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1. Wireless Microphones Cancellation Optional Rotatable

Wireless Microphones Cancellation Optional Rotatable

Apple M1 chip devices do not support 7.1 surround sound. The CVC8.0 noise reduction technology cancels out ambient noise for clear voice calls, and the 40mm drivers provide even better sound for music and calls. The technology is called Wireless V5.0. The signal stability of wireless headphones has been improved by the upgraded V5.0 technology, which allows two devices to be connected at the same time and a stable connection to devices up to 15 meters away. Wearing comfort. A variety of people can wear the headband with a 6-speed length adjustment and 90 ear cups, which make the headset more closely fit the ear. Super long battery life. The included 3.5mm audio cable can be used in wired mode to enjoy unlimited playtime, their wireless headset with microphone supports up to 22 hours of talk time (at 70% volume) and over 200 hours of standby time on a 1.5-2 hour charge, the included 3.5mm audio cable can be used There is multi- device compatibility. The wireless headset is compatible with most platforms.

Brand: Seisorush

👤I bought this item a few weeks ago and it is working well, can say I made a good purchase.

👤Cancela el sonido exterior.

2. IJoy Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

IJoy Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Volume control and smooth mic. The mic can be turned on and off with the help of a small controller on the cord. The bass response is deep, accurate and long. Play/pause/answer/hangup,Equalizer,Next track/volume up, Previous track/volume down are all buttons. Ear cups fit around ears to help isolated audio. The plug-in is built in a radio receiver and has a mic. 6 months is new. Exchange warranty! Pranx will give you a free replacement if your headset breaks or is damaged.

Brand: Ijoy

👤The main reason for the purchase is working out. I like the microSD card slot. It's fantastic that I put a 32 gb with music. You can make adjustments from the headpiece. Look at photo. Hold down or fwd to find the songs. My headphones fit. If you have a blue tooth, use your computer with it. Excellent. I went to Wendy's to get a cold. The blue tooth connection was set up by me. I went to the restroom after I checked the range from inside the restaurant. The sound quality was perfect through the corridor. Thumbs up. You should use your phone. If it's in blue tooth format and connected to your phone, you can use hands free phone feature. There are three modes. The modes are Blue tooth and Phone mode. There is a It's very versatile and you can get an 8 - 32 gigabyte micro card and work out, ski, walk, jog. The headphones fit well. I have 2 universal chargers that I can use to plug in theusb cord. Plug it into your computer if you have to. I put the cord into the headphones. Just put it in. Don't try to jam it in. I keep the battery fully charged even though I haven't tested it from full charge to full discharge. I don't know what you can ask for at this price. You can use your phone, listen to radio or use a MicroSD card. It is a must buy. I don't leave many reviews but I want to help people who are unsure if they should buy it. It's worth more than $19.99. I bought a blue item.

👤I first liked the color of these headphones and then I opened them and loved them even more. The material is very soft and comfortable to wear. Sound canceling and good quality sound even at the lowest volume. Light weight and great that they fold. I got them today and am in love with them. Hopefully they will hold up for a long time. The price for these headphones is great.

👤The sound quality is amazing and the headphones are loud. The buttons are easy to use, the design is sleek, and the material is high quality, but the mic quality is so poor that it might not be a necessity for you. These are worth more than the price.

👤These headphones are the best. They are comfortable and appealing to the eye. With my son going into 4th grade, I want him to excel in his studies, and I want him to listen to instruction without disrupting other students. Pranx is responsive when I have questions about their products. Will purchase my headphones from this company. There is a Sincerely, Lashawn.

👤La compré junto la lapto Lenovo, ami hija le gusta escuchar msica, ella est complacida!

👤I love these headphones. Not noise cancellation but close. I was looking for a good price for what I wanted.

👤I wanted to use my headphones at the gym without having to use cables. I've used my mp3 player until now, it doesn't have a phone, so I have to use my phones. I don't put music on my phone, so that wasn't an option for me, so I didn't get a pair of them. These do what I want. I thought they would. There is a Controls on the outside of the right ear cup are easy to use and the sound quality is excellent. Why did I send them back? There is a They are not comfortable. I had to take them off after a few minutes because they were too tight on my ears. I couldn't wear my glasses because there wasn't enough room to fit them on. There is a I was disappointed to have to send them back, but we are. The search is on.

3. VOCLINE Bluetooth Headphone Microphone Multipoint

VOCLINE Bluetooth Headphone Microphone Multipoint

There is multi- device compatibility. The wireless headset is compatible with most platforms. Stereo Clear Sound for Call& Music: Wireless Headphone adopted dual 40mm drivers deliver outstanding audio with crystal clear clarity for your calls and music, improved communication efficiency and listening experience, ideal for online class, office, call center and daily life The CVC8.0 noise canceling headset has a dual microphone that captures the voice and reduces the environmental noise so that the counterpart can only hear the human voice. It's suitable for businessmen, receptionists, call centers and construction sites. Up to 22 hours of playtime is possible with noise-canceling headphones that can be charged from a single charge. After 1.5h, a fully charged headset can provide 8 days of standby time and 33 feet of wireless freedom. The special design for you is a lightweight wireless headset with a headband that fits any head shape, 90 soft ear pads, and a 270 microphone. The microphone can be turned off and on with the MUTE button on the headset. Going hands-free is more enjoyable with separate power and volume buttons. The newest version of the technology, 5.0, has an ultra-fast and virtually unbreakable connection between a wireless headset and a mobile device. Plug in the 3.5mm audio cable to enjoy unlimited playtime and you can connect two devices.

Brand: Vocline

👤I had ordered some other headphones to use with my phone, but they had a mic on an earpiece, and nobody could hear me. The cheapest product on Amazon was this one with 2 earpiece speakers and a microphone boom. It was a very good product. It was important for me to have a clear and loud phone conversation because of my hearing impairment. I'm told that the mic makes my voice loud and clear. The earpieces and mic boom are comfortable. It was fine to pair to Bluetooth and didn't have any issues. I only use it for calls and have only had a day or two of battery life left. I'm happy with the purchase.

👤I don't understand why the mute doesn't work on a PC. What is the purpose of using these? Nothing happens when I double click the MFB. I can't keep quiet when I cough.

👤I use them because I work from home. The other ones I had were not wireless and nobody could hear me. Both ends are very loud. It is easy to adjust and do not apply as much pressure to my ears as the others did and left me with sore ears at the end of my shift. Highly recommend these for the price.

👤I bought these for my boyfriend. He loves them and uses them.

4. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH710N

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH710N

Compatibility: Headset compatible with personal computers and laptop computers. It is easy to download and install the software. Cancel out the world with smart noise cancellation. The noise cancellation technology senses the environment. It has up to 35 hours of battery and quick charging. You can use your voice assistant with your phone. There is a wireless streaming device with a one-touch function. Hear more about the 30 millimeter driver units. The headphones have metal sliders.

Brand: Sony

👤These headphones weren't good enough for me. Was it really $200 at one point? That is ridiculous. They are light, noise cancelling is good for the price point, and they are comfortable because of the light weight. But... The sound quality is terrible. The highs are pulled back so the music sounds muffled, cymbals don't pop from an instrumental side, and vocals don't articulate well. The sound quality is in line with what I would expect from a $30-$40 over ear set. The buttons aren't the best for access and knowing L from R is a major chore. I have a pair of Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2s that were $130 and sound quality is noticeably better across the spectrum and those have similar noise cancelling performance. These Sony 710s feel like they will fall apart in one drop, but those are heavier. I would be happy with them if the sound quality was better and they had more power. I am not there. I will return them and keep the BackBeat Pro 2 set. Sony should dump these and offer app support. If they could do that, I would pay more for it and be happy. This is not acceptable for the price. I am not sure if there is a worse pair of headphones in this price range.

👤The headphones are marked down so much that they might be a good buy. The sound quality is terrible. I would take my headphones with me. The ear pieces vibrate very loudly when volume is not that high. The mic is not very functional. Whenever I speak, the feedback from myself creates a loud noise in my ears. They're not good quality headphones. I understand why they were marked down by $100.

👤People trying to talk to us while we jog, walk, or hike is an annoyance for us as a woman. Sport earbuds and tiny headphones aren't enough to deter me from being busy, so I went looking for something large and bulky to signify that I'm busy and don't want to be disturbed. I should have to. There is a The dark blue model of the Sony wireless headphones fit the bill in terms of visual size and can be seen against dark hair. They perform well for noise reduction, since my routes are along busy multi-lane roads in San Francisco. The only way to hear while jogging through rush hour traffic is to crank the sound up, which can damage your hearing. I can have the sound at a more comfortable level with these. There is a There is a major problem. The headphones feel tight and uncomfortable pressing against the ear. I don't think I have a giant head. If you were to wear them for an extended period of time, you might develop hotspots. If you just use them for phone calls, you'd be fine. There is a They don't come with a carrying case or protective sleeve. It's not ideal for travelers or commuters. You can go for a full week without needing to charge your phone, and the battery life is great. Some reviews said the battery charges in mere minutes, but that's not true. It takes 7 hours to fully charge, which is a long time when you forget to prepare the night before.

5. Avantree Bluetooth Cancelling Headphones Replaceable

Avantree Bluetooth Cancelling Headphones Replaceable

Light weight over the ear headset is a global warranty and wearing style. The 40mm Hi-fi stereo drivers deliver a well-balanced sound profile with an emphasis on clarity and rich bass. Active noise cancellation. Active noise canceling technology reduces background noise so you can focus on your music, watch movies or make phone calls. You can enjoy up to 35 hours of playtime using the two modes, or up to 21 hours with ANC on. The design is ultra comfortable. The combination of soft, plush leather earpads, an optimal clamping force structure, and a fully adjusted headband provides for a comfortable fit. Listen to your music for extended periods without compromising on your comfort. They are foldable and perfect for traveling. The boom mic and extra features make it possible to enhance mic pickup and ensure crystal clear voice quality for all of your calls. There is a dedicated button and multimedia controls for volume or skipping tracks. There is a 24 million warranty and life-time support. There is a manufacturer-backed warranty upon product registration. There is a video User Guide on the website. Life Time Technical Support has an 8 hour response time.

Brand: Avantree

👤I ordered the unit because it advertised a boom mic. The picture shows a boom mic. The unit does not have a boom mic. The website costs an extra fifteen dollars. I just needed the mic and I don't care about the cost. The website is broken and won't process credit cards, but I tried many times to order one. I wanted a mic for my phone calls, and I was willing to put up with the poor sound quality from the headphones. I threw everything in the trash. You should save yourself from the grief.

👤I started testing them after receiving them. I've owned a few music systems, listened to some expensive ones, and have developed my hearing, because of it. I love music. There is a Why is the rating low? I'm not sure if it's too low, but I'm pretty sure about it. Why? The sound is not natural. The lows are tight and crisp. At first listen, they are detailed. I noticed the sound was muffled. Most of the music is here. It was true on both of my devices. It was the same with ANC on as well as off. My music sounded off. It was not as fast as my Plantronics cans, which are around five years old. There are two more issues that worry me. The unit is manufactured by a company called Avantree, and I own a similar device for my PC, but there was no music. There is a The headphones are advertised on Amazon as 40mm drivers. I fear that the drivers will give me the same bad response because they are all manufactured by the same company. That doesn't mean that all of the other circuitry is made for the same company. The bottom line is to look elsewhere.

👤You may not receive a boom mic even if it is listed. Average noise canceling headphones are what they are. There is no excuse for lying about the boom mic.

👤I replaced my Logitech H 800 headset with these headphones, I wear my headset all day long for phone calls and voice recognition. The noise cancellation helps when making calls. The sound quality is mediocre when listening to music. If you're looking for a decent quality headset at a great price that's comfortable and great for making phone calls, this is a good solution. These are probably not the headphones for you if you're looking for high quality sound when listening to music.

👤The sound quality is marginal, however the headphones were easy to pair with. The clarity is not good. These headphones are better than the others. I wonder how bad the headphones are. I was given the option to swap these headphones with another model, but the reviews on that model were not very good, and they did not have ANC which is a feature I wanted. I increased my rating from 2 to 3 stars because of a small credit given to me by Avantree. I was reassured by the help of Avantree. The ARIA headphones were replaced with the Audition Pro. There were some initial problems and they replaced them with another pair of headphones. The ARIA's are not as nice as the Pro's. It's easier to control and more comfortable. I am very satisfied with their headphones. Their customer service is good.

6. Antlion Audio Attachable Microphone Headphones

Antlion Audio Attachable Microphone Headphones

There are 22 channels with a range of about 2 miles. The ModMic Wireless is an attachable microphone that can be used for over- ear or on- ear headphones. You can turn your headphones into a headset. When you're on the go, you can remove the mic with a magnet, or add a magnet to multiple headsets for an easy mic switch. The ModMic uses a sample rate that is 5X higher than a standard headset. The studio quality sound is ideal for streaming and competitive play. When the highest quality is preferred, you can choose between a uni-directional, noise-canceling microphone mode or a more responsive omni-directional recording mode. The button can be pressed for a quick option. The ModMic's flexibility makes it perfect for streamers who don't want to choose between great microphone audio and great headphones. You can use applications such as Ventrilo. It's seamless to connect with Windows PCs, Macs, OS X, Linux distributions, and PS4. Attach to any over- ear headphones. The device cannot directly connect to phones or tablets, so it needs a compatible receiver.

Brand: Antlion Audio

👤The next update will be in 2020 It's still working, just an update. It takes forever to turn it back on, almost as if it's dead, but it finally turns on an important update on 3-28-2019, which is the only issue that has developed since I got it. The buggy update was released by Microsoft at some point since I wrote this review. The quality of the audio is poor. The normal method of quality change through the icon on the bottom right and going into properties doesn't work. It always goes back to the phone. The control panel route is where you have to change the quality settings. There is a I had my ModMic from 2016 and never had an issue. I have always hated the cable. It was long and rigid and never flowed. It was a small price to pay for a better headset. I was excited to see it come in a wireless version. I got it for Christmas. There is a WIRELESS! Not having that cable. It's like running around without underwear on. It's great. - The new magnets are the same size as the old ones. I like them. Simple controls. All on a single button. Simply hold it down for a couple seconds and it will be off. Sound quality is what you would expect from ModMic. I just throw my battery on a charge when it's not in use. I went 5 hours so it wasn't a big deal. If your keyboard has a hub, you can just plug a cable into your mic and keep on going. The downside will be listed in the cons. There is a The idea that you can charge your mic while playing is great, but they give you a bulky cable to do so. The 120 dollar price tag makes it less a pain to charge the cable while playing, and there are plenty of soft braided cables out there. - The 120 dollar price tag is a bit steep. I got it for Christmas. So... I didn't have to worry about it. I don't think it's worth 120 given the quality feel of things. The wireless hub is huge and the plastic used is cheap. Plugging it into a hub on your keyboard causes the other port to not be able to be used. The case is about burned materials. It's normal in the manufacturing process and they wanted to make sure they were able to get the most profit out of the 120 they were charging. I've never smelled anything like it came out of a burning building. They should be ashamed of themselves for defending it. - Unless you plug the computer in, the hub shuts off. If you don't shut your mic off, you will get a blue blinking light until you turn it on. The first one I received was not good. The switch to go to Uni-Directional was broken, so it was just a mute switch. It's pretty pathetic if you ask me for 120 dollars. I think there were more cons to this than pros, but I think ModMic was quick to respond to my email about it. I was given a list of directions. I felt that it was pointless. No testing is going to prove that the mic didn't work when switched. They offered a replacement free of charge from their site but given it was time sensitive, Amazon overnighted me a replacement which was a better way to go. The quality of a dead mic on my first order is not worth 120 dollars, even if you get a working one. At this point in time, wireless technology is old. There is no excuse for a "niche product" to charge so much for a strong following. It's going to be so expensive that they're going to have low sales. They did the same things that have been done in the professional audio industry. There are lots of devices that are wireless that don't cost a thing. I have attached pictures of it to my Audioquests and Elear.

7. TECKNET Bluetooth Microphone Canceling Headphones

TECKNET Bluetooth Microphone Canceling Headphones

The noise cancelling headphones with microphone can cancel up to 99.6% of background noise. Making your voices clear is important. The microphone can be turned on and off with the help of the mute key. This is a great headset for people working in call centers and construction sites. All day competition and 270. The wireless headphones with microphone have comfortable earmuff and ultra soft leather for all day comfort. You can answer or hang up calls with the MFB button on the headset, it's only useful for phone calls. If you want to answer or hang up calls, you should set it up through the software. The TECKNET Trucker headset with microphone can provide up to 2 days of talk time and 4 days of standby time on a single charge. The charge is 1.5 hours and provides complete wireless freedom. It's perfect for office, home, and remote work. With a wide range of compatible devices, the TECKNET is a wireless headset for computers, laptops, cell phones, and other devices. You can connect to the device with theusb dongle. It will be more stable to connect to a computer via ausb. It is 18 months of support for the TECKNET on ear headphones with microphone. If you have any problems with using the computer headset with microphone, please contact their professional customer service team, they will provide you with high-quality solutions.

Brand: Tecknet

👤I needed a wireless headset so I could stand up and get around while on my phone calls, because I do phone calls for 8 to 9 hours a day. This is amazing, the mic quality is great and the sound is good. It's not a problem, just adjust the volume on it, it's a small sound but on the quiet side. There is a The battery is great. The duration is amazing. The connection? It's great that they have the option to use a more stable connection or use a more wireless one. The headset does not squeeze my head during my 8 to 9 hour shifts. If you're looking for a headset for a telecom job, I highly recommend this one.

👤I rely on a Blue Tooth headset to communicate with my passengers. I was very pleased with this item. The battery life was excellent. The maximum listening volume was not very high. After 2 months, my overall satisfaction with this item dropped significantly. My return period ended. I thought the price was reasonable. Maybe I should have bought a more expensive unit.

👤The headseat has a clear mic and a good speaker. I have it connected to both my computer and my phone, and I use ausb port on my computer to connect it. I can use the computer and the phone at the same time. I am able to wear it all day because it is very comfortable. I have never gone into "battery low" state when I have been on-mic for 3-4 hours a day. I have never gone into "battery low" state while working around the house and workshop and only used the speaker. I recommend this headset without reservation. I did not get paid for this review.

👤I bought this for my boyfriend to use while he is working. He is a truck driver. The biggest issue in the past was being able to hear him due to the background noise and a lot of headsets sound far away. I was surprised when he called and was on the road. The call was clear, even if he wasn't using a headset. We were curious when he had the window down and on the highway. It was clear. I hear Outside noise occasionally but it is very soft and in the background. He reported being very pleased. Quality and design are important. He likes being able to hear the road with one ear and this design is perfect for that. We are very happy with the headset.

👤I needed a wireless headset since my company laptop doesn't allow the connection. Sound quality and noise cancellation are both good. When the battery is low, it doesn't give enough warning. I won't be able to use my headset during a half hour meeting because it won't last long enough to hear a battery low message. The headset won't stay on my head if I tip my head downward. I have to hold the power button multiple times before it turns on. It is a decent headset for the price.

8. Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Multipoint Playtime

Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Multipoint Playtime

It's widely comparable. The PS4/ PS4 Pro/ is connected via a 2m wire. The Nintendo Switch doesn't support microphone feature on a gaming headset, but other devices with standard 3.5mm audio jack do. You can connect to your PC, Mac, mobile and more with a dual connection. Plug-in with the included 3.5mm cable. You can connect to any two devices at the same time. Transition from a mobile device to a laptop. C3 calling uses dual microphones that pick up your voice and eliminate the sounds of the environment so that your voice remains crystal clear. You will get a full 45+ hour work week on one charge, and all day comfort with Cloud Foam earcups. Back down to take a call or video conference if you want to listen only. The headset has multi-functional buttons that allow you to play/pause, answer/reject, volume, mute and track control. Choose between the two settings: work or music mode. The controls on the headset allow you to quickly turn on the mute function. The end of the boom mic has a red light on it. There is no longer a fear of being muted on video conferences. The GO Work Wireless On-Ear Headset, Type-C Charging Cable, and 3.5mm AUX Cable are included.

Brand: Jlab

👤I use them for work and they work well. I bought them to replace my previous ones that were plastic and broke after 8 months, but they looked almost the same. I was looking for a microphone. These are great for the price, but slightly more expensive. I don't use themute button since the video app has their own, but it works, it feels cheap. They charge with a cable that lasts longer than my set. There is an audio about the battery charge level when they start, which is a great reminder that they should be charged. I hope they last until we get back to the office. I paid full price for these on Amazon.

👤This is a great headset for working at home. It's not perfect, but it's close. I'm only one day in, that's all. I'd be happy to update if anything changes, but my first day in was 8 hours straight meetings, so it was a bit of a torture test. There is a It's easy to setup battery life and it's half the price of wired options of the big names offices. It's ridiculous that companies aren't actually issuing these. These are as light as wired options. The design of the mute button feels cheap and it's debatable if it's a good button, but I assume if there's a failure point with it, it's the mute button. These headphones are very good at the average joes price range.

👤When I bought these, I was hoping they would last for an entire week. The setup was easy, the headphones were comfortable, and the microphone boom is far enough away that it doesn't stick in your mouth when you talk. It took several seconds for a call to connect. After a couple of days of continuous use, the connection time was reduced until it was almost seamless. I loved it! And then... The red light on the end of the microphone signaled to the headphones that the button was on. It was stuck. I couldn't use them. I didn't use them for a couple of days because I let the battery drain. I charged them again today and the button was stuck. I was depressed and got this horrible noise in my ear and just got a refund. I am very disappointed. I liked those headphones.

👤These are great for the money. Clear calls for teams and zooms meetings have a long battery life. I use them for 8 hours a day without having to pay. The speakers are very soft and can be adjusted to your liking. I have used these for a week straight and am very happy with my purchase.

👤Sound quality is not good. The bass needs a lot of help and the sound is not clear. The sound quality is good for virtual meetings, but the mic is spotty. The mic is two inches away from you. There is a The headset is comfortable. The build quality is on point. The headset works well for telework. It's not acceptable for music.

9. Bluetooth LEVN Microphone Cancelling Headphones

Bluetooth LEVN Microphone Cancelling Headphones

This computer headset with superior voice recognition microphone is ideal for students education, such as Language-learning, Dictation, Online Course, and many more. There is a noise cancellation function. The environmental noise cancellation technology is used in this headset. It is possible to prevent the listener from hearing background noise by calculating the environmental noise's Frequency Band in advance. The microphone can be turned on and off with the mute function. The LEVN on ear headphones use two methods to connect with computers, cell phones, telephone, and other devices. You can use the device to connect with the USB dongle if it doesn't have a function. It will be more stable and there will be no transmission delay to connect this PC headset to the computer. A 350-mwh battery and exclusive charging base allow the trucker headset to provide up to 35+ hours of continuous work time. It has long-term service for call center agents and remote workers. You can use the POGO charging base or the Type C charging cable to charge the headset, it comes with a plug and play charging base. It has a comfortable earmuffs and a 270 microphone, which makes it all day comfortable. The microphone can be used on the right or left side and will not be damaged even if it is changed thousands of times. With just one click, you can make your own calls. Long-distance working range and hands-free calls. Even if you leave your connected device for a short time, the call quality will not be affected, perfect for call center, office, remote work, home, classroom, Skype, and truckers. If you have a problem with the product, please contact them, their professional customer service team will provide you with solutions.

Brand: Levn

👤If the headset broke in a month, I would probably buy it again. The battery, comfort, and most of all the noise cancelation is fantastic. The people on the other end couldn't hear my dogs barking because they were next to me. This is the most important part of a work from home headset and it is the best I have had in a long time.

👤I am very pleased with this purchase. The call quality is very good and the headset is lightweight. It seems to have a good battery life after being hooked up. It seems to be enough to get me through a day. There is a Charging can be a bit of a trick. It is possible to make it to where there is only one practical way to place the headset on the charge. If you place the headset on the wrong spot, it won't charge. The earpiece has two contacts on the underside that are supposed to line up with two prongs. It is very easy to put the headset down, think it is charging, and dump it the next day. This leads to... There is no charge indicator that you can easily see that it is charging. The red charge light is at about 4:00 when the headset is on the charge. It can be difficult to make sure that the device is charging. The battery status does not show, but it could be a Windows 10 thing. I am not going to lose sleep over this, I have not looked into it. There is a Overall, a solid performer. If the charging problem is solved, I would consider buying V2 and making the indicator bigger and brighter. If I had to run a quick charge, there is a port for that, but that isn't the point.

👤It is really sleek. I like the look of it. It is wireless. I want to use this in a different way. I work from home. I wanted to be able to move around with this. Guess what? I can't unmute this thing when I'm not at my desk. I have to unmute myself. It has a button that can be turned off. I have to manually unmute myself on zoom calls. You would think that the function would connect the computer to the meeting I am attending. I am scared because I don't know how I'll be able to unmute this thing or if it will work with Genesis, I haven't taken calls with this yet. The mic works well and the sound quality is good. It is the unmuting and muting that irritates me. You would think this would work better than the cheaper ones. The seller reached out to me and apologized. If you buy these headphones, you will have to use your computer to make noise. The headphones are not compatible with all laptops. It is meant for cellphone usage, so it would be a great headset for a truck driver. It has a good battery life and is comfortable. If you work from home, you will be able to use a wireless device.

10. Corsair Wireless Premium Headset Surround

Corsair Wireless Premium Headset Surround

It is an electronic phone The updated wireless headphones include a boom microphone. The boom mic picks up sound with enhanced clarity to ensure crisp and clear voice quality is delivered. The boom mic has a switch that will allow you to easily mute your voice in seconds, perfect for in-game chatting or voice calls on PC / laptop. Listen to everything from the lightest footstep to the most. Premium 50 millimeter high-density neodymium Audio drivers with an expanded frequency range of 20 - 30 000 will make a loud noise. It was Hz. It is made with microfiber mesh fabric and plush memory foam ear pads. You can connect to your PC or PS4/PS5 using low-latency 2.4 GHz wireless. An omnidirectional microphone picks up your voice with exceptional clarity, with a flip-up mute function and a built-in indicator. It was built to last through years of gaming. Apple M1 chip devices do not support 7.1 surround sound.

Brand: Corsair

👤This is a good headset for the money. In the past 5 years, the industry has improved. Wireless headsets used to be two or three hundred dollars for the nice stuff. Cheap products benefit us all because of mass production and the popularity of pc gaming. There is a The sound is decent. Unless you have a soundcard and system that supports it, these will not work. The sound is good for me. The build quality seems high. They feel good in their hands. There is a metal frame inside the band. Excellent build quality. I like the way they look. The design aesthetic is appealing. There are colored lights on gaming hardware. Black plastic is what they are made of. Again, appealing. Software supports the hardware well. I was able to get them working in a few minutes. Volume control, mic settings, etc. are available. The headband will rest on the top of your skull. I've owned higher end wireless gaming headsets in the past, and also decent OTE (over the ear) headphones, and the weight of the headset should be distributed around your entire head. There's no 'clamping' tension keeping them pressed to the sides of your head. They are mildly uncomfortable after about 30 minutes. This affects the next issue because it does not cover the ear completely. The lower portion of each earcup is not touching my head below the ear because they have zero "clamping" tension or force. There is a gap. Sound quality is affected by outside noise. The default configuration is to shut down after 5 minutes. I'm serious. During the first day or two of gaming with these things, I'm playing and suddenly I'm trying to click any button with my finger, because the voice tells me they're shutting down. My headset is trying to turn off when I'm playing a game, and I'm trying not to die. How does that make sense? There is a way to turn this feature off or extend the time. 5 minutes, by default. It's crazy. Corsair's iCue software will do things you don't want it to do. I have a H80i liquid cooler. I've had it for three years. The operation was well done and never had a complaint. The minute I installed the iCue software, my H80 fans started blowing. I checked the device settings within the iCue software, and wouldn't you just know that H80i has no settings? Is it possible that I'm stuck with jet-engine cpu fans? Time will tell. I wouldn't buy these if I could go back in time. I don't think this headset is a good idea.

👤I wish these were more flexible. There is a If I lean my head forward, they start slipping off. There is a I can't adjust the head piece tight enough so they sit on top of my ears and push my ears down a bit. They're made of aluminum, so they're heavier than I'm used to. There is a The mic is made of rubber, not hard plastic, and is bendable, so it's awesome. There is a It's also difficult. I have to put it down and then put it back up again. I think it's because the headset is too big for me and I can't put it all the way down. I'm not sure what the issue is, because it makes the mic on noise. There is a I would return them if the sound and voice quality weren't so good. There is a I've never had headphones that blocked out that much noise or sounded good. The sound is perfect. I'm told my audio output is clear when I'm talking to my team mates. It doesn't pick up ambient noise like if I have the TV on. It picks up my dog's barking, but he's big and loud. There is a These were made for larger men, and they fit my husband just fine. That can also be said for a lot of other things. There are a few issues with the design of the headset, so I'm giving it 3 stars. The size and the mic. There is a If you have a bigger head, and don't want to spend a lot of money on a similar brand, buy them. There is a If you have a smaller head, be prepared for issues.

11. Bluetooth Headphones KVIDIO Microphone Lightweight

Bluetooth Headphones KVIDIO Microphone Lightweight

There are calls that are enhanced by artificial intelligence. The Life Q35 active noise cancelling headphones use beamforming microphones that pick up your voice with incredible accuracy, thanks to an artificial intelligence (ai) algorithm that has been tested thousands of times. The calls are clear and free of noise. The high fidelity stereo headphones from KVIDIO offer an almost concert hall-like feel to your favorite music as close as you are watching it live. Provide high-quality reproduction of sound. There is a telephone that is impervious to tampering. The foam in the earmuff gives you all day comfort. The earmuffs can fit any head shape without putting pressure on the ear. College students use it for travel, workout and every day use. There is wide comparativebility. Simply press multi-function button 2s and the over ear headphones with mic will be ready to pair. All devices that support 3.5mm plug cables are compatible with the KVIDIO headsets. With the built-in microphone, you can easily make calls while working from home. SeamLESS WIRELESS CONNECTION: The connection can be up to 33 feet (10 meters) long. The 500mAh battery can be charged in 2.5 hours. After 55 hours of playtime, you can switch to wired mode and listen to your music. There is no power shortage during the trip. There is a warranty and surpport. The package includes a foldable Deep Bass Headphone, 3.5mm backup audio cable, and User Manual. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Kvidio

👤The seller is a delight to communicate with and these headphones exceeded my expectations. These are very affordable. They cover more of your ears than some brands. The sound quality is very good. It's not the case with every brand that callers can hear you clearly and you can hear them clearly. There is a It would be hard to break these because they are very flexible, and even the ear covers can be pivoted. They only offer scanning forward or backwards. They work with my phone, no issues there. The power button can be used to start and stop music, and the +/- buttons can be used to switch tracks. The power button on the phone works the same way as when listening to music, with one touch for answer or hang up. I can be a harsh critic. I look for design that is durable and intelligent. I recommend these headphones to everyone.

👤The 5 stars were updated on January 22nd. The supply chain problems slowed down the replacements, but the new padding is a huge improvement. The sound is still decent for business calls and online meetings, and still decent for the price range of audio for music. If you use these like I do, you may notice a bit of fatigue after a while, but when both earcups are on as designed, the comfort is pretty good. It'll be hard for anything to beat my old MPOW memory foam cups, but these come pretty close... and it's refreshing to have found one that doesn't seem like it's about to break and has necessary comfort. There is a The only thing I can say is that there's a loud sound when connecting to calls that's too loud. I told the company that I would let them know if there was a future update that could fix that small issue. I don't think they will, given how proactive they've been. There is a The company has been great to work with, stood behind the product, addressed the service concern, and was interested to hear how to improve. 3 stars are updated 10/20. I'm positive. The newer model of headphones has better ear padding and was offered to me by KVIVIO. I'm hoping that this will lead to a better experience, since that was my main issue. There is a Adding a star for proactive customer service. The new headphones will be updated. -- The original was original. The leather on my headphones is starting to peel and the foam is starting to become exposed. I thought I had found a good replacement after reading the reviews. There is a Not much. The quality of the build makes me think I'll break them. I gingerly put them on and was waiting for aSNAP. The sound is ok, but not as good as other phones. I was willing to try the ear foam. These started hurting after 30 minutes, unlike the mpows which I have on for at least 3-6 hours a day. Those who like sleeping on beds of nails should be the focus of the marketing here. There is a These are going back.


What is the best product for headphone wireless microphone?

Headphone wireless microphone products from Seisorush. In this article about headphone wireless microphone you can see why people choose the product. Ijoy and Vocline are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone wireless microphone.

What are the best brands for headphone wireless microphone?

Seisorush, Ijoy and Vocline are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone wireless microphone. Find the detail in this article. Sony, Avantree and Antlion Audio are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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