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1. Sony Wi Xb400 Wireless Headphones WIXB400

Sony Wi Xb400 Wireless Headphones WIXB400

A small transparent box is ideal for easy daily storage. It's perfect for your family and friends. You can feel the power of extra bass. There is wireless audio with technology. Up to 15 hours of battery life with Quick charging. The battery charge time is 3 hours. The 12 millimeter driver units have clear sound. Flexible and lightweight cables. It is possible to have a hands-free calling and voice assistant. Magnetic buds are easy to carry. In the box is a type-C.

Brand: Sony

👤These are solid for the price, but don't expect miracles. Sound is good. The treble is thin and tinny. These will not blow you away. Not bad for the money. The call quality was poor and one reviewer gave these one star. You bought $60 earbuds and thought the calling experience would be good? Why are you using cheap earbuds? That is a feature. Who cares if I never use? The quality of the build. It's fine. I saw a reviewer complain that these looked ugly. They are cheap. They don't feel cheap and I expect them to fall apart. The aesthetic are fine. They are not stylish or anything, but they are not ugly. They have a number of different bud sizes and they feel good in the ear. There is a It will get you through the day. Good enough. There were no complaints there. There is a These are a good buy if you want a decent pair of earbuds. Don't expect them to sound great. Don't expect them to be treated better. Don't make calls on your phone, what are you crazy? The update was made on March 21. These are now $30. These are great for that price. I still use them every day at work and they are still going strong a year and a half later. It's still a strong recommendation.

👤To see how they're supposed to be worn, reference the attached picture. If you wear them like this, they will not fall out of your ears. Great headphones. I bought two pairs of trash.

👤I decided to grab these earphones because of the deal Amazon was having. I have gone through many headphones in the past few months and these blew me away. I work in the city and I walk a lot. You can definitely hear the extra bass in the sound. It has an incredibly clear sound and while there isn't active noise cancelling, you can definitely wear these and it completely tunes the city out. I think they would do well on a plane. There is a They're magnetic and you wear them like a necklace. I thought that they would have some issues since the magnets don't seem strong, but I haven't had any issues even when I'm working. They stay put when you only have ear buds on. There is a The battery life is the best part. When I got them, they were full charged and it took a week. I had to replenish them. I don't use them all day, but I do use them for a few hours. There is a I think they are worth the initial price, even though I got them on a bargain. Bonus points for having the most chill computer voice on a headset. I highly recommend them.

👤Over the past 50 years, I have had many brands of headphones. These are some of the best. The bass is comfortable and well made. It is a great price. I tried a pair for $100 of another brand and they were not close to these. I would buy them again. No question.

2. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH710N

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH710N

Compatibility: Headset compatible with personal computers and laptop computers. It is easy to download and install the software. Cancel out the world with smart noise cancellation. The noise cancellation technology senses the environment. It has up to 35 hours of battery and quick charging. You can use your voice assistant with your phone. There is a wireless streaming device with a one-touch function. Hear more about the 30 millimeter driver units. The headphones have metal sliders.

Brand: Sony

👤These headphones weren't good enough for me. Was it really $200 at one point? That is ridiculous. They are light, noise cancelling is good for the price point, and they are comfortable because of the light weight. But... The sound quality is terrible. The highs are pulled back so the music sounds muffled, cymbals don't pop from an instrumental side, and vocals don't articulate well. The sound quality is in line with what I would expect from a $30-$40 over ear set. The buttons aren't the best for access and knowing L from R is a major chore. I have a pair of Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2s that were $130 and sound quality is noticeably better across the spectrum and those have similar noise cancelling performance. These Sony 710s feel like they will fall apart in one drop, but those are heavier. I would be happy with them if the sound quality was better and they had more power. I am not there. I will return them and keep the BackBeat Pro 2 set. Sony should dump these and offer app support. If they could do that, I would pay more for it and be happy. This is not acceptable for the price. I am not sure if there is a worse pair of headphones in this price range.

👤The headphones are marked down so much that they might be a good buy. The sound quality is terrible. I would take my headphones with me. The ear pieces vibrate very loudly when volume is not that high. The mic is not very functional. Whenever I speak, the feedback from myself creates a loud noise in my ears. They're not good quality headphones. I understand why they were marked down by $100.

👤People trying to talk to us while we jog, walk, or hike is an annoyance for us as a woman. Sport earbuds and tiny headphones aren't enough to deter me from being busy, so I went looking for something large and bulky to signify that I'm busy and don't want to be disturbed. I should have to. There is a The dark blue model of the Sony wireless headphones fit the bill in terms of visual size and can be seen against dark hair. They perform well for noise reduction, since my routes are along busy multi-lane roads in San Francisco. The only way to hear while jogging through rush hour traffic is to crank the sound up, which can damage your hearing. I can have the sound at a more comfortable level with these. There is a There is a major problem. The headphones feel tight and uncomfortable pressing against the ear. I don't think I have a giant head. If you were to wear them for an extended period of time, you might develop hotspots. If you just use them for phone calls, you'd be fine. There is a They don't come with a carrying case or protective sleeve. It's not ideal for travelers or commuters. You can go for a full week without needing to charge your phone, and the battery life is great. Some reviews said the battery charges in mere minutes, but that's not true. It takes 7 hours to fully charge, which is a long time when you forget to prepare the night before.

3. Sony Lightweight Bluetooth Noise Isolating Headphones

Sony Lightweight Bluetooth Noise Isolating Headphones

Enjoy high quality audio streaming and simplified connections with Near Field Communications. 40mm driver units deliver broad, balanced, and accurate sound reproduction for an exceptional listening experience. A lightweight, swivel design with pressure-relieving ear pads provides long-term comfort and folds flat for portable use. 6ft cube cable to connect to ipod or mp3 player The built-in rechargeable battery can provide up to 30 hours of continuous, wireless music. You can speak for up to 30 hours or up to 300 hours on stand-by.

Brand: Sony

👤The headset is made in Vietnam. It was easy to use. It was easy to set up. The sound quality is great. It is comfortable to rest on my ears. I've been looking for good quality headsets that are not made in China and this is what I found.

👤The headphones I received are not the same as the product images used to list them. There is no noise cancellation in the volume control. The noise cancellation claims are incorrect or you accidentally packaged the wrong headphones.

👤I sometimes go weeks without using the battery, but it still says "fully charged" when turned on. I left my phone at my station and walked across the warehouse with no signal loss or choppy signal. The range of genres covered by these covers Circle Jerks, Hallucinogen, and Slayer.

👤The sound of music, video, gaming and other things is great. It's fine for calls on the go, but not for handsfree conference calls or zoom meetings, because the sound picked up from the microphone is very tin-like and echo'y.

👤The product does not connect well using the Blue Tooth option, and not certain if that's a headset device, a wireless, or computer/iphone problem, the only negative is that sound quality is very good, crisp, can hear highs, lows, bass, and treble I would give them 5 stars if they were always there.

👤Good sound quality doesn't make up for poor materials. I knew these were not headphones when I touched them. I am an Apple/iPad user, so I don't know how they perform on the other platform, but they don't report the battery strength to the other platform, and they can only connect to one device at a time. I was annoyed to find that the same model went for $58 on Amazon, but the seller didn't reveal the model number. The seller was very displeased with him.

👤Nice headphones. I can be rough on headphones. So far, so good.

👤The product I received is not the one in the photo, it is the one in the description. I'm very disappointed that it's not "Extra Bass Noise". The product can be found in another store for less.

👤There is no modelo anunciado. Menos funciones, incluyendo el extra bass, canciones, Muy decepcionado porque el modelo est disponible.

👤No tienes el producto. There is a Es ms pequeo, con menos caractersticas, tiene mltiples publicaciones a un precio mucho menor. There is a Decepn.

👤No tienes para nada lo compre, es un modelo.

👤Son cmodos y se escuchan, antes de lo establecido.

4. Sony WH 1000XM4 Canceling Headphones Ultra Portable

Sony WH 1000XM4 Canceling Headphones Ultra Portable

The Soundlink Around-Ear 2 wireless headphones have 2 replacement ear pads and 2 scrims in them. Your headphones are going to be completely refreshed. The bundle includes the Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Canceling Over-Ear Headphones (Black) and the Focus 10,000mAh Ultra-Portable LED Display Wireless battery bank. There is a device called ausb-c. In/out. The Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Canceling Over-Ear Headphones are the best noise cancelling headphones on the market. The noise-canceling headphones feature additional microphones that help to eliminate sound on the phone, resulting in improved call quality and the reduction of high and mid- frequencies. Edge-ai: Using Edge-ai is a next-level music with Sony Music Studios Tokyo. The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine upscales compressed digital music files in real-time. Individual elements of each song, such as vocals or interludes, can be recognized. It restores the high-range sound lost in compression for a richer, more complete listening experience. Whether you're focused on your work or flying around the globe, the WH-1000XM4 headphones are made to last all day and some. You can listen for up to 30 hours on a single charge. Is the battery low? 10 minutes of charge time gives you an amazing amount of time to watch. If you want to keep your headphones on, Speak-to-chat will let you use ambient sound so you can conduct a conversation. This smart feature uses a mic built into your headphones and advanced audio signal processing to recognize and respond to your voice. Your music starts playing again after your chat is over.

Brand: Sony

👤The bad: I found the MX3s slightly better, but the noise cancelling was great. The battery life with ANC was great. You can get calls while listening to your laptop or desktop with dual device Bluetooth. They use the app to change settings, and once you understand the touch controls, they are nice as well. Call quality is high. It is okay. If you want to talk in a low voice or in a room with a fan without the occasional "What?" from the other end, you won't be able to hear it. There are two things: PC connection and VOIP calls. The quality of the headset will be terrible if you use any of the above. Even modern laptops with the extra quality features disabled can have occasional audio drops. It is very disconcerting when it happens at a range of 2 feet. In order for a PC system to use the microphone, it has to be used with two input devices and one terrible one. This is a big problem for the MX4. I don't want to use the microphone on my system for this reason. The audio quality for other people is not good. I would have gone to Bose if I knew that the fidelity and clarity from the MX3s was still an issue. The product DEFECTS are listed. You can hear an audible popping in the right ear after hours of use. Users describe it as a waterfall in headsets. Sony passes it on as if it were on their website. The 1000MX4 is a defect of their product design. The last set I used of the MX3 had terrible noise issues and it was nauseating. This effect is only heard when ANC noise cancelling is enabled to its fullest, however, working ANC is the focus point of these 350 dollar headphones. There is a The effect of ANC is something I'm used to, but the 'waterfall' and 'popping' are not. The MX4 seems to have this effect in a magnitude and Frequency that is much less. 350 is the conclusion. No thanks, Sony. It might be worth 250 for all the issues. I would rather listen to noise in a good headphones. The laptop and desktop pairs of the MX series are not acceptable. I've had many ble enabled devices in the 100 dollar range work perfectly with dual device pairing, but the MX4 cannot deliver a well rounded device, but it can do good noise cancelling at the cost of doing it with some quality assurance in which two devices I've seen from Wouldn't you want a product that's perfect? I still use my MX4. I wasgrudgingly accepting the price I paid when I want to listen while plugged in after batteries die or when the 2 device ble connection reiteratively connects to your other device. The last point is my biggest complaint. The anc popping is usually hit or miss in my experience. I can't use the microphone since people can't hear me well and the occasional announcement that my audio is interrupted is very annoying. You can expect it to do it again and again. The devices are in front of me for a long time. It still happens despite the patch that came out saying it would improve.

5. Sony WH 1000XM4 Wireless Canceling Headphones

Sony WH 1000XM4 Wireless Canceling Headphones

noise canceling with dual noise sensor technology Next-level music with Edge-ai, co-developed with Sony Music Studios Tokyo. 10 min charge for 5 hours of video is included. Touch Sensor controls to pause/play/skip tracks, control volume, and answer phone calls. Speak-to-chat technology reduces the volume in conversations.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤It was damaged and dirty when it arrived. No thanks.

👤I preferred the Bose QC 35 II's bass with its sharper hitting drums and 3d image. The multipoint connection and buttons are more practical and less glitchy than the Sony's. I preferred the soundstage of the PXC 550 II to be more natural, clearer, and neutral. You are going to get the closest anc headset to an audiophile status. I haven't tried the momentum 3's, but I hear they are very bassy. If you want a lot of added bass in the app, the PXC has options. Not as strong as the Bose, but still strong. There is a The wh-1000xm4 was the worst in every category, it was muddy, narrow and hollow, and it sounded very digitized and metallic. I didn't like it at all and it felt very harsh to my ears. I can't believe the reviews for the Sony. I think Bose and Sennheiser have better sound. I don't have an LDAC device, so using one might change my mind. I tried to get aptx on the PXC550. It increases the sound quality for music. The extra app features include speak to chat. I found the 1000xm4 had a delay. It wouldn't allow me to set the timeout limit to less than 15 seconds. I found it annoying that when I used ambient mode on my tv, it would ask me to repair it, even if I didn't say anything. The sennheiser did not have that problem. The Sony would always switch to my phone for every sound. I had to turn off the phone sounds to stop it. If I got a phone call, the Bose automatically switched to my phone. Sometimes the headsets won't switch back to the other device if they switch to one device. The Bose is the only one that has a manual switch that will force a repairing without having to go into device options. There is a ANC is the only thing that Sony has over the other two. All 3 are very good and only a slight edge here. I thought the headset was tuning, but maybe it was the anc. All 3 are very comfortable and not a reason to choose one over the other.

👤I was able to get these headphones for a really good deal, I've been wanting them for a long time, and they sound perfect on my ears. The noise canceling is pretty good, I was not able to hear anyone else around me or the fan noise from the computers. The battery life lasts all day and even after that. I can't do earbuds and these are my favorite wireless headphones. I love these.

👤The headphones were in a sealed box. All of the original accessories and documentation were present. There were no flaws on the headphones. I would have thought it was brand new if it hadn't been renewed. There is a The headphones are cheaper than the Cowin. Set. They were fine. The sound is better with the Sony. The battery was fully charged in less than 3 hours. There is a There was no stuttering when using my phone and I only had an issue with using the headphones on my computer. I searched the internet and found that others had the same problem. I use a wireless mouse and keyboard and it seems to be related to the M4. If I use the computer and phone at the same time, this won't happen. Also can use a wired computer. There is a I think these headphones are great. Another solution to the stuttering problem is to change the "choose your input device" from "microphone" to "headset", this seems to help. The sound is still enjoyable.

6. Sony LinkBuds Wireless Earbud Headphones

Sony LinkBuds Wireless Earbud Headphones

The package has a dimensions of 4.445 L x 9.525 H x 8.89 W. The open-ring design allows you to hear calls, listen to music, play games, and hear other types of online content all at the same time. The phone calls and conversations are crystal clear. The V1 processor is integrated into the sound system. Up to 17 hours with the charging case and up to 5.5 hours with the battery. IPX4 is splash-proof and sweat-proof. It's a fit that stays all day. You can control audio with a tap in front of your ears.

Brand: Sony

👤Someone who has suffered his whole life with pain from wearing earbuds. If you are in the same boat, these are a must have. There is a I can not handle iems. If they go in the ear. My ears are so sensitive that any pressure can cause pain or swelling. I try not to wear ear styles that are too trendy. There is a The pressure from the sound isolation has never been comfortable to me. I feel like I am underwater. It is awful. There is a The release of the AirPods 3 caused a bit of a problem for me. They would fall out. The higher than average sound quality made me push through. I used the Live buds before the AirPods 3. They were great. I have used ver and it is most comfortable. There were no issues with comfort. Despite enjoying the ANC implementation, it focused on outside lower frequencies like hums and engines, instead of blocking all sound. I didn't like how quiet they were. The sound quality was great in a loud room but when I was working with heavy machinery it got hard to hear without cranking up the sound which caused a bit of distortion. The Linkbuds are from Sony. The things come with a medium wing tip, which caused some burning sensations from the pressure. I swapped them out for the small on both ears. It was a perfect fit. Perfect volume. It feels like you don't have anything in the ear. The buds were close to perfect. They did block sound when you were wearing them. The problem of the past is solved by the whole in these Linkbuds. There is a The auto speech detect works. I feel like I'm killing my battery by having it on. It is not yet known how long the batter will last. The app will show a percentage and then it will go down. I don't think it updates frequently, but it's weird. There is a The extra features like spatial audio are cool, but I use the iPad and those aren't well supported. Don't buy the buds if you want to use the features on the phone. There is a The spatial audio is similar to pro implementation. It works well with the supported apps. It seems highly unlikely that more will add the feature. I am assuming on the phone. It is a system wide effect that can beggled on or off. I would look for more information if I had an android. There is a The wide area tap makes these a must have. I register the proper gesture when I tap it. Every time! That is huge. I would always skip songs or be unable to accept calls because the tapping was so inaccurate with my Buds. I had physical pain when I used headphones and they suck ass. You don't use the headphones. You actually tap your temple. There is a side of your head. It works like a sci-fi movie. There is a If you don't use AirPods, most of these quirks are standard fare. Sometimes the screen will come on when I use the virtual assistant, so my thigh will cancel out commands. I don't use that much. I need an assistant to help me with math problems because I am too slow to do it on my own. It is something to be cautious about. There is a Most of the things you would ask her are like music selections, so she can't do much more than that. It is not an issue for me personally. The app to set these up is not very pleasant to use. The menus are confusing to know if features are turned on or not. Certain apps seem to be required to set up certain features, but not really. I was wondering how to use the spatial audio for movies in the soundscapes app for about five minutes before I realized the app was trying to tell me it was compatible with the buds. Make sure to assign menu and change left or right settings to use the features. The features will work after that. It is very confusing at first. The fit and comfort of these are obvious from the start, even though they might sound better with time. If you have sensitive ears, try the xs wingtips. The ones on the promotional material are the ones with the medium. There is a This is my first review on Amazon and I just had to let everyone know that we have been saved. The perfect earbud is here. You might feel let down by everyone else. They don't block outside sound and aren't as bass heavy as IEM's. These are not for people who don't want to hear anything. These are for everyone else.

7. Sony WH XB910N Cancelling Headphones Microphone

Sony WH XB910N Cancelling Headphones Microphone

There is a wireless connection with a PC, PS4 or laptop computer. It is possible to connect with a mobile phone, ipad, or other device that has a bluetooth function. The 3.5mm audio jack is not included in the xbox one controller. It is possible to cancel noise for intense music. Extra bass for a deep, powerful sound. Listen all day and charge in minutes. It's easier to use hands-free calling. You can switch between devices. You can control it at your fingertips. Your sound, just how you like it.

Brand: Sony

👤I think the sound quality is okay. I don't think the sound quality is a representation of what the music should sound like. My Cleer Enduro ANC headphones are $100 less in price and have a better audio experience. I found it to be muddy and boomy. If you like a thumping bass and don't care about accuracy or definition, you might like the sound of these headphones. There is a The app has more options than most. The setup was easy. It was either better or worse for noise reduction. The comfort was average. The headphones are a bit thick and clunky, but they are still comfortable. There is a Bose has a better battery life, but the knockout winner is the Cleer Enduro, which has 60 hours per charge. The Bose are the best. My Bose ear buds are very good. I was surprised by the sound cancellation on Bose earbuds, since they don't fit over the ear and are not the same way. Sony's sound cancellation is good. There is a They can get pretty loud and are on par with Bose in terms of sound volume, but not quality. If you really blast the music, the Cleer are a great value, but they don't get as loud as Bose or Sony. The build quality is okay. It's kind of plastic and inferior to Bose and Cleer. Controls seem well thought out and easy to use. I wouldn't discourage you from buying these headphones, and I wouldn't give them a ringing endorsement. Do they stink? No. Was I impressed? No. Which headphones would I reach for? The Bose ANC QC Ear Buds are the most likely ones. These are okay. Value is not great. I think a 3 star rating is correct.

👤The head phones are not blue tooth.

👤I love playing bass. I am a musician and live for bas. I can barely feel the bass, compared to everyone else who has done reviews on these. I don't know if I got a faulty product, but if I didn't I think she'd be priced at $100. The headphones aren't loud enough and the noise cancelation is terrible. I need noise cancelation when I commute. I can hear people talking 7 feet ahead of me. I'm just disappointed. I feel like these didn't live up to the hype. I was also excited for it. It's sad.

👤These headphones are very loud. These headphones are fantastic and any review knocking sound quality is a joke. You pair the headphones to an app, and there are different settings for each one. It's so easy to use, you can change the eq modes for different styles of music. It is amazing that it can connect to 2 devices at the same time. There was no audio lag with streaming video. They look great. I'm sensitive to this, most headphones put too much pressure, I've been able to wear these for hours without any pain. White noise is completely gone because of the noise cancelling. Do the 1000's look better? Yes. Is the noise cancelling better? Yes. Is there a few more features that don't matter? Yes. Is the cost difference worth it for the 1000s? No! Don't hesitate, these are the best headphones for your money.

8. Sony WI C310 Wireless Ear Headphones

Sony WI C310 Wireless Ear Headphones

There is wireless audio with technology. Up to 15 hours of battery life. 9mm driver units have a clear sound. Flexible and lightweight cables. It is possible to have a hands-free calling and voice assistant. The box has ausb type-c cable

Brand: Sony

👤The Sony wi-c300 headphones were introduced a little over a year ago. I wrote that they were a steal because of their comfort, sound and performance. They are not the best sounding headphones I own, but they are the most comfortable to wear, and I find myself using them frequently even a year later, and they still work great. I was excited to get these, as they improve things about the previous generation while maintaining all the other advantages. There is a These don't miss a beat. The battery life is better, the cord is better, and the sound quality is better, but they are just as comfortable as the previous generation. There is a Let's break it down. There is a The sound here is clear highs, agreeable mids, and limited bass. The highs are a bit more pronounced, and the instruments and vocals are better articulated. The sound is less congested on complex music than before. There's still a bit of smilness at higher sound levels. They are easy to listen to. The mids are better balanced in these than in many earphones, even if they cost more. The bass is the weak link. The bass region is fine, but limited bass is a deal-breaker for you, and these won't be your earphones. The bass may have improved over the previous generation, but it isn't huge. There is a The sound is pleasant and detailed. These are easy to listen to for a long time. Let's be clear, these are not headphones from an audio company. The ones that do offer an audiophile experience are very expensive. These headphones are great for listening to for a long time without having to rip them off. The earbuds are small and light, which is something I like. The earbuds fit inside the ear canal because there is a separate battery pack on the cable. These are more comfortable to use than most in- ear headphones. The package only has three sizes of earbud covers to choose from, but I find the mid-sized ones to fit just fine. These are extremely comfortable, but they won't stay in under stress because you don't get any clips to go in or around your ears. If you engage in any aggressive sports activity, these earbuds are not for you. There is a The battery is charged using a port. The previous generation used a more fragile micro-USB port. The package includes a standard cable that can plug into any compatible charging port. I like that much more than the proprietary chargers Jaybird uses. It means that I won't worry about losing the charger. I got over 13 hours on a full charge, which is terrific, and they take about 3 hours to fully charge, which is 1 more hour than the previous generation. There is a The ergonomics are good. The left and right buds are connected by a cord. The battery is in the one bulb, and the controls are in the second bulb. The buttons are double-duty depending on how long you hold them. You forget you're wearing earbuds when the weight of everything is light. The assymetry issue of the previous generation has been fixed by these headphones and the length of the cord connecting them has increased. I wear them with the cord in front of me because they are too short to be worn behind the neck. The cable is twice the length and can fit behind the neck with this new set of headphones. That's an improvement. There is a When a connection is formed, the buds announce power on. The performance of the device is excellent. It was a rare experience with inexpensive headphones that they were reliable and fast to use. They had a good connection across the entire floor of the house. I would say that the performance of the headphones was better than the ones I've used. The previous generation of headphones featured a version of the wireless technology called 4.2. The doubling of run time on a single charge should translate into more stable connections and better battery management. The research shows that the AirohaAB1522 v 4.2 chip in the WI-C300 has been updated by Sony to the Realtek RLT8763B v 5.0 chip in the WI-C310. The Jaybird X2 is my favorite mid-priced pair of headphones, and the Sony headphones are only marginally inferior in sound quality. The balance of highs and mids on these is better than the Jaybirds. The Jaybirds can deliver better bass when you seat them in your ears, and the highs are a bit nicer. These are a steal compared to the Jaybirds. The off brand earbuds that I have used are mostly horrible, but there are cheaper no name earbuds. The first set of headphones with a list price in this range is the WI-C300. The package includes a headset, three pairs of tips, and an instruction booklet. The standard USB charger will work even if there is not an included one. There is a In summary, the Pros are: excellent Bluetooth range, very comfortable in the ears, and a decent balance of highs and mids 13+ hours on a charge. The cord is behind the neck. The price is attractive. There are pros and cons. The bass was limited. During aggressive sports, no clips are allowed in your ears. There are differences between the previous WI-C300 and the current WI-C310. The version 4.2 of the WI-C300 is called the "Wii-C300". The connecting cord is 34" behind the neck. The WI-C300 has a 22" charge port. There is a The micro-USB is called the WI-C300. The sound quality is similar, but more congested on complex music.

9. Sony WH 1000XM4 Canceling Headphones Phone Call

Sony WH 1000XM4 Canceling Headphones Phone Call

The wires and sockets are of high quality. noise canceling with dual noise sensor technology Next-level music with Edge-ai, co-developed with Sony Music Studios Tokyo. 10 min charge for 5 hours of video is included. Touch Sensor controls allow you to pause play, control volume, and answer phone calls. Speak-to-chat technology reduces the volume in conversations. The call quality is superior. The Frequency Response is active. Frequency response is 20Hz - 20,000Hz (44.1kHz Sampling) / 20Hz - 40,000Hz (LDAC 96kHz Sampling, 990kbps). When headphones are removed, wearing detection pauses.

Brand: Sony

👤I have owned the Bose QC 35 series I for four years now, and just recently replaced the ear pads that deteriorated. After four years, there has to be some serious improvements in noise cancelling technology, and since the WH-1000XM3 model got so many good reviews, I figured these would be awesome. I pre-ordered them. I downloaded the app and used it to pair them to my phone after removing them from the box. I fiddled around with settings and listened to some music while it downloaded a firmware update. It was easy. There is a The sound is very good. The kick drum has a nice bright sound. I settled on a slightly different version of the Bright preset. There is a Things went downhill from there. After using the headphones for a while, the touch controls became very annoying and easy to make mistakes with. If you want to raise or lower the volume significantly, you have to adjust it in small amounts, which is very time consuming. You just push the buttons with the Bose QC 35. Simple. I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to pair the headphones with my laptop, reading the guide in the app and doing some web searching, thinking that it must be provided by one of the two dedicated buttons on the Bose QE 35s. Nope. It must be done with the app. Everything has to be done with the app except for the custom button and the power. The Bose has a power button that I have to press to go into pairing mode. Simple. There is a Since the sound of these produce is so good, you could probably put up with the smaller issues. The deal breaker for me was when I connected them with the included wire to the controller to enjoy some TV time after a long day. I watch movies and TV with my headphones on. I was horrified to hear a clearly audible hissing sound. I disconnected the cable and turned them off again. The hissing sound is still there. This sound is not produced by my Bose. It's really bad. There is a After listening to them for a while, I felt fatigued and had a slight headaches. I don't get the noise cancelling technology from my Bose even after listening to them all day. There is a I couldn't tell the difference between the noise cancelling of the Bose QC 35s and the ones I had. They sound the same to me. I'm sure you could tell the difference with laboratory equipment. The sound is great, and the noise cancelling is great, although I can't tell the difference from my Bose QC 35 Series I. There are a lot of annoyances in the touch controls, including the fact that the app is required to do everything, except turn them off and use the custom button, and the hissing on the wired connection to my Roku Ultra. There is a I will return them.

10. Sony WH CH710N Cancelling Headphones Assistant

Sony WH CH710N Cancelling Headphones Assistant

The Automatic Artificial Intelligence Noise Canceling function constantly analyzes environmental ambient sound components, and selects the most effective noise canceling filter for your surroundings. The technology of dual noise sensor. The WH- CH710N headphones catch more ambient sounds thanks to dual microphones feeding forward and backward. You will be able to get lost in whatever you're listening to if you try to block out city traffic or office chatter. You can control your listening experience in Ambient Sound Mode. You'll be able to listen to your music, while still hearing the essential everyday sounds that keep you safe, if you switch it on. You can listen to up to 35 hours of audio on a single charge with a built-in battery. You get 60 minutes of video from just 10 minutes of quick charging. USA manufacturer warranty is included.

Brand: Sony

👤The audio quality is pretty good, and active noise canceling is pretty decent, coming from a pair of first generation Surface Headphones. I've forgotten to charge them until they are down to 20%, because I'm having a couple of problems that make them useless while they are charging. The microphone connection is cut in and out at 20%, which makes them useless for meetings. You can switch to a wired connection, but I can't tell if the audio jack has a microphone or not, and if you try to charge while using the audio jack, there is a feedback buzz that occurs. I can switch to wired to listen to stuff while I'm working, but I can't have meetings until it's charged. I'm going to have to give this a low rating for work purposes because these work great when they have power.

👤I received these headphones about a week ago and have been using them every day since. I don't listen to music with a heavy bass, so I can't speak to that, but they fit comfortably, and have excellent sound quality, even through a woolley winter hat. All the nuances are clear with the sound of classical music. The headphones are easy to use and I don't have to turn them off when I'm on the phone. They're holding charge well. NoISE CANCELLATION: The noise cancelling was not complete, as expressed by some reviews. I'm finding that the noise cancelling is a benefit for walking on the street. I feel safer because the noise is much less than if it were all noise cancelling. I'm happy with the level of noise cancellation.

👤Sound is great, you can't hear anything from the outside. My biggest disappointment is that you have to charge them every time you turn them off. You have to watch TV. Go to the settings. It's still connected but not functioning. You have to connect every single time. I can't connect to the phone. My son is very tech savvy, but he could not do it. Our old fashioned ones were easier to use.

👤The on/off switch doesn't work.

👤These were bought for air travel. The headphones are not connected to the IPad. They switch to NC as soon as you stop the movie and can't switch back until you turn off and re- pair. I thought I had done enough research. Since Walkmans came out, I was disappointed in Sony.

👤My Husband received these as a gift. He had a few Sony headphones on his list. I bought these a little more expensive. He said they work well and are comfortable.

👤Light-weight headband. The sound quality is great. I had to order an additional cable.

👤Sony was nice when they told me to call. It pairs, but no app usage for the advertised adjustment.

👤berschrift vielleicht etwas reierisch klingt ist. Sony fr mich persnlich, das ist den "entscheidenden Schritt", die beispielsweise Ambient Sound Technologie beispielsweise. Fr. Ihn ihn, I am in the same boat as you, I am in the same place as you, I am in the same place as you, I am in the same place as you, I am in the same place as you, I am in the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 is verglichen. There is a Ich ist die "knackigen" Sound, die bei den Punkt da ist. Dabei ist es relativ egal, nun 50 Euro and 350 Euro kostet. "Kunststck" bekommen in 2020 bei weitem. Sowieso etwas subtiles. Ihren Erfahhrungsbericht ist immer, weil meine "Regelwidrig" von hinten. There is a Sounding des Sony noise cancelling products war es. The NC is an angelegenheit. 30mm treibern ist in Nutzung. 40mm Treiber flankieren aktuell den Markt. The segment is called hherpreisigen. Die. I bekannten NC. "Baden gegangen" ist es zum Konzept von 30 cm treiber. Einige. On Ear Modelle and DJ. Da ist es punkten. Sony hatte bereits Erfahrungen. Einsatz ist gut am Markt etabliert hat, knnen. Man ist hiesigen, wie man ist hier. Man gemeinhin "Linear" verstehen wrde in die Klangwiedergabe. The Sony WH-CH510 ist ja schlielich, beispielsweise "Multifunktioneller Kopfhrer", "Mobilsein" und "Klangwunder". Man sptestens, wende man den Kopfhrer in Volllast laufen. "Hpfen" die Bsse, "wiegen" und "wenden", die Hhen, ist "klirren". Man die Klangliche. The last was Maximum von ca. 80% - 85% of the man is instruement. There is a I was immer Abspiel meiner Lieblingssongs, so I was immer zum Tragen. Spa ist die primr von den mitten. Rock und Pop ist bei diesen Umstnden gut. Leider ist das bei Genrebergreifender. Jazz, Ska, and Orchestrale arrangements bleiben hier. "Druck" und "Klangflle" ist fr die berblick fr die berblick fr die berblick fr die berblick fr die berblick fr die Weiter ist weg und klanglich eben. Ihren Manko ist unbedingt, passt aber leider. Sony was bedeutet das eigentlich. There is a Kalottentreiber ist in ihrer Form Kuppelfrmig. It's beind. Man ist die Fernsehgucken, wende man ist eben das Telefon-Assistenten nutzen. Fr Menschen bringt das eben den Aspekt. There is a Ich wrde das Sony noise canceling device. Soundwiedergabe is a TV show. Filmen and Sportevents in den heimischen vier Wnden verwenden mchte. Die Kalottenbau punkten und die Strken vollfalten! There is a Noch ist das Telefoniefunktion. Wegt die SONY anstndige. Im direkten Vergleiche zum Bose Quiet Comfort II ist die Sony. The Gesprchspartner ist immer in the Gegenzug. Im Surface II Headphones ist die SONY beugen. NC Modus ist das elegant berleiten. The NC in "Kombo" macht bei dem Ambient Sound. Fast nahtlos ist die bergnge von Laut. Mikrofon ist in der klassischen Stile bei denen. Die. Ihren erreichte hierbei. I found a beachtlich finde. Motorengerusche, Straenlrm, etc. Herausgenommen ist gefiltert. Im "Netz" hngen hierbei. Probleme ist wie alles, die bei dem Wind. Im NC ist das erstmals grenzen. There is a The Sony is agiert der hybridkopfhren. The ANC received feedback. Zustndig fr die vereinfacht. Erfassung und Regulierung von Auengeruschen ist. There is a Fr das ANC. Im Preisklasse dennoch gute 4 Sterne vergeben! There is a Akku, Near Field Communication, and Bluetooth are all in SONY. Akku luft und luft are the same word. Im Gestern ist die ist. Ich ist die Tage am Stck, die wenigen Unterbrechungen und bin immer. The implementierte Bluetooth Standard 5.0 ist hierbei tatkrftig. Bei strungsfreiem Betrieb und groer Reichweite, bei BT 5 garantiert marginalen Klangverlust. Problemlos ist ebenfalls, bei dem zuletzt gert und rundet das "Rundumsorglos-Paket" bravours! The Tragekomfort des Kopfhrers is. There is a 15mm memory-schaum in the Lauschern. "eng" and "unangenehm" aret straffs von der Seitenandruck. Wrmentwicklung bleibt. The System mglich ist. Menschen die groen bei der Kopfhrer. It is a pity that it is a pity that it is a pity that it is a pity that it is a pity that it is a pity that it is a pity that it is a pity that it is a pity that it is a pity that it is a pity that it is a Ich ist das EU-Durchschnittsmurmel. Hals sitzen und bin was die seitliche Lngenauslegung. Wer die Kappe trgt, hier was "anwinkeln" des Kopfbandes. The Sony noise cancelling device is called the WH- CH710N. "Plastikbomber" ist der SONY. The name of the band is Kunststoffkopfband. "portablen Begleiter" ist das ok und macht von der Verarbeitung. Er ist dennoch. Gehuse verzeiht fettige Finger und der. Bedienkomfort ist! Handling und zielsichere Bedienung are inklusive. Is it possible to persnlich gut? The Lieferumfang. In Windeseile, "durchgeprescht", is where we are. Theusb-kabel ist bei der Klinkenkabel, so beitlerer Gte. The Transportcase is a thing. Man hier vergebens. There is a Man darf bei dem SONY, wie bereits erlutert, ist. Einsatz dieser fr den mobilen. Im Flugzeug ist das Bahn und Bro. Ich persnlich fr 40mm treiber entschieden. Im Gesamtpaket passt der meiner Meinung. Die Akkulaufzeit, derBT Betrieb, die Verarbeitung und die Homogene Klangwiedergabe im "etwas" reduzierten. "Aufrecht" aus der Arena ziehen. Man ist vertretbar, weil man das Konkur bei 20 Euro 30 Euro runtergehen. Anbieter die hier ist beispielsweise. There is a Ich ist es, bei der scheidungs findung weiterhelfen! Letztlich gilt sowieso immer. Rock On!

11. Sony WH 1000XM4 Wireless Canceling Headphones

Sony WH 1000XM4 Wireless Canceling Headphones

It's possible to pair with voice prompts for hassle-free wireless connections. DSEE Extreme is a project co-developed with Sony Music Studios Tokyo. The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine upscales compressed digital music files in real-time. It restores the high-range sound lost in compression for a richer, more complete listening experience by recognizing the instrumentation, musical genres, and individual elements of each song. The WH-1000XM4 portable headphones have advanced noise canceling. The features of Unique Atmospheric Pressure and Personal Noise Cancelation Optimizer can be used to improve its performance. The headphones are made to last all day and then some, whether you are focused on your work or flying around the globe. You can listen for up to 30 hours on a single charge. Is the battery low? 10 minutes of fast charge time will give you up to 5 hours of viewing. The touch sensor can be used to change the track, turn the volume up or down, or make calls.

Brand: Sony

👤The bundle I purchased was supposed to include the Sony WI-SP500 in-Ear Sports Wireless Headphones (Black), but instead it was the Sony WI-C310 earbuds. There is a The fact that the bundle came with an extra item is a bonus in itself, but I was not given a choice in the decision. There is a I am impressed with the headphones.

👤I needed to block out the sound of our new neighbors so I bought these headphones. My workspace is next to their sitting area. Our new neighbors open their windows and enjoy sitting and talking outside while using their outside voice, even though the previous neighbors barely made any noise. They have more power. There is a The headphones work well. It cuts down the noise when used on their own. Music works well when the user plays it. There is a volume where the noise is cut off completely behind the music being played. I played a white noise track in the background. There is a The bass response was good. The stereo sound is nice. In line of sight, it works well. The cable could be longer. The length of the charging cable is a joke. It was too short. I have only had them for a short time, but I would buy them again now that I have tried them.

👤The WH-1000XM3 has a great noise cancellation. When you take headphones off, there is an auto stop feature. I tested the earbuds and they sound great.

👤After 3 months, stopped working. Won't charge. Sony replaced them for me. These headphones are the most important things in my life.

👤Passive earbuds are more impressive than active noise cancelling. It will be a nuisance if the noise cancels off. There is a They are sweaty to wear. That is not comfortable. There is a The headphones are not powered up. The bass is muddy at loud volume. Heavy bass does not sound right. These headphones are expensive. They don't live up to the hype. Buying a car that tops out at 85mph is what I like about it. The performance is not there. Absolutely complete disappointment. There is a I'm more impressed with the ear buds. There is an update:. The more I use them, the worse they are. Sound 3 out of 10. I wasted my money.

👤The bass is clear and high pitch is excellent. It is comfortable to wear. Good EQ to adjust. There is a When you turn on all of the features, the battery is not good enough. Two device switches sometimes don't work, compared to the AirPods Pro.

👤Muy buenos aunq, se lo comi.

👤I have an allergy to the Sony headphones over my ears. I can feel a burning sensation in my ears after wearing them. It seems like the material they use to make over the ear cushion is not suitable for my skin. I have not had a similar problem with other over the ear headphones. I can't use sound quality and noise cancellation.


What is the best product for headphone wireless sony?

Headphone wireless sony products from Sony. In this article about headphone wireless sony you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone wireless sony.

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