Best Headphone Wrap for Kids

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1. Joysico Headphones Earphones Exercise Microphone

Joysico Headphones Earphones Exercise Microphone

Z2 wireless sport headphones have a built-in mic and Vc 6.0 technology for calls. Easy button controls, like ANC and voice assistants, allow for complete freedom of movement and focus on exercising. Work and workout hands-free with the Z2 wireless headphones. It's convenient and snug for kids. Women wear small clothes. These earbuds are light. The ear buds are comfortable to hold in the ears. You don't have to jam the in ear part into the ear canal. They are smaller than normal earbuds. They are suitable for people who can't keep regular earbuds in or have small ears, like girls and women. The Wrap aound ear design keeps earbuds from slipping out while working out. The earhook wire is thin and soft. You can't feel them even with glasses on. Ear buds are kept around ears from missing when not in use with the ear hook. There is a clip to keep cable from moving. The sound and smell are fascinating. The sound of the earbuds is loud and clear. There is no distortion under high volume and strong bass that drives you in sports. Work well for music, audio books, and radio. The in- ear design blocks out noise. These running earbuds have extra foam tips to achieve better sound quality and noise isolation. Clear phone call conversations are ensured by the in-line mic, which sits just below the jaw and picks up your voice while isolating background noise. You can answer/end calls, pause/play/skip tracks, activeate voice (siri) command, control volume with the remote buttons. There are stucco ears with durable corrugated. The cord of the sport headphones is thicker than the typical ear bud headphones, which makes them more durable for sweaty exercise. The plug is gold plated and compatible with the following devices: iPad, iPod touch, Macbook, tablets, mp3 player, laptop, computer, Chromebooks, and more.

Brand: Joysico

👤It's difficult to find headphones that fit my ears. When the sales blurb says they are small, it's usually for small men, which is different from what I need. My daughter, who is half Asian and has tiny ears, found these after buying and returning others that were too large, and so I bought some. The wires are encased in something that's still flexible, which is an unexpected bonus. If they die unexpectedly, I will change my review, but right now I am very pleased.

👤I bought these for my 6th graders ears so he could use them for school. The over the ear helps them stay in place. He likes the color. The sound quality is very good. I can tell they are good quality, especially for the price. If you are looking for a set of ear buds that will fit small ears, these are the ones for you. These would be great for running and outdoor activities as they stay in place. It took a while to get used to the controls, but they work well. People looking for a nice set of headphones at a lower price point. I would purchase these again. The over the ear function is something I like. I like the price for my kids. I don't like spending a lot of money on ear buds because we go through a lot of them in our house. These work are good quality for the money.

👤The smallest set of earbuds fit my ears well. I work out at the gym and wear them. I was a bit awkward to put on because the over-the-ear style is not common with Apple products. The volume control is easy to use. Most earbuds are too loud for me. The sound is good at low volume and I never raised it high enough to check the high end. There was only one set of earbuds that was the smallest size. C'est la vie. For "That's life" more or less.

👤The sound quality is great. I wanted to use these to run with, and I have tiny ears. I use for everything but they fall out when I move too much. The smallest setting is important to me. I am probably an outlier because others with small ears use these. They are nice for listening to music, talking on the phone and watching movies. It wasn't what I hoped for. I might need to buy kids earphones.

👤I just need good sound quality on the PC and clear 2-way audio on phone calls that are longer than 12 hours. There is a I've bought a lot of cheap and expensive ear hook headsets for the last 20 years. I have a lot of headbands and buds. These are the original set of Sony headphones that hooked me on ear hooks, they are easy to put on, stay in your ears, and are comfortable even when lying in bed. I have a problem with BlueTooth because I use multiple devices all day long and it's not practical to always pair it with a phone or a computer. My car's sound system is as good or better than most headsets. I want to switch over to the car when I leave, or just pull the plug on the headset. I'll buy them if anyone can recommend a better pair. I have several of these and recommend them to friends. There is a I am a big guy so don't worry, I fit big guys with the included ear caps. Just find it.

2. QearFun Earbuds Headphones Microphone Earphones

QearFun Earbuds Headphones Microphone Earphones

It is a perfect gift for your little one if you want to give them a gift that is safe. It's great for school work, travel or home. They are certain that your child will be happy with them. The QFun earphones for kids are eye-catching and available in 6 candy colors. It's perfect for donut lovers and kids with a sweet tooth. 2 in 1 combo One funtional earbuds and one cute donut storage case are included in the earbuds for kids with tangle-free flat cord. 2 The In 1 combo set helps your child keep their earbuds in a stylish way. The adorable candy donut earphones for girls and boys with microphone are capable of crisp, clear sound and bumping bass which make for a complete surround sound experience. It's suitable for kids on-line learning, listing to music, watching movies, playing games and chatting with their friends. Soft ear gels can stay in your ear even when you are running, hiking or jogging, and this earbud and in- ear headphones are equipped with a ergonomics design that makes them comfortable to wear. All QearFun products can be returned with no arguments and are sold with a 30-day, Full-Money- Back Warranty. They offer World Class Customer Service to make your purchase.

Brand: Qearfun

👤This purchase was disappointing to me. The earbuds are the same size as my adult ones. I bought them because I wanted them to be a little smaller. The sound canal is the same size as my smallest ear bud, and the ear bud attachment is a little bigger. Only one set of original bud sizes was included in this set. The sound canal makes it hard for me to take my buds and replace them. I was disappointed.

👤My kids like them, but I thought they rolled back into the doughnuts on their own. That is probably my own stupidity.

👤Not what I expected. I thought they would roll back into the doughnuts. The case is only used for storage. It has a hole so small that a small string will fit in it to attach to a back pack. A key will not be used. There is a It says it is for kids. My 7 year old is too big for them. They won't stay in her ear. There is a My kids will not be able to open the doughnuts. I will do it for them or it will be thrown away. There is a It is a terrible design. It will end up in a landfill. I didn't read reviews before purchasing.

👤I searched for earbuds for little kids and found one. These aren't at all child sized. They wouldn't fit in her ears. Cute ear buds and case, but useless for a small child.

👤The container is cute, but children will not be able to get the ear buds and wire back into the container with out much complaining, crying, and adult intervention. The adults will cry and curse while trying to get the ear buds back in. It was not worth it.

👤They are cute and that is where it ends. Poor quality. My daughter says that sound quality is not good. It's difficult to get back into the case. Too large for children's ears. Disappointed for mom and child. We are looking for a new pair after a week.

👤I expected the case to be more convenient, but it's not, it's hard to open and close. The buds were too large for me and I expected them to be smaller. The design is cute, but the details didn't work.

👤I thought the donut was supposed to keep the cord neat, but it doesn't do that very well. We threw the donut part away because we were so angry that we didn't want to buy this product. The earbuds work well. I could have bought those and saved the money, and not bothered with the donut.

👤The quality was very poor and it broke after one use. Total waste of money.

3. Bluetooth Headphones Otium Waterproof Earphones

Bluetooth Headphones Otium Waterproof Earphones

There is a lifetime warranty for quality issues. They're confident in their design and quality and their goal is to improve office efficiency with gamital fitting. The store provides 7 hours. There is a local technical support and satisfaction guarantee. Buy it. Enjoy a high-quality product. 100% protects Sport headphones from sweat with the IPX7 waterproof headphones. It's great for running, jogging, hiking, yoga, exercises and traveling. Superb Sound QualityBluetooth 5.1 brings you stereo sound quality and superb bass sound. High and low volume. The best wireless earbuds have a richer sound. Voice notification of incoming calls with built-in mic. Up to 10 hours playing music and 10 hours playing music with improved battery. 1.5 hours quick charge with light indication. The battery status of the Headphone will be displayed on the phone screen. Four different sizes of eartips (XS, S, M, L), one optional wire clip and soft Silicon earhooks ensure comfortable and secure wear in even most intense workout. A carrying case is needed. Skip/play/Pause on your music tracks, as well as all phone use, can be done without reaching your phone.

Brand: Otium

👤I've been in the electronics retail industry for years and have seen many headphones come and go. If you want decent sound quality, noise cancellation and fit to ears, you need to spend a lot of money. Bose and Beats are out of reach for many. I was looking for a cheap one. I went for Otium after comparing various brands. I fell in love with them right away. I gave a pair to my girlfriend and brother and they both love them. There is a The pros are 1. I received them within 48 hours, I am a prime member. Amazon took great care while packing. Otium gave a nice box. It keeps the headphones untangled. 2. It took me less than 2 minutes to connect to my phone. 3. TheSilicon ear hook fit perfectly in my ears and was significantly more comfortable than other headphones of the same price range. I have worked out with them for 3 weeks with my glasses on, and they haven't fallen off. 4. They come with two sets of ear padding, so that you can find the best fit for your ear size. 5. It's biggest selling point is noise cancellation. It exceeded my expectations. 6. The battery life is good. I work out 4 days a week for an hour and one-time full charge is enough to get me through the week. The cons are 1. The headphones die within 10 minutes of the first warning of a low battery. An early warning or an improvement on battery would help. 2. I am not sure about the water proof rating. There aren't any hyphens in a genuine IP code. IPX-8 is an invalid code. The product description states that it prevents ordinary splashing water and rain. The product has been tested up to a depth of 1m under IPX7. They are a good deal for your money. If you want the sound quality to be similar to Beat, you should go for them. If you don't plan to swim, then go for them.

👤These are one of the worst purchases I have ever made. I use my phone and headphones a lot. I like to listen to audio books or music while I sleep. This is usually done with headphones that are compatible with the internet. I have used different headphones before. Some headphones have a light on them. I didn't know that these headphones have a giant strobe light that could be used to find people lost at sea. I realized my room was being lit up with a bright blue flashing light when I tried to use my headphones. I tried to cover the bat signal light shooting from the headphones with electrical tape. The headphones that start calling places from your contacts list are also bad. I wake up when I fall asleep if I have the headphones on. The phone will be on my nightstand but when the button on the side of the headphones is clicked it will dial numbers on your phone. I have not had the headphones for 3 weeks and this has happened twice already. I woke up at 5 am last night and called the store for 8 minutes. I am looking for another pair of headphones because they are terrible.

4. Headphones Microphone Noot Products K12

Headphones Microphone Noot Products K12

Plug in is easy for a kid. All devices that have a 3.5mm audio port are compatible. You will need a 3.5mm jack to use the Apple phones 7 and above. Not a type of headphones. It is easy to reach customer service. Designed for kids ages 3 to 16 years old, little or older kids, girls, boys, children, toddlers, home/online school, training, long plane or car rides. The headphones have a semi-gloss finish on the soft cushions. The headband can be adjusted to fit most head sizes. The headphones are small and convenient for easy storage. The nylon braided cable is 5 feet long. There is a microphone, multi-functional button, and an adjustment for volume limit. You can easily change the volume limit from 85dB to 94dB by using the multi-functional button. It's compatible with most phones, tablets, computers, laptops, and 3.5mm audiojack devices for an easy plug in and kid friendly. You will need a 3.5mm jack to use the Apple phones 7 and above.

Brand: Noot Products

👤Due to the virtual school taking place, I purchased two sets of head phone. One is needed for home use and the other for school. This set was my favorite and the other was fine as well. These headphones are the best I have ever purchased for my kids. I bought two different ones because I was concerned that one may not work as I had hoped. There is a My son has a small head. I was worried that they wouldn't be able to adjust to his size. They did. They fit my husband's head as well. The sound is perfect for his ears. I like this. The quality of the cording was a bonus for me. It is wrapped in threading and cords for a more durable look. I think my money was well spent for the quality of the product. It would be a good idea. Hope this helps someone.

👤When I received the headphones, they didn't have a microphone with a volume limit. Very disappointing.

👤We bought a pair for our kids. They have worked great and have lasted. I was surprised by how inexpensive they are, but I am happy with them and the kids like them. The cord is long and the kids can put it on. We will buy another set if these finally give up on us and we were happy with the purchase.

👤My son's first set of headphones died and we needed another, higher quality set for him to take a flight for the first time, to watch a tablet and listen to music. He's only 6 years old, so we didn't want to break the bank on a set. There is a He said they were comfortable and had a good audio quality. They seem to be able to hold up.

👤These are great. I bought two pairs of these in different colors for my boys to wear when traveling over the summer as their previous pairs didn't last very long and needed to be replaced. I was initially concerned about fit as they have giant heads for small boys, and the older one has sensory issues, and often has meltdowns if something doesn't fit just right. These were perfect! The quality is better than I have ever bought before. It's easy to wear, no headaches, and they can hear their teachers loud and clear even when other kids are having trouble. My daughter tried to sneak her brother's head phones to school this week because she likes how they help block out noisy distraction compared to her favorite earbuds, so I ordered her a pair and two more pairs for the boys so they don't have them. The girl will likely order a second pair in the near future, as we will see how often she remembers to transport hers.

👤I bought them for my kids. They are comfortable. They have been using them for 4 months and still work perfectly, unlike a lot of their classmates who had to have theirs replaced already. I bought them both for Christmas so I could travel with them.

5. Headphones Princess Adjustable Tangle Free Children

Headphones Princess Adjustable Tangle Free Children

Skip/play/Pause on your music tracks, as well as all phone use, can be done without reaching your phone. Safety first kid friendly headphones feature built-in volume limiting parental controls. The back of the packaging has more information about the safe listening experience for the users of easy listening earphones. Children's headphones are compatible with all devices with a 3.5mm aux port. High quality stereo sound quality is important for your child to enjoy and not harm their hearing. The Cushions and headbands can be pivoted and adjusted for a custom fit. It is a perfect gift for your little one if you want to give them a gift that is safe. It's great for school work, travel or home. They are certain that your child will be happy with them.

Brand: Ekids

👤My daughter was a big fan of these. They are great for kids because of the noise cancellation and volume control. They do not last. These earphones were purchased 4 times. We purchased it four times because my daughter was crying about wanting the same pair. We gave up. Unfortunately, they do not last.

👤My 3 year old would wear ear phones. I bought these in hopes my daughter would like them and keep them on the plane. It worked. She loved that it was pink, had a crown like a princess, and she had princesses on her ear phones. Win!

👤My daughter is going to school. They were put on to try them out. The sound is very quiet. It's still pretty quiet even with the volume up. The sound quality is not good. The headphones are cute, but flimsy and cheap, and I hope they hold up for the school year, but my daughter likes them and she looks cute wearing them.

👤It's sad. I bought two pairs in a month. One pair was lost. There was a second one that was ripped from the cord. I don't know what happened. My kid doesn't know how to take her things, so I am pretty sure they are good headphones. The headphones are cute and will make any princess happy. My child is not getting a third pair.

👤We have the other ones. My 3 year old is very comfortable with the volume control. My only complaint is that I have to adjust them to the smallest they can be to fit my daughter's head, which is fine, however they loosen back to being too big so they fall off her head every now and then.

👤The material is very low quality. The first time it was used, crown came off. My daughter is pushing it back up because it is falling. The clips don't hold the crown tight. I kept it off. The idea was to have princess headphones for her to wear. I was very disappointed in the purchase.

👤My daughter likes these. The crown on top is starting to become loose and one of the ear pieces doesn't work. I thought we didn't have the volume up so she wouldn't hear it. The left one had no sound coming out of it. We got them a month ago for her birthday. They are very comfortable around the ears.

👤My child loves them. They sit on her head. The ear padding is comfortable. The cord is long enough to attach the device and have enough space, but not too long.

👤My daughter lost her last ones. It is Disney princesses. She thinks she is a princess because of the crown. The sound quality is good and they are comfortable to wear. That is good enough for me.

👤Really pleased. It looks nice and does what it needs to. Good adjustments for head height.

👤My 4 years old was over the moon when he received these today. They are soft to touch. Definitely recommend. Very fast delivery.

6. Avantree Resistant Microphone Comfortable Headphones

Avantree Resistant Microphone Comfortable Headphones

All QearFun products can be returned with no arguments and are sold with a 30-day, Full-Money- Back Warranty. They offer World Class Customer Service to make your purchase. The IPX5 Sweatproof Sports Earbuds are specifically designed for sports with a splash-proof IPX5 construction, allowing you to engage in all your favorite activities. sweat or rain can cause damage. Secure Fit while working out. While working out, the flexible over-the- earhook and in- ear design guarantees a secure fit, no matter how intense your workout is. Use the cable clasp to keep the earbuds in place while running or jogging. Enjoy their signature sound with an emphasis on mids and highs for greater clarity. It's suitable for long periods of use without hearing fatigue. 3 sizes of earbud tips ensure optimal audio seal for better bass response, improved noise isolation, and a comfortable fit. Control your music and take calls with the inline remote. You need phone support to play, pause, and answer your calls. If volume control is needed, please choose the Avantree E171. It works with any device with a 3.5mm jack. Use with any device with a 3.5mm audio jack. Simple and easy to use.

Brand: Avantree

👤earbuds will not stay put because I have tiny ear canals. This is the first pair I have ever had that stay in. The shape is in the ear. The part that goes into your ear is the same as the ear canal. The wires are not made with plastic that can hurt over time. I wish it came with a smaller rubber cover option, but I'm not sure anyone makes that. If you are moving, there is a clip to keep the cord from flopping. The sound quality is good. You can still hear some things, but they block out a lot.

👤I needed the earbuds to pair with my trainer's radio system so that I could hear her instructions no matter where I am. The motion of a trotting horse and fitting my small ear canals are two challenges. These earbuds fit my ears and were comfortable. They had to be bounced out of my ear while I sat my horse's big trot. These stayed in my ear, to my relief. The microphone allowed my trainer to hear me as well. Success!

👤I have a hard time finding ear buds that don't hurt my ears, and these are comfortable for me. I have been told that I sound muffled when I use them for a phone conversation or a meeting. I bought these for virtual teaching, so I am disappointed. If you want a comfortable pair of headphones for listening to music and don't care about the mic, these are the ones for you.

👤So far, so good. It was very comfortable, good sound and fit. You can find your fit with multiple different ear insert sizes. They wrap the top of the ear so they don't fall out. I highly recommend.

👤The avantree brand has a great sound quality. I have small ears canals so I buy hook style buds to help them stay in my ear. The hook isn't strong enough to keep it from looping around my ears. I have to use a clip below my chin to keep the loops in my ear canal. I won't buy this style again but I will still buy avantree for the great sound and price.

👤I used these earbuds almost everyday since I bought them. One of the earbuds doesn't work here. The sound quality was ok, but not a month of regular use. Presumably from me sweating? If you plan on using this product, you should not buy it.

👤These headphones are of good quality. I have small ears and they work with the smallest ear bud pieces. I could still use less. I don't think they would be comfortable for long periods of time, but they are fine for what I use them for. The wires are thick, so I think I will get more life out of them than my last pair. I would recommend the price.

👤The sound is good. I listen to audio books as I walk to work. Loud traffic drowns them. I'm glad that it's not noise cancelling. I like to know what's happening around me. Can talk to someone with these. For the cost, I am very pleased. Have abused them for 4 months. They are still working. A good starter set.

7. Masks Gecko Kids Headphones CozyPhones

Masks Gecko Kids Headphones CozyPhones

It works with any device with a 3.5mm jack. Use with any device with a 3.5mm audio jack. Simple and easy to use. Time to be a hero! PJ masks must be used to protect the people. The team has a headband in the style of a hero. Children's head phones: convenient. Girls and boys of any age can use headband earphones because they are a great alternative to earbuds. The headband is easy to wear and compatible with most devices. Volume limited for hearing protection. The headband is soft and can be washed. The speakers are limited to 90 decibels. bulky headphones that don't fit really do not fit. Children's phones for school and travel. The headband stays in place and won't interfere with the car seat or airplane seats, which will allow your child to sleep comfortably while traveling. Can be used as a sleep mask. The braided cord is made to last and will not break under normal use. A 3.5mm stereo plug is compatible with most devices.

Brand: Cozyphones

👤My daughter uses her Amazon kids Fire every night while I watch TV, and these are great. I told her to turn it down because I can't hear the TV. These headphones have solved the problem, I thought I would try them. We can lay next to each other because she loves them. Someone's viewing experience. The cable is like a stranded rope cord. She likes to grab the cord and spin it around. They have never stopped working. The only downside is that the two round disc speakers can be removed and slid in and out of the headband. I put them where they should be for her ear placement and then put a couple of stiches behind them with a needle and thread to keep them in place. It took about 5 minutes, but now they are perfect and the speakers are always aligned. My daughter is 5 years old and has a small head. I don't have to worry about it affecting her hearing because they are not too loud. These headphones are very good.

👤Kiddo likes these! They're so nice in the car, heading to bed with a little music, or just hanging out. Sometimes he will put on the mask and forget. He likes that it was not feminine, since that happens with cats. He's not a dog person. I want kitty stuff for dudes.

👤He hates the cord and this would have been perfect.

👤I got this for my granddaughter and it's easier to use than a regular headset.

👤It's perfect for littles. Our children love them.

👤Plug them in ready to go, no need to worry about volume. We'll be watching a 4 year old.

👤It is very cute. My grandson loved them.

8. Snuggly Rascals Kids Headphones Comfortable

Snuggly Rascals Kids Headphones Comfortable

Children's headphones for tablets and smartphones are perfect for kids because of the size and fit. These super-comfy headphones are not easy to break and are not bulky enough for kids. They are aware that customers have children of younger ages using the headphones, so they are suitable for children age 3 plus. The headband can be popped into the washing machine, so sticky fingers will never be an issue, as the speakers can be removed. There is a two year warranty on the No.1 Kids Tablet. For long car or plane journeys and for singing along to their favourite tunes, the volume limiting headband headphones are perfect. Perfect headphones for all kids. If you experience any problems with your product during the first 24 months, just contact them and they will send replacement parts or exchange for a new one in 24 hours. The earphones for tablets and smartphones are made with a high quality, super soft fleece and ultra-flat speakers. Children with a built-in volume limiter can use the headphones with the extra-comfort. All headphones and parts are covered by a 2-year no quibble guarantee, if you contact them through their website, they'll send a replacement within 24 hours.

Brand: Snuggly Rascals

👤The only type of headphones my 15 months old does not immediately take off is this one. The noise cancellation is good, the fabric is comfortable, and there is a volume control.

👤My toddler refuses to wear headphones and we are taking her on a plane. I wanted an alternative so she could listen to her music on the plane to keep her calm. She likes the low volume. I think it is perfect, it does get loud, but the sound quality is good.

👤I took my 15 month old on a 9 hour flight and these headphones were great for her. The speakers can be moved to where their ears are inside the band and it looks cute. The sound stayed on her head.

👤My young man loves them, just what was needed for a quiet life.

👤Im Zufall ist bin, weil 2 bestellt. Beide lieben die Kopfhrer, den man bequem. I am Autositz hren. Es ist berzeugt und der Preis ist ja.

👤I bought three for my kids and one for my wife. We have had the speaker for less than three months. The others work well. There is a We are leaving Germany on Friday so I can't return them.

9. Contixo Headphones Earphones Limiting Character

Contixo Headphones Earphones Limiting Character

This is the perfect gift for your little one. The Contixo H1 soft fleece kids headphones are fun for kids of all ages and fit up to 19 inches head circumference. The kids earphones can double as a sleeping, sleep mask for young kids, infants, toddlers, boys, and girls, and are suitable for cold, Fall and Winter weather. The elastic material headband with VELCRO is adjusted. The soft fleece material head band comes with a strap that can be adjusted to fit different head sizes. The headphones are designed to fit kids with head sizes up to 19 inches, but please keep in mind that they are only suitable for kids with head sizes up to 19 inches. It's easy to keep the soft fleece headphones in place and also easy to remove, thanks to the Velcro strap. It is comfortable to wear. The Contixo H1 kids soft fleece headphones, earphones, earbuds are child and kid friendly. The 85dB volume limit control makes them childsafe. It is strongly not recommended for kids, infants, or toddlers to wear headphones, earphones, or earbuds for long periods of time. Allow kids to use at their own discretion. There are 10 designer headphones to choose from, and they are 3D animal caricatures that kids and children will love. Their animal character designs include crab, dinosaur, puppy dog, elephant, fox, owl, panda, bunny rabbit, shark, and unicorn. During December, Christmas, and the Holiday sale, you can buy Kids Soft Fleece headphones. Customers are free to return the product to them within 30 days if they are unhappy with it. You can contact them via phone or email if you have any issues with your order. They can be reached between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Brand: Contixo

👤Kids are sensitive to things in their ears. My son chewed on the wires within a couple of weeks.

👤My child has microcephaly and it is hard to find headgear. Thanks to the Velcro, these fit her just fine.

👤My grandson wears these when he sits on the Abu Rocking Chair with me, his juice, his toy of the day and his tablet. We think he sweats from wearing them. There is a The wires that connect to the switch were loose. There is a We were able to just drop off the faulty one at the store with the help of the vendor, since the replacement one was sent in a timely manner. Abu gets to watch TV without interruption for all of 5 minutes.

👤This is great. I got this for my child. He could have headphones. It's pretty secure once it's on. He likes it. He loves the dinosaur look and it's soft and comfortable. Adjusting where the speakers go is a challenge.

👤I bought 3 of these for my kids to listen to. They are great for laying down and using the car. One side stops working after 1-2 months. I have tried to get in touch with the seller, but I can't get a response. A wonderful idea and cute product, but very disappointing.

👤Parents, please don't take a chance on buying these. You will never get your time back if you return it. The headphone wire crumbled into small pieces when I opened the package. You should believe the negative reviews. It doesn't matter how delicate you are. I am sorry but you won't get lucky and get a good pair.

👤I wanted to like these because they are very small. Even though the volume was turned all the way up, my daughter had a hard time hearing her show. They broke after using them.

👤This was taken out of the package and never used. The volume control was ruined when I put them on my 6 year old. I was disappointed that I had bought them for the trip.

👤These look adorable, but the actual parts of the headphones are easy to pull out, which can cause damage to the cords. If the earphones are tugged on or to the child if not careful, the cords can be dangerous to the earphones themselves. There is a My girls like the sound quality. I am looking at other ways to deal with the long cords to avoid injury.

👤I ordered these for my 17 month old to wear on our flight to Mexico. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the headphones can be pulled further out if the childs head is too small. The patch at the back is large enough to hold it's shape for a long time. My bubs allowed me to put it on him and he never tried to take it off. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤The speakers can be moved inside the head band to fit different heads. I have to adjust it for my son because it slips down. Looks cute.

10. CozyPhones Headphones Ultra Thin Speakers Headband

CozyPhones Headphones Ultra Thin Speakers Headband

There are headband headphones for kids. Kids will love the characters and colors and won't have a problem with earbuds that fall out of place. They can be used as a sleep mask. Children's head phones: convenient. Girls and boys of any age can use headband earphones because they are a great alternative to earbuds. The headband is easy to wear and compatible with most devices. Volume limited for hearing protection. The headband is soft and can be washed. The speakers are limited to 90 decibels. bulky headphones that don't fit really fit, and earbuds that don't stick in the ear. Children's phones for school and travel. The headband stays in place and won't interfere with the car seat or airplane seats, which will allow your child to sleep comfortably while traveling. The braided cord is made to last and will not break under normal use. A 3.5mm stereo plug is compatible with most cell phones, tablets, laptops and other devices. There are headband headphones for kids. Kids will love the characters and colors and won't have a problem with earbuds that fall out of place. They can be used as a sleep mask.

Brand: Cozyphones

👤Our 17 month old was on the flight. He hates hats but loves movies. These were lifesavers. He didn't move after he realized the headband let him hear. Gave us at least 6 hours of peace. If you are flying with a toddler, you need to have this. We received a lot of praise. Don't fly without these!

👤I have 3 kids and I'm not sure if I want good headphones. This is probably the 3rd or 4th type I've tried. When my older two were using headphones and my daughter got her ears pierced, we were doing ok with the plastic head band type, but when I started trying to get my 3 yo to wear headphones, I went back to school and couldn't get any work done with Blazin'. The little one refused to wear the plastic type because they were hurting my daughter's ears from pressing the posts into the bone behind her ear. I chose the CozyPhones. They had a 100% satisfaction guarantee and I couldn't afford to spend another $60 on headphones for 3 kids just to have them rejected. I got a panda and a kitty for my younger two and let my older one stick with the plastic ones we had that still worked. There is a They are working out. My daughter likes cats and kittens so she wears them, they are soft, and you can remove the electronic part to clean them. I'm not sure if they will shrink, but you can definitely spot clean and probably wash by hand if you need to, like if your kid gets really sweaty. The electronics can shift around, but we haven't found that to be a problem, they come with instructions on how to adjust the placement, and it's very easy to do, and come on parents. There is a They mean that the guarantee is 100%. I saw some weird reviews about that, but when the panda ones I got stopped working, I simply email the seller, and they sent me a spare for the panda, even though they stopped sending me replacements. The cats are working well. I think the panda ones had trouble. My 3 yo is very rough with things and I think he bent the cord. There is a The best head phones we've tried so far. When my oldest breaks the plastic ones he's using, he destroys the head band part on his, then the headband part on the pair intended for his brother, and the inflexibility of those does not survive well in his backpack which he tosses around without consideration for the contents. I will replace them with one of these. The seller stands by their 100% guarantee.

👤My son has used them on flights before. They are soft and cute. It is never to loud. There are large circles in the headband. I love them when they are close to his ear and twisted back of his neck in less noisy situations. The band was a bit loose when he was a kid but now they fit well. His head makes up 80%. There is a The only downside is that when he falls asleep, I have to keep the band on so I don't wake him and the cord from the iPad is too hot. The long cord makes it a mess on airplanes. The flight attendants have asked where I bought these. I recommend them to everyone. He was wearing his earphones while watching his movie on the flight.

11. Headphones Bluetooth Headband Waterproof Meditation

Headphones Bluetooth Headband Waterproof Meditation

Sleeping headphones are the most popular gift for men, women, teenage boys, girlfriends, and wife travel gifts. Sports Headband and Sleep Headphones. The headband protects you from being disturbed by your hair and sweat, and allows you to listen to your music without having to wear additional headphones. The headband headphones are great for travel, sleep, workout, and audio books. They don't use sleep ear buds that are painful and fall out. The MUSICOZY wireless music headband headphones are powered by 40mm drivers. The silicone outer ring produces deep bass and the bio-cellulose dome delivers high clarity. Greater IPX6 waterproof workout headphones. The headband is made of waterproof material that is based on a submarine's structure. Push yourself during your workout without fear of rain damaging your earphones. You can wash headphones. The MUSICOZY wireless headband only needs to be charged for 1-2 hours, the talk time can reach 10 hours. They can start enjoying music and phones while exercising. Great gift for men and women The Exquisite Outer Package includes a Wireless Headband, a User Manual, and a USB Cable. They offer a worry-free replacement service and friendly customer service. Birthday gifts for travelers, insomniacs, and office workers are some of the reasons why it can be a relaxing gift.

Brand: Musicozy

👤I have trouble sleeping. I struggle to get enough sleep because of anxiety, stress, and headaches. I am used to a variety of sleep aids from melatonin supplements to more drastic measures. I felt the need to add something else with everything going on. Music will drown out the thoughts in my head. Thankfully, this headband worked. I like how thin the speakers are, but there's nothing thin about the sound. I can see myself wearing this headband to listen to music whenever I want. It was important that the speaker be as thin as possible. I don't feel the speaker with my memory foam pillow. There is a I don't wake up with a sweaty forehead in the morning because the fabric is lightweight. I have a small head, but the band remained in place all night long and even withstood my shifting around in the middle of the night. It charges quickly and lasts all night. There is a There are a few things that bother me, but not enough to get me a full star. There is a bright blue light shining. We were able to resolve the problem by covering the light with black tape. I understand the need for indicator light, but a bright light seems to defeat the purpose of wearing this to sleep. There is a When using the buttons on the band, the volume jumps inconsistently, instead of changing gradually with each press. It was an odd issue to come across and I was able to resolve it by adjusting the volume on my phone. I prefer noise cancellation when I sleep so I can still be aware of my surroundings. This band is great. I have high hopes that it will last. I would recommend it over some of the other bands due to the thinner speakers, ease of cleaning, and shorter charge time.

👤I like these headphones. I'm very sensitive to things on my head and I have a condition called Asperger's. I get a lot of bad headaches. I have bad headaches and I have medium pain headaches, but I have light headaches almost every day. I need to take care of my kid, my apartment and work from home. Stay patient and in. I can't do anything I can't move but luckily those are few and far between the more severe ones, they can last for days. I need a light and heated item that goes over your eyes. I have stopped listening to music because of the high rent I have to pay in the city and I have to be respectful of my landlady who lives upstairs. I can use them for work because the microphone works a little bit fuzzy, but I wouldn't trust it for work. It's amazing because with any other in- ear headphones, the different kinds that they have for in-ears and they over the head just hurt within a couple of minutes, but only after I've been wearing them for hours and hours. I think I am extra sensitive. It can be the lightest pair of earphones, it could be a memory phone, or it could be the kind that just rests right inside your ear and doesn't get jammed into your ear. I can't concentrate on work or housework because I have sensory issues. I was dancing for hours. I'm sensitive to material and they didn't itch at all and they didn't make me warm. I can see how comfortable these are for a normal person.


What is the best product for headphone wrap for kids?

Headphone wrap for kids products from Joysico. In this article about headphone wrap for kids you can see why people choose the product. Qearfun and Otium are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone wrap for kids.

What are the best brands for headphone wrap for kids?

Joysico, Qearfun and Otium are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone wrap for kids. Find the detail in this article. Noot Products, Ekids and Avantree are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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