Best Headphones for Iphone 11 Pro

11 26 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Earbuds Earphones Headphones´╝î Microphone Compatible

Earbuds Earphones Headphones%EF%BC%8C Microphone Compatible

If you have any questions, please contact them. They will bring you a good experience. Don't wait to put it in the cart. It is compatible with the following: iPhone 13/12/11-11Pro max, iPhone 7/7 plus, iPhone 8/7, and the iPad Pro/Mini 4 and Air 2. The above system! You need to first open your phone, then insert the headset, then click on the link in the pop-up window to connect with iCloud. The phone will connect automatically after the second or later insert. The in-line controller has wires built into it that are comfortable to use. The in- ear design allows you to comfortably wear for long periods of time, while minimizing the amount of wear. If you have any questions, please contact them. They hope you have a pleasant shopping experience.

Brand: Mxfkzxi

👤The lamp was pretty by my bed. The touch base is very flaky. It takes multiple touches to turn it on. The problem seems to get worse, it will turn on in the middle of the night without being touched. My wife is upset about this. I will probably bring it down to the living room since it's only $20. I really like the lamp, but I wish it worked better. There is a The seller reached out to us and sent us a replacement after becoming aware of the problem. I am changing the rating because the second unit works perfectly and the seller is willing to stand behind the product.

👤The table is very heavy. The lamp is turned on by a touch base. The included bulb looks great. There is a port for charging devices. I have charged a lot of things so far. The lamp is listed as white and appears white in the photo. The shade is a natural linen with variations of color that go along with it. I returned it for a similar lamp that had the same features, but with the exception of twousb ports and a 110-volt outlet, for a few dollars less.

👤I have had a huge issue with this lamp, which I had less than a month ago. The lamp is touch activated in order to turn it on and cycle through the 3 brightness modes, however my lamp will randomly turn on without anyone touching it. It's annoying when the lamp turns on and wakes me up in the middle of the night. I was able to turn the lamp on by bumping the night stand, which seems to be an electrical issue.

👤This is in a guest room. The lamp has touch features and ausb port. It's a perfect lamp for guests.

👤I bought two lamps for my room. Bigger than I anticipated, but that is fine with me. The ring on the shade is bigger than the base of the lamp, so it makes it wobble. Overall, I like the look.

👤I have experience with modern turntables and they don't seem to damage a record. The material used to make the recordings was designed for the weight and size of the needle. The needles are being used.

👤These allow me to hear out of the horn as well as I could have expected. They wear quickly, but only use them 2 or 3 times before changing them out. Old technology works well.

👤They work! It's good! The one-page instruction sheet was very honest and frank about the reasons why you are supposed to use one needle per record play, what you can get away with, and other options. There is a I'll order another 100 since I think I'm running low. Depending on your victrola, loud is really loud. You can't talk in the same room on mine.

2. Headphones Lightning Silbyloyoe Controller Compatible

Headphones Lightning Silbyloyoe Controller Compatible

durable, generous, and comfortable. The headband can be adjusted to fit your head shape. The padded headband and soft leather ear pads ensure all-day comfort. The foldable design makes taking the headphones easy. If you run into any issues with your headphones, just reach out to them and they'll resolve your issue within 24 hours! The functions control lighting. HEADPHONES The headphones have a microphone. Lightning earbuds change track and call while playing music. Enjoy music and movie with earbuds. HD sound headphones for phone. Clear sounds earbuds for iphone, pleasant bass lightning headphones, are lightweight and match ear canals. lightning headphones seal around noise. The earbuds have soft ear piece sizes so you can slide right in. The design of the phone ear buds is called techniacl. The lightning headphones for iphone bring great experience while running, jogging, cycling, and exercising. The earbuds have a great connection with the lightning earbuds. Adapter free headphones for the phone. HD sound earbuds for the phone, they are certified by the MFIiphone, they connect with the lightning headphones. Each of their earbuds for iphone will be tested, and lightning headphones have a one-month limited warranty.

Brand: Silbyloyoe

👤So far, so good. These are the stupid ones you get when you spend more than $1,200 on an Apple product. The ones from Apple fall out. These have good sound isolation and stay in your ears. I chose these because I believe we will see negative results in our health if we put devices in our heads. There will be consequences.

👤I got a pair of headphones for my husband. I decided to get my own pair after he used them for running. They worked out well for about a month and a half, but broke as I was finishing up a run. They are a good price and work well, but I am disappointed that they broke so quickly.

👤I bought these for my husband. When he uses headphones, he is very picky about sound quality. He needs a new set of headphones to listen to music and to be handsfree when making phone calls. The sound quality is great and he likes how comfortable the ear pieces are. I can hear him on the phone.

👤I have sensitive ears so these are a great fit for me. I am completely blind in my left ear so sound quality is important.

👤I couldn't find a pair of earbuds that stayed in my ears. These fit well and stay in my ears. The wires don't get tangled. I was very pleased with the purchase. It is recommended that you recommend 100%.

👤I own more expensive pairs than this one. It's good enough for me. I asked my friends on the phone how the sound was on their end, and they said it was clear.

👤This is a good value. I am worried that they wont last long as they are very thin and flimsy. The sound quality is good and they fit in my ears. They look nice.

👤I don't have to worry about it being charged or not because I can plug it into my device. My favorite pair!

3. ADPROTECH Headphones Microphone Controller Compatible

ADPROTECH Headphones Microphone Controller Compatible

The technology of connecting. The lightning headphones have an in-line remote that you can use to control everything from a mic to volume. Play/pause/volume control/microphone/siri activation. The MFi lightning earbuds are designed to work with all mobile devices, so they can be plugged and played for stress-free audio enjoyment. The MFi License can be found in Apple's public database of authorized accessories. Magnetic earbuds are more convenient storage. EarWings and Eartips are shaped to fit around your ears. It's designed to stay in place no matter how hard you work out. The headphones for the phone offer a high fidelity stereo sound, which is clear and natural. It's easy to use their lightning earphones. ADprotech is proud to back your purchase with a 18 months guarantee.

Brand: Adprotech

👤The sound is clear and good. I like that they aren't using a phone. I had some that were nice and I hated having to wait for it to connect, so I got a pink one.

👤These don't last, they didn't last me long. I only use the earbuds for work, and they lasted a day and a half before the right ear bud stopped working. The sound is loud and the quality is good. There is a As for thickness. It is the same thickness as a ramen noodle and every other wired earbuds. I guess that the coating on my ear bud is only for the inside, and not for the outside, since it didn't stop my right ear bud from working. What is it good for? There is a Again, it was good. It is quite loud even with just one earbud working. I paid to listen to music. The personal issue is pictured. The controls are placed just right. Yes. It seems like it should be lower on the wire so you can see it. There is a I already have replacements on the way. The new pair that arrives will be updated and adjusted my review accordingly. The new pair arrived on 3-11 and they're still working with zero issues. I have added an extra star to the review for a total of 3 out of 5. The second pair of earbuds failed on 6/16. These aren't built to last. My review was downgraded to a single star. I was offered $20 to remove the review.

👤It is an excellent value for the money and I don't have to look for an iPad or iPhone accessory.

👤Good product. It works as advertised. If you need a replacement, it's worth the money.

👤It's better than the apple ones.

👤I have been using these earphones for a while now and can recommend them. The sound quality, build quality and price are all good. The wing tips help to keep the earphones in my ears. The other party indicates that the sound is clear after trying calls with it. A great pair of earphones. When I take a break from my bluetooth ones, will recommend.

👤I like them. Loud and good quality.

👤The microphone on these headphones will make you sound like you're talking about a toy. It's really bad. I don't trust the reviews. My first negative review was removed, but this is the 2nd time I am leaving a review. I wish I had never bought these things. I have to throw them away.

👤Excellent earphones. It was nice to fit in ear. The sound is good. The price is reasonable.

4. Lightning Connector Certified Compatible Microphone

Lightning Connector Certified Compatible Microphone

The latest version is compatible with the following: iPhone 13/13 Pro/12 mini Pro Max 11/11Pro 11 Pro Max iPhone 7/7 Plus/iPhone 8/7 Plus, and the iPhone X/iPhone XS / XR / XS Max Earphones. The controller was designed to play music, pause music, answer phone calls, and hang up phone calls. The in- ear design reduces external noise while giving you clear sound. High performance speakers with noise isolating ear tips eliminate ambient noise. This earphone is a version of the headset that is compatible with the internet. Plug the earphone in to connect your phone and Pad, then turn on the wireless connection. When you use the earphone again, it will connect to your device in less than two minutes. This is a notice. The first step is very important. If there is an issue, they offer 7* 24 online support and a 12 months quality assurance service. They will treat every customer with respect and they will keep track of every customer's orders. Add it to your cart now.

Brand: Skycable

👤The headphones do not work well. The sound is off when you are trying to watch something. When anyone is talking, the sound comes through a lot faster and the mouths say the words in two seconds. I have tried everything from turning off my phone to replugging my headphones, but nothing works. It would be nice if the sound timed up with what you were watching. They have to connect to your phone through a different method than they are plugged in. Maybe it would help with the sound difference if there was an option to not do that. I will have to shelf out the extra money for real headphones. Boo.

👤Terrible? These are not Apple earbuds, they are cheap imitations. They were dirty and scratched when they arrived, but I cleaned them. When I plugged them in, my phone asked me to connect to Beats and display an image of earbuds. They only work if you allow them to connect and then it appears to be a wireless connection. If you are looking for actual Apple iPhone wired earbuds, do not get these.

👤Don't even try to buy them. They are not real apple headphones.

👤I was looking for a replacement for the original Apple wired earbuds that came with my phone. 1. There are audio cutouts when the sound comes out of the box. 2. The port doesn't fit the lightning connection. 3. It makes a very loud and unnecessary "POWER ONG" and "DEVICE CONNECTED" sound when you plug in. I plugged it in with my own hands. 4. The fidelity of the volume control is terrible, it's too loud for the quietest setting. I think it's equal to the Apple version volume at the halfway mark. 5. The controls don't work the same as the Apple version. 6. These make a bunch of weird sounds when I type on the phone.

👤The headphones seemed alright at first but on second use the cord created a lot of problems: sounds cutting out, sound volume increase, sound volume decrease, pausing, and having one side cut out. I mean if you put the phone in your pocket and walk. The issues above were created by the motion of the cord being moved a little in pocket. I wouldn't buy them.

👤I bought these to use as a remote release for my camera and the sound quality is good, but not great. The volume control works well. It won't cause the camera to shoot. The volume control on the Apple earpods does cause the camera on the phone to shoot.

👤I was confused when I plugged these into my phone. I saw a notification pop up. Why are they using a wireless device when they are hardwired? The sound quality after I connected was terrible. This product is a failure.

👤You can save yourself the anger and frustration of these earbuds not working after 3 days by trying to pull the wire in a specific direction. Better to spend a few dollars for earbuds that will last longer than 2 days. The earbuds are not the same as in the pictures, but the lowest sound setting is still loud for whatever reason. There is nice for a while until the lightning is loose from you. If you already placed your order, just cancel it and order better ones.

5. Earbuds Headphones Earphones Microphone Compatible

Earbuds Headphones Earphones Microphone Compatible

When you connect the device for the first time, you need to turn on the phone's built-in wi-fi to connect, and then plug in the headset. The headset will connect to your device next time, so you don't have to do this again. It works with all devices that have a Li-ghting connector, including the ones that support the latest version of the software. The earbuds have been designed to maximize sound output and minimize sound loss, and can provide a clear conversation recording function. The cable has a microphone and a controller. You can answer/end call, play/pause, skip and replay songs with a single button. You don't need to take out your phone. You can use a built-in mic. The perfect stereo sound and noise reduction design has an in- ear design that is lightweight and solid sound-insulating. You need to first open your phone, then insert the headset, and then click on the link in the pop-up window to connect. The phone will connect automatically after the second or later insert.

Brand: Selfon

👤My dad was a huge fan of Dale Earnhardt. Earnhardt is the son of Dale Earnhardt. I hope he loves us when he opens it on Christmas day.

👤Every Earnhardt fan would love this.

👤My husband likes the picture. The frame was packaged so that it arrived in good condition.

👤It came very protected and it wouldn't break.

👤It was very nice. I was a little worried about the glass or frame, but I am very pleased with it. This is worth the money.

6. Headphones Certified Compatible Microphone Lightning

Headphones Certified Compatible Microphone Lightning

Wide Compatibility for the iPad Pro, Nintendo Switch, and more. Does not support the earlier iPad. The MFi certified earbuds can plug and play. The in-Ear lightning earphones can be used if the Apple products are regular. HD Sound Headphones for iPhone Super Bass are better at noise reduction. Users can have a more authentic experience with HD sound quality and noise reduction features. A key control with a microphone allows you to accept and end calls, play music, change tracks, and adjust the volume with a single click. The lightning headphones have an outboard so that they stick to the ear more stably, which is why they are universal fit. You can find the perfect fit with 3 additional ear tips. You will receive earbuds from MFi and an excellent service. Premium quality on a budget. If you have problems with the headphones, you can send them an email and they will get back to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Adprotech

👤They didn't last and weren't made well. The earpiece broke after I used them for one day. I returned them. I hope this helped.

👤These headphones are great to use with your phone. The controls work perfectly and the sound is great. It has a nice sleek design and is MFi certified. Thank you!

👤I got these to replace a product I bought a month before. I am very happy with these, they fit well and last a long time. I am happy I got these instead. Thumbs up.

👤I had to go back to my old pair after they only worked twice.

👤The pros include quick delivery, nice pouch, and extra rubber inserts. The sound is tinny and bad on certain songs. I was going to return but I was going to use the rubber inserts on the old pair.

👤The ear hook is a straight line and doesn't wrap around the top of the ear nicely. This makes it hard for me since I use it while active. I can barely hear theta frequencies when meditating, and the sound is poor.

👤When I fall asleep listening to music with my headphones in, I wake up with my ears hurting from the sound, but with these, I can lay on my bed and not feel like I have headphones in.

👤This is a nice ear bud that I use for calls and music. Extra bass built in to the bud is what I like about the sound quality. It was easy to carry and keep it safe with a small bag.

7. Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof Earphones Microphone

Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof Earphones Microphone

There is a built-in tile technology. Impedance is 32 Ohms. The advanced bluetooth 5. 0 technology is used. Donerton earbuds have an ultra stable connection, faster paring and universal compatibility. It provides in call stereo sound. You can chat with your firend whenever you please. hifi stereo sound quality: c5s wireless headphones has a focus on getting a clear midrange and balanced bass and treble performance. True wireless earbuds can last for over 5 hours on a single charge. The portable charging case can provide power for up to 80 hours,recharge up to 16 times full charge for the wireless headphones, single ear, and 150 hours for earbuds, and act as a power bank for charging mobile phones and other devices. Donerton sport earbuds are great for workouts all day. This waterproof headphones can be used in the rain and can even be washed under the tap. Pick up 2 earbuds from the charging box and enter the mobile phone settings to pair them.

Brand: Donerton

👤Here's the thing. These are a great purchase. I have to say that airpods are not as good as these. They are noise canceling, water proof and still retain the same features as airpods. The charging case is a bit heavy compared to the airpods, but that is probably the only thing I miss. I like these more. There is a strange thing. Maybe it's my pair. The earbuds have a double tap feature. When I double-tapped my right ear bud went back to a song while my left ear bud went forward to a song. I'm sure that I'm wearing them correctly, so it must be an error. That was not a turn down for me. Maybe they are. They are very nice and amazing quality. I give them a score of 9 out of 10.

👤Love the bass and volume of these. The charging base didn't take long to charge and fire up. The process is simple once you lift the lid and the buds connect. They last at least 4 hours if you use the left independently or use both. The base charging base has a large battery and I have not had to charge the base unit yet because it is at 42%. It is true that you can charge your phone with the base, but it is not a fast one, and it will save you when you need it. The fit is nice and they have a passive noise effect due to how they position in the ear. The big battery is a good tradeoff if the case was a little smaller.

👤I gave these to my son for his birthday. The sound quality is great and it fits in your ear. What? I can't hear you. The battery lasts a long time and the charger has a % display so you can see how much battery you have. Comes with cords, ear bud "sizers", case, and carry strap. You can adjust volume by touching the ear bud. There is a They came very fast and were exactly what they were written on. We are excited to use the waterproof feature during the snowboard season, but we haven't tried it yet. I would recommend them to anyone.

👤I've been looking for the perfect set of earbuds without the Apple price tag. These are some of the best I've tried. They are very comfortable to wear. The fact that they have decent bass sets them aside. The only earbuds that didn't sound flat were the ones that I recently ordered. If you listen to music, then these are better than the rest. I have not experienced any issues with the other aspects.

👤I've been looking for a good set of true wireless headphones that have good sound, good call quality and good battery life. These sound good, are comfortable and look cool, but that's all. The information on the product page is incorrect, and others have reported the same issues. I wanted to like them. I gave them some charges to be sure. They say the playtime was 6-7 hours, but it was only 3 to 3.5 hours. The battery with up to 100 charges is BS. The first time I charged the ear buds, there was a small battery left in the case. 19 percent! The case battery was killed by a second charge. 1.3 charges from the case? Really? The call quality was not good. The sound was muffled and the callers couldn't hear what I was saying. I tried re-positioning the earbuds a few times but they didn't help. There is a The sound quality from these ear tips was pretty good with just enough bass, mids and highs, but the sad part is that I didn't find the right size ear tips. Maybe I got a bad pair, but I'm not the only one who has a poor battery.

8. MULTITED MX10 Wireless Headphones Bluetooth

MULTITED MX10 Wireless Headphones Bluetooth

What you get. The 2 in 1usb type c aux audio charger and stereo headphone accessory is high-quality and committed to providing customers with it. If you have a problem, please contact them. The Ear Buds help you feel what a real freedom is - run free, forget you're wearing headphones, feel the beats with the Extreme Sound and run with the wind! Words can't describe it, you have to feel it. Push yourself to the max by turning on the sound. The MultiTed audifonos / auriculares are great. Imagine running with your feet not touching the ground, music in your ears, and flying high. High power athletes look for comfortable, sweat-proof and secure headphones. MultiTed Earphones are designed to fit your most essential needs, unsettling sound, best fit, and IPX7 waterproof protection. You also have a case, 2 sizes of foams and 3 sizes of earbuds. You shouldn't use your best workout headphones if you're not a quitter. You get plenty of time to watch movies with long battery life. The built-in mic and noise cancelling of the CVC 6.0 makes it easy to take work calls. Don't stay in the office! You can pair 2 separate devices with the same device. The MX10 Blue tooth headset has better sound quality and lower power consumption. The earpods are compatible with all of the following: Apple iPhone X, XR,WS, 8 plus, 7, 7 plus, 6s, 6 plus, Mac, MacBook, PC, and all of the following smart phones, mp3 players and all of the following devices. Zero. If you need them, they will always be there with a full one year warranty. Let them know by email. They will do everything they can to keep you happy. Their exclusive accessories kit includes the MX10 headphones, instructions, 3 sizes of ear tips, 2 sizes of foams, and a stylish zip pouch with a key chain.

Brand: Multited

👤They are going back. The particulars are not mentioned in the ad. The receiver is only in the right phone. I have a phone on a table on my porch and I can listen to these on the street. If my right side isn't explained. If I put the phone in my left front pocket, it will cut out. I have a big hat size and these are huge for me. There is no way anyone could be involved with these. There is a The sound quality is very good, but these are not high end phones that have been marked down. These are $15.00 and have slick marketing. They are going back Monday. I thought I was getting a deal but it looks like I will be dropping more for a quality pair.

👤The Bose SoundSport Wireless didn't stay in my ears very well while I was working out, so I bought these headphones. I was skeptical about the reviews, but optimistic. There is a They stay in your ears while you work out. Lifting, biking and rowing are all done outdoors. I don't think they'd stay in while running. They get louder than any other in- ear headphones I have owned. The Bose batteries last less than the batteries from my Bose. - The remote is on the earpiece. You can see their battery level on your phone, and volume levels are synchronized. Not as good as my Bose, but close. There is a They are a little large compared to some of the new Jaybirds. I don't know a solution for this yet. There is a If I had gotten these first, I wouldn't have bought the Bose SoundSport Wireless. I could buy 3 more sets if these break.

👤So far, so good! I was worried about the quality, but not really. Sound quality isn't important to me because I only use these for running. I need ear buds that don't fall out. The bass is really good. Not a lot of highs, mids or lows. The sound quality is pretty average, but it fits the bill for what I need. It's perfect for running. The battery life is pretty good and I have good ears. They are fantastic if you want to use them occasionally. These are great for running for an hour and are not the ear buds you should be buying for all the time use. There are multiple ear bud sizes. I use the foam and it doesn't move at all. You can't beat the price for $36 bucks. If you're an audio engineer, don't waste your time buying yourself expensive headphones, but I think that's a waste.

👤These headphones are great. I use them for both music and calls with my phone. The sound quality is very good and they are comfortable. I haven't tried to use them yet. There is no warning when the charging level drops. The only way I can find out is if the speaker starts cutting out and people on the other end complain. It would be great if the kind woman with the soft accent who speaks to me when I turn the phones on and off could also alert me when the charge is low.

9. Earphones Headphones Microphone Control Cancellation

Earphones Headphones Microphone Control Cancellation

If you need help with the use of the headphones, please contact them. To use Earbuds, you need to first open Bluet00th on your phone, then insert the headset into the phone, a pop-up window will appear in a few seconds, you need to click "Connect with iCloud". The phone will connect automatically after the second or later insert. The headphones have a high-quality microphone and a built-in controller for the iPhone. Music and Volume controller is used to play music, volume up, next, and previous tracks. You don't need to take the phone out of your bag or pocket when doing these operations. The earphones for iPhone have a soft and premium ear tips that make them comfortable to wear and allow you to listen to the music for a long time without feeling pain. The in- ear design reduces noise to keep your music clear. The built-in premium shock absorber and sound units of this wired headphone can achieve good sound quality even with normal devices and can offer better sensitivity and noise reduction than traditional headphones. The headphones are compatible with the iPhone. All the systems support the Pro 12 Pro Max/12 Mini/SE/11 Pro Max/11 Pro/XS Max/X/XR/8/8 Plus/7 Plus/7

Brand: Jjk

👤The earphones were delivered in a plastic bag. I was not surprised to see they were damaged. I was able to get the pieces back together. It did not work. They were too cheap to send them back. I spent more and got a better product.

👤If you're looking for wired in- ear headphones for Apple products, look no further. Inexpensive but not cheap, with good audio quality, much more comfortable than Apple original. It's long enough to work with iPhone cases. All around a great purchase.

👤I was looking for headphones for my phone with a volume switch that I could use with my camera app and tripod. The sound was clear and loud when I tried it on. When I hit the volume up button, I tried to take a picture. Exactly what I wanted. No complaints, quick delivery.

👤The Airpods Pro-like shape of this earphone is similar to the original Apple wired earphones, but it doesn't fall out of your ears as easily. The audio quality is good for the price. Even though it is a wired earphone, it was recognized as a Beat earphone when plugged into my phone. The sound is good, but the mic is not.

👤The sound is good and the price is reasonable. It will take some practice to get them to stay in my ears. They have a microphone.

👤These headphones are great. The mic works and the sound is great. For their price, they are amazing. I highly recommend.

👤I ordered two pairs. The mic worked for about 15 minutes, the other mic never worked. It was a waste and I could have bought an after market pair for $20 each. Which I will be doing.

👤Excellent product and material. The sound is great.

10. Artmu Lightning Headphone Microphone Compatible

Artmu Lightning Headphone Microphone Compatible

If you have any questions, please contact them. They will bring you a good experience. Don't wait to put it in the cart. There is a risk-free guarantee. There is a warranty for quality issues. If you have a question, just contact them and their customer service will reply within 24 hours. The power cord has a built-in controller and a high quality microphone. The controller is used to play music, increase the volume, decrease the volume, and hang up calls. You can listen to music and take calls from your phone. Innovative design is a perfect fit for noise and sound isolation. Ultra lightweight in- ear designed with solid sound-insulating material reduces external noise while giving you clear sound. Customer service. In the event of a problem, they offer 7 * 24 online support and a 12-month quality assurance service. They will treat each customer with respect and will keep track of their orders.

Brand: Artmu

👤I wasn't expecting much from getting off headphones. The quality of these are a joke. You can hear static when you wear them because they detect them as Beats headphones. The audio quality is terrible. I have never seen anything like this before on Amazon.

👤They were broke. I wouldn't connect with my phone after the description said it was compatible with the 11.

👤One side used less than half a day.

👤Poor responses to controls and horrible audio quality. There are many better options on Amazon.

👤Completely flimsy. The take-out fork is made from better plastic.

11. Meifox Lightning Reduction Microphones Headphones

Meifox Lightning Reduction Microphones Headphones

The cable of lightning-wired earbuds is made of a flexible material that is not easy to break and get knotted. The lightning earphones for iPhone can fit into most pockets or bags and allow the music to flow wherever you go. The design of tranquil drivers. The dual bass speakers bring you a good sound experience, deep and strong bass, and in- ear earplugs, so you can completely immerse in the music. The lightning earphones are MFi certified and compatible with all of the mobile devices. Plug and play is all you need. The advanced headphones speaker has a powerful Hi-fi stereo sound quality with strong deep bass. The in- ear design helps reduce ambient noise for a more pleasurable experience. The earphone stays firmly in the ear with the super convenient three point earphone design. The earphone body has 3 sizes of ear caps to make sure that ears of all shapes and sizes can find the right sticker. It won't hurt if you wear it all day. The in- ear earphones can wake up the phone, play music, and control volume with one controller. You don't need to take out your phone from pocket or arm band anymore.

Brand: Meifox

👤The compatibility list has the iPhone XS Max on it. There is a large plastic "edge" that keeps the lightning connector from seating fully. The phone's lightning port is ejected from it's case. The only way to modify the plastic at the end of the cable would be to physically do it. I'm curious about all the positive reviews, maybe different generations have different lengths? All of our lightning charging points are compatible with the iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, and the iPhone 6s plus. Maybe this set was badly molded at the factory? I assumed that the MFi certification was genuine, but I find it questionable. I think the standard has a length requirement.

👤I wrote that everything about the product was correct. Excellent sound, clarity and fit. I love the color red. I was impressed by the look and the packaging. I bought 3 pairs to use for phone calls. The person I call can't hear me. There is no point in having these. I was very excited to use them. Disappointed.

👤These earphones sound great, just like higher-end products that cost a lot more. It is easy to get sound details on other audio devices because of the Frequency range. I think it has to do with having two speakers in each earpiece. They are easy to fit on the ear. The button feels great to press.

👤The headphones were promising. They seem to have been made well. Clear, crisp, and outside-noise cancelling were the first things that came to mind. The headphones control buttons and mic stopped working. The headphones stopped working after about a month and a half. Invest in a better headset and save money.

👤I didn't know that my old earbuds with the add on wouldn't work on the phone when I bought my new one. You can listen to music, but not on the phone. These earbuds are great because they are compatible with the new iPhones, and you don't need a dongle. I don't like using the apple earbuds since they don't stay in the ear. The apple earbuds have better sound quality. I like the soft head of these earbuds, they seem to be pretty hardy. A definite purchase! I bought one for my daughter as well.

👤I bought these headphones for my daughter who is a normal teenager and they only last a week. She took them on a trip to Disney. They still work and sound great. I would recommend it. The noise cancellation is not as good as over ear, but that's not why I bought them.

👤The sound quality of these is so good that you'll feel it vibrating around your skull, which I've never experienced from even more expensive buds. The fit of the plasticy gel stuff is so firm that you don't feel a tug when the wire is hanging. The size they come in is perfect for me, but they have other options as well. The buds fill in the ear so well that they offer significant noise cancelling capability. When I walked near traffic with the Apple ones, the cars were so loud that I didn't notice anything in my ears, and at high volume there was virtually no noise pollution.


What is the best product for headphones for iphone 11 pro?

Headphones for iphone 11 pro products from Mxfkzxi. In this article about headphones for iphone 11 pro you can see why people choose the product. Silbyloyoe and Adprotech are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphones for iphone 11 pro.

What are the best brands for headphones for iphone 11 pro?

Mxfkzxi, Silbyloyoe and Adprotech are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphones for iphone 11 pro. Find the detail in this article. Skycable, Selfon and Adprotech are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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