Best Headphones for Iphone 13 Pro

13 1 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. HGCXING 762 Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Cancelling

HGCXING 762 Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Cancelling

Do not like it, do not work, broken, etc. You can come back at any time. They have prepared an instruction card for you, if you have any problems, please contact them. It was a nice day! TWS Bluetooth Earbuds are 5.0. The most stable connection, fast transmission, and no signal loss or music dropouts are ensured by the latest technology. The range is up to 33 feet away, so you can listen to your favorite album while you do the housework. True wireless earbuds are compatible with all of the devices that have a built in bluetooth. Pro Max/12 Mini/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/SE 2nd/XR/XS/XS Max/X, iPad/ Pro/ Air, MacBook/ Pro/ Air, iMac, and the list goes on. 5/4a/3a/4 XL, 9/9 Pro/Nord, 8T/7 Pro, Tablet, etc. These music earphones with 13mm speakers and triple-layer composite diaphragms provide a clear and powerful sound. The earbuds are designed for sound and music lovers. You can share the earbuds with your friends and family. Each earbud has a microphone. One-step pairing and easy touch control. Once you open the charging case, the wireless earphones will connect with your device, which is faster and more convenient. You can control the phone with your ear buds, such as the music switch, volume adjustment, phone calls, voice assistant, etc. You don't need to adjust through your mobile phones. The TWS 762 earphones are completely ergonomics designed and lightweight. When you wear their headphones for running, you don't have to worry about falling. If you put the charging case in your pocket, there will be no burden.

Brand: Hgcxing

👤It's great for teens. No issues so far!

👤This is my first time buying a phone accessory. I can hear the caller clear, it fits very well. I also got it for a cheap price.

👤I love the earbuds. They work well.

👤Suenan sper.

👤They work well. Stay charged for along time. I can take the trash out and walk around the house.

👤Tienen un buen sonido y son baratos creo.

👤I am impressed with my first pair of earbuds. I thought I would get the lowest quality and sound for the price. Wrong! I use them to listen to my daily show. I like the way the case charges the buds and the way it makes it easy to pair my phone and buds. How many times they popped out of my ears is my only concern. There was no damage because they were durable. These are the little ones that I appreciate.

2. Earphones Headphones Microphone Control Cancellation

Earphones Headphones Microphone Control Cancellation

If you need help with the use of the headphones, please contact them. To use Earbuds, you need to first open Bluet00th on your phone, then insert the headset into the phone, a pop-up window will appear in a few seconds, you need to click "Connect with iCloud". The phone will connect automatically after the second or later insert. The headphones have a high-quality microphone and a built-in controller for the iPhone. Music and Volume controller is used to play music, volume up, next, and previous tracks. You don't need to take the phone out of your bag or pocket when doing these operations. The earphones for iPhone have a soft and premium ear tips that make them comfortable to wear and allow you to listen to the music for a long time without feeling pain. The in- ear design reduces noise to keep your music clear. The built-in premium shock absorber and sound units of this wired headphone can achieve good sound quality even with normal devices and can offer better sensitivity and noise reduction than traditional headphones. The headphones are compatible with the iPhone. All the systems support the Pro 12 Pro Max/12 Mini/SE/11 Pro Max/11 Pro/XS Max/X/XR/8/8 Plus/7 Plus/7

Brand: Jjk

👤The earphones were delivered in a plastic bag. I was not surprised to see they were damaged. I was able to get the pieces back together. It did not work. They were too cheap to send them back. I spent more and got a better product.

👤If you're looking for wired in- ear headphones for Apple products, look no further. Inexpensive but not cheap, with good audio quality, much more comfortable than Apple original. It's long enough to work with iPhone cases. All around a great purchase.

👤I was looking for headphones for my phone with a volume switch that I could use with my camera app and tripod. The sound was clear and loud when I tried it on. When I hit the volume up button, I tried to take a picture. Exactly what I wanted. No complaints, quick delivery.

👤The Airpods Pro-like shape of this earphone is similar to the original Apple wired earphones, but it doesn't fall out of your ears as easily. The audio quality is good for the price. Even though it is a wired earphone, it was recognized as a Beat earphone when plugged into my phone. The sound is good, but the mic is not.

👤The sound is good and the price is reasonable. It will take some practice to get them to stay in my ears. They have a microphone.

👤These headphones are great. The mic works and the sound is great. For their price, they are amazing. I highly recommend.

👤I ordered two pairs. The mic worked for about 15 minutes, the other mic never worked. It was a waste and I could have bought an after market pair for $20 each. Which I will be doing.

👤Excellent product and material. The sound is great.

3. Lightning Headphones ADPROTECH Earphones Certified

Lightning Headphones ADPROTECH Earphones Certified

A 10mm dynamic driver and a built-in ENC microphones inside each ear bud is suitable for leisure and entertainment. Icluding 60ms low latency connection will bring you your favorite music in high-quality audio, and also fit for gaming. You can use the Apple MFi certified lightning headphones to play audios or videos on your phone, without having to add an additional accessory. The optimum fit for your ears is ensured by theErgonomic designed lightning earphones and 3 different sizes of silicone ear buds. The earbuds with ear hook are perfect for running, jogging or the gym. The built-in mic in the earbuds gives you crystal clear sound during calls. You can get calls whenever you want. The speaker in the headphones has a really powerful hi-fi stereo sound quality. The in- ear design helps reduce ambient noise for a more pleasurable experience. You will feel like touching feathers when wearing their earbuds. It's light and comfortable, and you won't feel any pain for a long time. They provide the headphones for an 18-month warranty. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Adprotech

👤They didn't last and weren't made well. The earpiece broke after I used them for one day. I returned them. I hope this helped.

👤These headphones are great to use with your phone. The controls work perfectly and the sound is great. It has a nice sleek design and is MFi certified. Thank you!

👤I got these to replace a product I bought a month before. I am very happy with these, they fit well and last a long time. I am happy I got these instead. Thumbs up.

👤I had to go back to my old pair after they only worked twice.

👤The pros include quick delivery, nice pouch, and extra rubber inserts. The sound is tinny and bad on certain songs. I was going to return but I was going to use the rubber inserts on the old pair.

👤The ear hook is a straight line and doesn't wrap around the top of the ear nicely. This makes it hard for me since I use it while active. I can barely hear theta frequencies when meditating, and the sound is poor.

👤When I fall asleep listening to music with my headphones in, I wake up with my ears hurting from the sound, but with these, I can lay on my bed and not feel like I have headphones in.

👤This is a nice ear bud that I use for calls and music. Extra bass built in to the bud is what I like about the sound quality. It was easy to carry and keep it safe with a small bag.

4. Packs Apple Lightning Microphone Headphones Compatible

Packs Apple Lightning Microphone Headphones Compatible

What you get is a atolla HA02 headphone stand with ausb hub, 32 inchusb cord, 5v/3a AC adapter, and 47inch The power cord is guaranteed by atolla for 18 months. Wide Compatibility All lightning devices are compatible. 13/12/12 mini, 11/12/12 pro/Xs/Max/X/XR, 8/ 8 Plus, 7/ 7 Plus, 6/ 6 Plus, Pad, Pod. Plug and play. The in- ear earphones provide clear, top studio-quality performance with driving bass, tight mid, and precision treble response. Let's listen to high definition music. The headset is wired. The earphone is a version that is compatible with the internet. Plug the earphone in to connect your phone and Pad, then turn on the wireless connection. When you use the earphone again, it will connect to your device in less than two minutes. This is a notice. The first step is very important. There is a remote and a microphone. The remote allows you to adjust the volume, control the playback, and answer calls with a pinch of the cord. The speakers inside maximize sound output and minimize sound loss. A stable listening experience is achieved by the quality of the product and the policy of REPLACEMENT/REFUND.

Brand: Wtuley

👤This is a great charging device. There are no good options for a second 87w charge for the Touch Bar MacBook Pro 15, but this works perfectly for me. I'm getting 45w, which is better than 50% of the Apple charge. If you leave this under your sofa or in your office, it will keep the computer charged even when it's not in use. I have not experienced a power drop while rendering 2K video in Final Cut Pro or using multiple Adobe CC apps. Highly recommended!

👤The newer MacBooks and other laptops have more current on theusb C ports. The cable must be matched to the computer's current draw. I'm very pleased with the product, based on reviews and a month's use. I can charge my new MacBook Pro at 30 watt and my other electronics at the same time with the 4 standardusb ports. This takes less space in my travel bag and costs less than a spare charger and a separate 4 portusb adapter. I added a right angle plug adapter from so I can plug it directly into the wall. The photo is below. There is a This is the smallest solution I could find for all-in-one charging of my devices.

👤This was tested today. I used a certified appleusb-c to lightning cable on the Anker. I was at 40% from 2%.

👤The ear buds are an Apple product according to the company. They are not. The minute I opened them, I could tell. They don't feel like they are part of the brand. I will still use them. Everyone I talked to ended up hanging up with me because they couldn't hear me. I tried everything I knew to do but didn't work. I contacted the company for a false advertisement and got no response. So disappointed. I don't like when people lie about their products. Don't waste your money!

👤The corded headphones have to connect like a wireless device. I have missed calls because they don't always connect. If you have been listening to music or a podcasts, they don't switch over to a call. The mic is not good. I have to turn them off and use a regular phone, which defeats the purpose of the headset being hands free. If you only listen to music and don't care about quality, then those set will work for you, but don't trust them for work or anything of importance.

👤I had believed that you needed to empty the battery before charging to full charge in order to not create battery memory. You keep the battery healthy by keeping it in the middle of the percentages, like 20% to 80%. The setting on the phone to maximize battery charging is a good move. It can be enabled on the battery health option. I can keep my phone in the middle charge area, and it will charge my beard trimmer quickly, because of the fast charge capability of this charger. Suprent is a beard trimmer.

5. Lightning Connector Certified Compatible Microphone

Lightning Connector Certified Compatible Microphone

The commodity guarantee. Every customer service is a priority for them. You can always contact the after-sales team if you have any questions. The design of this lightning earphone is different from traditional earbuds, which makes it more comfortable to use, and will not cause any problems if worn for a long time. Thephone Integrated Wire Control. The lightning earbuds have a switch. You can switch between calls and music without removing your earbuds. The sound is high-quality. The original Apple chip is used to reduce signal output loss and transmit faster. The omni-directional noise reduction microphone restores the real sound quality effect for you. Wide Compatibility This lightning connection headphones are compatible with all of the Lightning compatible devices. How to use. When you connect to the device for the first time, you need to turn on the phone's built-in wireless technology, and then plug in the headset to connect. The headset will connect to your device the next time, so you don't need to do this step again.

Brand: Wasabi Mango

👤I bought a Ryzen 1600 earlier this year. It came with a non-LED stock cooler. There is a I hit 40 and I decided to go with the more colorful LEDs in my PC. There is a I get a lot of Wife Aggro when I look at my PC. Whenever I work late, it serves as her nightlight. See guys here. We change the colors of the accent lights in our rigs. They don't go over stuff on the way to the bathroom. Win-Win in my book.

👤I have tried everything, researched for answers that could help me get these to work, but they just don't work. I hear a robotic voice on my phone, but the music never goes through the earbuds. The speaker continues to play it. These are a waste of time and money. Absolutely junk! Don't waste your money!

👤Came at a good price. It was worth the upgrade to my Ryzen 1700 that it replaced. I have been running an OC with a 3.9ghz that stays cool and quiet. It takes more voltage than I'm comfortable with to hit 4.0ghz stable, but it wasn't a thermal issue and didn't throttle, so this cooler is all you need for 1st Gen Ryzen in my opinion, and it's totally worth it if the price is $40 It's better to go with something better than cheaper, but if you're looking to get more performance on a budget, then I highly recommend it. After bumping up my OC to 3.65ghz on the Spire, I was able to achieve some benchmark results, including a Firestrike comparison of my system with a Vega 64 vs the top score for the same processor, and also a 3.8 and 3.9 on this Max.

👤I don't care for the whole trend, but I found the Wraith Max cheaper than the Wraith Silent. I wanted to stay with the top-down style of cooler since it seems the best idea for the motherboards, they say. The best choice for quality and price was the Wraith Max, it was simply to replace the stock cooler of the AM3+ sockets. There is a The Wraith Max is better than the stock cooler. It is almost silent at the same settings in the computerBIOS, thanks to the big 4.13 inch fan. It's even better. Testing a 100% load video conversion will keep the cpu from going over the max temp while ramping up the fan level only a bit. After cleaning off the cooler, I used a thermal compound. There is a The deal with the RGB. I thought it would just glow red, but it actually cycles through different colors. I will probably put a piece of electrical tape over the bright white AMD logo, though. I installed the logo upside-down because I don't like having the lever and wire cramped at the top of the cooler.

👤The cooler had all the necessary cables and thermal paste in the original packaging from the chip. I used something better after wiping off the stock thermal paste. There is a The stock cooler lowered the temps on my 3600 by 10 degrees and 15 degrees while I was gaming. Compared to other aftermarket coolers, the RGB looks nice. I would recommend removing your board from your case for the install. It makes the install much easier and quicker. If you're looking for a cooler that's better than the stock one, I would recommend this.

6. Apple EarPods Lightning Connector White

Apple EarPods Lightning Connector White

The Ear Pods are more comfortable for more people than any other ear bud-style headphones because they are defined by the geometry of the ear. The speakers inside the Ear Pods have been designed to maximize sound output and minimize sound loss, which means you get high-quality audio. A built-in remote is included with the Ear Pods that lets you answer or end calls with a pinch of the cord. It works with all devices that have a lightning connection, including the iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone.

Brand: Apple

👤The box was opened to find a tangled pair of used earphones, with torn edges around the jack and gross earbuds. Don't buy from these shears.

👤I noticed a change in the mic quality when I used my earbuds for singing. The texture is different. I thought it was still a good deal. Two months later. The crackled and sent a small shock of electric into my ears as I listened to the voice notes. When you rub your feet on a carpet, you get a quick spark. But constant. I threw them in the trash. I will buy from the Apple website. You get what you pay for.

👤I was a little worried about what I was going to get with this order, but as the pictures show, my pair appears to be the real deal. I haven't tried them out yet as I have a working pair, but the packaging and the earphones themselves look similar to the one I bought from the Apple store. I think that people here are lying and that there may be some variation in the quality of the items received which led to some of the negative reviews. I can't tell the difference between these fakes and real ones. The Apple store cords are slicker than the ones at home. I believe that the cords are slick to keep them more rigid. Hope this helps someone.

👤I just got a pair of headphones. The box is open and empty.

👤I don't write reviews unless I think the product is amazing, or it's so bad I have to let others know. I want to steer people away from it. This is a case of the other. They worked for a day and then stopped working. I only use these headphones at my desk, so there's no chance they fell in water or were stepped on. I had to plug the lightning cord in one way, if you flipped it and inserted it wouldn't recognize the headphones and wouldn't play through my speakers. The microphone stopped working. The volume would change on its own.

👤I was very nervous when I bought this, so I wanted to make sure that the headphones I got were genuine, so I left a review to make sure. Guess that's it? They work well.

👤I bought these replacements after I lost my Ear Pods, and I was hoping that they were legit Apple products. I found my original Ear Pods. I compared them to see if they matched up. The ones Amazon sent me are the same ones I got with my phone, and the packaging is the same as my other classic Apple stuff: everything sealed, meticulously held in place, documentation, etc. The Ear Pods are packaged in a box. The thickness of the main cord seemed to be the same as before, but it was a bit thinner. I can't tell whether my original Ear Pods or these replacements sound the same. The shape of the earpiece is not my favorite. Maybe it's just preference or ear size. It looks like Amazon isn't always offering these as Prime-Exclusive. I wouldn't go for these if they were new or used. You should head to the Apple Store.

7. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof Playtime

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof Playtime

There is a car charging accessory required for fast wireless charging. There is a separately sold item. The hifi stereo sound has a 10mm big speaker that brings a stunning bass sound. You can put it in your pocket or crossbody bag because it is lightweight and portable. The latest version of the wireless technology, the 5.1, has newer technology on both earbuds, and it provides a stable connection and signal transmission. The mini portable charging case gives 30 extra hours of playtime and a single charge gives 6 hour's playtime. It's enough to listen for a whole day. Ultra-light weight with ergonomics, the in- ear buds fit snug, the S, M, L size ear-tips ensure a perfect fit for all day comfort.

Brand: Taopod

👤After three days, the right earbud can barely hear anything from it at full volume. The instructions didn't work because they weren't connected. The speaker inside the airbud is having an issue. The left one works.

👤These looked good and were comfortable when they arrived. They only lasted 43 minutes. The 70% charge was the same over 3 days, and less than an hour before they died. The poor quality of the reviews made me return another item due to the fake reviews which did not reflect the good reviews.

👤Son ideales, lo uso en el trabajo. The exterior of the building should be re aislan. El sonido es excelente.

👤The package arrived very quickly. This is a set of CDs. TWS- Q60 Wireless. The box was sturdy. There is a User Manual, a packet of 2 spare earbud gels, and a cable for the Microusb device. I wanted a spare set of earbuds for when my other pair runs out of battery. I found Q60 when I opened the settings on my phone, and they connected really fast after I took the earbuds out. There is a When you take the earbuds out of the case, they connect automatically and you have to put them back in. I placed them in my ear and started listening to some music, I am not an audio engineer, but I like a lot of bass, and the bass is really good, especially for the price, they brought. There is a The normal controls for music of Next Track, Previous Track, Play and Pause are there. The controls to Answer and End calls worked well, as did the volume up and down, you can call up your voice assistant by tapping three times, this worked really well. I have accidentally touched the controls a few times and hope to get used to them. There is a The earbuds should run for 6 hours before you need to put them back in the charging case to charge, the case will give you 36 hours of play time for the earbuds in total. I haven't tested them yet. There are 4 white lights on the front of the box to indicate the battery life of the case, you can also see the two red earbuds charging lights through the specially adapted case lid. There is a The earbuds are powered on by a wireless communication device. I think the price of the earbuds is a good one, as I always take into account the cost and performance of the item I review. This review and photos are helpful.

👤The earbuds were to be reviewed. The box and earbuds look like they are more expensive than my more expensive ones. There is a They are very easy to pair, and they work great out of the box. There is a They have a strong bass punch, but it's ok for the price range. There is a Even in this price range, the charging box should come with a usb b cable. White lights illuminate the front of the charging station. There is a The left one will work even if I remove the right one, which is great for couples who want to watch a movie in the airplane and other places. It's waterproof, so should be fine with running in the rain. I used them for work, no fear of losing my more expensive ones. There is a After a few hours, they fit my ears well, and didn't bother me for more then 2 hours a time. They cut the outside noise and the sound is loud enough to still enjoy music. There is a I would buy the best first pair of earbuds for my kids, and also a non expensive present for a friend. Absolutely recommend them.

8. Baseus Bluetooth Earphones Waterproof Anti Lost

Baseus Bluetooth Earphones Waterproof Anti Lost

The gift choice is great. The eye mask for sleeping is great for men, women, teens, boys and girls, which is great for home, office, air travel, business strip, relaxation, mediation and insomnia. Travelers, insomniacs, and office workers will love the cool tech gadgets. The W11 earbuds have a portable magnetic 300mAh battery charging case, which can charge your earbuds up to 3.5 times. After fully charged, you can enjoy up to 15 hours of continuous music. The ear tips by Baseus are designed to ensure ultimate comfort and fit. A perfect seal from the outside world will transfer the sound from the drivers to your ears. Pick the right ear tips. The Baseus W11 earbuds and case can be used for 4 hours with 10 minutes of charging. You can check connection status and remaining battery on the app, including the anti-lost/OTA upgrade button. A 10mm dynamic driver and a built-in ENC microphones inside each ear bud is suitable for leisure and entertainment. Icluding 60ms low latency connection will bring you your favorite music in high-quality audio, and also fit for gaming.

Brand: Baseus

👤The item doesn't function without an account creation and sending user data back to the company via their app. I noticed this when I loaded the app, it pinged me to enable sharing data. The app pulls an unnecessary amount of your data once you start using it, even though you have to sign up through their app. There was an issue with the charging. I tried to connect the device many times but it wouldn't connect until about the 10th try. The device was fully charged before connecting.

👤The product is good value. The cost is low. If you need a pair of truly wireless earbuds that are priced lower than most, then these are the ones for you. You will need to get something else if you want more. After a week of use, here are my impressions. As I get more experience with them, I will update this. There is construction. I like that the case can be charged via the included cable, but only on one end. I like the size of the case. Even in the smallest of pockets, they are pocketable. Even the most expensive truly wireless earbuds are made of plastic. There is comfort. The rubber earplugs give an illusion of a louder bass response. The rubber is soft and supple, which makes it comfortable. I can't yet say how durable they are. Sound. The audio isn't full-bodied. It is more than just that the bass is heavy like some headphones. The bass is light. The mid-level range can seem lacking at times. These are not earbuds for people who want the full range of sound. If you need to hear something that doesn't require a full range of audio frequencies, these are adequate. The customer experience was good. The company was prompt to reply to my questions when I wanted to unpair these from my phone in order to pair them to my watch. There is a The earbuds are not high quality, but they are not cheap either. They are affordable. If they last a long time, they may be a sort of Toyota of earbuds. They might be a lesser product if they weren't. Time will tell. The company may make it right if they don't live up to expectations. If they don't, the price is lower than most of the high-end competition, which can make you feel a bit less disappointed.

👤If you're here, you've found the earbuds you're going to buy. These are the most cost-effective and best sound quality you can find. I was shopping on price alone, and I am happy with these! The battery life is amazing and the case protects accidental drops. I'm still using 2 to 3 hours per day, but I'm doing well. There is a Ps. Don't worry about my nails in the video.

👤My rating and review are based on the amount I paid. These earbuds are a great value at about $35. The earbuds have features normally reserved for higher-end earbuds. The Baseus app is very good and it was easy to pair. I was able to locate my earbuds should I misplace them thanks to the app. There is a The earbuds fit well in my ears. They had different size ear gels to make the fit different. The sound quality of the earbuds is not great, but they do sound good for the price. I like the fact that the earbuds can be re- charged multiple times without the need for the case to be connected to a power source. If you're looking for a quality pair of earbuds, I highly recommend these ones, they're a great price and I'm very pleased with my purchase.

9. Gsangoo Lightning Headphones Certified Isolation

Gsangoo Lightning Headphones Certified Isolation

When you connect the device for the first time, you need to turn on the phone's built-in wi-fi to connect, and then plug in the headset. The headset will connect to your device next time, so you don't have to do this again. The MFi has certified earbuds for the iPhone. The lightning headphones are compatible with all of the mobile devices. Mini/ 12 Pro/ 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11/ 11 Pro/ 11 Pro Max, iPhone X/XS/ XS Max/ XR, iPhone 8/ 8 Plug and play is all you need. Premium Sound Lightning Earphones use advanced 10mm dynamic drivers to ensure high fidelity sound and stable connection. Music that is crisp, rich, and authentic. The deep bass stereo sound is great for listening to music. The earphone has an in-line controller button that allows you to adjust the volume and take calls. The noise cancelling design would reduce the noises in the environment. There are headphones with lightning in- ear. The wired earbuds lightning plug provides a snug and secure fit for the majority of ears, which greatly reduces pressure and ensures comfort for all-day wearing. The noise cancelling headphones are good for running or other exercising. The lightning wired earbuds cable is made of flexible TPE material, which is not easy to break and get knotted. The stylish design allows the music to flow wherever you go. If there is a quality issue, please contact them with a satisfaction solution within 24 hours.

Brand: Gsangoo

👤This is a good basic earphone with mic and volume control. There is no noise cancellation or sense of his quality stereo sound, but it's solid for having a headset handy if I need to speak on my phone.

👤My dad is a big fan of headphones. He can't use wireless because he's afraid to lose it. The sound quality of this set is awesome.

👤Like these very much. Work is comfortable.

👤The sound from the head phones was very nice and I am happy with my purchase.

👤The comfort and the color. The sound quality on the phone call was not good.

👤I can hear calls and be heard. Earbuds are comfortable.

👤These meet expectations and then some noise reduction.

10. Lightning Headphone Certified Microphone Compatible

Lightning Headphone Certified Microphone Compatible

The lightning headset has an improved C1 chip. Their wired headset has 2 holes that make it sound like a stereo, so you can better immerse yourself in world music during exercise and training. It's suitable for all devices with the Lightning interface. The headset is compatible with the phone. Max/SE/12/12Mini. The 12Pro/12Pro Max is 11 years old. Pro/X/XS/XS Max/XR/7/7 Plus. The humanised design uses soundproof materials to reduce noise and make a clear sound. Provide an unparalleled audio experience by reducing ambient noise. It's suitable for daily use and games. You need to connect the headset to the phone before you can use it on the iPad. You need to click on the pop-up window after a few seconds. The second use will connect automatically. 3rd generation service Please contact them if you have any questions. Customer service for 12 months. They want all customers to have a good experience. Please add it to your cart. They wish you a pleasant shopping experience and are looking forward to providing you with one.

Brand: Skycable

👤This case is pretty. I dropped my phone face down and used the screen protectors that they sent, but I was so annoyed that it didn't protect my phone that I would have used the screen protectors I originally bought. If your phone drops face down, the case has nothing to stop it. I would advise a better screen protectors for this case. It is pretty. I don't think it's worth buying a whole new phone if I use this case.

👤Earbuds do not work because they are larger than usual. Returning. Save money.

👤I thought it was in two pieces. I did not use any plastic screen protectors, but that made it easier. There is a I have dropped my phone many times and it is still working. There is a There are no stomes missing yet. 2 months.

👤They did not work after I put them into my phone. Amazon should be ashamed for allowing scam items to be sold on their platform.

👤My phone is small for me to hold, but that has nothing to do with the case. I haven't had any accidents, but it appears to be sturdy. I have to make it hands free for video calls because it is too thick to fit in the cradel.

👤It doesn't work in my phone.

👤It's more beautiful in person. My daughter can't get enough of it. I ordered a case for my A20, but it was not the same as this one. Will be ordering more.

👤great! Excellent quality for the money. I love it!

11. Beats Studio Cancelling Earbuds Built Bluetooth Headphones

Beats Studio Cancelling Earbuds Built Bluetooth Headphones

Powerful, balanced sound is delivered by a custom acoustic platform. Control your sound with two different listening modes. Three soft eartip sizes for a stable and comfortable fit while ensuring an optimal acoustic seal. Up to 24 hours of listening time combined with a pocket-sized charging case. Class 1 is the leading class for extended range and fewer dropouts.

Brand: Beats

👤It usually means a solid product when I see a 4-star review. There is something keeping it out of a 5-star range. These are examples of that for me. They are small, notobtrusive, have some out-of- ear-stick-out, and the sound is clear, which is helpful for the gym. The sound is clear, the bass is strong, and you can hear the subtle nuances of the guitar strings without being disturbed. That is a sign of a good earbud. There is a The transparency mode and noise canceling modes were not bad. They are alright. The Air Pod Pros have a higher price tag, so they do the ANC better. It is understandable that these would do the same, but on a lower level. The Airpods have wireless charging. The lack of wireless charging is a small thing. It is so satisfying to be able to toss these on a charging pad and leave them there to charge. I was not a fan of how the case felt. The matt finish is nice, but I would have liked a little more weight in the case lid, but at this point, these are such little things that they are not a dealbreaker. There is a The amount they stick out is the only thing I have. The way they stick out is a bit funny, so that the "b" logo is upright. They don't stick out a lot, but when you look in the mirror, you'll see a vertical line where the physical button sticks out. I had to get them to stay in, but that is beyond anyone's control. There is a The 4th star is given to these because they are a solid enough product. They don't do any one thing particularly well, but there are enough things for me that I wouldn't say these are the best I've ever used. The hear-through is amazing, and the app really helps boostFunctionality, which is what the Jabra 75t gets the equivalent of. These earbuds are very good for the gym. They play music loudly and clearly, and the bass is strong enough for me to drown out the annoying music playing outside. They fit and stay in shape. You get a good bang for your buck with the price tag. If you want to pitch in a few more, you could also do better.

👤I love these! The AirPods 2 and Pro are better than the ones I have. The un ear fit of the AirPods Pro was terrible. They fit perfectly and don't feel like I have anything in my ear. I like that they don't have a long stem because if I have earbuds on while I put on a sweater, they fall off, and I don't have a long stem, they don't get tugged on by it. These are great if you love the bass in songs. Absolutely love it!

👤I started giving these earbuds 4 stars and then realized I was comparing them to Air Pod. The pro's are more expensive. These earbuds fit the bill. The squat design of these earbuds makes them hard to grab. They fit in my ear. I don't have to handle them too much. Getting used to putting them back in the case is a challenge. I like the variable colors. I bought these because I lost my Air Pods Pro case, which was deleted after 24 hours. The red case is easy to use. There is a I don't like the button on the buds. The button should be on the bottom with a squeeze function. To click the button, I have to jam the bud into my ear. I like to lay down with my buds in, but if I turn my ears against the pillow, the button is always pressing. It would be easier to pinch when the button is on the top. I had an issue with the lever arm of the APPs that clicking didn't pull the buds out of my ear. Sound quality and connection. Good enough for me. The calls sounded good. I don't need my phone calls to have live orchestra quality. The music is good. Not too bass forward but crisp. There is a The Air Pod Pro's are not as bad as the Jabra's and other brands. Sometimes I hear my stomp on the pavement. I don't hear my blood flow. The ANC/transparency is fairly equal to the APPs, but not as significant in quality because of the cheaper buds. It seems to block out certain sounds, such as my heating and cooling system. I haven't tested the battery life, but they're better than APP. These are solid buds for the price. You get what you pay for, and these buds prioritize what I actually care about so you don't have to pay $250 every time your Bose or APPs go missing.


What is the best product for headphones for iphone 13 pro?

Headphones for iphone 13 pro products from Hgcxing. In this article about headphones for iphone 13 pro you can see why people choose the product. Jjk and Adprotech are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphones for iphone 13 pro.

What are the best brands for headphones for iphone 13 pro?

Hgcxing, Jjk and Adprotech are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphones for iphone 13 pro. Find the detail in this article. Wtuley, Wasabi Mango and Apple are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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