Best Headphones for Kids Bluetooth

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1. Neesolo Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Upgraded

Neesolo Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Upgraded

Kids wireless headphones feature cool graphics. The Encanto headphones look great on Disney fans and are the perfect gift. The ekids brand store has more cool products. The Stereo Headphones for Children have custom-tuned drivers that deliver Hi-fi sound with just enough bass and bright treble to make pop songs come alive. With a 94dB limit, their wireless headphones give your kids excellent hearing protection, and they also give an enthusiastic sound. The Neesolo wireless headphones have a 16 hour playtime and are ideal for long haul travel. A back up cable is provided when you forget to charge your headphones or when you don't have a compatible device. The built-in microphone in the kids headphones makes it easy for kids to answer the phone and chat online. Controls for the kids headphones are on the left ear cup, your kids can easily change the volume and play/pause or change tracks. Soft memory foam on the earcups and some nice padding on the headband keep the Neesolo toddler headphones nice and cozy. The headband allows the headphones to grow with your child. When you purchase the Neesolo kids headphones, you are also purchasing peace of mind, because you are not just getting a pair of headphones. They want to make sure your kids have a great hearing experience. If you need help, please contact them.

Brand: Neesolo

👤This was a gift for my grandson, who eats through headphones. He said it was the best gift he had ever received. It seems sturdy enough for an energetic child, but the favorite is the fit and thick cushion on the ears.

👤I no longer have to listen to blippi and peppa pig all day long. My son loves them. He used the wired ones we had because he got tangled in them. He doesn't take off! It's worth it!

👤The headphones were really good, but the jack on the headphones broke in our tablets after just 2 months of use. Disappointed.

👤A picky 6-year-old will only wear headphones that are comfortable. I was skeptical about these because even the JBL brand was not good. My kid and I are both impressed. The headphones are comfortable and cushiony. I am able to fit them on my head. The sound is great and noise canceling is even better. I might get a pair for myself to stop my husband snoring. The pause button on the headphones really knocked 6's socks off. It's like a party trick to stop kids from playing on the internet. They get bonus points for being sleek because they look like bougie name brands. There is a The only thing I have to do is use a different charging cord for them. We will need a spare for the headphones in the car. I think they're worth the money. The price point is good and hopefully will last a long time.

👤My 3 year old is listening to Peppa Pig stories. The sound quality isn't great but it's good enough for what I was using them for. The sound quality is close to the price point. I like foldable headphones for storage and soft foam headbands. The part that sits on your head is soft and comfortable, with a fabric sheathed aux cable and soft foam cups. It seems like it can take some abuse from a 3 year old and still work, but I would change it to include a soft case for transport and a microusb charging port for headphones. If you have already updated your devices to the new format, you will need to hold onto another cable.

👤If you don't like ear Pods, these fit his head perfectly and cancel out all noise, so he really enjoys using them!

👤This is a good children's headphones. The controls are straight forward. The lack of a volume control makes me worry that the child will not be taught how to use it properly. If you preset the volume to a reasonable level before hand, it should be fine.

👤My son is 2 years old. He sleeps quietly in his crib with his headphones on. The sound quality is great. They fold up and charge.

2. Belkin SoundForm Headphones Microphone Compatible

Belkin SoundForm Headphones Microphone Compatible

The innovative SOUNDFORM Wireless Kids Headphones that deliver superior sound and truly wireless connection are just some of the innovative technology offered by Belkin. The maximum volume of 85dB is designed for kids so they can enjoy watching videos, listening to music, and maintaining focus during virtual classes. The maximum is 85 decibels in the mode. The comfortable fit is made with plush cushions with the right size to fit on kids' ears. Kids' fingers are protected with a pinch-free band. The built-in mic is ideal for online learning because it allows clear communication when talking to teachers and friends. Durability is tested to last for up to 2 years if your kids throw at them.

Brand: Belkin

👤The sound quality was great and the volume control was great. The headphones were not able to connect with the internet. I initially got them connected to a device when I took them out of the package, but never again could I get them to connect. It was very frustrating. The only way they could be connected was with the super short cord. I was very disappointed.

👤Getting them to connect and keep them connected is a challenge. Especially for a child. We tried them on two different fire tablets. We returned them and are looking for other options.

👤Wow. These are amazing. They're high quality, they fit a child's head well, and they aren't loud. They have a nice quality 3.5mm auxillary cable that can be used corded. They have an aux input for listening on a device that is not bluetooth. There is a pause button on the aux cable. The headphones are sturdy and easy to use for a kid. It is very easy to pair up with the bluetooth. The 30 foot range is accurate. My daughter is able to listen from the deck even when the door is closed and the device is 25 feet away. The battery life is good. It would be a great buy if they charged $40. Highly recommended.

👤These are just like Dad's. The volume control is something I like about them. The headphones are limited to a certain decibel level. I put the headphones on and the music was not loud enough to hurt, but I turned them on full blast. The sound quality is good for a $25 headphones. The mids are not bass heavy. The phone is small and fits my kids heads and ears. If my kids break them, I will buy these again. My daughter used to decorate her headphones with a sheet of sticker that was included with Belkin.

👤I got these for my 4.5 year old. The headphones lasted all day without being charged. She used them with her tablets for 8 hours and they were almost fully charged when we got home. She had to remove her ears to hear me talking to her.

👤My kod is 1.5 years old and it works well at the smallest setting. We didn't want to pay over the odds for his first headphones. The JLabs looked too big. We went for the Belkins. The sound quality is consistent. It didn't seem as loud when maxed out. They were sitting on the coffee table and I couldn't hear anything. The tike kept them on for over five minutes. It was comfortable enough to not be bothered. He has gotten used to it. Hopefully, 2 months is long enough for him to enjoy having them on, otherwise it will be rough. It is very easy to pair them. I don't like how you can't enter a pair with a long press. It needs to be unpaired before you can pair it with another device. The kid hasn't used the battery enough to warrant a refill. He's used it for at least 1 hour if you include the backup mode.

3. Gorsun A66 Headphones Foldable Adjustable

Gorsun A66 Headphones Foldable Adjustable

You can power up your remote in seconds with the included Duracell batteries. The A66 kids headphones with mic is convenient for kids' online learning and communication at home. Stereo children headphones with excellent sound effect and support devices with 3.5mm audio jack. The volume limit for the in-line remote is 85/94dB. The toddler headphones have volume limiters to protect the ears of kids. Allow your child to listen to what they want to listen to. The headband is easy to adjust and foldable. Take your kids with you wherever you go. Simply fold them up, twist the cord, and you are on your way. No splitter is required for audio sharing. Kids headsets make it easy to connect two devices at the same time. It's perfect for sharing things with friends. Matte Finish headphones for kids can offer a gift to remember. The nylon cord is tear- resistant, which makes these headphones child-proof. If you have an issue with their product, please contact them.

Brand: Gorsun

👤I bought this pair and a black/red pair at the end of September. I had to replace the black/red pair because of the cord issues. My daughter's ear fell off as she picked up her pink pay. There is a small screw on the inside that is supposed to screw to the outer frame, but I can't get into the chamber to try to fix it, and there's no way to glue or tape it. They work well as long as they stay together, but after a month they fall apart.

👤The headphones are nice. We loved the color and how big they were, but I noticed that a part of the headphones separated from the other side. It is for my child. How durable will these be? I am not sure. I am not too hopeful. It might not seem like a big deal to some people, but for the price I paid, I expected them to be in top shape.

👤I bought myself a pair of headphones to wear when I clean my phone or watch a movie while my kids watch the same cartoons for the millionth time. I decided to get my four year old a pair of his own for Christmas because he was always asking to borrow them. I decided to use wired headphones because I didn't think he was ready for a wireless set. The cord is less than 50 inches, so he has plenty of wiggle room without getting tangled up. There is a microphone button on the cord. There is a They are comfortable. There is a lot of cushion on the headband. The head band slides on both sides. My nine year old has said they are a little tight on her, but I would absolutely recommend these as a first pair for anyone between 1 and 7 years old.

👤My son likes headphones. He listens to music too loud. The audible settings on these don't hurt his ears. It is loud enough that he can't hear us, but soft enough that it won't blow his eardrums.

👤I would love to return these. For Christmas, I got two of these for my kids. All seemed fine when tested. Less than two months have passed and both sets have the same side that is quieter. I had a moment of panic, but my son confirmed that it was my hearing loss. He had no idea that it was not normal since he was using his first pair of headphones. It is a shame because they are comfortable and the sound quality is good.

👤I was looking for a good pair of headphones that my child wouldn't break. I decided to spend the money because she has been through so many of the cheap ones, and nothing is worth your peace. They are in one peace so far. I don't care about the volume as long as I can't hear what she's listening to. If they break, I will update. They broke a month ago. I don't know if it was her or the product, but good God. I'm not buying anymore. I will have to suffer.

4. Bopmen T3 Wired Over Headphones

Bopmen T3 Wired Over Headphones

The wideband range is designed for bass heavy music. The low end of the range picks up the strongest sub-bass notes, while the high end picks up the strongest vocal notes. The round earmuffs design with pressure-relieving cushions has been engineered to match the shape of your ears, ensuring a secure fit with minimal sound leaking. The earmuffs have a sewing seal in the sound. You will hear more of your music with less interference and more bass signatures. The headphones are built with strong plastic and steel for long- lasting resilience and durability. The headband is easy to adjust. The headband is made of leather. It's comfortable to wear all day. The 1.2m braided-nylon cord is tangle free. The cable has an in-line mic for taking calls and skipping tracks. You can take them with you wherever you go with an additional carry pouch. All devices with a 3.5mm headphone port are compatible.

Brand: Bopmen

👤I like these headphones. I use them when I work out at the gym. Even though I have a severe hearing loss, they are comfortable and I can understand the talk on the TV's mounted on the wall in front of the equipment. It makes my hour of walking go faster. I recommend them very highly.

👤The price sounded better than expected. The cord is a tad shorter than others I have purchased.

👤These headphones are basic but comfortable. They use a tangle-free cord. They do their job well and for good value. I bought them because they were not the best for noise cancellation.

👤Don't buy this item. We bought this for our son. The sound stopped working in the right ear within a few months. He takes care of them, but they are cheap. The manufacturer is based in China and will not email us back. The return window has closed so Amazon will not help us. We are out money and headphones. I am very disappointed in Amazon for their poor customer service. Don't buy cheap headphones.

👤They stopped working a few days after I got them. It sounds like it's not getting a full connection. I would save money on this product.

👤I guess you get what you pay for. I think I shouldn't have expected quality for fifteen bucks. These lasted 6 months and used them once every two weeks, so about 10 uses before something happened. One day, I couldn't hear my voice chat companions. I tried to watch a show and a music video on the internet, but only the music came through, not the lyrics or the actors voices. Will need a nicer pair from a different brand.

👤When I buy a new product, I expect it to work the way I want it to, so I gave these 3 stars. These did not. I got these for my son. There was a cracking sound when the plug was first plugged in. The same thing happened when I tried them in another device. I was about to return them when I decided to look more closely at the description and some of the tips. There was a tip for the problem. I cleaned the plug and tried again. He's getting clear sound and no issues. We decided to give them a shot so that they don't have any other issues. Before you give up on these, you should check the problem before you make a decision on whether they are a dud or not. The sound is good, they're comfortable, and aren't bulky at all. We like that they have their own bag for when he has to bring them to school, and the cord is tangle-free so it doesn't interfere with his pump. A story review for a different day. This one seems to be perfect so far, it's a nightmare for him. We will keep them for now. I had to fix the headphones before he could use them, but they are a good set for the price.

5. Bluetooth Headphones Rechargeable Microphone Detachable

Bluetooth Headphones Rechargeable Microphone Detachable

It is possible to be courteous and competent. If your kids are having trouble with their earbuds, try their comfortable headphones that won't interrupt their listening experience. Superman girls headphones are the perfect gift for a tech-savvy child as they are both classroom headphones and PC headphones. Their phone and radio headphones have ear protection for kids with developing hearing. Audio can be streamed from a phone, computer, or tablet. The volume was reduced to make it safe for kids. The microphone is for talking to friends and family. A built-in rechargeable battery allows up to 18 hours of continuous playtime. There was a bonus of 3. Any device with a headphone jack can be connected to 5mm Audio cable. The headband and ear cushions are of the highest quality. The foldable design is ideal for travel and storage.

Brand: Ekids

👤I gave these to my 3yr old for Christmas and it was a gift for myself. He has gotten at least 12 hours of use from it on a full charge, and the volume is very good. He stretched them so wide I thought it would snap in the middle. It didn't. Spiderman is one of his favorites. It's worth it, but I would like to have an extra piece like a cushion for kids with smaller heads.

👤We have two pairs of the headphones that my son uses daily, one that needs to be charged, and the other that is ready to use. There is a I bought the first pair of Spiderman for my oldest child to use for school, but they still work just as well, and hold a charge for hours. There is a I would recommend these head phones at this price point because they are made for kids and they aredurable.

👤The product was received today. I ordered headphones for my grand children. A spiderman and a car. The Spider Man earphones were in their original packaging. The headphones were in a cardboard box. They are cheap and used. Veru was disappointed.

👤He comprado uno. Y. No retiene la carga, he dado ms de 6 horas de cargas.

👤The box was completely destroyed. It was hard to wrap for a christmas present because it looked like someone tried to play hacky-sack with it. My son is obsessed. He has these on his head. The noise control may not be the best. I can hear my son's voice in his videos and I can sit next to him. We are both happy that this is what he wanted.

👤My 5 year old loves Spiderman. They fit his head well. He hasn't killed the battery yet, but he has left them on overnight. They connect to his Kids Fire tablets. He can do it all on his own.

👤. . I ordered two sets of a Frozen and a Spiderman set because they are hard to turn off and are not a snug fit. There is a But their worth.

👤The headphones are easy to use with my son's iPad because of the short charging wire.

6. Headphones TOKANI Bluetooth Microphone Purple

Headphones TOKANI Bluetooth Microphone Purple

Money back guarantee for 30 days. The warranty period for their products is a full year. They want to help if you have an issue with one of their products. They want to make sure your kids have a great hearing experience. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if that doesn't happen. It is as simple as that. The cute cat ears and lights on the headphones bring more fun to your little one when they immerse themselves in the music, movie, game, also making their headphones very special. A perfect gift for kids. You can turn off the lights. Their has a built-in mic and button. Kids headphones have a built-in microphone and button that are very convenient for children to use. They can answer and end calls in a matter of seconds. A great wireless headphones for kids to use. The wireless headphones can be used with any device that has a wireless network. It connects to the last device when using the mode. You can use the supplied 3.5mm audio cable to connect the headphones if the battery is low or the device doesn't have a built-in gps device. Their headphones have soft padded cushions and Silicone headbands that are foldable and comfortable. It is possible to fit different sized heads with a headband. The headphones are very light. It can be folded up for easy storage. A built-in volume limiter prevents sound from going too loud. You can go to the next song with the switches located on both sides of the headphones. You can save your music on an sd card and play it on a headphones. They offer a one year warranty on these headphones.

Brand: Tokani

👤The sound is great and it fits around the ears. Couldn't get the lights to work. It was hard to read the instructions. Trying to control volume. Overall, it was a good product if you just want to listen to sound, but the instructions were too small. My granddaughter loves cats. If they would light up Update, I would be cuter. I was given a different pair because of the lights not working. They work well. I wish the charging cable was a little longer.

👤I was delighted to open the box and find my nice and adorable wireless headphones. When I turn it on, the ears and side will light up. I look adorable when I wear it. It was easy to connect the headphones to the phone. If you go to settings and select Bluetooth, it will find your device and you will be able to connect. I opened up my iheart radio app to listen to my music and it was clear and crisp and I can see the headphones on my ears. It's super cute. I called my husband and he said he could hear me. I am very happy with my purchase. The ears are cute and easy to use, and I felt comfortable wearing them. My daughter was allowed to use it. She said that is a good pair of headphones. She feels uncomfortable when she wears it for too long. I think it is a bit tight for her.

👤The headset has a micro SD card and sounds great. What more do you want? I can't complain because my niece is happy.

👤My daughter likes the bright lights on the headphones. They are working well after we got them. They are cute.

👤The headphones are perfect for kids. They have good quality sound and light up when they are together. I use these with my kids' tablets for hours of fun. It's easy to pair a long battery life. The purchase was great and everyone loves the cat ears.

👤Good looking headphones and easy to use. It's cool to have a purple color when you turn them. Kids like to play cats with the cats we have, so you can connect them to your kid's phone or tablets. The sound quality is good, but the size can be a bit bigger, but they are a high-quality product.

👤The headphones have a lot of fun features and my kids were playing with them. You can keep listening if you have a cable to connect to devices after the charge is out.

👤My girls love it. Excellent sound quality! They are using rainbow lights.

7. VotYoung Bluetooth Headphones Playtime Microphone

VotYoung Bluetooth Headphones Playtime Microphone

Their headphones have 2 speed, 4 range, and 8 data capacity, which is aimed at revolutionizing your wireless experience. You can enjoy favorite media on any device that is compatible with the internet. The built-in 95dB and 94dB volume limits keep your ears safe from loud noise. VotYoung headphones provide high quality audio. The sound of the headphones is crystal clear. 60h You can listen or talk for up to 60 hours on a single charge. It has a fast charging cord. For ultimate flexibility, use with AUX or wireless. Enjoy music, study, movies, and call for long hours. The latest wireless connection promises quick and stable connection with PC, mobile phones, tablets, iPads, Laptop, music players, and other devices. You can walk up to 33 feet without being interrupted. The built-in HD mic makes it easy to answer calls. The headphones for Kids are light and foldable, making them easy to take with you on the go. Even if it is being worn for a long time, ear cushions are soft and comfortable. The headband fits the head shape of both teenagers and adults. Kids play rough, which is why these kids wireless headphones are built to endure all sorts of abuse. VotYoung kids headphones are portable and foldable. You can put these headphones in a backpack, purse, or suitcase. The headband can be twisted, turned and bent.

Brand: Votyoung

👤The kids in the car need inexpensive wireless headphones. The design is clean and soft on the ears. pleasantly surprised Highly recommend.

👤I will be honest... I am very impressed with these headphones for the price. Cheap wireless headphones have a battery life of a couple hours. I didn't want to spend $50 for a child's headphones that will break. On day 9 of these babies, we only have one charge. They are comfortable and have good sound quality. 10 stars!

👤Our child needed another pair of shoes. She uses them with the cord. Sound is good for her. They are great for the price. There is a They don't have the added features of the more expensive ones. You need to buy the $100 versions if you want noise cancelling.

👤It works well for the price and is a good build. Well. My kids have been using it daily.

👤I bought them a month ago. I've never charged them, but today is the first time. Definitely worth the money. The sound quality is great. You feel like you're in a movie theater. You can control the volume on them. A lot of high end headphones don't have that feature.

👤My 8 year old loves these. It was easy to use. Light weight.

👤The cords are not perfect, but these are great. I can't speak for long term use at the moment, but I will update should anything go wrong. I'm enjoying these headphones. They sound great and charge quickly. There is a I have a small head, so I ordered these for me. It's difficult to get headphones that fit. These aren't comfortable, but they work and don't slide off. As long as they continue to work well, they are a good value. 4 stars.

👤These headphones are great for my daughter. She likes the sound and color. It is easy to use for a child. The connection is easy to setup. This product is great for a child.

8. EKids Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Microphone

EKids Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Microphone

The newest version of the technology, 5.0, has an ultra-fast and virtually unbreakable connection between a wireless headset and a mobile device. Plug in the 3.5mm audio cable to enjoy unlimited playtime and you can connect two devices. Kids can enjoy high quality, kid-friendly stereo sound on any device with the help of a wireless headset. Use for remote learning, listen to music, watch movies, or use for other things. When using foldable headphones for school, gaming, home, and more, they have a custom fit with an elastic headband and soft ear cushions. These headphones are portable and can be used for travel. You can use your headphones two different ways. Up to 24 hours of continuous playtime when connected to a device. The 3.5mm audio cable can be used to listen to music/audio when the battery needs to be charged, or when there is not a compatible device. During a video call, chat with friends and family with ease using a wireless headphones with microphone. The headphones are ideal for school and computer activities. Kids wireless headphones feature cool graphics. The perfect gift for any occasion is the Paw Patrol headphones. The ekids brand store has more cool products.

Brand: Ekids

👤I am very disappointed that these broke in less than a week.

👤Everything about the products is wonderful.

👤$30.00 was wasted when my three year old dropped the head phones. Don't. They aren't durable.

👤The quality of the plastic is not great.

👤My son is 2 years old. I love them! He can't take them off.

👤The headphones did not fit well. The sound quality was poor. I bought a different pair after returning these. I don't think these headphones are a good idea.

👤Grandson likes them and can't complain.

9. Spiderman Headphones Rechargeable Microphone Detachable

Spiderman Headphones Rechargeable Microphone Detachable

There is a 24 month warranty. 45 days money back on their headphones. If you are not happy with their quality, they will give you a full refund. To show you that they believe in their quality standards, they give you a full warranty service for 24 months. Audio or content can be streamed from a computer to a mobile device. The volume for kids is reduced to make it safe. A microphone for talking to friends. The built-in rechargeable battery allows up to 18 hours of continuous playtime. Quality headband and padded ear cushions are ideal for travel and storage.

Brand: Ekids

👤A knot was lost. It wasn't screwed right. Poorly made.

👤Sometimes the feature does not work at all. You will end up spending a lot of time trying to get them to work and its very frustrating for children. My son wears his headphones while I use the cord, and the cord often comes out of the headphones. A pair of corded headphones is recommended.

👤My son loved them, but they wouldn't connect to the internet and the iPad wouldn't work. You had to turn them on and off. Had a pair of Midola headphones and never had an issue. I had to return them and replace them with Midola. They were connected after they disconnected from the device. We did everything we could until we could return them.

👤My son used them all last year for remote school, and will use them again this year for in-person school. They have been used daily since November. They have a backup 3.5mm cord in case he forgets to charge them, and they fold up to protect them in his back-pack. He was able to connect his school laptop to his phone, and his phone to his kindle. They can only be connected to one at a time, but he only uses one at a time, so that works. They have lasted a long time and have a good battery life. They should be recommended to other parents.

👤It was a hit! It was a nice sound. 15 month old used on plane take offs and landings. I had to hold on to my head a bit. He will grow into it. This G-ma was able to use a wireless device. Go Spider-Man!

👤My son is 6 years old. He loves Spider-Man so it was a no-brainer. They are comfortable with him. They have a sound cap on so they don't hurt his ears. The blue tooth can be used. The battery lasts about 7 hours.

👤It was comfortable for my son. There is a cushion on the ears. Good sound and not loud for their ears.

👤Good headphones have good sound quality in both ears, good battery life, easy to use buttons, and a strong connection, but not great for noise cancellation. My child loves them.

👤Compré 2 audfonos, para 9 aos. El tamao de los audfonos is adecuado. The poco de fatiga is un poco de fatiga, un poco de fatiga, un poco de fatiga, un poco de fatiga, un poco de fatiga, un poco de fatiga, un poco de fatiga, un po La calidad de los audfonos is a buen sonido.

👤Ami hijo le encant! I am encanto, pero tiene la opcin de conectarlo por cable.

👤The headphones were the wrong ones. I received a pair that had no volume control. The ones we received kept sliding down and not staying in place, so you could adjust them up and down.

👤Los audfonos son resistentes. No se han borrado ni rayado, los dibujos y estampados hasta ahora. Un ideal para un nio. A person is hijo le.

10. BIGGERFIVE Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Microphone

BIGGERFIVE Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Microphone

It's the first choice for school opening gift-giving, and it's suitable for all kinds of people. If you have a question about these kids headphones, please contact them and they will try to solve your problem within 24 hours. The brand new, stylish, and unique 2-in-1 wireless and wired headphones for kids bring kids premium stereo audio quality, clear microphone talk, bright 7 color led lights, and long battery life. They make long trips, flights, online classes, homework, watching cartoons or movies, and listening to music more colorful and interesting, and help kids love what they listen to. Kids wireless headphones limit audio volume to between 85 and 94 decibels using a combination key so the volume button is not accidentally pressed. There is no need to worry about hearing damage for your children. Give your kids a safe volume to listen to when they are in different environments. Soft Silicone outer-layer, light and cozy foam ear cushions, soft PU earpads cover, and foam on- ear headband ensure direct touch between your children and the headphones soft and safe. The headband is adjusted to fit growing kids. They are designed for children and feature one button control. The playtime is extended to 50 hours in wireless non-LED mode and 21 hours in wireless non-LED mode. A single charge can give 100 hours of time. The headband is portable for school, flights, and trains. Stable wireless connection and wide company. The kids wireless headphones for boys and girls use a long working range of up to 33 feet (10m) and a stable connection. It can be used with all your favorite devices, including cellphones, tablets, laptops, computers, and other audio devices.

Brand: Biggerfive

👤Good padding on the ears and headband. The headband is different. -The Pressing a button can turn off led lights. The on/off switch is a sliding switch, not a button. The kids can't plug it in wrong. The mic is built in. Volume and pause controls are used. Charging and aux cable is included. There is a There are pros and cons. None so far. One side of a pair stopped working, but they replaced them at no cost, and the replacement arrived the next day. There is a My daughters are a little rough on their stuff, but these have held up well. These headphones are very good.

👤They are awesome! Not holding up my granddaughters lives, both parts snapped on one side. Amazon has been great replacing the 6 and 8 year olds, so the girls have them for awhile, just sent the second pair back for replacement.

👤It's cool. The kids love the lights. The wireless design is very easy to use, as the classic wired headphones are really annoying with the cords, and they have a volume limiter feature. The battery life is good. The most important reason I bought it was that the batteries can last up to 50 hours with the LEDs off or 21 hours with the LEDs on. Love it.

👤These are amazing. She can hear it when we're in the car or somewhere loud because it has an extra volume control. She likes the led lights that flash when she wears them. This is a great buy for the price.

👤Our toddler was not quite two years old when we traveled. He loves them! The battery lasted the entire trip. A happy toddler on the plane is definitely worth every penny.

👤It was perfect for my child. Don't get loud in their ears even if the volume is loud.

👤My niece and nephew can't hear their parents. Everyone loves it. Kids love the light up.

👤These lasted about a month. The sound was distorted. It sounds like a transformer is talking. Don't waste your money.

👤My 6 year old son is happy with the sound and the comfort of it. The battery life is good.

👤The sound on these headphones is not loud enough for children. The battery can last more than 12 hours of use.

👤Excellent quality. My daughter is happy with them. The battery lasts a long time.

11. FFZ K21 Headphones Tooth V5 0 Microphone

FFZ K21 Headphones Tooth V5 0 Microphone

It is compatible with virtually all devices. with enabled. Blue 5.0 tooth technology provides you the need for quality natural sound and maintain a stable connection. You can save the hassle of matching again if you did the matching. The built-in microphone of the kids headphones makes it easy to operate. Click twice to turn the light on or off. When using the kid headphones in Wireless mode, you can turn off the LEDs so that you have more power to play music. You can plug in the 3.5 MM audio cable to continue using your headphones even if they run out of battery. Ear pads and foldables are comfortable. Full coverage earmuffs. The memory ear cushions of children's headphones are very lightweight and comfortable, skin-friendly, and gently covering the little ears. portable and easy travel with a foldable kids headset. A 400mAh battery can be used for up to 16 hours of operation time. Blue-tooth is compatible with all electronic devices, such as smart cell phones, iPad, laptops, computers, tablets, music players, etc. It's the first choice for school opening gift-giving, and it's suitable for all kinds of people. If you have a question about these kids headphones, please contact them and they will try to solve your problem within 24 hours.

Brand: Ffz

👤My son is six years old. He needs to leave a set of headphones at school. This one comes with an aux cord that can connect to his laptop if the battery dies, and ausb cord that can connect to his laptop if the battery dies. I let him test them out before sending him to school. I tried calling him and he claimed he couldn't hear me, so I silenced the background noise. A pair of $20 headphones have good sound quality. That is nice, they collapse too. I think kids like that sort of thing. I like these. So far, so good! I will update if something changes. I hope this helps you. It was updated a month later. There is a He uses them daily with his chrome book and they work great.

👤The headphones work well for a toddler. If my 3-year-old decided to break it, I wouldn't be devastated. There is a The sound is not bad. I put it around my head to listen to the volume. The headphones can hold up to the stretch on an adult head. It doesn't cancel noise, but it makes loud noises quieter. My kid wears it when the vacuum is running so that it doesn't make him upset.

👤I bought these headphones for my grandson. He used them a few times after having them for seven days. The padding on one side came off after about an hour of wearing them. I have tried to put the padding back on but have failed. There is a The headphones fit well and were comfortable before the padding fell off. The sound quality is good. The headphones are easy to use. These headphones are disappointing. My grandson can no longer wear them comfortably after seven days.

👤I need to give one star as this is the second pair I have ordered within a few weeks and both have broken. There is a The ear piece padding comes off with no effort, I can't find a way to put them back on. If it wasn't for that, these could be amazing.

👤The product itself works great, but I didn't like the fact that the Amazon box was opened and damaged, and the tape wasn't secured the entire length of the box. Our 3 kids with adhd use the same pair of batteries and they are as close to indestructible as they can get.

👤I would not buy another pair. There is a The sound for kids is decent, the battery lasts a long time, and the lights are neat. Ear cushions are hard to put back on. They are heavy for little heads and I'm going to try and glue them together. It was difficult to fit the headphones to different devices at the same time.

👤I was looking for headsets that would work with my grandsons. When paring them to their tablets, I like the voice interface. There are no more loud cartoons or games. It was great for the price. I bought two.


What is the best product for headphones for kids bluetooth?

Headphones for kids bluetooth products from Neesolo. In this article about headphones for kids bluetooth you can see why people choose the product. Belkin and Gorsun are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphones for kids bluetooth.

What are the best brands for headphones for kids bluetooth?

Neesolo, Belkin and Gorsun are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphones for kids bluetooth. Find the detail in this article. Bopmen, Ekids and Tokani are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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