Best Headphones for Kids with Wire

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1. I37 Headphones Adjustable Compatible Cellphones

I37 Headphones Adjustable Compatible Cellphones

The Carhartt brandmark is on the front of the hat. 3.5mm plug compatible with all 3.5mm jack devices, Stereo bass headphones with excellent sound effect. There is no microphone, remote or volume control on these headphones. It is durable and not tangle. The cord is made of high quality cloth and is suitable for kids, children, and not easily damaged. The band can be adjusted to fit your head shape. It's suitable for both your children and adults. It's easy to carry, you can put it in a suitcase or bag, and it's convenient to carry. This is a good companion for when you take your children out for a trip. For any questions while using, please contact them at any time via Amazon email or through the contact information on the instructions.

Brand: Elecder

👤The best headphones for kids. We've gone through a lot and are happy to have found these. The best points were 1. They fit. My 3 year old and my 8 year old have a pair. No more complaining about headbands slipping or esr buds falling out. 2. The sound is great! My kids can't hear their movies over the road noise because they are so quiet, which is one of the biggest complaints about kid headphones. No problem with these. 3 and 8 year olds should be able to manage their own volume. 3. They are strong. They are holding on. The van floor is rolling. Shoving into packs. These headphones are tough. I would recommend them 1000 times. I am happy to have found the pergect kid headphones.

👤Real review is not a scam. These are worth $17. I have a pair of Grado 125s, a pair of AKG K500s, and an EH closed-back. The price of the cheapest of those is 10% more than these. The separation of the instruments and the images is good. There is a The only negatives are that. I bought these for the kids, and there's no 'kid' about them, although they do fit fine on the 3 and 5 year olds. 2. They're heavy in the bass and scooped in the upper mids, so voices sound veiled. 3. I think the left driver is a little louder, but if I put them on my ears, it's fine. There is a $17?

👤I replaced two sets of headphones with these for my kids' classroom. These can't be beat for $12.00. These are not high end headphones, but for what we needed, which was classroom use, they work great and haven't broken. They work well when travelling on the airplane for listening to movies on the IPad. I'm not sure if these would be the first choice for a quality music or video gaming experience for kids. If they break, I won't be sad. These headphones have some things that I like. They have cuffs that fit around my kids' ears. 2. The headband that fits on top of the head is wide, so it doesn't dig into the top of the head, which causes complaining. 3. The headphones are collapsible so you can carry them with you. 4. The cloth cord is more durable than the plastic ones that come with most other sets. The cord is almost five feet long. 5. Second graders said the choice of colors was cool.

👤My son broke his headphones. These look similar to the ones he had. I bought these because he loves the Oregon State colors, but I didn't want to spend a lot since he breaks them all the time. The previous pairs were too long even on the shortest setting, but these fit better to his head. The top is soft and squishy so it doesn't get in his head. My two year old has ear pieces that fall below her ears, but she will grow into them. The cord is nice because it's like a nylon cord, not just the plastic string, so I think it'll hold up better than pairs we've had in the past and it doesn't seem to get tangled which is nice.

2. POWMEE M2 Headphones Adjustable Tangle Free

POWMEE M2 Headphones Adjustable Tangle Free

The case is easy to carry and compatible with many models of headphones. It's easy to store in your luggage or backpack, it's lightweight and portable, and it's convenient for travel. The ajustable headband is soft and comfortable, and can fit your head shape. The lightweight design is light but sturdy and comfortable on the ears. Stay put and block the noise. It is convenient to carry, you can put it in the suitcase and bag. The nylon braided cord is tangle-free and durable for kids, children, girls, boys, and tolddlers. The wide- compatible 3. The headphones can be used with all 3. 5mm jack devices. Such as iPad, iPod, laptops, tablets, computers,car DVD player. It is very easy to get a lightning to 3.5mm jack for iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 year 2020 models.

Brand: Powmee

👤I was very excited for these. Being that they were designed for kids, I knew they would fit. They were light and comfortable. When I used them, I noticed that the right ear rattles like something had broken inside. The headphones were cheap. I plugged them in and discovered that the sound was terrible. I couldn't hear anything with all the static. I plugged in my old set and it worked. I immediately filed for a refund. The headphones came in a box, not an Amazon box. The headphones were either faulty or damaged from shipping.

👤The pack had an M1 and M2 pair. I needed headphones for my smallish 10 year old and figured his 2&1/2 year old brother would want them too. There is no description of the difference between the 2. My 10 year old is fine with the M1. The M2 is a little bigger for my 2 year old. Sound andDurability seem to be okay so far.

👤We had these for a week as of August 21st. I will edit the review if they fail us. I bought other children's headphones for my two kids in the last two years and they end up getting wrecked because the cord is vinyl and easy to destroy. After a few weeks, one ear phone would fail. Sponge foam covers on the ears are a thing in these old styles. There is a I can't give this brand and style any cons so far. There is a The nylon cord is strong. It may be an issue for younger children. It's perfect for my kids. There is a The sound quality is good for children. These headphones aren't high tech stereo sound products and there's no noise reduction. The sound volume is not loud for young ears. There is a The ear cups are very soft, like the headphones we had as kids. It's easy to store away loops for the cord. There is a The kid likes the pink color I bought him. Very happy with it. There is a The price is good. Should your kid ruin the headphones, you have not lost much on the expense. I highly recommend these. Great product!

👤My grandson is on point with his education despite being on the spectrum. I bought the headphones for him so that he wouldn't disturb his mother. She says they work well.

👤My kids were on the road trip. The headphones broke last year. After two weeks in a car and in and out of vacation stops, they still look and act brand new. I'm sure we'll be able to use them for a long time.

👤My son's class required headphones. He likes these and hasn't complained. They're comfortable so far and it looks like it. Will update as necessary.

👤The cord is covered with a cloth material that makes it easy to untangle and prevent damage.

👤My kids use these headphones. I have been buying this style for a long time, probably on my 10th purchase. There is a I have purchased 3 pairs of the same brand, the brand of this pair. All 3 of this brand have stopped working within a few months, while other brands last a few months longer. They are around $10-$15 and are used everyday, but they get accidentally sat on and wear and tear by children. If I can't find other brands until the kids are responsible enough for a decent pair, I'll keep buying this style.

3. Headphones I41 Childrem Adjustable Cellphones

Headphones I41 Childrem Adjustable Cellphones

It's compatible with most phones, tablets, computers, laptops, and 3.5mm audiojack devices for an easy plug in and kid friendly. You will need a 3.5mm jack to use the Apple phones 7 and above. A 3.5mm plug is compatible with all 3.5mm jack devices. The cord is made of high quality cloth and is very durable and not tangle, suitable for kids, children, and not easily damaged. It is adjusted. The band can be adjusted to fit your head shape. It is suitable for many adults as well. The folding design makes it convenient to carry, you can put it in a suitcase or bag, more convenient to carry it. This is a good companion for when you take your children out for a trip. If you have any questions about the warranty, you can contact them via email or through the contact information on the instructions.

Brand: Elecder

👤These are perfect for my 5 year old. We have gone through many headphones, only to be disappointed. The quality and fit of these are great. The sound is good. I can put them in his backpack because they fold easily.

👤The sound and appearance were good, but the first set broke while my daughter's backpack was folded. The new set did better than the old one after it was replaced free of charge. Excellent customer service.

👤On the 6 hour plane trip to Hawaii, we bought these for our almost 2 year old to wear. I didn't know how he would do headphones. He did a great job. They were a little big for him but they fit me so he will be able to wear them for a long time. The cord is great, but not one that he could easily tear or bite through. The product is great for kids.

👤I use these headphones with my hearing aids, depending on the quality of audio on my tablets. I can't speak of the sound quality because I'm missing some frequencies and soft vowels. I use them with my ham radios. The headphones block a lot of noise but still allow someone to get my attention. The build is better than I anticipated. The audio cord is well secured to the headphones. The ear pieces are soft. Quality looks like it will hold up to kids usage. There is a You will be very happy with the price.

👤The price I paid for this product is what I love about it. I got something that can last a long time. The sound quality is good, the cord is long and sturdy, and they are pretty stylish. They were delivered on time. I'm thinking of getting more for my other kids. This is a great purchase.

👤Work the way they are supposed to. My kids use their laptops for school work and games.

👤I bought these because I was taken to them via a link that said "newer model" while I was looking at another pair that I already own. There is a One of the things we use them for is a mic, but the model I own does not have one. I was told I would have to pay a return fee when I returned them. There is a I wouldn't recommend these for the price and lack of mic. I would buy a pair of mics that have the volume safety feature to prevent kids from using noises too loud for their ear drums, and for older kids, they are going to want a mic. I am very disappointed and wish Amazon would not have put a link to a newer model here.

👤I was looking for something similar. They stay in my bag when they learn something. He doesn't have to worry about people at the grocery store hearing the story of how to play with a dinosaur.

👤You get what you pay for. I made a conscious decision to go with this brand because it felt short on built quality, but I was aware that it was a set for my daughter. There is a If you are looking for an inexpensive set that will not break after a while...then go for it. There is a The sound quality is fair, but once again it was purchased for a kid to use and not for an adult to listen to music or do anything complicated.

4. BENGOO Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Cellphone

BENGOO Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Cellphone

Kids play rough, which is why these kids wireless headphones are built to endure all sorts of abuse. VotYoung kids headphones are portable and foldable. You can put these headphones in a backpack, purse, or suitcase. The headband can be twisted, turned and bent. BeNGOO Great Kids headphones are designed for kids ages 3-14. 10 meters is the distance from where the technology is. The toddler headphones can be wired. 85db volume protection. The maximum volume of the headphones for kids is 85db, which is enough to care for the growth of children 3-14. The design for kids aged 3-14 has three multi-function control keys on the headphones, no need to control the device. The BeNGOO kids headphones have a built-in microphone that can capture sound with high sensitivity for crystal clear calls. The kids Wireless Headphones allow you to play the class/music/story audio with a TF card. It's foldable and convenient. It's convenient for kids 3-14 to put their headphones in a bag or handbag. The soft sponge earmuffs design perfectly fits children's structures. High-FIDELITY STEREO: Kids headphones offer the best sound quality and sound clarity. Children are immersed in the world of online learning and online socializing.

Brand: Bengoo

👤Son hermosos y le fascinaron, fue un regalo perfecto.

👤Kid liked it. I was able to use the office call wireless. A great price for a headset.

👤It was better than I expected. My daughter loves them, they came with a cable with ausb.

👤These were not good. My kids were big on them. Likes way too big! I thought I could use them. They are uncomfortable to wear and take a long time to charge.

👤Even though they come with wire, my son loves the colors.

5. Cancelling Headphones Lightweight Srhythm Microphones

Cancelling Headphones Lightweight Srhythm Microphones

Quality Audio: Volume limited with Adult Worthy. The max volume is 93db with internal 40mm drivers and a range of 20 to 20kHz. Digital Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) is the world's leading noise cancellation technology and works well in both wired and wireless mode. To be better and better noise reducing is their goal. Light for head relaxing and portable for traveling storage are the features of the elegant appearance and tiny lightweight folding. The headset is only 0.4 lbs. and has a headband with 8 levels of size stretch. International standard size. 10 minutes to use 3 hours is fast charge. After 1-2 hours of full charge, playtime can be extended up to 40 hours. It is easy to communicate with built-in sensitive microphones. Support voice control with a 3.5mm stereo audio cable. Extra charging protection for high-end cars. The sound chamber has 40mm HD speakers and clear mega bass. Stereo drivers and other bands have improvements that make music more enjoyable. Quality needs to be heard.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I refurbished these after my second pair of the Sound Core Life Q20 stopped working for me and I had to send them back to the manufacturer. The headphones are slightly better than the Q20's, they are not as loud but have better bass than the Q20's, and noise cancellation is the same for both headphones. The Srhythm uses a hard case and comes with a bonus.

👤The headphones are great for the price. The noise cancelation is better than expected. It is very lightweight and comfortable for long periods of use. The BlueTooth connection has a good range. Light static in one ear after a couple of weeks of use is a minor issue. There is no button to skip songs or fast forward. Great headphones.

👤I had the first edition of Bose noise-cancelling headphones when they first came out. I know about quality. I bought these to try and send them back, but I didn't believe the reviews. The build quality and sound of the refurbished Amazon is amazing. The camper is happy.

👤Can not beat the value. It connects to two devices at the same time. The battery life is amazing. Unless you need the name brands to show off your friends. You will be happy with both of these.

👤The sound quality is not the best, but the comfort is. It's perfect for movies and videos. I needed to use an app called Wavelet to make the music better.

👤My 17 year old is very happy with his headphones. He has had no problems with them.

👤It is painful to wear longer than 5 minutes. The skin gets really hot and sweaty. The buttons are hard to press. There is barely any noise canceling.

👤They performed well after being tried out on a flight. I was still able to hear the pilot and flight attendant when necessary despite the noise cancellation. Sound quality was good. It was a great choice without breaking the bank.

👤ma sono ricreduta, scettica sull'acquisto perch non avevo. Ho aspettato un po' di tempo per scrivere questa recensione perch volevo testare le cuffie e devo dire! Le cuffie funzionano benissimo, le uso per lavorare principalmente, quindi non so come funzionino all'esterno. La connessione con il suono pulito anche. Due dispositivi contemporaneamente molto Utile, di solito collego pc e telefono cos se. I rumori fortissimi un po', ma ovattati. I traffico ad esempio. Ma la cosa pi di tutte! Le uso di solito dale 6 alle 8. You can watch su video. Non ricordo quando stata l'ultima volta. Soddisfatta!

👤Illego, pero se muestra en las photos. Al tocarlo, las partes articuladas me parecieron, pero solo es la impresion. I ha funcionado. The manual viene en ingles. pero tiene la opcion de conectarlo a dos equipos Is it possible to be comodo? Las almohadillas son bastantes. Se conectan a PC. Se escucha un sonido de corte, pero le toma un segundo aprox. El unico inconveniente fue una clase en linea. Se trata de escuchar 2 cosas diferentes con una misma tarjeta de sonido. tiene el alcance de audifonos normales de bluetooth. lo recomiendo AtraLIZACION llevo mas. 3 meses usandolos de forma diaria, videollamadas, escuchar musica, and PC y Smartphone. ha funcionado No sirve para escuchar dos equipos. Elige de alguna solo un equipo. Se pueda conectar simultaneamente a dos equipos, se vuelve. No dice "power off", quiza por algunas caidas menores (menos de 50 cm). The manual is simple. I was involved in 2 ocasiones. escuchando music No video conferencia. Mantiene la duracin de bateria, sigue durandome el tiempo, tan es asi, pasar 2 semanas, con uso de 3 a 4 horas diarias.

6. Neesolo Headphones Microphone Foldable Children

Neesolo Headphones Microphone Foldable Children

The sound chamber has 40mm HD speakers and clear mega bass. Stereo drivers and other bands have improvements that make music more enjoyable. Quality needs to be heard. The built-in HD microphone of the kids wired headphones allows for crystal clear communication during cellphone calls, video calls or online classes. The inline controls allow your kids to control the volume, skip tracks, and answer calls. Kids need their own headsets. Kids headphones limit the volume level to 91 decibels for safe listening, which is lower than airplane rumble or car noises on road trips. The 40mm dynamic drivers deliver crystal clear sound streaming, so your kids can listen to Hi-fi sound in a safe way. Sharing fun with family and friends is easy with the provided audio splitter. The 3.5mm audio jack allows the headset to work well for laptops, phones, tablets, PCs, iPad, and more. The kids headphones will keep them comfortable all day. The ear cups of their on- ear headphones for kids are very soft. It's suitable for kids ages 3 to 16 years old, girls, boys, children, toddlers, home/online school, training, travel or car rides. The headband of the toddler headphones gives them some impressive flexibility. The foldable design makes it easy to keep the headphones tidy. Premium braided nylon fabric, 4.1ft/1.2m audio cable is strong enough to hold up in rough play.

Brand: Neesolo

👤These are great for children. I no longer have to listen to their noisy tablets. There is a The attached picture shows how they fit my grand daughter. My 6 year old grandson is also in the other pair. There is a They come with a set of 2 and a splitter so they can listen to one device. I have to get their attention if they are listening to their headphones, but I am not sure how well they block outside noise. If there is a weak spot to these headphones, the size adjustment feature would probably be all that is needed. They haven't bent so far. There are colored pink above the ears in the attached picture. For the price, they are wonderful. Are they the top of the line? No. These are a great set until they get lost or abused, and will not break the bank to replace them. The kids think they are great. There is a Grandmother approved!

👤If this isn't the cheapest packaging, I don't know what is. See photo. Things started to look better once I got past the terrible packaging. There is a The colors of the headphones are the same as in the photos. The colors are for a boy and a girl. The whole thing is made of plastic. The male and female jacks are made of metal and the cord is made of nylon. There is a I was able to wear them without stretching them out. The sound is clear. I used it to watch a movie. The splitter works well. The male end of the splitter has a cap on it. I haven't used them for a call yet. There is a mic on the cord and a button. I think that button is silent. If the rest of the headphones work, there shouldn't be a problem with the mic and mute.

👤I ordered this pack for my daughters to use. This was the perfect solution to the problem of one or the other's sound being turned up too loud, as well as the perfect solution for me to enjoy a little peace and quiet. The only thing they argue about is who gets to wear the headphones with pink. It's a good thing. I think the quality is decent and it's reflective of the price. The sound quality is good for kids, and the headphones are comfortable to wear. They fit perfectly on my 4yo and my 6yo. The addition of the splitter made it possible for my daughters to connect to the same device and listen together. My daughters love to use these headphones when they play games or watch movies on their phones, and I've been very pleased with them so far. The quietness for me is very pleasant.

👤Works well. They fit my son's head well and protect his ears. The noise was not loud. I was comfortable letting him wear them. These work on standard tablets. There is a The pink and blue pairs come with these. Both need wires. There is no wireless communication. There is a There is a microphone on the ground.

7. Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones Foldable Prolonged

Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones Foldable Prolonged

The exposed hole design is easy to install. If you put your AirTag in the Silicone sleeve, it will fit securely and you can put it anywhere you want. No hassle! If you want to attach items like keys, pet, dog or cat collar holder, the carabiners and key rings are an alternative. It's easy to find my key with the air tag remote item finder. High Definition Stereo Headphones, specially developed software and noise reduction technology designed to prevent you from heating ambient noises and make you focus on what you want to hear, is aesteirond Sound Production. Even in the lowest volume levels, you can lose yourself in music. Their constant pursuit is the goal that provides outstanding sound quality. BUILT FOR COMFORTABILITY The Earmuff is made of artificial leather. They are foldable and stretchable, which makes it easy to find the perfect fit without constraint. The best choice for travel, sport, and daily use by children, teens, and adults is Zihnic. SEAMLESS BLUETOOTH CONNECTION It was built to provide a stable connection. The headphones will be ready to pair when you slide the on/off button. The headphones are compatible with all plug cable enabled devices. You can have hands-free communication with the special noise reduction technology microphone that is compatible with all phones. ERGONOMIC DESIGN The model premium outlook is provided by the materials that are nice to touch. The earmuffs and headbands are made of memory-protein foam, which makes them soft and comfortable. The Premium Case is a great way to reduce wear and tear. A long battery life and dual mode. There are headphones that are Rechargeable. The 450mAh battery has 14 hours of music and 2.5 hours of fast Charing. You can switch to wired mode after 20 hours of playtime. You don't need to worry about power shortage for long travel. You are covered with a 12 months warranty and 100% customer satisfaction, if you choose to do so.

Brand: Zihnic

👤I ordered the headphones for the gym. I was tired of cords. The little buds in your ears hurt my ears so I have big bulky ones. These are not that heavy. The color was well packaged. The only complaint is that they smell a little. I have no issues with them. It's easy to connect with a far distance. They are very pretty and do not fall off my head. If I run into any problems, I will update this review. Thus far, very satisfied!

👤The headphones seemed wonderful at first, but then they stopped charging and won't work plugged in. The extra warranty has been honored more than it is worth. It has been almost a month since I was told that Jane was talking about it. Don't buy! Unless you enjoy disappointment. There is a After writing this review, I was contacted by the seller and a new pair were sent to me. I haven't had any more problems.

👤I needed less expensive headphones to use while mowing the lawn so I bought these on Prime Day. It only took a few seconds to connect to my phone. I didn't expect the sound quality to be as good as it is. I was concerned that my loud lawnmower wasn't working correctly because of the sound quality and powerfulness of them. The headphones were great and the mower was fine. I liked the fact that it came with a case. The product exceeded my expectations.

👤My 10 year old daughter uses her school device with these headphones. She has used them weekly since they were ordered. They stopped making sound today. They are useless now. They only lasted 3 months. I'm hoping that there is a warranty on these, but I can't seem to find one on Amazon. My daughter would have given them 4 to 5 stars before they stopped working, but now she can't because they are not working anymore.

👤When I received these headphones, I was excited as they had a nice design, a nice price tag, and a nice color. I was immediately disappointed. I paid a lot for these, but they didn't meet my expectations. 1. There is a delay when watching a video. I have to connect the headphones to get rid of the delay in sound, but it only works for a short time. 2. I was looking forward to the feature that comes with the headphones, but I am not sure if it will work. The sound quality was terrible and the signal was not good. The Christian station was the only one that I could hear clearly. That is a positive station. I wanted to listen to music while studying. 3. If you are looking for basic sound quality that will deliver your music just to get you through your studies, then you have found the right place. These will do well. Even though you only have half volume or lower, others will still be able to hear your music in a pindrop silent place. The battery life on these are great, so no problem there. They have a pretty rose gold color and are comfortable. These headphones didn't meet my expectations. I guess I will have to spend more money and find other uses for it.

8. AILIHEN Headphones Foldable Smartphone Computer

AILIHEN Headphones Foldable Smartphone Computer

The JBL Quantum 100 wired over ear gaming headset has a boom mic in black and is compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Stereo Sound: Enhanced bass performance and a soft-padded cushion. If you want to experience a premium music experience, you need to get away from the noise. For long listening sessions, ear pads provide a fatigue-free listening experience. The extended sliding headband will adjust to all head sizes, making the headphones compatible for adults, teens, and kids. Only weights 6 ounces. Store in small spaces. It's perfect for travel, school, etc. The cable is tangle and tear resistant. The integrated microphone along the braided cable allows for clear and hands-free communication. Easy control and universal compatibility are included. Most devices are compatible with the standard 3.5mm audio jack. The audio cable has a multi-function button. Press once to answer, pause, or hang up. To move to the next track, you have to double press and triple press.

Brand: Ailihen

👤I ordered them for my daughter. She loves them! She doesn't hear a word I say. They are durable, as the dogs haven't eaten them yet, so they are left everywhere with her other belongings. She always stays in the living room she never leaves, and the color matched the decor perfectly.

👤My fault is that I didn't pay attention when I got these for a year and a half. They have a clear sound. Even though they are a bit big for a toddler, the volume level is good. They work for her. Since they are loud, make sure to listen to it first before putting them on your kids ears. I am not a fan of pink, but the wire on her eveb is made of it to keep it from getting tangled up.

👤It worked well for 9 months. Only the right side works now, and it is very static.

👤These headphones are gorgeous. They are an excellent prop for photographs and have excellent sound quality. The sound quality is very good. The sounds of the music are clear. The noise-cancellation of these is very good. I can be sitting on my laptop with my kids playing on the xbox and not hear anything around me. I have to listen without an ear on so I can hear what's happening around me. There is a The cushion on these headphones is very comfortable. I like to wear the left side on my right side because I like to plug in to my computer on my right side and it's not that big of a difference, however, it's not that big of a difference when the left side is on my right ear. There is a The color is striking. The rose gold color is higher in pink than gold. It's the most perfect rose gold color I've ever seen. I have to make sure that the headphones don't get thrown around or broken because they fold into themselves so they are very easy to store. There is a They are very durable. I've owned these for a long time and have thrown them away. They have not caused any damage. There is a The plug sticks straight out, which is my only gripe with the headphones. I would prefer the plug to be a "L" shape so that I don't accidentally hit it with it sticking straight out. I feel like it would have more protection for my devices and myself, instead of the one that sticks right out.

👤I like them. I can't say enough good things about them. The sound quality is amazing and the color is adorable. I would highly recommend them. The price and quality are good. They allow me to concentrate on what I need to.

👤I tried contacting Ailehen, but they never returned any of my correspondence, even though their website says they back their product 100%. I wish Amazon didn't support these types of sellers. I have to see if I can get my money back from the extended warranties I bought. There is a One side plays sound, the other doesn't. Have had it for about six months. Junk. There is a They provide a 12 month warranty. I've tried to contact them but they haven't responded. I bought a warranty from squaretrade, but they won't cover it because the headphones stopped working within the warranty period. I will keep on Ailihen to see if they will give me my money back. I wouldn't buy these if I could get another brand.

9. POWMEE M1 Headphones Adjustable Tangle Free

POWMEE M1 Headphones Adjustable Tangle Free

Air Pressure Balance is exclusive to the Ultimate Fit and Comfort. You can get the best fit with a multi-level headband. To feel more comfortable to wear, it is necessary to reduce sound wave pressure of active noise reduction. It's justable. The headband is a perfect fit for your head shape, and it is also soft and comfortable. The lightweight design is light but sturdy and comfortable on the ears. Stay put and block the noise. It is convenient to carry, you can put it in the suitcase and bag. The nylon braided cord is tangle-free and durable for kids, children, girls, boys, and tolddlers. The wide- compatible 3. The headphones can be used with all 3. 5mm jack devices. Such as iPad, iPod, laptops, tablets, computers,car DVD player. It is very easy to get a lightning to 3.5mm jack for iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 year 2020 models.

Brand: Powmee

👤Kid sized. The ear pillows are smaller than the head band. My kids don't like adult size because they're used to it. They will get used to it soon. The cable is tough. It is easy to pack away. My personal set of headphones are not complicated for kids to use.

👤Two boys are on a road trip. The younger two had no choice but to use the dual screen DVD player because the older kids had phones, game systems, etc. We didn't have to listen to the lion king on repeat for 16 hours because we bought these. They couldn't hear us because they couldn't hear their movie. The headphones hurting their ears was a big bonus. To make sure the sound wasn't loud and the sound quality was good, put a set on myself before we left. Definitely recommend.

👤I was impressed by how well made these are. My child likes the colors and says they work well. He uses them at school.

👤The sound from these headphones is great and they seem to last for a long time. Will see how they hold up, but so far so good! The sound quality is very good.

👤Excellent quality of the Powmee headphones. My son didn't say a word when we traveled because he didn't like watching his cartoons with good sound.

👤Great headphones for kids. The rope like cord is a nice feature.

👤My son likes them. The price is great. The color is great.

👤I bought these for my 7 year old. She doesn't treat people well. I wanted something cheap, but it was also good. I'm wearing them because they fit an adult nicely. She wears our Bose headphones and I'm sure they'll fit her. They have a good range. One of the reasons I purchased this set was the nylon braided cord. It seems well constructed. If they don't last the test of time, I'll update. Nothing else to say. They are simple headphones.

👤Pues est para los nios. Tiene un cable. There is a Cabezas pequeas tienen expandir.

10. Headphones Microphone Headsets Splitter Children

Headphones Microphone Headsets Splitter Children

The padded headband and ear cups reduce strain and eliminate pain. You are entitled to receive a support service 24/7. Excellent Sound and in-line mic. The wired headphones for kids with built-in HD mic provide clear voice pickup, which is convenient for kids' online learning and communication at home or school, and the 40mm dynamic drivers give your kids crisp, powerful stereo sound that helps them better involved in music, videos, games and more Share fun together. Kids are able to share their happiness with their families or friends if they connect the 2 kids headphones to the same audio player. The Headband is lightweight and can be adjusted. The kids headphones have soft ear cushions and good air permeability, so they won't make your child feel tired, and the headband is flexible so you can fit it to your head shape. The button has universal compatibility and multifunctionality. The standard audio jack is compatible with most devices. The audio cable has a multi-function button that can be used to play, pause, answer, double click, and switch to the next song. Children's ears are sensitive to loud sound and they don't want them turning the volume up too much and damaging their hearing; that's why it is important to choose the best kids headphones, which allows your kids to cap sound no more than The Christmas gift choice for kids is nice.

Brand: Vitetaket

👤I liked the colors, quality and performance of these headphones. It makes it easier for two people to watch television. It was great to hear noise cancelation.

👤We bought them a few years ago, and now we have them again. We bought a different pair a few days ago and they broke on the first day, but it's still impressive to have them with young kids. They last a few years for us.

👤I got my kids headphones that work great. There were no issues. If you have a boy and a girl, it's definitely recommended. The colors are perfect.

👤These were better than I anticipated. Excellent quality!

👤It's great to watch videos for school.

👤This product was bought for my grandson so he can listen to his videos and I can hear what I want to hear, and they are clear and do the job.

👤The microphone in one did not work.

👤The product arrived on time. There was no damage to the package. It worked well. I haven't tried out the audio splitter yet, but both headphones work exactly as I would expect.

11. Headphones Microphone Noot Products K12

Headphones Microphone Noot Products K12

Plug in is easy for a kid. All devices that have a 3.5mm audio port are compatible. You will need a 3.5mm jack to use the Apple phones 7 and above. Not a type of headphones. It is easy to reach customer service. Designed for kids ages 3 to 16 years old, little or older kids, girls, boys, children, toddlers, home/online school, training, long plane or car rides. The headphones have a semi-gloss finish on the soft cushions. The headband can be adjusted to fit most head sizes. The headphones are small and convenient for easy storage. The nylon braided cable is 5 feet long. There is a microphone, multi-functional button, and an adjustment for volume limit. You can easily change the volume limit from 85dB to 94dB by using the multi-functional button. It's compatible with most phones, tablets, computers, laptops, and 3.5mm audiojack devices for an easy plug in and kid friendly. You will need a 3.5mm jack to use the Apple phones 7 and above.

Brand: Noot Products

👤Due to the virtual school taking place, I purchased two sets of head phone. One is needed for home use and the other for school. This set was my favorite and the other was fine as well. These headphones are the best I have ever purchased for my kids. I bought two different ones because I was concerned that one may not work as I had hoped. There is a My son has a small head. I was worried that they wouldn't be able to adjust to his size. They did. They fit my husband's head as well. The sound is perfect for his ears. I like this. The quality of the cording was a bonus for me. It is wrapped in threading and cords for a more durable look. I think my money was well spent for the quality of the product. It would be a good idea. Hope this helps someone.

👤When I received the headphones, they didn't have a microphone with a volume limit. Very disappointing.

👤We bought a pair for our kids. They have worked great and have lasted. I was surprised by how inexpensive they are, but I am happy with them and the kids like them. The cord is long and the kids can put it on. We will buy another set if these finally give up on us and we were happy with the purchase.

👤My son's first set of headphones died and we needed another, higher quality set for him to take a flight for the first time, to watch a tablet and listen to music. He's only 6 years old, so we didn't want to break the bank on a set. There is a He said they were comfortable and had a good audio quality. They seem to be able to hold up.

👤These are great. I bought two pairs of these in different colors for my boys to wear when traveling over the summer as their previous pairs didn't last very long and needed to be replaced. I was initially concerned about fit as they have giant heads for small boys, and the older one has sensory issues, and often has meltdowns if something doesn't fit just right. These were perfect! The quality is better than I have ever bought before. It's easy to wear, no headaches, and they can hear their teachers loud and clear even when other kids are having trouble. My daughter tried to sneak her brother's head phones to school this week because she likes how they help block out noisy distraction compared to her favorite earbuds, so I ordered her a pair and two more pairs for the boys so they don't have them. The girl will likely order a second pair in the near future, as we will see how often she remembers to transport hers.

👤I bought them for my kids. They are comfortable. They have been using them for 4 months and still work perfectly, unlike a lot of their classmates who had to have theirs replaced already. I bought them both for Christmas so I could travel with them.


What is the best product for headphones for kids with wire?

Headphones for kids with wire products from Elecder. In this article about headphones for kids with wire you can see why people choose the product. Powmee and Elecder are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphones for kids with wire.

What are the best brands for headphones for kids with wire?

Elecder, Powmee and Elecder are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphones for kids with wire. Find the detail in this article. Bengoo, Amazon Renewed and Neesolo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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