Best Headphones for Pc White

Pc 3 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. JBL Quantum 100 Over Ear Headphones

JBL Quantum 100 Over Ear Headphones

Up to 24 hours of combined playback and a charging case, with up to 4 hours of continuous play in the earbuds and up to 20 hours of backup power from the charging case. A 15-minute quick charge is provided by the smart charging case. In competitive gaming, sound is important. Every victory on PC, Mac, Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch is amplified by the JBL Quantum 100. Users never have to miss a step, shot or jump during game because of the immersive gaming audio that comes with the JBL Quantum Sound Signature. Users of the Quantum 100 gaming headset can use a boom microphone with echo cancelling technology to focus on their teammates' voice rather than background noise. The 3.5mm connection for multi-platform gaming on PC, Mac, Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch is provided by the memory foam ear cushions on the JBL Quantum 100 headset. The JBL Quantum 100 wired over ear gaming headset has a boom mic in black and is compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Brand: Jbl

👤The headset is great. The sound is very clear. I use it for Call of Duty and games like it, so the sound is very important. I am told that the mic quality is good. My voice is clear in the game. The only reason these did not get five stars was the catch. The build is flimsy. I am a 40 year old man who loves to play video games with my two sons. I won't wear the headset a lot in regular use. I put them away when not in use. If I were to give these to my 15 year old, they would probably not last more than 6 months. They seem a little loose in their construction. I am happy that my sons have heavier duty headsets. I would recommend them to others with the same caveat because I am very happy with them so far.

👤I like that it's much better to wear a long time than it was before. The audio quality is good. Don't like braided cords, they generate a little bit of rubbing sound. I would rather have a folding microphone for storage when not in use, and it can get lost, if I had aremovable and fixed-position microphone. The next model up has a folding microphone but costs twice as much and the microphone audio is poor, and at $90 I'm sure I can find something better. Even my other cheap $20 headset came with a splitter, so I bought a splitter for an extra $6. The final verdict is that it will be kept. It's not a real value for money to have to buy the splitter separately. The only difference between it and my $20 headset is the wearing comfort. I would value this one at between $25 and $30. I paid $50 for a headset that is 10 times better, but it's no longer available. You may find something better if you keep looking. It's a good thing. The connecting hinges for the headphones are a weak link in the design. The first thing to break is very flimsy. I returned the headset after one week. They stopped working and the people I talked to were very faint. I was told that my microphone was static. I switched back to my backup cheap headset and it worked better, as I verified there was nothing wrong with my connection.

👤I wanted a white version of the headset because it would match my mouse and keyboard on my new PC, but the release time was delayed so I ended up buying a more expensive headset from a different company. I returned it and it was released when I was looking for another one. I am happy to say that it is working well and at a low price compared to the other headset. It is amazing! I can finally talk to my friends when I play games. If you want to use it for PC, it doesn't come with a splitter or ausb port. I've found a better way to convert a computer's data.

2. SteelSeries Arctis Illuminated Headset Headphone

SteelSeries Arctis Illuminated Headset Headphone

The headband and earmuff design allow the headset to fit your head and ears more comfortably, and the ergonomics ensure your comfort after long-time use. Users need to change settings on Sony PS5 to make it compatible with it. The Arctis 5 combines cutting edge audio technology with independent game and chat controls. The award winning speaker drivers produce ultra-low distortion, with the help of the v2.0 surround sound. The best mic in gaming is the arctic clear cast bidirectional microphone. The dial balances game audio and chat volume on the fly. The ear cushions and headband are made of padded air weave.

Brand: Steelseries

👤You read the headline correctly, a cable that is lost or damaged will send you on a witch hunt through the depths of your imagination. Steelseries decided it was a good idea to make a strangeusb cable offspring of ausb-micro andusb-mini. The result is something you will not find anywhere, not even on Steelseries' website, as it is sold out. $10 more for shipping of cable. The Steelseries wanted to make an extra buck and design their own cable. The headset is rendered useless without this cable. Good luck finding a replacement, I found my own way, but I don't want to reveal that here. The headset is amazing.

👤After a few hours of use, this headset will hurt your ears and head. The headset mic picks up the sound from the headset speakers. Push to talk is required when you get reverb through voip. There is a For almost $60 and a brand name, you would expect some better padding on the ears, which would fix the issue of noise going to mic. There is a The headset is not comfortable or functional with a premium price.

👤I bought the Arctis 1 for my son who is getting into gaming and I didn't want him to start using his headset too early, I am a gaming enthusiast and have more expensive equipment but not about to have him start on that! I was surprised by the Arctis 1. It is light and comfortable. The fit on my head and my son's head is good, thanks to the head strap padding. He likes the fact that he can connect the mic to other devices that don't use the mic, but he doesn't have a large mic in his face, so he likes the fact that he can use different devices that don't use the mic. SteelSeries makes great products, but hasn't done well at this price point. After using it and seeing my son's response, I would highly recommend it.

👤I was excited to get a new headset from Steel Series, my old one was the best I have ever had. When the SteelSeries Siberia v2 stopped working, I broke my heart. I had that headset for almost 3 years. I took good care of it. This one? I was happy to find a headset that had air weave cushions for the ears. Leather is made from SOO. I love wearing these, they are so comfortable. There is a catch. The strap on the top is supposed to fit everyone. It doesn't... The headset is too large for me and it slips off my head. It falls off if I tip my head back. I tried to make it better, but it just can't be fixed. It is not clear if my old mic was clear. I sounded like myself. Now? This is not clear at all. I sound distorted. I have no choice but to stick with them since I can't get another set of Siberia for less than they are. The wire is the next thing I hate about this headset. If you are using it with a PC, it is split into three parts. You have a wire that goes from the headset to the middle of the wire. It's connected to a button that's so sensitive that if you touch it, it messes with the sounds. Lowering the sounds of things. I get its function, but it is so sensitive. That is one of the things I hate about this headset. The wire has a button in it. It's fine that it's there, but why is it so easy to move? I bumped it with my elbow. Or is it brushing on my arm? Come on... I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. I would shop around. I don't mind the price, but I would prefer the product was better.

3. 3 5mm Headset Gaming Headsets Xbox

3 5mm Headset Gaming Headsets Xbox

Volume control and smooth mic. The mic can be turned on and off with the help of a small controller on the cord. The soft cord is long. Over 5 feet! This is perfect for a video game player. The long cord allows for a lot of movement. The 40mm driver has a stereo surround sound effect. The bass hits hard and the high is crystal clear, providing an excellent gaming and immersive experience of video, capable of various games. Earmuffs that are skin-friendly and soft Over- ear pads that are more comfortable for long time wear are what makes them comfortable to use. There is a headband on both sides. Enjoy great compatibility with all of your devices. When connecting with an old version of the Xbox One controller, you need an extra Microsoft accessory. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Supsoo

👤These headphones are very cute. They look like headphones. The microphone works well, the sound is good, and the white light adds a nice touch. I think they're a good price for it.

👤I needed something that would be comfortable for a long period of time while I was at home. My boss recommended a gaming headset that I would never have considered getting. These were perfect and I thought I was not a gaming person. They fit over my ears nicely and they light up. I had to buy my nephew a pair of his own because he was so jealous. I would recommend them to everyone.

👤My daughter picked them out. They work right out of the box, no drivers to download. She says that even though she wears glasses, they fit her head well and the sound quality is better than her Turtle Beach ones. We played a game on the PC and it sounded great, the mic was clear, and she was louder than with her previous headsets. The mic is just a vertically moving arm so that she doesn't end up eating it or blasting it out for dramatic effect. I really like this headset. The price would make you assume that the quality is better. These will work great if you are giving it to a child.

👤I didn't like it for the noise cancelling, but I love these headphones, they are great. The sound quality is a 4 Star, and that might be due to how my computer outputs sound. It might be better if you have a better rig. The buttons on the device that control sound volume and mic on/off could be a little more blunt, as it can be hard to know what button does what.

👤These headphones are close to being perfect. They serve me with excellent sound quality in addition to my signature pink color. They're a treat for the ears, whether I'm using them solely for listening or recording a podcast with them. They're lightweight and comfortable to wear. I can wear them for hours without bothering my ears or head, which is a testament to their design. I almost packaged these up without using them to send them back because I saw the CD when I first opened the box. It felt like it was from the past. I listened to my intuition and gave them a try without loading the CD's data. They work well for my needs. I'm not a game player. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤I have had a headset for almost a month and I love it. The sound is clear and the microphone is clear to hear me as well. My son has used it, and we have to tell him that he cannot hear himself being so loud. They are comfortable. I have not had any problems with them so far and they are wearing me for anywhere from an hour to five hours. There are no judgements. It's convenient to have the volume knob and mute button on the wire. If you get this headset, I hope you do as well.

4. Headphones Splitter Canceling Surround Smartphones

Headphones Splitter Canceling Surround Smartphones

The headphones with a high-quality microphone are able to eliminate ambient noise. You don't have a microphone, but the headphones have a build in microphone, and a clear voice. Plug andplay, no driver needed. Offer two free Y connections. Support PS4 and new consoles, PC, Nintendo 3DS, laptop, iPad, and mobile phone. When connecting with an old version of the Xbox One controller, you need an extra Microsoft Adapter. You will fall in love with the Exquisite Sound Effect, it's high precision 50mm magnetic neodymium drivers deliver high-quality stereo sound, advanced noise isolation technology, and it's capable of various games. The most advanced soft omnidirectional microphone can be fixed at any angle. Premium noise-canceling feature can transmit high quality communication, it pick up sounds with great sensitivity and remove the noise, which ensure the quality of online communication. The experience of gaming. The buttons are designed to be used for hand control. The earcups and mic have GlaringLED lights on them. You can play games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Far Cry 5, God of War, Monster Hunter World, Battlefront, NBA 2k18, Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront, and others. As good as you can. Skin friendly leather material for a longer period of wearing, great humanized design, high quality signature memory foam, no pressure for your head, and comfortable over- ear pads with good air permeability, are all included in the design. Men, women, teenagers, and other groups can use the steel slider, which can be adjusted for different head sizes.

Brand: Svyhuok

👤I bought a pair of headphones that sounded terrible. I was surprised that I wasicided to go with these. The noise cancellation is great with these. I'm very pleased with the price. I have a small head and they are a bit tight. The child size on the box is usually correct.

👤It was too much of a hassle to add an additional part to my son's XBOX 1. I suggest ordering headphones that are ready to use. Otherwise they looked great and arrived on time. I can't tell you how they work because we never used them.

👤We bought the headphones for my 11 year old who likes to play games and also create a walk through of games she plays. She likes these headphones. I got to try them out and they are great. She didn't know her headphones were on, but when she saw them light up, her smile grew bigger.

👤Excellent purchase exceeded my expectations.

👤These only have sound in one ear.

👤My son loved them. The only problem was that the lights didn't stay the same. It has to be plugged in to the controller at the same time as the light.

👤The only problem is that they have to be plugged into ausb to light up, which limits where you can go if you have a wireless controller.

👤The product is not working and the mic is not working.

👤5 meses funcionando.

👤Couldn't get them to work, but got another brand and it connected in seconds.

👤My daughter loves it. No regrets.

👤My son loves his new headphones. The fact is flexible so it won't break easily with the younger boys. Highly recommended.

5. Bluetooth Headphones Pollini Wireless Memory Protein

Bluetooth Headphones Pollini Wireless Memory Protein

Long battery life and dual mode are what the TUINYO Headphones are for. 40 hours of music time, and 2 to 2.5 hours of fast Charing. You can switch to wired mode after 35 hours of playing. You don't need to worry about power shortage for long travel. There is a warranty. Tuinyo has a 30-day hassle-free return policy and a one-year warranty. Customer service is prompt and friendly. Pollini headphones are constructed with a 40mm driver and fully covered earmuffs to ensure superior High Fidelity stereo sound quality and immersive music feast where you may lose yourself by covering closely your ears. The wireless headphones are great for using on Voice Assistant enabled devices, as they allow you to use voice commands with hands free. The design is comfortable. The ear cushions are made of memory-protein and mimic human skin texture. With the help of the soft padded headband and the durable quality STAINLESS steel slider, the headset can be adjusted to the perfect fit. Pollini earphones are perfect for travel, sport, and daily use. Long press the power button and the headphones with microphone will enter pair mode and connect with your devices in seconds without interference. It is possible to enjoy smooth hands-free phone calls. There is a requirement for a built-inBluetooth function for TV. The 3.5mm jack audio cable enabled device can turn into a pair of wired earphones if they are compatible with the wireless earphones. Pollini over ear headphones come with great performance and a stylish appearance to stay popular. The design of the leather earmuffs and headbands guarantees a maximum comfort even after long- lasting wear. They offer a carrying pouch to keep the headsets when not in use for easier storage and carrying as well as to increase their service life. Pollini headphones have a long battery life of 40 hours of continuous music playing and requires 2.5 hours to get a full charge. When the battery power runs out, you can switch to wired mode with an audio cable and not worry about a power shortage. 30-days hassle-free return policy and one-year warranty are included. Customer service is always prompt and friendly.

Brand: Pollini

👤Overall, I gave them 5 stars. I was looking for cheap headphones with a mic that I could use with my phone while walking. I settled on these after reading reviews for several brands. The breakdown of my review is here. Bitter life. I have charged them twice since purchase. They had a 70% charge. They last about 8 hours so far. I can charge them at night when I walk a lot. They have a battery. There is a COMFORT: These headphones are not loud. They are very comfortable. They are not loose-fitting for a woman. Sound: The sound quality is good. I listen to a lot of different music, from house to brostep, toymphonic metal. The sound quality is good. These headphones do a good job of keeping track of the different frequencies in music. There is a The sound quality on the receiver's side is still good. There is a Over all: The purchase was a good one. I would recommend them. There are updates on March 7, 2022. To pair this with multiple devices, each device needs to be off. I have other blue tooth devices that don't work this way. My original 5-star rate does not change. The headphones are comfortable and hold a charge. The sound quality is still good.

👤These are comfortable and can be used with both wired and wireless connections to my phone. I can wear these all day without any problems. These batteries can last all day without needing a refill. I have some days where I play music for 8 hours. The connection is always good. The sound is great and the bass is deep. I spend a lot of time away from home and these have served me well. The build quality of the headphones is good. These are the ones in my ear buds.

👤These are very nice, they are a very pretty rose gold with great attention to detail. They are comfortable. I use mine for meditation and they block out the outside noise. These are affordable and I think we all should be meditating for health and freedom right now. I send my love from the deepest part of my heart. We are all in this together.

👤I own seven pairs of headphones that I love. I used these on my computer for everything. The sound is great and the battery lasts for three days. I don't compare them to my Bose but they sound great and for the money, you can't beat them. I know what my friends and family are getting for Christmas. If you have a big ol melon head, they are small. I think these are youth size. I have a small peanut. I wear a motorcycle helmet and they fit great. I think it's not that small. It's funny.

👤The sound of these headphones blocks out noise on its own, even though they don't have noise cancellation. The sound is so audible to everyone else that there is nothing to be worried about. I prefer having my music low because I like it that way. You can't even think about using these. I can't get halfway to what these headphones are capable of without being completely audible to everyone else in the room as if I'm playing music directly off my phone speakers. Sometimes I can hear them just as well with them around my neck as with them over my ears. I have had these for less than 2 months and the sound is already getting fuzzy and faded. I would have gotten a cheap pair of earbuds from Walmart. Not worth $30. The battery life is exactly as advertised, but when you get over $20 dollars, longevity becomes a concern. I have had cheap headphones in the past. My headset is getting worse by the day. It is inevitable at this point.

6. SADES Cancelling Headphones Retractable Games Angel

SADES Cancelling Headphones Retractable Games Angel

After-sale service for Kikc headset will take it through a strict quality test process before it is sent out. You can apply for a refund after the sale is over. If there is a problem with the product, please contact them first. After logging in to your account, click "order details", and then click "Giber", there will be a question in the upper right corner. Mpower is a multi-platform gaming headset, which can connect to PS4 / XBOX ONE ( 2015 Version ) / Laptop / Nintendo Switch/ VR/ Mobile Devices via the 3.5mm audio+mic combined jack. The conversion cable has a mic and audio jacks. The stereo sound is powerful thanks to the 50mm speakers. The retractable and flexible microphone picks up your voice clearly and the big leather earmuffs provide an extreme noise-cancellation function. Convenient in-line control is easy to adjust while gaming. The L-shape jack at the end of the cable makes it easy to put the hands in the correct position while playing mobile games. The ear muffs are soft and comfortable to wear. The headband and earmuffs are skin-friendly to wear for a long time. Perfect after-sales service. All the products would be tested before shipping out to ensure a good shopping experience. The best quality gaming headset will be brought to their customers. 18 months after sale service is offered to their customer.

Brand: Sades

👤This is my first Amazon review video and I am amazed with the results of the SADES MPower Angel Edition Headset.

👤Sound quality and mic are amazing. This is perfect if you add some kitty ears.

👤These are adorable. They fit well. They complete the look of my build, it came with a spliter which is great. The volume control on them works well. These are so cute.

👤This headset works great. The cord has a button on it. It is easy to find in a game and you don't have to look for it on your headphones. It has a nice design and sounds great. I had a headset that didn't pick up my voice very well, but this one picks up my voice very well. Definitely recommend.

👤The sound is great. If you leave it on for too long the top of your head will hurt, and I just adjust it while gaming. Its pretty awesome other than that.

👤I look forward to using them when I play games with my friends.

👤So chic and lovely! I like the colors and style. The noise cancelling feature is amazing and it's very comfortable. I like the retractable microphone. So neat! Definitely recommended!

👤It works with the Nintendo switch and my daughter loves it.

👤I was not expecting this quality. Absolutely worth it! The sound is really good and it is so cute. I own a headset from the same company. The only thing that matters is that the mic catches all the sounds around you.

👤The headset is white and pink. There is a They don't bother me or hurt my ears when I wear glasses. Light and comfortable. There is a The retractable microphone is convenient, but it's flexible, and I have to adjust after bumping it out of place. There is a The sound dial on the chord is in a sweet spot where I constantly adjust it. The speaker on the left does not come through as loud as the speaker on the right. There is a The sound crackles when I change the sound dial. Not completely noise-cancelling.

👤Great product! Excellent for gaming and mic quality. This product is very good.

👤Excellent quality, fast shipping and comfortable. Would but from the buyer again.

7. CORSAIR Virtuoso Wireless High Fidelity CA 9011186 NA

CORSAIR Virtuoso Wireless High Fidelity CA 9011186 NA

The ear cushions and headband are made of padded air weave. A matched pair of 50mm high-density neodymium speaker drivers deliver a frequency range of 20 to 40,000hertz, double that of typical gaming headsets. Premium memory foam earpads conform to the shape of your head and a lightweight pillow-soft headband to provide long- lasting comfort. SLIPSTREAM CORSAIR WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY allows for high-fidelity, ultra-low latency audio and an exceptional 60ft signal range. You can make yourself heard with a broadcast-grade, omni-directional high-bandwidth microphone. The construction of lightweight aluminum ensures long-term reliability. You can connect to virtually any device with a wired 3.5mm,usb, or SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS. 24bit/ 96KHz Audio is delivered via a wired connection.

Brand: Corsair

👤I was able to purchase a Virtuoso SE through Amazon. I read Tom's Hardware review and was very excited. The Steelseries Arctis 5 is great for gaming, but only at 48k Hz. The sound was limiting when I tried out Amazon HD. The headphones are gorgeous, solid and a wonder to behold, and unboxing them is a master class in excitement building. The case is very nice. The rest of the contents are packed in soft foam and are flexible. I have a lot of Corsair equipment, and I'm typing on a K95 keyboard. I was very excited. After assembling the piece, I plugged in the headphones via theusb cable. There is a The microphone was active and the headphones were charging. I thought we're cookin'. Put it on Amazon Music. Neil Young, Prince, Mozart. It all sounded great. The bass is clear and not overpowering. Highs and mids are crisp. I decided to leave the equalizer at neutral. There is a It's time to start a game. I tried to turn on the option but it wasn't there. I checked the Corsair boards and they are not compatible. No problem. I switched it on in iCue, and the sounds are great, but I'm not sure if the FPS booster worked. The biggest problem is that phone doesn't work. It was plugged in and the light is on. The light is green and can beggled to turn red and back. Checked levels and software. I exited out. There is still no microphone in Planetside 2. Planetside stated that the primary input device is not a microphone. There is a Windows was replugging things in. Went to Corsair support and tried to install and uninstall, but they didn't work. There is a Ok. The website says that this is a known issue with later builds of Windows 10 and a fix is forthcoming. There is a I'm stuck with a $210 set of headphones which are nice, but not great, and have no microphone. There is a After opening a ticket, there is no time to wait for Corsair support. There is a You can get a refund and return from Amazon. My Arctis 5 will be used to look for a higher def headset. There is a Corsair, there's so much good about this headset, maybe it's just me and a lack of patience, but I was severely disappointed and my faith in your typical flawless execution has been severely tested. Hopefully you can fix this so other people enjoy it. I'll be content with my Arctis 5 until something better comes along. There is a Thanks!

👤I don't usually write reviews but I have some time to burn and am hoping my input will help someone decide whether or not the Corsair Virtuoso are a good choice for their application. I got the Premium version, not the Special Edition version. It was not the $30 price difference that made me choose this, it was the build quality. There is some satisfaction in the way these feel. Sturdy, no flexing and no creaking. Not too heavy, good weight. The SE version is very nice with the aluminum. I'm sure many people would be comfortable with the leather headband and pads. It would be great if they included some variations at this price point. Changing the sound profile is half the fun of having a good set of cans. There is a crazy sound isolation. You will not be able to hear much around you if you put these on your head. These are very closed headphones and are in every way shape and form. The fact that the volume is on the right side is annoying because most people are right handed. The primary mouse hand is the right one. Wireless sound is clean for most of the time. I attached an image of my settings as I personally like a V curve with elevated lows and a bit of mids. They sound pretty bland with a flat EQ, not only for games but also music and general use. It's not clear how this would work for console users who don't have easy access to sound profiles. Excellent microphone quality! The mic on the Premium is better than the Special Edition, but I'm not sure if it's a known fact. If you want to reproduce your voice to others accurately, this is a good selling point. The software is working. iCUE only has a small amount of options for this set of cans and only a few preset settings that I would never use. Not to say that other people are better than Logitech software. This is not great. At times, clarity is the biggest issue. Sometimes a crack/pop/distortion can occur in certain games and music, even when using the "Pure Direct" EQ settings. I might have received a faulty pair of cans. I can't unhear the distorted audio. The second biggest issue from my point of view. My ears touch the inside of the driver's pads, which is a bit shallow for me. I think it would be easier to roll my pad. You would have to destroy the original pads to get the rings out to mount a new set, or you could even get a 3D set of pads. I like being able to swap pads for comfort, but these don't allow it. I'll be sending these back because this may have been a long winded review that doesn't provide much insight. I will continue to use my Logitech G935's, with swapped lambskin headband and lambskin pads. I think stock is better in terms of value, performance,customization, etc.

8. Headphone Universal Aluminum Sennheiser Wireless

Headphone Universal Aluminum Sennheiser Wireless

Home storage design can use various storage space. The earphone width can be hung. Hanging headset to help you organize table top and save space. The headset holder's pad is a cushion to protect your headband from deep crease after a long time hanging. A flexible headrest made with a flexble rubber, can be used to form a small or large headphonesholder. Detachable Designcombi of three parts, fast to detach it when not in use, put it in your drawer, book shelf, etc., or bag when travelling, with TINY space taken only. It is light, modern and environment friendly. Aviation aluminum is a solid Sturdy and Durable. Not cheap plastic. The buffer design does not leave scratches. The pads at the bottom are made of Silicone. It's suitable for most headphones. It fits most headphones with a headband width within 1.7 inch/ 4.5 cm and device height within 8.85 inch/22.5 cm, such as the Active Noise Canceling Headphone, Children Headphone, and so on.

Brand: Onecut

👤This product is serious and you get what you pay for. I bought this for my studio. I have to be careful not to knock it over. It is very light. The base doesn't have much in the way of stability because it isn't weighted compared to the stand. The base is big enough that it is stable when it's just sitting there, but if your headphones have a curly cable, the weird tension might cause it to slide around or tip over when you pick them up. It can tip over if I bumped it while they are resting on it because there's no counterbalance to the headphones in the base to keep it stable. I plan to keep it. You get what you pay for if it was under $10. I will either put a weight plate on the bottom or add a piece of velcro to it to make it stick to my desk. There is a I am not worried about the soft rubbery material of the rest pad damaging my headphones, because it is made of soft rubber. There is a The soft pad won't damage headphones, but the base is not weighted so it's a bit unstable when headphones rest on it. There is a The verdict was: You get what you pay for. The main flaw is easy to fix.

👤It would have been a little less sturdy if it was 1/2 inch taller. It was easy to assemble and holds my headphones well. It was what I wanted.

👤I received this stand in a box that looked like it was used or a returned item because the parts are dirty and the rubber feet on the base look like they are made of hair. The standing pole connecting to the base is not well designed and the assembly is easy and straight forward. It is not very sturdy. The seller doesn't care if the product is clean or not and it doesn't feel like a quality product. I wiped it clean and used it as is because it was too much hassle to send it back. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤It holds my headphones in a safe place at my desk, which is more sturdy than I expected. Even though I own multiple 3D printers and could have printed a stand instead, the assembly was more of a value for the money than a stand. This one appealed to me more than any other 3D printed ones and ordering one was less of a hassle than printing one out.

👤It holds my headphones securely. I attach it to my desktop with a command strip. They're a pair of Audio-Technicas, so they're pretty good sized. It's an inexpensive way to keep your headphones safe.

👤It was more than I expected. They don't tip over. I bought one for my desk and one for my husband. Both of us have paperwork scattered around and headphones buried. They have a place where we can grab them and listen to something while they are in the same room.

9. Corsair Wireless Premium Headset Surround

Corsair Wireless Premium Headset Surround

Premium 50mm high-density neodymium Audio drivers with an expanded frequency range will amplify everything from the lightest footstep to the most thundering explosion. It is made with microfiber mesh fabric and plush memory foam ear pads. You can connect to your PC or PS4/PS5 using low-latency 2.4 GHz wireless. An omnidirectional microphone picks up your voice with great clarity and a built-in indicator to tell you when it's over. The Yokes are built to last through years of gaming. Apple M1 chip devices do not support 7.1 surround sound.

Brand: Corsair

👤There are a few things that put me off of these headphones. Some reviews mention these issues. I returned the issues that bothered me. It's simply not worth the price. I wear headphones for 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. To help me sleep. I have a decent collection of headphones. BAT MAN, HOLY DISTORTION! The cheap-o $30 bluetooth units produce massive amounts of distortion when listening to music at high volumes. I can't believe how bad these are. It seems to do okay if you only cover one range, but add in two or three and you have a really bad sound. You can't make out what you're listening to anymore, because almost all music is almost all music. There are two more The volume roller is very easy to accidentally adjust. It's unbelievably easy. Since the headphones or mic is so loose, it's almost impossible to dial in the right volume when I adjust them. Very annoying! There are 3 more There are no media controls on these. Why? A push-button volume button combination would allow media controls through long presses. There are four The ear pieces are very hot. I wear headphones that burn my ears up in a matter of minutes, so I have to remove them temporarily. The volume knob is always being adjusted by accident. There are five People can hear what I am playing and listening to, because these block out-side sound. This doesn't make sense since the ear-pads don't allow any air flow. 6) The mic disabling button turns on a light. What? There is no light when your mic is on. There's a bright red light on when you're not using the mic, such as when you're hanging out or listening to music. Huh? How does this make sense? The audio volume is 1/3 of what I own. I set the setting up to 100% to be equal to 30% on any other headset. Why? The mic is garbage. I can't imagine anyone with any sense of intelligence would think this mic is anything other than sub par. Everything sounds tinny, or incredibly digital, like using one of those $5 voice oscillators that make you sound like a robot. The speaker mesh is too shallow and will contact your ears. This makes it unbearable by itself, but combined with every other issue. I can't tell a difference between regular 2.0 phones and these. At all. You have to place these in a very specific place, or you will only hear about 70% of what it's putting out. The very specific spot these must be placed is horrible. You have to bend and fold your ears. 11) I know I said 10 was the final number, but it brings me to another point. In almost every way, these are very uncomfortable. After a short session, your jaw will hurt as the bottoms press right into the hinge of your jaw, your ears will hurt, and you will be sweaty from the lack of air. These are full of poor design choices from a company that specializes in headphones. I've owned many headsets, but this one is the worst. Don't recommend anyone for anything.

10. Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Cancelling Comfortable

Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Cancelling Comfortable

H350 is compatible with all major gaming platforms, with 3.5mm +usb powered braided cable and 2 x 3.5mm cables splitter. The professional and comfy memory Protein Earpad reduces pressure on ear and fit head perfectly, making them ideal for when you are working at home, taking online classes, or traveling. If you want to get better hearing enjoyment and keep your head comfortable, please take off the headphones every few hours. The Hi-fi Audio Sound and Strong Bass are powered byProprietary 40mm Large-aperture Drivers. The bass response was deep and accurate. The Active Noise Cancelling headphones give you crisp, powerful sound and quiet that help you enjoy your music better. 3. When the battery runs out, the 5mm audio cable changes from wireless to wired mode. 60 hours play time, 60 hours call time, and 40 hours game time. Don't worry, the enjoyment of music is unaffected. A single charge keeps you powered all day. Earmuff is a simple threaded housing with 7 kinds of color led. The light of both of them would highlight your gaming atmosphere. The headphones with a high-quality microphone are able to eliminate ambient noise. You don't have a microphone, but the headphones have a build in microphone, and a clear voice.

Brand: Meseto

👤The sound quality is great. I can tell you that the bass option is comfortable and not tight. The battery life is more than I had expected. I use for three days before I charge. Background noise is not an issue. It's easier to get up and walk around with a wireless phone, but you still have to be ready to take a call. So happy with the purchase.

👤I can wear them for a long time. When I'm playing games, whoever I'm chatting to via voice chat can hear everything coming in through the headphones. Which is very annoying. I don't like that the light up colors only work when you use the bluetooth, that seems counterintuitive to battery life. Not to mention the sound quality is terrible, using the actual audio jack is better. There is a The microphone does not work with the mute button, so I have to remove it. I wasted a lot of money on these.

👤They are great for classes and meetings. There is a The sound quality is excellent. I use my notebook computer to watch TV. I take college classes. I listen to my music on the internet. I like to watch movies there. I feel like I'm there.

👤These are very good. They have everything I wanted. You can talk on the phone and the other person can hear you because of the boom mic. It makes a difference. It is one of the few headphones that allow you to talk and also be wireless. I have been looking for a long time. The music sounds great and the added vibration adds a deeper level of base that feels really good. Some of the button combinations are not easy to understand. I didn't buy these for gaming, but I can use them to play games on my phone where no lag is important. I am just happy! I didn't expect to get something that works so well. If you want to listen to music and make phone calls, these are the headphones for you.

👤These are very comfortable. They do not work with everything and crackle a lot. I don't always get sound for simple programs. I don't hear notifications, but other basic headphones do. They will probably be fine for simple music listening. Not much for work. They are very comfortable and sad. Found this issue. These are not suitable for those using the software at home.

👤Good if you just use for listening. I bought these to use for both. I was told that my mic was malfunctioning and that I sounded like I was in traffic. I don't recommend people buy these for the microphone.

👤My son was unhappy with this pair of headphones and was trying to find the right one. He said that the headphones were the worst he had ever tried. for these reasons. They don't seem to have been designed to fit a human head, they stick out and don't make a good seal, as a result they are very uncomfortable and have a lot of noise bleed. The sound quality is so bad that they sound like they're coming out of a rusty tin can. There are 3 more They don't stay on your head, if you were doing nothing but sitting straight up and not moving, they would fall off your head, and the quality of plastic they are made of would shatter. You can get better headphones for half the price if you don't buy these.

11. ZIUMIER Z20 Headphone Microphone Comfortable

ZIUMIER Z20 Headphone Microphone Comfortable

The headset has an analogue volume control wheel and mic switch. Anti-winding braided cable has a high strength. The connection only uses for lighting up moving lights. The professional 50MM audio driver combined with improved audio technology allows you to listen to everything from every direction as if you were on the battlefield of the badlands. The noise canceling microphone has a bendable microphone with noise isolation tech that will pick up your voice clearly and loudly. kawaii headset with pink outlook is attractive to a young girl and a nice gift. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Soft earmuffs with bionicprotein are used for long time use and fit most head shapes. MULTI-PLATFORM HEADSET The headset is compatible with PC, PS4, PS5 and XBOX One. It is possible to use the Xbox. One controller will be required to use this headset. The central controller has a microphone mute button and a high strength anti-twist braided cable.

Brand: Ziumier

👤The quality of the headset is not good. The sound quality is similar to those cheap headphones you find at the dollar store. You can't have mic and audio at the same time. You can either get one or the other and it's pretty pointless. Not worth my money. Will be returning it.

👤These headphones are very good for the price. I used to use my partners gaming headphones for $400. When we split up, I looked for alternatives because I don't game that often. I like the pink color and the microphone. The headphones feel heavy on my head at times, but that is more of a problem for me than it is for them. There is a I haven't found out if this is a problem with my PC or a problem with the cable splitter, but I have had an issue where sound doesn't play into them when I use it. The plug works. If you don't want a huge purchase for headphones but want a decent quality one, I recommend this.

👤The headset was pretty and the lights are cool. It doesn't work with the controllers I bought for the Nintendo Switch. The right side of the headset has no volume at all. The microphone doesn't work. There is a A great aesthetic, but poor performance. Would not buy again.

👤La nica pega es un plstico barato igualmente. O soportar un par de cadas. No justificamos, no justos, no justos, no justos, no justos, no justos, no justos, no justos, no justos, no justos, no justos, no justos, no justos, no justos, no

👤I bought these to replace my old headset. I paid around $80 for a hyper x. I paid $16 for these, so I took a risk on buying them. I was surprised that these were as good as my old headset. The quality of the games is good. It's hard to hear anything when playing noise cancellation is pretty good. If you're looking for something good and cheap, I would recommend them.

👤Happy with everything about them. There is a The only thing I can complain about is that it's a little heavy.

👤After about 3 weeks of use. It was pretty good. I don't hear my teammates talking. Sometimes they can't hear me but sometimes they can. Nothing happens when I speak with my mic. Tf? I'm getting disappointed. I have always had a problem with whatever I order from Amazon.

👤The sound of the game is clear and the ear muffs are big.

👤Spa ist gut, so is the Headset. Im Sommer ist das Spielen und Sprechen.

👤Hab das Headset gerade. Direkt abglossen und getestet. Sounds is not true. Fr den Preis richtig mega. Bass Test-Sounds are on Youtube. It was nice. The Bass voll und kratzt. Mikro ist sonstiges, sonstiges Ich bin gespannt wie the test.

👤Sono acustiche, suono pulito,riproducono la musica.

👤The controller is persnlich. Aber er ist trotzdem, schne Mdchenfarbe.


What is the best product for headphones for pc white?

Headphones for pc white products from Jbl. In this article about headphones for pc white you can see why people choose the product. Steelseries and Supsoo are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphones for pc white.

What are the best brands for headphones for pc white?

Jbl, Steelseries and Supsoo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphones for pc white. Find the detail in this article. Svyhuok, Pollini and Sades are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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