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1. BINNUNE Bluetooth Microphone Playstation Headphones

BINNUNE Bluetooth Microphone Playstation Headphones

The dual wireless supports both the 5.0 and 2.4G wireless modes. The advanced wireless technology for on-demand. A fast connection for seamless audio is ensured by the -go connection. It's ideal for wireless gaming because of its low-latency 2.4 GHz wireless and high quality audio transmission. Plug and Play is a wireless gaming headset that streams audio from your PC with no installation required. The BINNUNE Wireless gaming headset is compatible with a lot of devices. It's compatible with PC, Mac, PS4, PS5 and other platforms with 3.5mm ports. Your headset will deliver full audio quality, so you will be heard loud and clear by partners.

Brand: Binnune

👤I was going to use it with a computer switch, but it isn't compatible. It wasn't returnable for the first time with an Amazon item, so I tried to return it. It would be great if Amazon displayed these rare exceptions more prominently.

👤It worked out of the box with my computer and phone. I got this mostly for use with my computer that doesn't have a wireless option, but was pleasantly surprised to see I could use it with my phone. There is a The sound is good, the box is easy to use, and you never have to worry about voice cues. There is a The microphone can be bent away if you want it, but it's still a little bit of a hassle to use as just headphones. It works very well, with a few unexpected added features that have been associated with minor annoyances, but that for me do not detract from the positive experience of using it.

👤This works on my PC and Mac. This will be a great buy if you work from home. There is a My opinions on the functions PC have the best quality when it comes to sounding more clear. I think the mode has more bass. There is a The phone sounds better on a 3.5mm jack connection. If you want the best connection, you should use the wired connection. It's very convenient that I can use it for all devices. It was a good purchase. There is a The quality is not as good as I would use for the price, but the difference is not night and day. I can live with it and get by. I can't wait to take calls using the wireless method.

👤These are functional for the price. The sound quality is good for my applications. Setting up the headset is a bit difficult. I have to manually change the input on my speakers each time I use theusb to connect to my computer for a business meeting. When I switch to using my cell phone with a headset, I have to go into the settings each time to make sure the sound is transferred. It is not "plug and play" as advertised because it is more seamless. The sound of the speakers is very loud, and the sound around the ears is very soft, which makes it easy for my ears to make contact with them. This is not comfortable after a while. They can either make the current padding more firm or add more padding. There is a Again, for $40, they are functional and I'm happy with the purchase. If I end up on the phone for a long period of time, I'll invest in a better set of headsets. It says in the booklet. Your headset will turn off automatically if you don't have an operation for five minutes. I don't know what "no operation" means, but it does power off even if you are talking or listening. This makes it useless. I will return the product.

2. SENZER SG500 Surround Cancelling Microphone

SENZER SG500 Surround Cancelling Microphone

If the cable is fully inserted and the switch is on before you use, the volume can be adjusted and your devices are suitable for their combination of audio and voice connetors. They offer a 12 months warranty to their customers when they purchase a gaming headset. The ear pads are foldable and collapsible. The ear pads are magnetic, making them easier to clean and maintain than other headphones, and the headphones fold inside the arm, making them perfect for easy storage and travelling. The lightweight design of the ear cushions allows for up to 8 hours usage without excess pressure build up, meaning you won't feel any pain even after a long game. The weight is only 0.66lb, which is 40% lighter than standard gaming headsets. The bendable microphone arm can be fixed to any position to ensure the clearest voice pick-up, and filters out surrounding environmental noise and static. The Senzer noise cancelling headset with microphone provides real-time in game chat without delay, making it easier to communicate with team-mates, friends and family. The surround sound gaming headset gives you crystal clear audio and is a great way to enhance your gaming performance. Pick up the direction of gunfire, vehicles and voices more clearly, as well as enjoying a more enhanced audio experience as subtle sounds like footsteps, wind and rain are projected with more clarity and precision. Plug and play multi-pLATFORM COMPATIBILITY works with most modern devices that have a 3.5mm jack, such as the PS4 and XBOX One. Plug & Play makes it the ideal headset for travelling or as a gift, safe in the knowledge that it will fit a multitude of devices.

Brand: Senzer

👤I own two pairs of Senzer's SG500 headphones. I gave the first pair to a family member and then grabbed another pair for myself. The sound quality is good and they feel light and comfortable. Pros and Cons: - The build is good, the soft weight is easy to travel with, and the microphone is permanent. The band is great for the buck. 100% would recommend.

👤I use these headphones for work. I needed a mic that wasn't attached to the wire part of the headphones. The mic on the wire of the Beats Solo3 would rub against my shirt or hair and my coworkers would be able to hear it during zoom meetings. My mic wasn't as clear when I went wireless with the beats. These headphones are very comfortable. The memory foam ear pads are squishy and there is no squeezing on my head. I'm able to wear these all day for work and not have any headaches or neck pain. I was a little worried since they look huge in the listing, but they fit perfectly and I am small. These would be great for kids and small adults. They can extend for larger heads. I like that they fold up so I can leave them on the side when I'm not working. The earpads are magnetic and can be removed, but it's not clear why anyone would do that unless it's to change them. The best part is how easy it is to connect these to my computer. It's just one cord, not the other way around. I've been using the main input aux cord, even though these come with an accessory. There is a The sound quality is what you would expect from a pair of headphones. I can't hear the AC running in the background if I have music playing, but it's not as bad as the Bose noise canceling Bose. The bass on these is clear and not distorted like most cheap headphones. I'm happy with the sound quality. They look like pilot headphones, but they are lightweight and portable. I wish the mic could be turned off, instead of being bent upward every time I want it out of the way. If I keep bending the mic wire upward, how long will it last? There is a knob on the left side that I don't think does anything.

👤I found these headphones on Amazon. If I could, I would give these headphones 10 stars. The sound quality and price are what I base that assessment on. I am a DJ. I use expensive headphones. $200 is the retail price for these headphones. I have to take them off my head because it's too loud and they won't break. The sound quality is better with these headphones for $50. The drivers produce clear sound. The way in which each headphone is made with a large cavity produces a very good base. The comfort takes these over the top. I could wear these headphones for hours because of the soft cushions. I plugged them into my PC and played some music through them. The sound was clear and I was amazed that this was using a video from my PC. They did not distort one bit when I turned them up as loud as they would go with the volume on my PC. If you're going to be using the headphones for music, you can tilt the microphone away from your face. It comes with the y splitters so that you could use it on a PC as well. The microphone is good. He adds a lot of depth and quality to the experience. I hid them in a cabinet because I don't want my son to try them because he's going to want to smoke them. I like the retro look of these headphones. If you're looking for a good pair of headphones to play music on, I highly recommend these! Purchase them now! He will be happy that you did that. If I ever break my DJ headphones, I will just use these. I paid for one of these and could buy four more for less.

3. BEAVIIOO Wireless Microphone Headphones Bluetooth

BEAVIIOO Wireless Microphone Headphones Bluetooth

There is a warranty and surpport. The package includes a foldable Deep Bass Headphone, 3.5mm backup audio cable, and User Manual. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them. A stable and low-latency digital audio transmission is provided by the BeviIOO Wireless Gaming Headset. You can enjoy a wireless connection within 10m/33ft by plugging the included transmitter into the PC. Listen to every detail. A built-in 50mm driver enhances the sensitivity of the speaker unit, and brings you a strong bass and virtual surround sound. All next-gen games have award-winning sound. Clear and real-time calls can be achieved with the use of a build-in omnidirectional microphone. The microphone can be operated with the one-key button. The lightweight and durable gaming headset comes with soft earmuffs and a headband that can be adjusted. You can enjoy the game time without worrying about the lack of power, thanks to the impressive listening life and fast charging. There is a wireless connection with a PC, PS4 or laptop computer. It is possible to connect with a mobile phone, ipad, or other device that has a bluetooth function. The 3.5mm audio jack is not included in the xbox one controller.

Brand: Beaviioo

👤De todo por poco dinero, estos audfonos tienen excelente experiencia. No dudes are deseando. Soyuy verstil a la hora de conectar, con una dispositivo porque trae unausb. La cancelacin de sonidos istancias is

👤The cheap feeling plastic and flimsy feeling buttons make this thing seem like it's made of something. I got over that and they were cheap. The audio quality is okay after they were plugged in to my PC. It was good enough for me because I need it for meetings and light gaming after hours. There is a I thought I would just plug them in and charge them while I was playing. No, no. When you plug in the charge cable, they shut off. You can't charge them at the same time. There is a In the middle of a meeting my audio dies. There was no headset detected. The dongle seems to have stopped working. I use the short audio jack on my pc to plug them in. I know this port works for audio and mic, but when I plug these in, they only work as headphones. The mic was not plugged in with the audio jack. I noticed the sound quality was better when plugged in directly, there was some light hissing and background noise when using them wireless. There is a So I used a wireless device and it's working well so far. The three ways of connecting them were the reason I bought these. Two of them are no longer working three days after they were first used. These things are not to be avoided. Spend money on better headphones.

👤It was necessary to have an alternative toBluetooth for Windows 10. Windows 10 has default settings for power-off/disconnect. There is a The headset has the 2.4 GHz and will not time out with windows. I was able to walk 30 feet away from my desk when I used it for nine hours.

👤I'm surprised how well this does. It feels like cheap plastic in your hands, but it really holds up. It is easy to access the charging port and the power controls. Sound is clear on team apps. There is a mic that you can raise and lower to your mouth. It's pretty comfortable to wear. I don't get the ear pain that heavier sets give. The wearability is good for long sessions. The battery life in both modes is the same, but in the wireless mode it goes a very long way. If you need a budget gaming headset, don't look further than this, you will get your money's worth.

👤I was looking for a cheap set of headphones for my friends to use. The BEAVIIOO turned out to be nicer than expected. They are wireless and universally compatible, but still light and comfortable. They don't fall off when I bend over. I left them on as I went down the stairs. They made one click, but the connection held up. There is a The max volume isn't as high as I would like, but I suppose there is a hearing issue that this might protect. I would expect better out of ear size speakers. My home sound system can blow the flatscreen off the wall if I want superior sound. There is a The microphone can only be used to flip up or down. It would be great if it could turn around and use the controls with my right hand. The controls are difficult to use. There is a They take a long time to charge, but do last through a long game session. Would I buy them again? I would look for something that was easy to use. I know that a much higher price will be expected. These are enough for their purpose.

4. Bluetooth Headphones OneOdio Headsets Wireless

Bluetooth Headphones OneOdio Headsets Wireless

The office headset is compatible with all UC platforms and is designed for Microsoft Teams. Certified for more than one company. It is compatible with all of the popular online voice call services. The wired and wireless world. The upgraded OneOdio headphones have an advanced noise reduction boom microphone and fast stable Bluetooth transmission that will give you the hear-and-be-heard advantages. The boom mic can only be used inWIRED mode, great for gaming and meetings with the provided audio cable. A built-in battery can provide up to 112 hours of playtime in a single charge. 50mm driver speaker with balanced sound and comfort. Large 50 millimeter speaker unit drivers combine with neodymium magnets to provide a powerful bass and clear vocal. Long lasting comfort is ensured by the over ear memory. The foldable Headband is designed to save space at your desk, but also to carry in a bag. The 3.5mm audio jack is compatible with all devices.

Brand: Oneodio

👤I'm still amazed by these things, even though they came with a 100% charge, and they still have 80%. I'm going to buy a few more pairs for my family because they love them so much, and I'm also going to get them for myself. There is a I won't say these are the best headphones of all time, but for the price... These headphones are the best I have ever purchased. I suffer from depression and anxiety, but I also have a deafness, so my right ear just wants BASSSSS, and I listen to a lot of music. I've purchased at least a couple dozen headphones over the course of my life, and I have to say, they're the best headphones I've ever purchased, especially if you had an analogue music source, and I have to say, what I paid for them? I'm happy. Do they have the bass that my left ear thrives on? Is it possible to tell the instruments apart while listening to The Hu? I can. My last pair of cans my wife bought, they were loud decent sound but lacked clarity and contrast, and we're twice as expensive. I'm a stay at home father of three and I love the device. I love the fact that I can retire my crappy turtle Beach headset and use these. I've already apologized. If you don't like it, send it back. I listened to The Hu, Youngbloodz,Korn, Metallica, Dio, Tech N9ne, Queen, and played call of duty, fortnite, and need for speed heat and enjoyed it all.

👤I thought you had to have the wire connected to the microphone to use it. The boom mic is optional because it has a mic built into the earphone. They are comfortable and look good. The sound is ok. I'm sure they will hate them, but it's okay for meetings. The audio and microphone quality has improved. I was going to return them, but now that I know they are wireless, I can use them whenever I want better sound. I will keep them and say they are worth the price for someone who doesn't care about sound.

👤The sound quality is great. I used them to call my wife and listen to the mp3's on my cellphone. The built in mic is ok. The boom mic is clear. These are the most comfortable headphones I have ever owned. These headphones are built to last. There was a review that said they fell apart. Okay. I only had these headphones for a short time. I think they will last forever if you don't beat them with a hammer. They look like they could survive being dropped multiple times. There is a My only complaint is that the headphones make my ears warm. The heat is coming from my ear cuffs, not from the headphones.

👤I wear the headset all day for work. I have a big head and it is hard to get fitted for a tight band. The left Speaker broke off when I put the headset on. If you want to get in touch with the company for warranty service, you have to email them and they will get back to you in 3 to 5 days. There is a There is still no response from the company. The only way to get support from the manufacturer is via email.

5. PS5 PS4 Ultra Low Headphones Detachable

PS5 PS4 Ultra Low Headphones Detachable

You will receive a complete set of HUHD gaming headset wireless, including a wireless headset with a mic, a charging cable, and a user manual. Upon receiving the product, please check the package content. If you have a question about the product, please don't hesitate to contact them. 3D stereo surround sound quality is produced by the UG-05 wireless headset. Strong bass can be produced by extra bass units. There is bomb explosion, shooting, racing from gaming, and a switch console, and you can feel the feedback to your ears. The gaming headsets will give you a realistic gaming experience. The 2.4 GHz Ultra Low Latecy has a real-time transmission that is similar to a wired headset. You won't feel lag while playing games or chatting with your teammate if you have these wireless gaming headphones. The connection range allows you to walk around without dropping a signal while playing games or listening to music. The mic has a boom noise reduction mic, which picks up your voice more clearly. If you don't want to talk, there is a button on the mic that will allow you to mute it. The headphones are foldable. That is portable and compact. Up to 30 hours of playtime and 1-2 hours of charge are supported by theUG-05 wireless gaming headsets. It takes 1-2 hours to charge the headset. There is a 3.5mm AUX cable that can be used for backup. Don't worry about the battery shortage at your games. It is compatible with PS5 and PS4. It is compatible with WP Cellphones. The 3.5mm audio cable is compatible with a lot of machines. You can use the optional modes to play games, listen to music, and use the 3.5mm AUX cable for the Xbox series. All-in-one gaming headphones.

Brand: Kofire

👤It works with Microsoft teams and avaya client on the PC. You can't use this headset while it's charging, so have a backup or make sure you charge before your shift.

👤These headphones are great for my son. He uses them for school work at home. He uses them for his gaming addiction. These are really nice sound quality. The sound is clear. I have to admit that. My husband has stolen this headset a few times to use while my son is away. Ha ha! The gaming headset will probably last for a long time. Definitely not cheapskate headphones. My son can wear the headphones for a long time without any problems. He told me he likes these headphones. The noise-cancelling headset is great and your GAMER will love it.

👤They will only give me a refund if I want one, I don't want a replacement. I want a replacement for this head set because it couldn't get to blue tooth and the microphone jack felt loose. I will not return my head set until I get a replacement. The reviews were great. The head phone is awesome. I got a pair that was not good. I will leave a better review once I get my replacement, but as of now it will be 1 star, I can connect them with the aux cord to try them. I was going to give these to my son who loves his music, but Amazon took my money and didn't fix the issue.

👤This is an affordable option. We connected this to my son's Nintendo Switch using the Type-C port. I was not able to get it to recognize on the Nintendo Switch, even though I had other headsets to recognize it, so I had to use the adapter, which is fine. I can get this headset to be recognized by his device. I know it is able to use a wireless device. It's worth the cost. The sound quality is good and people can hear us on the mic.

👤I wanted the ability to connect over the internet with my headphones. It wasn't worth it. After 3 months, the device stopped working. I would lose people during calls. One of the pins in the Micro B charging port got stuck, just 5 days short of 4 months. It is no longer possible to charge and be good for nothing. The ears are too small and they are not comfortable. When you hold it from the top, the ears slide all the way down, as the vertical adjustment mechanism lost all its friction after about 3 months. This purchase is a complete waste of time and money because you can't use them while plugged in. The sound was good and people could hear me clearly. Be warned, other than that.

👤I haven't been able to set them up with my series, but I'm pretty sure there should be a way. Awesome quality and the rumble effect.

👤They didn't cancel out noise, the sound quality wasn't good, and the lights didn't turn on. I had charged it for a day after the wireless part didn't work. I had to use a wire. The product was returned. The return process was terrible, I did what I was told and sent it in. After the product was back, I didn't get my refund. I had to call Amazon support to get my refund because communication wasn't good. I won't buy this again.

6. PHOINIKAS G2000 Headphones Detachable Cancelling

PHOINIKAS G2000 Headphones Detachable Cancelling

Plug-and-play headset mode. The wired gaming headset is simple to use, no need to download additional software, just use the app on your phone. Control the buttons on the outside of the earmuffs to make one-touch calls, play/pause, song switch, etc. There is a wired gaming headset function. In wired mode, the G2000BT gaming headset can be used for PS4 and XBOX One. When connecting with an older controller, you will need an additional Microsoft adapter. max compatibility is provided by the 3.5mm connector. WIRELESS BLUETOOTH FUNCTION. Only the G2000 over ear headphones can be used to connect other devices. The function of connecting game equipment is not included in the mode, which is only for travel or work. The One-Buttton 7.1STEREO SOUND is G2000. The gaming headset has a 50mm magnetic neodymium driver and 7.1 stereo channel function. You can switch to 7.1 Sound with one button. INDEPENDENT NOISE- CANCELLING MIC: You can have an external microphone in the game mode of the Xbox one headset, it's an independent microphone that can be used in wired game mode or wireless music mode. EXCELLENT HUMANIZED DESIGN: High-quality and comfortable ear pads, multi-nod head beams, conform to ergonomics standards, and can reduce hearing impairment and sweat. The leather material is skin friendly. The earmuffs illuminate the atmosphere of the game.

Brand: Phoinikas

👤This is the third set of headphones that I've purchased from Amazon, and it looks like the third time was the charm. This headset is extremely comfortable, it's not tight or loose at all, and it doesn't pinch my ears like previous brands have. I own a pair of HyperX Clouds and can honestly say that there is a slight sound difference between them. The mic has worked well and friends say it comes through very clear. There is a I would recommend these to my friends because they are a great buy.

👤These headphones are great. The sound is clear. Two of them were in red and blue. They come with a plug that you can use with a PS4 controller or a phone, or you can use it with a computer to make the lights work on the microphone and headphones. It didn't take long for them to be delivered. My son and daughter love them.

👤These are better for the price than a lot of basic headphones. This headset is marketed as a 7.1 surround headset. There is a The sound is very hollow. The range is lower than it was before. It could be that it's because there's not a drivers or software component. You need to use two 3.5 jacks and a free port to connect this to. The plug is only for light and power. It's only a touch better than "$20 impulse buy at the grocery store" headphones. I imagine if I had a dedicated sound card. Is it better to sound better? I got a headset for free with a keyboard and mouse set, but it's hard to tell if it's true. The padding was made out of this material. It feels like a tire. It's very firm and not very smooth. The padding makes the headset feel heavier and tighter. There is a The microphone is for me. Sometimes I need to use voice chat. I have a microphone. I think it's hard to use for someone with a quiet voice. There are no settings for mic sensitivity in the headset. There is a The preview image looks more "berry" than "red". The option I chose seemed to be a different color than the other options. I would have picked blue if I knew it was also red. If you can't afford anything better or are replacing really awful headphones, buy this. I prefer crisp audio, even though some may prefer the "warmer" or "smoother" sound. Don't be disappointed.

👤It doesn't work on the XBOX. The mic is plugged in, but the console doesn't know it. The controller still doesn't work after updating, power cycling, and trying a different controller. It worked perfectly on my iPad mic. It worked perfectly on my computer. I was very pleased with the sound quality and how well the mic picks it up when I used the iPad and PC. The description says it works on Xbox One, but it doesn't.

👤My son is a die-hard video game player. I love them! They were not as comfortable as they were described. Mom used thick round make-up sponges in the inner ear section to make them perfect. We need acoustic tiles next.

7. Corsair Wireless Premium Headset Surround

Corsair Wireless Premium Headset Surround

Premium 50mm high-density neodymium Audio drivers with an expanded frequency range will amplify everything from the lightest footstep to the most thundering explosion. It is made with microfiber mesh fabric and plush memory foam ear pads. You can connect to your PC or PS4/PS5 using low-latency 2.4 GHz wireless. An omnidirectional microphone picks up your voice with great clarity and a built-in indicator to tell you when it's over. The Yokes are built to last through years of gaming. Apple M1 chip devices do not support 7.1 surround sound.

Brand: Corsair

👤There are a few things that put me off of these headphones. Some reviews mention these issues. I returned the issues that bothered me. It's simply not worth the price. I wear headphones for 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. To help me sleep. I have a decent collection of headphones. BAT MAN, HOLY DISTORTION! The cheap-o $30 bluetooth units produce massive amounts of distortion when listening to music at high volumes. I can't believe how bad these are. It seems to do okay if you only cover one range, but add in two or three and you have a really bad sound. You can't make out what you're listening to anymore, because almost all music is almost all music. There are two more The volume roller is very easy to accidentally adjust. It's unbelievably easy. Since the headphones or mic is so loose, it's almost impossible to dial in the right volume when I adjust them. Very annoying! There are 3 more There are no media controls on these. Why? A push-button volume button combination would allow media controls through long presses. There are four The ear pieces are very hot. I wear headphones that burn my ears up in a matter of minutes, so I have to remove them temporarily. The volume knob is always being adjusted by accident. There are five People can hear what I am playing and listening to, because these block out-side sound. This doesn't make sense since the ear-pads don't allow any air flow. 6) The mic disabling button turns on a light. What? There is no light when your mic is on. There's a bright red light on when you're not using the mic, such as when you're hanging out or listening to music. Huh? How does this make sense? The audio volume is 1/3 of what I own. I set the setting up to 100% to be equal to 30% on any other headset. Why? The mic is garbage. I can't imagine anyone with any sense of intelligence would think this mic is anything other than sub par. Everything sounds tinny, or incredibly digital, like using one of those $5 voice oscillators that make you sound like a robot. The speaker mesh is too shallow and will contact your ears. This makes it unbearable by itself, but combined with every other issue. I can't tell a difference between regular 2.0 phones and these. At all. You have to place these in a very specific place, or you will only hear about 70% of what it's putting out. The very specific spot these must be placed is horrible. You have to bend and fold your ears. 11) I know I said 10 was the final number, but it brings me to another point. In almost every way, these are very uncomfortable. After a short session, your jaw will hurt as the bottoms press right into the hinge of your jaw, your ears will hurt, and you will be sweaty from the lack of air. These are full of poor design choices from a company that specializes in headphones. I've owned many headsets, but this one is the worst. Don't recommend anyone for anything.

8. PXRJE Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Adjustable

PXRJE Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Adjustable

A cute cat ear with fancy lights is included in the headphones. The wireless headphones are perfect for kids and adults. The headphones are comfortable to wear and perfect for heads of all sizes. The cups will not fall off. The ear cups are well-padded for extra convenience. The headband with soft cushion and pressure-relieving ear pads is suitable for people with different ages. There is a special note. Earphones with appropriate volume are needed to avoid hearing damage. 2. Don't pull the earphone too hard. 3. If you are riding a bicycle or driving a car, please don't use earphones. It's a good gift for family and friends, suitable for office work, sport, school, and travel. You can choose from five colors: purple, pink, blue, green and black.

Brand: Pxrje

9. W3 Bluetooth Headphones Detachable Immersive

W3 Bluetooth Headphones Detachable Immersive

The retractable boom microphone is built with a retractable boom microphone that can be extended to chat with your friends or retractable back in the headphones to play music on-the-go. The quick-mute button makes it easy to silence yourself when you're on a call or in a game. W3 has two 40mm drivers and two 30mm 4D drivers, which allow you to clearly hear explosions, character sounds, gunshots, and faint footsteps while playing games. Powerful bass and clear treble can be produced by a highly flexible 4D dynamic moving coil. The earbuds can be connected to PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, as well as mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The experience is 4D. The headset has a 4D moving coil which can provide you with a 4D experience when you play games. This is a new attempt. The battery life is longer. You can listen to up to 362 songs with the longest use time being 30 hours. The longest use time is 12 hours. You can use the headset for 2 hours if you charge it for 8 minutes. The service and warranty were satisfactory. When you use their product, they will help you solve any problem you have. If you want to contact them directly, you can go to Your Orders, find your order in the list, select "Problem with order", and then choose your topic from the list displayed.

Brand: Fediker

👤I searched high and low for the best headset and I can't believe the quality of this pair. I decided to write a thorough review today because I was skeptical about it. I wanted to clear up why I bought these, but my account is named John, but I am his daughter. There is a Sound quality is great. The colors are bright and the vibrate option works great. It is easy to turn off. The mic has a switch on the tip. It can be plugged in or wireless. When using the wired version, the colors don't turn on. Cat ears are easy to remove and attach to. The ear pads are comfortable. The wholes are meant for smaller ears, so I don't recommend for those with larger ears. The packaging was impressive and they had cute cat ear clips for your hair. I would recommend and I am a very critical person, but not for large ears, just the 1 mode lights don't work when plugged into the computer or charging.

👤These headphones are cute. The build quality isn't super solid, which is fine with me because I would rather have a lighter pair of headphones. The sound is pleasant for the weight. I have a pair of Turtle Beach headphones, but they are so heavy. I have a pair of Kaira Pros that connect to both wireless and wired connections at the same time, but I was hoping for a cuter pair. It was not clear if these headphones could connect to 2 devices at the same time. They don't. The company rep made sure to update the description. The seller was honest. There is a These will be a good pair for my daughter.

👤I sold the pink headphones I got because I didn't use them. I use my airpods for zoom classes but they are not the most comfortable. I knew I wanted a wireless pair, so I came looking for an alternate pair. I took a chance after I found these. I really like them. I have a separate hub for my laptop that I use to charge my device. I turn on the headphones and the audio comes through in seconds. The cat ears are cute and they're very comfortable. I was trying to use the mic with no luck until I asked here how to use it, and to my pleasant surprise it already has a built in mic, which works perfectly! I recommend these to anyone who wants a decent, comfortable and cute wireless pair. I don't think those who are serious about gaming audio would be happy with this pair. I don't think that's the intended audience. I think these are good. The customer service is amazing for this product. So helpful!

👤My daughter needs this to play her games. It comes with everything you need to start playing. It has cute ears. The game is playing and it sounds good. She doesn't hear the noise around her. She has a microphone. These are sturdy and well made. It was worth the price. When she goes to her friend's house, she takes them with her. These headphones are great. These are a nice gift idea.

10. Pioneer DJ Headphones Black HDJ CUE1BT K

Pioneer DJ Headphones Black HDJ CUE1BT K

You can feel the bass and hear the mids and high-end sounds with crystal clarity thanks to dynamic drivers. All moving parts have passed their strict-in-house durability tests, and extra-strong metal sliders in the headband bring added reliability. With earcups that turn a full 90 degrees and a flexible headband, you can comfortably monitor your mix. When you want to start DJing, you can connect the included cable to focus on your mix, and you can take phone calls with the built-in microphone. The folding design makes it easy to take your headphones wherever you go.

Brand: Pioneer Dj

👤Pioneer has the best budget friendly wireless headphones. I have been a dj for 6 years. I started on the HD 250. Everything fell apart after 4 years. The wires were on the outside and I hated how bulky they were. I had to keep my balance on one side. I tried a Bose and it wasn't worth the money. The seinheiser was bt 480. Those didn't have enough kick to kick them. There is a I've entered into the world of the Pioneer label sound. If I was going to spend a lot of money on headphones, I wanted something that was small. There is a I discovered them. There is a The packaging was nice. To the look and feel. These headphones are outstanding. The sound doesn't crack under pressure like I heard from a Bose or Seinheiser. The bass is heavy and deep. The balance was perfect even after you turned it all the way up. I noticed a difference in the quality when listening to music with high frequencies and fast pace. There is a The head band is a negative. The band wire is on the side of the little breath room where the headphones clasp to your head. It was fine if you did a few minor adjustments to your head. It is worth looking into because of the option to personalize the pads. I would recommend this for under $80 and has a 4 year accidental plan.

👤It's great to finally have a pair of decent headphones to mix with, I am really enjoying these headphones. I have done numerous sound quality tests on them and they will be fine for the price. There are some quick notes. The sound quality is good. There is a I think they are very sturdy and I think they have been there for a long time. Changeable ear pads and a long coil cable. Even though these headphones are more durable than I expected, I feel that they wouldn't cut it in terms of durability if I were to work every weekend for a year. I find these small for my ears, and as a result, they put some mild pressure on my ears, which made me feel a bit uncomfortable after about 3 hours of use. Take that for what it is. There is a If you're looking for reliable DJ headphones, you cannot go wrong with these. If you are a DJ that is on the regular then I suggest you get headphones that are one tier higher than the ones you already have, as I think they may not last as long in gig land.

👤These phones are decent. I was expecting a little better sound quality. Pioneer is known for its headphones. I wouldn't recommend this for professional dj use. On the go, these are aesthetically pleasing. Good to work around the house. They feel like they can take a licking because it has a semi professional feel to it. Both direct cable and blue tooth are excellent options. The option to purchase different parts and colors is great.

11. Headset Headphone Surround Canceling Playstation

Headset Headphone Surround Canceling Playstation

The frame of the Kraken is lightweight and durable. The response time was 12 to 28 kHz. This PS4 gaming headset has a 50mm driver that will allow you to chat with your fellow players with crystal clarity. You can enjoy games and music in 7.1 surround sound. You could make out footsteps in the game. Whether you're playing God of War or want to hear your enemies motion, wearing a lightweight and high designed headband over your ear gaming headphones does matter. This prefessional headset has a 2.25mm driver and offers an incredibly surround sound for both games and music. The K10 PRO gaming headphones with a 3.5mm audio jack is compatible with PS5 and PS4 and is also compatible with the Nintendo Switch. The retractable band and ear pad are provided to make sure you are comfortable. The K10 PRO gaming PC headset has a noise canceling tech that is compatible with a sensitive microphone. It can allow you to turn off your mic or adjust the voice volume. The trustworthiness of the sales team. The quality test process for every headset is strict. If you have a question or problem, please contact their sales support team.

Brand: Euarne

👤I bought these for my oldest son and he loves them. He is 13 years old. They fit his head perfectly. They are multi useful because he uses them for his pc and PS4. He says they work well on canceling noise. Great deal!

👤I bought my first pair of shoes on February 2nd and they were great for a couple of weeks, but then the mic stopped working and I had to buy a new one. When I received the replacement, it didn't work at all. I paid for it and I can't get a refund because I was told to keep the first pair. They put the brand name on the headset when I was looking for a new one. Don't spend your money on these. The led lights don't work if you were looking for that quality.

👤Everything was perfect with these headphones. I couldn't talk to my friends in party because the headset was making a loud static noise after one week, because I couldn't have lights on while I played the game.

👤My brother was very excited about this gift.

👤It's difficult for any gaming headset to stand out in a crowded market. The headset works well for the price. The sound is good, the bass is deep and even though it's not advertised as "noise cancelling", the mic is. It blocks out a lot of outside noise, unlike most headsets in this price range. There is a The mic is alright, they're not great in headsets of this price range, but it's still decent. It's not as clear as using a good, separate mic. I've heard worse in more expensive headsets. It's made for voice chat during games, so you should be fine. There is a The experience was good, but I only used it with a PC. The construction of the headset is solid, but you won't mistake it for a premium product. Personally, I don't care about it, but if you do, you'll get the seemingly requisite RGB lighting. There is a If you're a budget-conscious gaming enthusiast, this headset is definitely worth the price.

👤I got these because I was tired of using my headsets. The sound quality is really good. Everything comes through with no distortion even at high volume. I hear the wind and foot steps when I play games.


What is the best product for headphones gamer bluetooth?

Headphones gamer bluetooth products from Binnune. In this article about headphones gamer bluetooth you can see why people choose the product. Senzer and Beaviioo are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphones gamer bluetooth.

What are the best brands for headphones gamer bluetooth?

Binnune, Senzer and Beaviioo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphones gamer bluetooth. Find the detail in this article. Oneodio, Kofire and Phoinikas are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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