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1. Anivia Isolating Headphones Surround Games Black

Anivia Isolating Headphones Surround Games Black

There are wired in ear earbuds that are compatible with the following devices: iPhone SE/ 6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus/6c/6s, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPod touch 5, S10, S8, Note 9, Note 8, and other devices with 3.5mm. Premium material and design. The comfort is a key factor when choosing a headset for the Xbox One. They have tested their headsets for many years on hundreds of different heads, and the retractable band and breathable ear pad make sure every player could enjoy the optimal wearing comfort. Extreme Comfort is a professional gaming headset. No heat, no pressure, and a soft headband. Even after a long time wearing, your comfort could be ensured. The headband can be adjusted to fit different heads. A high sensitive microphone. You can chat with your fellow players with crystal clarity with the high-end noise cancellation provided by the AH28 PS4 headset. If you want to enjoy your time without communicating with other players, you could turn off the mic by flipping the switch. The 50mm large drive unit is Tuned strictly by a professional technician and it creates a powerful stereo sound that will make you fall in love with it. This headset is a good choice for games, movies and music because of its clear and deep bass sound effect. Plug and play is an excellent multiple platform compatibility. Older models of the headset need an audio jack, but newer models have one.

Brand: Anivia

👤I opened them the day they arrived. I was excited because purple is my favorite color and that is what drew me towards these. I don't recommend these. I am a huge fan of video games. I spend my spare time gaming. These headsets don't cancel out noise. The sound quality is terrible. There is a feedback that is static. There was a humming feedback with the headset as I was playing a game on my PC. I would give you zero stars. There is no reason for anyone to buy these. They will sound broken when they come to you. I swear all the good reviews for this headset, where people paid off to make this headset seem better than it actually is. This is the worst headset I have ever owned.

👤My son is a big fan of gaming. He said the microphone is good and the headset is comfortable. He doesn't have any issues with the microphone cutting in/out which was an issue with a couple sets he had before this one.

👤They came in fast after I ordered them. I was very happy with them. Fit my head well. I could not hear if the kids started fighting or the dog barked. I could hear them if they were outside the room, but they didn't cancel anything completely, just muffled. There is a The left side stopped producing sound after a week or so. Sometimes it would work for a while then die completely. It has not come on in a few days. I used to listen to these in games where sound direction mattered, but now they aren't good for my games. The Microphone was never tried before the review. There is a I tried them through my PC tower and through my speakers, but they didn't bring back sound in the left ear piece. The cord was not pinched or bent during use and there were no cuts to the cable when I inspected it. I wanted to write a great review for these. They were comfortable and I was happy with them.

👤I like the color and they look like they were made well. If you want to watch a movie or play a video game, the sound is good. The sound quality is not good. I have had these things for a while. I have to replace them. Something in the wiring is malfunctioning. I am a few days past my 30 day period so I can't get a refund. I don't know if I should recommend these. I don't.

👤I was shocked when I bought these, they were not long lasting. Within a few minutes, my sister complained that my voice was fading and she was being replaced with a loud static sound. I tried everything I could think of to fix the problem, but no matter what, it would start off sounding okay, but not great, before rapidly declining until my voice disappeared after a few minutes. I got a cheap set of earbuds with a mic from the Dollar Tree and have been happier. I should have listened to the reviews. Don't waste your money. There is a These are not sanitary. There is a That's where they now live. The garbage. The color is cute.

2. Headphones Microphone Lightweight Adjustable Pink

Headphones Microphone Lightweight Adjustable Pink

If you have a question about customer service, please contact them via Amazon message. 3.5mm plug compatible with all 3.5mm jack devices, Stereo bass headphones with excellent sound effect. It is durable and not tangle. The length of the headphone cord is not easily damaged and is made of high quality cloth. A microphone built into the headset will allow you to listen to high definition calls, Pause/Play your music, and answer/end phone calls from your headset. It is easy and easy. You can carry the band that fits your head shape. It is suitable for many adults as well. You can put it in a suitcase or bag, it's more convenient to carry it. This is a good companion for when you take your children out for a trip. For any questions while using, please contact them at any time via Amazon email or through the contact information on the instructions.

Brand: Elecder

👤I wrote the review and never contacted the company. The service representative told me that they would be happy to mail out another set of headphones to replace the faulty one. The new headphones were delivered today. My daughter is happy. I was surprised by the company's level of customer service. The company told me to change my review to 5 stars. It is amazing! My daughter looked at about 20 different headsets and read reviews before buying them. She is very disappointed that they are having problems. One side works better than the other. She only had them for 3 months. She only uses them for an hour or two a week. She will have to use these for the rest of the year since she used her own allowance. Lesson learned.

👤I bought the headphones to use with my device. I prefer an over the ear headphones for watching video while riding my exercise bike. The cord looks like it will hold up well, they sound great and are very comfortable. I am happy to write a review for this product because I always read reviews before I buy.

👤My mom got these for Christmas. She learned to use a computer about 3-4 years ago. She likes to listen to speakers on you-tube. She says the headphones are the best she has ever had. The sound quality is excellent. I would buy these again.

👤My kids like to watch their fire at night. We got each of them headphones so that we don't hear any more than we need to. These work well. There is a If it causes red around the ears for a long time, it is only negative. I think they work well. They are a good size for young kids.

👤Love them. Light, comfortable, good fit, good lows, mids and highs. If you want them to be loud, they look good. You can hold them on your neck. The quality was great for the price. I would recommend them to any adult or child.

👤They do well. Plug and play is easy. The sound quality is good. They are sturdy and lightweight. The quality of the cord is good. I ordered them to use with my phone because I realized I might have lost some hearing due to using earbuds. The callers say that they hear me when they use the microphone on the cord. I am very happy that I chose this particular brand and model at less than fifteen dollars.

👤The new headphones are called i40 They fit right. Very comfortable. Strongly recommend them and the price is very good. There was an update. The company reached out to me and sent me a new set that is slightly bigger but I have not received it yet to confirm my comfort. Thank you for being awesome. I am a happy customer. They sound great. Very cute and sleek. They hurt the top of my ears when they are on for a long time.

3. Bluetooth Riwbox Headphones Microphone Cellphones

Bluetooth Riwbox Headphones Microphone Cellphones

The music ups and downs at ear-pad two sides, fashion design, Best sound quality, Clear and transparent bass, mids and highs, and 3 LED lights color follow the music ups and downs at ear-pad two sides, are all related. The foldable headset is easy to carry, has a headband that is perfect for you, and has a cable that can be used for listening to music in the background. Control your music player from the headset with functions such as play, pause, next, and previous track. It is possible to have consistent and low battery consumption. The lightweight design has up to 10 hours of music and talk time. It's compatible with A2DP enabled devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and other devices.

Brand: Riwbox

👤I've been looking for headphones for my 6 year old for the past 2 years. She's good at taking care of her technology, but we've had headsets that just don't work, or an aspect we needed for them didn't work. It came to the last straw when the second set's plug nearly snapped off in an iPad, under barely any pressure. A friend suggested a set for wireless. We decided to try it. My daughter's favorites are these. She only wears headphones for the amount of time it is necessary, but she will wear her headphones in her room even when she can play music or watch a video on a tablets without being disturbed. The charging is very easy and they include a cord, which is something that a lot of people have if they need a backup or have multiple sets. The indicator light lets you know when it's fully charged, which I really appreciate. There is a These are made for kids. I can wear them, but they're not comfortable as an adult. Would definitely recommend!

👤My 7 year old will love these. Stay charged for a long time and it was very comfortable. We did a 4 hour car ride today and she used them all the time, they still have battery left.

👤I reviewed a headset that had lights. It was blue. My daughter loved it so I searched for her a pink one and found this one from Riwbox. The headset is awesome. She can use it without worry because it's wireless, and she doesn't have to worry about accidentally breaking the cord or pulling it out. I have to be more careful with making sure they are charged, but that is not a big deal for me. She loves how the lights are on the sides. They have red blue and green which can flash at the same time. They play music and beat it to the beat. I have gotten her wireless headphones before. They had a weird ON/OFF switch that was on the side of the left earphone and it was easy to access. She doesn't use any of the other buttons. It was easy to sync when it was on, as long as you had a compatible device. The soft pink padding on the earbuds matches her tablets, which is great. Cute and stylish. My daughter loves them so they are a win for me. Thanks.

👤The customer service for this product has impressed me the most. They made sure I was happy with their product by sending me two messages. I got the headphones before that. There is a My two boys are 4 and 6 years old. JLab Wireless head phones were the headphones we had before. We had a few wired ones but they didn't last long with the kids. These are much better than the JLab in terms of quality and everything. There is an on and off switch that is labeled. It was easy to pair their tablets. You just turn them on and click on the devices. They wouldn't pair it with the media and calls with the JLab. There is a These have stayed connected so far. The color for both is the same. We bought blue, black, and black. They can collapse for easy storage. When I asked the boys how they felt about the sound, they said it was like they were in a movie. I wore one pair of headphones that were better sounding in quality than our old pair, after I listened to YouTube and switched to our old pair of wireless. The lights that light up on the side are what my boys love the most about this product. The added bonus of the lights is pretty cool. We have the option to use them with the cord or not. We will be purchasing these again when we need new ones. There is a The mom and boys were approved.

4. Vizliter Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Cancelling

Vizliter Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Cancelling

The Sound Blaster JAM V2 can last for up to 22 hours of playtime, which is more than enough to keep you going all day. You can either charge it with the same cable for 10 minutes or switch to wired listening when it runs out of juice. The 40mm Speaker Drivers produce loud bass and clear mid-highs. You can easily adjust the sound level by using the volume control built into the ear pads. It has a flexible boom microphone for optimal gaming. The headband and ear pads are comfortable. The design for hours of listening pleasure was designed in an optimal way. They are perfect for any occasion, whether it's in bed at night, listening to a show on the radio, or working out. The Headset is made of extra soft materials, so it is easy to store. IPX4 Splashing Water Resistant Headset is what this is. The wireless headphones over ear are compatible with the iPad, iPod, iPhone, and other smart devices. Receive calls and control your music. On the ear. The wireless headset gives you up to 17 hours of pure favorite music. The package includes a 3.5mm audio cable for use with the headphones.

Brand: Vizliter

👤I was excited when I got these, but I was disappointed when I got them. The speakers sounded like they had been dropped in water or busted. I play wow, and what I get them for. Talking with the headphones was even worse than the games sounds. I sounded like I was in a hole or in an empty room when I talked to people. Customer service is great. The money was returned before I could get the product back. I would buy from this seller again. Is that what it is?

👤The sound was great when it worked, but when I was using it, the sound kept cutting in and out and the device I was using was 12 inches away. I wish it was a stronger signal. I tried on my husband's system and had the same issue.

👤My daughter is in college. She told everyone that they come with a microphone that plugs into them, audio cord so you can use if you don't have a headset, and they are comfortable to wear without making your ears sore. The price was perfect and I think they were a great buy.

👤I love these headphones. They cancel sounds so I can block out my older sister, battery charge is excellent, mic quality is great, I can call my grandma and she can hear me clearly. I love the pattern. I'll get another one if I'm satisfied with how long I can use them.

👤The design is cute. It doesn't matter how good the sound is for music. I mostly got them for listening to audiobooks. I don't think it does much for noise cancellation. There is a They are comfortable and the battery life is decent. I thought the lights would change on a larger area, but they only changed the color of the lettering.

👤It is very comfortable for all day use. They block the sounds outside. I use these to help avoid noise in the office.

👤I bought a pair for my son and myself. We both agree that the battery life could be better, but they are good headphones.

👤I absolutely love them! I think the battery life is very long. The headphones have a logo on the side with lights. They were easy to sync to my phone. I had to hold the power button for over 5 seconds to turn them off. They are also very comfortable.

👤It's easy to connect, fast charging, and comfortable to wear. Blocks out noise from the outside.

👤Extra, la batera se descarga estando. Busquen otros.

5. LORELEI X8 Headphones 1 45m Tangle Free Lightweight

LORELEI X8 Headphones 1 45m Tangle Free Lightweight

Works with many audio devices. High-quality sound and comfort for home/ studio/on-line video/vocal microphone. These are the headphones you've been looking for. The X8 wired headphones with microphone have a 40mm driver and compact earcups that deliver clear sound with full dynamic range and rich bass and crisp mids. You can listen to your own rhythms with the set of headphones. Ultra- soft ear cushions and padded headband provide you with a fatigue-free listening experience even when wearing over- ear headphones. The perfect fit can be achieved with the help of theadjustable slider. You can use these headphones for work or just listen to them at home. durable and folding designLORELEI X8 headphones with microphone in bright colors are built meticulously with strong and sturdy plastic for long- lasting resilience and durability. Premium 1.5m nylon braiding cord is suitable for adults and kids. These wired headphones are lightweight and foldable, making them easy to put into your package and take with you. The microphone is easy to use, it can be used for making calls and skipping tracks. These on ear headphones with microphone support a wide range of devices like cell phones, computers, laptops, mp3 players, and other 3.5mm audio jack devices for gym, listening to music and games. lorelei continues to deliver the best user experience with innovative technology from a trusted brand. They will solve your problem within 24 hours if you contact them.

Brand: Lorelei

👤My daughter likes them. She uses them for school. She can't hear me when she has them on. We've owned these since Nov 9 and so far they work great. She puts them in and out of her backpack. If something changes, I can update. There is an update. There are no problems with anything now. They have not had any complaints so far.

👤I have spent a lot of money on headphones for my son. His teacher called me within 2 weeks and said he needed new headphones. They could not hear her, but he could. I have heard that headphones are not meant to be used daily.

👤These headphones have the look and feel of fine design and are made of exceptional engineering. When that might be the most critical feature of headphones, what did I expect? Why invest so much in creating a beautiful product when it's not as important as it should be? I would have paid more for them. I hope the speakers in this product do not damage the hearing of thousands of kids. Good speakers cost more for parents. These headphones are beautiful in many other ways. Buy better speakers and raise the price. There is a Is there a person named Elsa?

👤I like the price and the way they hug you. The padded ear pieces need to be bigger to fit over my big ears. My ears will hurt after a while. Great sound and resilience. They sound great. I wear them longer because my ears hurt. I'll be getting more when these fail.

👤My son needs headphones. It was very specific over the ear. There is a These are not regular pairs. He will wear the goldilocks headphones. They have to be strong. The cord has to be strong. The earcups have to be soft but not too soft. There is a He likes them. I think they should get an A+.

👤My daughter uses her phone and laptop with these. They were boxed and bagging very well. She needed a tiny clear backpack in her school district. They must be good because she uses them all the time.

👤My mom asked for wired headphones so she could listen to the TV at her facility. She wears these headphones for 3-4 hours at a time, 3 days a week, and they are very comfortable. She likes that she is the only one with purple headphones. She loves them.

👤I bought this for my 12 year old to take back and forth to school. We have had them for about 8 weeks now, because he just throws them in his bag. They are holding up well and he likes them.

6. Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Lightweight Cellphon Purple

Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Lightweight Cellphon Purple

Their 100% satisfaction guarantee applies to all headphones. They think you'll like the way these look and sound. Their goal is to provide customers with outstanding sound quality and satisfaction. High definition stereo headphones with advanced software and noise reduction technology are designed to reduce ambient noises. It is ideal for entertainment. Even in the lowest volume levels, you can lose yourself in music. All of the devices that have 3.5mm plug cable enabled are compatible with the SeamlessBluetooth Connection: TUINYO Wireless Headphones. The headphones will be ready to pair when you slide the on/off button. It is built to provide a quick and stable connection and to enable hands-free communication through their special noise reduction technology. The memory-protein foam leather earmuff is designed to mimic human skin texture and is built for comfort. You can find the perfect fit with the foldable and stretchable design. It comes with a protective Premium Case to reduce wear and tear. Tuinyo is the best choice for travel, sport and every day use. Superb music and voice clarity can be found in the amazing Stereo Hi-fi Sound. It's compatible with playstation, xbox, PC gaming, music or TV with clear and rich sound. It's ideal for audio lovers. Become completely immersed in the music world by getting started. Long battery life and dual mode are what the TUINYO Headphones are for. Fast charging takes 2.5 hours. You can switch between wired and wireless mode without interruption. You don't need to worry about power shortage for long travel. You are covered by a 12 month warranty and friendly customer service.

Brand: Tuinyo

👤I got mine yesterday. I tested a few different kinds of music after charging them for an hour. Here is what I think. There is a The great. Awesome noise cancellation! I snapped my fingers in front of my face. There is a Fit. I have a small head and these fit over my ears. The headphones are small. I did not need to keep adjusting them. It's a wireless communication system. I was able to connect to my devices. Not great hardware. The headband is a bit stiff. The control buttons are very hard to push. When I adjusted volume, I went to the next track. This may loosen over time. There is a I played a song with deep bass but it sounded distant. There is a Overrall Sound. I played a lot of music. There were no major problems. It's a great value for money. Extra Bass are not for you.

👤These headphones fit well over my ears. The ear cushions were comfortable. I could hear the music and my audio books. I like that they can be kept in a case.

👤I was looking for simple headphones to drown out the chatter. I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality, comfort, and how easy they were to use. I have not had any problems with them, so I would recommend them to anyone looking.

👤I got these headphones for the office to drown out the phone calls of my co-workers. In an open office setting, speakerphone use is not allowed. These have been a miracle. My work day has improved greatly. I've had ear buds before but they don't block the noise. The battery life has been great. Co-workers see them on me. People assume you're listening with earbuds because they don't see them. There is a Since the initial restart, it's been working well. There is a I think the phone line is busy. I'm not sure. Maybe it was a messed up album. It would be better if it was announced that it was battery low. Sound quality can be a little off for some quieter classical music. You will hear pops. I don't understand this with other music or spoken word. There is a I'm pretty happy with these.

👤I needed something more comfortable than my in- ear headphones, so I bought these. I tried calling a few people and they all said I sounded muffled. I had to take them off because the sound quality was so bad.

👤Wow! I didn't think these headphones would be as good as they are. The sound on my head is amazing. The call was very clear and I received it while wearing them. I like the rose gold color. It's very easy to pair your phone with. It has a radio. Love.

👤These are great for the price. I wanted my daughter to use these for watching movies on her iPad, but I had a pair of AirPods for myself. The quality and features of what I spend is what I am happy with. There is a It's an inexpensive and great price and it's a great included case. It was easier to pair these to my phone than it was to my AirPods. The modes are not immediately intuitive without reading the instructions. The plus and minus signs don't change the volume of the songs. I bought them for my daughter as I didn't want her to be able to change the volume easily.

7. Adjustable Headphones Lightweight Microphone Smartphones

Adjustable Headphones Lightweight Microphone Smartphones

If you have a question, please Easy to Reach their Customer Service via Amazon email or through the contact information on the instructions. The easy foldable to save space and take it with you on your trip are two of the features of the lightweight design. It's comfortable with the ultra eco leather and cloud foam cushions. The 3.5mm plug is compatible with all 3.5mm jack devices, such as: Tablets, Computer, Laptop, MP3/4 CD DVD player, Mobile. 3.5mm Jack and in-line microphones. 3.5mm L Shape Jack is better for reducing cable damage than the 4.9ft nylon cable with in-line microphone. If you have a question about customer service, please contact them via Amazon message.

Brand: Rockpapa

👤My kids loved the colors of the headphones I bought for them. They are strong and sound great. The sound went off after 6 months. I received 2 new headphones after I contacted the company. I love the customer service and my kids love the headphones. Thank you!

👤RockPapa knows what is happening. Are these well fitted and lightweight? Yes, very much so! Yes, they are cheap as well as affordable. There is a I am taking time to leave this review because of the sound quality. I sent the sets off to school with my kids, though I never tried them myself, I received good reports about their performance there. The kids added more headphones to their birthday wishlists to use at home. Music was enjoyed, phone calls were made with friends, and wishes were granted. They have a nice microphone. There is a This is not why I am here. My daughter told me today that the headphones she got for her birthday two months ago haven't worked well, one ear isn't playing at all, and the other is muffled. These were her newest pair of shoes, and she is very careful with her belongings. I contacted RockPapa on a Sunday and let them know. I was likely to continue shopping with them, the RockPapa brand is performing well, the other ones we have purchased are performing well, and I am sure it is a coincidence that these quit. They have responded to online service on Sunday. Don't measure other companies to this as a standard, but instead an exception, more on that below. They want to resolve the issue. Good customer service is what that is. There is a The last of the boxes was checked. There is more to come. There is a The sound quality is excellent. There is a I plugged my headphones in for the first time last week to see if it was my phone or my car radio that was malfunctioning. Blow away! I have Bose speakers in my car, I have been to many a concert, as a roadie, working concert security, a few times as a musician, but that is a story for another day. There are dead shows. When I hear the sound, I know it's good. I promise, you will not find a better headphone in this price range to please your ears as much as these do! There is a To leave this review, I am also returning to shop. We will definitely be ordering more RockPapa headphones. There are some things to note. This model is different from the one that failed. This is the model. I tried. The microphone is part of the cord and works well. My son and I bought this model and they are doing well. I am not associated with this brand and would be happy to help you find reps. Is that how it works? I'm always hesitant to buy things based on reviews because you never know. This is a good word of mouth suggestion. Purchase these headphones! Most of the models by RockPapa have options to suit most users. I am sure you will enjoy them. There is a What did I mean by holding businesses to unrealistic standards? There are still mom and pop shops that are run by real people and not just a few employees. Great people own businesses and are doing great things. I appreciate a quick response and am grateful to get this worked out asap, but I don't expect that type of service 100% of the time from any size of company. If you have an issue with a service or product, remember that there are real people on the other line, the other keyboard in that email, and be kind and patient. Signed by a retired business owner.

8. LORELEI X6 Headphones Lightweight Purple Black

LORELEI X6 Headphones Lightweight Purple Black

For any questions while using, please contact them at any time via Amazon email or through the contact information on the instructions. The headphones with microphone have a 40mm driver and have a design that makes them sound like high-definition headphones. You can listen to your own rhythms with the set of on- ear headphones. These on- ear headphones are designed for maximum comfort and are made of soft ear cushions and padded headband. The perfect fit can be achieved with the help of theadjustable slider. You can use these headphones for a variety of purposes. These headphones with microphone in bright colors are built with strong and sturdy plastic for long- lasting resilience. Premium 1.5m nylon braiding cord is suitable for adults and kids. These wired headphones are lightweight and foldable, making them easy to put into your package and take with you. The microphone has easy in-line control, and it can be used to make calls and skip tracks. These on ear headphones with microphone support a wide range of devices like cell phones, computers, laptops, mp3 players, and other 3.5mm audio jack devices for gym, listening to music and games. LORELEI continues to deliver the best user experience with innovative technology from a trusted brand. They will solve your problem within 24 hours if you contact them.

Brand: Lorelei

👤I was surprised by the sound quality of the headphones. They fit over my ears. I got them for my daughter, who can't hear me because she's playing music. They are comfortable and seem to last. Couldn't believe they were around 15. I might get another pair.

👤I don't know why the reviews are bad. The sound cancels out other sounds. People can hear the noise from my headphones. The fit for my head is perfect. It works well over my ears. It works well for a 30 year old. They come in a cute bag. They last if you take care of them. They are sturdy and nice. It took two days longer to get the one day ship I ordered because they sent it to the wrong facility. I was impressed so far.

👤The headphones fit my head and ears just fine. They seem to be comfortable for long-term use. I like that the cord is longer and it's shoe-string material, rather than flimsy rubber or plastic. Very happy with the purchase!

👤These headphones are the same price as the best seller Panasonic earbuds I've purchased on Amazon and used for as long as I could remember, and they sound as good as them. I would like to use headphones instead of earbuds, but I realized that some of my hearing loss could have been caused by using earbuds. Since they cost so much, I decided to give them a try, and they come with a one year warranty, which is comforting since I wouldn't be very bothered if it broke.

👤My ten year old has the hardest time focusing. We are doing online school and I got these headphones. She loves her headphones. She has been more focused and not bothered by noise. The price is awesome.

👤I ordered them for my daughter. After a week, the first pair lost their sound. The second pair lost sound in their ears after about 4 days. It seems odd that we would get two bad headphones. Will not replace this time and will ask for a refund.

👤The sound is good. The ear pads are small and do not fit over my ears. They put pressure on my ear. It pushes hard on the top of my head and is too tight. I was looking forward to these. My son won't want to use them because they are pretty pink. I will have to return. I gave them 3 stars because they seem good for a child.

👤I am having problems with this item and wish I could give it a better review. The mic seems to have a bad connection. The sound goes all over the place, I'm listening to music or a movie and the sound is ok, then all of a sudden it gets really great, then back to pretty ok. A lot more of the ok than the great. I know they can sound great but fifteen seconds of great sound from a three point five minute song is not what I want from my set. Sometimes touching the mic will fix it for a short time, but most of the time it won't. I just got a lemon and I'm not going to stand on line for an hour or more to return it at the post office. If the sound stays in the really great mode, it would be a really nice headphones. If you decide to buy one, good luck. I hope you get a good one.

9. Bluetooth Over Ear Foldable Headphones Prolonged

Bluetooth Over Ear Foldable Headphones Prolonged

An indicator to gauge remaining battery life is included in the portable charging case. Plug the included cable into the port to charge the device. High Definition Stereo Headphones, specially developed software and noise reduction technology designed to prevent you from heating ambient noises and make you focus on what you want to hear, is aesteirond Sound Production. Even in the lowest volume levels, you can lose yourself in music. Their constant pursuit is the goal that provides outstanding sound quality. BUILT FOR COMFORTABILITY The Earmuff is made of artificial leather. They are foldable and stretchable, which makes it easy to find the perfect fit without constraint. The best choice for travel, sport, and daily use by children, teens, and adults is Zihnic. SEAMLESS BLUETOOTH CONNECTION It was built to provide a stable connection. The headphones will be ready to pair when you slide the on/off button. The headphones are compatible with all plug cable enabled devices. You can have hands-free communication with the special noise reduction technology microphone that is compatible with all phones. ERGONOMIC DESIGN The model premium outlook is provided by the materials that are nice to touch. The earmuffs and headbands are made of memory-protein foam, which makes them soft and comfortable. The Premium Case is a great way to reduce wear and tear. A long battery life and dual mode. There are headphones that are Rechargeable. The 450mAh battery has 14 hours of music and 2.5 hours of fast Charing. You can switch to wired mode after 20 hours of playtime. You don't need to worry about power shortage for long travel. You are covered with a 12 months warranty and 100% customer satisfaction, if you choose to do so.

Brand: Zihnic

👤I ordered the headphones for the gym. I was tired of cords. The little buds in your ears hurt my ears so I have big bulky ones. These are not that heavy. The color was well packaged. The only complaint is that they smell a little. I have no issues with them. It's easy to connect with a far distance. They are very pretty and do not fall off my head. If I run into any problems, I will update this review. Thus far, very satisfied!

👤The headphones seemed wonderful at first, but then they stopped charging and won't work plugged in. The extra warranty has been honored more than it is worth. It has been almost a month since I was told that Jane was talking about it. Don't buy! Unless you enjoy disappointment. There is a After writing this review, I was contacted by the seller and a new pair were sent to me. I haven't had any more problems.

👤I needed less expensive headphones to use while mowing the lawn so I bought these on Prime Day. It only took a few seconds to connect to my phone. I didn't expect the sound quality to be as good as it is. I was concerned that my loud lawnmower wasn't working correctly because of the sound quality and powerfulness of them. The headphones were great and the mower was fine. I liked the fact that it came with a case. The product exceeded my expectations.

👤My 10 year old daughter uses her school device with these headphones. She has used them weekly since they were ordered. They stopped making sound today. They are useless now. They only lasted 3 months. I'm hoping that there is a warranty on these, but I can't seem to find one on Amazon. My daughter would have given them 4 to 5 stars before they stopped working, but now she can't because they are not working anymore.

👤When I received these headphones, I was excited as they had a nice design, a nice price tag, and a nice color. I was immediately disappointed. I paid a lot for these, but they didn't meet my expectations. 1. There is a delay when watching a video. I have to connect the headphones to get rid of the delay in sound, but it only works for a short time. 2. I was looking forward to the feature that comes with the headphones, but I am not sure if it will work. The sound quality was terrible and the signal was not good. The Christian station was the only one that I could hear clearly. That is a positive station. I wanted to listen to music while studying. 3. If you are looking for basic sound quality that will deliver your music just to get you through your studies, then you have found the right place. These will do well. Even though you only have half volume or lower, others will still be able to hear your music in a pindrop silent place. The battery life on these are great, so no problem there. They have a pretty rose gold color and are comfortable. These headphones didn't meet my expectations. I guess I will have to spend more money and find other uses for it.

10. Headphones Microphone Nintendo Playstation Computer

Headphones Microphone Nintendo Playstation Computer

LORELEI continues to deliver the best user experience with innovative technology from a trusted brand. They will solve your problem within 24 hours if you contact them. The K7 has a new lighting design that brings you cool lights when plugged in to your computer. There are lights on the sides of the headset. The light on earcups can highlight the atmosphere. Nivava is a professional headset brand, including gaming headsets, kids headphones, true wireless headsets, etc. The K7 headset has a 50mm speaker that delivers great stereo sound. The clear sound can be heard even at the maximum volume. Nothing sounds distorted. The K7 is comfortable to wear, and there is an option to adjust the headband to make you feel more comfortable. The part that touches your head is made of soft and well-cushioned vinyl. The plastic on the top of the semi-circle is very flexible. Long term use will not make you tired. The noise canceling on the mic can give you sounds with great sensitivity. The noise isolating feature allows you to deliver or receive messages that are too loud for you to hear. It's possible to keep out noise from the outside. If you have a question, please Easy to Reach their Customer Service via Amazon email or through the contact information on the instructions.

Brand: Nivava

👤My son's headset stopped working a month into him having it, so I was very disappointed in my last review. Someone from the company reached out to me after reading my review and reminded me of the manufacture warranty. They are sending me a replacement headset, even further than that. They didn't have to do any of this, but they really cared about their customers and made it better. I will recommend your company to anyone looking for a headset in the future, thanks to your outstanding customer service.

👤The cords are heavy duty and the color is great. The long cord is very helpful.

👤The only positives I can say about this headset are that the colors look cool and the noise cancelling works great. Everything else is not good. The headset is heavy and can hurt children's necks for a long time. The adjustment for the actual headphones is not made. I could not find any drivers for this on Windows 10. There is no online information or the manual. The sound quality is weird. It's like you're listening to someone on a speaker phone, but they're not on the other side of the room. The stereo sounds seem to be 30 degrees off.

👤These headphones are amazing. They are higher quality than I would expect from a set. My fiancĂ©e said that this is the most comfortable and highest quality gaming set he has ever owned. The noise cancellation works well and you won't hear someone ask you a question or call you for dinner. The noise cancellation works well. Normally, his party members can hear my footsteps, but since he got this, the only time it picks up my noise is when I'm laughing or talking loudly within arm's reach of him.

👤I like the headband and the cushion underneath the band, the led rgb adds a nice touch. Sound is clear and crisp. I bought ear muffs for my daughter so she wouldn't be bothered by them. There is a My daughter loves the fact that she can't hear me, but she uses this for her Nintendo switch. Yes, noise cancellation works well.

👤Praise the Almighty. The quality of these headphones is amazing, and the price makes them even bigger grab! The cord is of good quality. I tested the mic with friends and it was clear without crackling or static. The headphones buzz occasionally. Not sure why? The Led system is cool and works well, the cord can work on phones, laptops, and desktop PCs too, but it has an extension for PCs.

👤The value is unbelievable. My son needed a new one, the last one stopped working. The sound quality is great. The set up was very easy. My eight-year-old was able to do it on his own. It was very well made, durable and high quality. Highly recommended!

👤I got this head set and it was cheap. I used it and didn't think much of it. It worked well for sound, but the people I play with couldn't hear me. I had to hold the mic to my mouth to hear them. The sound went crazy in my ears after two weeks of using it. I threw my headset onto my lap and thought. I tried plugging it back in. I have tried everything. It is stuck like this and you should watch the video before buying it.

11. Headphones Earphones Isolating Adjustable SmartPhones

Headphones Earphones Isolating Adjustable SmartPhones

Long battery life and dual mode are what the TUINYO Headphones are for. Fast charging takes 2.5 hours. You can switch between wired and wireless mode without interruption. You don't need to worry about power shortage for long travel. You are covered by a 12 month warranty and friendly customer service. The headband is easy to adjust to ensure the perfect fit. Softly on your ears with the ultra eco leather and cloud foam cushions, it's comfortable. This headphones will make you feel comfortable all day. The 3.5mm plug is compatible with all 3.5mm jack devices, such as: Tablets, Computer, Laptop, MP3/4 CD DVD player, Mobile. The cord length is not a microphone, remote or volume control. If you have a question about customer service, please contact them via Amazon message.

Brand: Rockpapa

👤The product is my favorite color. I used it for the first time in a busy environment and it was perfect. The sound quality was great and the comfort of the pads was ok. After wearing it for six hours, it began squeezing my ears, but it was really a long time. I would recommend them.

👤I am trying to find a cheap noise cancelling/reducing headphones to wear on the subway trains. My criteria for buying headphones is over the ear. If proper care is not taken in cleaning the buds, they can cause infections. There is a I can't afford expensive ones and I can't wear earbuds. It's wired. This is my opinion on the headphones that I have purchased, based on how they perform. All of them are over ear and wired and sound the same. There is a AmazonBasics lightweight on- ear headphones are black. The purchase was made in November of 2015. It was broken May 2019. They blocked most of the outside noise. I used them for meetings and webinars. Music and phone calls. Even the ear-pads showed minimal wear-tear despite being used for 4 years. The noise blocking percentage is 80%. There is a Sound quality is very good and the weight and fit is good. BienSound HW50 Stereo. Headsets that are folding. I bought them for my daughter to use at home for her online lessons. There is a The sound quality is very good and the weight is very good. Does not hurt the earlobes. Audiomate A7 Stereo Bass Headphones with Microphone was purchased in March. It is kept for home use. Decent weight and fit are also important. It's lightweight. I did not hurt them for a while. After 4-5 hours of use, my headphones get uncomfortable. There is a RockPapa On Ear Stereo Headphones for Adults, Kids, Teens, and MacBooks: purchased in May 2019. Returned the worst part of the pack. Does not block noise from outside. I can't hear the phone conversations or the lectures on the train. I can't make out words in a song. I have to turn up volume 5 times more. There is a Sound quality is not blocking and the weight and fit is bad. There is a I hope my experience helps someone.

👤The pros. It has a comfortable headband and decent sound quality, but nothing special. There is nothing special about it. For an adult user, they might feel tight on their ears, and may feel uncomfortable when used for long periods of time. -The The part of the product description that is incorrect says that headphones do not go over your ear. There is a If I have any problems, I will update this review.

👤We bought them to be more sane. Allow the boys to play with Garage Band on longer trips and to have while camping. They thought the bright green color and the size would help them stick around. We were correct. The boys thought they were cool. The boys wore them for most of the drive without complaint, so I think they are very comfortable. They were secure on little heads because there was no sound bleeding. I can't speak to sound quality but as long as the wearer isn't a pro DJ or sound tech, that shouldn't be a problem. I would buy them again if needed.


What is the best product for headphones light purple?

Headphones light purple products from Anivia. In this article about headphones light purple you can see why people choose the product. Elecder and Riwbox are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphones light purple.

What are the best brands for headphones light purple?

Anivia, Elecder and Riwbox are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphones light purple. Find the detail in this article. Vizliter, Lorelei and Tuinyo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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