Best Headphones Light Weight Wired

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1. JVC HAS160B Lightweight Headband Headphones

JVC HAS160B Lightweight Headband Headphones

The 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter is included. Soft ear pads are used for sound isolation and comfort. The head fit size enlarger is made of rugged STAINLESS STEEL for perfect head fit. Large Head, Medium Head or Small Head Headphones are used. Flat-foldable design for small storage. It is less than 1 inch thick when folded. It's easy to carry in a purse, backpack, or Briefcase. 30MM Neodymium Driver Units are used for a Rich Fidelity Sound. The Headphone Jack is made of gold and has a 3.94 foot cord. There are 6 iPod nano 5G models. Flat foldable design.

Brand: Jvc

👤As a collector of headphones from cheapie $5 junk all the way up to several hundred dollar reference/audiophile grade professional studio headphones (Sennheiser, Hifiman, Audio Technica, etc.) I'm very happy with them. The sound surprised me the most. They have a bright sound signature with good quality bass that does not bleed into the mids. The bass is present where it should be, unlike most cheaper headphones. The overall sound is fun and lively. I was surprised at how good these sound, and the comfort is not bad, but it shouldn't present much of a problem if at all, really. The highs mellow out after 40 hours or so of use and sound quality is back to normal. I use the "flat" setting on my EQ to smooth them out and I am happy with how they respond. I own and love my Audio Technica ATH-M50X headphones, but the comfort and convenient size of the JVC Flats make me reach for these quite often. The metal inner headband with solid, decisive click adjustments is also good at this price point. I expected a 7/10 overall, so you can understand why this review is so positive. There is a My ratings are based on the price I paid. It's silly to rate products outside of their price point if they cost $100. These headphones are great and deserve 5 stars. If they were twice the price, I'd still recommend them, but they're under $15 all day long, so go buy them and enjoy!

👤The earpiece broke when it was taken out of the package. The earpiece was narrow and brittle, and it was on the band. They won't allow me to return it. I had to try them before the break. If the seller replaces my item, I will change my review.

👤The headphones are poorly constructed. The speakers that are attached to the headband broke at their respective bases within a week. I used electrical tape to secure the headphones in place after I replaced the broken plastic parts with wooden dowels. The MacGyvered is better than the manufacturer's design, but I won't be buying it again if I end up replacing them.

👤Oh my... I like a lot. I looked for a pair of headphones. I didn't want to spend a lot of money because it wasn't serious enough, but I needed them when I needed them. I was unimpressed when I opened the box and tried them on for size but my ears weren't covered all the way, so I put them in a drawer to try when I needed them. I needed them to watch a movie on my computer. Oh... My... The movie started when I put these things on. I thought I was going to see a movie. I like these headphones. The padding fits over the opening of the ear. It is perfect. I would buy these again, even though they are more expensive. I stopped the movie to write this review because I was so impressed with these headphones.

2. Headphones Headphone Foldable Lightweight Chromebook

Headphones Headphone Foldable Lightweight Chromebook

The JBL Quantum 200 wired over ear gaming headset with flip-up boom mic was delivered. The Kids Safe Volume Limit is for children. Pink Kids headphones with 94dB volume limit can help them compete with the noise of airplanes or cars on the road, and prevent their delicate eardrums from being damaged. The Over Ear Headphones for Kids pink have a 3.5mm jack that works with iPad, iPhone, Chromebooks, tablets, phones, TV, computer, laptops, mp3 players, and other 3.5mm audio jack devices. Kids headphones with soft padded ear cups ensure long- lasting comfort. The lightweight foldable headphones are suitable for both children and adults. Children's headphones for home/online school. The material is durable and skin-friendly. Pink Kids headphones have a nylon cord and sturdy 3. 5mm stereo plug The Skin-Friendly material of the Kids headset ensures that kids have a long comfort-wearing experience. The 3.5mm wired kids headset makes your child look like a little angel. It's convenient to carry it wherever you go, because of the folding design.

Brand: Taoclear

👤My daughter likes them. She uses them for school. The sound quality is decent. The cord is strong. It was a good deal.

👤My toddler loves them. They work well and are strong.

3. Bopmen T3 Wired Over Headphones

Bopmen T3 Wired Over Headphones

The wideband range is designed for bass heavy music. The low end of the range picks up the strongest sub-bass notes, while the high end picks up the strongest vocal notes. The round earmuffs design with pressure-relieving cushions has been engineered to match the shape of your ears, ensuring a secure fit with minimal sound leaking. The earmuffs have a sewing seal in the sound. You will hear more of your music with less interference and more bass signatures. The headphones are built with strong plastic and steel for long- lasting resilience and durability. The headband is easy to adjust. The headband is made of leather. It's comfortable to wear all day. The 1.2m braided-nylon cord is tangle free. The cable has an in-line mic for taking calls and skipping tracks. You can take them with you wherever you go with an additional carry pouch. All devices with a 3.5mm headphone port are compatible.

Brand: Bopmen

👤I like these headphones. I use them when I work out at the gym. Even though I have a severe hearing loss, they are comfortable and I can understand the talk on the TV's mounted on the wall in front of the equipment. It makes my hour of walking go faster. I recommend them very highly.

👤The price sounded better than expected. The cord is a tad shorter than others I have purchased.

👤These headphones are basic but comfortable. They use a tangle-free cord. They do their job well and for good value. I bought them because they were not the best for noise cancellation.

👤Don't buy this item. We bought this for our son. The sound stopped working in the right ear within a few months. He takes care of them, but they are cheap. The manufacturer is based in China and will not email us back. The return window has closed so Amazon will not help us. We are out money and headphones. I am very disappointed in Amazon for their poor customer service. Don't buy cheap headphones.

👤They stopped working a few days after I got them. It sounds like it's not getting a full connection. I would save money on this product.

👤I guess you get what you pay for. I think I shouldn't have expected quality for fifteen bucks. These lasted 6 months and used them once every two weeks, so about 10 uses before something happened. One day, I couldn't hear my voice chat companions. I tried to watch a show and a music video on the internet, but only the music came through, not the lyrics or the actors voices. Will need a nicer pair from a different brand.

👤When I buy a new product, I expect it to work the way I want it to, so I gave these 3 stars. These did not. I got these for my son. There was a cracking sound when the plug was first plugged in. The same thing happened when I tried them in another device. I was about to return them when I decided to look more closely at the description and some of the tips. There was a tip for the problem. I cleaned the plug and tried again. He's getting clear sound and no issues. We decided to give them a shot so that they don't have any other issues. Before you give up on these, you should check the problem before you make a decision on whether they are a dud or not. The sound is good, they're comfortable, and aren't bulky at all. We like that they have their own bag for when he has to bring them to school, and the cord is tangle-free so it doesn't interfere with his pump. A story review for a different day. This one seems to be perfect so far, it's a nightmare for him. We will keep them for now. I had to fix the headphones before he could use them, but they are a good set for the price.

4. Philips Audio SHP9600MB Headphones Microphone

Philips Audio SHP9600MB Headphones Microphone

The 4.5-ft. corded phone cord is comfortable to use through clothing and bags. The SHP9600 has a mic. You can attach the boom mic to your regular headphones and use it as a business headset or a professional gaming headset. The 50 MM drivers have been perfectly Tuned to deliver detailed sound, crisp bass and balanced midrange. The Frequency is 6HZ-35kHz. The sound you hear is clear without echoes because the air is allowed to flow through the speaker element. The fit of the ears is natural. Breathable ear -cup cushions are great for long listening sessions. You can get the size you want the first time you wear the headband, but you have to lock it in to place. You can move around with almost 5 feet of cable with the mic. The 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter is included.

Brand: Philips Audio

👤These are not SHP9500 take 2. These are like a brother to SHP9500 and a warm, slightly more clampy and a bit heavier brother. I like the original 9500 and I think philips did well with the styling and fitment changes. It's false to call them 9600 as if they sound like the 9500. These are a completely different series of headphones with pads. They are very similar to the X2hr but not as resolving. Don't expect the sound to be better than 9500. They are unique and different.

👤The 9500 is twice as expensive as the bass is boosted, and has a low mids and highs 888-270-6611 What was he thinking? There is a The 9500s and 9600s were a bit grainy, so they got rid of this by tuning out the highs. There is a The SHP9500s were a bit bass lacking, so they boosted the bass so hard that it bled into the mids, then they adjusted the mids to mitigate this. There is a The build quality, materials, and clamp are all the same. I got used to both of them in practice. The 9600s were a bit rougher, but nothing serious. I don't like the 9500s, but they're still one of the best options for open backs under $100, because you don't have many well built options. Even if the 9500s were the same price, the 9600s wouldn't be close.

👤I had heard so much about these headphones. I've seen them reviewed many times on YouTube. I heard nothing bad about them. They were not available for purchase for the longest time. They were way overpriced for the ones. They were available on Amazon for a good price. I jumped on it. Are they worth the hype? Features: design 50mm is the size of the drivers of the SHP9500. The Hi-Res territory is 1,500 Hz short of the outstanding, 12-35,000 Hz. They still sound great. The impedance is not very high. The PS4 controller can drive the headphones with the volume set to max. A user will have to be careful when using an amplifier because it has a maximum input power of 200mW. A DAC is not needed. The sound will be improved and louder. There is a The design of the SHP9500 is very cool. Some people could argue that it looks cheap. They have a style to them. The headband is made of aluminum and black. The top of the headband has a logo on it. The sides of the headband have a measuring hole and a notch, which show the level which the headband can be adjusted to. There is a cushion underneath the headband. A plastic tag with R and L can be seen on the sides of the headband. This is the part of the design that I like the most. The ear cups are made of plastic. The speakers are made of aluminum. The speaker's sides are painted white with R and L on them. The design feature is unique and cool. The drivers can see the speakers. The ear cushions are made of the same cloth fabric and are over the ear. There is a There are two types ofBASS/MID-BASS/SUB-BASS. There is a bass. I can hear a boom when I play games with explosions. The bass is not consistent. The sub-bass is non-existent. I could not hear much of a rumble when I was playing games with explosions. Highs: The headphones are bright sounding. The sound is clear. The highs can be hard to see. Results and ears are different. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has a lot of sharp sounds. There are gunshots but they are not loud. When a kill is achieved, there is a loud, thumping sound, which follows with a loudquish. Hearing this sound can be hard on the ears. The high end of female voices are great. Hearing female voices is not the only thing. The voice lines of my female character sound great. Enjoy! Splash! It was dropped! All right, boom time. All talk! "Doggone!" Those are some of her favorite lines. There was an open-ended bay of the Summit map where Battery ran once. The battery said a voice line. Her voice became bigger as she entered the bay. There was an echo of Battery's voice. The authenticity of the echo was frightening. This was a good example of a transition. The SHP9500 has good images. They handle sounds that are not straight. I tested the performance of the SHP9500 while playing Call of Duty Black Ops 4. The best map is the one called the "Occupation" map, which is a close-quarters map. I could hear what was happening on the map, whether it was dialogue, gunshots or explosions. footsteps could also be heard. The sound magnifies sounds coming from a different direction. When my character looks in one direction, the sound increases in the direction of the direction it is in, and the sound decreases in the opposite direction. The soundstage is good. They are open-back, so that is expected. The open sound of the SHP9500 is great. Very spread out. I played a match outdoors. The map is called "Gustav Cannon". I could hear sounds from far away. Sounds from a distant sounded a bit closer than they actually were. There are lows and mids. The SHP9500 picks up subtle sounds. Hearing a shotgun blast is addictive to listen to. I could hear the subtle, clinking and breakage of pottery being kicked around, while I was playing a game on the map. I could barely hear this with other headsets, but it was more abundant with the SHP9500. My character was trampling through the deep snow, cracking of the ice or sounds of moving water, while swimming on the Icebreaker map, and the sound of crunching was unbelievable. My character, Battery, once ran inside of an open-ended bay of the Summit map. While going inside of the bay, the battery was talking while outside. There was an echo of Battery's voice in that open-ended bay. The authenticity of the echo was frightening. An external mic, such as a V-Moda Boom mic Pro, will be required to use while online gaming. The prices can be different. I don't have a mod-mic yet, so I haven't tried this. It should perform well with one attached. It was a factual decision. The SHP9500 is a great headset. I was wondering if these lived up to the hype when I heard about them. I would never think that a company would make a headset like that. They put these back on the market at an affordable price. I would advise anyone looking for a headset to pick them up in case they are no longer available. I believe my search for the perfect headset is over.

5. RORSOU R10 Headphones Microphone Lightweight

RORSOU R10 Headphones Microphone Lightweight

AVANTREE. Sometimes you just want to relax and not be bothered by the noise around you or the other people. The 40mm audio driver delivers a clear sound with a full dynamic range and rich bass and crisp mids, and you can enjoy gorgeous deep bass and Hi-fi stereo sound feast. Just listen to the music. Even wearing on- ear headphones during a long session, you can still get a fatigue-free listening experience with the ultra- soft ear cushions and padded headband. The perfect fit can be achieved with the help of theadjustable slider. You can use these headphones for a variety of purposes. The R10 headphones are built with strong and sturdy plastic for long- lasting resilience. Premium nylon braiding cord is suitable for adults and children. These wired headphones are lightweight and foldable, making them easy to put into your package and take with you. The in-line microphone has an easy in-line control for making calls and skipping tracks. These on ear headphones with microphone support a wide range of audio devices. RORSOU is dedicated to providing high quality products with excellent after-sale service. They'll get back to you within 24 hours if you have a question.

Brand: Rorsou

👤I wanted pink headphones to go with my setup. The headphones set that I was using was terrible. The set is a lovely price, goes with my setup, and are adorable. The sound quality of the microphone is something that I have to comment on. I have a different microphone. I didn't need the mic built into the headphones set, but I did try it out and it was static-y.

👤The built-in pause/play button stopped working after only a month of use. Sometimes, I can hear through both ears, but sometimes it drops audio to one ear so that the sound from my phone comes out. I didn't try to strain the cord or cause the headphones to break because I've had issues with cheap headphones before. They broke faster than any headphones I've owned.

👤These are for the gym to block out the noise of other people. They work well. Sound quality is good for me. I like how the ear pieces are made. My sweat is easy to wipe off. They got a weird smell for a week early on, probably due to the sweat and breaking them in, but it wore off quickly. The coating on the cord is fabric-like. I shortened the cord so it wouldn't catch on gym equipment. The right angle plug fits better in my phone case than a straight plug. The folding feature is something I like. Very pleased with the purchase.

👤I had these for less than 24 hours and they are broken. I was asleep when I put them on my head. If you wear these headphones for more than 30 minutes, they will cause ear and head fatigue.

👤I was not happy with the condition of the package, but they were not broken. I bought these for my child to use at school. He loves them. He likes to use the button on the microphone to pause/play. They fit him well and are better quality and cheaper than the ones at the local stores. They are perfect for him to use with his phone and iPad.

👤I bought two as I go through head phones, I will buy ten. It's the best budget headphones ever, fits large head, and is cheaper than other headphones. You wont regret it if you buy as many as you can during a sale. The headphones are not loud, but they are cheap and the wires are not as expensive as name brand headphones. I will buy 10.

👤I got these to replace my headphones that died. I wasn't expecting much, but they're not bad. The sound is pleasant. The plug in is secure. The color is great. They're a tad smaller than I 888-276-5932s, but I feel tight on my head. Pressure on my temples doesn't feel good. I'm hoping it doesn't cause me a problem.

👤I bought the black with red trim set for myself. After my husband tried them, he ordered his own. He got the dark gray and purple. When you think of how cheap they are, you might just look at another set of headphones, but I will tell you that they are worth every penny.

6. AIHOOR Bluetooth Headphones Earphones Waterproof

AIHOOR Bluetooth Headphones Earphones Waterproof

The integrated PCB antenna of the satellite standard combined with the new wireless technology ensures a stable connection between your cell phone and your headphones. The signal strength and influence range of Donerton earbuds is more than other audifonos. Have you ever liked a song because of the bass part? Caution! Your favorite song may sound different. 10mm PEEK+PU dynamic drivers provide high-quality stereo with extra bass, mellow vocal and surprising treble for music, movies and phone calls. Better Sound, Less Cost is about breaking the limits of hardware performance and achieving extreme sound quality comparable to those of major brands at only 1/6 of the price. The artwork of the team with experts that have been in the audio industry for more than 30 years is not a joke. A2 is suitable for most people's ear canals. Even if your ear canal is small, you can wear your eartips comfortably. It won't make you uncomfortable if you wear it for a long time. Say goodbye to frequent charging and use every single earbud for 5 hours of music and the charging case for 25 hours of playtime. It's enough to listen for a whole day. Simply Paring & Controls is a hassle-free way to cut and paste on your mobile device. Both sides of the earbuds can be used without your phone.

Brand: Aihoor

👤I was confused by the touch-sensitive sides when I first got these headphones. I kept pausing and hitting them. I left a 2-star review about what I thought was a malfunction. I got used to the buttons after a few days of use, and they're pretty intuitive once you know they're there. I can control the volume by holding the left or right side of theAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudibleAudible The buttons are sensitive and you have to be careful not to touch them while taking the earbuds out and/or putting them away.

👤The bang for the buck is what these are. The bass sound is nice. The ipod pro quality is less than the cost. Good battery life.

👤It works well, lasts a long time, and is easy to use. I wish you could lower the volume just a little bit more before it stops talking. It is loud.

👤The bass is amazing, I just got them and I put it at half volume, it is already better than the last pair of headphones I owned. It is recommended.

👤The headphones are nice for the price. The battery life is great and the sound is great. The controls are terrible. They never do what you want, no matter how you try. Whenever I try to advance to the next song, the tap either pauses or tries to open the assistant and it doesn't skip to the next song. When I try to pause with a single tap, it goes to the next song. This is a pain as the whole point of headphones like this is to be able to control your phone with a few simple taps, instead of having to take your phone out of your pocket or wherever it may be. They couldn't make this work the way it should, which seems to be a common issue with these budget wireless "pods" Update. The seller offered a replacement. I provided my address, but the replacement never arrived.

👤These are great so far. These ear buds are perfect for hearing. The other person can hear me on the phone. The battery lasts a long time. I don't use them all day long.

👤I ordered cheaper earbuds for the gym because I wanted to cut out noise and I could say that they worked well. I ordered the more expensive ones and they worked well in the gym and I could say that I paid more for them. I love them!

👤I have several pairs of earbuds, including some higher-end noise cancelling ones, but these have become my favorite. The case is small enough that I always have it with me. These things are about the same size as you would want and can be picked up. Check out the pictures of my giant hands. The speaker sound quality is pretty good. They are almost as good as any other inexpensive wireless earbuds I have used. The microphone sound quality is good enough to use for phone calls, which is convenient, unlike many other cheap wireless earbuds. The mic isn't wind resistant so indoor/in-car calls work best. There is a range and a wireless device. They pair quickly and easily, and connect before I get them in my ears. When I get a couple of rooms away, or at least 40 feet outdoors, the connection seems to increase. Again, as good as any other earbuds I have tried. I listen to audiobooks a lot, and they seem to be good for at least 4 hours without a charge. I don't know how many charges you get from the case. If they are still available, I would buy them again.

7. LORELEI X6 Headphones Microphone Lightweight

LORELEI X6 Headphones Microphone Lightweight

The headphones with microphone have a 40mm driver and have a design that makes them sound like high-definition headphones. You can listen to your own rhythms with the set of on- ear headphones. These on- ear headphones are designed for maximum comfort and are made of soft ear cushions and padded headband. The perfect fit can be achieved with the help of theadjustable slider. You can use these headphones for a variety of purposes. These headphones with microphone in bright colors are built with strong and sturdy plastic for long- lasting resilience. Premium 1.5m nylon braiding cord is suitable for adults and children. These wired headphones are lightweight and foldable, making them easy to put into your package and take with you. The microphone has easy in-line control, and it can be used to make calls and skip tracks. These on ear headphones with microphone support a wide range of devices like cell phones, computers, laptops, mp3 players, and other 3.5mm audio jack devices for gym, listening to music and games. LORELEI continues to deliver the best user experience with innovative technology from a trusted brand. They will solve your problem within 24 hours if you contact them.

Brand: Lorelei

👤I was surprised by the sound quality of the headphones. They fit over my ears. I got them for my daughter, who can't hear me because she's playing music. They are comfortable and seem to last. Couldn't believe they were around 15. I might get another pair.

👤I don't know why the reviews are bad. The sound cancels out other sounds. People can hear the noise from my headphones. The fit for my head is perfect. It works well over my ears. It works well for a 30 year old. They come in a cute bag. They last if you take care of them. They are sturdy and nice. It took two days longer to get the one day ship I ordered because they sent it to the wrong facility. I was impressed so far.

👤The headphones fit my head and ears just fine. They seem to be comfortable for long-term use. I like that the cord is longer and it's shoe-string material, rather than flimsy rubber or plastic. Very happy with the purchase!

👤These headphones are the same price as the best seller Panasonic earbuds I've purchased on Amazon and used for as long as I could remember, and they sound as good as them. I would like to use headphones instead of earbuds, but I realized that some of my hearing loss could have been caused by using earbuds. Since they cost so much, I decided to give them a try, and they come with a one year warranty, which is comforting since I wouldn't be very bothered if it broke.

👤My ten year old has the hardest time focusing. We are doing online school and I got these headphones. She loves her headphones. She has been more focused and not bothered by noise. The price is awesome.

👤I ordered them for my daughter. After a week, the first pair lost their sound. The second pair lost sound in their ears after about 4 days. It seems odd that we would get two bad headphones. Will not replace this time and will ask for a refund.

👤The sound is good. The ear pads are small and do not fit over my ears. They put pressure on my ear. It pushes hard on the top of my head and is too tight. I was looking forward to these. My son won't want to use them because they are pretty pink. I will have to return. I gave them 3 stars because they seem good for a child.

👤I am having problems with this item and wish I could give it a better review. The mic seems to have a bad connection. The sound goes all over the place, I'm listening to music or a movie and the sound is ok, then all of a sudden it gets really great, then back to pretty ok. A lot more of the ok than the great. I know they can sound great but fifteen seconds of great sound from a three point five minute song is not what I want from my set. Sometimes touching the mic will fix it for a short time, but most of the time it won't. I just got a lemon and I'm not going to stand on line for an hour or more to return it at the post office. If the sound stays in the really great mode, it would be a really nice headphones. If you decide to buy one, good luck. I hope you get a good one.

8. JBL Quantum 200 Over Ear Headphones

JBL Quantum 200 Over Ear Headphones

LORELEI continues to deliver the best user experience with innovative technology from a trusted brand. They will solve your problem within 24 hours if you contact them. In competitive gaming, sound is important. Every victory on PC, Mac, Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch is amplified by the JBL Quantum 200. Users never have to miss a step, shot or jump during game because of the immersive gaming audio that comes with the JBL Quantum Sound Signature. The flip-up boom microphone in the Quantum 200 headset allows users to focus on their teammates' voice rather than background noise for crystal clear communication. 3.5mm and PC splitter connections are included for multi-platform gaming on PC, Mac, Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, as well as the memory foam ear cushions that are covered in soft PU leather. The JBL Quantum 200 wired over ear gaming headset with flip-up boom mic was delivered.

Brand: Jbl

👤It is possible in the top Headphones at and above this price range. It feels well built with attention to detail. Even if you wear glasses, it's lightweight and very comfortable. The surround sound created by JBL is amazing. I was able to orient myself using game sounds. They were tested on Far Cry 5. The sound design of each game is perfect to showcase what these headphones can do. The cans packing 50mm drivers do an amazing job balancing everything from low to high. The flip up mic and the volume control on the left ear make it easy for me to keep my focus on the game. The cord is a mess but it has a decent length. It stays untangled. The headphones are definitely better than others in the same price range.

👤The main reason I bought these was because I wanted a comfortable pair of headphones that would allow me to wear them all day and have great sound. The sound was not as good as the boxes would have you believe. It sounds like you are in a large tin box and your sound is coming off the walls. Don't try to talk, this headphones give you a decent listening experience.

👤The sound quality is a step up from my old headphones. The Quantum 200 definitely delivers at this price point, but more expensive headphones could be better. The old Sony studio headphones I was using had a lack of bass and sensitivity and this headset was a huge step up. I'm able to hear footsteps in my environment, as well as gaming more fun with better sound, and I'm completely immersed in sound during gunfights. The headset is isolating and drowns out most other noises when sound is coming through, despite not having active noise cancelation like some of the higher tier Quantums. The flip up/down to unmute the mic is a great feature.

👤I tried them out, too, for my wife. They are not meant to compete with serious audiophile headphones, but in the $0-$100 range, they are top-notch. I own a pair of AT M40s. She has open-backed AKG K240s. The open backs have more bass and isolation than these. They are on par with AudioTechnicas. They are very comfortable to wear and have good clarity. Music offers a wide range of frequencies. I have listened to my wife talk through the mic and it is much better than most headphones, even more expensive ones. The mic is clean and clear, and it would be perfectly acceptable for a live stream, or at the least, not annoying your friends in chat. The mic is very sensitive. If my wife is playing with her sister and I am on my phone, I can barely hear her, but she will say she can hear it. If you have room noise, don't expect a mic.

👤I was so happy when they arrived that I opened the package and started using the headsets.

👤I waited to write a review as the product needed to be tested before I wrote it. There is a The microphone stopped working. Customer service at JBL did not help and they did not worry about replacing my headset. Is it a good idea to recommend it? If my headset is faulty, I will have to have it replaced with a new one, which will be a hassle as a consumer.

9. Sony MDRZX110 BLK Stereo Headphones

Sony MDRZX110 BLK Stereo Headphones

The lightweight 1.38 in neodymium dynamic drivers deliver a rhythmic response to the most demanding tracks. The driver unit has a dome type. The design of the earcups makes it easy to store when you're not using them. The ear pads have a closed back and are made of Cushioned ear pads. The wide range of frequencies delivers deep bass, rich midrange, and soaring highs. The stereo mini plug is 3.5mm.

Brand: Sony

👤There is an update. My daughter brought her headphones home from school and they are in great condition, so I wanted to update. The ear pads seem to be the first to go. My daughter wants to use these next year since they're so comfortable and she's wearing her glasses. I would like to get one school year from these. I'm happy they're still going strong. We bought a second pair for our 3rd graders to use at school. She thought Koss brand headphones were too tight and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, so we bought her a different type of headphones. She wears glasses and a mask. She loved them! They have been using them at school for just over six weeks with no problems. The original is still there. My mother in-law is starting to become hard of hearing and we bought these for her. We wanted to make sure everything was in order before we set it up for her, and we found these were made well, had good sound volume and quality, were comfortable for a long time, and overall were good headphones. She wanted to have different styles. She was able to use these styles in her 3.5mm tablets, which was an added bonus. She was concerned that the on ear computer style Panasonic wouldn't fit in her tablet, but still works for the t.v. set up. The Panasonic had a smaller pin, so it might have worked in a cell phone. I will update once she does, but she did not try it. I wish we'd tried ourselves. We bought everything on Amazon. This pair fit all of our heads and have a lot of flexibility. The back of the ear pad section has a "L" for left and a "R" for right, as shown in my photos. If taken care of, these should last. This padded material is good for this value, even if it starts to crack and chip away over time. She's glad she got both of the Panasonic ones because they were more lightweight when she wore them for long periods. We told her we'd return them if she needed them, but she was happy with them, and we waited 2 months to review them so she could use them. She has really benefited from their help with her quality of life. She stopped watching t.v. because she couldn't hear it anymore, so I'm happy the volume and sound quality was good enough so she could use them daily. We might order another pair for our daughter. If these fail, I will update. I hope my pictures give you an idea of what to expect.

👤I had a pair of headphones from this line that fell apart when I used them, but I kept using them. I rate these my personal best after trying many brands. I went on a quest to try a bunch of different headphones after my first pair died. I've spent hundreds of dollars on fancy $200 pairs, cheap Amazon- branded pairs, and random ones from places like Big Lots and Walmart, but I finally came back to these for a measly 15. The combination of comfort, sound quality, and price is simply unbeatable. I work in front of a computer for hours at a time, and usually have headphones and eye glasses on. I probably have a bigger head than average. This one is the only one that makes my ears hurt before long. I expect to run through a new pair every couple years, but at this price point, it's hard to complain. These are back in my life and I am so thankful.

10. Beats EP On Ear Headphones Black

Beats EP On Ear Headphones Black

The headphones in black deliver a great sound. The lightweight design is reinforced with steel. The microphone in the RemoteTalk cable allows you to control music on your devices. For unlimited viewing, the battery is free. There is a custom fit for the vertical sliders.

Brand: Beats

👤In the past 6 months, I have bought 2 of these headphones. Within 3 months, the cord breaks and leads to intermittent sound, and eventually, sound in only one headphone, which is a different one for each set. " The lifespan of these headphones just exceeds the window for return or service. There is a They offer great sound for the price for the first month, which is why I bought a second one after the first one failed.

👤I bought these for my son. broke 11/18 after purchase. Can't even return them because the option isn't there. I bought 2 wireless pairs about 5 years ago. They both snapped within a year. 600$ was invested in beats and broken headphones.

👤Inexpensive headphones for my son. They produce a great sound quality. The rating was reduced from 5 to 3 stars. The headphones broke after 6 months of use. The headband piece broke, making it impossible to wear. This is a problem with Beats. Thank goodness. I bought the Assurion Insurance for a small amount of money. Within hours of mailing it off, I received a full refund.

👤Sometimes I work as a DJ. Reviewers stated that the headphones had good sound quality and were durable. They were correct about the sound quality. Solid. They're not Bose, but they're only $80. We start to have issues with build quality. I was barely out of warranty when the plastic pieces began to separate. It would try to return to the shortest length on that side. I used electrical tape to fix it, but it wasn't optimal. I think you should be able to do better for $80. I'm having a hard time finding something decent. If you like the sub $100 you've found, I'm open to ideas.

👤We needed a second set of headphones for him that he could use with his computer and be able to hear what is happening when we live stream together on my channel. These headphones fit the need perfectly. I use the pink Beats solo that are the photo, and this review is for the black Beats. I don't want to admit it, but this pair has better sound than the solo pair. He loves them because they are easy to use and adjust. There is a The only thing I don't like about them is the fact that the cord isn't replaceable. If the headphones shorts out, you can replace the cord without having to pay for a new one again. That is the only negative thing that I can think of for these headphones. There is a I will come back and update if anything changes. He really likes them.

👤There are a few problems with them. Bad 1. The cord is flimsy and they bend on the metal part between the headphones. You have to take good care of it because it will tear easily. 2. They start to hurt your ears after a while. It's not bad, and should be expected with on- ear headphones. 3. You can travel with them using precautions. Good 1. The sound was great. Most outside sound is blocked out. Doesn't have to charge.

11. Donerton Bluetooth Earbuds

Donerton Bluetooth Earbuds

All 3.5mm audiojack devices are compatible with this. You will need a 3.5mm jack to use the iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 year 2020 models. Donerton is a headset that brings you a better music experience. The 5.1 version has fast and stable signal transmission, clear sound quality without skips and distortion, and low power consumption. Stereo headphones provide sound quality, the sound of music scene surround sound, and let you feel more realistic music. The internal coating protects the headphones from heavy rains or sweat during intense exercises; just enjoy your time when running, jogging, riding, hiking, fitness, or in the gym. Even if you are drenched after a hard workout, keep your headphones in good working order. Donerton earhooks headset is a great combination of comfort and stability with ear hook and in ear fitting designed for strenuous workouts. The lightweight design and soft earhooks ensure a comfortable and secure wear in even intense workouts. A charging box with built in battery can provide up to 40 hours of continuous music time. The earbuds will charge automatically if you put them in the charging box. Donerton earbuds have an led display that lets you know when it is time to charge. Control buttons on the headphones are easy to use, so that you can play and pause music, adjust the volume, skip tracks, answer and end calls, and use the voice control of your phone with one simple operation on the headphones. These headphones are compatible with most phones.

Brand: Donerton

👤These aren't discontinued earbuds. They are a Chinese brand.

👤I would not buy from this company similar product available elsewhere with better customer service. I heard from 'Maggie' from Donerton today. There is a Thank you for your contact, I apologize for causing you trouble. If you can't charge the earbuds, alcohol can be used to clean the metal parts. Press the earphone or place the earphone in a different position. It may not be able to charge because of poor contact. There is a Can you give us pictures or videos of the product if it's still unavailable? I will send this video to our technical department and ask them to fix the problem so that it doesn't happen again. There is a Looking forward to your reply and understanding. There is a This is likely not a dirty contact, because the issues were described and identified. There is a I liked the sound quality and people on the other end of the call said the noise cancellation was good. The right ear phone became more and more difficult to charge after I received the product. I tried to clean the contacts but they were not clean. The right ear phone has died 100 days after purchase. It would have required a fee of unknown amount to return the item through Amazon. After reaching out to Donerton, I have not heard from them for over a week. I would consider buying it again if I knew that the customer service was also reliable.

👤My job involves a lot of conference calls and I'm most successful with wireless ear pieces. I bought these for a number of reasons, including the price, ear hook, battery life and flexibility. There is a I have a small ear cannel and can't use the buds that just sit in the ear, but they are very comfortable and feel secure. There is a The instructions are not clear. Ear buds lasted almost 8 hours. I set in the cradle after the bud died. There was no charge the next day. The instructions are not very useful. Pictures don't show how ear buds sit in the charging station, but they show buds flipped upside down over the cradle, showing the 'Multi Use Button'. I found directions that showed buds in a cradle with an ear piece at the top. There is a No one has said my voice is muffled or they can't hear me yet.

👤This is a great pair of headphones. I had issues with other wireless headsets because they didn't stay in place during workout/ running, but with ear hooks you don't have to worry about that. I highly recommend you!

👤My husband and I fell in love after he received a pair of headphones. We loved them so much that we wanted to use them daily, but we couldn't both use them at the same time. We ended up buying another set after a month of arguing over who would use them. We are still in love four months later. I don't understand how they last so long. I own my own pair of shoes for a couple months now. I think I've charged them twice. How can you beat that? I don't use them every single day, but when I do use them, they are usually used for about an hour or two at a time depending on the day and what I need them for. Sometimes I use them for phone calls while I clean, other times I use them for tiktok binges after the kids go to bed. Sometimes I listen to a show while I clean. I'm not sure which to start with. I'm going to look at all the amazing things I've noticed. There is a When I listen to music while I clean, I tend to turn my phone off and just go about my business, forgetting the ear bud is even connected to the phone, which has made for some long range tests as I go room to room. I have left my phone in a bed room on one side of the house, walked outside and around the corner of my house, and still been connected and listening to whatever I had turned on, which left me in awe. I have TINY ears and most ear buds or headphones give me headaches after a short period of time. I have to put them back in if they fall out because I have to bend down and worry about the ear bud falling out. That is not a worry with these. I can leave them in for hours because they fit perfectly in my ear. My husband and I have both fallen asleep with these, even at times laying on them. I didn't realize they were noise canceling when I bought them. Well! I need to be able to hear my children at all times, unless my husband is home to help. If I am home alone with my kids, I can only put one ear bud in or I will not hear them over whatever is playing. I compared many pairs before my husband received these and was never sure, but they are inexpensive, great quality, and have great battery life. I now own two pairs of these and if I lost them, I would buy them again.


What is the best product for headphones light weight wired?

Headphones light weight wired products from Jvc. In this article about headphones light weight wired you can see why people choose the product. Taoclear and Bopmen are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphones light weight wired.

What are the best brands for headphones light weight wired?

Jvc, Taoclear and Bopmen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphones light weight wired. Find the detail in this article. Philips Audio, Rorsou and Aihoor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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