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1. Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Ear Headphones Bluetooth 5 2 Deep Bass Wireless Earphones 30H Noise Cancelling IPX6 Sweat Proof

Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Ear Headphones Bluetooth 5 2 Deep Bass Wireless Earphones 30H Noise Cancelling IPX6 Sweat Proof

There are compatible devices. The S22+ and S22 Ultra are part of the S22/. S21 Ultra/ S21+/ S21 FE/ S20+/ S20/ Note 20 Ultra/ Note 20/ Note 10+ For the year of 2021, Apple iPad mini 6/ iPad Pro 11. Macbook Air Series, Macbook Pro Series, iMac Series, Mac Mini Series, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Pro 11 2nd Gen, iPad Air, iPad Pro 11 3rd Gen, iPad Pro, iPad Pro 11 4th Gen, iPad Pro, iPad Pro 11 2nd Gen, 7/ 6T; the Google Pixel 6 pro. Xiao.mi Mi 11 Ultra is a type-C device. Sony Xperia 1 is a pro 5G device. True Wireless Earbuds The newest version of the wireless communication technology provides a wider transmission distance, lower power consumption, and faster speed. The Tonstep TWS Stereo In-Ear Headphones with 13mm Drive Area are made of polymer and have a pure copper ring sound effect. Take 2 is the one-step combination. Earbuds out of the charging case will connect to each other automatically and only one step is needed to pair them. After first use, their Earbuds will connect with the latest device. 30 hours playing time. You can play for 5 hours and 25 hours from the Charing Case. The earbuds are easy to carry and have Silicone Ear Caps for different ear sizes to ensure a comfortable wearing. The Charging Case is small and easy to put in your pocket.

Brand: Joyhoosh

👤The sound quality of these ear buds is amazing. It is better than my earbuds. The battery lasts a long time and they are very comfortable to use.

👤The sound quality was very cheap and bad. There are better options with more features. I thought the mic was for phone call support, but it is not.

👤Is there a limit to the brands and offerings when it comes to in ear wireless monitors, OK earbuds? I have never seen a category of a product with so many brands. It is almost a phenomenon. It's not a good idea to say listening to media this way is a preferred method in 2022. One of the most interesting aspects of this is the fact that you can get a set of earbuds for as little as$15 or as much as hundreds of dollars. Cost isn't always the arbiter of which earbud sounds better. Today's market has some amazing quality earbuds for a very low price. Unless you like to laugh or are interested in only leading audio nameplates, then forget the names. This set of basic earbuds is capable without being too fancy. The case is small, but the buds are slippery, so you will need to remove them to find the best fit. If it seals as a good seal, you will feel shut off from the world around you. The middle size earpieces were what I found on my buds. The size of the rubber ear bungs wasn't the reason they didn't get the proper seal for me. It was due to the design of the earbuds and rubber earpieces. The rubber ear bungs are shallow even though they flower out generously, and the earbud doesn't have a deep fit. I got along better with the largest rubber earpiece. I can give you some audio quality impressions as well as a few other items of interest now that I have a seal that is minimally acceptable. I could get some decent bass with the largest earpieces. Not as much as I would like. It's decent to allow a good sound. That sound was clear. The earphones had good mid-range definition and smooth highs that were present but not fatiguing. I found these phones worthy if they were a little short of my personal bests, because of the ease of pairing. If they had a longer stem in the ear, they could seat them just a bit deeper. I wore them all day without a battery fail and I like them. If your ears allow for a better seal than my ear canals, then you might have a 4.5 to 5-star rated set of true wireless.

👤The affordable accessories are the Hi-fi Stereo Earphones. The In-Ear fit is secure and comfortable for lounging. The Pure Copper Ring Sound Effect is an enhancement to the sound of your earphones. The earbuds come with a charging case. These connect to one another and you can use your phone as a sync device. To check phone settings, click Q7. Earphones give up to 30 hours of playing time. The Silicone covers on the earpieces give a comfortable fit for different ears. The phone is available in black or white. The headphones come with a charging accessory. I like the look of black.

2. Vizliter Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Cancelling

Vizliter Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Cancelling

The Sound Blaster JAM V2 can last for up to 22 hours of playtime, which is more than enough to keep you going all day. You can either charge it with the same cable for 10 minutes or switch to wired listening when it runs out of juice. The 40mm Speaker Drivers produce loud bass and clear mid-highs. You can easily adjust the sound level by using the volume control built into the ear pads. It has a flexible boom microphone for optimal gaming. The headband and ear pads are comfortable. The design for hours of listening pleasure was designed in an optimal way. They are perfect for any occasion, whether it's in bed at night, listening to a show on the radio, or working out. The Headset is made of extra soft materials, so it is easy to store. IPX4 Splashing Water Resistant Headset is what this is. The wireless headphones over ear are compatible with the iPad, iPod, iPhone, and other smart devices. Receive calls and control your music. On the ear. The wireless headset gives you up to 17 hours of pure favorite music. The package includes a 3.5mm audio cable for use with the headphones.

Brand: Vizliter

👤I was excited when I got these, but I was disappointed when I got them. The speakers sounded like they had been dropped in water or busted. I play wow, and what I get them for. Talking with the headphones was even worse than the games sounds. I sounded like I was in a hole or in an empty room when I talked to people. Customer service is great. The money was returned before I could get the product back. I would buy from this seller again. Is that what it is?

👤The sound was great when it worked, but when I was using it, the sound kept cutting in and out and the device I was using was 12 inches away. I wish it was a stronger signal. I tried on my husband's system and had the same issue.

👤My daughter is in college. She told everyone that they come with a microphone that plugs into them, audio cord so you can use if you don't have a headset, and they are comfortable to wear without making your ears sore. The price was perfect and I think they were a great buy.

👤I love these headphones. They cancel sounds so I can block out my older sister, battery charge is excellent, mic quality is great, I can call my grandma and she can hear me clearly. I love the pattern. I'll get another one if I'm satisfied with how long I can use them.

👤The design is cute. It doesn't matter how good the sound is for music. I mostly got them for listening to audiobooks. I don't think it does much for noise cancellation. There is a They are comfortable and the battery life is decent. I thought the lights would change on a larger area, but they only changed the color of the lettering.

👤It is very comfortable for all day use. They block the sounds outside. I use these to help avoid noise in the office.

👤I bought a pair for my son and myself. We both agree that the battery life could be better, but they are good headphones.

👤I absolutely love them! I think the battery life is very long. The headphones have a logo on the side with lights. They were easy to sync to my phone. I had to hold the power button for over 5 seconds to turn them off. They are also very comfortable.

👤It's easy to connect, fast charging, and comfortable to wear. Blocks out noise from the outside.

👤Extra, la batera se descarga estando. Busquen otros.

3. Operated BLS T401 Wireless Rechargeable

Operated BLS T401 Wireless Rechargeable

200 lumen wire installation 6000K clean white glow. This light can be attached to any iron surface with the help of magnets and mounts with screws or 3M tape. No hard wiring is required. It's easy to install and remove. 180 days run time. The battery lasts 180 days in auto mode, 5 times longer than other lights, and it's built in the newest 4,000mAhUL certified rechargeable battery. It's the best battery life in class and you don't need to purchase batteries. The motion sensor light is smarter. The closet light will turn on when it senses motions in both dark and low light environments. Constant-Sense technology allows it to pick up motions, stay on as long as you are nearby, and turn off after 18 seconds. The motion sensor can be adjusted by rotating the light. The lighting effect can be achieved by adjusting the angle of light. On/off auto gliding shears. It's easy to use, no programming or settings required. The built-in light sensor only lights up when the light is needed, but stay off when the ambient is bright to save battery. There are three modes available for different occasions. BLS gives 18 months of quality assurance, 100% satisfactory after-sales service and lifelong technical support. BLS wants to make the best closet light. Order now and enjoy your life. BLS gives 18 months of quality assurance, 100% satisfactory after-sales service and lifelong technical support. BLS wants to make the best closet light. Order now and enjoy your life.

Brand: Bls

👤The light bar works perfectly in my gun safe. There is no need to install wiring. You can mount it where you need the light. When my door opens, the light comes on, and after I close it, the light goes off. There is a The unit comes with a charging cord that plugs into any power device, and it operates on batteries that are built into the unit. If you need light in a different area, just grab the stick and use it where you need it, and when you're done, just place it back on the magnetic mounting pad. There are instructions for deactivating photocell. Some people have had trouble with having the light come on when they want it to, and it seems like it's just a simple matter of the photoelectric light sensor detecting ambient light already present, which fools the sensor that no light is needed. There is a I found this information and thought I would add it here to help anyone who is having such an issue. If you install the light sensor in a closet, gun safe, or kitchen, you should cover the photo switch so that the motion sensor works both days. Follow the steps below to cover the photo-switch. There are images for step by step instruction.

👤This is what I wanted to put on my stairs metal banister since it is magnetic and not overly sensitive, and I won't drain the charge every time I am near it. If the magnets are not in the center, you should check the placement of the mounting brackets first, because if you mount it in a tight space, it won't hold it. It takes a couple of hours or more to fully charge it from ausb port if you let it go dead, the red light stays red until the light is charged and then turns green, but with the strong battery this thing has it takes a couple of hours or more to fully charge it I have to give this 5 stars since it does everything I wanted it to do.

👤I was looking for something to light up the garage. The circle battery powered lights are dim. The batteries are wasted if I don't push them to shut them off. The light is easy to mount with 3M tape and a magnetic base. Even if I walk by, the motion goes on. It shuts off within seconds so it doesn't waste the battery. That's the biggest seller for me. Can't really go wrong with this light.

👤I was thinking about hard wiring a closet light with a motion sensor in 2 closets. I decided to try one of them in the office closet. When we open the doors, we want to see if the flip light will work. It was a great application for the light. The closet has metal shelving that is easy to adhere to and a motion sensor that picks up door movement. The first picture you see is this one. There is a We ordered another one because we were happy with the first one. The front hall closet was where this was located. The second picture. The only way to mount it is using double sided tape with a magnet catch. I used 2 mounts since I had one left over from the other light. The light has magnets at both ends. This should come with 2 magnetic mounts as it is more secure than just using one. I mounted 2 of them on the inside of the door. The motion sensor should be as far back as possible. This light is very good. Make sure you have easy access to install it. It should come with 2 magnet mounts, or they should give you the chance to order a second mount.

4. Lightweight Bluetooth Headphones Multipoint Connectivity

Lightweight Bluetooth Headphones Multipoint Connectivity

Stable wireless connection and wide company. The kids wireless headphones for boys and girls use a long working range of up to 33 feet (10m) and a stable connection. It can be used with all your favorite devices, including cellphones, tablets, laptops, computers, and other audio devices. Better wireless listening experience with improved audio quality, increased range, and better wireless stability can be achieved with the upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 with Multipoint. You can connect 2 different devices at the same time and switch between them without the hassle of disconnected and reconnected. Both APTX HD and APTX low latENCY support. There is a There is no need to sacrifice quality for convenience. aptX HD provides the best wireless music enjoyment with its 24bit / 48 kHz audio. Sound blaster JAM V2 comes with aptX LL, which provides the best wireless movie and gaming experience. The Sound Blaster JAM V2 is able to deliver rich and clean audio that is suitable for any kind of listening. Are you watching an action movie? You can enjoy a more realistic movie experience by pumping up the bass with the Bass boost button. You can make your own adjustments to the sound on your computer with the Creative software. The suite of smart communication features in the SmartComms Kit offers a superior call experience for online conferences in wired mode. The Sound Blaster JAM V2 comes with dual microphones and a noise cancellation system that will help you make clearer voice calls on the go. The Sound Blaster JAM V2 can last for up to 22 hours of playtime, which is more than enough to keep you going all day. You can either charge it with the same cable for 10 minutes or switch to wired listening when it runs out of juice.

Brand: Creative

👤I bought this because it was very light weight, had no cupped ear pads, and was what I was looking for in an all day simultaneous multi connect use between my laptop and cell phone. The mics have a clear pick up on calls and the sound is very good. It's great that way as well. I need to be able to hear what's going on around me but not let the person I'm speaking to hear the sounds in my environment. Now for the issue. Even if the audio is only connected to the laptop, it won't work continuously. The audio drops out frequently. To get it back, I have to click on a volume control. This is a problem that the manufacturer can't solve. It doesn't do that with my device. I haven't tried it with the zoom meetings as they are too important to chance the loss of audio even for a few seconds. I think it would do the same thing. It's easy to pair and connect. When I need to concentrate on something I'm reviewing, I like to turn my phone off and come back on when I'm done. It takes a little while to figure it out but it connects back up without having to turn it off or pair it again. There is a If you like a flat foamed "On EAR" headset, this is what you need. Hope all that helps.

👤These are the ones to get if you are looking for a good budget pair of headphones. It's best of all, it's very lightweight, long battery life and best of all, it provides minimal sound latency when gaming or watching tv. It has a good balance sound and can add more bass with a flip of a switch. Some people think that noise cancellation is a bad thing, but if you plan on using these for more natural sound listening, they have more of an open-air feel, at a cost. There is a There are pros. Good bass. The Open- Air is like-sounding long battery life and lightweight. There is no head cushion. No case or bag was included.

👤The original version stretched out to the size of my large head for 3 years. I lay some books on top of them to stretch them out for a couple of hours, I prefer them to sit with no pressure on my ears. They're just as comfortable now. The sound quality is great.

👤I don't understand... I have owned everything from 50.00 to 1800.00 headphones trying to find the perfect pair and always hate what I buy. I bought these to do an experiment. I found an ultra light wireless headphones that sit on your ears and have a crazy sound stage when gaming. They sound like open back headphones and I use a headphone that's DTS-X. I can hear footsteps on CoD Warzone. You need to use my combo for gaming. I charge them on my Macbook. People think I'm messing with them when I show them. And then they are not like that? You can't use the MIC when you are connected to APTX-LL.

5. REETEC Hybrid Active Cancelling Headphones

REETEC Hybrid Active Cancelling Headphones

It is foldable for easy portability. The Over Ear headphones are easy to carry for walking, running, biking, climbing or doing other travel activities. The headset can support two devices at the same time. You will not miss a call when you watch a movie on a laptop or other device. Soundproof headphones for adults clear sound operation and excellent isolation of ambient noise, acoustic positioning accuracy improves the sensitivity of the speakers, bringing you a vivid sound field, clear sound, and a sense of shock. A perfectly balanced sound is formed by the noise-canceling headset. Enjoy sound and comfort. These are the types of noise Cancelling Techonolgy. The headphones feature their best in class improved hybrid noise cancelling technology that effectively reduces external noise by 96% to ensure nothing distracts you from your music, whether you are working from home, on your daily commute, at the office or even on a plane. The REETEC active noise cancelling headphones play up to 40 hours of music in noise cancelling mode. The playtime is extended to 50 hours in standard mode. The battery can be quickly charged with the included cable. Non-Pressure-Sensitive Earmuffs. These wireless headphones have memory foam padding to fit over your ears and are light and comfortable, which can reduce hearing damage and heat sweat. The 90 rotating headband provides a fatigue-free listening experience that lasts for hours. The smart connection is when you connect your noise cancelling headphones to your phone. When you need to use it again, you don't need to connect and you can enjoy a 40-60 ms low latency noise cancelling headset. Multi-platform compatible, supports many platforms.

Brand: Reetec

👤I'm so impressed with these! The battery is not good. They charge in about 20 minutes. I use them for a long time without having to pay them again. It's crazy. I wish they came with a travel case. They are super compact. I've been using them all day and they're very comfortable. I have a large head and they are very comfortable for me. My only complaint is that sometimes the ear pads make my ear area sweat, but I think that comes down to the fact that I live in Florida. The sound quality is pretty balanced. They're solid for casual listening, but wouldn't use them for professional use. If an emergency happens, you'll be able to hear someone yelling or knocking, because active noise cancelling doesn't block out all sound.

👤I can't believe they're real. When compared to my beats solo pro--- they are so light. So conFORMATBLE... Not too tight... Perfectly adjusted... Great sound and ANC. The price is unreliable. A bargAIN! There is a I'm buzzing on the first day.

👤The padding is more comfortable than it appears, the noise cancellation allows for you to hear nothing but the music you are listening to, and you can easily switch between the two. My biggest problem with headphones has always been that they hurt my ears and bending my ears, these headphones do not do that and I have been able to wear them for 8 hours at a time.

👤The headphones, sound, and comfort are great. It needs work. The device can't connect to my phone so the sound is cut off.

👤I was worried when I bought a cheap pair. I was surprised. The sound is good. The noise reduction is great. I work in an arcade and it makes no noise. There is a They are worth it.

👤If you have meetings, the quality is great for the price.

👤I needed a headphones which I could wear for hours without getting tired or feeling uncomfortable and I am pretty impressed with these. There is a The headphones fit perfectly. Not heavy at all. There is a The sound quality is very good with strong bass and clear vocals. It's quiet for a person to sit and sleep, so it's good to use in office or watch movies at night. There is a ANC works to get rid of noise. The buttons are on the right side. There is a It is suitable for long gaming sessions because of the longer battery life. There is a I haven't seen a drop in my 3000 sq. A house. Headphone automatically connects to phone if phone is on so no need to pair every time. There is a That's all. Time to listen to some rock music and wear my new headphones. There is a There are pros and cons. It is difficult to carry during travel because it does not have a hard shell case. It doesn't have a 3.5mm jack to use as a wired headset.

6. Headphones Bluetooth Isolation Microphone Throwback

Headphones Bluetooth Isolation Microphone Throwback

Go retro with the Rewind Wireless Retro Headphones, they take you back to when you could kick it with your Walkman. It's time to go wireless. The Rewind headphones give you 12 hours of playtime, a custom sound system, and all of the controls you need. The same design and foam ear pads will make you nostalgic. Today's technology has an old-school look. You can keep your music hassle-free by using a wireless link to stream it from up to 30 feet away. You will leave with a feeling of rock-star vibes all day long with up to 12 hours of mind-blowing sound. You can take control with these headphones, which come with a button on the headset, so you can answer calls without taking out your phone. Crystal clear communication is possible with an onboard microphone. For those who need to know moments, a double click and digital microphone lets you turn on and off voice assistant prompt as you please. Their radical EQ3 setting allows you to change the sound of your music via the headphones. JLab Signature, Balanced, and Bass boost are available. They offer a 30-Day Money- Back Guarantee to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Their products come with a 2-year limited warranty to make sure you are covered if there is an issue with them.

Brand: Jlab

👤The headphones are the next logical step in the 4.2 headset movement. There is no weird wire flopping on the back of your neck, they are not earbuds that make your ears sore, and you can walk away from your phone without them. I have been buying this headset for years. Buying the smaller, lighter, ear form, foam bud, ear plug, around the neck, over the ear, backing things, on a crowd funding website, is what is required. . I bought it. All of them had an issue with them. These do have issues, but they are ones I completely accept for their price and style. The ear foam is cheap and raspy. The sound is not very loud. If you read the title, they are RETRO headphones. In the 80s and 90s, we had raspy-foam headsets. We chewed up the foam and wore our headphones all the time. The sound was not right because we had to fiddle with the cord. We couldn't walk a hundred feet from the source of the sound. We couldn't turn it off by touching the earpad. We couldn't take phone calls with them. The list continues. There is a These earphones are called I N E X P E N S. I V. They cost a little more than the earbuds, but they perform better. They look great! I let my wife use them once and she wanted a pair. If you've been reading this review for a long time and still don't know my feelings, I have finally found the perfect headset. The case is closed.

👤A pair of headphones. Sound quality is acceptable, they sound the same after one glance. There is a The process was simple - just hold down the button to turn them on, and you're good to go. There is a voice that says hello when turned on, tells you battery level, and sayspairing when looking for a connection. The headphones were on as I walked around my apartment. There is a No complaints about the sound. The fit of these headphones is much better than I expected, they don't grip too tightly, and let my ears breathe easily, which is appreciated. There is a I ordered the orange foam covers for the black pair. The black foam covers are installed at the factory. It is a simple process to replace them. It was difficult to open the plastic packaging, but it is clearly designed for store retail. The packaging is made from recycled materials. At the end of the day, you're getting a good pair of headphones with good build quality and good battery life. It is recommended. I will probably buy some for friends in the future.

👤A clear sound in the mids to highs, not a lot of bass but enough for TV watching. I needed these to do both with my phone and the Hopper's audio, which is a fixed volume. The only way to control volume is with headphones. There isn't anything on this set. JLab assumes connecting with a phone. Why didn't they include any volume control? If the phone is in your pocket or bag, the phone's own volume buttons might not work. You are out of luck. I have to cock my ears off to keep the output from being loud.

7. Bluetooth Riwbox Headphones Microphone Cellphones

Bluetooth Riwbox Headphones Microphone Cellphones

The music ups and downs at ear-pad two sides, fashion design, Best sound quality, Clear and transparent bass, mids and highs, and 3 LED lights color follow the music ups and downs at ear-pad two sides, are all related. The foldable headset is easy to carry, has a headband that is perfect for you, and has a cable that can be used for listening to music in the background. Control your music player from the headset with functions such as play, pause, next, and previous track. It is possible to have consistent and low battery consumption. The lightweight design has up to 10 hours of music and talk time. It's compatible with A2DP enabled devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and other devices.

Brand: Riwbox

👤I've been looking for headphones for my 6 year old for the past 2 years. She's good at taking care of her technology, but we've had headsets that just don't work, or an aspect we needed for them didn't work. It came to the last straw when the second set's plug nearly snapped off in an iPad, under barely any pressure. A friend suggested a set for wireless. We decided to try it. My daughter's favorites are these. She only wears headphones for the amount of time it is necessary, but she will wear her headphones in her room even when she can play music or watch a video on a tablets without being disturbed. The charging is very easy and they include a cord, which is something that a lot of people have if they need a backup or have multiple sets. The indicator light lets you know when it's fully charged, which I really appreciate. There is a These are made for kids. I can wear them, but they're not comfortable as an adult. Would definitely recommend!

👤My 7 year old will love these. Stay charged for a long time and it was very comfortable. We did a 4 hour car ride today and she used them all the time, they still have battery left.

👤I reviewed a headset that had lights. It was blue. My daughter loved it so I searched for her a pink one and found this one from Riwbox. The headset is awesome. She can use it without worry because it's wireless, and she doesn't have to worry about accidentally breaking the cord or pulling it out. I have to be more careful with making sure they are charged, but that is not a big deal for me. She loves how the lights are on the sides. They have red blue and green which can flash at the same time. They play music and beat it to the beat. I have gotten her wireless headphones before. They had a weird ON/OFF switch that was on the side of the left earphone and it was easy to access. She doesn't use any of the other buttons. It was easy to sync when it was on, as long as you had a compatible device. The soft pink padding on the earbuds matches her tablets, which is great. Cute and stylish. My daughter loves them so they are a win for me. Thanks.

👤The customer service for this product has impressed me the most. They made sure I was happy with their product by sending me two messages. I got the headphones before that. There is a My two boys are 4 and 6 years old. JLab Wireless head phones were the headphones we had before. We had a few wired ones but they didn't last long with the kids. These are much better than the JLab in terms of quality and everything. There is an on and off switch that is labeled. It was easy to pair their tablets. You just turn them on and click on the devices. They wouldn't pair it with the media and calls with the JLab. There is a These have stayed connected so far. The color for both is the same. We bought blue, black, and black. They can collapse for easy storage. When I asked the boys how they felt about the sound, they said it was like they were in a movie. I wore one pair of headphones that were better sounding in quality than our old pair, after I listened to YouTube and switched to our old pair of wireless. The lights that light up on the side are what my boys love the most about this product. The added bonus of the lights is pretty cool. We have the option to use them with the cord or not. We will be purchasing these again when we need new ones. There is a The mom and boys were approved.

8. Mokata Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Cellphone

Mokata Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Cellphone

There are more places that show your personality. For routine office work, mobile phone, school, and travel. 8 hours of playtime is possible with the multifunctional Bluetooth 5.0 Led Light Cat Ear Headphones. Your little ones can listen to music in both wired and wireless capacities. The wireless design is useful for avoiding tangles. A toddler's risk of getting caught in the cord is mitigated by the fact that it is detached. It is comfortable and collapsible. The headband allows the headphones to adapt to the shape of your head for a perfect fit. It's a good fit for teens and grown ups, with soft ear cushions and long-wearing comfortable. It's a great travel partner and you can enjoy the journey. High compatible with most device 3.5mm audio jack is suitable for listening to music or audiobooks. It is possible to quickly pair the most popular devices: for the iPad. There are phones and tablets that are powered by the Android operating system. Crystal stereo sound-40mm dividers produce high-quality sound. The ideal gift choice is 30 days 100% money back guaranty, 12 months replacement warranty, and a customer-friendly support service.

Brand: Mokata

👤I bought four of them. For myself and my kids. No one was rough with them. All have broken. They're adorable and work well for a while, but then they all broke within a month. These headphones are not of good quality. I loved them so much that I'm very disappointed.

👤When I am playing a game, I get frustrated with noises. I can hear my game and story with these headphones, and my husband is playing his game. There is a The cat ears are cute and I love the lights on them. They are very comfortable for me. It hurts my ears a bit after long use, but that's because of my glasses.

👤At the initial plug in, mine lit up for one second. There is no way to turn on lights. I am very upset that the lights don't work. I bought these headphones because of that. Sorely disappointed. Sounds good and noise cancelling works. But lights are not good.

👤I bought these headphones for myself because I thought they would be cute, but I'm a little disappointed. The box arrived wet and had fallen apart. It was a mess of melted cardboard. I am not sure if the headphones will be water damaged. The sound quality is okay. The box had the wrong instructions. The instructions for the wired ones are for the wireless model. That isn't a big deal, but it's a little upsetting. They are quite comfortable, so they have that going for them. I will return them.

👤One of the reasons I bought them was that there were no buttons on the headset to turn on or off the lights.

👤I wanted a second pair of headphones for my Nintendo Switch and a backup pair in case my AirPods died at work. These headphones have a ridiculous amount of battery life. I used it over the weekend when I forgot to charge my phone. I did not need to charge it once. I also had my AirPods to rely on. The headphones came in a clutch. I let my friend's daughters take a turn with me for the ride. They take turns using them while I play their favorite songs. It is a great fit. I convinced my coworkers to get a pair because of the great price and snug fit. One coworker had a hard time finding a good pair of headphones because her head is smaller than average, but these were perfect for her. These headphones are great. Excellent quality for a good price. I wish it could change the lights to a single color instead of the red, blue, and green that flash on the cat ears. It is still cute.

👤I bought this for my kid and had it tested before giving it to him. Wow! I want one of my own. The sound is clear. Very cute. He looked so cute when he put it on. He's going to be a big hit in his class. He is in the 2nd grade. The headphones need to be connected to a seperate cable to light up, wish it was a longer cable. He will be good. I ordered it a month ago and got it today. I think there is limited supply. Thanks for the headphones.

9. Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Playtime Smartphones

Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Playtime Smartphones

The ideal gift choice is 30 days 100% money back guaranty, 12 months replacement warranty, and a customer-friendly support service. Candy Bila wireless kids headphones have a balanced response curve, so they give you the best studio sound, including clear, crisp vocals and full dynamic bass, all within the safety of 94. Kids like bright colors and things that flash. The wireless kids headphones come with a bonus: red, blue, and green lights on the ends of the headphones. Your child might also be able to see the lights dancing and flash in tune with the music. The built-in mic makes it easy to use with compatible devices, while the one-touch connection makes for hassle-free listening. The noise reduction HD mic will bring you a clear hands-free call experience. The wireless mode eliminates the dangers of audio cables. 25 hours of fun and fast charging for your kids. You can use it as a wired headset. 10 minutes of charging will give you 2 hours of music. The slot bonus will make you feel less harassed on the phone. The headband and earcup are lightweight and soft, and the metal adjustments are smooth and comfortable. The feather-light build gives the perfect fit for kids. It helps your kids to find a long listen comfort and a soft pressure-relieving status. The foldable design makes it easier to carry.

Brand: Candy Bila

👤I love the clarity and quality of this product. I bought this for my daughter because the price was so reasonable, but after trying them out I found they were better than my personal headset, which I paid three times more for. My daughter won't let me have them. I will have to buy another pair. I highly recommend them.

👤After 40 days, the power got stuck and we couldn't turn on the headphones. He liked how they fit but they aren't durable. I usually turned them off. You had to put the power cord in just right because the port was lose from the beginning. They wouldn't charge. They broke 7 days outside the return window.

👤The product is great. We were looking for a headset that would work with the Amazon kids kindle, as the volume matters when you are on the plane or in the car on a long road trip. The normal headsets didn't work for a small head, and these set did, although will work better as he grows. There is a The size of the headset is perfect and can expand as the child grows. It's important that it's not a corded device as on the road it's possible to get tangled in the cord and at home it's not a problem. The sound is easy to control. Convenient stays in place, good battery time, and my son tolerates it.

👤It was bought for traveling with little ones. They love them! No one complains about the one being too loud because they keep them on to watch with their tablets. We drive for 6 hours. They had them on the entire trip and still had battery power. I charge them every day. I don't know how long these batteries will last but they will serve their purpose during long trips. They are strong. A 4 and 5 year old tries to stretch them and not always takes care of them.

👤Good value for money. The only complaint is that the lights flash intermittently, unless of course I need to adjust. It delights the kids when it flashes. It's fairly easy to connect to the wireless network. I had to connect once or twice, but it was not serious. I think you will be happy with it.

👤I bought these headphones for my daughter. They have the option to use it with the cable and wireless mode. The ear pads are comfortable. They fold easily. The volume buttons are hard to reach and should be made so that they don't turn on the lights when you turn them on. It would be better if you could turn them on later. My daughter loves Candy Bila and she did a good job. These headphones are recommended by me. Hope this is helpful.

👤These are great. I was not sure what to expect since these only had two reviews. I am very pleased that I purchased. My four year old loves using the iPad. The feature is great and has been working well. We haven't had to use cord yet, so we can't report on that. I love the microphone and light up colors. Happy with the price.

10. Picun Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Cellphone

Picun Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Cellphone

BLS gives 18 months of quality assurance, 100% satisfactory after-sales service and lifelong technical support. BLS wants to make the best closet light. Order now and enjoy your life. A multi-functional headset with a romantic light, a music player, and headphones for 80 hours of playtime. You can buy 1 product and get 4 functions. The 40mm large-aperture drivers combine with advanced bluetooth 5.0 tech to produce a product with incredible powerful sound and clear bass. A Balanced audio will give you a better listening experience in any environment. 80 hours of playtime and romantic light will be brought to you with an improved battery. The cool and romantic light can be enjoyed when night falls. The battery can last up to 30 hours. You can use it as a wired headset when the battery is low. You can press the V+ and V- buttons at the same time to stop the light. The earmuff and headband are skin-friendly and provide you more comfort. It allows you to find the perfect fit and long- listen comfort. To get a better listening experience, please take off the headphones every 1-2 hours to protect your ears from the humid environment. Lose yourself in the music world, free yourself from harassment of phone, and build-in TF slot with foldable design. It is easier to carry and save space with a foldable design. There is a travel carrying bag. Only the mp3 format is supported in the mode. You are in control, you can connect to most of the devices with a steady connection within 33 feet. The noise reduction HD mic will allow you to answer calls conveniently and bring you a clear hands-free call experience. Simple control helps you handle calls, songs, and volume changes. The mic only works in wireless mode. Purchase it now with a 30 day return policy, 12 months warranty, and a 24 hour customer-friendly support service. Click to place your order now!

Brand: Picun

👤The headphones are worth it. Since my Sony ones broke, I've been looking for new ones. I was interested in these because of the long battery life and light up circles on the sides. I'm very happy with my purchase. You have to have it on low volume so you don't blow your ears up. The headband has a layer of plastic but folds nicely and feels cheap. The ear cushions are soft. The sides are made of metal. I am very happy with the sound. It's the best for the price, but I couldn't hear yelling over it. I can't wait to use this on my next flight. The headphones have a lot of little features, so make sure to read the manual.

👤For a long time, I was looking for a headset that was good in sound and looked cute. These headsets have all the qualities, lovely green color, soft cushion, and changing lights, plus it's very light on your head, which was a bonus. The purchase was good. They come in a pouch.

👤These are great for playing music on the phone. It works well with my iPad. The battery life is stated. Quality is great even in a wireless device. The headphones wired vs wireless have better quality. Quality is better than other headphones at this price point. There is a When it comes to headphones, comfort is the most important thing. I don't care how good a set is, if I can only wear them for a short time before my head hurts. These excelled at that location. After about 30 minutes of wearing on- ear headphones, they cause pain to my ears. These were great. I can wear these headphones for as long as I want without feeling uncomfortable. There is a The sound quality is topnotch. I'm not an audio expert. I wanted something that was easy to control and comfortable. These sound great, but they're also important to me because of the easy to control skips, back, play, pause and change volume.

👤I gave these to my daughter for her birthday. Prime shipping was going to take 5 days. I upgraded that. They arrived a day late. Something to check for isn't included in this review. The estimates are normal now. I opened the box and found nothing in plastic, which I thought was odd, but it also meant I could test them out without messing with any packaging. They came in a black carrying pouch, which is nice, and they looked just as I 888-276-5932 I tried them out after I charged them. The charging was a little odd. They charged to full, but didn't the first time, and needed to stay on longer before they were actually full. I'm glad they weren't on my ears because they yelled something when I turned them on. The first thing I noticed was the lights. At first, they look nice. You cannot keep them a solid color. They cycle colors all the time and the sides don't match, which makes them seem tacky and cool. They aren't flashing or anything, but you can't choose what you want. That's what they mean with the term "breathing light." My girlfriend was aware of that. I searched that before I ordered them. You can turn off the lights, but I wish there was a way to pick a color. The red looks nice to me, but you can't pick one color. It's a shame because it would add value to be able to choose the light color and make them more "adult" and less like a tacky kid's toy. My daughter is 11 and they should be fine, but I wouldn't want to be seen in public with the lights constantly cycling this way. If you turn off the lights, they will stay on the next time. I would like it to save the setting. They worked well on my phone. I chose a track to test these out. I don't like headphones. I have a billion pairs of wired and wireless earbuds, as well as several Klipsch IEMs, Sony studio monitors, and bass headphones. I don't like the majority of headphones. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the first sounds from these. The clarity was good. I switched to some bass-heavy tracks because the box said "Extra Bass" or "Heavy Bass", but I am not getting up to see which one it is. The overall sound was really good, even though the bass was lacking. Bass and clarity are always at odds with full range drivers reproducing all frequencies. I like the clarity of the headphones and I think they strike a good balance. My Sony XB500s are muddy, but the bass won't blow you away. The person next to you is likely to hear the song that you're embarrassed to listen to, because of the sound bleed. I liked the test run, and they were comfortable, so I started to consider getting a black pair for myself at night, so I could keep the batteries on my expensive Gear IconXs, which I use for lifting, running and staying sane. The features and sound of the price impressed me. I was enjoying them. I showed them to my girlfriend and she wanted a pair as well, so I was going to order two more pairs. So if he loves them so much, why the one star? I would have given these a 4 because of the sound for the price, the buttons and the charging port, and the fact that the lights don't stop changing colors, which would be an easy fix. I was impressed by the pros and cons. The sound came out of one ear when I turned them on again. That is a bit of a problem. I used an aux cable, but no luck. The left side was already dead. They were used for 30 minutes on the couch and 1 minute the next day. I felt like I had gotten a good deal on these. I wanted to order a couple more of these and possibly the over the ear model that they have as well, but I'm not sure about the build quality at this point. Did I just get a bad one or are there issues with these? Similar things can be said of my expensive Samsungs, although a few reviewers have had this happen. If I ordered 2 or 3 other sets, would it be luck if they didn't work? I could belive if I read other reviews. I'll shoot them a message tomorrow and see if things work out. I was really pleased with the find, so I'm hoping it's just an odd, bad set.

11. BIGGERFIVE Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Microphone

BIGGERFIVE Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Microphone

The headband and earcup are lightweight and soft, and the metal adjustments are smooth and comfortable. The feather-light build gives the perfect fit for kids. It helps your kids to find a long listen comfort and a soft pressure-relieving status. The foldable design makes it easier to carry. The brand new, stylish, and unique 2-in-1 wireless and wired headphones for kids bring kids premium stereo audio quality, clear microphone talk, bright 7 color led lights, and long battery life. They make long trips, flights, online classes, homework, watching cartoons or movies, and listening to music more colorful and interesting, and help kids love what they listen to. Kids wireless headphones limit audio volume to between 85 and 94 decibels using a combination key so the volume button is not accidentally pressed. There is no need to worry about hearing damage for your children. Give your kids a safe volume to listen to when they are in different environments. Soft Silicone outer-layer, light and cozy foam ear cushions, soft PU earpads cover, and foam on- ear headband ensure direct touch between your children and the headphones soft and safe. The headband is adjusted to fit growing kids. They are designed for children and feature one button control. The playtime is extended to 50 hours in wireless non-LED mode and 21 hours in wireless non-LED mode. A single charge can give 100 hours of time. The headband is portable for school, flights, and trains. Stable wireless connection and wide company. The kids wireless headphones for boys and girls use a long working range of up to 33 feet (10m) and a stable connection. It can be used with all your favorite devices, including cellphones, tablets, laptops, computers, and other audio devices.

Brand: Biggerfive

👤Good padding on the ears and headband. The headband is different. -The Pressing a button can turn off led lights. The on/off switch is a sliding switch, not a button. The kids can't plug it in wrong. The mic is built in. Volume and pause controls are used. Charging and aux cable is included. There is a There are pros and cons. None so far. One side of a pair stopped working, but they replaced them at no cost, and the replacement arrived the next day. There is a My daughters are a little rough on their stuff, but these have held up well. These headphones are very good.

👤They are awesome! Not holding up my granddaughters lives, both parts snapped on one side. Amazon has been great replacing the 6 and 8 year olds, so the girls have them for awhile, just sent the second pair back for replacement.

👤It's cool. The kids love the lights. The wireless design is very easy to use, as the classic wired headphones are really annoying with the cords, and they have a volume limiter feature. The battery life is good. The most important reason I bought it was that the batteries can last up to 50 hours with the LEDs off or 21 hours with the LEDs on. Love it.

👤These are amazing. She can hear it when we're in the car or somewhere loud because it has an extra volume control. She likes the led lights that flash when she wears them. This is a great buy for the price.

👤Our toddler was not quite two years old when we traveled. He loves them! The battery lasted the entire trip. A happy toddler on the plane is definitely worth every penny.

👤It was perfect for my child. Don't get loud in their ears even if the volume is loud.

👤My niece and nephew can't hear their parents. Everyone loves it. Kids love the light up.

👤These lasted about a month. The sound was distorted. It sounds like a transformer is talking. Don't waste your money.

👤My 6 year old son is happy with the sound and the comfort of it. The battery life is good.

👤The sound on these headphones is not loud enough for children. The battery can last more than 12 hours of use.

👤Excellent quality. My daughter is happy with them. The battery lasts a long time.


What is the best product for headphones light wireless?

Headphones light wireless products from Joyhoosh. In this article about headphones light wireless you can see why people choose the product. Vizliter and Bls are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphones light wireless.

What are the best brands for headphones light wireless?

Joyhoosh, Vizliter and Bls are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphones light wireless. Find the detail in this article. Creative, Reetec and Jlab are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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