Best Headphones Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Kids

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1. Cancelling Headphones HROEENOI JZ02 Microphone

Cancelling Headphones HROEENOI JZ02 Microphone

Try it now. 50-day no risk money back guarantee and one year warranty are promises by Prohear. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! You can try it or not. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact them. The ANCI noise canceling headphones have advanced noise cancellation technology, which reduces the noise surrounding it. No matter where you are, you can use this for your phone, TV, or any other device. Stereo sound quality can be reproduced up to 20kHz with excellent clarity. It will make you feel like you are in a concert. Up to 40 hours of music play time can be provided byHROEENOI wireless headphones. You can use the Type-C port to charge it. Play 4 hours of music in 10 minutes. CVC 8.0 technology makes an efficient and stable connection and provides true wireless freedom for your calls. The headband of the over- ear headphones makes it suitable for children, teenagers, and adults. The foldable design is easy to store and carry, and the soft ear cups with sponge padding can fit their ears. A gift for a family.

Brand: Hroeenoi

👤I know that Amazon is having a problem with reviews with stuff. I think that has boosted the product to a high level. This is what you pay for and it is good for the price. There is noise cancellation. It blocks a lot of noise. I have a mini fan next to my desk and I can hear it with my headphones on. There are a few clanks at the gym. The sound quality is good. The sound quality is really good, I'm a big fan of studio wired headphones, and any slight audio difference from them is not something I like. If you try to make it louder by using the Spotify EQ, it will be very distorted. The headphones need to sound great if they are to be used. I haven't charged this thing in about 3 days and it's still running. There is a It's Misc: I use the folding to fit these into my bag. There is a For less than 40 bucks. I recommend it for anyone going to the gym, but if you're buying these to use for studio headphones, then that's not good. I would recommend better headphones that do the job better and have a better feel.

👤Left side button turns ANC on/off, right side buttons turn headset on/off and control your music source. There is a The Xiberia DS-JZ02 headphones are very comfortable with softly padded ear cups. They have a speaker fidelity range of 20 - 20,000 Hz. The music becomes rich and crisp with ANC turned on. Excellent noise cancellation of lower frequencies, such as airplane power hums. Again, surprising at this price point. The recent version of the wireless communication has a range that is far past the expected 30 and is connected to my devices within 1-2 seconds. The multi-purpose buttons worked well. The Li-Ion 600 mAh battery was quickly topped off and appears to honor the 30 hour play-time expectation. The new standard for charging is the 20” cord, which is smaller, carries higher voltage or data speed, and is easy to insert. The CVC 8.0 mic is adequate for taking calls without a headset. Quality control didn't disappoint when using them, they were carefully packaged at the factory. They are well made. The textured surface of the hard case makes it easy to grip. The ANC headphones are a great deal because of the 15% off coupon that Amazon had, as well as the carrying case, 20”usb-c charging cable, 3.5mm audio/aux cable, and User Guide. There is a Absolutely, none! The ANC headphones are excellent at a great price. Buy them!

👤I own both Bose and Sony, so I didn't have a lot of expectations. The work is done well. The sound quality is acceptable. This is a great buy if you can get it for less than 50 bucks. The smell of the new leather is not sure if it is just the material or not. Everything works as it is described. I think this is a great choice if you want to have a noise canceling headset.

2. Donerton Bluetooth Earbuds

Donerton Bluetooth Earbuds

All 3.5mm audiojack devices are compatible with this. You will need a 3.5mm jack to use the iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 year 2020 models. Donerton is a headset that brings you a better music experience. The 5.1 version has fast and stable signal transmission, clear sound quality without skips and distortion, and low power consumption. Stereo headphones provide sound quality, the sound of music scene surround sound, and let you feel more realistic music. The internal coating protects the headphones from heavy rains or sweat during intense exercises; just enjoy your time when running, jogging, riding, hiking, fitness, or in the gym. Even if you are drenched after a hard workout, keep your headphones in good working order. Donerton earhooks headset is a great combination of comfort and stability with ear hook and in ear fitting designed for strenuous workouts. The lightweight design and soft earhooks ensure a comfortable and secure wear in even intense workouts. A charging box with built in battery can provide up to 40 hours of continuous music time. The earbuds will charge automatically if you put them in the charging box. Donerton earbuds have an led display that lets you know when it is time to charge. Control buttons on the headphones are easy to use, so that you can play and pause music, adjust the volume, skip tracks, answer and end calls, and use the voice control of your phone with one simple operation on the headphones. These headphones are compatible with most phones.

Brand: Donerton

👤These aren't discontinued earbuds. They are a Chinese brand.

👤I would not buy from this company similar product available elsewhere with better customer service. I heard from 'Maggie' from Donerton today. There is a Thank you for your contact, I apologize for causing you trouble. If you can't charge the earbuds, alcohol can be used to clean the metal parts. Press the earphone or place the earphone in a different position. It may not be able to charge because of poor contact. There is a Can you give us pictures or videos of the product if it's still unavailable? I will send this video to our technical department and ask them to fix the problem so that it doesn't happen again. There is a Looking forward to your reply and understanding. There is a This is likely not a dirty contact, because the issues were described and identified. There is a I liked the sound quality and people on the other end of the call said the noise cancellation was good. The right ear phone became more and more difficult to charge after I received the product. I tried to clean the contacts but they were not clean. The right ear phone has died 100 days after purchase. It would have required a fee of unknown amount to return the item through Amazon. After reaching out to Donerton, I have not heard from them for over a week. I would consider buying it again if I knew that the customer service was also reliable.

👤My job involves a lot of conference calls and I'm most successful with wireless ear pieces. I bought these for a number of reasons, including the price, ear hook, battery life and flexibility. There is a I have a small ear cannel and can't use the buds that just sit in the ear, but they are very comfortable and feel secure. There is a The instructions are not clear. Ear buds lasted almost 8 hours. I set in the cradle after the bud died. There was no charge the next day. The instructions are not very useful. Pictures don't show how ear buds sit in the charging station, but they show buds flipped upside down over the cradle, showing the 'Multi Use Button'. I found directions that showed buds in a cradle with an ear piece at the top. There is a No one has said my voice is muffled or they can't hear me yet.

👤This is a great pair of headphones. I had issues with other wireless headsets because they didn't stay in place during workout/ running, but with ear hooks you don't have to worry about that. I highly recommend you!

👤My husband and I fell in love after he received a pair of headphones. We loved them so much that we wanted to use them daily, but we couldn't both use them at the same time. We ended up buying another set after a month of arguing over who would use them. We are still in love four months later. I don't understand how they last so long. I own my own pair of shoes for a couple months now. I think I've charged them twice. How can you beat that? I don't use them every single day, but when I do use them, they are usually used for about an hour or two at a time depending on the day and what I need them for. Sometimes I use them for phone calls while I clean, other times I use them for tiktok binges after the kids go to bed. Sometimes I listen to a show while I clean. I'm not sure which to start with. I'm going to look at all the amazing things I've noticed. There is a When I listen to music while I clean, I tend to turn my phone off and just go about my business, forgetting the ear bud is even connected to the phone, which has made for some long range tests as I go room to room. I have left my phone in a bed room on one side of the house, walked outside and around the corner of my house, and still been connected and listening to whatever I had turned on, which left me in awe. I have TINY ears and most ear buds or headphones give me headaches after a short period of time. I have to put them back in if they fall out because I have to bend down and worry about the ear bud falling out. That is not a worry with these. I can leave them in for hours because they fit perfectly in my ear. My husband and I have both fallen asleep with these, even at times laying on them. I didn't realize they were noise canceling when I bought them. Well! I need to be able to hear my children at all times, unless my husband is home to help. If I am home alone with my kids, I can only put one ear bud in or I will not hear them over whatever is playing. I compared many pairs before my husband received these and was never sure, but they are inexpensive, great quality, and have great battery life. I now own two pairs of these and if I lost them, I would buy them again.

3. Bluetooth Headphones,Over Ear Wireless Headset,Comfortable Microphone

Bluetooth Headphones%EF%BC%8COver Ear Wireless Headset%EF%BC%8CComfortable Microphone

Matte Finish headphones for kids can offer a gift to remember. The nylon cord is tear- resistant, which makes these headphones child-proof. If you have an issue with their product, please contact them. 1. High-quality hi-fi stereo output. The 40mm powerful driver benefits the kids headphones. Enjoy music at any time. With noise-cancelling headset technology, you can concentrate on studying, and every telephone communication with family, friends and classmates will become clearer, unobstructed and warm. 2. It is possible to have over-EAR HEADPHONES. The Earmuff is made of artificial leather, soft and elastic. The portable design of the headband allows you to find the perfect fit without taking up a lot of space. 3. Bluetooth 5.0 is a fast connection. You can throw away the cord if you refuse to be cumbersome. This headset uses a technology called Bluetooth to get a fast and stable connection. If you slide the on/off button, the headphones will be ready to pair, so that you don't have to worry about the headset cord. There is a 3-in-1 connection. You have more options with kids headphones that support three modes of play. This product has 3.5mm audio cable. 5. The headset can be charged in 2 hours, with a talk time of 6 hours and a time of 18 hours. 3.5mm Jack is the type of connection.

Brand: Yana

👤I got these for my 3 year old. It is amazing for the money. It was like spending 20$ on headphones. They have a few hours of charge and noise canceling. It's nice to play through headphones. It was perfect for her. Don't hesitate and buy it.

👤We bought the headphones for our four year old son. He let us know they were comfortable. When not in use, they fold down for quick store away. Great headphones! Don't hesitate, buy them!

👤I was sad to see that there was no wires for charging or plugging in the jack to use headphones.

👤It doesn't stay connected to my son's phone.

👤It wasn't bad for the price my son likes them for. The cord can be used when there is no charge.

👤The documentation was lacking and not very durable.

👤I was a little hesitant by only 4 reviews, but they were all great. I took a chance. I was so glad I did. They are clear and the music is great for my 5 year old. No cord is a plus.

👤They fit my style very well. The sound quality is clear and crisp. The sound quality is great, the price is great, and it fits well. These are great.

4. Wireless Headphones Canceling Foldable Headsets

Wireless Headphones Canceling Foldable Headsets

The Hi-fi Bass Sound has a powerful 57mm stereo driver and advanced bluetooth 4.2 chip that aim to deliver you superior sound quality with high fidelity deep bass and crystal clear treble, even in the lowest volume levels! If the battery is low, you can switch to wired mode and listen to music with a 3.5mm audio cable. Use a radio to listen to music. You can use your headphones to listen to the radio, or you can put the card on the headphones to listen to music. High-quality built-in microphone for hands-free calls can be found in over ear headphones. The foldable Headband is not only designed for saving space at your desk. It might feel like it's on your ear for someone to wear it to avoid sound leaking. To get both audio and wearing comfort, please take off the headphones every 1-2 hours to relax and protect your ears from the humid environment in use. The over ear headphones come with soft pads and a headband that is comfortable. Great job for all of them. Ear cushions mimic human skin texture. You can find a perfect fit with the headband. The best wireless headphones for long term wear. They check products at every level before they leave the storage facility. They focus on providing each customer a good guarantee of rights, so if you encounter any problems, please contact them.

Brand: Itkidboy

👤It works perfectly for the kids when they are in zoom meetings. It has a blue tooth and headphones jack so they can still hear the meeting even if the battery is low. I will say this now. The microphone is plugged in to the head jack but it can't pick up the kids voice if they are talking in a low voice. They almost have to speak up for the microphone to hear them talk. Bose and Powerbeats pro headphones are perfect for what my kids need, because I am tired of loaning them my Bose and Powerbeats pro headphones. I would buy these again. The padding goes over their ears. I have adult sized ears and it won't go over them. The kids like them. They are in red black. The blue is black. And white and rose gold.

👤I like my gym. I do. The music the owner plays is not great for lifting. I mean, Elvis? Even though my headphones are so loud that they hurt, I could still hear the gym music over my own. My music was clashing with "American Pie," which meant a lot of headaches. I wanted to see if I could solve the problem with some noise-canceling headphones. I now listen to my own music. At a reasonable volume. It's a bonus that they fold for easier storage.

👤I like that they can be small for travel. These are not over the cups. It may hurt the ears if you listen for a long time. But not terrible. Sound was good. Surprisingly so. Not great but decent. It's a big step up from listening on notebook speakers. I haven't tried noise canceling, which doesn't seem to be a switch for, and the built in mic is not very good. The better ones are 60 bucks. These are good for some basics. I have a headphones that is not noise canceling for airplanes, but I also have a headphones that is light and portable. After I fly, I will report back. There is a These get very loud. The bass are decent to good not audiophile. I listened to bowie ashes to ashes on Amazon and it was balanced. The bands have to click to positions. It was very good. Plugging in the mini jack is a huge pain. There is a micro SD slot. I think they would benefit from a graphic equalizer.

👤I am returning the second pair of headphones that we purchased. The fact that I have to get my car and waste gas for a second time to return headphones that I bought for my grandson is very sad. The problem is you don't want to spend a lot of money for a child, but you don't want them to have a bad experience, so we don't have the second pair of headphones. Don't waste your time looking. There are a lot of headphones on Amazon that are better quality.

👤My 11 year old son needed a remote learning device. They have a wire in case you forget to charge them, and they're comfortable. Good price too.

5. PowerLocus Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Microphone

PowerLocus Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Microphone

A single charge gives you a full 5 hours of listening, while the charging case gives you 30 hours. If you need power fast, simply charge for 10 minutes and then play for an hour. Friendly customer service and a 24 month warranty. If you want to listen to your music clearly without distraction, focus on your sound with noise cancelling headphones. When travelling by train and airplane, ANC technology will make it easier to watch movies, videos and listen to audio books. The noise cancelling headphones will make your work more productive. The built-in microphone allows you to accept phone calls anywhere. Your music has never sounded better! The upgraded speakers sound the same as the triple digit noise cancelling headphones. MoonFly headphones have deep bass with crystal clear crisp heights and are great for any genre music. This headset has a foldable design that will allow you to wear it for long hours. The headband and earmuffs are made of premium looking eco-leather and are ideal for any sport activity. The headphones have a premium hard EVA carry case. The extended sides of the headphones are a perfect gift for men, women and kids. Easy to use and ultimate Bluetooth 5.0 connection to all devices, it is possible to use the battery life and theusb-c charging. Use your over ear headphones for a few weeks without needing to charge them. If your battery is empty, 3.5mm cable is available for endless audio. 45 Money back period and worriless warranty plan will protect you for the next 2 years. Customer support is friendly and can assist you whenever you need it. US phone support is open 7 days a week.

Brand: Powerlocus

👤This is a good set of headphones. My sons like the Power Locus P3. I bought a moonfly. I only had them for a week. I am happy with them so far. There is a review of the features. Very happy with the sound quality. Good sound. There were no complaints. There is noise cancellation. It works. I test the headphones on. It blocked out more noise when it was activated. I went from barely hearing my wife to not hearing her at all. It was a bonus! You can hear a low hum when the ANC is on low volume. I turned up the volume a bit, but didn't notice it anymore. There is a I have worn these a few times. I found them very comfortable. There is a The version of the wireless communication device is known as version 5.0. It was really easy to connect. I have tested the headphones on to listen to music and watch a show. There was no lag between the audio and video. There is a I like how these fold up. The earpieces fold inward. I think it's a better design than the P3s. It comes with a case that is good to protect your headphones. There is a The headphones were fully charged when I got them. I ran them until the battery ran out. I ran it on ANC for 30 hours. I did not test them without ANC. I would imagine a longer battery life. A 30 hour battery life is very impressive. It took a couple of hours for the headphones to charge. There is a I like the design of these headphones. The design of these headphones is an improvement over the previous versions. The buttons on the headphones are easy to find, and I can tell the difference by touching them. There is a The headphones were very good. A good set for the price.

👤These headphones are okay for the price point if you want to beat them to a pulp and use them as a disposable pair while keeping your good headphones at home, but really lackluster in comparison to other headphones of equal price. There is a The fit of the headband is very wide, but there isn't any extension to speak of, which makes for a really flat and wide headband position while wearing, and the earmuffs are a little on the smaller size. There is a If you shake your head, the noise canceling will cut the music off and it is better to turn it off. There is a The speakers are not up to snuff, and the max volume is capped at 80% of capacity, which is the worst part. There is nothing to write home about. There is a I only buy these for work. I will save my favorite pair for home if I have to care about what happens to them.

👤I was very happy to have the headset. The headset is protected through shipping and handling thanks to the packaging. I like the black color as it's nice and rich. The quality of sound was the biggest surprise. The headset produces sound. I am 70 years old, so I don't experience the spectrum of sound that my daughter or grandsons do, but what a difference in this headset compared to others I've used. This headset produces clear higher frequencies sounds that were bright and alive with speaker balancing that is a brilliantly stereo, almost surround sound experience. I wanted to listen to music for the rest of the day. The controls are easy to use. I learned the functions and features of the headset in a matter of minutes. The "OFF" label for ANC seemed like it should be the Power button for the headset instead of the Off/On button. I've been wearing the headset for up to 16 hours. The charge lasts a long time after the headset charges. The earphone padding does a great job of blocking sound. The padding is very soft and can fit over my ears. The headset is very comfortable and easy to use, except for the weight. If it weighed as little as half pound less, it would be more comfortable. The range of distance the headset seems to work well in is disappointing. When I get more than 6' from my computer, the headset starts to cut out and make connection noise. I was expecting more than that. The poor performance may be related to other issues. There could be an issue with my device. I will be trying different combinations and configurations to find a solution. I haven't used the headset with my phone yet. When I first powered the headset on, I knew it would pair with my phone, but I haven't used the phone features yet. The case that comes with the headset is very nice. I travel during hurricanes as a catastrophe insurance adjuster. It's a huge plus to have a case to protect the headset.

6. Anble Headphones Microphone Foldable Headsets

Anble Headphones Microphone Foldable Headsets

We check products at every level before they leave the storage facility. They focus on providing each customer a good guarantee of rights, so if you encounter any problems, please contact them. The inner sound at 93db max is safe for young children's hearing because of volume limited technology. Audio sharing can be done with just one cable, it's recommended for children aged 2 to 10. The fortable kids eraphone is comfortable, foldable, durable and light weight, and it is safe for kids. It's a perfect gift for your kids, friends and relatives, they will love it, it's a headset with delicate and lovely packing. You will get an Anble volume limited kids headphones. All 3.5mm audiojack devices are compatible with this. You will need a 3.5mm jack to use the iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 year 2020 models.

Brand: Anble

👤We bought the pink set in July of last year for our 3 year old and they still work perfect in August of this year. Our daughter needed a set of headphones to use at school, so I went for another pair of these. They keep the volume down and are very comfortable to wear. The wired cord is sturdy and can be plugged into either side of the headset. I don't see how you could go wrong if you add in the warranty.

👤These worked well, but they were too small for my 8 year old.

👤I bought these for my grandson. He liked them a lot. They are quiet and durable. My grandson is wearing headphones. These have lasted him longer than any of the other headphones he has had.

👤Overall, they work as intended, even though volume isn't as much as we'd like for our 8-yr-old. There is a The earphone attachment broke off after a couple months of use, it was between the earphone and the hinge. Toxi immediately replaced the broken headphones with a brand-new pair, the same color. Customer service is responsive and responsible.

👤They worked well. My daughter got the band at the exit area. Lasted from 4 months. There is a The little girl said it was a little tight on her ears. It's hard to find the price.

👤Only a week. I love them. They fit my 2.5 year old perfectly, have been dropped several times, and even when she turns up the volume they still keep the level low. I wish I had gotten these months ago.

👤They seem to work well, but they barely reach the ears of our six year old. Very small. He will be outgrow these very soon. It might not last the whole year. Only for small heads.

👤My 2 1/2 YO son is going to Japan. There is a He liked listening to his music and watching his shows on the PC. There is a It seems like construction is doing well. It was loud enough to overcome the airplane sounds, but not so loud that it would hurt. They are suitable for childrens head size. I think he could wear these until he is 10. I am unsure if this will reduce the volume or push out the audio to only one ear. 4 stars for now, can see that the rigid plastic could break.

👤If you think they are wireless like I did, they are not. I have bought headphones from Amazon before and they arrived with a wire. The first pair was my fault as I just typed it in and chose the first pair that looked good, but this one is shown without wires and even had a review mentioning the possibility of a wireless connection. I assumed they were. I have to buy another cable so he can use them. The way these were advertised was a bit misleading. I just wish it was a bit more clear.

👤They are not cheap but they do as they are supposed to. I used this for my son when he was young. When he was 3. I used to travel on long haul trips. They've been good. They have been stretched, chucked about, and it has not scratched. I'm impressed. I think they get a bit tight around the age of 3 as my little ones ears turn a little red. He may have had them on for 45 minutes.

7. SuperEQ Cancelling Headphones Microphone Smartphones

SuperEQ Cancelling Headphones Microphone Smartphones

Money back guarantee for 30 days. The warranty period for their products is a full year. They want to help if you have an issue with one of their products. They want to make sure your kids have a great hearing experience. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if that doesn't happen. It is as simple as that. The balanced sound from bass to the mid-to-high range is provided by the SuperEQ S8 wireless ANC headphones with built-in high-quality 40mm Neodymium magnet drivers. The sound quality will not be completely degraded, and it will bring you a full presence. SuperEQ S8 is an active noise cancellation digital audio processing system that reduces ambient noise by up to 75% and ensures you hear most words and tune with incredible clarity. Kids can use the built-in microphone at home. Less is More is a design that is elegant. The on- ear headphones have been completely reinvented. The combination of soft, plush leather earpads, an optimal clamping force structure, and a fully adjusted headband provides for a comfortable fit. Listen to your music for extended periods without compromising on your comfort. It is lightweight for convenience. The headband has to be adjusted to fit your head shape. Telescoping arms stay where you set them, for a consistent fit and seal. They are foldable and perfect for traveling. A lightweight design for a bottle. It's a good choice for you and your kids to listen to music, study, chat with friends, and have fun. You can play music for up to 18 hours, with a single charge, in all day use. It can be used for 40 hours in the noise reduction mode. 3.5mm AUX wired input dual-mode is supported by the headsets.

Brand: Supereq

👤I think these headphones are pretty good, even at a very low price. The sound quality and comfort are not as good as more expensive headphones, but they are cute and they are plenty good enough. It's nice that they have a carrying case. The range is good, I can stay connected in one room away from the phone. The only thing that is annoying is that instead of saying "Connected", you get an entire sentence to tell you the device has connected successfully.

👤I got these for my granddaughter so she wouldn't get bothered by outside noise while she was doing her schoolwork.

👤I like these. The sound is clear and they are comfortable. The on/off switch can be plugged in via a cable and it can be used for both music and communication. The carrying case folds up nicely.

👤If you are looking for good headphones, I would add a phone.

👤I bought these for my 4 year old to watch his videos on his iPad, and we are both satisfied!

👤The headphones sounded good. The cord broke in 2 days. The device did not connect.

👤One of the drawbacks to this product is the annoying woman's voice.

👤It works well with a lot of bass. Quality isn't that good.

8. CALIDAKA Cancelling Wireless Headphones Bluetooth

CALIDAKA Cancelling Wireless Headphones Bluetooth

The design is foldable and stretchy. Saving more space is achieved by using a on- ear foldable design. The headband has a soft cushion and pressure-relieving ear pads to make it comfortable for people with different ages. You can choose from five colors: purple, pink, blue, green and black. A cute cat ear with fancy lights is included in the headphones. The wireless headphones are perfect for kids and adults. It's a good gift for family and friends, suitable for office work, sport, school, and travel. The built-in 400mAh rechargeable battery can be used for 7 hours.

Brand: Calidaka

👤The rainbow paw pads on the outside only contain red and green lights, and the lights have an unpleasant strobing effect. I was looking forward to seeing a rainbow, but it was not there, which was a pity. There is a The sound quality is okay so far, but I think I will return them all the same. I picked this one based on looks. I looked like I bought a Christmas accessory in April. Not as advertised, please stop saying that there are flashing lights, we don't know or care what colors are. There is a The fit is not very snug on my ears, but I am an adult and use cheap cat ear headphones, so that was expected.

👤When I tried to connect it to my PS4 it said "Not comparable" and I was forced to stop. They are cute.

👤The sound was similar to a tin can. I bought the Kraken Kitty Edition headset after returning these.

👤It works well but breaks easily.

👤Un producto, mis expectativas, tienen duracin de la batera.

👤Mi hija de 4 aos tiene un par de meses de uso.

9. PROHEAR Bluetooth Cancelling Headphones Microphone

PROHEAR Bluetooth Cancelling Headphones Microphone

The built-in 400mAh rechargeable battery can be used for 7 hours. Enjoy silence from low-income areas. The headphones have a noise-cancellation technology that can pick up and block out up to 90% of low-frequency ambient noise to help kids focus on their studies. It has excellent microphone noise reduction systems that allow kids to have a clear and crisp voice during calls, perfect for distance learning, car trips, airplane travel, and outgoing calls. High-FIDELITY SPEAKERS & SAFE VOLUME LIMIT: The sound and technology are provided with 85dB safe auto-limit volume. The sound quality is amazing. Don't listen to music that is too loud or harmful to kids' ears. No longer have to worry about the sound always being choppy because of the design of the Smart Bluetooth, which has a more stable connection than others. The range under without wall obstacles is 33 feet. You can enjoy up to 25 hours of playtime per full charge using both wired and wireless modes. PressURE-FREE COMFORT: PROHEAR 012. Pink child active noise-canceling headphones feature an innovative heat relief design through soft, breathable ear cup cushions that are filled with memory foam to fit over your kids' ears. With the large ear pads and 90 revolving ear cups, you can wear these headphones for longer without feeling the effects of ear fatigue. Try it now. You can try it or you will never know how great they are. They'll be glad to help you if you have any problems.

Brand: Prohear

👤It far exceeded my expectations. Surprised by the noise cancellation design that keeps out the sounds of traffic and chatter from the road outside. They are the most comfortable earphones I've ever used and can be worn by adults. My boy is happy to have this to play music and watch movies. The sound quality was very impressive, the Crystal clear Treble and Deep Bass tones ensured that whatever music genre you're listening to is not affected. Definitely recommend. Great gift!

👤I returned the first one because it broke, but I received the second one right away and it fell off, making my son scared, but I liked that it blocks the sounds very well.

👤My son plays with his tablets. He wears his wife's expensive headphones during these times. My wife's headphones were set too loud when she checked the volume after he wore them. We decided to check it out. The kids are trying to see if they can help with the volume issue. There is a A hard case is inside the retail box for the PROHEAR 012 Kids headphones. The case has a pair of headphones, a charging cable and a wired cable. The case is very hard and can be stepped on. The headphones don't fold, but the cups turn flat. The head strap is padded and the cups are attached through metal stems. There is a The headphones fit perfectly for my child. The padding on the cups is thick and pleather, which drowned out noise on their own. I can fit the headphones on my head to check the sound volume. The controls on the headphones are very easy to use, even for a child, and I don't see a child accidentally changing setting. The ANC is a switch. When they arrived they took a couple hours to charge. There is a The sound quality is good and the volume is limited. We don't allow our child to use ANC since the cups are not enough. My son does complain that his ears get hot, but he finds them comfortable. He can't wear them for long. These headphones are good with good sound and limiting volume. I wish they included a non-pleather covering cup replacement as these can get hot on your child and they may not want to wear them for a long time.

👤I ordered headphones for our child to try out. His school asked his parents to give them. He will be able to use them at home and in the car. It's not easy to find the right one. After pinching his hand on one of my headphones, he asked for one that doesn't pinch. The PROHEAR is one of the few headphones that fit all my requirements. There is a On- ear or over- ear headphones are what they are. An on- earcups the entire ear, instead of cups it, which is better for comfort. I find my ears hurt when I wear on- ear headphones. It's not a problem now that we're in the fall because over- ear headphones can make your ears too warm. They can double as ear muffs. Most wireless headphones have a wired option. I like that it doesn't fold down. One less thing can break. The headphones are protected with a nice case. 25 hour playtime is not great. If it was 40 or 50, it would be better. I've seen some headphones that can play for 80 hours.

10. Infurture Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Memory Protein

Infurture Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Memory Protein

The Cyber Acoustics AC5008 is included. The warranty is hassle free. The latest noise reduction technology, a combination of active noise reduction and passive noise reduction, can detect and eliminate a wider range of low and intermediate frequencies, such as car and aircraft engines and Busy office. There is a fast charging function for theusb-c. 10 minutes of charging can give you 2 hours of listening time. For up to 40 hours, you can enjoy a noise-free world. If you don't use ANC headphones, turn them off to save power. The earcups can be gently shaped on your ears, and the headband will automatically adjust the angle of the earcups to fit your head shape. The Over Ear headphones only weigh 7. For long-time wear, 2oz. Clear calls can be ensured with a built-in CVC microphone. You can make hands-free calls, which will allow you to get rid of wires. There is a note. The microphone can only be used in one mode. 40mm drivers can bring better bass. Infurture's noise-cancelling surround ear headphones give you crisp, powerful sound and quiet sound, which will help you enjoy music better. Extraordinarily silent listening to high-fidelity bass and high-fidelity tones.

Brand: Infurture

👤The headphones are great. When I'm not wearing glasses, the sound quality is good. There is no noise cancellation. The sound is muffled, but not really. I bought these because my neighbors are so loud that my office has a fax machine and several printers, and people come in and out of my office. Even when my music is playing, these headphones don't block anything. Let's say I have a chemical romance and Paramore is playing. This should not be labeled as noise canceling since it does not do what it's advertised for.

👤The headphones were advertised as noise canceling, but they don't have that feature. No noise was made when I tried them on. I could hear the chaos at the airport. I took pictures of the box for you to see. I will return the item.

👤They're not the best headphones I own. I have the PCX-580s and the HD 660s. There is a They're not bad sounding. They provide a decent amount of bass for music, without being artificially boomy. They're not nearly as transparent as my 660s and you're less likely to hear new things in familiar music than you would be with higher-end headphones, but I'd struggle to find any fault if I didn't already own high-end cans. I needed some closed-back headphones to wear when I was running my shopvac and tools, and I broke the headband on my PCX-580s, so I purchased them. They're not hard-core sound-dampening headphones but they do take the edge off of noise that can be dangerous to your ear health. There is a The noise cancellation works. It's not the best noise cancellation product, but it does cut the type of noise that is meant to be dealt with. I turn on the noise cancellation when I hear RF buzz in the wire leading to my studio monitors. I think it would quiet the airplane cabin. There is a Walked by some generators with headphones on. They were powering a large University building while the mains were bypassed. The noise cancellation was turned on and off. It did a good job of cancelling low frequencies from them but not much higher frequencies. They would do well on a plane. There is a I consider them a perk because they're lighter than my PCX-580s. The battery life is good. I removed a rant about a blue led staying on when they are powered off. It is the noise-cancellation led. The noise cancellation has its own on/off switch. I have not been on the other end of the mic. I don't know how good it picks up a voice. I haven't had any issues with them when I've used them. I'm tempted to buy a second pair because they're cheap and good.

👤My husband has been working in his home office for over a year. He has gone through a different pair of headphones to make his meetings quieter. These have worked as well as they have. They last for 40 hours of continuous use before they need to be charged again. Awesome! The ear muffs are padded for comfort. It's very easy to use and it has an ANC switch. They have crystal clear hi-fi stereo sound. The noise cancellation is what he loves the most. There is a nice storage bag in the package. My husband definitely recommends them.

11. Puro Sound Labs Bluetooth Headphones

Puro Sound Labs Bluetooth Headphones

The headband of the over- ear headphones makes it suitable for children, teenagers, and adults. The foldable design is easy to store and carry, and the soft ear cups with sponge padding can fit their ears. A gift for a family. Protection for kids is mandatory. The headphones are designed for kids. The World Health Organization recommends an 85dB-limited volume range to protect young ears from hearing damage. It is safe for kids to listen to studio- grade audio. The Puro Balanced Response Curve gives your kids or teens the best studio sound, including clear, crisp vocals and full dynamic bass, all within the safety of 85 decibels. Bluetooth headphones are long-lasting. The 30-foot range allows for free movement, and the one-touch connection with compatible devices makes for hassle-free listening. The wireless mode eliminates the dangers of audio cables. You get 20 hours of battery life for music playing and 200 hours of battery life for standby. Their product blocks most of the ambient noise at 1 kHz. The Puro Sound Labs are the best noise isolating headphones for kids. Money-back guarantees are offered for 30 days. The warranty period for their products is a full year. They want to help if you have an issue with one of their products. They want to make sure your kids have a great hearing experience. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee if that doesn't happen. It is as simple as that.

Brand: Puro Sound Labs

👤These were purchased 2 months ago. It worked well for a month and a half. Sound issues can be noticed when plugged into a device. The headphones stopped charging. I called customer support and was told to leave a message. I filled out the contact me form after I email them. Nothing left. I am worried that there is no customer service or a warranty after reading more reviews. This is not acceptable for $100. Amazon should stop selling products on their site.

👤We ordered 2 sets of headsets. I called customer support, left a voicemail, and sent an email about 3 weeks ago, when one of them quick charged. No reply! I tried to click on "sales" instead of "customer support" when I left a voicemail. All their marketing ploys are just a scam. Even though the other headset works, it still has some issues, the cover falls off, and they are cheap. The sound quality is good, but other than that, I would highly recommend staying away.

👤I bought these two years ago for someone else and they have rarely been used. The left earpiece no longer works when using the cable connection after the cable jack failed. The reviewers who bought theirs back in the 1980s and are still using them said the Sony headphones have better sound quality and are still being used. If a volume limit needs to be set with the Sony headphones, they will most likely be used with an iPad with a built in volume limit built into the operating system. These headphones were no exception, they were less durable than an egg and lasted less than a jar of pickles, and I am getting tired of consumer electronics junk that is less durable than an egg.

👤I bought 2 of them for my daughters. The microusb charging port can be difficult to use, especially for kids, so I always thought it was not a good choice. The one they chose was hard to use. The charging port on one of them stopped working after 7 months of use. It just stopped working and rendered the components useless. Will not buy again.

👤Excellent sound, build quality and wireless communication. I originally bought the Untangled Pro Premium headphones for my 5 year old, but for $20 more they are better than the original one, and the price is 888-270-6611 Buy these for your child if you can afford it. The headphones have a built in volume protection and no messing with the audio app is needed to set it. I have a pair of high end head phones that compare well with sound quality. I'm considering the Adult pair for myself and my wife in the future as I like the way they fit and sound. Again, without hesitation, buy these for your child or yourself. The headphones are good for the price.


What is the best product for headphones noise cancelling wireless bluetooth kids?

Headphones noise cancelling wireless bluetooth kids products from Hroeenoi. In this article about headphones noise cancelling wireless bluetooth kids you can see why people choose the product. Donerton and Yana are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphones noise cancelling wireless bluetooth kids.

What are the best brands for headphones noise cancelling wireless bluetooth kids?

Hroeenoi, Donerton and Yana are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphones noise cancelling wireless bluetooth kids. Find the detail in this article. Itkidboy, Powerlocus and Anble are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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