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1. Plantronics VOYAGER 5200 UC 206110 01 Advanced Bluetooth

Plantronics VOYAGER 5200 UC 206110 01 Advanced Bluetooth

For a professional who needs to connect to a PC/Mac, use a mobile phone. It is compatible with Microsoft Teams and other leading collaboration and voice platforms. It's ideal for mobile and office professionals who use their PC/Mac and/or mobile phone for on-the-go communication. Audio performance The audio quality is crystal clear with triple-mic active Digital Signal Processing. You can talk for up to 7 hours and can roam up to 98 feet (30 meters).

Brand: Poly (plantronics + Polycom)

👤I really like this earpiece. There are a couple of areas the manufacturer could improve upon, but I recommend this device. There is a It is large, which will make it harder to lose it or leave it in your pocket and wash it. Several smaller units lost money over the years before I bought this one. It's clear that anyone with this device is wearing it and possibly talking on it. When I was talking on the phone with smaller, less noticeable devices, people were not sure what I was doing. This isn't a device for people looking for a small device. There is a It has held up well. I own 2 of these and one of them has been in my pocket for a year or more. I recommend getting the charge case as I don't want to damage the earpiece, but I try not to do that. It protects the earpiece and also charges it when you're not using it. It's a huge help for me since I can't use my hands to push the call answer button, but you can tell the device to answer or ignore the call. You have it in your ear. I have never had this unit fall out. It is very comfortable. The app has some advance customizing and location finding. You can easily modify the device with the downloaded app, to do things like change the behavior of picking up the device, sensor behavior, and also locate the device should you lose it in the room you are in, as long as the blue tooth is connected. There is a map pin for the last blue tooth connection event. You should be able to see where that was if you disconnected it. There is a The positives: I don't believe it can define a particular device as the priority device over all others. I have two primary phones that I use throughout the day, and they do a good job of staying connected. The voice assistant button is malfunctioning. I can't have phone 1 stay phone one as I connect and connect again. Sometimes the voice assistant button will work on the wrong phone. The app should allow you to define which phones and devices you want to be priority, or keep a persistent device ID for each device. There is a The earpiece has a sensor that can tell when it's in your ear or not. It is very frustrating when it fails. I don't know if I have enough time to fool with the reset method when I am on a call. I don't have my hands free. I used the app to turn off the sensor. I don't have to worry about the earpiece being disconnected. I have to remember to turn off the device when I remove it. The earpiece should be disconnected when put into the charging case. Oh well.

👤The included charging box wouldn't charge the product. The "UC" version of the device has a charging box that is a combination storage box and charging battery that can be used as a small battery pack for the device. It wouldn't charge the device either inside or outside. There is a About 20% of the time, the on/off switch wouldn't turn the device on. To turn the slide on, I would have to turn it off and back on. There is a It seems like a brand new $100 device shouldn't have two different problems. Returned the first purchase and ordered a second. The second one is not better than the first. You will never convince me that this is a real headset. I've had the Plantronics Legend before, and it worked better than this product. The on/off button only turns on the product about 1/3 of the time. I am not told how many hours of charge I have, nor am I told that my connection has been made. I would be embarrassed if I was an Amazon.

2. Bluetooth Wireless Microphone Cancelling Headphones

Bluetooth Wireless Microphone Cancelling Headphones

You can have a good talking experience with the 330 rotator microphone. Earbay wireless headset for computer can block 99% of ambient noise, comes with advanced sound card and 40mm audio drivers, provides HD voice for crystal clear calls and world class speakers for music. Stable and fast connections are ensured by Bluetooth V5.0 technology. Easy control and dual connection allows you to adjust volume and answer/end calls. The pc headset with mic can be used with a computer and cell phone at the same time. WIDE COMPATIBILITY- The headset with microphone can be used with all kinds of computers, tablets, and phones. It is designed to work with a wide range of platforms and voice applications. LONG BATTERY LIFE- Up to 26 hours clear talking time, 200 hours standby time, and fully charged time on 1.5 hours are included in the office headset's fast charging base. COMFORTABLE WEARING STYLE Earbay wireless headphones with microphone have comfortable ear cushions. The microphone and headband can be adjusted for the best fit. If you have any questions, please contact their support.

Brand: Earbay

👤The noise canceling mic is more realistic than other wireless headsets and everyone can hear my clear voice even in a busy office. The soft ear cushions are comfortable, the design is lightweight, and the connection with the headset is very good. It is a good design for my work.

👤The sound on this headset is good. I had to go into settings to connect because the headset does not automatically connect when turned on. When I am on the phone, another call comes in that is loud and upsetting the person you are talking to. This headset is not good for the price. The reason I bought these was because the plastic around the headgear broke and no longer stayed on your head, the reason I owned an mpow headset that was cheaper and worked better. I am returning these. I just bought a headset for $100, hopefully it will solve the issues I have with it.

👤There are several reasons I returned the item. The first reason is because when I opened the box there was a tear in one of the folds where the item was holding the battery in place. I thought I would try them out because people have different preferences when it comes to headsets. They are bulky and do not have a perfect cylinder. I took them off and the cushion for your ear fell off. It took me about 10 minutes to get it back on because you have to place the leather between the inserts that hold them. If you have to take a quick bathroom break, you don't have much time to think about it. I tried them out for work. The noise canceling was nice, but after about 2 hours the callers would break up and it was very difficult to work like that, so I had to connect my old headset back into my laptop. If you have limited time to fix the poorly made product, I would avoid these. A lot of us work from home and need reliable equipment so I tried to be as thorough as possible. I hope this helps. I will purchase my headset in-store to avoid this happening again.

3. Plantronics Bluetooth USB Compatible Canceling Works

Plantronics Bluetooth USB Compatible Canceling Works

The laptop stand is made of sturdy aluminum and can be adjusted to fit your needs. A professional can connect to a PC/Mac using a mobile phone. It is certified for use with Microsoft Teams. It's ideal for: Professionals are working in a distraction at home or in the office. Convenient charging on the desktop. Audio performance Active noise canceling allows you to focus on your caller. Three noise canceling microphones allow far end callers to hear you. Talk Time and Roaming Range can be used for up to 12 hours of talk time and up to 15 hours of listening. You can go up to 98 feet (30 meters).

Brand: Poly (plantronics + Polycom)

👤I tried to like it. It was more expensive than I was looking for, but I wanted a headset that was comfortable and easy to use, one that I could use for my frequent work calls, and one that had an easy button on the headset for when I can't find my chat window quickly. The first thing I discovered was that the mute won't work in Skype if it's used on a Macbook. It turns off immediately. Contacted support. Some apps don't work. What? This should not be a part of the app. The support said to use the device. Okay, but ugh. I've been using the headset with the dongle for a couple weeks and it's not usable, but it is pretty comfortable. The problems are here. My coworkers complain that I sound like I'm dropping out. Good quality sound is what the Headset has to have. There are two more If the headset was connected to the computer before the call starts, it will allow it to be silent. If not connected before the call, it will say "open mic on". What is the purpose of that feature? There is stupid behavior. Again, should be a hardware accessory. It's for a reason. I need to be sure that I can make a back-channel comment. There are 3 more The volume control on my headset shows up on the screen when I get notifications of chat messages from certain apps, and it changes the volume on my headset. There are four The audio device is always available, not just when the headset is turned on. If you want to hear message notifications from the computer, you have to wear a headset or plug in a device, which is really inconvenient. If the headset is turned off, the audio driver should show that. I could hear notifications if the computer failed over to the next preferred device. If the device is not in fact connected, why would it show the device is connected? Simple design choice, but wrong one made. I tried to like them. The hardware is high quality. The noise cancellation works well. They are comfortable. They're portable. There is a They don't provide good audio quality and the software makes poor decisions in behavior that makes it unusable, and mine is being returned.

👤I work from home and have to be on client calls at least 8 hours a day. In the past, headphones have hurt my ears, can't get over my large hair, and have low battery life, and it almost always seems that the sound quality is garbage. These headsets sound great, I have large hair, do not squash my ears or give me a headaches, and have amazing sound quality. The distance you can move away from the wirelessUSB is 35 feet, which is low to no degradation of sound quality. I am very happy with this product. Don't walk!

👤There was an update on July 13, 2018: I gave up after three months of taping, gluing, and splinting. I am buying a new headset with better results because the microphone and left ear speaker are coming off constantly, even though these are great headphones. They will snap apart at the Torque if you treat them like fine crystal. The product works. If you walk away from the head unit, it will automatically answer the phone when you don the headset. The sound quality is very good for voice reception and transmission, and I have never been out of range inside my ranch style home. The leather ear cushions are comfortable, but if you are in a warm environment they can get hot. There is a They are not very robustly constructed. The microphone side of the head band snapped when the headset was picked up. I glue and tape it together and it works, but I am not happy with how fragile it is. If you decide to purchase this item, be aware that it can be damaged by slight pressure and should be treated as fragile.

4. Jabra Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Packaging

Jabra Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Packaging

There is a hands-free wireless connection with a 100 foot range. The time is up to 15 days. It is possible to eliminate background noise and provide amazing sound on the call. Up to 8 trusted devices and 2 active stand-by Bluetooth connections. The busy light automatically turns on when you call to let others know you're busy. The A2DP v1.2, Hands Free Profile v1.6, Headset Profile v1.2, and AGHFP v1.6 are supported by the dual-Bluetooth connection. Max is compatible with all leading UC platforms and is certified for Avaya,Cisco and Skype for business. 120 minutes is the charging time.

Brand: Jabra

👤I had high hopes for these phones before I bought them. I think they should have stood up to my expectations, considering the price. The sound quality is 100%. They were easy to install, and I think they sound great. The first reason I give 3 stars is that I use these for work to be wireless so I can roam freely around my office and into the other rooms upstairs, but without being able to stop and listen to music, which is something I don't like doing. The second reason is that I don't have the ability to answer calls that come through. If I want to make a smoothie between calls I can't make it because I can't keep my phone off. They are not as snug as I 888-276-5932 They fall off my head if I look down for a long time. Maybe I have a small head. Who knows? These will probably be the last pair of this model I own. That makes me sad.

👤A previous employer gave me a headset that I use to work as a SW consultant. I bought a corded system for myself after leaving the company and returning the headset, even though I had a corded system that worked well. It's worth it to be able to turn around in your chair and put stuff in a cabinet, stand up and stretch, walk to break room and grab a coffee, or even plug in the headset and charge it with out dropping the connection. It's fantastic that this is connected to your phone and your company computer so that you can switch between playing music on your phone and taking a conference call with out touching your headset or the computer. Long term use comfort is the only downside. The 75 has more padding on the head strap and larger ear cups. If you can swing $200 in an "open office" environment, I strongly urge you to go for the 75. I stayed with the 65 because I ran out of tech budget. It is not getting as much as it should.

👤I pause and resume videos frequently. When you pause the audio, the receiver goes into a state of inactiveness less than a minute later. It takes approximately 4 seconds for audio to resume. Do you know how long it takes to miss a word? The poor design of the unit is confirmed by Amazon support and Jabra support. I spent a lot of money on a useless product. Unless you don't care about what you're listening to, avoid this.

👤I expected them to last longer than 4 months, but I loved the sound of it. The earpiece snapped off. The earpieces are attached to the headband by a small piece of plastic. I paid a lot for these. You can return them for 30 days on Amazon. We will see how the company backs their product after I email them. If I get a resolution, I will update.

5. Microphone Cancelling Controls Headphones Softphone

Microphone Cancelling Controls Headphones Softphone

Talk all day and 3 year warranty with the Angeteela trucker wireless headset, it allows you to make reliable wireless calls throughout the day. You can easily drop it in for a charge and storage, and you can also charge the headset directly with theusb cable. Friendly customer service is ensured. Business-grade Wideband Headset, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and noise-cancelling mic are used for crystal-clear conversations. The most comfortable headphones include a lightweight, The Single Ear Skype headset with mic is a sturdy headset due to its high quality design, plastic construction, and flexible metal mic boom. Plantronics or Jabra are high-quality Office Headsets. Simple audio controls. Plug and Play doesn't need drivers for PC, Computer, Laptop, Mac...USB compatible devices. Convenient in-line Controls, easy to adjust this computer headset volume up/down. 45 days money back and 24 months worry-free are included in the 2-year warranty. It works with Windows 2000/7/810/Vista, Mac OS X and Softphone. It's ideal for online courses and presentations.

Brand: Callez

👤I work from home doing customer service and I use a headset for 8 hours a day. A comfort headset is very important to me. When I got the callez headset, I was so excited. This headset is much more comfortable than my previous headsets. The headsets I bought were too tight on my head and hurt my ears. I can wear this headband all day long because it's lightweight and fully adjusted to fit my head. There is a The microphone picks up my voice accurately, the sound quality is great. I can hear my clients well. There is a The cheapest headset for computer calls. I would recommend it to others.

👤It was great until it stopped working, I bought it at the beginning of the epidemic. The sound quality was great and it was lightweight. I don't know if there's a short in the wiring because the sound cuts in and out The seller has been sending me emails asking me to remove the negative review. The most recent email is trying to get me to review a product that I paid for. I think this is shady business practices. A poorly made product is still a poorly made product even after a refund. If they have improved their product since I bought it, that is great. The improved product can be talked about by future customers. I hope that no one else here who has been disappointed with this product is getting the same daily emails manipulating them into removing their product review.

👤The headset is well-fitting and comfortable. For a price like this, I get a lot of praise for the microphone quality. Some guys commented on how clear I sounded and they could hear me better. My friends thought I spent over $100 on the headset, but I got it for less than $30. You don't have to buy expensive headphones from either Plantronics or Sennheiser. These are much cheaper than the other ones. There is a The attached volume control and mute button on the cord are great for when you are under discussion and don't want to adjust it.

👤I use the headphones to chat and meet online. I contacted the seller before buying and got a positive reply, so I decided to go for the headphones. Great customer service. Plug and play has been tried for a week and there is no driver needed. The noise cancelling works well. Poor hearing is a problem for my parents. When watching TV in the living room, they always turn up the volume. Some of our neighbors have complained about it. When I used the headphones to chat, I didn't hear anyone complain about the noise around me. The cord is long enough for a conversation. You can wear the microphone boom on the left or right ear. Highly recommended.

👤I bought two headsets for my insurance agency. I used our computers to make and receive calls after getting rid of our phones. These are light weight, great sound quality, and include a small clip to attach the cord to your clothing to help with the cord management. The cord is long enough to accommodate our work space and large enough to allow us to move around without having to remove the computer or head. I highly recommend this headset as a cost-effective way to improve telephone communications.

6. Plantronics Wireless Headset System 207322 01

Plantronics Wireless Headset System 207322 01

The YEALINK warranty is 30 days money back, 60 days free return, and a life time warranty. More than 2,000,000 users have a good conference experience with YEALINK, and this package includes a dual headset with 3.5mm AUX and a user manual. The included cable connects to the PC and Mac. It is certified for use with Microsoft Teams. It's ideal for: Professionals use a variety of communication methods. Audio performance A noise-canceling microphone and close conversation limiting will keep background noise out of your call. Roaming range is up to 180 m/590 ft. Talk for up to 13 hours per charge. Global warranty and wearing style is for 2 years.

Brand: Plantronics

👤Before buying this model, research it very thoroughly. The Plantronics Voyager Focus headsets are awesome and we use them with our phone system. We bought the Savi 8200 because a few of the staff wanted a headset with only one earpiece, so they could hear what was happening in the office. Nothing but problems! 1. It's difficult to pair and connect with the phones. The phones have to be re-paired and re- connected. When connecting a call, there is a bad delay. You never know if you're connected or not when you pick up the phone. The docking station will only charge using an AC connection. To keep the headset active, you have to keep pressing buttons. The purpose of a headset like this is to allow you to use it when you are away from the desk. 7. 30 days is a very short return period. We tried to make them work, but they were not working. The 30-day return period was advised to me. Love the focus headsets, but hate the 8200 headsets. Hope this helps someone else.

👤The Feb 2020 purchase failed in August 2021. Wouldn't charge. I was told to buy a new battery. I worked for a month. There was no charge. There is another battery. It failed again. The charging cord/usb connection will not charge the headset. Plantronics support said sorry and threw it away. The price has gone up. I need to buy from another vendor if that is as good as you can get.

👤These are the best wireless headsets I've ever used. The sound is clear and clean, and I'm told it's the same on the other side of call. Customers never hear a thing when a noise cancelation is used. I charge during breaks and lunch.

👤It doesn't fit securely on the head because it doesn't have enough adjustment. The headphones are good quality.

👤We bought a lot of these. They weren't compatible with the phones mentioned in the advertisement. The boxes have held the headsets. Can't return them. What a mess. The electronic boat anchor is very light. Very disappointed. I feel cheated.

👤I bought this to replace the Plantronics W740 in my office. The Savi 8200 is very comfortable. This device has a major flaw, it has less range than the old Savi W740. I was hoping that the device would have a bigger range.

👤The picture phone lifter does not come with the product.

👤The worst headset. I have a Plantronics Savi 8200 Series Wireless Dect Headset System 207322-. I get no ring in the call. People drop off. It's completely random. I have to reset the headset every now and then because of the buzz in it. After 10 years, I wanted the bigger and better one. I bought it because it was reviewed so well. It has been terrible. Total rip off. Customer service has been unresponsive so far.

👤A picture shows a phone. The shipment does not include one. The customer service will look into it. Since then, no calls. This is not true advertising.

7. Yealink Certified Telephone Microphone Cancelling

Yealink Certified Telephone Microphone Cancelling

The headphones are made of TR-90 steel and protein leather. High quality speaking and hearing experience. Yealink UH36 headset have a better sound performance for calls and entertainments. You can choose UC or Teams version with the permission of Microsoft Teams. Also certified for other online voice call services. It's compatible with Win7/Win8/Win10/XP. The Yealink UH36 dual is 155 Grams, which is light weight and convenient. The 3.5 millimeter jack lets you connect your personal device, such as a phone, to the Yealink headset so you can work or listen to music, radio, talkshow, wherever you are. You can also connect with the PC with theusb. It is designed for all day, everyday use. Even though they are loud, they still keep you comfortable and connected. The YEALINK warranty is 30 days money back, 60 days free return, and a life time warranty. More than 2,000,000 users have a good conference experience with YEALINK, and this package includes a dual headset with 3.5mm AUX and a user manual.

Brand: Yealink

👤I killed a headset at work and bought a new one. I was not sure what to expect when I had never had a Yeahlink product before. The construction quality is good. I wouldn't want to wear the headset for hours on end, so the ear pieces are moderately comfortable. They feel like they're better built and more comfortable than the Plantronics Blackwire headset. It would be great if it had the same support for Microsoft Teams as the Plantronics did. I haven't heard any complaints about the audio quality. There is a They work well.

👤I work great when I have a meeting. The system I use makes them ready for use in seconds. I can go between the laptop speakers and headset when I need to, because they pick them up on the device list. The microphone works well according to participants. The quick button works well. Overall happy with the headset. Hopefully they will last a long time. I have been using them for a month and have not had any problems.

👤I tried several headsets and earbuds that I already owned. The sound would become loud if it was clear then distorted. I tried every setting change that I could find, but nothing made a difference. I ordered them because they were teams certified. Several people had me send them a link to buy a headset because the sound was better. Huge win for me. I plan to buy another one to have as a backup.

👤The headphones are great for work. If your work will pay the bill, I know that there are wireless versions out there. I wouldn't pay the price for that extra convenience. These headphones are great for online work.

👤The issue with not being able to hear myself during calls has been solved by the Yealink Direct Store. Sounds good. I can't hear myself in calls. Tweaking Windows settings is a solution provided by Yealink. There is a The teams button is disabled.

👤I ordered it for my office in HK. I was so excited after it arrived. I can hear perfectly but the mic is not working. The service was prompt and efficient, we have been back and forth emails trying to solve the problem, although nothing can be done for the mic, I won't have any problem to purchase from Yealink again.

👤I liked this headset a lot. I had to return them. The headset I ordered was not for Teams. I only use Zoom. I could hear clearly, but I was distracted by the static in my voice. I was not interested in the mono set version of the UC version on Amazon. I can't say if the UC version would work better with zoom. I had tried a different brand of headphones and they were not as good as these ones. They look professional.

👤A great headset. I get calls from teams. Excellent sound quality. It's good to have noise cancellation. I wish there was an affordable wireless version.

8. Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Multipoint Playtime

Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Multipoint Playtime

It's widely comparable. The PS4/ PS4 Pro/ is connected via a 2m wire. The Nintendo Switch doesn't support microphone feature on a gaming headset, but other devices with standard 3.5mm audio jack do. You can connect to your PC, Mac, mobile and more with a dual connection. Plug-in with the included 3.5mm cable. You can connect to any two devices at the same time. Transition from a mobile device to a laptop. C3 calling uses dual microphones that pick up your voice and eliminate the sounds of the environment so that your voice remains crystal clear. You will get a full 45+ hour work week on one charge, and all day comfort with Cloud Foam earcups. Back down to take a call or video conference if you want to listen only. The headset has multi-functional buttons that allow you to play/pause, answer/reject, volume, mute and track control. Choose between the two settings: work or music mode. The controls on the headset allow you to quickly turn on the mute function. The end of the boom mic has a red light on it. There is no longer a fear of being muted on video conferences. The GO Work Wireless On-Ear Headset, Type-C Charging Cable, and 3.5mm AUX Cable are included.

Brand: Jlab

👤I use them for work and they work well. I bought them to replace my previous ones that were plastic and broke after 8 months, but they looked almost the same. I was looking for a microphone. These are great for the price, but slightly more expensive. I don't use themute button since the video app has their own, but it works, it feels cheap. They charge with a cable that lasts longer than my set. There is an audio about the battery charge level when they start, which is a great reminder that they should be charged. I hope they last until we get back to the office. I paid full price for these on Amazon.

👤This is a great headset for working at home. It's not perfect, but it's close. I'm only one day in, that's all. I'd be happy to update if anything changes, but my first day in was 8 hours straight meetings, so it was a bit of a torture test. There is a It's easy to setup battery life and it's half the price of wired options of the big names offices. It's ridiculous that companies aren't actually issuing these. These are as light as wired options. The design of the mute button feels cheap and it's debatable if it's a good button, but I assume if there's a failure point with it, it's the mute button. These headphones are very good at the average joes price range.

👤When I bought these, I was hoping they would last for an entire week. The setup was easy, the headphones were comfortable, and the microphone boom is far enough away that it doesn't stick in your mouth when you talk. It took several seconds for a call to connect. After a couple of days of continuous use, the connection time was reduced until it was almost seamless. I loved it! And then... The red light on the end of the microphone signaled to the headphones that the button was on. It was stuck. I couldn't use them. I didn't use them for a couple of days because I let the battery drain. I charged them again today and the button was stuck. I was depressed and got this horrible noise in my ear and just got a refund. I am very disappointed. I liked those headphones.

👤These are great for the money. Clear calls for teams and zooms meetings have a long battery life. I use them for 8 hours a day without having to pay. The speakers are very soft and can be adjusted to your liking. I have used these for a week straight and am very happy with my purchase.

👤Sound quality is not good. The bass needs a lot of help and the sound is not clear. The sound quality is good for virtual meetings, but the mic is spotty. The mic is two inches away from you. There is a The headset is comfortable. The build quality is on point. The headset works well for telework. It's not acceptable for music.

9. Logitech Cancelling Noise Canceling Technology Environments

Logitech Cancelling Noise Canceling Technology Environments

Anivia gaming headset with mic is compatible with PS4, PS4 Pro/Slim, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One S/X, PC, laptop, Mac, smartphones, Nintendo Switch/3DS and other devices with 3. The sound of video call and music is created by Zone wired with generously-sized 40mm drivers. The Open Office-certified headset with noise-canceling dual mic technology can be used for calls and video meetings. The headband is made of Teflon and has a head cushion and ear pads that are comfortable to wear throughout the workday. The tangle-free cable has in-line controls that are always at your fingertips to adjust volume, answer/end/reject calls, and play music. The Logi Tune Desktop mini app provides full audio control, and lets you set mic gain at any volume that works best for you. Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Skype for Business, and Google Voice have been certified. It's compatible to work with common calling applications on most platforms. It works with a computer that has a port for either the USB-C or the A port.

Brand: Logitech

👤The Logitech zone wired headset is not comfortable to wear for long periods of time because of the high force of the clamping force. I feel like the driver is hitting my ear. I would want to wear it over long calls, but this doesn't allow me to wear it over long periods of time. I expected better build quality at the $100+ price point. It doesn't feel like it's close to $100. There is a I thought this was an advanced noise cancelling mic, but it doesn't feel like it. If I pull the mic down in the wrong angle, it might break. I was not happy with the price of the item.

👤I expected better for this price point. The wind noise as other reviewers have pointed out is unacceptable. When it works, the sound quality is decent. It's a shame it doesn't work all the time. The bass is only good for the first 3-4 seconds after they're plugged in, and then it disappears. There is a The fit is what I expected. They are comfortable for a couple of hours but not much more. The ear cushions are soft, but the tension against the ears makes them uncomfortable after an hour. There is a The controls work with Microsoft Teams, but only the volume and mute work with CISCO's products. Not a deal-breaker. It adds to the disappointment of the product. It's really kind of a shame that this is not the best product that Logitech could have. There is a If you're looking for a mid-priced headset, you might want to look past the Zone wired option.

👤Not impressed. The construction of a headset is poor. There is a The plastic surface of the switch deteriorated quickly. I bought the cheaper model after returning it. The H390 model has the same or better sound, microphone volume, and clarity as the one on the Logitech Zone at 1/3 the price. There is a The Zone looks cool, the only positive thing I can say about it. I can't recommend it. I'll take function, comfort and reliability over looks and cachet.

👤The headset works when it is plugged into the usbc port of a S9 device. The microphone and headphones can't be used for calls. There is a It would be great if they could work with a phone as well, even though the specifications are for Windows and Mac.

👤I love that this headset has two ear coverings and it does a great job of canceling out all the noise around me. It's great for WebEx and TEAMS meetings. They are light weight and very comfortable to wear. I have a second headset. My husband bought me one at the beginning of the Pandemic and I had an unfortunate accident when my puppy tried to climb on my lap while I was on the phone. I have a new pair of headsets. I bought two. One for my main use and one for travel emergencies. I can use my headset for both of my computers. It has a small plug that will allow me to use it. It comes with a gray cloth bag to hold your headset when you're done using it. So nice. I highly recommend it.

10. Yealink Bluetooth Microphone Workstation Communication

Yealink Bluetooth Microphone Workstation Communication

Use it for longer. The wireless office headset has up to 32 hours of talk time and 400 hours of standby time. It takes less than two hours to achieve a full charge. All-in-one UC computer. The Yealink Unified Communication Workstation is more than a single base, it eases the management of business communication demands. It has a set of features to help you with your daily routine. It is available and professional. The Unified Communication Workstation gives users the ability to connect devices, manage communications from a single device, and also act as a hub that integrates a full-duplex speakerphone, a 4-inch touch console, and ausb hub, which together offer. Users can enjoy a consistent call experience across unified communication platforms thanks to the broad compatibility of Yealink personal collaboration devices such as headsets, speakerphones and USB cameras. The devices are certified for Microsoft Teams and have a dedicated Teams button. The two microphones built in WH66 block the background noise automatically but make sure the participant voice is heard clearly. The Yealink voip phone can be connected directly to one of Dect Wireless Technology's cables. It supports connect with cell phone and desk phone at the same time. You can feel the crystal call experience when you are wearing WH66. Work with popular Unified Communication platforms to achieve all-round collaboration.

Brand: Yealink

👤This thing is great as a Teams headset. You can control your computer, headset, and headset base with multiple options, thanks to the integration. There are two ways to flip the mic up or down on the headset, one of which is a dedication button. If you move the mic boom without thinking about it, a voice will say "mute" or "unmute" over your headset so that you are aware. If you have to mute/unmute often, the voice becomes a little tedious, but it is usually fine. The speakerphone works well, and although it wasn't a feature I was looking for, I've ended up using it a lot. The people on the other end of the call say it sounds nice and clear, and it doesn't seem to cause an echo like some speakerphones do. If I get tired of wearing the headset, I just swap it for the phone and charge it. The quality of the audio is good for speech or music. There is a The range on the headset is very good. I have not noticed a change in the audio quality. I have gone out into the garage or onto the porch with the same call quality. I keep the base connected to my work computer by using theusb port. I got a wireless charging point that plugs into the side and keeps my phone on the base. I would recommend the wireless charging accessory. The headset doesn't shine when it comes to music. I wanted this headset so I could listen to music while I worked and be able to change over to a cell or teams call if one came in. The audio out of the headset is terrible. There is no low end. I don't complain that it doesn't shake my fillings loose. It makes it hard to enjoy your music when you hear a different song. I think this is intentional because it is very well-designed for speech and it comes through very clearly. It doesn't sound good for music. The speaker for the speakerphone is decent, so I just play my music over it, which is better than wearing a headset all day. If I were in an office, I wouldn't be able to work from home. There is a The headset is very smart. It seems like it could be able to have two settings, music and calls, and switch between them. There is a It is a nice headset. I have enjoyed it.

👤Excellent quality headset and range. The headset works well with my phone, teams, and computer. I use a common call center software that doesn't interact with it, so you have to just use another speaker and not use the phone features. If you want to switch to the other calls, or listen to another computer or cell phone while on the call, it doesn't make the sound disappear, so the incoming caller hears everything, unlike if I'm on my cell phone. There is a The arm broke when the headset fell. It's flaky when you drop it on the charger, but it has to be right. I wish you could use the speaker phone to charge it.

11. OneOdio Computer Headsets Microphone Line

OneOdio Computer Headsets Microphone Line

981-000015 The boom mic is omnidirectional and can be used for gaming, business, podcasting and conference vedio. Pick up clearly, no static, talking with others. You can work for Windows, MacOS, or Chrome OS. It was designed for calling. Natural clear sound, conversations even in noisy environment, eliminate background noise when speaking. There is a convenient one key button. It was great for Go to Meeting. The 40mm magnetic neodymium driver and acoustic positioning precision make the Muti-functional headphones ideal for listening to music or watching movies on your phone or computer. The soft and padded ear muffs cover on both sides makes it convenient to wear all day if you need to. It is convenient to take it anywhere. It will fit a variety of head sizes without being tight. It's widely comparable. The PS4/ PS4 Pro/ is connected via a 2m wire. The Nintendo Switch doesn't support microphone feature on a gaming headset, but other devices with standard 3.5mm audio jack do.

Brand: Oneodio

👤My wife and I share an office and have been driving each other crazy when we both have zoom meetings at the same time. We decided to get headphones with boom mics to help insulate us from each other at times like telesales offices. I'm very particular about the sound quality of my headphones. I don't like using headphones that aren't good. Sony MDR-7506 is my standard. I was considering trying to adapt a pair of V6's with a mic, but then started looking at cheaper alternatives. The price range for headphones with mic is from $20 to 200. Knowing the quality must drop off at a certain price range, I tasted a couple different ones, including ATH-PG1, and based on reviews, these. I found the quality of these headphones to be better than those $55 ATHs. They are comfortable and seal off the outside world. The sound quality is pretty good, but I don't know if they have ANC. I was trying to avoid the bass boost, but I can see how it makes you think the response is better than without it. It's not as bad as Beats. The mic boom is long enough to fit around my pumpkin, and they're under $30. Get the research done and get these.

👤The headset is great at this price point. The review is not a comparison to high end equipment. Even soundstage. I found that it improves after a few hours if you burn in. Not heavy. It's great for phone calls and video conferences. The microphone doesn't need a lot of gain to pick up your voice. It is loud on basic equipment and doesn't need a dac to drive and achieve a decent listening volume. The build and comfort are related. If the most comfortable headsers I have owned, this headset is it. It is very light, has a lot of padding, and has a light pressure. I have worn it for many hours without any issues. It is geared towards small to medium heads. I had to expand it by half. I only need to adjust a few clicks on each side. The controls work as expected. There is a The headset is quite solid, but it feels cheap out of the box. This is most likely due to how light it is. I'm used to heavier gear. Again, not a bad thing. One thing I would like to see is a braided cord. The cord is adequate, but I like the feel and essence of a braided cord. This is not OneOdio's flagship product, but other sets on this price range do include a braided cord. This is a great headset. It gets the job done.

👤I have been looking for a great headset for a while. The headset has good reviews and can be had at a very reasonable price. After shopping at Best Buy, OfficeMax and Staples don't like anything in the $30.00 price range, so I ordered a headset from and tried it out. There is a This is a good headset. The sound quality is amazing, and I was blown away by the headset. The spatial sound is good for a budget headset. The build quality of the headset is good, with the thick aluminum metal making it strong. The headset is a great value at just $30. The microphone I used for the test performs well, and I use a Windows voice recorder. It seems to pick up sound very well, and the audio sounds great. There is a The microphone is too small for my large, fat head. I have a large head. It feels a little tight after a few minutes. I'm going to give it to my kids because of that. I am very impressed with this headset. The noise-cancelling feature is solid. There is a The sound is amazing at this price point. It is very good. There are cheap, all-plastic headsets at elementary schools. Highly recommended as a headset for listening to music and phone calls. I haven't tried it for gaming.


What is the best product for headphones office headset?

Headphones office headset products from Poly (plantronics + Polycom). In this article about headphones office headset you can see why people choose the product. Earbay and Poly (plantronics + Polycom) are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphones office headset.

What are the best brands for headphones office headset?

Poly (plantronics + Polycom), Earbay and Poly (plantronics + Polycom) are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphones office headset. Find the detail in this article. Jabra, Callez and Plantronics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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