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1. Logitech Gaming Headset Blue Technology

Logitech Gaming Headset Blue Technology

The Nintendo Switch is compatible with the console. Stereo sound only via a wireless device. The Blue Voice microphone has a noise reduction, compressor, limiter, and more for a cleaner, professional sounding voice comms. Next generation 7.1 surround sound and object based sound are better in the game. The included sound card, Windows PC, and G HUB software are required. Premium passive noise canceling leatherette or soft, breathable velour ear-pads are available with your choice of memory foam or leatherette. The headband and fork are made of aluminum. 35 Ohm impedance. The PRO G 50 millimeter drivers deliver clear and precise sound. The competitive advantage in game can be gained by hearing footsteps and environmental signals. The sound card has a profile that holds voice and game sound. PC running G HUB software is required to use the G HUB to save EQ settings. You can save user or pro designed 5 band EQ for tournament use with onboard memory. You can use the headset without the boom mic if you have a mobile cable with an inline mic. The headset has a carrying bag to keep it protected during travel. The hardware warranty is for two years.

Brand: Logitech G

👤My rating is based on my own preferences in a headset. YMMV. I've been happy with my G633s for a long time. The feature is always on when I play games. I never used it because it's total garbage. Audio sources are easily identifiable with the former option, and there is no sacrifice in sound quality when active. I would happily listen to music with it on. They feel cheap, make creaky plastic noises in my ears when I move my head, and are prone to slipping if I sneeze too much. The headband is narrow, and will make a weird-looking dent in your hair after hours of use, which is strong enough to stick around despite all brushing or combing attempts. I was hoping that the G Pro X would be the perfect marriage of the 633's excellent 7.1 surround quality and the comfort and build quality of other high-end headsets I have tried. I'm very disappointed. I'm disappointed because I love everything about this headset, except for its audio features. It's very comfortable, comes with both pleather and fabric ear cup sets to suit your preferences, and will not fall off your head if you look up at your ceiling. The mic quality is excellent and the mixing options are frankly overkill, but in a good way. The sound quality is crisp and the minute details in music are easy to pick out. It's all nice, highs, mids, and bass are all nice. This is where it all falls apart for me. There is a The G Pro X headset doesn't have a choice of systems. It has been dropped entirely. You might remember that I said that DTS was a pile of hot garbage. When I ordered this headset, I hoped they would make improvements. It continues to be garbage. Uncomfortably warm, worryingly moist, stinky garbage. It sounds like you're listening to the world through two Pringles cans taped over your ears, without the bottoms removed, if sound quality is cut out almost all high frequencies. Sound direction is easy to identify, but the price is too high. It's similar to cutting out your tongue to cure sleep disorders. There is a box cutter. There is a " The wrong child died. I went to the Heaphone-X. I tried to help the problem with the EQ settings by focusing on the other aspects of the headset's design. I thought I could bring back the highs to compensate for the trash fire of the implementation. No chance. It poked a small hole in the Pringles cans, but it sounded better. It only has five EQ sliders. Put two Pringles cans over your ears and listen to traffic. You will understand. I can't stress how bad the surround sound is. I tried to get around it a second time by turning off surround altogether in G Hub and trying to install Dolby Atmos for Headphones, but the new version of the system wouldn't detect these. I went to Windows to get it activated. It couldn't be that easy. The spatial sound options fail completely, with the message "something went wrong while trying to activation spatial audio". This is what happens when you try to enable Windows's spatial audio settings on a headset that Windows identifies as having 7.1 channels, which is a shame. No game you play will deliver 7.1 channels for mixing by any Virtual Surround software if Windows can't identify them. This results in a lackluster experience that people usually point to as evidence that virtual surround is a scam. For most implementations, those people might be right. There is a It's a sad day. There is a I think that the removal of the Dolby 7.1 option, the lack of improvements made to the DTS 7.1 option, and the unavailability of any feasible workarounds all make this headset useless for my gaming purposes. If you can't go back to stereo from 7.1 with a combination of build, audio, and mic quality, this headset is useless. I have to negatively review this because of one feature. If you want clear, crisp positional audio without too many corners cut to do it, buy a pair of G633s or G933s. Stay away from the G Hub software if you have the option to do so.

2. Logitech Cancelling Noise Canceling Technology Environments

Logitech Cancelling Noise Canceling Technology Environments

Anivia gaming headset with mic is compatible with PS4, PS4 Pro/Slim, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One S/X, PC, laptop, Mac, smartphones, Nintendo Switch/3DS and other devices with 3. The sound of video call and music is created by Zone wired with generously-sized 40mm drivers. The Open Office-certified headset with noise-canceling dual mic technology can be used for calls and video meetings. The headband is made of Teflon and has a head cushion and ear pads that are comfortable to wear throughout the workday. The tangle-free cable has in-line controls that are always at your fingertips to adjust volume, answer/end/reject calls, and play music. The Logi Tune Desktop mini app provides full audio control, and lets you set mic gain at any volume that works best for you. Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Skype for Business, and Google Voice have been certified. It's compatible to work with common calling applications on most platforms. It works with a computer that has a port for either the USB-C or the A port.

Brand: Logitech

👤The Logitech zone wired headset is not comfortable to wear for long periods of time because of the high force of the clamping force. I feel like the driver is hitting my ear. I would want to wear it over long calls, but this doesn't allow me to wear it over long periods of time. I expected better build quality at the $100+ price point. It doesn't feel like it's close to $100. There is a I thought this was an advanced noise cancelling mic, but it doesn't feel like it. If I pull the mic down in the wrong angle, it might break. I was not happy with the price of the item.

👤I expected better for this price point. The wind noise as other reviewers have pointed out is unacceptable. When it works, the sound quality is decent. It's a shame it doesn't work all the time. The bass is only good for the first 3-4 seconds after they're plugged in, and then it disappears. There is a The fit is what I expected. They are comfortable for a couple of hours but not much more. The ear cushions are soft, but the tension against the ears makes them uncomfortable after an hour. There is a The controls work with Microsoft Teams, but only the volume and mute work with CISCO's products. Not a deal-breaker. It adds to the disappointment of the product. It's really kind of a shame that this is not the best product that Logitech could have. There is a If you're looking for a mid-priced headset, you might want to look past the Zone wired option.

👤Not impressed. The construction of a headset is poor. There is a The plastic surface of the switch deteriorated quickly. I bought the cheaper model after returning it. The H390 model has the same or better sound, microphone volume, and clarity as the one on the Logitech Zone at 1/3 the price. There is a The Zone looks cool, the only positive thing I can say about it. I can't recommend it. I'll take function, comfort and reliability over looks and cachet.

👤The headset works when it is plugged into the usbc port of a S9 device. The microphone and headphones can't be used for calls. There is a It would be great if they could work with a phone as well, even though the specifications are for Windows and Mac.

👤I love that this headset has two ear coverings and it does a great job of canceling out all the noise around me. It's great for WebEx and TEAMS meetings. They are light weight and very comfortable to wear. I have a second headset. My husband bought me one at the beginning of the Pandemic and I had an unfortunate accident when my puppy tried to climb on my lap while I was on the phone. I have a new pair of headsets. I bought two. One for my main use and one for travel emergencies. I can use my headset for both of my computers. It has a small plug that will allow me to use it. It comes with a gray cloth bag to hold your headset when you're done using it. So nice. I highly recommend it.

3. Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Headset Smartphones

Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Headset Smartphones

Premium headband and ear pads are made of leatherette. It is easy to connect and switch between devices. A rich digital stereo sound includes a built-in mic for noise cancellation and a laser-tuned speaker drivers. Sensitivity (headphone)- 97dB. 40 ft. wireless range allows you to talk and listen to up to 12 m from your PC or phone. The input impedance is 32 Ohms. A six-hour battery is enough to listen and chat. The wideband is 30hertz to 15hertz, the narrowband is 40hertz to 3.2hertz. The phone has a Frequency response of 100 to 6,500hertz. The headband and ear cups are padded for a good fit.

Brand: Logitech

👤I bought this headset for people in my office. It works as long as you can charge it. You can use a cell phone and computer at the same time. The charging port on the headset that you hook the wire into for charging is very easy to use, so it looses its ability to charge very easily. Out of 5 purchases I have made from Amazon and Best Buy in the last year, they have gone bad. There is a I like this product because it is nice to be able to use it when it is charged, but I would say you need to be careful and charge it in a safe place each night to use it the next day. Do not wear and charge at the same time because we think this is the reason it loses its ability. Wear and tear. The life span for my employees and I was about six months.

👤I hacked my headset with a bigger battery because the battery life is short. I now get more than 10 hours. I'm not dead. Don't ever do this hack. I don't want you to be responsible for messing up your headset. There is a I wouldn't use a 10k Resistor to get around a safety mechanism. I chose to buy a battery with an onboard temp sensor, and you can get one here. Since I'm not walking down the fashion runway when I'm conducting business on my headset, I decided to use a larger battery with more capacity and mount it outside the headset using 3M VHB. Do you still have to use the patent? There is a The battery cover has a wire notch. If you didn't cut the notch, you'd probably shear the battery cable with the cover trying to get it on, with the help of a vise and hammer. That was sarcasm. The notch should be cut. It will make life easier. Cut another notch if you make a mistake. Don't cut a notch through the part of the cover that secures the headset. There is an image with red X's and green checkmark. There is a The plug from the battery is not compatible with the plug from the headset. It will work if you push hard and make sure the pins are lined up. It will conform to your will. It did for me. There is a The new battery takes longer to charge and lasts longer. Unless the day is 12 or 14 hours long...

👤I own a second H800 headset. Both failed with the same problem. When the cord is connected, one of the pins bends back. See the photos. Customer service at Logitech is difficult. They want you to change the power sources. I have tried a lot of power sources and cords. After waiting 25 minutes on the phone to speak to a customer service rep, this is after. The customer service rep put me on hold for ten minutes and said they would replace the headset and that they had a new one. It takes ten days for the headset to arrive. This is only an estimate, as mine has not arrived yet. When the headset works, people say they can hear my voice on the other end. It's unfortunate they only last two to three months before the headset becomes useless.

4. Logitech Headset H340 Stereo Windows

Logitech Headset H340 Stereo Windows

Game for Hours in Comfort is all about comfort, and the ear cups and headband are made to keep pressure off your ears. Ear cups can be adjusted up to 90 degrees. A versatile headset is great for listening to music on your computer. Plug the headset into your PC for quick and easy stereo audio. Pure digital audio for crystal clear music and calls. A rotating boom microphone reduces background noise for clear chats and hides away when you're listening to music. The headband and foam ear cups are comfortable.

Brand: Logitech

👤After testing out many different types of headsets for our employees, we landed on this model. It's got the right price. It depends on how you treat them. There is a Don't expect this headset to last forever. I have used the same headset for over two years without any issues and I take care of it. I'll occasionally drop it by accident, but it hasn't affected anything yet. Some of our users will be subject to extreme treatment, such as taking off the headset and tossing it on the desk, ripping the plug out of their PC, and rolling over the cable with their chair. We've had many sent to e-waste because the microphone wouldn't work, the speakers wouldn't work, or theusb connection wouldn't work, because those tend not to last very long. It's all about how you treat them. There is a These aren't a headset that will stand the test of time. If you're on a budget and need something that is easy to use and sounds great, you've found it.

👤I needed a microphone to use on the calls. I just plugged in my laptop'susb port and didn't need anything else. I was very lucky to find this one, because of its simplicity. Many are not comfortable with the headset and mike placement, but it is comfortable. It doesn't need controls for muting or volume. I ordered a gaming headset because it was hard to find headsets due to the Pandemic. It made my voice unusable and it was very uncomfortable. I went back to Amazon after returning it. Over the years, I have found a brand that is flawless, and I could find one by Logitech. I was very happy to have found this one.

👤The cheap quality of the earpieces was the first thing that struck me. The little foam covers are not very long. There is a The lack of controls was the second thing that struck me. I have to turn the volume on my Mac to the lowest setting, as most of the headsets I've used will make me go deafness. It's much easier to do that with an in-line control when you can't easily access the computer's built in audio. There is a I've found that having a button that is silent is essential for a headset. Imagine being on a conference call, where everyone can hear you sneeze, and you can't even say what you think of the other people. I'm not a big fan of sound quality, but I'm going to put this headset on a shelf and order a H570e.

👤This will get the job done, but I don't like it very much. If I have more feedback, I will try and post an update later. I think it would be worth it to pay more for a better option. There is a One of the lowest priced options is audio that is acceptable for price. Audio is barely acceptable for most music and the mic only works on theusb, not the 3.5mm jack. You can plug the headset into the audio jack on your phone or other device with that one. The one that is larger and bulkier is more comfortable. I tried this one because the other brand broke on me after 1.5 months, which might have been my fault.

5. Logitech Lightspeed Suspension LIGHTSYNC Technology

Logitech Lightspeed Suspension LIGHTSYNC Technology

The headband and ear cups are padded for a good fit. Lightspeed wireless audio transmission and up to 20 m wireless range give total freedom. For up to 29 hours of battery life, keep playing. You can play in stereo on the PS4. Personalize your headset lighting with the full spectrum of colors. Choose from preset animations or create your own with G HUB software, and play in colors with front-facing, dual-zone LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting. The headbands are designed for comfort. mic filters make your voice sound better. You can find your sound with G HUB. Listen to every audio cue with clarity and immerse yourself in your game. PRO-G drivers are designed to reduce distortion and reproduce rich sound quality. A soft memory foam that conforms to your head reduces stress points. The weight of G733 is only 278 g. The Nintendo Switch is compatible with the console. Stereo sound only via a wireless device.

Brand: Logitech G

👤I really wanted to like this headset, but there are many cons and not enough pros. I don't consider myself a pure audiophile. I own some high end headphones and headsets, so I can tell good sound when I hear it. There is a The front rgb kills this headset for one big reason, it's a nice looking lightweight headset that has the right ideal with borrowing the Arctis lineup with the suspension headband. You can't turn off the RGB on the console, that's a huge negative to me, even though I play mostly on the PC, I want flexibility, and I am playing a lot of Genshin Impact on PS4. I will use my Arctis 7 for this. There is a The comfort is good, but the odd shaped earcups have the same problem as the older ones, my right ear touched the inner driver wall, so the fit is a hit or miss for me. It's a miss, but it's not bad. The 40mm drivers are very weak, I spent 4 hours tuning and using a V curve, but the DTS is horrible, seriously, it's bad. The bass is natural and these are only for gaming, but there are better options for that, so that leaves these as a niche option. Don't even think about music, these are not good. I bought these, but I didn't get them for free, so I skipped every one of those reviews. There is a The deal breaker is finally here. The volume is very low, I mean to the point where either these are just tuning down to save battery or my pair is faulty. All my wireless headsets get louder after I tested these. Arctis 7, Arctis 1, g933, Astro a20, A50's, even the old g930's were included. These have the looks, the comfort, and the battery life that Logitech missed, with all the audio tuning down and volume levels decreased. Either these drivers are bad or my pair is bad, either way these are being returned. If you're looking for better headsets, do yourself a favor and check out any of the ones I mentioned. The battery life is meaningless if the rgb is turned off on the console and the pc. The niche use is for streamers and not for the rgb. You got most of it right. The audio quality is bad, the price is high, and the volume is low. console users don't have to deal with that when it comes to turning off the rgb. Arctis One has his hands in the air. I know this won't be popular, but it has to be said. I can confirm that these are de-tuned, and that the volume level is up 20% more than stock settings, and that this will drain the battery faster. These are a big negative for the price. If you don't keep these at 80 to 100% on ps4 you won't hear detail. If you see these, it's time to upgrade your drivers in your software. It's the same thing. There is no way to turn off the PS4's RGB on a headset. These feel great for small ears or medium ears, either way they are hit or miss on comfort. I should not have to use pre-amp and bypass software to turn these up higher. I'm going for the HyperX Could II wireless headset, and this might be the last one I buy. These people don't know audio so skip over every one of these reviews. I don't understand why Vine reviews are counted.

6. Logitech Headset H390 Noise Cancelling

Logitech Headset H390 Noise Cancelling

Wide Compatibility Most of the digital devices, such as mp3/MP4/Mobile Phone/Computer/CD players, are comatively powered by the headphone amplifier. PC headphones with plush, padded headband and earcups. The system requirements for Enhanced Audio are Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later. The qualities of noise cancellation. A rotating microphone that is used for clear calls. Digital connections are compatible with the new 2.0 and 1.1 standards. In-line controls: adjust the volume and mic. Plug-and-play when you are ready with a simple connection. The H540 headset has high-definition sound and on- ear controls.

Brand: Logitech

👤I bought two sets of headphones and would like to share my experience with prospective buyers. I was very happy when I got my first unit. Headphone cushions are great and speakers are nice. It's lightweight, so you can wear it for a long time. I noticed my headband was loose a few days ago. I found a crack in the plastic. There is another problem of cable that tangles. I thought it might be my fault. I ordered the second one. I don't play a game. I use it with more care. The second one had the same problem. I'm disappointed. Why does the tech use plastic that isn't better? The headband is made of plastic or thin. I still use the headphones. I am not a happy customer. It broke completely. I tried to reach them. They didn't respond well. There is a It stopped working. The customer support team does not exist. I'm not going to buy any headphones from Logitech.

👤Half of my life is spent in distance meetings. I've tried Bose headsets, speaker phones, and in- ear headsets. Most of these have been trashed and stored in a box in the closet. This is the only headset that I would purchase again. The sound quality is very good, the over ear design is comfortable and blocks a lot of side noise, the microphone can be raised when you're on mute, or brought down directly in front of your mouth to speak. They are connected to your laptop's port of use. These are inexpensive and worth a lot. After 2 years of daily use and travel with the cord tightly wrapped, my first set started losing connection and I couldn't hear my voice. I bought a headset that was exactly like the one I tossed. This model has the best listening and voice quality of the 27 I've tried and is cheap. It takes a lot of abuse in my bag. Highly recommended.

👤The headset has been suggested to me by other teachers who are also using it. This doesn't look fancy. When you wear it, it's nothing spectacular. That is what I want. A black one! I like that it doesn't hurt my head or ears. It can be adjusted to the size of your head on both sides. Sound is clear. There is a This has a good quality material. If you are using a Macbook pro with ausb-c plug, you need a dongle since it is not ausb-c. I didn't have a problem using the device in all my teachings even though it cost me more. I will be sticking with it since it is worth the money. It is reliable and not expensive.

👤For the first couple months, this headset is pretty good. It's lightweight, has decent sound, and decent audio, but after a while, it starts to fall apart. The first time I bought this, I loved it, but after 6 months, the wires near the volume button began to screw up, so the audio could only be heard in one ear. I bought another one because I thought the first one was a mistake, and the wires began to mess up again, this time near the base of ear, where the wire connects to it, leading to the exact same problem. I bought another one despite not learning my lesson. Same thing happened. This is a decent headset, but it's just not good enough. There is a The headset is cheap and decent for a few months, but the audio is messed up every time. If you feel like blowing $20 for a decent headset.

7. Logitech Logitech Noisecanceling Microphone Packaging

Logitech Logitech Noisecanceling Microphone Packaging

Enjoy the views from the edge. You can unleash your creativity with dual. There is a battery and a power source.

Brand: Logitech

👤I received a product that had a dirt and gunk on it. It looks like theusb is shiny together. There is a build up near the plug. I'm pretty sure that if I plugged this thing into my Mac, it would destroy something. It was ok to send out electrical components in this condition, but I was very disappointed in this purchase. Shameful. It smells like cigarette smoke and my hands are sweaty after handling it. There is a Returned the previous headset. The second one was in worse shape than the first. People should not be sent broken garbage. I had to drive back and forth. I'll waste more money and gas on this one. Business practices are bad.

👤I received the headset in June 2020. The headset went out at the end of June. It went out in July. It stopped working on July 9, 2020. I contacted Amazon and was told it was outside of the return date. Asurion sent me back to Logitech after they didn't reply or answer. I have purchased this insurance on many products but have not used it. I will not use the insurance to purchase anything. Amazon allows the manufacturers to ignore customers making them feel like they have been given the run-a-round. Really disappointed!

👤The product was fine until you got to the plug. The quality of the component is not up to par. The plastic case of the connector does not have a connection to the metal sheath where it joins. It is located just outside the plastic case, and if bumped with something, it will bend and the metal will come off and leave the case un-useable. You can't use it if you can't connect it. I liked the sound and the comfort.

👤It was difficult for me to find a headset that fit my head. This headset is perfect for a smaller head due to the height of the headband and the padding under the band which carries the weight of the headset, but would also fit a larger person due to the band adjustment. The earphones are comfortable to wear because the headset is a little wider at the bottom than most headsets to prevent it from squeezing your ears. The generic headset that came with Dragon Naturally Speaking had poor accuracy. The change to this headset made a huge difference in my accuracy. I've used these headsets for the past 3 years, and have bought several of them in the past. They work well so far. The buttons on the controller on the cord are great. This headset is sold online and in some office supply stores.

👤The design of the inline button was poor and I gave it 2 stars. One side of the headset came out. I thought it had pulled lose but it broke inside the headset piece. It came out, no stress was put on them. There is a The online button is terrible. On almost every call or meeting, I am muffled or silent. The volume will be turned down if the button is pressed too much, or if the button is pressed too little. If you lean forward at the desk or put your arms down in the lap, the button will be in the lap. It was very embarrassing to be talking on the phone. Trying to figure out why you can't hear them, but they hear you, because the volume turned all the way down. There is a I would not buy them again because of the current issues.

8. Logitech Surround Gaming Headset Leatherette

Logitech Surround Gaming Headset Leatherette

COMFORTABLE WEARING STYLE Earbay wireless headphones with microphone have comfortable ear cushions. The microphone and headband can be adjusted for the best fit. If you have any questions, please contact their support. Large 50 millimeter audio drivers produce great sound. The X 2 is an advanced headphone that has 0 surround sound. 6 millimeter flip to amplify mic with volume control. 3.5 millimeter or 888-282-0465 can be used to connect to PC, mobile devices and game consoles. Premium headband and ear pads are made of leatherette.

Brand: Logitech G

👤Don't buy a headset that has a trash can on it. I bought these during black Friday to replace my old headset and they were 70 dollars but j got them for 40. I've heard of a company called Logitech, and that's a good amount to spend on a headset. They should be good. Within 5 minutes, I'm back to my old headset, even though it has a messed up mic. These are not good. The sound quality is terrible. It's like trying to listen to your game through a hole in the wall. With the audio turned all the way up on the console for the headset, you can still hear the game, even with the headset volume maxed out. It's so inconsistent. One moment I can hear my party and the next I'm straining to hear them. The game audio is the same. You can't tell direction with these. I'm not playing the game at the moment. I am playing a game. My party complained that my TV was too loud as soon as I joined. My TV audio was off. These headphones are trash. My party could hear every single thing I did in the game through my headset, which was odd because I had a TV in the background. The party chat mixer was set to the party. The idea that a headset would do this in the first place is stupid. It's a bad idea to turn down the headset audio when you can barely hear the game. You can see where I'm going. There is no viable way to use this headset. Don't buy them. I'm telling you now. Do yourself a favor. I'm going to return it.

👤I've seen some reviews that say my older headphones sound better. I owned a pair of g430's for a long time. They were $50 headphones almost 4 years ago. They finally gave out a few days ago and I bought these since I own a few logitech devices. There is a You need to download G-Hub, the new version of the software that these devices use, so you can easily manage their features. If you install that, you can enable the surround sound, which sounds just as good as my G430's. I would recommend these to anyone who plays games. These are the best price to performance pair of headphones. The HyperX Cloud 2's are a good choice, but they aren't as good as the cheaper ones.

👤The audio and noise cancellation of the headset were great. It does press tight, but it feels snug. There is a The headset doesn't last very long. I bought two and both lasted six months. The plastic connecting the earpiece is the culprit for me. They just stop. I heard a crack when I put mine on. I think I stretch the headset horizontally when putting them on, that weakens the plastic over time. If it were better quality, I would buy it again, but most gaming headsets don't last very long.

9. Logitech Stereo Headset Cancelling Microphone

Logitech Stereo Headset Cancelling Microphone

There is a battery and a power source. The noise canceling microphone reduces room noise. You can use a 3.5mm jack for stereo sound. The microphone boom can be worn on the left or right side. The headband comes in bulk packaging. It works with Windows 10 PC or later, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, Linux, and other devices.

Brand: Logitech

👤The product claims to be a headset. These headsets are different. I am not sure how the seller thinks he/she can sell two different items. Do not buy this item if you want to use this with a computer and use a microphone. You will be spending your money. This is a single plug headset. You will not be able to use the mic. The sound will work well, but no one will talk. The seller needs to dump the H-110 if he/she is going to send headsets with dual plugs. Shame on you.

👤The audio on the TRRS to TRS adapter I ordered was good. The product is fine if you get the accessory. There is a The headset has two plugs for the mic and speaker. The description and pictures clearly state that it is a single TRRS plug. Most new laptops, docking stations, and smartphones use the TRRS plug. I have to buy another one, but I think it's Amazon's way of forcing you to buy more. I will buy from OfficeMax next time as I don't get screwed by them.

👤This product is not what I would buy and you're not allowed to return it either, I bought three sets for my grandkids for Christmas and they couldn't use them because they broke on delivery, it says no return.

👤The item is said to be the H111 with a single 3.5mm plug. I received an H110 with two plugs. One listing with a random delivery of either product is crazy. There is a I was surprised to receive the H111, but it is better for my purpose, since the photos show a single 3.5mm plug. There is a The sound quality is poor and they are not comfortable.

👤I've bought three of these headsets over the past three years. Each headset has lasted about a year. My first pair broke easily after being thrown at the wall, my second pair broke after the cord that is near the input jack was ripped and eventally separated, and my third pair is currently in use. I am worried that the thin cord could break easily and I bought this third pair because I thought it would be easy to break. I think the audio output quality is very good, despite the budget-style build of these headphones, as they sit comfortably on top of my head and over my ears. Listeners say that they can hear me clearly when I use this headset. This headset is great for general communication, but don't expect a high fidelity sound when listening to music. If you'd like a budget-friendly headset to hear and be heard well during calls, then I recommend this headset.

👤Quality has gone downhill. My last pair lasted a year. After a few months, the mic joint cracked and the side tab gave out. I expected the same year of use from the model.l I bought. They broke day one. The mic snapped in the joint. It was disappointing but didn't affect the use. The tab on the side snapped the next day. Whatever plastic they're using is garbage. It happened almost immediately because of the same level of care and user. It was dammit.

10. Logitech Headphones Noise Cancelling Microphone Indicator

Logitech Headphones Noise Cancelling Microphone Indicator

It works with Windows 10 PC or later, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, Linux, and other devices. The H570e is anOptimised Headphones that can be used for Microsoft Lync, Cisco compatible and Skype certified. The metal reinforcement provides strength, flexibility and just the right fit for the headband, which can be worn all day. The ear pads are made of high-quality materials and ensure they remain comfortable during long hours of use. The ear pads are replaceable. Convenient access to volume, microphone and answer/end is provided by the inline controls. With Microsoft and other companies. Plug-in works with Skype. A call indicator flashes with incoming calls, giving a visual cue to answer the phone. Plug-in is required with Microsoft Lync, Jabber, and later deployment.

Brand: Logitech

👤I am a big fan of the products from Logitech. They make a lot of great products. I am not impressed with the headset I am using. I needed them. They fill the need. They work. There is a They aren't deserving of the brand. They are for small heads. The first headphones I ever wore were in a toy radio kit. These have padding. The sound quality is not good. The microphone should not be moved to far to avoid breaking it. I have to increase the volume of the mic on my MacBook Pro. The sweet spot is limited. I don't know if there is a mic noise canceling. I don't have a microphone. The in-line switch pack is far from the head set and the cord is long. I have a loop of wire in my lap to keep the switches from being lost. The switch is very hot. The length of the cord might be to keep it away from the body. There is a The quality is not good for the brand. I can imagine people being happy with these. Maybe they don't meet my expectations for the price and brand.

👤I had to pay full price with taxes because I was desperate to find a durable set for work, and I had to use the first pair I bought. I'm sorry, but I'm not happy about the fact that they canceled my first order the day it was supposed to be shipped, the ear pieces are small, and I had to borrow my husband's $20 dollar gaming headphones. I ignored reviews.

👤The headset is very good. I own a headset and a headset. I like both for different reasons. The headset is well made but lacks a do not disturb button like the one integrated with the Jabra for Microsoft Teams. The idiosyncrasy with the Jabra is that it is made in two parts; the headset with a cable and plug to the controller and the controller and ausb cable to the computer. Sometimes the headset becomes disconnected from the controller. I would give it five stars if it was a single piece. I rate both headsets the same.

👤I pray with others on the internet. I don't have to worry about someone rustling a paper or someone mowing a lawn. I didn't know how to use tech and only needed one suggestion from my son.

👤Headline says it all. It was supposed to be a new headset. I could see that there was only one earpiece in the box that it was sent in, because the front had been cut off and taped over. No way it could be a new stereo. It went back without being opened.

👤Since I work from home, I use conference calls to eliminate back ground noise.

👤The product performs as advertised. The noise control in the headset is great. There is a The microphone makes your voice sound good. There is a The cord is long enough to move around.

11. Logitech Bluetooth Smartphones Certified Refurbished

Logitech Bluetooth Smartphones Certified Refurbished

A call indicator flashes with incoming calls, giving a visual cue to answer the phone. Plug-in is required with Microsoft Lync, Jabber, and later deployment. Most users don't need a license to use the microphone system. The microphone system must operate at a low power level and have no protection from interference from any other device, but it may not cause harmful interference.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I have had a wireless headset for a long time. I bought it on Cyber Monday. Since then, it has worked great for me. I used the headset through college and into my professional life, listening to music and playing games. It's worth the $30 I spent on it six years ago, and it's a great headset. I am replacing that headset because one of the ear covers tore through, not because it's broken. There is a I thought I might upgrade to the H800 when I replaced my headset. The H800 doesn't work, but it looks great and feels great. The headset wouldn't connect to my computer. There were also marks on the side of the headset that were visible. I have been using my old H600 for all my headset needs since I returned this headset. Save your money! Don't take a chance with this refurbished H800 hoping it will work. I'm pretty sure that the headset was made properly by Logitech. The amount of time you'll spend returning it isn't worth a dime.

👤When I started a new job two years later, these were the same go to pair I used at my previous job. I have to get up and down a lot, and I was tripping over the wired pair. The refurbished pair of H800's were half off the original price, and I bought them because they weren't cheap and I like a good deal. The only difference is that they come in a non-descript box, instead of the original one, and that the item ended up on the floor after being taken out of the box. I contacted the vendor about it, thinking it wasn't included, but they were quick to reply with help and assistance. The refurbished pair work well. I'm so glad I was able to get the item I wanted at a price point I could afford, and no more tripping over wired headphones, because I've used it on two or three different devices.

👤I've purchased at least three H800s. My problems have been with the cord, not the headset. The headset is in a recliner and that's the reason for most of the issues. I accept the responsibility for my circumstances, however, the latest one I purchased had a cord that was about one foot shorter than the previous ones, and this headset seems to be much more susceptible to external RF as it constantly crackles and cuts out completely. I live on a main thoroughfare with a lot of traffic and have a digital speed zone radar display in front of the next house. During the summer, we have fans and Air Conditioners. The previous H800 headsets were more sensitive to the RF. If I have to purchase another headset of this make and model, I will be looking for more noise cancellation and RF protection.

👤Good for conversion. There is no bass or dynamic range for music. The sound of typing on a keyboard is not masked by noise cancelling mikes. It's incompatible with Window 10. Don't.


What is the best product for headphones office logitech?

Headphones office logitech products from Logitech G. In this article about headphones office logitech you can see why people choose the product. Logitech and Amazon Renewed are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphones office logitech.

What are the best brands for headphones office logitech?

Logitech G, Logitech and Amazon Renewed are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphones office logitech. Find the detail in this article.

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