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1. Sennheiser Open Back Professional Headphone

Sennheiser Open Back Professional Headphone

The lightweight aluminum voice coils give a good response. Excellent dynamics are maintained by Neodymium ferrous magnets. The design is finished in black and gray. The metal mesh earpiece covers are high quality. The oxygen free copper cable has a very low handling noise. The technology for connecting.

Brand: Sennheiser Consumer Audio

👤If this is your first time listening to high-end audio, you can swing a decent amplifier by buying these cans. Let's start by burningish my credibility. I have had my HD600s for a while. I'm not Steve Guttenberg. I haven't heard of every system. I have installed a number of 4-figure home theaters, designed my own room correction, and annoyed the Magnolia people at Best Buy by spending way too long running test material through 5-figure MartinLogan. I'm not blind, but I didn't attend KISS concerts when I was younger. Grado SR80 is open, dynamic, $100, and Sony MDR-7506 is closed, dynamic, $100. I compared all of them back to back with the HD600s, using a huge variety of well- recorded material. This component has a ruler-flat response and zero audible distortion, so I'm not messing with the output to favor one component over another. There is a Start with the HD600s. If your environment allows for open cans, start here. Nothing cheaper is a complete product. You can spend more and get better in some areas, but it's almost always with disadvantages elsewhere. Lots of people with HD800s keep their HD600s even if they tire of that stellar can. They can top them in the highs, but often lose on bass impact. You can find out what you like by starting with the HD600s. They've been around for 20 years and have been a benchmark for many. A sentence that starts with "I like my HD600s except for..." is likely to be the most fruitful one. Let's talk about how they are designed and how they compare to the others. Open vs. closed. Headphones are small speaker sets. You only want to hear one side of a speaker. The other side makes the same noise at the same volume. They would cancel out if you could direct them at each other. It's important to not wire a channel backwards in your home stereo because of this. If you're inverting a mic feed to make noise-canceling cans, there are desirable nulls. We need to do something to make sure the flipped signal doesn't affect the primary. The back of the driver is covered by closed cans to absorb sound energy. The approach doesn't want for accuracy or a high response, but it does tend to make the listening space sound smaller. Open headphones and speakers will solve the problem by not solving it, they just vent the back of the speaker into a huge space. It's great for acoustics, but at the cost of treating the missionary one seat over to your collection of Eazy-E. These are not headphones for fashion or luxury. The plastic and light look must have been avant garde in 1998. I bought a pair of HyperX gaming cans for $60 and the overall quality seems worse than the ear pads I've heard good things about. The impression was reinforced a few weeks after purchase when I started getting cutouts in one channel. The problem was solved by Sennheiser a long time ago. The warranty department wanted me to send the old cable back before they sent me a new one. I was repeatedly sent replacement Anywhere MX mice with little more than a request and a serial number. That was not worth the hassle. I bought an aftermarket version of it on the big auction site for fifteen dollars, and it's been reliable for years. Sound and communication. Excellent comfort. I have big ears and a big head. I had to stretch the band a bit because of the compression. Low weight and plush cups that fit around my ears make them easy to forget. The PM3 are on- ear and comfortable, the 7506 are on- ear and equally comfortable, and the 400i are over- ear and equally comfortable. It is very good. Clean, neutral, and slightly forward. It is on par or better than the 400i. The PM3 is excellent. The 7506 has a forward mix that can make it sound thin. The SR80 is tiring with trumpets, violins, and so on. The same overemphasis can add life to dull recordings. Excellent is the range. The 7506 sounds good, but it's a bit fake and back-to-back with the others. The SR80 has a large emphasis on solo vocals, but becomes fatiguing quickly on any recording with more than a few things going on, particularly modern rock or pop. The 400i is very good. The PM3 is just as good. I didn't catch the HD600 until I equalized it. The detail resolution is behind the orthos. The bass is good in both quality and balance. Both orthos have better definition, but they don't have the punch of the HD600. The 7506 is not very precise. The bass in the SR-80 might be useless. There's a definite argument for the PM3; I might even prefer that one because it has less distortion at low frequencies. The tones were very pure and distinct. There is a The HD600 is described as "euphonic". There's nothing wrong with the sound. It doesn't sparkle or pound or whatever wine-review description accompanies cans that try too hard. It's the kind of sound that makes you wonder where the last three hours went, the kind that can make some pieces sound almost distressingly beautiful. There are files and daemons. You can't talk about an output device without a discussion of the signal chain. That includes your audio file, amplifier, and DAC. There is a The file format is not important. No one has ever been able to tell the difference between a CD and a digital format. For pure 2-channel listening, there's no need to chase anything better than a CD. Even lossy compression may suffice. The hate directed at lossy file formats comes from bad encoders. If you converted your CDs to low-bitrate mp3 with a terrible encoder, you'll probably hear some noises you don't like. The last five years have seen the emergence of modern high-bitrate formats. It is rare that a confluence of factors can distinguish it from the original source. Digital to analog conversion is when a digital source is transformed to an analogue signal that can be amplified. The conversion is a solved problem. If not for the lack of a line-out to skip the amplifier stage in most audio devices, the tendency to bury the poor DAC among other noisy components, or the design priorities that favor subjective impressions over measurements, I would not be where I am today. The audible difference between a mediocre DAC and an average one is small, and between great and average. If you want a stand-alone DAC, you should look for an ODAC orJDS OL DAC in the $100 range. Both measure well and never need to be upgraded. There is a Amps are used to make the cans play loud. All of your electronics have an amplifier already. Depending on the sensitivity of the headphones, their "ohm" rating, and how much power the amplifier can output at that impedance, any particular combination of the two can play loud. It is easy to drive cans with low impedance and high sensitivity. They can be pushed to deafening volumes. The HD600 has higher impedance cans. They need more power. They need an external amplifier, whether portable or battery-powered. Let's do some math to prove the point. Loudness is dependent on decibels. Loud is 90 decibels, deafness is 120 decibels, and libraries are 40 decibels. You should be able to hit at least 120 decibels for Transients. If you're willing to sacrifice a bit of tomorrow's hearing for an emotional kick today, you could get 115 decibels. There is a The power output for the portable is usually 15 to 45 mW, 30 to 25 mW, and 300 to 3 mW. The scale is linear and you can cut the load in half and double it. The HD600s have a sensitivity of around 97 dB/mW. We're looking at a max of 101 decibels because the iPhone manages 3 mW. Weak sauce, since that's the loudest possible volume and the average volume for most recordings will be quite a lot lower. The peaks won't get any louder if you raise the average levels with a maxed-out amplifier. The PM3 from Oppo does 101 dB/mW with an impedance of 30. We end up at 115 dB with 25 mW from the iPhone. You would need about 25 times the power to get the same volume from the HD600. See my comment on 7/12/17 for the calculations. The next challenge is to not ruin the response. That's hard because the impedance of dynamic headphones changes with the frequencies. It could be 200 and 400 at this frequencies. The shift in headphone impedance doesn't matter if the amplifier's output impedance is zero. If it's more than zero, the cans' voltage will change over the range. High output impedance can result in something very different. If you don't know how the headphones were driven, it's hard to take subjective opinions seriously. Better bass control is another benefit of low output impedance. The speakers tend to get sloppy and distort at frequencies near their resonance peaks. That is a muddy bass hump. If you want to prevent this distortion, you should use electrical damping, the ability of the amplifier to resist unwanted movement, like it's hard to spin a motor if you've shorted the power terminals. The impedance of the amplifier needs to be at least 8 times less than the impedance of the headphones. A few inexpensive devices manage this 'damping factor' of 8 with just about every can, though not many. Everything else is subjective. A perfect amplifier has no distortion. distortion is the whole point for the people buying tubeamps. If your headphones have a V-shaped response curve, an amplifier that rolls both ends will make them easier to listen to over the long term. The classic "audiophile" curve has strong treble to emphasize detail, which makes it sound better. There is a If the open design of these HD600s didn't already consign them to home use, their high impedance probably will unless you want to supplement your traveling kit with something like a Fiio E17K. They don't matter. Buy what you want. There is a impedance is the only electrical characteristic we care about. thinner cables have more. It doesn't matter if the cable can tow a boat or floats in a breeze if the combined impedance of the amplifier and cable doesn't result in a damping factor below 8. An improvement in impedance is not an improvement. The stock HD600 cable has skinny 30ish-gauge wires that haven't been touched in twenty years. We can calculate the impedance of the headphones with a small rounding error. The HD600s have a damping factor of 30. It's 300/.8 or 28 if you add the cable. It wouldn't be possible to measure the difference in sound. There is a The output volume is the same. The power to the drivers is close to 100 percent. It would take a 20% loss to make a difference. If you run the same weedy cable to a 4-ohm speaker, you will lose 18% of the amplifier's power and reduce the collective damping factor to 5. In a room with acoustic panels, you can detect a loss in fidelity. The cable would be the most important thing in the room. The old cables won't sound better unless they are corroded. Balanced cables will not work. Their claim to fame is a reduction in channel crosstalk, but that benefit is marginal for high-impedance cans and further obscured by the even stereo mix of most material. HD 600 vs. HD 650. The HD600 is a neutral headphones. Everyone says that speakers don't have glaring response anomalies, but it's true that the HD600's correction to flatten the curve is minimal. Music tends to be mastered with a neutral output device in mind; if your hearing isn't unusual, neutral cans are likely to sound good over the broadest cross-section of material. The HD600's response plot might be a genre reference. There is a The HD650 has the same experience. The $100 price difference has nothing to do with quality. Rolling the treble will lend awarmer and slightly less detailed sound that will flatter music mastered "hot" (with compressed dynamic range to make everything sound loud) or with an excessive treble bias. The HD650 won't draw much attention to themselves. Personal preference is what determines whether that's better. The HD700 and HD800 give you the same information whether you want it or not. Some detail is not the same. Enhancements to the driver enclosure are some of the things that give detail. Lesser cans like to add more. On the first listen, the high range sounds clear and vivid, but quickly becomes tiring. Bose speaker demos rely on this effect. Better cans will use more powerful, higher-impedance, lower-distortion drivers and other technologies to show that the manufacturer can use a more relaxed tone curve. The most detailed cans have only a mild treble boost, which is marred by an unfortunate 6K peak. Less, even, than the HD700, which makes do with a less sophisticated driver. Reviewers tend to find the HD700 a little harsh on direct comparison. Plugging the HD600 into tubes could be the way to approximate the HD650's tone curve, but if you really want it, there's a better way. Here we enter controversy. Audiophiles believe in maintaining the integrity of the signal. Class A furnace Amps, fancy cables, and 24-bit audio are not out of place in this crowd. I have abandoned that view with the HD600 for the better. Over the last twenty years, we've had enormous advances in signal processing. The HD 600 is a mechanical device. It doesn't have an ideal response. Even if the driver could be made perfect, the earcups and enclosure impact the sound too much. There is a If we measure the output curve, we can modify the input to recreate the response we want. Digital signal processing is what this is called. The software that makes up the music player in the store is a basic one, as is the auto tune and enhancement buttons. The benefits of the processing can outweigh the negatives, even though it's almost never free. The HD600 was measured and corrected by a company called Sonarworks. The HD600 is a legitimate tool for mastering, and the correction will correct any perception that the HD600 is bass-light. It sounds like a speaker. The low end of Equalizer APO seems to have less distortion than the high end, but it is still a free alternative. Wave Arts Panorama is a software enhancement. It's a great way to take recordings out of your head and put a singer in front of you. Real recordings use a dummy head with physical ears. 4Front and Psypan attempt the same with math. It is well matched to your ears. Why is my neighbor pounding on the ceiling? Oh. Wait. The author measured a bunch of high-dollar audio setups for the program " Out of Your Head." Do you want your HD600s to sound like a movie theater? That is now a thing. To wrap this novel, definitely try the HD600s. They're often on sale in the high $200s and there isn't a more complete product at that price. If you don't want to bother with an amplifier, the Hifiman 400S is 888-739-5110 A number of people rate the 400S better than the Senns, despite the price difference. If you're on the go, have small ears, and don't want to annoy everyone, the PM3 is a great choice. You can't go wrong with any of them.

2. AKG Circumaural Studio Headphones Black

AKG Circumaural Studio Headphones Black

The studio has an open-back design and over ear comfort. The largest 50mm transducers have the best-in-class frequencies for clarity and detail. The sensitivity and impedance of the devices give them maximum output. You can fit studio-quality sounds in your backpack or computer bag. Every time and slow-retention foam ear pads ensure a comfortable fit, the headband self-adjusts for a perfect fit.

Brand: Akg Pro Audio

👤After the initial announcement, they took forever to ship. The Austrian designers still had design freedom, but I think they were done with it before the predictable trash-ification that comes with a buy-out. There is a It seems that the AKG took a whole list of complaints of older designs and tried to correct them, while keeping their signature sound. Bigfoot has the only pair of headphones that sound neutral, so if you're looking for a set of headphones that sound neutral, you're in luck. You will have to find Bigfoot first. The suspension has been upgraded with a stiffer pre-formed head strap, riding on steel strips, which addresses the reality of the K701 generation with their flappy head straps, which concentrated all the weight of the set on a small area at the peak of the skull. The angle of the ear cups has been addressed by AKG without the need for slanted, one-off ear pads. It makes them fit in slimmer cases. The mini-XLR is included. They come with vinyl ear cups. The new design has no exposed wires, which makes them oaf-proof. Look at all the headphones reviews on Amazon... "One side stopped working", "no sound after using it for a week", etc. The wires were tangled around the fish's fingers. There is a However... The sound quality on the bass end was disappointing. The bass has rolled off, but what it reproduced was not very good. I could listen for hours at a time. The bass bumps on these AKG K245s are not the same. I could definitely hear what was happening in the room when the old K240s were sold as "semi-open". The K245s don't seem to be open air. They sound like a closed-back set with no insulation inside. The ear cups are open back, if you put them on a table with them face-down. There is a They're tiny, that's the big flaw. The K55X series was loud and bright. The smaller version of those was the K545. My ears didn't fit inside. The K245s are smaller than an on-ear set. I don't think an average sized man could wear these. The suspension is the same size as a child. When I wear the headphones, the suspension is maxed out, and the headphones slowly withdraw, eventually slipping off the bottoms of my ears. I can only wear them for a short time. There is a My summary is as follows. The K240/K5XX/K7XX series was designed to eliminate all the design flaws. It's tougher for work day use. The signal cable made of nylon is much tougher than the ones made of PVC. A good sound with lots of detail. It's cheap. Sub-$100. The price tag! Comes with a bag. A dust cover is not a portable case. There is a The bad The ear pads are thin and tear very quickly. Don't poke with fingernails. They will stop making them if you order spare now. It was somewhat bassy. There is a It's too small for normal-sized humans. The suspension is too tight.

3. Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Headphones

Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Headphones

Most users don't need a license to use the microphone system. The microphone system must operate at a low power level and have no protection from interference from any other device, but it may not cause harmful interference. Professional mixing, mastering, editing, and listening can be done in over- ear headphones. It's perfect for studio applications because of their strong bass and treble sound. The ear pads are soft and replaceable. Made in Germany, hard-wearing, durable and robust workmanship. At an incredible price, the world famous DT 990 PRO headphones deliver unparalleled quality in sound reproduction. Every time, you can rely on the sound of your DT 990's, no matter what application, tracking, mixing, critical listening, or gaming you are in.

Brand: Beyerdynamic

👤I own this and three others: the HD598, the K702, and theDT-990-Pro-250 Ohm. This headphone has a V-shaped Frequency response, which means that lows and highs are more enhanced than mids. The resolution of this headphones is very good, but it is less analytical than the other headphones. Users who never used $100+ headphones will be amazed. I have a bigger head than most people. I don't like cable and highs. You cannot swap 3.5mm cable when the original cable is broken because it is hard wired to the body. The highs can cause fatigue in your ear, and there is a huge peak in relative frequencies. It is piercing high. Some people may like it because it gives clear and accurate sounding highs. People like me, who are used to the signature sound of Sennheiser, may feel too piercing to their ears. There is a Everything is perfect except for hard wired cables and piercing highs, which can cause ear fatigue relatively fast. There is a If you want analytical sound, avoid this headphones. There is a If you want a laid back sound, avoid this headphones. There is a If you want highs and lows, get this headphones. There is a I would rate this 5 out of 5. Some people say that they can always adjust. I buy different headphones because I want to listen to their signature sound. I like it.

👤I care about all forms of digital consumption, even if I am not an audio engineer, so I can afford a good pair of headphones. I categorize my headphones according to needs and wants. I use Sony Hear Ons as a lifestyle headphones because of its portable nature. I use the K553's as my reference headphones for editing. My goals for my next pair are something I could use with my desk setup for studio use. After reading a lot of head-fi posts and watching a lot of reviews, I was able to find the Beyerdynamic DT990 pros and I can't get enough of them. It isn't a premium headphone due to the fact that it's made almost entirely out of plastic, and the arms connecting it to the ear cups. The headband is wrapped in a soft layer of fake leather and can be detached with a few clasp buttons. The build is solid and the design is pretty high-quality plastic, so don't let it fool you. It makes for a lighter headphone, perfect for long uses. The adjustments are not as smooth as an all-metal design, but they work well and can fit almost any head. The cable is coiled and ends in a jack. It also comes with a screw on the 1/2 inch adapter. The best part of Beyerdynamic is their velour ear pads. It has a smooth and plush feel. I got used to it fast. Some people might be concerned about the whole velour vs pleather thing, but based on the performance and comfort I wouldn't worry about that. velour is more open with less isolation than pleather. Due to the nature of the material, it is harder to keep clean. I prefer the more open soundstage since it is already an open-backed design. Make sure you wipe it frequently and don't use it if you're sweaty from the gym or something like that. Judgement on looks is subjective, but comfort is not. I found the pros to be cloud-like even after hours of use, because of the light-weight form factor and velour pads. The sound quality is the good part. I have to say that these headphones are not a joke. I listen to most mainstream music on the platform, I watch a lot of videos on the internet, and I also watch a lot of TV shows and movies on the internet. I use these when I play on my PS4 Pro. These headphones were my best audio investment yet. The bass is very important for an open back design. I decided to buy these because I was looking for an open back headphone with good bass, which led me to the DT 990's, which are known to be great with both features. The Pros had slightly more bass than the Premiums, which I prefer. The mids have a lot of detail, but not as much as the highs. The highs are clear but can get a bit too bright for my taste. Sometimes it will result in a slight ear piercing sensation, but your mileage may vary. The soundstage is wide and gives a great representation of spatial cues. The sweet spot of the three is the 250 Ohm model, but make sure you have a good amplifier to power it. I use a four channel headphone amplifier from the Behringer. I tried to connect it to my phone. It is still listenable, but you have to increase the volume. I have had my tda 990's for over two years. It stands the test of time. Unless you have a lot of money to spend on something like a pair of HD800's, there's no need to look any further. The price is just right for the average consumer. It is important to read the fine print and research all the opinions when making an investment in audio equipment. I am confident that you will also enjoy all digital content with the DT 990's.

4. Sennheiser HD 660 Audiophile Headphone

Sennheiser HD 660 Audiophile Headphone

72 hours playtime and 40mm driver deliver a wireless experience. 40mm drivers deliver vibrant bass, vivid midst, and vibrant highs without overlap. A reference class of headphones with new and improved transducers deliver low distortion. The Transducers are hand selected for their accuracy and presentation. Direct connection to home and mobile Hires audio devices is possible with a nominal impedance of 150 ohm. The contact pressure is 6.0 N - 1 N. The cables use OFC copper to make sure signal integrity with low handling noise. There are two connection cables, one with a 6.35 millimeter stereo plug and the other with a 4.4 millimeter balanced stereo plug. A 3.5 millimeter to 6.35 millimeter adaptor is included. The technology is connected. The wire is 6.35 millimeter and the Pentaconn is 4.2 millimeter. Impedance is 150 ohms. Refer to the user manual in the product description section as a PDF manual.

Brand: Sennheiser Consumer Audio

👤Went from HiFiman to Beyerdynamic. All 3 were tested with the JDS Labs Atom Amp. Both Gen and Tidal. There is a The Sundara felt like it was made for my ears and fit perfectly. The bass was great thanks to the tech. There were issues with the volume on one side. Returned it because of a poor support experience. There is a The sound stage of the DT1990 Pro was amazing. The pads felt better. It was too bright for my ears. The pads were different in thickness and the tone of the left and right ear was different, which made them dull on one side. The support was great but the pads, tone and brightness made me return it. There is a The HD 660 S was in charge. Both sides have the same volume and tone. Great for listening, but less analytical. The other two had a strong sound stage but not as strong as the other one. The bass sounds great. There is a If I could have the Sundara's overall sound. It would be a perfect world with Pro's alanytics and HD 660 S's reliability. There is a This journey made me realize that people have headphones.

👤I bought the two to compare them. The latter lost quickly. There is a The HD 660 S is amazing. Everything is even, unlike the high end where the frequencies are too harsh. Excellent in the mid-range, unlike many headphones that try to push the higher frequencies to come across as pro. It's natural for our brains to go "ooh" when we hear bass or highs, but you don't want them when judging a mix! The bass is quite good, but not as good as my Shure. If you want a good pair of headphones to listen to bass and sub-bass, I recommend the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x and HD 660 S. Don't get the ATH-M50x as your sole pair of headphones, they're problematic in the mids and highs. The HD 660 S has some things to keep in mind. These headphones are meant for studio use and must be used in a quiet environment. Don't wear them in public because noise from the outside will ruin it for you, and you'll annoy people around you because they'll be able to hear everything. After a short burn-in period, the headphones sound better. Plug them in, put them on your ears, and fire up some heavy rock or electronica at a volume that's loud, but not painful. Allow the headphones to sit for a few days. The material around the drivers is loosened. Some people think this is a myth, but some of the best mix engineers in Hollywood disagree. There is a These headphones are incredible.

👤Even if the price was the same, these are not better than HD6xx/ 650. It's no contest because they are more than the HD6xx. While the sound quality is very similar, the difference is that 660s are a bit closer to the performance which is not a good thing, and just a bit more detail is emphasized. The bass is not present. They are not better for music enjoyment than recording/monitoring. It's pretty good for over ear headphones. If you want a better deal on a Sennheiser 6 series, get the HD6xx from drop instead.

5. Bluetooth Deegotech Headphones Microphone Gifts Black

Bluetooth Deegotech Headphones Microphone Gifts Black

There is a 3 meter cable and a 6.3 millimeter jack. This classic hat is good for matching and it is simple. You can use it to enjoy music, hands-free calling, and other functions. It's a perfect gift for a mother, wife, girlfriend, or daughter. The Beanie is connected to the phone. The beanie has a headset that can be used with your phone. It is possible to run, ski, or travel for up to 12 hours with a high performance version of the wireless communication device. A warm winter hat for women has a double-layer design, thick knitted fabric outside, and a soft lining to protect your head and ears from the cold. Beanie hat is made of high-quality acrylic fiber which has good elasticity and stretchable size, which makes it the most appropriate size for most people's head circumference. If you want to avoid damaging the beanie, it's best to take out the headset and pompoms before washing it.

Brand: Deegotech

👤The hat is larger for kids. It moves up as it wears down. It is made with a fleece liner. It works well. To prevent it from cutting in and out, have the phone on the same side of the body as the controls. I bought it to use on walks with my dog so as not to wear earbuds, but it doesn't fit well enough for that. I hope it stretches out in time.

👤This product is usable. This is a great product to keep your head warm in the mountains of Idaho, and I use it to play music from my phone. It's easy to use. You can stop it with a single button and then continue listening. I listen to my play list on the platform. Both Amazon music and I use 888-349-8884 I thought it would stop working because of the low price, but I have used it almost every day since Christmas and it is still working. We bought one for our daughter and grandson and they enjoy it.

👤The sound quality is terrible. The connection made listening to music unbearable. I didn't want to listen to the podcasts while I walked. There is a I will just use the hat because it is cute and fits well. It doesn't work as it should.

👤My daughter loves to go on walks and rides her bike all the time. She can keep her phone out of her hands while listening to music with this beanie. The sound quality is excellent. She wears it around the house because she can.

👤The sound quality is good, the yarn is soft and warm, and it is so much nicer than I expected. I knit and crochet. I am picky about yarns. I will buy this again for my boy. When he gets overwhelmed, he listens to some music and it brings him back to normal.

👤Sound is great and noise cancellation works well. The one piece head phone can move from ear to ear. You have to place the ear piece in the ear area if you want it to move around.

👤I use the hat when I work out at the gym because I like the sound it makes. I use it to listen to things. The controls on the hats work well for connecting to my phone and answering calls. I am very pleased with the hat.

👤It was delivered as promised. I like this hat. It is warm. My daughter likes it a lot and I bought it in black for her. I would like to see more colors.

👤I got this for my mother as a gift and she loves it, it looks good and has a long battery life, as much as I thought it would be cheap, it is actually really good.

6. Monolith Headphones Lightweight Headband Removable

Monolith Headphones Lightweight Headband Removable

Every LCD-X headphone is handcrafted in California and tested before leaving the Southern California facility. This ensures that your Audeze headphones will sound great from the first time you listen to them. Planar drivers. The sound is accurate. There is a low distortion. The Monolith M1070 uses a 106mm driver with a dual linear symmetry magnet array. It has a great high end extension and clean bass that make it an audio delight. The back design is open. A large soundstage. The grille on each earcup allows air to pass through. This puts you in the middle of the performance, with a larger soundstage and more engaging sound. The maximum comfort. A lightweight headband with plush ear pads. The M1070 has a padded headband that can be adjusted to fit any head and ear pads, meaning long hours of listening pleasure without a hint of fatigue. You can upgrade to your earpad style of choice if the supplied earpads are easily removed. Each M1070 comes with a pair of memory foam ear pads. Features a plush headband and ear pads for a comfortable listening experience. The technology of connecting.

Brand: Monoprice

👤I have the headphones on as I type. I'll try to keep it brief. There is a I started with the I have been using a bravo v2 tube amplifier for the past 3 years and have been using those to drive the 6xx. The upper regions of music have an amplification effect. I used them on the m1070 as well. I plan on getting another amplifier in the future, but for now I have this. The m1070 has been used for about 2 weeks. HD6x I have been using it for 3 years. I think it's solid. After a month, the issue vanished when I put it on my head. They feel solid even though they can't identify where it comes from. I don't think the metal is weak. You can bend them. Yes. They don't bend on their own, so I'm not trying to bend them. There is a Things are heavy. I have thick hair and the pads are soft. I think they are comfortable. Not as comfortable as the 6xx. The 6xx is comfortable to me, but these are not. I don't care when the music is playing or the game is starting. The cable is strong. Good connections and tight ones. There is a You have front row center seats in a concert and the sound presentation is like that. The 6xx feels like I am the microphone, with the music being fed directly into me, in a very pleasing and sweet way. These are also very sweet, but have a different presentation. I feel like I can hear the room better. The 6xx is definitely out-resolved by these. I think the soundstage is bigger on the m1070. If I am listening for it, I will pick up on the separation. I can hone in on whatever I want to hone in on. It doesn't make me pay attention. These are enjoyable. The 6xx has more bass extension. The 6xx has more highs. The upper mids are more forward on the m1070 because there is no veil. There isn't a lot of air. There is a It's called the DR. There is a veil in the upper mid range, compared to the 6xx. The lower mids are more forward than the Bass. The m1070 is better for most music. The vocals on the HD6xx sound better. I prefer the m1070 because I like all aspects of music. There is a There is gaming. These are great. The impact of bass, strong soundstage and good image are all solid. It's great for immersion. Maybe doesn't have enough frequencies for twitch. There are people who shoot for footstep sounds. I don't play those games. I enjoy playing Role playing games. There is a Conclusion. I like the m1070 a lot. They will be my go to for a while. I am not getting rid of the 6xx. They can live together. As soon as I started playing music, these put a smile on my face. I didn't care for the pad swap. The sound became very hot in the trouble, and the warmth was gone. I don't regret buying it. The headphones gave me everything I wanted and more. I wish there was more air in the 10k. The range is + frequencies. After a month use. I stood by almost everything I had said before, but I felt like I should update you on the pad swap. I've been listening to the velours for a long time. I like them more now. Do I like them more than the pleather pads? I don't think so. They offer something different. I care for them. Just as much as the leather. I started to notice that the spikes on the tracks were very sharp. The spikes almost disappeared when I switched to the velour. The velour pads offer less soundstage and more clarity, but they are not measured. Depending on the song, give or take. The air regions get a little more forward presentation. Not much. The detail of everything is immediately noticeable. The sub bass impact goes down a bit. The sub bass is still there, but it doesn't sound as powerful. Maybe the low 30s starts to roll off sooner. The clarity increase and treble evening are so darn good. good It might be worth it to some people. Why did I add this change? I like the headphones more now. I like that I can just switch the pads and listen to music again. I can imagine myself playing music every couple of months and having fun. There is a Velour pads are also amazing. Try for a few hours. You might be surprised. The pleathers are still great. It's awesome that both options are included in the box. I know that headphones are very subjective. I wish you the best in your audio journey!

7. Sennheiser HD 650 Professional Headphone

Sennheiser HD 650 Professional Headphone

THD is reduced to an incredible 0.05 percent with the use of acoustic silk. 10 39,500hertz is an improved response. Matched driver elements are hand selected by the driver. The jack plug has a 3.5 millimetre diameter. 10 4 1000 hertz is the Frequency response on Headphones. The voice coil is lightweight and has a fast response. The cable length is 118 inches. The cable length is 118 inches.

Brand: Sennheiser Consumer Audio

👤The bonus section of this review will show you how these compare to the. There is a These headphones are the best I've ever heard. I have had Audio-Technica ATH-M50 and M40x. The Sennheiser HD598SE and HD600 are also included. The HD600 comes close. The HD598 is a great alternative if you don't want to go down the rabbit hole of choosing a suitable amplifier, but there isn't as much family resemblance in the sound as you. There is a I decided to take the plunge on the 650 because Sennheiser's 5xx series is a gateway drug to the 6xx series, which fortunately is so good there's little reason to step up to the 700 and 800. I would like to avoid the warped machismo in this review. The 650 is one of the best all-around headphones you can buy for its current price of $315.99. If you already have an amplifier and/or a dedicated listening setup, you owe it to yourself to try these. If you don't like them, you're out $6-7 for a return label. You can find out just how good recorded music can sound. These are the same as the BMW 5-series of the headphones, with bigger, faster, and more expensive options, but they remain the gold standard. Maybe they're not your style, but there's no denying their artistry. I think they are perfect. They complain they're too laid back. I think those people don't hear very well because they have sensitive hearing. I have dog-like hearing, and most of the time it's a curse. The wrong amplifier can cause the treble to be brain-piercing. This is a topic that is fiercely debated. You should spend the most on the final device in your chain, and less on the "upstream" components. You could buy the excellent with a budget of no more than $300.

👤I hope that something happy will come of it because of my depression. Living is different for me now that my brother has died. I put these on with the amplifier I got and played the sound of silence and cried and thought how awesome he would think it was to hear this song, I think I found some form of closure in this.

👤I have owned these for 7 years and they are still my go-to headphones for enjoyable music listening. I've owned more expensive headphones. I don't care to admit or list. I always come back to these for their listening ability. I mostly listen to electronic music. There are a variety of sources, from streaming to CD and vinyl. They work best with a headphone amplifier, and I have several, including a home built tube kit, a Ray Samuels Audio Predator, and my personal favorite, the Little Dot MKIII. To me, the most enjoyable combo to listen to is the Beresford TC-7520 DAC and the custom autoformers that come with it. This is the most enjoyable open backed headphones I have ever heard, and it is only $2000. I find myself listening to most of the time to what I think is more articulate or better. I bought replacement pads for these in August of 2021. It was bought in 2010. I still love them.

8. Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Microphones Srhythm

Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Microphones Srhythm

The package has a headband cover. ANC technology is a professional noise cancellation technology that quells low-frequency background noise of city traffic,office,plane cabin or hubbub. It makes you focus on what you want to listen to. The noise cancellation function can be used in both wired and wireless modes. The built-in 750mAH energy-efficiency long-life battery provides up to 40H+ playtime to enjoy your own world without background noise, and the 3.5mm audio cable as backup when in low battery. The 5-minute quick charge provides 2 hours playtime and 1 hour charge to be full power. The over-voltage protection is designed for high-end cars. It makes your charge faster and safer. The dual powerful HD stereo 40mm large-aperture drivers provide deep bass, clear vocal and high-fidelity stereo sound that create a immerse music environment. Quality needs to be heard. Find the rhythm of your soul. NC75 Pro is processed immediately with no waiting. You can pick up calls in clear voice with the noise-cancelling microphones. Support the voice control. The world-class comfortable and portable are very soft memory-protein ear-pads that ensure lasting comfort and long time wearing, precise sewing process makes for better sound isolation. Convenient for travel and carry are the ear-cups and portable carry case. You can find the perfect fit without constraint with the help of the soft padded headband. Air Pressure Balances are designed to reduce sound wave pressure of active noise reduction.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤These have very little base. It sounds cheap and tinny. They come in a nice storage box. I returned them.

👤I tried an earlier brand and it was not as good as these. I didn't want to pay Bose pricing because I needed noise canceling headphones. I am happy with the purchase. If you don't have something, I will fly in a lear jet and it will be very loud. Between the active noise canceling feature and listening to music or a video the jets are dulled to a hum. If I need to control the sound past a certain level, I have to turn on my phone's volume control, because the range is limited and it doesn't control the phones volume. I would buy them again. The battery life is very good. 24 hours of flight, connected via bluetooth with active noise canceling. I didn't have to replenish.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the headset. It works well. The mike is pleasant to use. There is a The capacity of the battery is great. The head set is being used without the onboard battery being used. I have to charge the battery when I use the headset. No problem. It is easy to charge. And quick. It does not seem to hold a charge. I'm not good at hearing and wish the headset had a bit more gain. It is a bit marginal for some videos on the internet. It is a good buy.

👤I have only been using them for a week. They have been great so far. Good sound quality, good comfort, and good value. I bought these in April of 2021. They have worked well. I bought them despite the reviews that said they broke easily. I have never had a problem with sound quality. When I caught them by one ear phone, it broke. This was not the product's fault. It was my fault. I put the ear phone back on the strap today. It seems like it will work for a long time.

👤You won't hear the roar of the engine. If you're not listening to music, noise canceling works well. You'll be able to hear the dialog in the movies when you listen to music on the plane. They're comfortable and stay on your ears, unlike ear buds that fall out while you're flying. My experience showed 8 hours of flight time.

👤These work well. Not as good as my Soundcore Q20s. They are good to change out headphones for. I bought both after my Sony MDRs died. Can't tell the difference.

👤Had to return at day 83 because it wouldn't turn on.

👤I was a little skeptical when I ordered these. Many products promise so much that I am hard of hearing. I was not disappointed with these. It's as comfortable as a head phone can be. Sound can get a lot of volume. Sound canceling is a bonus.

👤Primero, esperaba algn desgaste por ser renovados. Aislan tienes orejas, batallars para acomodarlos, pero no problema. There is a La batera rinde lo esperado, no usas el botn de cancelacin de ruido. Incluso a max volumen. Pesan un poco ms. The cable is 3.5mm and the problem is usar. There are problemas de corte en dispositivos. En una lap con. O menos, se cortar, con una caja para ver TV. Perfectos y sin delays. Aunque el nico punto malo de momento, es por su micrfono, fue prcticamente. Si los quieres usar, no recomiendo, pero su uso es ms para escuchar msica! * The calificacin is ms por el micrfono. El micrfono apesta jaja.

9. Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones Cancellation

Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones Cancellation

The IPX5 is waterproof. The Open Ear Headphones can support 8 hours of continuous music playing or phone calls. The IPX5 rating can achieve complete sweat and water resistance. Better Bass and Sound Quality with open- ear headphones. You can feel the pulse of the bass and enjoy the rhythm and harmony of your favorite songs with MOJO1's patented actuator. You can enjoy an audio feast with extra thump, punch and boom to the music, while also staying connected to the world, when you are exercising, on the run or working. Sponge plugs are included for a more focused listening experience. Less echo and sound leakageMOJO1 reduces echo and external noise by up to 60 decibels, ensuring crystal clear calls in loud environments. Sound leakage is reduced by up to 90% with a high concentration of vibrations in the low Frequency range, compared to other open- ear headphones. The sound is transmitted directly to the cochlea through the bones of the head. The risk of hearing losses in the inner ear caused by traditional headsets is greatly reduced by using a bypasses. A highly reflectiveALULA strip helps you stay visible to cars and potential dangers at night. Non-stopped music and calls. You can enjoy up to 8 hours of music with one single charge that only takes 1.5 hours. 2.5 hours of additional playing time can be added with a 5-minute quick charge feature. A full charge gives you a month of waiting. MOJO1 and reliable 5.0 Bluetooth make sure that you stay connected. With a strong titanium frame wrapped in soft silicone, MOJO1 provides a light yet secure fit with increased flexibility for maximum comfort, even with glasses. The headset is protected against dust, sand, and extreme weather, making it an excellent choice for exercise. It's not suitable for swimming.

Brand: Fit Tek

👤The sound quality is great and you can keep your ears open. You can still be aware of your surroundings. You will be shocked by the sound details when you put on the earplugs. The battery life is long. I get more than 8 hours advertised. When the battery is low, I just charge it for 5 minutes, and then use it for 2.5 hours. There is a There were no complaints there. It's value for money. I ordered one more for my wife.

👤The buttons are easy to push, but I would complain about that. The power button and volume up button are next to each other, which is inconvenient, but other than that, they do their job.

👤The sound is not bad. The construction is of good quality. They are comfortable to wear. The charging cord is weak for two reasons. 1. You only get one if it's proprietary. The seller said there were no replacements available. I have to drag my cord around instead of having it in the house or car. 2. The charging cord is held to the headset by weak magnets. I have found that my headset doesn't charge when I have a weak connection. There is a Replacement charging cords are available for Aftershokz headphones, and they are also available from many sellers. Unless replacement charging cords become available soon, Aftershokz will be my next purchase.

👤A pair of headphones. I have never tried this type of headphones before. It is very unique. 1. The box and material are labeled Apple tier. Well made and sleek. These headphones are built to a high quality. There is a smooth coating on the plastic. 3. Sound is pleasantly surprised! I use Over Ear headphones to get the sound right. Over time, I can get uncomfortable in the ear. If you want, these are around the ear. If you prefer a louder sound, you can't hear much around you. If the sound is up to a higher level, the headphones start to vibrate from the amplifier/speaker giving you a sense of touch from the music. It's great! There is a I love the different style of headphones. Quality was better than I expected.

👤I hated talking on the phone. The headphones make talking on the phone enjoyable. The sound quality on the phone is crystal clear. I haven't heard music from these in a while. If you have difficulty hearing, it's highly recommendable.

👤I couldn't get used to it. I wanted to use this feature. I can hear trucks and cars while I am running. The souls were lost. I didn't enjoy it as I ran or walked. It didn't work for me while I was running or walking or sitting on the train.

👤I was not sure how these headphones would turn out. I'm glad I tried them. The sound is good. I don't have to worry about blowing out my ears while listening to music. These are great for taking calls and having a conversation.

10. Audio Technica ATH AD700X Audiophile Open Air Headphones

Audio Technica ATH AD700X Audiophile Open Air Headphones

The material for the headband and ear pads is professional grade. 53mm drivers reproduce clear sound. The technology of connecting. The voice coil is bobbin-wound and has superior power handling. Impedance is 38 ohms. 100 dB/mW is the sensitivity. A completely natural sensation is created when headphones produce no sense of pressure on the ears. Excellent acoustic properties of lightweight aluminum honeycomb. 3D Wing Support provides a comfortable listening experience. The maximum input power is 700 mW. The response time was 20 to 20,000. Impedance is 45 ohms. 3.5mm is the type of connection.

Brand: Audio-technica

👤This review is a comparison for those that might be trying to decide between the two sets. I wanted headphones that were close to that level. I want them to be realistic. I compared the selections from REM Automatic for the People, Anniversay edition, Bill Evans at Village Vanguard, and Little Feat - Waiting for Columbus. All via Apple Music, with an Onkyo A-9010 integrated amplifier. There is no EQ. The AT had more presence and clarity. It was noticeable on the live albums. I closed my eyes and felt like I was there. The noise was easy to find. I didn't get the sense I was there, despite the niceness of the Philips. realism could become tiresome over time. I don't think so. The drum sounds are good. These are not heavy. I think they're pretty accurate. I preferred the traditional look and separate cord jack. It was comfortable. The AT had less sound bleed than the Philips. The AT is very comfortable, almost to the point of being unnerving. You don't feel it at the top of your head. The ear cups are large and completely cover my ears. I thought they might slide down, but so far, they stay put. I like the open ear cups better than the closed ones. I'm curious to know what the price is. I can't imagine there's more room for improvement.

👤I love these! I owned the Logitech G933. I couldn't tell where anything was in the game. I never felt like I knew where the noise was coming because the bass in the Logitech's would drown out all other sounds. I don't know how they did it, but they nailed the audio. I can feel someone behind me or in front of me. The noise in the headphones is amazing. It has improved my game so much that I can actually see where it's coming from with 100% certainty, instead of having to guess where it's coming from. I am very happy that I bought these. I'm a Gold 1 in Rainbow 6 Siege, so I'm not a bad player, but these will help me reach Platinum since I can finally "sound whore" like the best of them. Some of the reviews say it's hard to attach, but it's not true, it was very easy for me. I don't recommend these for music listening due to the fact that I love bass and these don't really have any, but for gaming these are amazing at the price point. The headset can be uncomfortable if you're head is small. Since I was a 7 1/2 New Era fitted, I don't have to use the rubberband fix to fit my head. I definitely notice that it rubs my ears, not enough to bother me, but it is weird. MyPhillips SHP9500S were more comfortable, but they sucked in terms of audio quality with the ATH-AD700X.

👤I've been looking for the right gaming headset for over a year. I own the Turtle Beach Hyper X Cloud Stinger and the Platinum Wireless headsets. I upgraded to the Astro A40 TR with a mixamp. The A40 was a bit overpriced. I went to the Turtle Beach Stealth 520, which has several surround sound preset, including Super Human Hearing. The ear cushions on the Stealth 520 made it hard for me to breathe, and it made me sweat when I wore it. I would take the headset off and play without it. The Arctis Pro was great in sound quality and builds. I returned them because they made me have headaches. I was on the hunt for another headset. I decided to get some stereo headphones for gaming, which led me to find out about the HD688B by Superlux, which are superb, especially for its low price. I wanted to try an open-back pair of headphones, which I have never owned before. I bought the Audio-Technica ATH-700X. Will I like open-back or return to closed? ATH AD 700X vs. ATH AD 700X. There has been a lot of confusion about the difference between the two. The ATH AD500X has a Frequency Response of 5-25KHz, while the ATH AD700X has a Frequency Response of 5-30KHz. The ATH AD500X has an impedance of 48 ohms, while the ATH AD700X has an impedance of 38. The ATH AD500X has a maximum output of 500 mW, while the ATH AD700X has a maximum output of 700 mW. The design: The design of the ATH AD700X is good. The double-hooped headband is made up of a thick, wired, plastic structure, which looks cheap, but is extremely durable. Audio-Technica calls it 3D Wing Support, which is self-adjusting for stability and comfort. The fabric underneath the 3D Wings is made of mesh. Ear cups are lightweight and transparent, so they can be seen on the inside. The ear cushions are made of fabric. The headphones are a bit heavy. The headphones are not comfortable. I don't have an issue with them being worn for long periods of time. The headphones don't have any buttons for external use, as they are not a gaming headset by default. PS4 users will have to change the volume by going to the settings menu. I think it's not much of a hassle. A microphone is needed for these headphones. Audio-Technica uses a sound called Open- Air Dynamic technology, instead of using the ordinary title. The Open- Air Dynamic technology was used to lower the pressure on the ears. They keep the ears cool. Ordinary open-back headphones have sound leaking. The sound from the headphones can be heard nearby. The user will be able to hear outside noise as well. I don't hear much sound-leakage while playing. Open-air has a wider sound-stage, which creates a surround sound performance. It is possible to hear sounds very clearly and accurately. Sound performance can vary depending on where and how they are used. I will only speak from a video game perspective. The driver is very large. The response is outstanding, 5 to 30KHz. 700 mW of input power is impressive for protection from overload by various audio equipment. The sound can be amplified. I own a 192hz DAC and Converter. I used it on the headphones to amplify the sound. They can put out some sound with no amplification. I connected the headphones to the PS4 Pro controller and turned the controller volume up. They can get mighty using the controller. I tested the Open- Air Dynamic performance of the ATH AD700X while playing Call of Duty Black Ops 4 on my PS4 Pro. The sound from the ATH AD700X was the clearest and most authentic I have heard. I was more impressed with the open-air performance of the ATH AD700X than with the closed and semi-open gaming headphones or headsets. The sound was clear and crisp from all angles. The highs and mids were balanced. The lows are good. It was great, but surprising. It can be a little harsh on the ears. I am never prepared for the abrupt, loudness of the "squish" sound when playing Black Ops 4. There is a bass in the ATH AD700X. I like a decrease in bass because I think it drowns out some sound. Preference varies. While testing the ATH AD700X on Rainbow Six Siege, which is a very detail-oriented game, it was necessary to hear various sounds while playing. It is essential to have the right headphones. My character, Ash, sent a drone around the area. She could hear the White Masks shuffling back and forth while she was in cover. She could hear them behind a wall or other structure. She could hear the footsteps of patrols. Hearing how distant he was from her position while he was on patrol. She was able to hear the White Masks communicate with each other while waiting in their cover positions. I could hear my character's footsteps getting louder or softer. Knowing this will let you know when to slow down, as your footsteps can be heard by the enemy. If they hear you coming, they will shoot through the wall. I could hear gunfire, explosions, dialogue and other random sounds throughout the map to the left and right of me while I was testing the ATH AD700X. I knew where the action was taking place on the map, especially on the Nuketown. I felt like I had been thrown into the middle of a war. The headphones lows help the ATH AD700X pick up small sounds. I could hear the breaking of pottery, kicked around, while I was on the map of Morocco. Hearing voices from other Specialists on the maps was a bit far away. The crunching sound of my character trampling through the deep snow and the crack of the ice on the Icebreaker map, sounded unbelievably, real, but not with the ATH AD700X. My character, Battery, once ran inside of an open-ended bay of the Summit map. While going inside of the bay, the battery was talking while outside. There was an echo of Battery's voice in that open-ended bay. The authenticity of the echo was frightening. I am sure that some are wondering about footsteps. The ATH AD700X picks up footsteps on Call of Duty Black Ops 4. I have been able to get the drop on enemies while hiding and waiting for them to find me. This happened once on the Summit map. The battery ran up the stairs and took cover on the side of the building, waiting for an enemy to come out of the bay. She heard footsteps to the left of her. She waited for the enemy to pass. Prophet ran towards the bay, where battery was waiting on enemies to come out. She took him out after running behind him. She was fired upon from the rear. She ran and hid in a corner between the tarp and the trailer door. She heard footsteps from her left again. It was Crash. He drew his gun in front of her. She was able to hear his footsteps and see his shadow, so she took him out. She saw another enemy on the map. She was lying next to a yellow forklift on the other side of the tarped crates. There were footsteps on the left. It was Crash again. He was going into the bay to take on some of the Battery teammates. She took him away. Hearing footsteps helped the battery take out enemies. Be warned! The nature of the going-ons during matches means that players cannot always rely on hearing footsteps. A mod-mic will have to be purchased to use in online gaming. The prices can be different. I don't have a mod-mic yet, so I haven't tried this. I know that it should perform well with one attached. It was a factual decision. The ATH AD700X was once sold for $200, but it is currently a good price. Audio-Technica is a well-known and trusted brand. I think that open back is the best way to play in a quiet environment because of the sound. When it comes to gaming, I will probably not go back to closed-back headphones or a headset.

11. Philips X3 Headphones Multi Layer Diaphragms

Philips X3 Headphones Multi Layer Diaphragms

The HE400se is comfortable for hours even in warm weather thanks to its lightweight headband. The new Fidelio X3 has a wide, natural soundstage. The 50mm multi-layerpolymer (with dampening gel) diaphragms are exquisitely tuned and deliver exquisitely detailed highs, full and smooth midrange, and impactful bass. Hi-Res Audio is certified. When wired to a high-resolution source, you can hear the full impact of every note. The design is open-back. A wide, natural soundstage with transparent Kvadrat speaker fabric. The air pressure build-up behind the diaphragms is eliminated. Premium finishing is when the materials are ethicallysourced. The headband is covered in black leather and ethicallysourced. It's ready for your phone or mobile device if it's balanced and unbalanced. Balanced and Unbalanced 3 m oxygen-free cables are included.

Brand: Philips Audio

👤The cables that come with it are the most microphonic cables I have ever heard. It was almost a stethoscope. The headband needs to be fixed. The earcups are pulled up by the suspension strap, moving them away from the desired position. I hope the issues are fixed in future revisions. There is a The sound quality is perfect once you find the right spot for the earcups. They are fun to listen to and sound similar to the X2s, but with more detailed highs. There is a These are the keepers. I'm going to build some cables and modify the headband. There is a After listening a bit more, I found these to be a bit sibilant. I think the X2HR is a better purchase.

👤Let's start with some expectations. I used to be an editor of a PC/tech review outlet but have retired from that. I listen to jazz, pop, and classic rock. I have a pair of Schiit Modi 2 headphones. I use X2HR as my main headphones when listening to music. I like the wide soundstage of the Wilkins and Bowers bookshelves that I have. You could say that I prefer neutral sounding profiles. After listening to the X3 a bit, here are my impressions. Sometimes even more so, the soundstage is still a wide and expansive one. The X2HR 3 has more upfront information about the bass and trebles than the X2HR 3. The roll offs for the bass are more controlled with the X3 than the X2HR 4. The treble has less distortion. I wouldn't call it reference sounding, but it does sound very neutral. People who want strong bass may want to turn away. This is all about a neutral presentation and not colored V shape. The build material is very premium and has a rim around the ear cups. The acoustic fabric is thin and can't see through 9. The headband is a bit tight. It will loosen up later on 10. The smell and touch of the leather is like sitting in a brand new Mercedes S class 11. The X3 comes with a balanced 2.5mm TRRS and a standard 3.5mm TRRS, but you will need an accessory to use it. There is a If you want a more neutral sounding headphones, these are great. The bass and mids are going to be a bit more laid back because of the wide soundstage. You can cover the back of the earcups if you want to feel more bass, but that is not what this headphones is about. There is a I will replace the X2HR as my main listening headphones because of the premium build quality and its ability to be used with a balanced amplifier.

👤Those who say the headphones are too bright and that they don't understand listening volume and sound engineering are definitely the ones who don't understand listening volume and sound engineering. Anyone with normal hearing that listens above 70DB maximum is not actually listening to the music. There is a science to it. In a 3 page Headfi post, Tyll discussed this in full, "Listening Loud destroys Fidelity" Camp 2 - Fidelio X3 Lovers SIMPLY IMPLEMENTIVE! The soundstage on display is not what most people have experienced. The detail retrieval is outstanding. I don't say this lightly. You will know why these headphones are worth $600 once you have figured out how to listen to music around 70DB maximum. This is a great headphones at $200 and it has a great sound. Only those who can listen at 70DB maximum can do so. These phones are designed for the attentive listening. Don't bother with these headphones if you like listening to loud music. You need something dark. The metallic head band wrapped in fine Scottish leather is remarkable. It's a good looking headphones. The sound structure is now on the table. There is a system called the BASS. It's very controlled and flat. It's enough to be present. The X2 has a boosted bass performance that is quite addicting. All subtle details of the music can be heard easily thanks to the X3's tuning down bass. It's mid range: liquid and smooth. It's very similar to the X2. The X2 is a little behind the X3. Give it time and you will appreciate why it seems distant on the X3. The distance shows the illusion of sound coming from speakers in front of you. The vocal and instrumental timbre is not colored. There is a TREBLE. It was perfect! It was perfect! It was perfect! It doesn't get offensive. It will fit the concert hall theme. I'm still impressed with the realism of the cymbals. If you like listening to loud music, I would highly suggest you pick up a dark headphones. A dark sound signature will be better for you. Even with a dark earphone, your hearing is still at risk. There is a Some YouTube reviewers don't know proper listening levels, so they don't discuss it while they review gear. Most members of the community have been gravely misguided if reviewers are not held accountable. 70DB maximum is a normal listening level for over ear headphones. Tyll Hertsen wrote an article on Headfi. You will be thankful. Tyll Hertsen has a guide on how to tell if your listening volume is too loud. There is a sense of fatigue. As you listen, there is a sense of pressure. It's a good idea to research Aliasing, Over sampling and why high resolution audio sounds better. It has to do with a gentle low pass Anti-aliasing filter. A very interesting topic. I highly recommend this Headphone.


What is the best product for headphones over ear open back?

Headphones over ear open back products from Sennheiser Consumer Audio. In this article about headphones over ear open back you can see why people choose the product. Akg Pro Audio and Beyerdynamic are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphones over ear open back.

What are the best brands for headphones over ear open back?

Sennheiser Consumer Audio, Akg Pro Audio and Beyerdynamic are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphones over ear open back. Find the detail in this article. Deegotech, Monoprice and Amazon Renewed are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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