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1. Generation Headphones ACREO OpenBuds【2022 Waterproof

Generation Headphones ACREO OpenBuds%E3%80%902022 Waterproof

The design is stablility and never falls with the corded, you are not distracted of fall or lose from a concentration outdoor event. It was comfortable. A new generation of true open ear wireless earbuds, called theACREO OpenBuds, are comfortable with ear hooks, so stable, and have a powerful sound field, perfect for running, workout, and outdoor sports. The design idea of Hi-fi professional headphones for a new generation of open- ear wireless headphones is what inspired ACREO OpenBuds. After 15 months of research and development, they use an independent up to 6W headphone amplifier to drive the speakers, and then iteratively 3 different speakers, each with its own sound field experience. ACREO OpenBuds is similar to the portable smart charging case which is support wireless charging and smart sensor. The earbuds can be connected automatically. The playtime of the earbuds is 6 hours on a single charge, with the case lasting up to 18 hours. Users can enjoy clear calls while playing sports with ACREO OpenBuds if the noise reduction algorithm is used. It is the highest level of reliability and worry-free. ACREO OpenBuds has achieved the highest level of reliability which means the earbuds are sweat-proof, splash-proof, and rainproof, very suitable for workout sports like running, biking, and so on. They provide up to 24 months of the industry's longest quality assurance service, if you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Acreo

👤The earbuds I have tried that are under $150 are out of class. You will usually not notice the difference until you try earbuds that are around $230+, but this one is definitely in that category. I had these for a week or so and they are very comfortable and do not get lost or fall out, no matter what I do. You just grab it and go with the wireless charging. You just drop it off at night. It is definitely worth it for the price.

👤It is a pure pleasure to wear these earphones and listen to music. The delivery is fast even without Amazon prime. The earphones work with my phone. My ears are comfortable when I wear these earphones. I will recommend this product to everyone.

👤I've been looking for wireless ear cuff headphones for a long time. The Acreo version was new to the market. I thought they were worth the effort. I'm glad I got them. They worked out of the box with their voice. I turned on the device and it worked. They can be used one at a time or both together. When they are shutting down, they will light up blue. If the case is in range, it will give wireless charging to your headphones, because the front lights give an idea of battery life. The batteries last a good 6 hours if you use one at a time, and they charge fairly quickly (about 20 minutes charged mine to 100%), and I can play music nonstop if I need to. They can answer calls. They have touch buttons that will pause, go to next or back to previous track, and answer calls. It's nice to be able to hear ambient noise if I'm walking, working, or just relaxing with family and friends. I think they are a great deal for the money and would buy them again.

👤I had high hopes for these, based on a few of the other reviews. I live in a noisy city and can't stand the earphone balls that stick inside my ears, so I was excited to try these that sit outside the ear. The good news is that they allow you to hear ambient noise. The birds chirped at the same time I was listening to music. In a noisy environment like the subway, the ambient noise completely drowns out the music, even at the loudest setting. The hard thick plastic wrapping around the ear makes them somewhat painful to wear, and they tend to slip off when pulling off hats/mask/sunglasses. There is a The case is not easy to handle. The earphones turn on when you open it, and don't go off until you close it. There is no way to shut it down. If it opens in your purse, the battery might be dead next time you use it. You have to carry the charging cord separately because it doesn't fit in the case. The buttons stopped working on the second day I kept them. Couldn't change the volume or start music. These will be returned.

2. AfterShokz Open Ear Wireless Conduction Headphones

AfterShokz Open Ear Wireless Conduction Headphones

The magnetic phone mount is different from other mounts in that it has a reinforced magnetic phone car holder. The magnetic holder will hold any phone. Phone holder for car, phone holder for car, phone holder for phone, phone mount for car. Patented bone conduction technology in the Open-Ear Design keeps you connected and aware of your surroundings. Enjoy 8 hours of music and calls. The rating is completely sweat and waterproof. There is a detection alert for safe charging. It's not suitable for swimming. The most comfortable headphones on the market feature a bud-free, pain-free design for all-day listening. The Sport Pack includes Aeropex headphones and a belt to keep you hands-free.

Brand: Aftershokz

👤First things first, I don't write reviews. I don't usually care because I'm too busy. If you can fit the extra money into your budget, you will not regret it. There is a I get better range than 10 meters from the included manual. I've used them from the opposite corner of my house. I wear it all day and use it for 8 hours, so it has never died, even though it must mean streaming to two devices simultaneously and nonstop, or talking on the phone for 8 hours. ... I love these things. I owned the Trekz Titanium. I tried the Trekz Air but didn't buy it. Aeropex was the unit I was waiting for that could handle dual devices and was waterproof. There is a You already know that bone conduction headphones can't reproduce the amazing bass of an expensive pair of earbuds or cans. These things are waterproof, so they sound as good as a decent pair of headphones if you're under water. These are the same quality as the stock Apple iPhone earbuds, but without the need for earplugs. Maybe less. There are 1 positives. These headphones have the longest battery life of any I've used. 2. I have a headset that connects to my work laptop and my phone for personal use. It is amazing. No more headsets. The mic is great. My Plantronics is not as good as clarity. 3. The sound quality is great. Air can't speak for Trekz Titanium. The feeling that everyone else doesn't hear the music that is being played is pretty amazing. I don't have to worry about not being alert because I get to work or exercise to the music that keeps me going. These don't have great bass. I enjoy my music, even though I like dubstep. Trust me, the benefits far outweigh the minor drawbacks. 4. The tickle common to bone conduction is dramatically improved. People don't hear these things unless they are loud. 5. It would be hard to find a better pair of headphones if you wanted noise cancelling. You can wear the highest grade earplugs with these things. EnhaNCING They replace any other noise cancelling headphones. It is amazing. 6. I love the charging port. I wish every device had a magnetic charge like this. They give you two in the box, so you can have one for home and one for work. 7. It's a great conversation starter since it's a new technology. When you tell them to plug their ears, the facial response is like magic. ... You have it. I will probably not review another product for a long time. If you're on the fence, I hope this pushes over the edge. These things are great. I have worn them all day, every day since they were purchased, and they are comfortable and convenient. There is a Hope this helps!

👤The trekz air version was the one I had. I wanted a louder sound. This seems to be louder. The slimer profile is something I like. There is a The skip to next song works in this version. The stupid thing was paused by Trekz Air. I don't like the magnetic charge in case I lose the wire. They have a second pair. I would have liked it if they used a device like ausb. C. They were saving space by removing the female accessory. There is a Is it worth the upgrade? There is a I don't think so yet. If you have spare money, go for it. Stick with the Air version. If you're a new buyer, you'll have to make a decision. Go for this version.

3. Bluefin Fitness Vibration Bluetooth Oscillation

Bluefin Fitness Vibration Bluetooth Oscillation

Resistance bands for arm and upper body exercises are included with the high-powered vibration motor. 3 silent drive motors deliver three different types of noise, together or all at the same time! The 4D vibration plate from Bluefin gives you a great workout. Magnetic Therapy Sensors can be used to enjoy a massage. Relax tired feet and legs. The generous curved surface provides a safe, non-skid surface. Ultra bright LEDs tell you how much you're working with Red, Orange and Green. You can check your fitness progress. 3 carefully designed program options and 7 challenging manual combinations are some of the intelligent workout options. A full 4D workout can be accomplished in just 10 minutes. The cutting edge user friendly technology includes a control panel that is easy to use and settings that keep your body challenged without confusing you.

Brand: Bluefin Fitness

👤There is a summary upfront. I try to give this product as fair a review as possible, with detailed reasons why I rate it at 3 stars in the rest. This is a decent plate, but it's more expensive than what you get. If you want to tighten/tone yourself by being more efficient with workouts, then this is a low score. I would. It is good for beginners who have modest goals and have been sedentary for a long time. It does a good job of challenging my sense of balance, making some yoga poses quite demanding. I like the massage that the waves send through me, but at this price point, it is only a 3 star product. There is a The review was detailed. The unit is well packaged and can easily stand up to shipping. It includes a foam mat intended for the user to place the plate on, a remote, workout poster with suggested poses, an instruction manual, two resistance cords, 4 resistance bands and an exercise/ diet guide. There is a The Bluefin has 3 different vibration patterns, up/down, side to side and micro side to side, with a setting range of 1-60. What follows is a little technical. It is relevant for the review. The 4d plate is listed on the sales page as having 6.4-40hz, which means the number of times the plate completes 1 cycle of movement per second. The more cycles per second the higher the hz is. Most shoppers look at 40hz as the only metric that matters. There is a Amplitude is an important factor. The plate travels in 1 cycle and this is the vertical distance. The total force that the body is subjected to on every up cycle of the platform is generated by Frequency holding hands with Amplitude. The more G's the harder the workout is. The following is as honest as I can represent, but it is a little subjective. This plate doesn't come close to the force of the vibration plates I've used before, it's not close to 10 Gs. I think the bluefin is able to reach 3 G's. I would rate this plate as a beginner's choice, even though it doesn't make it a bad plate. If you want a machine with 10 Gs, they are generally around the $1k price point. There is a I found it to be very pleasant to use it to loosen up and massage my lower back, if you stand upright and engage in a variety of motions, you can send vibrating massages to various areas of your body. There is a The metal base the motors are housed in looks like it will hold up for a long time. The plastic shroud is sleek and attractive, though the R/L edges have two lighting panels that change from green, to yellow, to red in line with every 20 degrees of speed you choose. I don't understand why an exercise product requires bling, since this lighting is frivolous and just bling. There is a This cost the Bluefin a star. Theitude is on the low side for this price point. I could apply a $200.00 coupon when I bought mine, which reduced the cost to $400. If it wasn't for the coupon, I would have docked a 2nd star due to the low Gs this plate puts out, especially when there are competitors achieving 5g for less. If I knew how low the amplitude was, I would have chosen a competitor with a lower cost and states that achieve 5 Gs. I don't consider myself "fit" but I get way more of a sweat doing basic calisthenics than I would if I did not. There is a The half star is docked. I went through the manual line by line to see if I was using it correctly, but I could not see anything that required setting it up. The remote was still DOA even with a new battery, even though I bought a replacement. The seller promptly issued me a replacement remote after I email her. The replacement was no better than the original. Having two failed remotes back to back cost them half a star. I will update my review if the instruction makes the remote functional. Resistance rubber bands, I am going to be a little blunt here. There are a few postures they can be used to offer resistance with but in general your own body weight will serve better. Lifting a gallon milk jug a few times will strain you more than the flexible chords. There is a The manual comes in 5 languages and has 2 pages of suggested exercises and 10 pages of recommended diet and food planning. The pages on diet are useless. They are not more informative than a mediocre diet site and they do not include a diet plan. The speaker is a wireless device. I see no point in giving a vibrating plate to a special speaker. If one needs music that badly for a short workout, there are better ways to get sound. The seller could replace the resistance cords with a better design. There is a The half star was docked. It is recommended that one not spend more than 15 minutes at a time on a vibration plate and up to 2x a day if they like. At 10 minutes, the Bluefin caps. I have to do a 10, stop, re-program and finish up another 5 minutes to get a full work out. If you are doing super-set, this is disruptive. I hope my review gave you enough feedback to make a buying decision, I know this has been a long read. I will use the constructive ones to improve future reviews if you post your criticisms in the comment section. Thank you for reading.

4. I39 Headphones Microphone Adjustable Cellphones

I39 Headphones Microphone Adjustable Cellphones

The Sport Pack includes Aeropex headphones and a belt to keep you hands-free. A 3.5mm plug is compatible with all 3.5mm jack devices. The cord is made of high quality cloth and is very durable and not tangle, suitable for kids, children, and not easily damaged. A microphone built into the headset will allow you to listen to calls in high definition without having to use your hands. It's adjusted and fine to CARRY. The band can be adjusted to fit your head shape. It is suitable for many adults as well. You can put it in a suitcase or bag, it's more convenient to carry it. This is a good companion for when you take your children out for a trip. If you have any questions about the product, you can contact them via email or through the instructions.

Brand: Elecder

👤I wrote the review and never contacted the company. The service representative told me that they would be happy to mail out another set of headphones to replace the faulty one. The new headphones were delivered today. My daughter is happy. I was surprised by the company's level of customer service. The company told me to change my review to 5 stars. It is amazing! My daughter looked at about 20 different headsets and read reviews before buying them. She is very disappointed that they are having problems. One side works better than the other. She only had them for 3 months. She only uses them for an hour or two a week. She will have to use these for the rest of the year since she used her own allowance. Lesson learned.

👤I bought the headphones to use with my device. I prefer an over the ear headphones for watching video while riding my exercise bike. The cord looks like it will hold up well, they sound great and are very comfortable. I am happy to write a review for this product because I always read reviews before I buy.

👤My mom got these for Christmas. She learned to use a computer about 3-4 years ago. She likes to listen to speakers on you-tube. She says the headphones are the best she has ever had. The sound quality is excellent. I would buy these again.

👤My kids like to watch their fire at night. We got each of them headphones so that we don't hear any more than we need to. These work well. There is a If it causes red around the ears for a long time, it is only negative. I think they work well. They are a good size for young kids.

👤Love them. Light, comfortable, good fit, good lows, mids and highs. If you want them to be loud, they look good. You can hold them on your neck. The quality was great for the price. I would recommend them to any adult or child.

👤They do well. Plug and play is easy. The sound quality is good. They are sturdy and lightweight. The quality of the cord is good. I ordered them to use with my phone because I realized I might have lost some hearing due to using earbuds. The callers say that they hear me when they use the microphone on the cord. I am very happy that I chose this particular brand and model at less than fifteen dollars.

👤The new headphones are called i40 They fit right. Very comfortable. Strongly recommend them and the price is very good. There was an update. The company reached out to me and sent me a new set that is slightly bigger but I have not received it yet to confirm my comfort. Thank you for being awesome. I am a happy customer. They sound great. Very cute and sleek. They hurt the top of my ears when they are on for a long time.

5. Magnetic WizGear Universal Swift Snap Technology

Magnetic WizGear Universal Swift Snap Technology

The Air Vent universal magnetic phone holder for car is 10 times easier to use than any other magnetic car mount holder. It has a rubber base and a magnetic head. Car mount holder for car. The air vent is named after Sally Wisgear. The rubber base of the mount is very functional and high quality. It guarantees that the base of the mount will hold the magnetic head of the mount, to help keep your phone in place, regardless of road impacts. SWIVE THE DISPLAY: Take your phone and turn it upside down. The base of the mount is fixed into the air vent of your car, no matter what you do. This means that your phone will always be in your preferred position. The exchanger design. The magnetic mount that fits in to the back of a phone is called the "WixGear". The magnetic mount has a smooth surface that is perfect for holding a phone in place. The magnetic phone mount is different from other mounts in that it has a reinforced magnetic phone car holder. The magnetic holder will hold any phone. Phone holder for car, phone holder for car, phone holder for phone, phone mount for car.

Brand: Wixgear

👤A very strong object. They give you a metal sheet that you can use to Magnet-stick to the mount on your car. There is a The metal sheet is soft and thin, so it won't scratch your phone. If you don't have a case, there is glue. There is a There is a tip. If you switch cases next time, don't remove the sticker because you can reuse it. I want to write concise, but detailed reviews that cover the design and user experience of a product. There is something.

👤I've been using this mount for a while. I loved it until I realized it was damaging my car vent. Take a look at the pictures. There are metal prongs that have broken through the rubber and scratched the vent. I sent a message to Wizgear about the damage. Will update after I hear from them.

👤I ordered this product for myself because I thought it was a great idea to display my phone in a cheap car, and I saw a similar product in my friend's car. I have come to love the simplistic concept after owning it for two weeks. Drop my phone on my vent and go. The metal card isn't noticeable because of the strong magnet. I love it so far, but there are a few things I have to say about the magnetic mount after a couple weeks of use. The photo is attached to demonstrate the position. The position of the plate puts your phone in the most table position, because it uses the entire plate ad leverage against your phone. It is less likely that your phone will fall if you use this method. There is a This product can be less stable in a car than it is for an larger phone like the Note, but it will hold it. For instance, the piece that is attached to your vent has a matt rubber finish that works best with some cases and not others, like a thick case, or a cloth material. There is a If your case is too thick, you can use a rubber card holder and place your metal plate in it to stick closer to the magnet. Make sure you don't use any cards with it because the magnet will wipe them out. I found these card holders for less than a dollar in any department store when I was at my college. There is a This is a very convenient and quality product that does what it says it does. Let me know if the review was helpful.

👤The magnets are very strong and hold your phone well, and the product works exactly as expected. There is a If you want your phone to fit in the vent, you need to make sure it's in a good spot, and that it's not too far away from the trunk. It fits perfectly and is in a good location to view the phone when driving, but with my 2004 subaru forester xt the vent is much lower, so it makes it harder to look at the phone and pay attention to where you are going.

6. EILISON Powerful Vibration Exercise Machine

EILISON Powerful Vibration Exercise Machine

The cutting edge user friendly technology includes a control panel that is easy to use and settings that keep your body challenged without confusing you. The unique aeration surface is Eilison. The 3D whole body vibration plate exercise machine has a unique surface that helps in relief of back pain, headaches, insomnia, blood circulation, muscle & joint pain, stress, and anxiety. The workout machines help to release blocked energy. Millions of Americans use the Eilison full body exercise machine in their daily routine to lose weight because of the strong viberation that stimulates your muscles from your feet up to your head. The Eilison platform machine has a maximum speed of 120 strong vibration and is fully loaded with fitness equipment. The watch will make your workout more enjoyable. The only machine that works on the healing of the foot is the Eilison machine, which puts pressure on a specific point on the foot. Eilison vibration plates come with a lifetime warranty and customer support. The brand store has more information.

Brand: Eilison

👤When I first unbox this product my family members had a wow factor on the face, I usually don't get time for gym, but this was my first product from Eilison, I usually don't get time for gym, but this was my first product from Eili The result depends on how you use it, but as a product it delivers what it promises. The product has a good quality rubber material on top. There is a clear menu on the main panel. 3 effective modes. It's big enough to cover a fat body on the sitting position. The motor seems strong. No other machine gives speed greater than 120 and it is cool and suits your room. LIFETIME warranty 11 - fitness watch free I am happy with my decision to purchase this product. I lost almost 1 kilo of weight after a week of use. There is a I recommend this product to you, you won't regret it.

👤I have used this product for almost a month and it is amazing. This machine is great for listening to music and I use it every day for 30 minutes. I lost 3.3 lbs in one month by standing on this machine and I think it's the reason why I bought it, the look and feel of the machine is very premium and I think no other machine is giving that kind of look and feel right now. I thought about getting a life pro's machine. I found a machine with the same features and design at a reasonable price. If I feel the machine is not good, I can return it. I am 51 years old and I recommend this machine to everyone. Being fit and living happily is important to me. LIFETIME WARRANTY and FITNESS WATCH are included. I think the product will burn your fat more quickly if you get more of the vibrating level. There is a EilISON customer support was very humble and answered all my questions. I couldn't find a problem in this machine. There is a I give this product a 10/10 rating.

👤Don't buy this machine! I didn't worry because I had a lifetime warranty, and I reached out to the seller as instructed, but there hasn't been a response. I have a paper weight that is expensive and has a warranty that is not worth a flip.

👤I need to get some exercise because I have a bad knee. I thought this would be a good alternative. I read that it was good for pain relief, and I also have a lot of pain in my lower limbs, which I've seen a Chiropractor for. I was able to walk better than I have in months after using this product. I'm reticent about my knee, so once I have it operated on, I'll benefit from the exercise benefits. There is a The seller is attentive and responsive. I mentioned in my feedback that I didn't get a manual. The seller sent me one after picking it up. I can use the product better now. It's nice to see a seller who wants to make their customers happy.

7. Earphones Conduction Headphones Lightweight Waterproof

Earphones Conduction Headphones Lightweight Waterproof

Who chooses the Bone Conduction Headphones with mic? People who wear headphones all day that need to protect hearing and have mild hearing loss but can hear the sound of their teeth and colliding teeth, are a good fit for bone conduction headphones with microphones. It is waterproof and fully sweatproof, but not recommended for swimming. Open- ear design It's not necessary to jam the earphones into the ear to protect the hearing. Sanag allows you to keep in touch and understand the environment to ensure safety. Their lightest, most luxurious and latest titanium alloy sports headphones are lightweight and comfortable. The earplug-free and painless design is suitable for all day listening. Enjoy 10 hours of music and calls, as well as a microphone with noise reduction function for simpler call and conference content. The fan-favorite 12-month warranty and friendly customer service are what you get. Problems can be connected with them. They will try to solve them for you.

Brand: Sanag

👤When leaning against anything, the whole piece is shifted so it doesn't rest against the ear and you can't hear anymore. There is a The speaker is supposed to direct it toward the ear. The people can hear what is coming out of the headphones, so this didn't work for me. There is a * The seller is trying to get me to remove my review. This is not acceptable when it is related to the product and not the company. The review is still 1 star.

👤I like the product. I have two of these, so I can use the other one. It's good enough audio quality that isn't great, just know what to expect. These headphones don't have to be pressed against the side of your head like bone conduction headphones, and they don't get sweaty like normal headphones. I can wear them all day. If you look a little harder, you can find this product on Amazon for just $40, which is $20 cheaper than the 4* rating. I gave that one a rating of 4. The seller tried to get me to change my rating. The product is available on Amazon.

👤I have been waiting for a pair of headphones for a long time. I have never been comfortable with the technology. I have tried every type of ear bud on the market and after a few minutes, my ears ache. I have always had to wear headphones, which is inconvenient for any activities other than sitting at my desk. These are lightweight and comfortable. I am no longer in pain to listen to my music or audiobooks. I have the freedom to work out, be outside, and move about without being restricted to headphones. I love the fact that these are waterproof, so it doesn't matter if I'm sweating or riding a bike in the rain. I like having the option to work out and listen to my music while I do my chores.

👤I use these headphones to listen to music while I am exercising. When I run, bend, or move, my earbuds fall out of my ears. Even during vigorous activity, these headphones stay in place on top of the ears. They're more comfortable than earbuds, and they're also more convenient. The sound quality is strong, but the earphone portion can't be heard by others, which is confusing and awesome at the same time. The headphones are lightweight and can be worn along with glasses. They are on your phone. One is included with the charge. You can change the volume on the device, and there is a button to pair it.

👤The sound was okay for me, but the callers couldn't hear me. They are not comfortable to wear the headset.

👤I wasn't sure if they'd stay put, but they do! It's like a pair of speakers in my ears. I was shocked that no one told me that I sounded like I was in a tunnel when I got the call. I can't say that about my 300 Jabra's. They are not noise cancelling and sometimes the audio volume becomes lower or more "muted" and I can't get it to go back to normal.

8. Mu6 Ring Headphones Microphone Conduction

Mu6 Ring Headphones Microphone Conduction

There is a choice of colors. You can match your SilkSound Headphones to any outfit or style you want, with the choice of Tortoise Shell, Blue Frost, Golden Yellow and Black Onyx. You can make a bold fashion statement wherever you go with the stylish set. There is an open early caucus. The design of the ear cups will allow you to listen to the sounds around you while enjoying music, without having to cover your ears. Better sound quality. Ring is powered by Air conduction, which causes no damage to the original sound and helps normal individuals hear the tone better. If you have no hearing loss, Ring is the best choice for you. Multi-point compatibility with your devices is offered by the bluetooth chip. The built-in microphones make it easy to talk to others. It's compatible with computers and laptops. The work out is 190mAH. A long-last battery capacity. You will not sweat during exercise. 35g of weights is all you need to carry it. 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will do their best to satisfy everyone. If you have a problem with your use, please contact them. They have a free return/replacement policy.

Brand: Mu6

👤You look like someone from an old cyberpunk movie with this little ring of a headphone set. It opens up a second channel of hearing. I've tested these on my lawn. The world around you is still somewhat hearable even though it seems like the noise is louder. While I barely notice them, certain positions can become more noticeable. There are pros and cons. I don't think you can get a better set for $60. There is a Pro's: I can hear anything on this headset, even if it's not loud, and I don't have to worry about cleaning the wax off my ear cannels. There is a I don't know if I have them on. The physical button is easy to use. My glasses don't move at all. They are not uncomfortable in the least. The bass is okay. If the volume is low or you are wearing earmuffs, it's barely noticeable. There is a When the battery is over 50%, a separate Volume level is returned. These were excellent and made me sad. They are a good replacement and still playing with them to be certain.

👤I purchased this product with my own money, no one pays me or gives me any incentive to write a review. It is a good open ear head phone for running, but it is dying on me after 2 months of use. Read on. I bought this to replace my phone. I was expecting a decent product for $50, but it was not overpriced. I use it a lot. Run with a headband or a running hat. The sound quality is better than my previous bone conduction headphones, which I use to listen to music while running. I wear sunglasses during my activity. The design doesn't allow it to stay out of harms way. It wasn't bad, I need to adjust it occasionally. There is a I was hoping to get at least one year of use out of the product, which was advertised as sweat proof. It can't hold charge over a day after just a little over 2 months of usage. I thought I accidentally turned it off. When it's turned off and fully charged, it still loses all power after less than 24 hours. There is a I don't recommend anyone buying the product because it's poor quality and better sound quality. I would rather pay a premium price for a product that can last a long time.

👤It was bought in April 2021. August 2021. 5 months of use. These are the kind of headphones I want. They sound great, they shoot sound into the ear, and your ear stays open. They are very comfortable and can be adjusted to fit your ears. The plastic build feels like a set of headphones. It still uses a Microusb charging cable, but they stop working after a while. The plug is all the way in, but there is no charging light. I've been trying to find the right angle to get it to work. If the Mark II could use a cable like this, it would be a perfect product. Don't forget to keep your cable headphones, you don't want to end up with a piece of plastic.

9. Philips X2HR Over Ear Open Air Headphone

Philips X2HR Over Ear Open Air Headphone

The ear pads are made to fit the Skullcandy Hesh 3 and the other headphones. You can upgrade your ear cushions for Skullcandy Hesh 3 Over-Ear Headphones. Skullcandy headphones, over- ear. Skullcandy Hesh ANC Wireless Headphones are one of the many ANC Wireless Over-Ear Headphones. Audio certified with extended response. The ear-shells have pre-tilted speaker plates. 50mm high definition drivers with LMC. The architecture is acoustic open-back. The ear-pads have been replaced with a new type of foam. The hammock has 3D mesh and a genuine leather headband. 3.5mm oxygen-free cable, 3 5mm to 6mm, and a cable management clip are included. The type is 3. The Stereo is 1/2-Inch.

Brand: Philips Audio

👤Over the past year, I've gone through a lot of headphones and headsets. I got to two. The most talked about, reviewed and beloved, was the Philips SHP9500. I heard so much about them that I bought them. They were discontinued for a long time. The HD58X Jubilee is very similar to the HD660 S. Those are keepers. The other superb headphones, made byPhilips, are the Fidelio X2HR. I had to get them. I decided to add more headphones to my collection. I was curious to see how they would compare to the SHP9500. Would the upgrade be worth it? The design: The design of the Fidelio X2HR is basic, but cool at the same time. The headband is made of dual-metal tubing and covered with a genuine leather strap. The hammock is made of 3D mesh. The ear cups are made of plastic. The speakers are made of aluminum mesh, which looks like a microphone. The ear cushions are made of velvet and are thick. The velvet is magnets for lent. Sound: The drivers of the Fidelio X2HR are 50mm. Hi-Res Audio has an outstanding, 5-40,000 Hz, Frequency Response. The impedance is not very high. The PS4 controller can drive the headphones with the volume set to max. The maximum input power is 500mW, which is high enough to handle the power from a DAC or amplifier. The HD58X Jubilees is a bit better than the SHP9500. Between the two, give or take a few things. I played various games on PS4 Pro and one on PS3 and tested the performance of the Fidelio X2HR. The first sound test was done while playing Call of Duty. The best map is Nuketown. The sound from the Fidelio X2HR was the clearest and most authentic I have heard. I've never experienced anything like this when wearing a headset or headphones. The bass is very strong. Good sub. As well. The clarity of the bass is very similar to listening to a soundbar with a sub. The sound of the treble is loud but clear from all angles, and it's not hard for me to hear it. If that makes sense, the lows, mids, and highs are balanced and distinguishable. Some may want to know how the Fidelio X2HR compares to the SHP9500. The SHP9500 has inconsistent bass. The sub-bass is not present. The treble can be a bit harsh. The lows are not great. The mids are very close to the Fidelio X2HR. The highs can be a bit fuzzy. The soundstage is a bit airy and the image is not accurate. Discussing the Fidelio X2HR again. Superb, tight and open soundstage. Great image. These headphones handle sounds that are not straight. With that in mind, I could hear the dialogue of my teammates, enemies, and other random sounds throughout the map to the left and right of me. I knew exactly where the action was taking place on the map. It seems the sound magnifies when it is heard in a different direction. When my character looks in one direction, the sound increases in the direction of the direction it is in, and the sound decreases in the opposite direction. All sounds can be heard if my character looks straight ahead. The reason for this experience is the fact that these headphones are open-back. Hearing how loud and clear the explosions were was the most impressive experience. The loud, clean, and crisp sound came from the detonations. The headphones lows help the Fidelio X2HR pick up subtle sounds. Hearing a shotgun blast is addictive to listen to. I could hear the subtle, clinking and breakage of pottery being kicked around, while I was playing a game on the map. I could barely hear this with other headsets, but the Fidelio X2HR gave me a lot of it. My character was trampling through the deep snow, cracking of the ice or sounds of moving water, while swimming on the Icebreaker map, and the sound of crunching was unbelievable. My character, Battery, once ran inside of an open-ended bay of the Summit map. While going inside of the bay, the battery was talking while outside. There was an echo of Battery's voice in that open-ended bay. The authenticity of the echo was frightening. The voices of the characters are clear. I am sure that some are wondering about footsteps. The Fidelio X2HR picks up footsteps on Call of Duty Black Ops 4. I have been able to get the drop on enemies while hiding and waiting for them to find me. There is a The second sound test was done while playing Rainbow Six Siege, which is an outstanding game to test some headphones on, considering the nature of the game. It is essential to use the right headphones. My character, Ash, sent a drone around the area. The White Masks could be heard shuffling back and forth, crouching in cover and waiting to attack. Let her know exactly where they were, because this gave away their positions. The footsteps of patrols could be heard very clearly. Hearing how distant he was from her position while he was on patrol. The White Masks were communicating while waiting in their positions. I could hear my character's footsteps getting louder or softer depending on movement speed. Knowing this will let you know when to slow down, as your footsteps can be heard by the enemy. It was like music to my ears when I reached a wall. The sound of the explosion was impressive, but the sight of the debris crashing to the floor was even more impressive. There is a The game was a pleasant surprise since it came out in 2012 for the PS3. The game has some nice features, making it a good game to play. When I was last playing on a consistent basis, I was able to hear sounds that I had never heard before. The sounds were clear, but a bit louder than the other two games. When playing, the sound of the direction is brought out the most. One of the teammates was firing an M249 SAW during the gunfight. My character was getting attacked. He got next to his teammate because he grabbed cover. The gunfire sounded like it was coming from a real firing range. Imagine being next to a person shooting a machine gun. I did not hear the gunfire as loudly as I was moving further away. The attention to detail was amazing. The loud, clear and realistic-sounding blasts of thrown grenades or breaching a door were loud and clear. The dialogue from the teammates was clear and loud. I heard the dialogue when I played a few years ago. Small and subtle sounds were picked up. I could hear them when I stepped on a broken glass, a wood floor or a puddle of water. I think the sound test for Medal of Honor Warfighter is better than the sound test for Rainbow Six Siege. There is an option for MIC. An external mic, such as the V-Moda Boom mic Pro, will be required to use while online gaming. The prices can be different. I own a V-Moda boom mic pro, but I haven't tried it yet. It should perform well with one attached. It was a factual decision. The X2HR is a great headset. I was wondering if these were worth an upgrade over the beloved, SHP9500, for the past year. I would never think that a company would make such great headphones. The price was reduced to $148.99. If the price goes back up, I would advise anyone looking for a headset to pick these up. Despite the praise, I had to return the headphones as they became heavy on my head. The sound gave me headaches. The velvet made my head itch. They are excellent headphones. They are not for me.

10. Philips Audio Performance PN402BK Bluetooth

Philips Audio Performance PN402BK Bluetooth

Microusb Data Cable - Extra Eargels is in the box. IPX4 is waterproof. The headphones have an IPX4 waterproof rating, which means they are resistant to sustained humidity. There is up to 14 hours of play time. With Rapid charge, you can get another 2 hours of talk time with just 5 minutes of charging. There is a mode called Vibration Mode. If you have earbuds around your neck, you won't miss a call because the band vibrates when a call comes in. The cancellation is called echo. You always get a clear, undisturbed connection with their acoustic echo cancellation. The neckband is small. Even if you wear it all day. A detailed sound. The 12. 2mm neodymium drivers are perfect for music and conversations. The headphones are ready to be used. They remember the last device they used. Ear Caps, Usb Cable, and Headphones were included.

Brand: Philips Audio

👤I bought a new headset less than 6 months ago. The right side stopped working after the right side went out. I loved the big over the ear headsets from PhilIPS. I decided to try the headphones out. These are the things I've been looking for. The sound quality is excellent and the headset comes with a bonususb cord so you can plug it into a 3.5 jack. If the power goes out and you need to listen to your music, you can plug your music player into the port and it will play again. There is a There are pros. It took 2 hours for the charge to start. There is a The extra jack to plug in is a Cons. Will review in a month to see if there are any issues.

👤I didn't attempt to pair or try on for sound quality. The wires to the earbuds are not retractable and there is no way to hide them when not in use. I would only want one ear bud in at a time, the other could get caught on my cycling equipment, and I would only want one ear bud in at a time. The dangling earbuds make them look bad for office use. I think the design is poor. There is a The volume and track controls share the same buttons. I have owned other brands with buttons. If you want to advance a track, you might end up blowing your eardrum. The paring button is the same as the power button. This set will be returned by me.

👤This review is about PHILIPS headphones. I've gone through a few pairs of earbuds trying to find something similar to my old Leophile Eel, which still works perfectly. The rubber cord around the wiring is splitting up where it meets the earbuds. I'm afraid that this will compromise the durability. My Eel has been great. Sounds good. I have never had technical issues with them. They are almost impossible to find, as it seems that Leophile no longer exists or they are under a different name. I'm pretty sure they'd go under if they sold such great earbuds at too low a price. I went through the earbuds before I went through the lights. I had my ears ripped out of the box with extremely tinny highs. They were acceptable after adjusting the high frequencies in the app. They didn't sound as good as my Leophile Eel. They look nice. Your ears immediately know the quality of sound by how much it makes you annoyed orgasm after a few minutes of listening. The buds from the Picun didn't sound as good as my Eel, no matter what I did with them. There is a These are good. It was very good. They sounded like my Eel, which really surprised me, and right out of the box. On a good quality sound file, the S's sounded nice and smooth. That is a good sign. The built in voice was clear and nice. The Coast to Coast AM podcasts sounded great. I am happy with the sound quality. There wasn't enough bass, that's what someone complained about. There is a lot of bass. If you really want to ruin your ears, then maybe a few will ask for more bass, but I did not need it. I set my phone to the 'bass' option, and adjusted the EQ for more bass. I like bass and need a good amount. I don't need more bass than what I'm getting here, I listen to old school hip hop and rap, motown, disco, house, techno, trance, edm, etc. It sounds good to me. After a while of listening, everything sounds smooth and doesn't make my ears hurt. That's important to me and a good indicator of sound quality. They are light but not cheap. They look good. It has a 3.5mm cord. Plug them into a jack to listen. The cord is long enough to reach your knees. I haven't tested that cord yet. They connected to my phone and there were no issues. I don't know how well they stay connected, but I don't expect any issues. The cords from the buds are thicker than the ones I own. I haven't been able to test how long they last. So far, it's been a very happy purchase. These are the best neckband buds under $100 as long as they continue to work.

11. Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Cancelling Smartphones

Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Cancelling Smartphones

You will use the fitness options. You have choice with 3D. You can combine the two for 3D motion. 180 levels and 5 programmes will keep your muscles guessing. Double click the power on button if red and blue lights cross flashing, you can switch between Chinese and English. The blue and red lights flash when the power button is pressed for more than 5 seconds. It works very well, it connects easily the first time, and then every time after that. The single Ear-hook design is free from damage to the ear. No need to vibrate ear bones, more comfortable and light, painless wearing, and not irritate your ear, instead of bone conduction headphones. The latest concept ergonomics design fully fit outside the auricle. The ear can be worn. The headset can match most devices. The signal connection is stable and you can enjoy music within 10 meters. It is compatible with all of the above systems as long as the devices have a compatible wireless protocol. A built-in high performance battery has a capacity of 6-7 hours continuous answer phone and 150 hours of music playing time. The battery status of the headphones will be displayed on the cellphone screen. It helps to understand the power situation quicker. It is light and comfortable. You can barely feel it. The sound is pleasant. Can hear music and surroundings. It fits well for someone who doesn't like things in her ears. This solution is perfect.

Brand: Sunffice

👤I was going to give the headphones a 5-star review yesterday, but I didn't because of what happened today. The battery lasts throughout an entire workday and the fit is perfect on my ear, which would have led to a 5-star review. Being able to keep one ear open at work is especially useful. I decided to try it out with an afternoon run, since my earbuds are having issues at the moment. I was not expecting it to stay on my ear, but it did! It didn't budge for 3.5 miles of running. The sound quality was perfect for both work and running. I wanted to charge it up today in case I needed to use it for another run today, so I plugged it in to the usual port that I use for charging it, and the 1-star review came about. I noticed that the headphones started to work at the charging port about an hour later. The cable is dead because it's fused to the headphones. I don't lightly give one-star reviews, but in this case, where the product is flawed, it's unavoidable. $17 for two months of intermittent use? Not a good look. I thought it was a great value before it decided to try and transform into a more liquid state. I'm just about a month past my return window, so unless Amazon or the manufacturer reaches out to me, I'm out of luck on getting any compensation for this order.

👤I turned it off and repaired it several times after it worked for about 2 minutes and quit, but I don't think you should sell it.

👤You don't even feel it. People say they can't hear anything when I talk. It only speaks Chinese, and I can't understand everything it says. I can not figure out how to turn off the stupid thing because it talks in Chinese when the battery is low. Listening to music in class is the only thing it has been proven to be good for.

👤Great idea. The execution was very bad. There is a learning curve with the set ups. I fiddled with this until I got it charged and matched. I missed about 15% of every sentence in a book when the sound broke up. Even though I wear glasses, I would be singing its praises if it worked. It's not like ear buds that prevent you from hearing ambient sound. There is a The instructions are clear. The host is non-human for the first three months. This has a replaceable battery. Don't remove the battery. I should not make fun of them, as their English is better than my Chinese, but decent instructions would be nice.

👤Thank you very much, the unit came in English mode. It was too small for my ear and the sounds were not very loud. I have not been able to test the noise cancellation feature. I would give it more stars if it had a bigger model. Even though it is small for my ear, it doesn't feel like it will fall off.


What is the best product for headphones vibration plate?

Headphones vibration plate products from Acreo. In this article about headphones vibration plate you can see why people choose the product. Aftershokz and Bluefin Fitness are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphones vibration plate.

What are the best brands for headphones vibration plate?

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