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1. Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones Foldable Prolonged

Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones Foldable Prolonged

The exposed hole design is easy to install. If you put your AirTag in the Silicone sleeve, it will fit securely and you can put it anywhere you want. No hassle! If you want to attach items like keys, pet, dog or cat collar holder, the carabiners and key rings are an alternative. It's easy to find my key with the air tag remote item finder. High Definition Stereo Headphones, specially developed software and noise reduction technology designed to prevent you from heating ambient noises and make you focus on what you want to hear, is aesteirond Sound Production. Even in the lowest volume levels, you can lose yourself in music. Their constant pursuit is the goal that provides outstanding sound quality. BUILT FOR COMFORTABILITY The Earmuff is made of artificial leather. They are foldable and stretchable, which makes it easy to find the perfect fit without constraint. The best choice for travel, sport, and daily use by children, teens, and adults is Zihnic. SEAMLESS BLUETOOTH CONNECTION It was built to provide a stable connection. The headphones will be ready to pair when you slide the on/off button. The headphones are compatible with all plug cable enabled devices. You can have hands-free communication with the special noise reduction technology microphone that is compatible with all phones. ERGONOMIC DESIGN The model premium outlook is provided by the materials that are nice to touch. The earmuffs and headbands are made of memory-protein foam, which makes them soft and comfortable. The Premium Case is a great way to reduce wear and tear. A long battery life and dual mode. There are headphones that are Rechargeable. The 450mAh battery has 14 hours of music and 2.5 hours of fast Charing. You can switch to wired mode after 20 hours of playtime. You don't need to worry about power shortage for long travel. You are covered with a 12 months warranty and 100% customer satisfaction, if you choose to do so.

Brand: Zihnic

👤I ordered the headphones for the gym. I was tired of cords. The little buds in your ears hurt my ears so I have big bulky ones. These are not that heavy. The color was well packaged. The only complaint is that they smell a little. I have no issues with them. It's easy to connect with a far distance. They are very pretty and do not fall off my head. If I run into any problems, I will update this review. Thus far, very satisfied!

👤The headphones seemed wonderful at first, but then they stopped charging and won't work plugged in. The extra warranty has been honored more than it is worth. It has been almost a month since I was told that Jane was talking about it. Don't buy! Unless you enjoy disappointment. There is a After writing this review, I was contacted by the seller and a new pair were sent to me. I haven't had any more problems.

👤I needed less expensive headphones to use while mowing the lawn so I bought these on Prime Day. It only took a few seconds to connect to my phone. I didn't expect the sound quality to be as good as it is. I was concerned that my loud lawnmower wasn't working correctly because of the sound quality and powerfulness of them. The headphones were great and the mower was fine. I liked the fact that it came with a case. The product exceeded my expectations.

👤My 10 year old daughter uses her school device with these headphones. She has used them weekly since they were ordered. They stopped making sound today. They are useless now. They only lasted 3 months. I'm hoping that there is a warranty on these, but I can't seem to find one on Amazon. My daughter would have given them 4 to 5 stars before they stopped working, but now she can't because they are not working anymore.

👤When I received these headphones, I was excited as they had a nice design, a nice price tag, and a nice color. I was immediately disappointed. I paid a lot for these, but they didn't meet my expectations. 1. There is a delay when watching a video. I have to connect the headphones to get rid of the delay in sound, but it only works for a short time. 2. I was looking forward to the feature that comes with the headphones, but I am not sure if it will work. The sound quality was terrible and the signal was not good. The Christian station was the only one that I could hear clearly. That is a positive station. I wanted to listen to music while studying. 3. If you are looking for basic sound quality that will deliver your music just to get you through your studies, then you have found the right place. These will do well. Even though you only have half volume or lower, others will still be able to hear your music in a pindrop silent place. The battery life on these are great, so no problem there. They have a pretty rose gold color and are comfortable. These headphones didn't meet my expectations. I guess I will have to spend more money and find other uses for it.

2. PANASONIC Wireless Headphones Bluetooth RP HTX80B R

PANASONIC Wireless Headphones Bluetooth RP HTX80B R

We offer a 30-Day Money- Back Guarantee to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Their products come with a 2-year limited warranty to make sure you are covered if there is an issue with them. Bluetooth Wireless Concierge is a built-in microphone and multi-function button to answer calls. The headphones' high-capacity battery provides up to 24 hours of playtime. A quick charge keeps the music going for a while. 5 hours. The over-the- ear headphones have soft ear pads that are long- lasting and lightweight wire that apply gentle pressure on both ears for a close, personalized fit. Every song, every lyric, is clearly heard with dual 40mm neodymium drivers. The acoustic bass control filters enhance high and low tones. The RP-HTX80B headphones are available in four retro colors to match your life, look and style. You can choose from Sangria, Matte Black, or Dijon.

Brand: Panasonic

👤I was a huge fan of the legendary RP-HTX7-W1 and bought 4 of them, but I am not a fan of the quality of these headphones. There is a The build quality is even better than the wired one, and support a better-than-average fit and comfort level. The power button must be held for three seconds to turn on, rather than just use a switch, which is the only minor issue with the build. It is a minor annoyance compared to the rest of the issues, but it is tangible when taken in stride with the connection issues we will get to. There is a The audio quality is not good. There is a small amount of compression artifacts on these, and it streams in audio at a very low bitrate, even when audio is turned to the absolute highest settings available on the connected device. The noise floor has been raised to an annoying level. If the audio goes below a certain level, there is a gate on the audio which completely removes any signal, which can be very annoying when working with quiet sounds or watching a movie with quiet scenes. The average user won't notice the delay, but it renders using these for video editing or competitive gaming with a modmic that is somewhat useless. I find that on any device I attach these to, they will randomly disconnected about an hour and a half into every session. I thought it was a battery saving measure for when there is no audio being piped to the headphones, however it is not a battery saving measure if audio is turned up. There is a I can't recommend these headphones to anyone in their current state, even though I hold some hope that Panasonic will make a revision of this model with better audio quality and better bluetooth integration.

👤I've been buying a replacement pair of headphones for four or five years when they break. I was devastated to see that my most recent pair was discontinued. I wanted to try these ones in hopes that they would be the same as the wired ones. Not even close. The sound quality is terrible. The sound quality is better on my laptop speakers. I feel like an old man shaking his fist from his porch when I say that the bluetooth audio trend is the worst thing to happen to headphones. Bring back wired headphones.

👤I was a huge fan of the wired up versions of this headset, and after my was stolen a year or so ago, I've been looking for a new pair, which are basically unavailable now. These have the same amazing styling, but have smaller cups than the previous model, and sound quality is not as good. It has to be sent through the air. There is a If you're a new user, get them. The fit of wireless is pretty good. Don't expect a high quality sound. You have to wire up for that kind of thing. I'm happy to have them for travel and work.

3. Headphones Bluetooth Isolation Microphone Throwback

Headphones Bluetooth Isolation Microphone Throwback

Go retro with the Rewind Wireless Retro Headphones, they take you back to when you could kick it with your Walkman. It's time to go wireless. The Rewind headphones give you 12 hours of playtime, a custom sound system, and all of the controls you need. The same design and foam ear pads will make you nostalgic. Today's technology has an old-school look. You can keep your music hassle-free by using a wireless link to stream it from up to 30 feet away. You will leave with a feeling of rock-star vibes all day long with up to 12 hours of mind-blowing sound. You can take control with these headphones, which come with a button on the headset, so you can answer calls without taking out your phone. Crystal clear communication is possible with an onboard microphone. For those who need to know moments, a double click and digital microphone lets you turn on and off voice assistant prompt as you please. Their radical EQ3 setting allows you to change the sound of your music via the headphones. JLab Signature, Balanced, and Bass boost are available. They offer a 30-Day Money- Back Guarantee to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Their products come with a 2-year limited warranty to make sure you are covered if there is an issue with them.

Brand: Jlab

👤The headphones are the next logical step in the 4.2 headset movement. There is no weird wire flopping on the back of your neck, they are not earbuds that make your ears sore, and you can walk away from your phone without them. I have been buying this headset for years. Buying the smaller, lighter, ear form, foam bud, ear plug, around the neck, over the ear, backing things, on a crowd funding website, is what is required. . I bought it. All of them had an issue with them. These do have issues, but they are ones I completely accept for their price and style. The ear foam is cheap and raspy. The sound is not very loud. If you read the title, they are RETRO headphones. In the 80s and 90s, we had raspy-foam headsets. We chewed up the foam and wore our headphones all the time. The sound was not right because we had to fiddle with the cord. We couldn't walk a hundred feet from the source of the sound. We couldn't turn it off by touching the earpad. We couldn't take phone calls with them. The list continues. There is a These earphones are called I N E X P E N S. I V. They cost a little more than the earbuds, but they perform better. They look great! I let my wife use them once and she wanted a pair. If you've been reading this review for a long time and still don't know my feelings, I have finally found the perfect headset. The case is closed.

👤A pair of headphones. Sound quality is acceptable, they sound the same after one glance. There is a The process was simple - just hold down the button to turn them on, and you're good to go. There is a voice that says hello when turned on, tells you battery level, and sayspairing when looking for a connection. The headphones were on as I walked around my apartment. There is a No complaints about the sound. The fit of these headphones is much better than I expected, they don't grip too tightly, and let my ears breathe easily, which is appreciated. There is a I ordered the orange foam covers for the black pair. The black foam covers are installed at the factory. It is a simple process to replace them. It was difficult to open the plastic packaging, but it is clearly designed for store retail. The packaging is made from recycled materials. At the end of the day, you're getting a good pair of headphones with good build quality and good battery life. It is recommended. I will probably buy some for friends in the future.

👤A clear sound in the mids to highs, not a lot of bass but enough for TV watching. I needed these to do both with my phone and the Hopper's audio, which is a fixed volume. The only way to control volume is with headphones. There isn't anything on this set. JLab assumes connecting with a phone. Why didn't they include any volume control? If the phone is in your pocket or bag, the phone's own volume buttons might not work. You are out of luck. I have to cock my ears off to keep the output from being loud.

4. Sony MDRZX110 BLK Stereo Headphones

Sony MDRZX110 BLK Stereo Headphones

The lightweight 1.38 in neodymium dynamic drivers deliver a rhythmic response to the most demanding tracks. The driver unit has a dome type. The design of the earcups makes it easy to store when you're not using them. The ear pads have a closed back and are made of Cushioned ear pads. The wide range of frequencies delivers deep bass, rich midrange, and soaring highs. The stereo mini plug is 3.5mm.

Brand: Sony

👤There is an update. My daughter brought her headphones home from school and they are in great condition, so I wanted to update. The ear pads seem to be the first to go. My daughter wants to use these next year since they're so comfortable and she's wearing her glasses. I would like to get one school year from these. I'm happy they're still going strong. We bought a second pair for our 3rd graders to use at school. She thought Koss brand headphones were too tight and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, so we bought her a different type of headphones. She wears glasses and a mask. She loved them! They have been using them at school for just over six weeks with no problems. The original is still there. My mother in-law is starting to become hard of hearing and we bought these for her. We wanted to make sure everything was in order before we set it up for her, and we found these were made well, had good sound volume and quality, were comfortable for a long time, and overall were good headphones. She wanted to have different styles. She was able to use these styles in her 3.5mm tablets, which was an added bonus. She was concerned that the on ear computer style Panasonic wouldn't fit in her tablet, but still works for the t.v. set up. The Panasonic had a smaller pin, so it might have worked in a cell phone. I will update once she does, but she did not try it. I wish we'd tried ourselves. We bought everything on Amazon. This pair fit all of our heads and have a lot of flexibility. The back of the ear pad section has a "L" for left and a "R" for right, as shown in my photos. If taken care of, these should last. This padded material is good for this value, even if it starts to crack and chip away over time. She's glad she got both of the Panasonic ones because they were more lightweight when she wore them for long periods. We told her we'd return them if she needed them, but she was happy with them, and we waited 2 months to review them so she could use them. She has really benefited from their help with her quality of life. She stopped watching t.v. because she couldn't hear it anymore, so I'm happy the volume and sound quality was good enough so she could use them daily. We might order another pair for our daughter. If these fail, I will update. I hope my pictures give you an idea of what to expect.

👤I had a pair of headphones from this line that fell apart when I used them, but I kept using them. I rate these my personal best after trying many brands. I went on a quest to try a bunch of different headphones after my first pair died. I've spent hundreds of dollars on fancy $200 pairs, cheap Amazon- branded pairs, and random ones from places like Big Lots and Walmart, but I finally came back to these for a measly 15. The combination of comfort, sound quality, and price is simply unbeatable. I work in front of a computer for hours at a time, and usually have headphones and eye glasses on. I probably have a bigger head than average. This one is the only one that makes my ears hurt before long. I expect to run through a new pair every couple years, but at this price point, it's hard to complain. These are back in my life and I am so thankful.

5. Koss Limited Headphones Microphone Carrying

Koss Limited Headphones Microphone Carrying

The sound of the new Colorway is the same as the classic Porta Pro sound. Stay connected with the in-line microphone, remote and volume control. The Porta Pro limited edition has a hard-shell case for easy transport. The collapsible design is the ultimate portable headphones with a headband. Lifetime warranty.

Brand: Koss

👤Historia is standing by my side. He is watching me write a letter of love for you. He is never going to get a girlfriend. He promised to deliver the letter to you. He wants to repay me for saving them. I apologize for what happened. I didn't think I would choose them over you. I will be dead soon after these words. I don't regret anything. I did not have a name. I didn't know where my parents came from. Being a beggar was my earliest memory. A man showed up and gave me a name. People called me Ymir. You may not think it is unusual, but I just had to take it and I was given a bed and a meal. That wasn't the only thing. The adults who acted like I was invisible all got on their knees and revered me. The man who named me began to dress more and more extravagantly, and as he did, he became happier. I also felt good. I had to play the role that I was given to make everyone happy. I believed that. I kept playing the part of Ymir because of that. I kept playing the part of Ymir even though people started to call me devil. There is a The man who gave me a name claimed that I had tricked him. I kept playing Ymir. I thought it would be fine if that was what saved them. Some people in this world have rocks thrown at them. I was stoned from head to toe as their symbol. There is a It seems that it doesn't mean anything in particular that a small piece of flesh can scream. There is a No. It doesn't mean anything. There is a I think the world is amazing. I opened my eyes again and saw freedom. I walked and lived the way I wanted to. I have no regrets. There is a I would like to say so. I do have one. There is a We aren't married. – Ymir.

👤I bought Koss Porta Pro Black and Koss Porta Pro Black Gold at the same time, after waiting for a long time. I had thought that the cheaper Koss Porta Pro headphones wouldn't amount to much, since I have other more expensive headphones. I was wrong. I like to use them more often now that I have listened to them. There is a The regular Black version does not have a microphone, volume control or hard carry case, but the Black Gold limited edition does. The Black Gold limited edition was more expensive than the regular Black version. I was surprised that no one ever did an A-B sound quality comparison between the two versions. Maybe everyone assumed that they sound the same and that they have the same features, but they cost twice as much. If the headphones sound the same, who would want to pay double for an additional microphone, volume control and a hard carry case? I was curious. I bought the two versions at the same time. There is a I will tell you right away that the limited edition sounds better than the regular edition. The regular version sounds good, but the limited edition sounds better. I've done A-B comparisons between the two versions and found that the one with the limited edition is more dynamic and has a better sound. The bass punches harder and there's more air in the treble of the limited edition version. There is a The regular version sounded more laid back and less dynamic. The regular version has less bass and treble extension than the limited edition. I've wondered why there's a difference in sound quality between the two versions, as design, material used and the speaker drivers themselves are the same and have the same specifications, until I looked at their cables. The two versions have completely different headphones. The regular version has a two- strand cable going into the jack, while the limited edition has a single strand cable. The thinner cable used in the limited edition is the same thickness as the regular version, which is justified by the complaints of other owners. The sound quality of the limited edition is better than the regular edition. There is a You get better sound quality, but thinner cable on the limited edition. It costs 2X as much as the regular version. The limited edition has volume control and a hard carry case. I think the sound quality on the limited edition is better than the standard edition, but you have to be more careful with the thinner single-strand cable. If you don't mind having the best sound quality and worry more about breaking headphones, I would recommend getting the regular Koss Porta Pro version. There is a If you want the best-sounding. The limited edition is Koss Porta Pro. For you, Porta Pro. It's a no-brainer to get the limited edition immediately if you find it going for less than the regular version one day.

6. Philips SHP9500S Precision Over Ear Headphones

Philips SHP9500S Precision Over Ear Headphones

The sleek, distinctive black finish and lightweight design add a clear look of style and comfort wherever you go. 50mm drivers deliver a full spectrum of sound. 1.5m cable gives you freedom of movement indoors. The headband cushion and ear cushion are comfortable. The acoustic system is open and has a Magnet type. The impedance is 32 ohms, the maximum power input is 200Mw, the speaker diameter is 50mm, and the Frequency response is 12-35 000Hz.

Brand: Philips Audio

👤These are not SHP9500 take 2. These are like a brother to SHP9500 and a warm, slightly more clampy and a bit heavier brother. I like the original 9500 and I think philips did well with the styling and fitment changes. It's false to call them 9600 as if they sound like the 9500. These are a completely different series of headphones with pads. They are very similar to the X2hr but not as resolving. Don't expect the sound to be better than 9500. They are unique and different.

👤The 9500 is twice as expensive as the bass is boosted, and has a low mids and highs 888-270-6611 What was he thinking? There is a The 9500s and 9600s were a bit grainy, so they got rid of this by tuning out the highs. There is a The SHP9500s were a bit bass lacking, so they boosted the bass so hard that it bled into the mids, then they adjusted the mids to mitigate this. There is a The build quality, materials, and clamp are all the same. I got used to both of them in practice. The 9600s were a bit rougher, but nothing serious. I don't like the 9500s, but they're still one of the best options for open backs under $100, because you don't have many well built options. Even if the 9500s were the same price, the 9600s wouldn't be close.

👤I had heard so much about these headphones. I've seen them reviewed many times on YouTube. I heard nothing bad about them. They were not available for purchase for the longest time. They were way overpriced for the ones. They were available on Amazon for a good price. I jumped on it. Are they worth the hype? Features: design 50mm is the size of the drivers of the SHP9500. The Hi-Res territory is 1,500 Hz short of the outstanding, 12-35,000 Hz. They still sound great. The impedance is not very high. The PS4 controller can drive the headphones with the volume set to max. A user will have to be careful when using an amplifier because it has a maximum input power of 200mW. A DAC is not needed. The sound will be improved and louder. There is a The design of the SHP9500 is very cool. Some people could argue that it looks cheap. They have a style to them. The headband is made of aluminum and black. The top of the headband has a logo on it. The sides of the headband have a measuring hole and a notch, which show the level which the headband can be adjusted to. There is a cushion underneath the headband. A plastic tag with R and L can be seen on the sides of the headband. This is the part of the design that I like the most. The ear cups are made of plastic. The speakers are made of aluminum. The speaker's sides are painted white with R and L on them. The design feature is unique and cool. The drivers can see the speakers. The ear cushions are made of the same cloth fabric and are over the ear. There is a There are two types ofBASS/MID-BASS/SUB-BASS. There is a bass. I can hear a boom when I play games with explosions. The bass is not consistent. The sub-bass is non-existent. I could not hear much of a rumble when I was playing games with explosions. Highs: The headphones are bright sounding. The sound is clear. The highs can be hard to see. Results and ears are different. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has a lot of sharp sounds. There are gunshots but they are not loud. When a kill is achieved, there is a loud, thumping sound, which follows with a loudquish. Hearing this sound can be hard on the ears. The high end of female voices are great. Hearing female voices is not the only thing. The voice lines of my female character sound great. Enjoy! Splash! It was dropped! All right, boom time. All talk! "Doggone!" Those are some of her favorite lines. There was an open-ended bay of the Summit map where Battery ran once. The battery said a voice line. Her voice became bigger as she entered the bay. There was an echo of Battery's voice. The authenticity of the echo was frightening. This was a good example of a transition. The SHP9500 has good images. They handle sounds that are not straight. I tested the performance of the SHP9500 while playing Call of Duty Black Ops 4. The best map is the one called the "Occupation" map, which is a close-quarters map. I could hear what was happening on the map, whether it was dialogue, gunshots or explosions. footsteps could also be heard. The sound magnifies sounds coming from a different direction. When my character looks in one direction, the sound increases in the direction of the direction it is in, and the sound decreases in the opposite direction. The soundstage is good. They are open-back, so that is expected. The open sound of the SHP9500 is great. Very spread out. I played a match outdoors. The map is called "Gustav Cannon". I could hear sounds from far away. Sounds from a distant sounded a bit closer than they actually were. There are lows and mids. The SHP9500 picks up subtle sounds. Hearing a shotgun blast is addictive to listen to. I could hear the subtle, clinking and breakage of pottery being kicked around, while I was playing a game on the map. I could barely hear this with other headsets, but it was more abundant with the SHP9500. My character was trampling through the deep snow, cracking of the ice or sounds of moving water, while swimming on the Icebreaker map, and the sound of crunching was unbelievable. My character, Battery, once ran inside of an open-ended bay of the Summit map. While going inside of the bay, the battery was talking while outside. There was an echo of Battery's voice in that open-ended bay. The authenticity of the echo was frightening. An external mic, such as a V-Moda Boom mic Pro, will be required to use while online gaming. The prices can be different. I don't have a mod-mic yet, so I haven't tried this. It should perform well with one attached. It was a factual decision. The SHP9500 is a great headset. I was wondering if these lived up to the hype when I heard about them. I would never think that a company would make a headset like that. They put these back on the market at an affordable price. I would advise anyone looking for a headset to pick them up in case they are no longer available. I believe my search for the perfect headset is over.

7. Bluetooth Headphones Riwbox Wireless Microphone

Bluetooth Headphones Riwbox Wireless Microphone

Riwbox XBT-880 has a 40mm large diameter drivers and a high detail microphone. The wide range reproduces high clarity sound. You can expect a pleasant listening experience. There are over-EAR PADS. The ear cushion is made with high soft elasticity and is very comfortable to wear for a long time. There is a built-in mic. In wireless mode, the headphones with microphone and volume control work. A high-quality built-in microphone for hands-free calls and a quick and stable connection with your devices like cell phones, tablets, pc, TVs within 33 feet are what Riwbox headphones have to offer. The lightweight stylish design gives a luxurious premium feel to the headphones as well as being strong and robust to look great for many years. The foldable headphones are easy to store.

Brand: Riwbox

👤I bought these headphones for my daughter because she was playing electronic drums and needed to rehearse and listen to her beats. She can put her headphones in her backpack to take on any journey because they fold up. The headphones can be used as a wireless headset or a wire. If you can't charge your battery, you can always use a cable to connect your phone or player to listen to your music. The daughter's gold phone made the choice of color gold with black. All of the characteristics are true. I charged them until the indicator light turned blue. I connected them to the phone. When I went to sleep. I put it in the bathroom after turning it on. The headphones worked when I got up. The headphones were turned off about 2 pm. This is an excellent result after 14 hours of work. My daughter listens to music and rehearses with them. The headphones have never turned off due to a weak battery. Sound quality is appreciated. Everyone has their own criteria. What else to talk about when there is a juicy thick bass and clear top? I enjoy listening to heavy music through the speakers. After listening to a few tracks in the headphones, I can say that they sound great. The headphones have a soft lining. I have not spent a lot of time in them. The daughter is happy with the sound of the headphones.

👤The headphones are good for their price range. If you want the bang for your buck, it's a good buy. My only complaint would be the rattling of the headphones on the right side. I haven't seen this complaint in any other reviews, so it may be an issue solely for me. I wouldn't be surprised if these headphones survived 15 stabs to the chest, a run in with some boiling hot molten lava, and a drop, because they are Rixbox headphones with my past experience with their headphones. Trust me on this one. If you don't mind, I'll fill you in one or two months later. There is a I tested the sound on the wire and blue tooth after looking into the complaints of the earlier review. The quality from what I could tell was the same. There is a It has been a month. It's been holding up well. I slept with the thing multiple times in the past month. There is no problem with durability here.

👤I received the XBT-880 for free to review, so my review compares to the earlier model. The changes in design and build quality are the first thing to notice. The 880 took a step up from the previous model. The XBT-80 is not as light as the 880. The new design is very shiny and slick, which I like better than the old design. The curved band has a very nice quality leather padding and a hard plastic exterior which makes it look more expensive. The extension to enlarge the headphones is a seamless material sliding into the band, rather than in the XBT-80 where it is exposed. The ear pieces in the 880 design are larger than in the XBT-80, which makes them qualify as over- ear. The ear pieces are much better padded and the material isn't bunched up like on the XBT-80. The buttons on the 880 are easier to find and look at than the XBT-80 buttons because they are simpler to find and look at. The headphones arrived with a few spots of hot glue which I easily removed with my finger, but it was very unprofessional. The design flaw is that the cord connecting the ear pieces to the band is external, which causes slack to accumulate unless the headphones are fully extended. The XBT-80 was taken away by the 880. The first time I tried it, it made a noise and it felt like I could have broken it, but the headphones still fold up. The edges of the band started to separate slightly after a week or so of use. There is a I'm not a sound expert. I have no issues with sound quality. I don't listen to bass heavy songs or anything, but the audio is clear and I don't notice any levels being left out, so it works perfect for me. The start-up voice is much better than the XBT-80's, which was very robotic and unpleasant, but I have no issues with the new voice. Sometimes I have a sound issue where the music starts or in between songs you can hear a faint high Frequency background noise that the headphones put out. I find it easy to tune out noise in public places with any music playing, and the louder your music is, the easier that will be. There is a The headphones performed close to the claimed quantities on my initial test. I measured 14-16 hours of play with a 2 hour charging time. The product has a great design and quality for the price, and the complaints I have about it are nit-picking. The product has a one year warranty after purchase. The riwbox support team was very helpful and sent me a replacement product without any questions asked or even having to return the original product, and I only contacted them for a small issue and the headphones were still functioning. I was a little worried when I saw the bad English on the riwbox website, but the customer service was perfect and the products are not poorly made. The product isn't perfect, but I think it's the best thing for its price.

8. HIFIMAN Audiophiles Great Sounding Sensitivity Comfortable

HIFIMAN Audiophiles Great Sounding Sensitivity Comfortable

Every time and slow-retention foam ear pads ensure a comfortable fit, the headband self-adjusts for a perfect fit. What is a headphones? What are the benefits of that design? Planar headphones feature a layer of Conductive that covers the entire diaphragm, which results in lower distortion than conventional dynamic headphones. The special shape of stealth magnets allows the waves to pass through the magnets without generating interference. The sound waves are degraded by wave turbulence due to the acoustically transparent design of the HIFIMAN magnet. Pure sonic output is possible with the reduced distortion. The connections are durable. The drivers of the headphones are protected by a new design. A 3.5mm cable is packaged with a 6.35mm accessory for maximum compatibility with a wide range of devices. The HE400SE is the perfect match for low-voltage sources. Audio players. The HE400se is comfortable for hours even in warm weather thanks to its lightweight headband.

Brand: Hifiman

👤These headphones are very cheap and have blown me away. The sound quality is great. $400 wireless headphones sound like tin cans on a string, compared to the fantastic planar-magnetic headphones. There is a The sound quality of these cans is neutral but engaging. The bass is not dominant. The mids are lovely, and the treble is clear before it becomes harsh. The soundstage is wide for an open-back headphone, and the detail is superb. There is a The control of these headphones is my biggest compliment. Every aspect of your music stays in place regardless of the complexity of your music. A piece of music can collapse into a wall of sound with other headphones. Not with these cans. I own a pair of the HD 560s. The HD 560s is a bit more clinical and mid-forward than the HE-400se. The sound of the HD 560s can be heard at certain frequencies, but it can also be heard in pieces of music that are very complex and aggressive. There are only two complaints and one suggestion. There is a The headband is very uncomfortable during the first few uses. With time and some kneading, it became softer. The ear cups are comfortable. The included cable is terrible. It works, but it's cheap. It's replaceable, though. I guess HiFiMan has to cut corners to sell a $150 headphones. The cans can be driven by mobile phones. That's not true. They're low impedance but also low sensitivity, and you really need a portable amplifier to drive them to adequate volume with good fidelity. There is a The HE-400se is a delight. These headphones would cost $300. They're one of the most valuable items in audiophilia.

👤These were not great out of the box, but after letting them break in they are amazing. They were colored and sounded dry out of the box. Get used to the sound when they break in. You'll realize how much better these are after you've done that. The peak is around 9k and I found it annoying. I'm not sensitive to treble, but the peak of 9k is a bit much, decrease by 5db and you're golden. Soundstage is wide, separation is great, and the image is great. These things will take all the bass boost you throw at them. The soundstage can be opened by removing the grill on these. The plastic outer ring around the grill is held into place by 4 tabs with a very thin screwdriver. The grill falls out when the ring is removed. The headband is very stiff and it is very good for comfort. The earpads are comfortable and plush. It's mostly made out of plastic. The stock cable is the most microphonic cable I have ever seen, so please buy a replacement. It's a fishing line. They have 2 3.5mm jacks. I would recommend getting a dac and amplifier. It would be a good match for these if the apple usBC/lightning to 3.5mm dongle was better. I wouldn't run these off a phone, instrument separation, or sound stage.

9. Bluetooth Headphones Pollini Wireless Memory Protein

Bluetooth Headphones Pollini Wireless Memory Protein

Long battery life and dual mode are what the TUINYO Headphones are for. 40 hours of music time, and 2 to 2.5 hours of fast Charing. You can switch to wired mode after 35 hours of playing. You don't need to worry about power shortage for long travel. There is a warranty. Tuinyo has a 30-day hassle-free return policy and a one-year warranty. Customer service is prompt and friendly. Pollini headphones are constructed with a 40mm driver and fully covered earmuffs to ensure superior High Fidelity stereo sound quality and immersive music feast where you may lose yourself by covering closely your ears. The wireless headphones are great for using on Voice Assistant enabled devices, as they allow you to use voice commands with hands free. The design is comfortable. The ear cushions are made of memory-protein and mimic human skin texture. With the help of the soft padded headband and the durable quality STAINLESS steel slider, the headset can be adjusted to the perfect fit. Pollini earphones are perfect for travel, sport, and daily use. Long press the power button and the headphones with microphone will enter pair mode and connect with your devices in seconds without interference. It is possible to enjoy smooth hands-free phone calls. There is a requirement for a built-inBluetooth function for TV. The 3.5mm jack audio cable enabled device can turn into a pair of wired earphones if they are compatible with the wireless earphones. Pollini over ear headphones come with great performance and a stylish appearance to stay popular. The design of the leather earmuffs and headbands guarantees a maximum comfort even after long- lasting wear. They offer a carrying pouch to keep the headsets when not in use for easier storage and carrying as well as to increase their service life. Pollini headphones have a long battery life of 40 hours of continuous music playing and requires 2.5 hours to get a full charge. When the battery power runs out, you can switch to wired mode with an audio cable and not worry about a power shortage. 30-days hassle-free return policy and one-year warranty are included. Customer service is always prompt and friendly.

Brand: Pollini

👤Overall, I gave them 5 stars. I was looking for cheap headphones with a mic that I could use with my phone while walking. I settled on these after reading reviews for several brands. The breakdown of my review is here. Bitter life. I have charged them twice since purchase. They had a 70% charge. They last about 8 hours so far. I can charge them at night when I walk a lot. They have a battery. There is a COMFORT: These headphones are not loud. They are very comfortable. They are not loose-fitting for a woman. Sound: The sound quality is good. I listen to a lot of different music, from house to brostep, toymphonic metal. The sound quality is good. These headphones do a good job of keeping track of the different frequencies in music. There is a The sound quality on the receiver's side is still good. There is a Over all: The purchase was a good one. I would recommend them. There are updates on March 7, 2022. To pair this with multiple devices, each device needs to be off. I have other blue tooth devices that don't work this way. My original 5-star rate does not change. The headphones are comfortable and hold a charge. The sound quality is still good.

👤These are comfortable and can be used with both wired and wireless connections to my phone. I can wear these all day without any problems. These batteries can last all day without needing a refill. I have some days where I play music for 8 hours. The connection is always good. The sound is great and the bass is deep. I spend a lot of time away from home and these have served me well. The build quality of the headphones is good. These are the ones in my ear buds.

👤These are very nice, they are a very pretty rose gold with great attention to detail. They are comfortable. I use mine for meditation and they block out the outside noise. These are affordable and I think we all should be meditating for health and freedom right now. I send my love from the deepest part of my heart. We are all in this together.

👤I own seven pairs of headphones that I love. I used these on my computer for everything. The sound is great and the battery lasts for three days. I don't compare them to my Bose but they sound great and for the money, you can't beat them. I know what my friends and family are getting for Christmas. If you have a big ol melon head, they are small. I think these are youth size. I have a small peanut. I wear a motorcycle helmet and they fit great. I think it's not that small. It's funny.

👤The sound of these headphones blocks out noise on its own, even though they don't have noise cancellation. The sound is so audible to everyone else that there is nothing to be worried about. I prefer having my music low because I like it that way. You can't even think about using these. I can't get halfway to what these headphones are capable of without being completely audible to everyone else in the room as if I'm playing music directly off my phone speakers. Sometimes I can hear them just as well with them around my neck as with them over my ears. I have had these for less than 2 months and the sound is already getting fuzzy and faded. I would have gotten a cheap pair of earbuds from Walmart. Not worth $30. The battery life is exactly as advertised, but when you get over $20 dollars, longevity becomes a concern. I have had cheap headphones in the past. My headset is getting worse by the day. It is inevitable at this point.

10. OneOdio Adapter Free Headphones Professional Telescopic

OneOdio Adapter Free Headphones Professional Telescopic

mounting on computers, desk and wall is durable. The OneOdio Studio monitor headphones have a clear sound. Powerful bass, clear vocal, and crisp high tones form stereo sound with large, 50 millimeter speaker unit drivers. It's built to stay competitive. The ear cushions are made of soft padding. The headband is stretchable and can be adjusted to fit you. No more adaptive individuals. DJ style coiled cord is easy to reach from the TV to the chair. There is a 3.5mm plug included. You can plug in the mixer you want to use. The self-adjustable headband and 90 ear cups are ideal for mastering and mixing and can last for hours. All devices have an audio jack. The bass sound is good and the comfort is good. These are the headphones you've been looking for.

Brand: Oneodio

👤First off, what are these headphones? Over 40 years of pro audio experience here. There is a These headphones are great for personal listening. DJ quality? If you are talking about a weekend warrior occasional party DJ. DJ use that subjects them to a lot of physical punishment, then absolutely not! They're $30.00 headphones. I give a 5 star for the reasons. Sound quality is important. I can't tell you a real notable difference between my headphones. These are my first 50mm driver phones. Here is my opinion. All you get on these reviews is opinion. The first test. A sound system check. It was very accurate. There is a The second test. Bose studio demo Very good. Music tests. Also sprach Zarathustra. Excellent and Accurate is what Richard Strauss is. Just like I was there, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. Nice highs and low frequencies. 3. AC/DC, Shoot to Thrill. Yeah, 4. It sounds great. 5. Both GFR and BS versions arenoid. 6. Skynyrd. It would take an awfull headphones to ruin Simple Man and Free Bird. The front row experience is something that should be taken into account. 7. IRON BUTTERFLY IN, A-GADDA-DA-VIDA, Rock ON! There are 8. The CD is called the Acropolis. This is also very Pleased here. There is a These headphones are not what they say they are. Some reviewers have stated that they are not Bass Heavy. They're reproducing more accurate Bass that smaller driver headphones can't. I would call them "Bass Accurate", not heavy. Some have noted that they are not "skull crushing" I have been wearing them for over five hours straight and have used a Neoteck NTK059 headphones. I am pretty sure that all but the most demanding audiophiles will be very pleased with these, even though the Amp did add a positive aspect to the experience. I bought a second pair.

👤I bought these last year and thought they were a good buy but I had no use for them. I have a job in a noisy cube farm where I want to block out all the noise without having to pay for noise-cancelling headphones. I had these on my bed. I decided to give them a chance. I've owned hundreds of headphones and earbuds over the years and I think I'm a pretty good judge of sound quality. These are great for the price. The price to value ratio with these blows them out of the water, as I have other over-the- ear headphones that do the same. If you're looking for clear highs, solid mid-range, and bass that rivals studio monitors in clarity and power at a price that's too good to be true, then these headphones are for you. I sound like a fan. I take listening very seriously. No one can come close to this price. These guys have done a lot. Did I mention the comfort? The build quality and comfort of these is second to none and I wear them for 8 hours a day and 5 days a week. If you want to see what I'm talking about, buy the whole family a set.

11. Koss QZ 99 Noise Reduction Stereophone

Koss QZ 99 Noise Reduction Stereophone

There are headphones that reduce noise. The technology of connecting. Outstanding clarity and definition can be achieved by the Neodymium Magnet structures. Closed Pneumalite(Tm) Ear Cushions and Extra secure Headband Seal Ears eliminate all ambient noise. Easy level adjustment is possible with volume control on the ear cup. User flexibility is extended by the Stereo/Mono switch. The stereophone system is passive and doesn't listen to ambient sounds. Volume control on the earcup is easy to use.

Brand: Koss

👤I bought the Koss Pro4 AA headset in 1972 and have worn it ever since. I have been looking for a replacement for a long time. I tried a Koss Pro4AA Titanium and was disappointed. Even though they are sealed over the ear unit, they have poor acoustic isolation. I've tried many wired and wireless earbud units. The KLIPSCH R5 neckband unit is the best one I have found. The Koss QZ-99 is what this brings me to. There is a The unit reproduces the high end of the spectrum as well as any unit I have tried. The way my test playlist sounds is supposed to be heard in that range. I would rate this unit the same as my Pro4 AA if I had an iPad that could amplify the bass. Why do I say that? The acoustic isolation provided by this unit is the same as that provided by my shooting ear protectors. I can listen to my music without my wife nagging me to turn down her shopping spree on TV. The unit is well constructed and made. They seem to be in it for the long haul. The headband and ear cushions are padded. These headphones are good. I think you will as well.

👤I am not an audio engineer who is looking for headphones that exceed the range of human hearing but rather just a regular music lover. I bought the headphones to hide conversations in my office. I use wrap around ear muffs to hide the office sounds while I play classical music on Pandora at low volume. Bose type of noise cancelling headphones can't cancel office conversations, as a caution to readers who don't know otherwise. They can only cancel out noise for $300. These Koss earphones do more than that. There is a The value is great. Music sounds great when used with office noise suppression. * Sturdy construction and snug fitting ear muffs make them better than office dweebs with wimpy looking ear buds. * None has been found thus far. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to eliminate office chatter.

👤We use these headphones with our scanning equipment when we attend NASCAR races a few times a year. We compared them to our old headphones and they are just amazing. The padding on the ears and headband makes them comfortable to wear, and you can hear the conversations over the scanner. They are easy to adjust to. The cord is too long for what we use it for, but it has plenty of length if you need it.

👤This is the second pair of headphones I've owned, and I really like them. I don't recall what happened to the first. There is a These headphones are not a pro or con, but they may be too big for others. There is a If it weren't for the fact that they are great at passive noise cancellation, this would be a bigger issue. The volume knob on the left earphone is not very good, it will make a sound like one is rubbing a microphone against something, not a huge issue if you can set it and forget it. I lost a star. The volume knob is more and more problematic with age. Sometimes brushing against the volume knob will cause the left speaker to go out completely. I had to make a few changes to get it back to where I wanted it. I think it's an issue because of cheap parts, electrical connections and dust. If I knew what parts to buy, I would fix them up because they are great and are super-durable. There is a Buying something that sounds better but won't last long or buying electronics that are weak is the options. I would pay double for better electronics in this house.


What is the best product for headphones vintage aesthetic?

Headphones vintage aesthetic products from Zihnic. In this article about headphones vintage aesthetic you can see why people choose the product. Panasonic and Jlab are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphones vintage aesthetic.

What are the best brands for headphones vintage aesthetic?

Zihnic, Panasonic and Jlab are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphones vintage aesthetic. Find the detail in this article. Sony, Koss and Philips Audio are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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