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1. Cancelling Headphones SuperEQ S2 Bluetooth Headphones

Cancelling Headphones SuperEQ S2 Bluetooth Headphones

45 Money back period and worriless warranty plan will protect you for the next 2 years. Customer support is friendly and can assist you whenever you need it. US phone support is open 7 days a week. Why should ANC headphones be formal business style? Why do sound cancelling headphones cost so much? The best noiseless headphones for young and adventurous audio consumers will be made by SuperEQ. OneOdio has a headphones brand called ANC. By making sound and space become one, they can take their customers to the new worlds of audio. Experience audio with emotion and intensity. Reduce ambient noise by 75%. SuperEQ S2 captures ambient noise and applies noise cancelling processing in real time, so you can hear most words and tune with incredible clarity, from in-flight noise to city traffic. 3 CVC 8.0 noise-cancelling mics improve your call quality and suppression of external noise, which means your voice can be heard clearly by the other end. Would your ear be very hot, stuffy, and uncomfortable after a long time wearing the over- ear headphones? Are you tired of the feeling that the most heavy headphones are too light? The SuperEQ S2 soundproof headphones are lightweight and portable, they have premium leather earcups. You won't feel the existence of headphones if you wear it for running or yoga. The 40mm Neodymium magnet drivers in the SuperEQ S2 wireless active noise cancelling headphones provide impressive hi-fi sound quality. The deep bass has clarity that makes it a great listening experience. 3.5mm AUX wired input dual modes are supported by these headphones. You can stay entertained during your journey if you have an airplane adapter. It can be used for online meetings and online courses. The bright color scheme will win your child's favor, so these headphones can be used as a kids' headphones.

Brand: Supereq

👤These headphones are better than I expected. I mean by a lot. I bought these for my daughter. They were plugged into the computer. I decided to play some music to see what they sounded like. I asked how they sounded. She said they sounded great. I didn't believe her. He's headphones are the most comfortable I've ever felt. The base reproduction on these blew me away. Your cushions are very soft and make a great seal for noise canceling. I'm surprised at how good the base sounds on these headphones. I joked that I was going to take them. I'm serious. Maybe I'll borrow them or buy myself a pair. If you're reading my review, take my word for it and order these. You will be happy that you did.

👤These headphones are amazing. Nothing else under $50 is as good as these. I can't use the wireless buds because my ear is small and it takes away from the sound quality of the larger buds. The $300 beats I got in 2012 were amazing. The sound engineer was smoking a cigarette while mixing the track. That's how detailed the sound was. These headphones are the only ones that come close. These are a close second in quality and almost 8 times less expensive, so they are actually better. They fit well, aren't big like DJ headphones, and keep your ears warm. The audio is amazing. A lot of bass heavy headsets drown out the guitar in rock music, but the bass is spot on with hip-hop and r&b. The color is very sharp and gets a lot of double looks from strangers. They are loud. The battery lasts forever. You will not be charging these often because they take a long time to charge. I highly recommend them. I'm happy I found them. I wanted my headphones to match the color of my new phone. They had a skull candy bud in mint green. I searched for the color bt headphones and they were one of the first listings. Just buy them. You will not regret it.

👤If you don't rate these 5 stars, the sellers will send you emails asking you to change your review, so I changed my review to one star. I don't recommend buying from them because of their business practices. The headphones work well in that they work well with my phone, but they are not comfortable to wear. My ears are sore after an hour of wear. The headband is only lightly padded and hurts the top of my head.

👤I was impressed with the sound quality and price of the headphones. It's not the best sound quality or noise canceling, but it's respectable for the price. The style was enjoyable. My headphones stopped working a week ago. They couldn't turn on after being charged. I was very careful with them and never dropped them. These headphones make you think they are good, but they won't last very long. I regret buying it. Customer service was great and they reached out to me many times. They want to send me a replacement for the 2 year warranty. I will update my star rating when I get the replacement. Customer service sent the pair. They look slick and the sound quality is good. I'm thankful to have a pair of people working with me. It was a dud because it's rare for the charging to stop working. This one is very good so far. I will probably order some for gifts because I would recommend this product.

2. Bluetooth Headphones KVIDIO Microphone Lightweight

Bluetooth Headphones KVIDIO Microphone Lightweight

There are calls that are enhanced by artificial intelligence. The Life Q35 active noise cancelling headphones use beamforming microphones that pick up your voice with incredible accuracy, thanks to an artificial intelligence (ai) algorithm that has been tested thousands of times. The calls are clear and free of noise. The high fidelity stereo headphones from KVIDIO offer an almost concert hall-like feel to your favorite music as close as you are watching it live. Provide high-quality reproduction of sound. There is a telephone that is impervious to tampering. The foam in the earmuff gives you all day comfort. The earmuffs can fit any head shape without putting pressure on the ear. College students use it for travel, workout and every day use. There is wide comparativebility. Simply press multi-function button 2s and the over ear headphones with mic will be ready to pair. All devices that support 3.5mm plug cables are compatible with the KVIDIO headsets. With the built-in microphone, you can easily make calls while working from home. SeamLESS WIRELESS CONNECTION: The connection can be up to 33 feet (10 meters) long. The 500mAh battery can be charged in 2.5 hours. After 55 hours of playtime, you can switch to wired mode and listen to your music. There is no power shortage during the trip. There is a warranty and surpport. The package includes a foldable Deep Bass Headphone, 3.5mm backup audio cable, and User Manual. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Kvidio

👤The seller is a delight to communicate with and these headphones exceeded my expectations. These are very affordable. They cover more of your ears than some brands. The sound quality is very good. It's not the case with every brand that callers can hear you clearly and you can hear them clearly. There is a It would be hard to break these because they are very flexible, and even the ear covers can be pivoted. They only offer scanning forward or backwards. They work with my phone, no issues there. The power button can be used to start and stop music, and the +/- buttons can be used to switch tracks. The power button on the phone works the same way as when listening to music, with one touch for answer or hang up. I can be a harsh critic. I look for design that is durable and intelligent. I recommend these headphones to everyone.

👤The 5 stars were updated on January 22nd. The supply chain problems slowed down the replacements, but the new padding is a huge improvement. The sound is still decent for business calls and online meetings, and still decent for the price range of audio for music. If you use these like I do, you may notice a bit of fatigue after a while, but when both earcups are on as designed, the comfort is pretty good. It'll be hard for anything to beat my old MPOW memory foam cups, but these come pretty close... and it's refreshing to have found one that doesn't seem like it's about to break and has necessary comfort. There is a The only thing I can say is that there's a loud sound when connecting to calls that's too loud. I told the company that I would let them know if there was a future update that could fix that small issue. I don't think they will, given how proactive they've been. There is a The company has been great to work with, stood behind the product, addressed the service concern, and was interested to hear how to improve. 3 stars are updated 10/20. I'm positive. The newer model of headphones has better ear padding and was offered to me by KVIVIO. I'm hoping that this will lead to a better experience, since that was my main issue. There is a Adding a star for proactive customer service. The new headphones will be updated. -- The original was original. The leather on my headphones is starting to peel and the foam is starting to become exposed. I thought I had found a good replacement after reading the reviews. There is a Not much. The quality of the build makes me think I'll break them. I gingerly put them on and was waiting for aSNAP. The sound is ok, but not as good as other phones. I was willing to try the ear foam. These started hurting after 30 minutes, unlike the mpows which I have on for at least 3-6 hours a day. Those who like sleeping on beds of nails should be the focus of the marketing here. There is a These are going back.

3. Avantree Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Transmitter

Avantree Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Transmitter

100% satisfaction guarantee. They will do their best to satisfy everyone. If you have a problem with your use, please contact them. They have a free return/replacement policy. Hassle-free set up. You don't need to go through the complicated process of connecting with this wireless TV headphones; just plug the transmitter into your TV's audio output port, and they'll connect with each other, and you should be good to go. Works well with older TVs as well. It is universally compatible. It is compatible with all TVs on the market thanks to the optical, AUX, and RCA input cables. It will allow you to listen to your favorite TV shows at your own volume and not have to turn the TV speaker volume up. The 200 has a lip-sync delay, but the HT4189 does not. The market has a lot of typical solutions. The audio and visual will always be perfectly synchronized, no matter what you're watching. Use them separately. Do you want to use the headphones with your phone? No problem! The headphones are designed with 40mm stereo drivers that deliver powerful yet steady audio quality while ensuring a smooth and dynamic listening experience. The range is extended. Class 1 is equipped with the highest range, so it can connect up to 100 ft. Need to make dinner? No problem, move around the house and do what you need to do without thinking about the audio cutting out.

Brand: Avantree

👤Why didn't she mention that ausb charging would be required? Why wouldn't Avantree include theusb charging station? I paid a premium price. What is necessary use the product?

👤My TV would have worked on any of the three ways the transmitter was connected to it. The audio cable was the easiest way to connect to my TV and the audio out Headset, but the instructions didn't say which way would give the best sound. I connected the Audio Cable to the "Optical Audio Cable" on my TV and then disconnected it after experimenting with it for a couple of nights. You have to go to your TV's menu to make sure "External Speakers" and "PCM Audio Format" are chosen before you can use the "Optical Audio" connection. Both connections gave excellent sound, and both connections muted the external sound on my TV when the "ON/OFF" switch on the transmitter was turned on. There is a The only problem I had was locating theusb port on my TV. It was on the side of the TV. The transmitter will have power if you connect theusb cable to your TV. When I took the headphones out of the box, they were already charged up. The instructions didn't explain how to turn on and off the headphones. There's a silver button on the left ear-pad that you have to press and hold down until a voice tells you the earphones are connected. The earphones are turned off the same way. The instructions were clear, but I thought they could have been clearer. There is a Setting up the earphones was easy once I understood the instructions. The earphones are very comfortable, easy to adjust, and provide excellent sound that doesn't bleed beyond the earphones. The earphone's silver ON/OFF button has a "+" and "-" button on the ether side. I'm very happy with the design of this unit.

👤The headphones were great but could not get the volume to work. Customer service was called to find out if they were faulty. We were told send would send detailed instructions, but we never received them. We wouldn't have understood them anyway. They were sent back and ordered a newer model. I called the 800 number for help figuring out the audio. The recording began with me taking a short survey. I was forced to hang up after listening to the shpeal for at least 3 minutes without ever having the option to skip it and talk to anyone.

👤Immediately after installation, the headphones and transmitter werepaired. Excellent sound quality. I use a blue tooth transmitter that produces tv and movies for my hearing aids. I don't need my hearing aids to hear the sound of the headphones because they produce a more natural sound. The cost of the ReSound TV transmitter was $279 if I had tried the Avantree first. I will buy a second headset for my home in Arizona when I have more money in my pocket.

👤Initially, they worked well. The headphones wouldn't pair with the transmitter after a few weeks. We couldn't get it to work because of the help and patientness of Avantree Support. I'm not happy.

4. Headphones Bluetooth Isolation Microphone Throwback

Headphones Bluetooth Isolation Microphone Throwback

Go retro with the Rewind Wireless Retro Headphones, they take you back to when you could kick it with your Walkman. It's time to go wireless. The Rewind headphones give you 12 hours of playtime, a custom sound system, and all of the controls you need. The same design and foam ear pads will make you nostalgic. Today's technology has an old-school look. You can keep your music hassle-free by using a wireless link to stream it from up to 30 feet away. You will leave with a feeling of rock-star vibes all day long with up to 12 hours of mind-blowing sound. You can take control with these headphones, which come with a button on the headset, so you can answer calls without taking out your phone. Crystal clear communication is possible with an onboard microphone. For those who need to know moments, a double click and digital microphone lets you turn on and off voice assistant prompt as you please. Their radical EQ3 setting allows you to change the sound of your music via the headphones. JLab Signature, Balanced, and Bass boost are available. They offer a 30-Day Money- Back Guarantee to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Their products come with a 2-year limited warranty to make sure you are covered if there is an issue with them.

Brand: Jlab

👤The headphones are the next logical step in the 4.2 headset movement. There is no weird wire flopping on the back of your neck, they are not earbuds that make your ears sore, and you can walk away from your phone without them. I have been buying this headset for years. Buying the smaller, lighter, ear form, foam bud, ear plug, around the neck, over the ear, backing things, on a crowd funding website, is what is required. . I bought it. All of them had an issue with them. These do have issues, but they are ones I completely accept for their price and style. The ear foam is cheap and raspy. The sound is not very loud. If you read the title, they are RETRO headphones. In the 80s and 90s, we had raspy-foam headsets. We chewed up the foam and wore our headphones all the time. The sound was not right because we had to fiddle with the cord. We couldn't walk a hundred feet from the source of the sound. We couldn't turn it off by touching the earpad. We couldn't take phone calls with them. The list continues. There is a These earphones are called I N E X P E N S. I V. They cost a little more than the earbuds, but they perform better. They look great! I let my wife use them once and she wanted a pair. If you've been reading this review for a long time and still don't know my feelings, I have finally found the perfect headset. The case is closed.

👤A pair of headphones. Sound quality is acceptable, they sound the same after one glance. There is a The process was simple - just hold down the button to turn them on, and you're good to go. There is a voice that says hello when turned on, tells you battery level, and sayspairing when looking for a connection. The headphones were on as I walked around my apartment. There is a No complaints about the sound. The fit of these headphones is much better than I expected, they don't grip too tightly, and let my ears breathe easily, which is appreciated. There is a I ordered the orange foam covers for the black pair. The black foam covers are installed at the factory. It is a simple process to replace them. It was difficult to open the plastic packaging, but it is clearly designed for store retail. The packaging is made from recycled materials. At the end of the day, you're getting a good pair of headphones with good build quality and good battery life. It is recommended. I will probably buy some for friends in the future.

👤A clear sound in the mids to highs, not a lot of bass but enough for TV watching. I needed these to do both with my phone and the Hopper's audio, which is a fixed volume. The only way to control volume is with headphones. There isn't anything on this set. JLab assumes connecting with a phone. Why didn't they include any volume control? If the phone is in your pocket or bag, the phone's own volume buttons might not work. You are out of luck. I have to cock my ears off to keep the output from being loud.

5. HWCONAD Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof

HWCONAD Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof

The box has ausb charging cable and user manual. Customized Comfort and Secure Fit:/r wireless earuds is designed for wearing comfort and staility, specially designed soft silicone ear cap, more comfortale and more stale to wear in the ear. It is easy to carry mini and fashion. Even if you wear it all day, you can still feel comfortable. IPX8 is a waterproof and anti-allergic coating. HWCONAD wireless headphones use a high-tech coating on the earplug. The charging ox has a leakproof structure that can prevent the water from entering the interior. The waterproof aility can stop the 1-meter deep water for 120 minutes. When you put your earuds in your ears, they will connect to your phone, and you will be able to control it with one step. 60 hours of battery life and quick charge are provided by the earuds. Their portale charging case can last up to 60 hours, or 40 hours if you support the phone call. They can listen to music for an hour with the headphones on. Service policy If you have any questions, please contact them, they will reply to you within 24 hours, and will figure out how to solve your prolems.

Brand: Hwconad

👤It's the best buy for sure. These babies had a bit of shipping juice, connected straight away, fit my ears like gloves made just for me, great eq/bass ratio, volume, brilliant tap command for hand/device free navigation, and pricey appearance. I ordered a second set as I am keeping these babies. This headset gives you quality without breaking the budget.

👤So far, I am very pleased with this product. I already have a pair of headphones that are larger. I was hoping the shape would fit better in my ear, I loved the price of these. I'm glad I tried them. The packaging looks great, but there is a lot of waste, which is disappointing. The case is small. The yellow portion has a nice feel to it. The headphones try to pair with your phone when you open the lid. I was able to listen to a show with great sound when I connected the headphones to my phone. It is difficult to get the headphones out of the case since they are so slippery, but it is easy to put them away. I like the included charging cable and earmuffs. I replaced a damaged earmuff on another set of headphones. I will buy another pair of shoes for my sister's Christmas present.

👤The shape of the case is unique. The sound quality of music and videos is very good. I don't know if it's because I had them. They sounded like they were not on the phone when I called them. It is a great product.

👤I have used expensive in- ear monitors and studio monitors. There is a My first experience with listening was with the AirPods. They sound great, but don't fit my ears well, have a limited range, and constantly drop out. I found him. There is a I don't know how to say this brand, but it doesn't matter because these things rock! They are very comfortable in my ears. They didn't let loose when I tried shaking my head. I was able to instantly test the sound quality when they came charged. I was impressed with the clarity. They never did sound harsh or distort. They are not bass heavy, but have a nice low. The sound of these would be compared to studio monitors. Extreme clarity and not overemphasizing bass. I tried to run out the range, but they stayed connected to my phone. Absolutely amazing range. There is a The case is very nice and I like the fact that it has a charging cable. There is a When you consider the price, these earbuds are amazing. They are a great value. There is a They are better than the wireless headphones. I am very satisfied with HWCONA.

👤I am glad I got these ones. They are loud and fast to charge. I like to use these to take walks and to use when my kids are napping, I have to get some cleaning done. The price for such great quality headphones is amazing and you will not regret buying them.

6. PANASONIC Wireless Headphones Bluetooth RP HTX80B R

PANASONIC Wireless Headphones Bluetooth RP HTX80B R

We offer a 30-Day Money- Back Guarantee to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Their products come with a 2-year limited warranty to make sure you are covered if there is an issue with them. Bluetooth Wireless Concierge is a built-in microphone and multi-function button to answer calls. The headphones' high-capacity battery provides up to 24 hours of playtime. A quick charge keeps the music going for a while. 5 hours. The over-the- ear headphones have soft ear pads that are long- lasting and lightweight wire that apply gentle pressure on both ears for a close, personalized fit. Every song, every lyric, is clearly heard with dual 40mm neodymium drivers. The acoustic bass control filters enhance high and low tones. The RP-HTX80B headphones are available in four retro colors to match your life, look and style. You can choose from Sangria, Matte Black, or Dijon.

Brand: Panasonic

👤I was a huge fan of the legendary RP-HTX7-W1 and bought 4 of them, but I am not a fan of the quality of these headphones. There is a The build quality is even better than the wired one, and support a better-than-average fit and comfort level. The power button must be held for three seconds to turn on, rather than just use a switch, which is the only minor issue with the build. It is a minor annoyance compared to the rest of the issues, but it is tangible when taken in stride with the connection issues we will get to. There is a The audio quality is not good. There is a small amount of compression artifacts on these, and it streams in audio at a very low bitrate, even when audio is turned to the absolute highest settings available on the connected device. The noise floor has been raised to an annoying level. If the audio goes below a certain level, there is a gate on the audio which completely removes any signal, which can be very annoying when working with quiet sounds or watching a movie with quiet scenes. The average user won't notice the delay, but it renders using these for video editing or competitive gaming with a modmic that is somewhat useless. I find that on any device I attach these to, they will randomly disconnected about an hour and a half into every session. I thought it was a battery saving measure for when there is no audio being piped to the headphones, however it is not a battery saving measure if audio is turned up. There is a I can't recommend these headphones to anyone in their current state, even though I hold some hope that Panasonic will make a revision of this model with better audio quality and better bluetooth integration.

👤I've been buying a replacement pair of headphones for four or five years when they break. I was devastated to see that my most recent pair was discontinued. I wanted to try these ones in hopes that they would be the same as the wired ones. Not even close. The sound quality is terrible. The sound quality is better on my laptop speakers. I feel like an old man shaking his fist from his porch when I say that the bluetooth audio trend is the worst thing to happen to headphones. Bring back wired headphones.

👤I was a huge fan of the wired up versions of this headset, and after my was stolen a year or so ago, I've been looking for a new pair, which are basically unavailable now. These have the same amazing styling, but have smaller cups than the previous model, and sound quality is not as good. It has to be sent through the air. There is a If you're a new user, get them. The fit of wireless is pretty good. Don't expect a high quality sound. You have to wire up for that kind of thing. I'm happy to have them for travel and work.

7. OneOdio A70 Bluetooth Headphones Professional

OneOdio A70 Bluetooth Headphones Professional

Lifetime service. They offer a worry-free service. They will respond within 12 hours if you have any questions. The jack lock system on the stereo Aux cable is used to make sure the cable lock is in place. When connecting the jacks and sockets, you don't have to worry about connection problems. The soft sponge inside the earcups improves the wearing experience, makes sure good sound insulation is present, and there is no irritation for long-term wear. Music or Sound Sharing: Pair your device with the audio cable and share your tunes with 2 or more people at the same time. You can receive music at both ends if you connect two devices with a 3.5mm cable and another 6.35mm cable. 72 hours playtime and 40mm driver deliver a wireless experience. 40mm drivers deliver vibrant bass, vivid midst, and vibrant highs without overlap.

Brand: Oneodio

👤I was buying the headphones for the wireless and battery features. The sound and battery life I received were better than I had thought. I have only had one time where the headphones did not connect to my phone. There is a One of the biggest reasons for buying these headphones was the battery life. I was looking for a set of headphones that would last for 3-6 hours. For four days, I run the headphones for 6-7 hours a day. I run the headphones until they turn off. This happens around noon. The stated 25 hours gives me a battery life of about 28-32 hours. They give two options for cables, one being coiled. The second cable has only feet. I expected noise cancellation with over the ear headphones. These were better than expected. I have a person in my office that is hard of hearing and just putting on a pair of headphones almost cancels him out. I only hear the music when it's playing. The sound quality is good. The old headphones I was replacing were not very good. These headphones have a deep bass. I was very happy with the sound. There is a There are two things that bug me about the cables. The coiled cable comes with a massive They could have either sent a 3.5mm accessory or put a 3.5mm on the other end, with a up size to the . It would have been nice to have an adapter. I have a few spare ones. The jack lock on the 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable does not come with the second one. This one may be a problem for others. The gain on these headphones is terrible if there is a mic. It doesn't pick up my voice. When I spoke in a normal volume, all three of the calls I answered could not hear me. I purchased the headphones because it was not a reason for this.

👤My daughter preferred the OneOdio Studio DJ headphones over the OneOdio DJ headphones because of their sound and feel. There is a I was happy to purchase another pair of the Studios from OneOdio, but they are currently unavailable, what is available is their new OneOdio Fusion A7 Wireless + DJ Headphones for a very reasonable price. I have been listening to the new Fusion headphones for 11 days now, and I am happy to report that they are great! There is a I said everything was good about the Studios in my headphones review. Design is clean looking and nicely tactile. The general quality is still high even though they are mostly plastic-based. When you wear them on your head for long periods of time, it is nice to have headphones that are small enough to fit on your ears. There is a nicely debossed, rubberized pouch for carrying. There is a A 6 ft / 2 meter cable with coiled extension and a 3 ft / 1 meter straight cable with Earcups are included. They aren't a brain-busting puzzle to get them back to normal position, I joke. Yes, they move, but it is simple. The majority of the sound is retained in office settings, so you don't have to share it with everyone. Not to say that they can't hear some sounds, but when you're trying to get your tympanic membranes to submission, there's gonna be some sharing going on. There is a The cups are very comfortable. The Studios are round, but they are a better fit overall. It's deep enough to not rest on your ears. There is a Some of the seam lines are slightly off in their linear accuracy, but still well sewn, no functional issue or fraying. Can be seen in the picture. There is a The Microusb charging port is located in the left earcup. The right earcup has a volume control, on/off button, and a light to let you know they are on or charging. The 3.5mm jack is used for wired connection. The 3.5mm - 1/4" cable has a "locking/anti-rotation" feature on it. OneOdio built a small key feature in to the jack port to make it easier to disengage the cable. It's pretty sweet! The person said, " Well padded and comfortable headband. The headband has a nice leather-like material covering the soft padding that sits on your head, as well as a debossed OneOdio logo on top, and sewn with red thread. It is possible to expand to a head size beyond mine. Sound and function. To get a good feel for the sound quality, I listened to a good variety of music and listed the songs below. I listened in a variety of ways, from 3.5 to 3.5 at the headphone, to 3.5 to 3.5 on my phone. There is a If you plug a cable in for whatever reason, it disengages the headphones from being connected to the internet. The sound quality is amazing, even at a price range of these headphones. You can run them flat and they are pretty accurate, but you can make them sound a bit more muddy. They can get a little boomy for some stuff, but not necessarily because they are set to be a little more bassy. There is a lot of good voice mids. The bass reducer setting on my phone allowed for a realistic amount of bass to come through, as it brought out the rest of the music and vocals. The bass was not lacking as I went from Bonnevilles to Cacique to King Kunta by Kendrick Lamar. If you want to move on, you need to spend a lot more money on some wired, open-backed headphones, a dedicated headphone amplifier, and all the gold-plated accessories. If you like wired or wireless, these Fusion A7s are a great choice. There is a I have listened to them for a good 4 or more hours per day since I bought them, and I have tried various wired testing which has no impact on battery life. I don't know how long they'll stay but they're playing well. You can either take them off and charge them or plug them in via one of the audio cables and listen until you are done, or you can let them charge. Issues, really. Every time you move the volume up or down, there is a sound. I will let you know that you are actually making a change. The song transitions from one to the next with the same sound. An even more annoying sound. There is a normal pause when you transition between songs. No need for a loud sound. The artist wanted the album to be mixed so that there would be no breaks between songs. I have nothing to complain about because it is all beep-based. The person said, " What can I say? Wrap that sh*t up! These are great-performing, excellent looking, and can be worn all day. Well thought out. It allows DJs, musicians, and regular listeners alike options for multi-functional uses, as well as making it so you can use your headphones in a social manner and have friends connect to yours so you can share the music! Customer Service has always been available to help you with your product, and to assist should something go wrong. I love that. The OneOdio Fusion A7s are hard to find fault with, and highlyRECOMMENDED. Enjoy them. A small list of the songs that were listened to. I paid attention to the ones that I didn't know anything about. There is a The Jazz Master is a part of the K&D Session. Ibeyi - Mama SaysArctic Monkeys - R U Mine? is a song from the album Add It Up. There is a B.B. King - Darlin' You Know is a jazz song. I love you in Japan. A$AP Rocky) Skepta Stevie Wonder sings "No Law in Lurgan." Don't worry about Larry Lovestein and The Velvet Revival. Vamos Cacique is a song by The Pixies. The Nastio Mosquito is a mosquito. I love you more than you know, I love you more than you know, I love you more than you know, I love you more than you know, I love you more than you know, I love you more than you know, I love you more than you know, I love There are live sessions of Diggity and Sheherazade.

8. Paww SilkSound Headphones Ear Bluetooth

Paww SilkSound Headphones Ear Bluetooth

Fashionable head phones for women. When listening to your favorite tunes, you don't have to compromise on style. The Paww SilkSound Headphones mimic the look and feel of a fashion accessory. Wireless communication. You can connect to your devices quickly and confidently with the help of the technology. The headphones for women offer high-quality sound and a seamless audio experience. You can use voice commands. SilkSound can be stored in a purse or small bag for on-the-go convenience. The headphones come with a carrying case and a charging cable. There are multiPLE DEVICES. You can pair your SilkSound Headphones with multiple devices at the same time. If you want to make or answer a phone call, stop listening to music or watching a movie on your iPad or laptop. There is a choice of colors. You can match your SilkSound Headphones to any outfit or style you want, with the choice of Tortoise Shell, Blue Frost, Golden Yellow and Black Onyx. You can make a bold fashion statement wherever you go with the stylish set.

Brand: Paww

👤I love the sound, the lack of bulk on my head, and the fact that I can still hear what is playing even though I can't hear it when I am being called. I could not find what I was looking for before now, other's were either over ear that blocked everything or tiny things in the ears which annoy after a bit. Again, these are correct.

👤These are so comfortable that I don't have to worry about the pressure on my ears. It's not as good as my beats ote headphones, but it's better. I think they are smaller. I'm going to sell my Beats and buy all of the colors they come in. It's easy to pair my phone and computer. It is worth every penny. They look cute as a hair accessory. I am really pleased that this sounds like I am getting paid. I have a hard time with anything that puts pressure on my head. They don't cancel noise like my beats, but for me, my money and my comfort, Paww Silk beats Beats.

👤If you're looking for a great price and a great sound, try them out, they're the best one I've ever owned, and they're not the best you've ever had, but I don't know what to tell you. I will get another pair.

👤I liked the idea of this headband. There is a It's small, almost invisible, and it has a nice sound. Since it's out of ear and on top of ear, you're not going to get the best sound. It's still a nice item. A quality carrying case made of wood and a matching bag for your cords are included. I was impressed. There is a It's getting uncomfortable to wear after only 30 minutes. The buttons are hard to push and I end up pressing the wrong button or getting the wrong function when I hold the middle button. It's important to know how many times you need to press the button. This is not listed in the directions. I wanted to put these behind my ears. It's too large and too far back to do that. The item was good for the price. It's unique is a plus. I would recommend it. I need to figure out how to wear these without hurting my ears. They might stretch out over time. I have to move them around.

👤The hard case is a huge bonus. I'm not sure if it's sweat proof because of the condensation that forms where it contacts skin. Pressure on the ear can make you uncomfortable. The battery life is good.

👤I use these headphones when I run. The sound quality is great. The rubber ears slip when I sweat from running. It's not something to do with the headphones, it's me. I'm pretty sure these were not meant for running, but they work well if you are a runner. The ear piece is adjusted back a bit and they stay there for the rest of the run.

9. Hadisala Bluetooth Ear Hooks Headphones Waterproof

Hadisala Bluetooth Ear Hooks Headphones Waterproof

It takes an hour for the embryo to be fertilized. 400 MA is only charge 1-2h, will support 6-7 hours, and will have a 100% money back guarantee. After constant research and testing, they designed the Hadisala ear-hook wireless headphones. It is made of soft, flexible and secure-fit ear hooks. Sports wireless earbuds come with different size Silicone caps that are easy to wear. Without worry earbuds falling off, no matter what. Hadisala wireless earphones have a large speaker driver that can provide deep bass and crystal clear sound, making you feel like you are listening to a concert on stage. The fully in- ear design can eliminate environmental noise and give you an excellent listening experience. The Hadisala earbuds have a single charge that will give you a full 5 hours of listening. Up to 50 hours of use time for earbuds can be provided by the charging case. The included cable allows you to charge the earbuds and display the battery level in the box without worry about the battery life. Hadisala sports wireless earplugs with IPX7 waterproof function, which can easily resist sweat and rain. It's an idea for running, hiking, climbing, cycling, swimming and other activities. Their wireless headphones can work with most of the devices that are compatible with them. The Hadisala wireless headset has the most advanced chip in the market to ensure a stable and fast connection. The one-button touch on the earbuds makes it easy to answer/reject calls, play/switch music, volume up/down, wake up voice assistant.

Brand: Hadisala

👤I don't know why so many people loved them, but they are very uncomfortable and hurt to be in our ears, I tried them with my son. The sound quality was okay, but they kept cutting off. I wouldn't recommend them.

👤I lose my ear buds a lot. I've had big names before, all costing over $100, and I can't stop losing them. I started using off brand Chinese ones. I found them to be similar. Sounds great. Fit is perfect for me, but can be different depending on your ear canal shape. Everything works. I don't have to worry about losing them because of its low price. I don't have to worry about buying it again when I lose them. There is a The voice that tells you when you are connected is very annoying. It's not worth taking a star off.

👤I haven't given the battery life a good try. It lasted for what I needed, but I can't walk across the room from my phone because of the range. They are useless for when I'm cleaning the house because they start losing connection if I'm more than 5 feet away. They are at 10 ft away. I have never had a pair of headphones with such a short range before, but they worked in the same room and one room over, even if I didn't have a good connection on the other side of the house. I have to keep my phone in my pocket in order for it to work while I clean, so I cannot leave my phone in my pocket while I do that. The case is small and compact, they look nice in the sound quality, but they aren't the most comfortable ones I've ever worn, and they can take a little adjusting to get in my ear. I think these are worth nothing between the comfort and the lack of range. I didn't expect much for the price, but I expected the issue to be more with battery life than the range. I will need to upgrade to a better pair in the near future, which makes this feel like a waste of money.

👤I like having earbuds. In this case, they allow for mobility and it is surprisingly secure. I have ordered various brands and models. I'm hesitant to buy off name brands because they tend to vary in quality. I have been careless with losing them and the name brands cost a lot to replace. After seeing the positive reviews, I decided to try these. They feel good. I haven't had any issues with the pair. They sound good in the middle and bass. I used them for exercise for a couple of days and never had any issues with their batteries. There are some comments. The cord is very short. I have a lot of cords and this didn't bother me. The microphone was not malfunctioning. I bought this for music and podcasts, so I wasn't worried about the microphone quality. There is a The controls are limited. There are no volume controls for me. I thought the noise cancellation sounded good. There is a I think these do a great job for anyone looking to get a nice looking set of true wireless earbuds without spending a lot of money.

10. Jabees Firefly Bluetooth Wireless Charging

Jabees Firefly Bluetooth Wireless Charging

Ear cover upgrade can replace the appearance, but also upgrade it. The ear is attached to the ear, the performance of the release unit is larger, and the user experience is improved. The ear cover version is more warm in winter than the standard version, and can be switched indoors and outdoors at will. These reliable wireless earbuds are powered by the aptX, AAC, and SBC codec, which are perfect for gaming mode. It was possible to reduce the time taken to play a game to as little as 80 ms. These gaming earbuds with mic block interference even in a noisy environment. Their best earbuds with mic are the best for listening to and talking over the phone. Firefly Vintage's headphones can be used for 8 hours of gaming or music playtime on a single charge. The wireless earbuds have a 500 mAh battery and a charging mat that is compatible with the Qi standard. The touch and push button can be used to control a lot of things. When you open the lid of the case, the earbuds turn on. You have the power to block the sound of your surroundings on public transportation. Sports headphones or workout headphones are perfect for men and women. You can level up your meetings with great quality calls and fewer interruptions. The best part? A money-back guarantee and 100% satisfaction is what Jabees stands behind their products.

Brand: Jabees

👤I am one of those people who research a potential new purchase like crazy. I looked at a lot of different wireless earbuds and compared their features and battery strengths. I bought this set and I can't remember the last time I was so happy with it; so, I'm going to give my opinion and hopefully help someone else who is looking to buy a great set of earbuds. I listen to News, Music, and Podcasts all day long. I put an ear bud in before work and listen until after I leave. I have never drained an earbud. It has astounded me. I was thinking that I would keep one ear bud in the charging port until the other was dead, and then swap them out. I have not had to do that. I thought the battery could last longer. Sound is great in both music and phone calls. The phone calls are very clear when it comes to music. There is a There are lights on the front of the charging Pod to show when one is low. If you want to, you can only use one ear bud at a time. You can download their app to your phone and set the earbuds to different settings. There are different types of transparent mode, such as transparent mode indoors, transparent mode outdoors, and transparent mode transportation. The buttons on the side are Touch-sensitive, and unlike other earbuds on the market, they are dual selection, meaning that you can Click it by pressing down harder. It is a very cool feature. When you open the charging Pod, the earbud automatically syncs to your phone. They don't need to try to pair them every time. There is a It had several different sizes of ear fitting. I put the medium size on, and they feel very secure, and I have never felt like they were going to fall out. It comes in a nice box. It was nicely packaged. There is a This set is a great product at a great price. I work in a formal setting and needed earbuds that looked professional. These are professional looking. The earbuds have a Copper accent. I like it. These earbuds are amazing. I highly recommend. I tried to show different angles and sizes. Hopefully, this will help you find something.

👤I use a lot of headphones. I use various on ear phones for more immersive sound, and I usually use thesamsung buds+ for my normal listening on my phone. My first TWS headphones were a $20 set I got from a chinese site and I use those as a bare minimum standard, as in pair quickly, connect without issues, play music and controls work. This checks all the boxes. The sound pass through mode makes these more than worth the price. The sound quality is good. I am not a fan of headphones that have sound profiles from other headphones. The base is not muddy, the mids are not strong, and the highs seem right. There is a The are pretty light, but don't feel cheap. I haven't had any issues with pain. The controls take some getting used to, for example, single touch left - volume down, right touch - volume up, double tap either - pause/play, tripple tap - left back, tripple tap right, next, press and hold on either to turn on audio pass through. I installed the app after testing them on my phone. You can use the app toggling the pass through, but you can also do that manually by holding the buttons on each ear bud. I connected them to my Windows 10 machine, which I use for audio and video work, after I uninstall that and unpaired them from my phone. These shine here. I have had issues with other headsets dropping connection on Windows 10, but these have not yet disconnected. With the audio pass through, I can keep them on and still hear myself on the remote meetings. If you only have TWS buds, they have some good features and sound, and with some adjustments on your device, you can get them to sound exactly to your liking.

11. Coucur Headphones Detachable Cancelling Waterproof

Coucur Headphones Detachable Cancelling Waterproof

Ready to go. The light up hat contains four bulbs and is easy to remove. You can remove it to charge it. You will have the perfect amount of light for any task with the three (3) brightness settings. The earhooks are designed for sport. Unlike ordinary in ear earbuds, the Coucur wireless headphones are designed with soft, flexible and secure fit ear hooks to fully fit your ears without falling out even for intense workouts. Silicone ear hooks and ergonomics ensure that your sports earbuds stay in place when you do sports, running, hiking, jogging and other outside activities. Compared with the previous version, the 5.1 technology of the headphones can offer you an unparalleled audio experience with faster transmission speed, stronger connection stability, and longer range of bluetooth. When you take out the charging case, the headphones will pair automatically and you can use them with no hassle. The left and right ear buds could not connect to the device on their own. There is a crystal clear call and a hi-fi stereo. CVC8.0 noise cancelling technology allows you to enjoy crystal clear calls, as if you are talking to someone face to face. The 6mm driver unit in the earbuds makes the bass more powerful and the midrange full and textured. You can feel the more realistic music with the unique stereo sound quality and design. The true wireless earbuds can be charged in the case, and they can provide up to 6-7 hours of listening or talking time, while the portable charging case can extend it to 25 hours. It takes 1 hour to charge the case with type-C quick charge. The state of charge of your sport earphones is under control at all times. Mxrwai is a language. This waterproof headphones with mic can boost the enjoyment even on a rainy day. It's a good choice for strenuous workouts and all weather conditions if you use waterproof earbuds. It is possible to pair earphones with smart devices via the internet. The Coucur wireless in- ear headphones are great.

Brand: Coucur

👤The product is very good. The sound quality is very good. The comfortability is important to me. The ear loop is strong.

👤These sound the same as airpods, raycon's or any other expensive brand. The bass is amazing. They don't fall out of my ears when I run. You can't be too far away from your phone. They will lose the signal. These are great. That is the only reason for 4 stars.

👤I can be watching tv and my husband can be listening to thepods in the same room.

👤I love these. My daughter uses them daily. She has only one complaint, the battery doesn't last as long as her last pair.

👤They're a good buy. The callers always heard a tapping sound. They have good sound cancelling and good sound.

👤It's easy to set up and fit around the ear. It was definitely not a good sound. It is hard to hear low volume. Would not recommend.

👤I use the headphones to exercise in the gym, running, and cycling. I have been using them for a few weeks and I am very pleased with them. The sound quality is excellent and they also cancel out background noise. There is a They are very secure and comfortable to wear. They do not feel heavy or bulky and they come with different sizes of ear cups to fit within the ear canal. Every time I take the headphones out of the charging box, they automatically pair with my phone. The charging case has a great battery life, but I am not yet able to charge it. There is a These headphones excel in all three aspects of comfort, sound quality, and battery life, and they are the most important aspects for me. They look pretty cool too. I would recommend them to anyone.

👤These don't have touch buttons, which is a major plus in my opinion. I think the sound quality is amazing, good amount of bass and clear kids and highs, sound similar to that of normal Ear Pods which I have no problem with, very comfortable fit, my only gripe is it's a bit bulky, originally bought for use in my bike. They would be perfect if there was a way to slim the battery.

👤These headphones were advertised as sports headphones, but I used them for running. The range on the headphones was not very high. I lost my headphones connection when I out my hand by my side. I have used my watch and Beat headphones on walks and it works perfectly. I tried the watch on the other side of the room and it worked perfectly with the Beats headphones, even if the watch was faulty. I returned to Amazon for a refund and wouldn't buy again.

👤The first pair didn't connect with my moby as a pair. I got the updated version after sending them back. They work and sound great. There is a I only use these when I'm out cycling because they need to be a secure fit. They fit around my ears perfectly, so don't try any of the others included. My old in- ear headphones had a metal strap that went around the back of my head and they wouldn't fall out. I was a bit wary of the design because I thought it would be more prone to slip out with sweat. The headphones are better than the ones in my ears. I don't have a strap on my neck so it feels like I'm not wearing anything. If they fell out, I would notice them. I don't think they will. There is a If you want a good pair of Earhooks at a good price, I'd get them.


What is the best product for headphones vintage wireless bluetooth?

Headphones vintage wireless bluetooth products from Supereq. In this article about headphones vintage wireless bluetooth you can see why people choose the product. Kvidio and Avantree are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphones vintage wireless bluetooth.

What are the best brands for headphones vintage wireless bluetooth?

Supereq, Kvidio and Avantree are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphones vintage wireless bluetooth. Find the detail in this article. Jlab, Hwconad and Panasonic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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