Best Headphones Voice Changer C Port

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1. OneOdio Wired Over Ear Headphones

OneOdio Wired Over Ear Headphones

The other features include a 1/4" instrument input, 2-band EQ, 1/8" auxiliary input jack, and a closed-back design for Heavier Bass Response. The OneOdio Studio FUSION headphones have a clear sound and great comfort. Powerful bass, clear vocal, and crisp high tones form a stereo hi-fi sound. The soft padded ear cushions are built to stay comfortable. The headband is stretchable and can be adjusted to fit you. No more sockets. A long-style 9.8-foot cord easily reaches from the TV or stereo to your chair. There is a 3.5mm plug included. You can plug in the mixer you want to use. 90 earcups are used for single-sided monitoring. A headband that is self-adjustable and flexible is perfect for monitering and mixing. All devices have an audio jack. The bass sound is good and the comfort is good. These are the headphones you've been looking for.

Brand: Oneodio

👤The sound is great for someone who is insane. I've owned a couple bose headphones and have stuck with them mostly because they were name brand, but this beats them in both price and performance. It does feel good, but it will have to be tested over time. It's small, that's my only problem. I think my head size is average and I have to extend it all the way in order to fit it just right. If you have a larger head than normal, it won't fit.

👤There is an update. It seems that it needed a break. After using it for a couple of days, it settled down and the bass response and reproduction is very accurate. No more bass that is muddy or buzzy. It can't be beat for the price. I am not an enthusiast. I am a retired USAF aircraft mechanic with hearing loss. This is a good buy. There are no results for this. The set looks professional and sleek. The highlight ends there. The sound quality is mediocre. The bass is muddy and I have it hooked up to a new DDJ-SX3 for cueing. It is difficult to beat match with this headset. The bass output has a "buzzy" sound to it. I don't think it's worth the trouble to return it. I'll give it to my daughter and then buy her something better. I don't think this headset is worth it.

👤I don't like head phones as a point. There is a big problem with these headphones. I bought them for my keyboards. I could play without being bothered. I was able to hear all the screwups I was making. It made me better by making me correct what I was doing wrong. These are a great pair of head phones.

👤I put up wires because it's louder and the bass kicks more heinie than my best headphones. The option to use the 1/2 plug option allows me to use my guitar synthesizer and other headphones without an accessory, and also allows me to combine vocals and/ or other music to play along with. This feature would be useful if I were a DJ. I'm not. These are double hickey sticks and I'm a musician singer. Sound quality is like $300 head phones. They are not real rugged. If you lie on your side and use the plastic stress points as head support, the can will break. I broke a few doing that. I was disappointed but bought a second pair and am jamming like a maniac. If you relate to this review, get these! You will not be sorry. The noise is cancelling. It was a perfect fit. There is a carrying bag. Pull up tight. You're too prissie if you don't like these. Rock on bruh!

👤The product is excellent, fast delivery, and the sound quality is the best I have ever experienced, even though my old headphones were good skull candy ones. I would say that even wearing headphones without sound blocks, the cup seals off 80% of outside noise. The carrying pouch that came with the headphones was a nice addition. The headphones are folded away. The company's customer support is great, you can sign up on the website and you will get a 24 month warranty, and these are excellent value for money.

2. Disguiser Modulator Adjustable Functions PlayStation 4

Disguiser Modulator Adjustable Functions PlayStation 4

The PUTELTAL Gaming Voice Changer can be used to disguise the voice of the gaming player in online games. You can change your voice into a monster with this voice changer. The voice disguiser is designed for games and those who want to mess around and play tricks on phone calls and online games to harass friends, making a lot of interesting reactions for you, especially when playing games, no one knows whether you are a male or female. They can play different roles in the game to surprise their friends. Let's prank each other online. For entertainment only! The Ad1/Ad2 button on the voice changer device is a great feature that allows you to change the sound of your voice deeper or softer. This is the most important feature of the voice change. This is a note. The 3.5-millimeter interface is the standard connection for voice change, but Apple needs a 3.5mm jack to use it. Audio mic 3.5mm audio conversion is required for older versions of the XBOX ONE. There is no problem with the console. Other devices with a TYPE C interface also need an accessory, as well as the one used on the PS5. What is in the package? 1 Piece x data cable used for PS4 controller and phone 1 Piece x Voice Changer device and Manual instruction.

Brand: Puteltal

👤I bought this for my 10 year old son to use. I was not comfortable with him talking to strangers online. I thought it would help me relax a bit. It has. There is a It's easy to use and fun to use. The instructions are easy to understand. There is a My 10 year old has a blast with it and my 16 year old has asked me to purchase one for him. There is a It has a lot of different voice changing options. They like the "monster" voice. I have had a lot of fun pretending to be a man and calling my husband. Set up on my phone. There is a We don't have to use it with our phones since an accessory is needed. There is a The battery power is good. It takes about an hour to replenish and last a few days. There is a Overall very happy with the purchase. I think it's worth the price.

👤This is a simple device that can change your voice on any device. There is a I use the lightning cable to 3.5mm to connect my phone to the mic port. I was able to use this device to change the voice on my phone. You can change the effect and volume of each voice mode. If you want to hide your voice when talking to strangers on the phone, this is a very cool and fun device. It has a built-in battery and a cable to charge it.

👤I set this up on my phone within a few seconds and was able to make calls. The voices are clear and can be understood so we pranked my daughter and mom. This works on both ps4 and pc gaming. It's a fun and affordable way to prank someone. Great choice.

👤It was hilarious when I popped it in my headphones. My friends were laughing and I liked it. This is a must for people who like to have a good time. Highly recommend buying.

👤My son got an XBOX so he could change his voice and it was easy to use and connect, it was very cheap.

👤The voice is not clear and authentic.

👤Product is not a waste of money.

👤I want my money back.

3. Bose Sport Earbuds Earphones Headphones

Bose Sport Earbuds Earphones Headphones

The battery is long-lasting. A case that doubles as a wireless charging point has a long battery life. Up to 8 hours of listening. Bose has engineered earbuds for your best workout yet. Bose makes your music sound like the performer is next to you, pushing you to go more miles or do more reps. The StayHear Max tips will not hurt your ears and will fall out no matter how hard you work. IPX4 rated earbuds with electronics wrapped in special materials to protect from the weather and sweat are waterproof. Your callers can hear you better if you have a clear call. The Bose Music App allows you to play music, answer calls, and more with simple touch controls. Up to 5 hours per charge with the included charging case, plus up to 2 more hours with a 15-minute quick charge on the go.

Brand: Bose

👤You agree to let Bose use all of your information if you use the Bose Webisite or app. You give up your privacy on social media. They have a right to all of your posts and photos. There is a Bose's Privacy Policy is very intrusive and I don't use social media. I'm sure I can find another company that makes ear buds that are just ear buds, and not a back door into my life.

👤This is not a good substitute for the Bose SoundSport Free earbuds. The touch feature was added but some key features were eliminated. Bose is going to drop or already have SoundSport Free earbuds. 1. There is no volume control on the earbuds. Only able to skip ahead to the next song, but not able to back it up. 3. The "Find the Earbud" feature was eliminated. This feature has saved me from losing my earbuds three times. I am very disappointed in Bose since I like most of their products and own quite a few.

👤I decided to give these headphones another chance after the update to address the lack of volume control. The feature of the up or down gesture was nice. I have been able to adjust the volume on a call with ease. When compared to the original model, this model is better in that it is easier to sync the bluetooth when you are already on a call. If I was on a call with the previous model, there was a brief lapse in the connection, but with the new model, it is seamless. There is a The sound quality is top notch. Call clarity is also great. If we want to hear that song again, we have to do this via our device, because it doesn't have the ability to replay a previous track. Hopefully Bose will give another update soon. There is a Bose Sport Earbuds have great sound quality and are a great choice for a headset. There is a I own the original Bose SoundSport Free model and have been waiting for this upgrade for over a year, I am very disappointed. It looks like they have taken a step back in features. If you want to make changes to the earpiece, you will have to remain close to your device. The purpose of the headphones is lost to me. Bose will do an upgrade to add features like this in 6 months, which should've been there in the first place. There is a The original model was already top notch and sound quality is not a big change. The call quality is the same as the original model. Bose sound quality is great and these are a good option if you are looking for your first pair of headphones. If you owned the original model like I did, this is not an upgrade but a step back. I will keep the original model.

👤These fit in my ear and stay there. The sound quality is good for what it is, and one of the best among true wireless earbuds. The sound stage is okay, highs are good, but I wouldn't want it to be more than what it is. The sound quality on the other end was good, and I used these to make phone calls. There is a My main use is working out. There is a Quality mic for phone call, stable connection, and staying in ear are features I need. There are features. I don't need ANC, complex touch control, or anything else. I already have a few wired big/small headphones. I was worried about other early reviews, but I'm relieved that I got mine. People are complaining about these. I prefer Bose over both of them. Sound is clear and open. The sound is too closed and gives a smaller sound stage. I have a few different foam eartips to try on, but the Jabra doesn't stay in my ears. The signature Bose bass is deep but not heavy. It does not go boom but it does touch the low frequencies. I prefer this, but others may want more bass. These are better than the other ones for me. They are not as nice as my Shure, but they are different.

4. Wireless Cancelling Bluetooth Lightweight Graphite

Wireless Cancelling Bluetooth Lightweight Graphite

Your ears did not have it. So good. : The booming sound of the ear buds makes you feel like you're on stage with your favorite band. Listen to the noise. In Voices: Active Noise Cancellation blocks out unwanted sounds, so you always have the perfect audio level for every moment, and Low Latency Ambient Sound mode picks up the sounds you want to hear, so you always have the perfect audio level for every moment. It feels good. While looking good, the low profile design of the second Buds is 10% smaller and lighter than the first. You might get to the end of your song before you remember. Speak Confidently, Hear Clearly. The earbuds have 3 microphones and noise reduction technology that ensures voices are transmitted crisply and clearly, whether you're chatting with a friend or leading a high stakes conference call. It's power worthy of your longest song. Your music doesn't stop until you do, and that's because of the long- lasting battery that's up to the job. Touch control is the best way to control your phone and music, no more fumbling for your phone to change a song. The earphones detect what connection you need and instantly shift audio to that device.

Brand: Unknown

👤The ANC for the Buds 2 is described as "Meh" by a lot of early reviews. This is my first experience with that technology. I don't have any other frame of reference so bear that in mind. I think over the ear headphones are the best. How much can they do? Do you want to wear headphones while you mow the yard? There is a My old $20 wired cheapies were compared to the new Galaxy Buds 2. I ran a noisy box fan and turned on ANC. The volume was halved. I almost turned off the fan. There are two more I turned on ANC after running the lawn mower. The volume was halved. I still heard it, but it wasn't as loud. There are 3 more Cars drove down the street in front of my house when the mower was not on. I didn't hear them. There are four If I put my head in front of the fan, I could hear the wind blowing. When my coworkers call me from the golf course and assign me extra duties, it's just like that. You know what I'm talking about. There is a I could still hear the fan and the mower, but I was able to turn down the volume of my show to hear clearly. I like the idea of listening at a lower volume to protect my hearing. I'm not sure if it's too late for anyone to read this review, but I'll update it tomorrow after I take care of yardwork for any of you who have an interest in that. It's the same thing. It's not the "cone of silence" from Get Smart. It's worthwhile. A regular guy is not comparing it to tech 4x as expensive.

👤I've been a big fan of the OGGalaxy Buds for the past two years, so naturally I was interested in these new ones. I couldn't get them to fit in my ears, and I also encountered a lot of small irritations that bothered me to the point of giving up on them. Some thoughts on pros and cons. The audio quality is better than the original. The audio has more depth to it and there is a lot more bass. I can't say how these sound in proper terminology, but they sound great to me. There is a Ambient sound mode is better than the original Buds. It's much easier to hear what's going on around you, and there are several levels of ambient sound so you can get exactly the amount of outside sound you need. It doesn't have the ambient sound mode of the original Buds. There is a One of the major selling points of these earbuds is. Active noise cancellation is a method of noise cancellation that helps you hear what you're listening to more clearly. The ANC on these earbuds doesn't do much. It didn't make a difference if you're a musician or not, and the constant hum of an air purifier in my room wasn't cut down by that much. I would expect the ANC to work well, but it doesn't, and the hit to battery life isn't good. The original Buds have better noise cancellation because they fit in my ears better and provide a better seal for noise isolation. They wouldn't fit in my ears, no matter what eartip size I tried. This is the most fundamental aspect of a pair of earbuds, it doesn't matter how many amazing features they have if they don't fit correctly. They have a better chance of falling out and getting lost because they don't have wingtips like the originalGalaxy Buds, so they have a better chance of falling out and getting lost. They would come loose in my ears when I yawned, ate, or did any other kind of jaw movement, so I had to grab the buds and push them back into place. I will discuss the next few points after this. One of the main reasons to buy the ANC over the original Buds or Buds+ is that it is worthless when the earbuds are loose. I'm here. Not a fan of the design of the Buds 2. They are very small, round and glossy, which makes them very difficult to hold. The lack of wingtips makes this worse, as I find myself gripping the wingtips when I put in my Buds or take them out. I don't think the design of these buds will make them any more comfortable, and trying to grasp them is incredibly frustrating, even though they are smaller and lighter than previous versions. I was worried I would drop them when I put them in my ears. The wingtips, the touchpads on the ends, and the plastic surfaces in the middle of the original Galaxy Buds made them easy to grip when you wanted to put them in or remove them. The larger size did not hurt. On the other hand, the new Buds are a unibody design, so it's not clear where the bud surface ends and the touchpad begins. -The There are touch areas that are not defined. It seems like every time I want to use them, I can't get them to work, and when I just want to adjust the buds in my ears, they just pause or skip whatever I'm listening to or watching. It's not clear where the actual touch surface is, so accidental presses are constant, and since they didn't fit me well, I was constantly having to touch the earbuds to adjust them, meaning plenty of accidental touches were had. The triangular touchpads of the original Buds were easy to feel out, as compared to the rest of the buds. I felt like the original touchpads were more responsive to my touches than the ones on these were. I realized how much I use the touchpads on my original Galaxy Buds, and how functional they were, because of the frustration I experienced with these. The case is not as good as the original. The cases for all colors were white, with the color of the buds in the middle. Why? I have a white case. I don't get a black case unless I shell out $20 more for a quality external protective case, which adds bulk, and I prefer a dark color, but I don't get that option unless I shell out more for a quality case. I used the original Buds case as a phone stand. It is well-suited to this purpose because of its wide pill shape. It is not possible to use the Buds 2 case for this purpose. When the phone is in landscape mode, pressing the sides of the screen will cause the whole thing to collapse, which is annoying. The glossy finish makes it too slippery to be used for this purpose. I find the glossy finish on the new case inferior for several reasons, including the fact that it is not as sleek as the original case. One is a fingerprint magnet. I'm afraid I'll lose my earbuds when I'm out and about because the case is so slippery. The original case didn't have either of these problems, the matt finish was grippable enough and didn't collect finger oil like a phone screen. The square shape of the case makes it impossible to charge it on a stand. The pill shape made it possible to stand it up on its short end and the wireless charging coils would meet up, meaning it could be charged on stands and pads. I used the extra level of flexibility many times. This new case is not an option. The snap when you close this new case is inferior to the original case. It's great to close your ear bud case with a satisfying snap, but it's not as much here. Eartips are not that great. I had problems with the fit and the tips of the earbuds turned inside out half the time, which required correction. I don't know if they're using inferior materials or not, but I have to deal with a significant portion of the time when I want to stop using them. When opening the case, there is no popup. There is a card at the bottom of the phone screen that shows the battery content of the buds and the case. When I opened the case of the Buds 2, I never got a popup like this. Why? It was nice to be able to see the battery percentage when opening the case, without having to use the app or create a dedicated screen for it. The animation of the buds flying out of the case and to their respective positions on the popup is a nice touch borrowed from Apple. It's possible that this needs to be enabled in the app somewhere, but I never had to do that with the original Buds 2 I have, and I don't think it's a bad idea. I'm sorry if the review is long and nitpicky. I want to give you a more complete picture of what you might be able to expect if you buy these earbuds, so I'm just interested in presenting every thought I had throughout the course of trying to like them. They aren't bad by any means, but when you get annoyed by a small problem and a larger problem and so on, the nitpicks add up to a lot of frustration, and that made me quit even trying to sell these to my brother. I am considering buying the Buds+ for my return to college as they combine the tried-and-true design of the original Buds with the best features of the Buds 2, notably better audio quality and ambient sound mode. The Buds 2 have 7.5 hours of time with ANC off, and 5 with it on. The case is $50 cheaper than the new ones, and it's also much better. There is a Hopefully this helped you make a decision, and I hope you have a great day. Josh H.

5. Apple EarPods Lightning Connector White

Apple EarPods Lightning Connector White

The Ear Pods are more comfortable for more people than any other ear bud-style headphones because they are defined by the geometry of the ear. The speakers inside the Ear Pods have been designed to maximize sound output and minimize sound loss, which means you get high-quality audio. A built-in remote is included with the Ear Pods that lets you answer or end calls with a pinch of the cord. It works with all devices that have a lightning connection, including the iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone.

Brand: Apple

👤The box was opened to find a tangled pair of used earphones, with torn edges around the jack and gross earbuds. Don't buy from these shears.

👤I noticed a change in the mic quality when I used my earbuds for singing. The texture is different. I thought it was still a good deal. Two months later. The crackled and sent a small shock of electric into my ears as I listened to the voice notes. When you rub your feet on a carpet, you get a quick spark. But constant. I threw them in the trash. I will buy from the Apple website. You get what you pay for.

👤I was a little worried about what I was going to get with this order, but as the pictures show, my pair appears to be the real deal. I haven't tried them out yet as I have a working pair, but the packaging and the earphones themselves look similar to the one I bought from the Apple store. I think that people here are lying and that there may be some variation in the quality of the items received which led to some of the negative reviews. I can't tell the difference between these fakes and real ones. The Apple store cords are slicker than the ones at home. I believe that the cords are slick to keep them more rigid. Hope this helps someone.

👤I just got a pair of headphones. The box is open and empty.

👤I don't write reviews unless I think the product is amazing, or it's so bad I have to let others know. I want to steer people away from it. This is a case of the other. They worked for a day and then stopped working. I only use these headphones at my desk, so there's no chance they fell in water or were stepped on. I had to plug the lightning cord in one way, if you flipped it and inserted it wouldn't recognize the headphones and wouldn't play through my speakers. The microphone stopped working. The volume would change on its own.

👤I was very nervous when I bought this, so I wanted to make sure that the headphones I got were genuine, so I left a review to make sure. Guess that's it? They work well.

👤I bought these replacements after I lost my Ear Pods, and I was hoping that they were legit Apple products. I found my original Ear Pods. I compared them to see if they matched up. The ones Amazon sent me are the same ones I got with my phone, and the packaging is the same as my other classic Apple stuff: everything sealed, meticulously held in place, documentation, etc. The Ear Pods are packaged in a box. The thickness of the main cord seemed to be the same as before, but it was a bit thinner. I can't tell whether my original Ear Pods or these replacements sound the same. The shape of the earpiece is not my favorite. Maybe it's just preference or ear size. It looks like Amazon isn't always offering these as Prime-Exclusive. I wouldn't go for these if they were new or used. You should head to the Apple Store.

6. BENGOO G9000 Controller Cancelling Headphones

BENGOO G9000 Controller Cancelling Headphones

1 x Mossa 4 pole auxiliary audio enhancer cable. All of their products have a 12-month warranty. Feel free to contact their customer services if you have a problem. Multi-Platform compatibleSupport PS4 and other platforms. You need an extra Microsoft accessory when connecting with an old version of the controller. The speaker unit's sensitivity is enhanced by the acoustic positioning precision and the clear sound operating strong brass, splendid ambient noise isolation and high precision 40mm magnetic neodymium driver. It's perfect for games like Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront, and World of Warcraft Legion. The noise isolating microphone can transmit high quality communication with its premium noise-concellng feature, can pick up sounds with great sensitivity and remove the noise, which enables you clearly deliver or receive messages while you are in a game. It's convenient to adjust the angle of the microphone. The great humanized design can reduce hearing and heat sweat. The leather material is skin friendly. Glaring lights illuminate the earcups to highlight the atmosphere. The anti-winding braided cable with the microphone and the volume controller makes it easy to control the volume and make the mic sound louder.

Brand: Bengoo

👤I needed a new headset and got this in a hurry. I would have gotten something else if I'd done more research. I think it's worth mentioning that I am very rough on audio peripherals. I don't know why, but they last me for about 6 months regardless of the quality or price. I choose to buy at a cheaper price point more frequently because of this. There is a The speaker/mic sound is good, the cable is good, and the stereo/mic to separate is included. In-line mic switch and audio volume adjustment. There are pros and cons. The blue lights on the headset are powered by theusb, but it is a bit misleading in its uses, and I would have found this out before purchase. The mic gain knob would be better than the in-line mute and volume knob. I have long hair and live in Texas. It's hard to find headsets that don't do that, but still something to keep in mind. The headset only goes on one way, the traditional right and left side are enforced by the mic. I like that the mic is on the right side of my head. If you are looking for a high-end headset, this is not it. I don't want anyone to think that I regret buying this item because my cons were not very picky. I knew I was getting a quick solution to my headset problem, and I got more than I was looking for. The addition of theusb lighting is cool. Unless you want to look cool on stream, it's not worth the resources. There is a Yes, so. If you want a good quality headset for a good price, this is the one for you.

👤I bought this for my teenage son so that he wouldn't borrow his sister's headphones for gaming. I was surprised by the pricing and reviews for these, but I was expecting to pay $100. I just tested them and they don't seem bad to me. The audio quality is not as good as he was using, but that's ok. They are not as comfortable as the Beats, but they are still fine for wearing for hours. There is a My teenage son was not a fan of them. This was one of many gifts for his birthday. We go too far before Christmas. He used them immediately despite not being overly thrilled. He yelled "Thanks for the $10 headset Dad!" after he got angry over his other gifts. There is a I think these are a good fit for a middle aged person. If you're a spoiled brat teenage boy who wants to hear what others will do to his mom in the best sound quality and comfortability, these may not be the best purchase.

👤The headset is light and has a good sound for the price. The microphone works well as well. There are lights on the sides of the headset. The headset is meant for PC users, but the microphone plug in is connected very close to the cable, which is a complaint. You can't plug the microphone cable into the controller but you can't plug the system's lights into it. I bought a 3 foot extension cable to be able to use the lights. If you want the lights on the headset while you play, then you need an extension cable. There is a The product is very good. Very happy with the purchase.

7. Isolating Headphones Microphone Adjustable Turquoise

Isolating Headphones Microphone Adjustable Turquoise

Their pillow soft light weight ear cushions sit snug, ensuring that you enjoy your media all day long, unlike other brands that are heavy, bulky and cause fatigue. Artix lightweight WIRED headphones have premium noise isolation and are perfect for your daily commute through the noisy city. The drivers they use are designed to deliver the best sound reproduction. Enhance your daily activity by enjoying your media with their quality head phones which come with a padded headband and a custom fit for all users. There is no need to worry about space or fighting with knots with the foldable Tangle-Proof Cord. It is built to last through rough commute, sporting activity, and more, and is sturdy, durable, and good for a long time. You don't need to keep reaching for your device when your hands are full. Artix wired headset allows you to talk with CLEAR voice through an inline HD mic and built-in controls. Their mic won't pick up background noise when you're talking, so you won't have to struggle to hear what the other person is saying. Take complete control of your listening experience. Pause/play audio, skip tracks, and answer/end calls when you have enough. Their goal is to deliver products that make your life easier. Artix believes in providing high quality materials for an optimal music experience and clear voice return during important calls. DURABLE is what Corded head phones are made of. Universal compatibility is offered with all 3.5mm jack devices. It's compatible with a lot of things, including computers, phones, and tablets. They believe in quality and integrity and that they can trust the products they offer to you. The ear cups block extraneous noise and provide strong bass and crisp acoustics. The Artix Cl750 headphones are the best for a wide range of activities. Their mission is to provide the best customer experience, so they stand by their product with a 1 year warranty.

Brand: Artix

👤I don't like to post 5 stars on something that isn't perfect but they are excellent value. They sound better than beats. They are cheaper than beats because they don't have the range into the bass as good. There is a 7 clarity, 8 comfort, and 9 personal preference are the responses. I don't like wearing ear headphones. I wore these for a couple hours. They are convenient, but they are bulky. The initial quality is very good and seems sturdy, but it only had a week. I want something that people will see and hopefully not interrupt my work. The sound quality is dependent on the device. If I could adjust the bass on the device, it would make a huge impact on sound. Some headphones play a certain kind of music. These don't fit in with hip hop or hard rock. They sound good with minimal changes.

👤I ordered these for my 3rd graders. His old headset is no longer compatible. He has a big head and wears hats. The new headset was great. It has helped when he needs to concentrate and not hear his brothers. He will use the headset when I let him use my iPad. He can't hear us. I yelled for him from our kitchen into our living room. He was watching a show on my iPad and didn't budge. He likes to play music and control the cord. He wants to try out the speaker on his next call. I think they look good for the price.

👤If you have earrings, I don't recommend these headphones. Cartilage piercings are included. The headphones will cause pain by sitting on your ears. I wore them for about an hour before changing to ear buds. I was hoping I'd like these. They would work. I can't wear something that hurts my ears.

👤They stopped working less than 3 months after purchase. Wait... He forgot how to adjust the volume on them, and turned it all the way down. He can't forget that little detail, he loves them again.

👤The headphones look better than they do. I was expecting something a little more quality, but they are not. I would not have purchased these if I had known how tinny the sound quality is and how annoying the piece covering the ear feels. They are okay for the price. They work. They fold. They look nice. They don't completely cancel out the noise. I can still hear people walking outside my room, even though my old broken skullcandy ones made a muffle sound and I didn't notice them. This is a good product.

👤I bought these for my child. The construction and sound are good. The seller told me that there is a one year warranty. This was a good purchase because of the price.

👤The headphones are better for the price. I forgot I was wearing them after a while, but they are comfortable.

👤The review has been updated. Customer service for this company is amazing. The flawed headphones were replaced for free. I love them and now I'm ordering two more pairs because everyone loves them and the customer service was great. My rating was taken down. I liked the sound quality and fit of them. We were going to order a second pair until the cord fell off. If the company gave me a discount and I reinforced the cord, I'd order again. If you're ordering, keep this in mind.

8. Realm UltraBuds Fidelity Earbuds Purple

Realm UltraBuds Fidelity Earbuds Purple

3 Pairs of Ear Gels are Included for a secure and comfortable fit. The Enhanced Bass is designed to produce next level audio. Track Controls and Built-in Volume allow you to take hands-free calls. Plug & Play Design does not require an accessory for the device. Plug the headphones into the port and you'll be able to listen to your favorite music.

Brand: Realm

👤I lost my ear buds on walks in the woods so I ordered these. I thought I needed the cable to prevent this. The sound quality is great. If you need a different size ear bud, they have extra ear cushion pieces. The price is very reasonable.

👤These are good for what you pay. The sound is good. I'm happy I got them.

👤The product was of good quality. The cancelation of the Idaho was average and a great substitute for the headphones.

👤It serves its purpose. I keep a headset for my iPad when my batteries run out. The headset does what it suppose to for the cost. That is what being said... There is a The audio sounds ok, but not great. If you compare the audio quality of this product to a good set of headphones, you will hear a difference. The bass response is good, but the midrange is not. The headset sounds a little tinny when there is no bass in the movie. I think it is fine for most people. There is a The quality: This set of earphones is very light. I like thicker cables. I worry about cable snapping.

👤Normally I would give this product 4 stars, because the sound is not the best in the world but was ok and did everything that was advertised, but this product is dangerous. I plugged it in the back of my computer and then the computer shut down. I thought it was a coincidence. I decided to use it with my MacBook Pro and everything was going well until I started to feel a pain in my ear and realized my ear was being cut off. I was wearing a left ear bud. I could remove it quickly. I don't know if the metal part on the earbuds was wired correctly or if it was a mistake. I can't recommend this product.

👤When I listen to music or videos, I like using wired earbuds. I don't like the ones that work with the Bluetooth protocol. The lighting on my iPad became useless when I got it. I decided to look for a pair with the connection. I chose this pair because of a couple of reasons. I liked the price. This pair was reasonable and I didn't want to spend a lot on non-OEM earbuds. There is a I liked the fact that the earbuds had the same controls as my wired ones. They could be used for answering calls if I got a phone with a port on it. These ear buds are very easy to use. They worked after I plugged them in. The controls on the cord are the same as on my old pair. If you are on the phone, you can adjust the volume or hang up the call. The controls work well. There is a The sound quality on these buds is not very good. When you listen to music, it sounds muffled. When the volume reached a certain level, I got a bit of cracking. There is good for videos but not for music. I will keep this set of earbuds until I find something better. They will work for now because of the good price. I will look for something better.

9. Cyber Acoustics Headphones Cancelling Microphone

Cyber Acoustics Headphones Cancelling Microphone

The ideal stereo headset has a padded ear cup and headband with In-line control on the cable for easy access to control of audio volume and microphone mute. The microphone picks up sound from a specific side or direction of the microphone, so it doesn't make noise. It's perfect for K12 classroom, home or office. Universal fit. The headset can be adjusted to fit most head sizes. The microphone boom is on the left or right hand side. The headband has easy to clean ear pads. TuffCord cable is long lasting and designed for hard wearing. Plug in and play is easy to use. You don't have to install software to connect theusb cable to your mac or PC. The Cyber Acoustics AC5008 is included. The warranty is hassle free.

Brand: Cyber Acoustics

👤The Koss headset that I bought is no longer available. I play online gaming and use a discord account. I've paid more for other headsets than this one, but it's as good or better. There is a * I don't like gaming headsets because they are heavy and they have a nasty headaches. There is a * Many gaming headsets are uncomfortable because they are hot to wear. There is a * I can hear every sound in SMITE arena, 7 days and wow, and a lot of them I never knew I was missing. * It's like having them next to me, because the folks on Discord sound so clear. Sometimes, maybe a little too close. * The mic is doing a good job with pick-up, because the people on Discord say I sound clear to them. * The vacuum cleaner made it through over the game sounds, but they muffle most of the sounds around me. I'm not distracted while playing or in a meeting. There is a * I think this is a great feature because they don't have enhanced bass. The bass range can make understanding the human voice difficult, so I'm happy to be without it. There is a I bought a spare set the next day because I like the sound/weight/functionality so much, but I also know that the cords have a finite life span, especially when one raises puppies. The headset is great for the price.

👤The earphone that was right did not work. I will update this review once the seller responds. I contacted Cyber Acoustics via e-mail. They asked for proof of purchase, address, and for me to send a picture with the wire of the headphones cut. I assume this was required to make sure that I don't game the system and try to get a free second set of headphones. I attached the picture I sent to the seller. I received replacement headphones within two days. The new headphones work. I plan to use them at work, and although I haven't tested the microphone function yet, the sound quality is good and the headphones drown out a lot of other sounds in the workplace. I have raised my rating to 5 stars because of the good response from the seller and the good initial quality of the headphones.

👤It lasted two days in our house despite the manufacturer's claims that it is "student proof", "indestructable", and "beyond durable". The headset does not use a typical plug, instead it has ausb port on the end of the electronic dongle. The first time I plugged the headset into my daughter's Chromebook, I thought it looked vulnerable, and I was correct, as the Chromebook was knocked off of a table, it landed on the headset dongle, and theusb port popped clean.

👤It was ok, canceled out noise. I work for a cellular customer service agency, so it's not cool that my cakes heard something wrong with their phones. They think they have an additional problem if they call in and then hear themselves.

10. OneOdio Headphone Lightweight Headphones Monitoring

OneOdio Headphone Lightweight Headphones Monitoring

Professional technology team and 24 hours customer services are standing by. The OneOdio Studio monitor headphones have a clear sound. Powerful bass, clear vocal, and crisp high tones form stereo sound with large, 50 millimeter speaker unit drivers. It's built to stay competitive. The ear cushions are made of soft padding. The headband is stretchable and can be adjusted to fit you. No more adaptive individuals. A long DJ-style cord is easy to reach from the TV to the chair. There is a 3.5mm plug included. You can plug in the mixer you want to use. The self-adjustable headband and 90 ear cups are ideal for mastering and mixing and can last for hours. All devices have an audio jack. The bass sound is good and the comfort is good. These are the headphones you've been looking for.

Brand: Oneodio

👤These headphones are very good for the price. The set was on my wishlist for a while and then Amazon told me they were on a sale for $28. I finally grabbed them. Over the years, I have spent a lot of money on headphones that I can get without a cable. I have a set of headphones that have 3.5mm input, but I rarely use them because I didn't notice much difference. I only listen to streaming music from Amazon Music because the Sony headphones support quality codecs to maximize the experience. The quality of sound is not always better than streaming music services. When Amazon Music HD came out, I immediately noticed a difference in my listening experience with the Sony headphones that were connected to 3.5mm vs the ones that were not. After Amazon Music HD came out, I broke my Sony headphones, which resulted in me spending a lot of time shopping for new headphones. I have a generous budget and am still shopping. I need something in the meantime. Enter OneOdio. I decided to try OneOdio after reading a lot of reviews. I was not sure how much to spend. The question was answered when this set went on sale. The headphones sound similar to my Sony headphones with the 3.5mm connection. I have listened to a lot of music on these and it all sounds great. I will probably keep these for a while, as I do more shopping, and possibly go further up the OneOdio product line. These would be a good purchase for someone who just wants the best bang for their buck. The headphones seem pretty durable and have all day comfort. They are light-weight but still strong. There are two jacks for different types of cables. I can actually have both connected at the same time. I can have one cable for music on my phone and the other for notifications on my computer, as well as meeting audio. If I really wanted to, I could listen to music from my phone quietly while listening to meeting audio, since the headphones just play both sources together.

👤This is not my first pair of headphones. If I were to describe all of the headphones I own, it would be boring. I consider myself an audio engineer. I don't like how my music sounds. With all the formality out the way, these headphones. I noticed that clarity and separation were present when I put them on. Not muffled or over powered, the Bass is very pronounced. The mids and highs are clear. "Slap Happy" is a good sample song for trying all the aspects. The horns, synthesizer, drums and lead guitar can be heard even tho the bass is showcased. Not sure? You can listen to a "3D surround" video on the internet. You will be amazed. There is a You can't go wrong for the price. I'm going to buy another Pair now that I think about it. Don't tell my wife. In case the price goes up. Enjoy!

11. Joymiso Earbuds Headphones Microphone Earphones

Joymiso Earbuds Headphones Microphone Earphones

6 pairs of Double Flange ear tips, each size, with 2 pairs, a storage box for storing the eartips, not included. These earbuds are compatible with the following phones: the Google Pixel 5, the OnePlus 6T, the S20, the Note 10, and the Sony. There is no need for a phone case or an accessory. You can find more specific models and notes in the description. If the headphones can't work with your device, you can return them within 30 days. Wrap aound ear design keeps ear buds from falling out during running and workouts. The earhook wire is soft. You can't feel them even with glasses on. There is a clip to keep cable from moving. The earbuds are lightweight and have ear tips that fit securely. These earphones work for people with small ear canals, like kids and Petite women. The built-in microphone sits just below the jaw and picks up your voice clearly while isolating background noise, which ensures handsfree and clear talks for phone calls, online conference, virtual class and gaming. With the remote buttons, you can answer calls, pause/play/skip tracks, control volume, and use the voice assistant. Not all devices and applications have remote function. Get the details in the description. Clear sound with Baroque performance. The sound of the earbuds is loud and clear. Bass that drives you in sports and doesn't distort under high volume. Allow you to experience clear mids and crisp highs while listening to music, audio books, and radio. 3 different sizes Silicone ear tips and extra pair of memory foam tips provide a personalized comfort fit for different ear sizes, as well as decent noise isolating performance. There is aDURABLE DESIGN and 1 year service. The earphones are built to last with a thick cable, reinforced plug and sweatproof. The plug is easy to plug in and out. It will not be too loose that you can't remove it from your phone. No worries about the port being damaged or snapped when removing the buds from the phone. After sales service is free of worry.

Brand: Joymiso

👤I can only say that it's very comfortable. Volume keys were the only way to lower volume. I bought them for talking and it was a small annoyance. I ordered a replacement after the first phone call. There is a Most of the time, the volume keys worked. The voice recorder didn't pick up on my voice at all. It would get some static when it was blowing on the mic. There is a Sound is good. They're comfortable. The controls don't work well and the mic doesn't work at all. The replacement was good but the product was bad. It was used with the S21. I don't like that there's no regular jack.

👤I like my earbuds with the wire. I was sad to find out that they don't have a jack for earbuds. I'll try them out, I found these and thought great. I was able to hear people talking, but they couldn't hear me. They replaced the set I requested quickly. 2nd had the same issue. Since they supposedly came from the same place, I have to drop them off at 2 different locations. Not happy.

👤These are inexpensive and sound ok. There's a constant white noise in the background when I play any sound on my phone. I don't know if it's a problem with my phone or a problem with my DAC, but it's really67531 to me. I just bought another brand of similar over the ear loop ear buds that do not have that issue, and they have better sound quality. If you have an S20 FE, I can't recommend these headphones.

👤I can't say they provide the noise cancelation that they're advertised as providing. It's not noise cancelation if you just have them in your ears. The microphone doesn't work on the s20+. I ordered a set to see if it would work, but when it didn't I tried a replacement set. It doesn't integrate properly.

👤These earbuds are perfect. They plug into my phone. They are the most comfortable earbuds I have ever used. I have small ear canals, so I usually have issues with the earbuds getting squeezed out of my ears, but not with these. They are very comfortable. The sound quality is very good and the rap that the gym plays is not loud. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤These guys lie flat in my ear making them comfortable for falling asleep and not bothering their partner. They work well for calls on both sides. There is a They plug in to the phone and I don't have another thing to keep me charged.

👤The arched wire going over your ear is pretty comfortable. The earbuds come with low quality plastic cushion inserts. After a couple of weeks, they tear and disintegrate. - After a month, the connection is unreliable and they stopped connecting to my phone for minutes at a time. Completely useless. There is a Don't spend a lot of money but save it for something else.


What is the best product for headphones voice changer c port?

Headphones voice changer c port products from Oneodio. In this article about headphones voice changer c port you can see why people choose the product. Puteltal and Bose are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphones voice changer c port.

What are the best brands for headphones voice changer c port?

Oneodio, Puteltal and Bose are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphones voice changer c port. Find the detail in this article. Unknown, Apple and Bengoo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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