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1. Apple MWP22AM A Cr AirPods Renewed

Apple MWP22AM A Cr AirPods Renewed

Active noise cancellation. You can use transparency mode to hear and connect with the world around you. Three different sizes of silicone tips can be used for a custom fit. Sweat and water are resistant. The music is played to the shape of your ear.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I was very excited to get these. The sound quality is amazing, but I have a constant buzzing noise in the Airpods. You expect a product to work when you spend that much money. The buzzing static sound in the right Pod is still present after several resets. I regret buying it through Amazon.

👤Loud clicking noises happen frequently and the mic doesn't work. It is hard to contact support. I went to an Apple store. They confirmed that this was a fraudulent product. Don't buy! I am appalled that Amazon allows fraudulent products.

👤The product arrived in a box. The items left ear Pod refuse to charge more than 77 percent. The box will not fit in a set. If you put the right one in the box the right one will allow you to remove it from the box and play music well. The left one will pair and play in a charging box, but refuse to remain connected once removed to use. These refuse to work. Nothing works on the Apple website. The product was tested and renewed. The seller asked if Apple could fix them at a repair location. The price for broken Apple Air Pod pro would not be paid by this request. They look like genuine Apple product. All the S/N matches. As I write this, I will process the return.

👤I was angry about the price. I didn't want to wait until next month when the new Air Pod pro's would be in stock, and these came in good condition.

👤These headphones are brand new.

👤I ordered them as a gift. It looks and sounds new. The sound is great. A great noise cancellation. The case has wireless charging.

👤It was a perfect band. Good job will come back again.

👤Haba a punto de INRDeals por unos totalmente nuevos. The original de Apple con vinieron. instructivos y accesorios originales (cable de carga y los ear tips) empaquetadas tal y quieren en un producto nuevo. The estuche de carga is not known. No estaba envuelto, pero no tienes, no tienes, no tienes, no tienes, no tienes, no tienes. Conexin inmediata y estable con mi iPhone, sonido excelente, sin ruidos. The duracin de la batera was a success. The ANC tiene modos de transparencia. As, lo de Audio Espacial. decir. Wow! Los recomiendo 100% de verdad se ven y funcionan, pues el ahorro vs unos nuevos es bastante significativo.

👤Lamentablemente los tuves de regresar depsues de 15 das de uso debido. No funcion anteriormente al usarlos, con firme pasaba el tiempo detecte. 4 hours. No venan en caja y puedo garantizar, pero estos cuentan con cancelacin de ruido activa los nuevos. You consultar la garanta con apple. I pensar tenan ms de un ao de uso.

👤Primero decir that me todo llegaba genérico, pero no ser original. An tenan una garanta de 6 meses, por lo, estn realmente poco. Estticamente, los audfonos, tienen increbles, pero tienen limpie apenas. por temas de higiene personal. The audio espacial es impresionante. Tengo No cuentan con los AirPods 2. No todo, me fallaron en lo, es un 90 % ms importante para me. Me quiere con mis Aipords 2, quiere veces olvido. As, los recomiendo, tienes un buen de dinero por un gran producto. Audfonos de este tipo son lo suyo. No problemas.

2. Apple MME73AM A AirPods 3rd Generation

Apple MME73AM A AirPods 3rd Generation

You can hear spatial audio with head tracking places. You can listen to music to your ears. The new design is all-new. You can easily control your entertainment, answer or end calls with the force sensor. Sweat and water are resistant. Up to 6 hours of listening time with one charge. The MagSafe Charging Case has up to 30 hours of listening time.

Brand: Apple

👤I don't understand why people feel the need to post their opinions on new Apple products. I will give my initial impressions since I got mine today and all the reviews are from people who haven't even seen the new 3rd generation AirPods. The 2nd generation AirPods were released in the spring of 2019. The look and control system of the AirPods Pro was adopted by these. The AirPods Pro were updated with MagSafe charging after these were announced, so they also get wireless charging by default. I own all versions of the AirPods, as well as the Beats Studio Buds, and I am an Apple fan. Some people think that these aren't worth much because the Pro model already exists and sells for more than $200, even though the list price is $250. There is a I think people are forgetting that some people don't like using earbuds with tips that go into their ear canal, and that these don't have the active noise cancellation feature that the AirPods Pro or Beats Studio Buds have. That is one of the things that made the AirPods so popular in the first place. Premium, open true wireless earbuds with a universal fit are not as common as the kind with Silicon eartips. The eartip will stay in place like the 3rd generation of the AirPods will, so there is no way to use the Pro without it. There is a The bud is larger on these than the previous model, so they feel a bit different when you put them in your ear. I got used to it quickly and they are very comfortable, they stay in place for my ear shape. The force squeeze controls that the Pros have are so much better to use than the old tap controls. If you haven't used this controls system before, you will most likely enjoy using it more because the bud doesn't get pressed into your ear when you need to pause the music. There is a The sound quality and Spatial Audio are the same as on the AirPods Pro. Some reviewers have said that the sound quality is better than before. The earbuds have a feature called the adaptive EQ that adjusts the sound to give you the best quality audio based on your surroundings. There is a microphone that is dedicated to analyzing the audio to make sure it sounds good. I will try my best to explain Spatial Audio, instead of having a static left and right channel audio, the audio sounds like it's all around you. It makes the sound like it's coming from where the video is playing on your device. If you turn your head to the left, you will hear more of the audio because your left ear is facing away from the speaker. When you watch a video on your phone with the new AirPods, spatial audio is what it is like. The position of your head is calculated by using the sensors in the earbuds and your phone to reference the device playing the video. Even though the audio is being played through the AirPods, it still sounds like it is in front of you. It's really great. The older 2nd generation did not include this feature, but the Pro model does. It works on Mac and Apple TV as well, even though it only worked on the iPad. There is a The last thing to mention is that the Pro model doesn't have the new skin detection sensors that the AirPods have. If you put your earbuds in a dark place like a drawer, the AirPods will not be able to detect your music until you put them back in your ear. The old model used optical sensors that were good. There is a Pros+ Wireless Charging +MagSafe charging comes standard, before you had to pay extra, and Spatial Audio for watching videos and for supported songs through Apple Music Open design that doesn't require the use of eartips. The new force touch sensors in the AirPods Pro have improved sound quality over the previous generation. Apple is using a new voice call quality. There is a The Airpods 2 and 4.5 hours on the AIr Pods Pro have a longer battery life. You can ring them while they are still in the case with my app, it has a precision finding feature. The strength of the Apple's H1 chip, the new AirPods, and the ability to switch between devices signed into your iCloud account. These are not new or exclusive to AirPods 3, but still add to the value proposition. There is a There are pros and cons. There is no active noise cancellation because of the open design. Sometimes the same price can be found for the AIr Pods Pro. It might not fit everyone's ears. These are so magical because of Apple's OS and software.

3. Apple AirPods Charging Case Renewed

Apple AirPods Charging Case Renewed

It was automatically connected. It's easy to setup your Apple devices. Say "Hey Siri" to get quick access. Skip forward or double-tap to play. The new Apple H1 chip has a faster wireless connection. There are charges quickly in the case. The case can be charged with a lightning cable.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤My fiancée surprised me with a gift on my birthday. I was very excited to try them out. I had to drive across town to pick them up. The packing slip has something written on it. Something is not right. It should have been warning #1. They have ear wax and are dirty. It was gross! I was excited about them, so I decided to just clean them and not worry about it. I am pissed now. I couldn't try them out. The right Air Pod doesn't work and they are dead. AMAZON, HELLO! Have you seen the reviews on this seller? It is unacceptable. Please return the money.

👤Is it renewed? Nope. One of the earbuds did not work. I was forced to get a refund after requesting a replacement. I have to return the airpods within 90 days to get my money back. I will never buy again from Amazon. Thanks to Amazon. If you purchase a set of renewed airpods, you may be getting the ones I am returning.

👤The series 1 was the one I received after paying for the second one. I was disappointed. The AirPods are in good working order.

👤They are 2nd generation and work. I spent an hour cleaning out his earwax. They weren't factory reset, so I know it was Stacy.

👤I paid over 130 dollars for these. The lower price should have let me know they were renewed. They should work like new if renewed. These were comparable to cheap headphones. The sound quality was terrible. After two or three calls, the headphones would die. Don't buy these and save yourself headaches.

👤There was a scratch on the case. The case was dirty. There was ear wax in them. For real? Why would you try to sell it to someone else at the same price as a new one? The description of what these are is very deceptive. I am sure you will just send them to the person who will fall in love with this posting instead of throwing them in the trash. It's just not right.

👤Excellent condition and quality.

👤I received Apple Ear Pods instead of a star.

4. Apple MMEF2AM AirPods Wireless Bluetooth

Apple MMEF2AM AirPods Wireless Bluetooth

If you double-tap either AirPods, you will be able to use your phone's voice assistant, without taking it out of your pocket. Do you need a quick charge? 3 hours of listening time is given by 15 minutes in the case. Air Pods have high-quality audio. When you make a call or talk to a computer, dual beamforming microphones are used to keep the background noise to a minimum. Put them in your ears and they will connect instantly, just take them out.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I knew I had seen a genius when I saw the marketing prowess of the seller. I can buy them directly from apple for less than the $240 price tag. I was using my small brain to think about it. The airpods were refurbished and new to me. How can that be? The definition of new was noticed by me. There is only one version of airpods and the second version is not going to be released until later this year. Then it hit. Like a young Mike Tyson. Refuted. Code is a number. It was either transported from the future or stolen from the lab. It all made sense now. A product that is not even out yet costs $240. I borrowed money from 3 loan sharks, pawned my grandma's purse, sold all of my prescription drugs, and performed acts for money that have left emotional scars, and I immediately refinanced my house. The 3500 pairs of bad boys were bought at a 200% markup and will be retired to a beach in the Bahamas. There is an update. There is a The sellers have lowered the price since I bought it. When I saw this, I cried, laughed and slapped my mom. I don't know how they are making a profit off of this, since they had to steal these from apple in order to do so. Tom Cruise is not cheap to hire, with all of the Scientologists' fees associated with his services. You have to be like an OTVIII for the ghost of LRH to even consider your offer. I don't think so. The price cut has made me realize that my original plan will need some tweaking. I will include one and a half pairs in the sale of my remaining 3496 pairs, instead of just one pair, as of right now. I'm not great at math, but I can get a 75% discount. If you order in the next ten minutes, I'll give you an extra half of a charging case. Supplies won't last now.

👤The product was not good. There was a note on the box that said there wasn't a cable and the headset wasn't working. I had to pay to return the item. I wouldn't buy a bad item.

👤It's not clear why this used product is being sold for more than a new one. I gave this page a 1 star because it doesn't make sense, and I think it's a bad buy. The catalog page of this product is new. You will be better off.

👤The new Apple AirPods are only $160. I can't believe they charged $200 for a damaged item. I didn't notice that they were refurbished until after I bought them.

👤Their perfect. I am happy with my customer.

👤Not knowing a lot about Apple products. I rushed to get this gift for my wife. It arrived within a day or two from Brooklyn NY and I was happy until I opened the Amazon bag and saw that I had bought refurbished airpods. I wrapped it up and gave it to my wife, but she found out that one of the earbuds didn't work and there was no booklet.

5. Apple AirPods Pro Renewed

Apple AirPods Pro Renewed

Put them in your ears and they will connect instantly, just take them out. You can listen to music when active noise cancellation is in place. You can use transparency mode to hear and interact with the world around you. You can hear spatial audio with head tracking places. You can listen to music to your ears. Three different sizes of silicone tips can be used for a custom fit. You can easily control your entertainment, answer or end calls with the force sensor. Sweat and water are resistant.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤They were still on someone's account. They couldn't be taken off. My location was being shared with other people.

👤The product works well, however, the ones I received are connected to someone else's account and they can see where I am. The original owner never received the AirPods. I don't know how to fix this.

👤Do not buy from Amazon again. When you boot up the AirPods, you get a prompt that says that they belonged to someone else, and they could see my location. How bad is that? There is a It is claimed in the product description that renewed products are tested, but this is not the case, and you should trust and believe that Amazon support didn't do anything to help.

👤The review is not for the airpods. They will connect to someone else's icloud account and will be able to track everything you do. Don't buy from this source!

👤The ear buds were still covered in earwax. Robert, if you are reading this, get yourself some tips. Shame on Amazon for not cleaning them before repackaging.

👤Everyone is upset that they are connected to someone else's account. It is easy to reset the AirPods. There is a The battery life is not good. The case was at 75% when I connected them to my phone. I haven't used them yet and everything is dead an hour later. Will be contacting Amazon support.

👤The boxes were open when they arrived. They were to be re-manufactured. The previous user's name appeared on my phone when it was installed, and they were able to track my location. They need to wipe the previous user's information clean so that the installation is successful. I bought a pair. There is a The right earbud had loud static all the time. There is a The left earbud was not functional. There is a Both pair were very dissatisfied when I returned.

👤I need my money back because I spent $166 on something that didn't work.

6. Apple EarPods Lightning Connector White

Apple EarPods Lightning Connector White

The Ear Pods are more comfortable for more people than any other ear bud-style headphones because they are defined by the geometry of the ear. The speakers inside the Ear Pods have been designed to maximize sound output and minimize sound loss, which means you get high-quality audio. A built-in remote is included with the Ear Pods that lets you answer or end calls with a pinch of the cord. It works with all devices that have a lightning connection, including the iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone.

Brand: Apple

👤The box was opened to find a tangled pair of used earphones, with torn edges around the jack and gross earbuds. Don't buy from these shears.

👤I noticed a change in the mic quality when I used my earbuds for singing. The texture is different. I thought it was still a good deal. Two months later. The crackled and sent a small shock of electric into my ears as I listened to the voice notes. When you rub your feet on a carpet, you get a quick spark. But constant. I threw them in the trash. I will buy from the Apple website. You get what you pay for.

👤I was a little worried about what I was going to get with this order, but as the pictures show, my pair appears to be the real deal. I haven't tried them out yet as I have a working pair, but the packaging and the earphones themselves look similar to the one I bought from the Apple store. I think that people here are lying and that there may be some variation in the quality of the items received which led to some of the negative reviews. I can't tell the difference between these fakes and real ones. The Apple store cords are slicker than the ones at home. I believe that the cords are slick to keep them more rigid. Hope this helps someone.

👤I just got a pair of headphones. The box is open and empty.

👤I don't write reviews unless I think the product is amazing, or it's so bad I have to let others know. I want to steer people away from it. This is a case of the other. They worked for a day and then stopped working. I only use these headphones at my desk, so there's no chance they fell in water or were stepped on. I had to plug the lightning cord in one way, if you flipped it and inserted it wouldn't recognize the headphones and wouldn't play through my speakers. The microphone stopped working. The volume would change on its own.

👤I was very nervous when I bought this, so I wanted to make sure that the headphones I got were genuine, so I left a review to make sure. Guess that's it? They work well.

👤I bought these replacements after I lost my Ear Pods, and I was hoping that they were legit Apple products. I found my original Ear Pods. I compared them to see if they matched up. The ones Amazon sent me are the same ones I got with my phone, and the packaging is the same as my other classic Apple stuff: everything sealed, meticulously held in place, documentation, etc. The Ear Pods are packaged in a box. The thickness of the main cord seemed to be the same as before, but it was a bit thinner. I can't tell whether my original Ear Pods or these replacements sound the same. The shape of the earpiece is not my favorite. Maybe it's just preference or ear size. It looks like Amazon isn't always offering these as Prime-Exclusive. I wouldn't go for these if they were new or used. You should head to the Apple Store.

7. Apple AirPods Charging Latest Model

Apple AirPods Charging Latest Model

You can access it by saying "Hey Siri". The Charging Case took more than 24 hours to listen to. Automatic switch for a magical experience, effortless setup, and in- ear detection. You can easily share audio between two sets of AirPods.

Brand: Apple

👤There is no difference between these and the 1st Gen. This is not true. The improvement is still an improvement. Apple has upgraded the on-board chip to the H1, which leads to faster and more stable pairing. This is not anecdotal. It has been proven to be faster. There is a If you buy the case for the new AirPods, you will save a few dollars. If you already have the 1st Gen, then it is probably not worth the upgrade. If you are going to buy your first pair of AirPods, then these are the ones to look for.

👤When you put the AirPods in your ears, they will play audio as soon as you take them out. A simple double-tap will skip forward. To get directions, change the song, or make a call, just say "Hey" to your personal assistant. When you're on a call or talking to a friend, an additional accelerometer works with dual beamforming microphones to ensure that your voice is transmitted with clarity and consistency. There is a They deliver five hours of listening time on a single charge, and they're made to keep up with you because of a charging case that holds multiple additional charges for more than 24 hours of listening time. You can get up to two hours of talk time or three hours of listening with just 15 minutes in the case. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to buy.

👤These are great but not as good as Gen 1. The only addition is the voice recognition feature. I will save some green by buying the previous model on a discount.

👤I only had the headphones for a few days. When I opened the charging case, the left earplug was always low in battery, but the right one was fully charged. I returned it.

👤I bought my son airpods because his parents thought they were a waste of money and he loves them. These are really good quality and he has wanted them for a while. Real things. He wore them all day. Glad he's happy. Margaret, God bless you.

👤It's easy to use and reliable. I was a bit skeptical about it being reliable to my Mac, but the speakers work great and are very comfortable to my ears. They look great to me. There is a It was worth every penny.

👤The microphone is poor quality. It's not suitable for a remote worker. If your job requires a high quality mic, go somewhere else.

👤I got it for my wife's birthday. The old headphones don't work in XS. She loves it. The sound effect is pretty good.

👤Airpods are great. You always get a high quality design from apple. There is a I was a bit nervous to buy on Amazon. Many reviews said these were generation 1 airpods. The second generation model number was stated in the product description and with the amazing return policy of Amazon, I decided that it was the risk to buy and I could easily return and purchase somewhere else. After checking the serial numbers on the box and the airpods on my phone, I can confirm that they are authentic second generation airpods. I can't 100% guarantee that you will get a 2nd generation airpods, based on other reviews, but it seems like they've stopped sending out the old pairs at this point.

8. Beats Studio Cancelling Earbuds Built Bluetooth Headphones

Beats Studio Cancelling Earbuds Built Bluetooth Headphones

Powerful, balanced sound is delivered by a custom acoustic platform. Control your sound with two different listening modes. Three soft eartip sizes for a stable and comfortable fit while ensuring an optimal acoustic seal. Up to 24 hours of listening time combined with a pocket-sized charging case. Class 1 is the leading class for extended range and fewer dropouts.

Brand: Beats

👤It usually means a solid product when I see a 4-star review. There is something keeping it out of a 5-star range. These are examples of that for me. They are small, notobtrusive, have some out-of- ear-stick-out, and the sound is clear, which is helpful for the gym. The sound is clear, the bass is strong, and you can hear the subtle nuances of the guitar strings without being disturbed. That is a sign of a good earbud. There is a The transparency mode and noise canceling modes were not bad. They are alright. The Air Pod Pros have a higher price tag, so they do the ANC better. It is understandable that these would do the same, but on a lower level. The Airpods have wireless charging. The lack of wireless charging is a small thing. It is so satisfying to be able to toss these on a charging pad and leave them there to charge. I was not a fan of how the case felt. The matt finish is nice, but I would have liked a little more weight in the case lid, but at this point, these are such little things that they are not a dealbreaker. There is a The amount they stick out is the only thing I have. The way they stick out is a bit funny, so that the "b" logo is upright. They don't stick out a lot, but when you look in the mirror, you'll see a vertical line where the physical button sticks out. I had to get them to stay in, but that is beyond anyone's control. There is a The 4th star is given to these because they are a solid enough product. They don't do any one thing particularly well, but there are enough things for me that I wouldn't say these are the best I've ever used. The hear-through is amazing, and the app really helps boostFunctionality, which is what the Jabra 75t gets the equivalent of. These earbuds are very good for the gym. They play music loudly and clearly, and the bass is strong enough for me to drown out the annoying music playing outside. They fit and stay in shape. You get a good bang for your buck with the price tag. If you want to pitch in a few more, you could also do better.

👤I love these! The AirPods 2 and Pro are better than the ones I have. The un ear fit of the AirPods Pro was terrible. They fit perfectly and don't feel like I have anything in my ear. I like that they don't have a long stem because if I have earbuds on while I put on a sweater, they fall off, and I don't have a long stem, they don't get tugged on by it. These are great if you love the bass in songs. Absolutely love it!

👤I started giving these earbuds 4 stars and then realized I was comparing them to Air Pod. The pro's are more expensive. These earbuds fit the bill. The squat design of these earbuds makes them hard to grab. They fit in my ear. I don't have to handle them too much. Getting used to putting them back in the case is a challenge. I like the variable colors. I bought these because I lost my Air Pods Pro case, which was deleted after 24 hours. The red case is easy to use. There is a I don't like the button on the buds. The button should be on the bottom with a squeeze function. To click the button, I have to jam the bud into my ear. I like to lay down with my buds in, but if I turn my ears against the pillow, the button is always pressing. It would be easier to pinch when the button is on the top. I had an issue with the lever arm of the APPs that clicking didn't pull the buds out of my ear. Sound quality and connection. Good enough for me. The calls sounded good. I don't need my phone calls to have live orchestra quality. The music is good. Not too bass forward but crisp. There is a The Air Pod Pro's are not as bad as the Jabra's and other brands. Sometimes I hear my stomp on the pavement. I don't hear my blood flow. The ANC/transparency is fairly equal to the APPs, but not as significant in quality because of the cheaper buds. It seems to block out certain sounds, such as my heating and cooling system. I haven't tested the battery life, but they're better than APP. These are solid buds for the price. You get what you pay for, and these buds prioritize what I actually care about so you don't have to pay $250 every time your Bose or APPs go missing.

9. Apple MLWK3AM A AirPods Pro

Apple MLWK3AM A AirPods Pro

You can listen to music when active noise cancellation is in place. You can use transparency mode to hear and interact with the world around you. You can hear spatial audio with head tracking places. You can listen to music to your ears. Three different sizes of silicone tips can be used for a custom fit. You can easily control your entertainment, answer or end calls with the force sensor. Sweat and water are resistant.

Brand: Apple

👤It's so annoying to spend this amount and not have a power adaptor. If you don't have ausb-c power adaptor, you will have to pay an additional $20 for one and wait another 2 days to get it. It's stupid!

👤The regular Pro is this one. Nothing new. Apple did not announce a new product.

👤I got this airpods pro today and I can't use my new airpods, but when I open the box, I see that the airpods are made in Vietnam, and I am willing to check it out.

👤The little things pack a big punch. There is a A new generation of wireless headphones is in the works because of Apple's new noise cancellation and transparency modes. Apple makes the airpods pro experience better than what other companies offer because of its simplisticUI. The experience is like night and day from the first generation airpods. The airpods feel lighter in the ears and are much more comfortable. The audio quality is insane, and only amplified by Apple. These are definitely recommended by me.

👤These earphones are really nice. I have had mine for a year and have enjoyed it. The rubber inserts stay in your ears better when you find the right size. The noise canceling feature is great when trying to listen to music or a phone call with loud background noise. I use these hearing aids to listen to my friends talk.

👤The Air Pod Pros have a slight upgrade because of the magsafe charging, but still great headphones and love the noise cancellation feature.

👤I received them one day early, but the packaging was damaged and the box was fine, which means that they were damaged before they shipped. I hope the ear buds don't get damaged in the long run.

👤These are legit AirPods Pros.

👤I refused my return because I got it used.

👤The package of airpods was opened and there was visible wear and tear on the earpods and the case. These are not new.

👤Apple Music tienes una excelente experiencia, para ejercitarse, no se caen. No te molesta, los recomiendo ampliamente.

👤I don't like it for phones. Don't buy a phone from Apple.

👤I could write a book about my experience with these, I'm an audio engineer who spends most of his time listening to music and sound like, and I'm also an Apple fan. I wasn't expecting sonic excellence that of studio grade headphones or monitors, that's a given, but I was hoping for a better "soundscape" than the usual AirPods or earbuds. They refuse to play at the streaming hi-res norm of 24bit/ 96KHz because they can't play nice with outside streaming platforms. The APPs sound like they're missing something, given the rest of the audio tech. I hope the next Air Pod Pro iteration addresses these issues. I'll buy back into them to keep my system intact. I made the decision to only use TWS as a means of mobile music and convenience, but I would still have to purchase an outboard DAC in order to benefit from the best audio rendering that the iPhone and AM have to offer. The Air PodMax doesn't render "true" high-bit/frequency. PLUGGED IN, AND THAT'S WHILE I'm THERE! If there is a company that can do this right, it is Apple. Don't let us down. When you launch to the public, get the Air Pod Pro 2's right.

10. Beats Flex Wireless Earphones Built

Beats Flex Wireless Earphones Built

Up to 12 hours of listening time with magnetic earbuds. Flex-Form cable and four eartip options are powered by the Apple W1 chip. Audio Sharing allows you to share audio with another pair of headphones. On-device controls for music, calls, and voice assistant, built-in microphone with wind reduction for elevated voice clarity, compatible with Apple andANDROID The box has a wireless earphone, a charging cable, and a power adapter. Eartips with four size options, a quick start guide, and a warranty card.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I would like to give negative stars, but can't. This product was not new. It was not even cleaned. This product was from the previous owner. See the photo. The item was missing a set of earbuds. Would highly recommend this product to anyone.

👤If possible, I would have given less than one start. I bought these as Amazon Renewed and didn't expect them to be perfect. There was a set of larger tips in the earbuds, but the charging cable was not in the box. There are no other tips to be found. I tried a few different cables, including one on the front of my phone. The slot was smaller in both width and length. I am extremely disappointed that it is not a version of the universal serial bus. A second set of correct accessories is said to be arriving on Friday. I will have a chance to thoroughly test them after I receive them.

👤There was ear wax in the earpiece that hadn't been cleaned, but the re-furbished pair from Amazon did work, even though it was a different pair. Gross. I think they didn't clean it. I called Amazon and was told she would send me back, but I never asked for that. She said 10%. We will send you $5. I don't think I'll be re-furbished by anything from Amazon again.

👤I can't fit them in my ear with the huge tips they put in the box. I usually charge my phone with a regular cable but this one said it came with a special cable. I need to buy another ear bud tip and cord.

👤Good battery life, good sound quality, lightweight, and strong wireless connection, make this a good choice. The ear fit isn't great and getting a deal is impossible with 2 buds. They stay in the house. bass is a little weaker because I can't get a quality seal. I can't ignore the noise outside. There was no active noise cancellation. They are good ear buds. Not great, but good. I could recommend them. I wonder if I should swap them for the better style.

👤These are hit and miss.

👤I was excited to get these headphones, but I was disappointed by the package I received. There is no Beats box, just a small white box. The beats were wrapped in bubble wrap inside the generic box. There were rubber covers for the earpiece and cable in the bubble wrap packaging. The charging side doesn't fit the Beats unit. If they are looks like they are second hand, beware.

👤The design is flawed and the sound quality is good. I don't think it makes sense to have two separate bases. One to charge the device and the other for the volume. If you're used to wearing headphones with cords behind your neck, the microphone is far away if you need to use one ear in a situation.

👤Son increbles, tienes pagas por ellos, pero use los Beats Buds. Todas las funciones de Apple-Beats a un, estos audios. El reducido con la ventaja de ser ms fcil de usar al ser tipo collar, es una recomendacion. There is a 10/10 de verdad, un llegaron impecables en caja original y accesorios originales.

11. Belkin SoundForm Bluetooth Earphones Certified

Belkin SoundForm Bluetooth Earphones Certified

It is comfortable and durable. The earphones for iPhone have a soft and premium ear tips that allow you to listen to the music for a long time without feeling pain. Each cable has anti-break protection. If you are not satisfied with the earphone, please contact them. Within 12 hours, their service team will reply with a solution. Up to 5 hours of playtime with each charge, plus up to 19 hours of additional power in the case. That is 24 hours of your favorite things. Control of each ear bud is offered by touch and microphone controls. Pick up calls, control volume, skip or repeat songs with a tap. You can use a single ear bud for calls and music. Each ear bud has a built-in microphone that can be used to make and take phone calls while leaving your other ear free and the second ear bud can charge in the case. Quality sound and a difference are delivered by a complete seal and comfortable in- ear fit. Silicone ear tips are shaped for a secure and enjoyable listening experience. IPX5-rated sweat and water resistance gives you the ability to keep going no matter what the weather is like. Even though there are strenuous workouts and unexpected rain, you will still listen. An indicator to gauge remaining battery life is included in the portable charging case. Plug the included cable into the port to charge the device.

Brand: Belkin

👤The app doesn't work. Sound is dull and buzzing when no audio is played. After a few weeks, the right ear bud went quiet. I'm not sure if the app works or not. I wasted 80$ on this PoS and it's crazy inflation. What a joke.

👤I couldn't pair them with my phone. My son had to do it. I wanted soft earbuds, not hard ones. The directions were very confusing. One time, tap left ear and the other time, tap right ear. I couldn't read the instructions because they were so small. They were not for this senior.

👤The sound in the left ear bud is not constant. I don't know if it's connecting or not. I'm not sure if it's just not getting charged or if it's going out. The fact that this is happening two weeks after I received it speaks volumes about this product. Is it possible that Belkin is putting out low quality gear? What is the deal? It is not a good idea to recommend it.

👤They are not loud. They don't work well when making calls.

👤If you have to go back in and out of a container to connect your buds, it's impossible to answer a call.

👤The headphones are not good. The battery life is great and the sound quality is good. They connect when you don't want them to. They don't connect when you want them to. They suddenly don't connect when you're listening to something. They are hard to use. I would have liked to go with a different brand.

👤I usually can't wear earbuds, so I was hesitant about buying theses. I like these! They are comfortable and don't hurt my ears. I've worn them for a long time.

👤After charging them. I couldn't get one to work, so I had to check to make sure both are connected to the phone. They are used for my gym work out, which includes the rowing machine, as well as other machines. I have not had a problem with them. I am happy with them.

👤Couldn't pair with my many devices.

👤I was very pleased with the Ear Pods from Bellingham.

👤Dopo poco meno di un mese. A trovare dei problemini vari... A riavviare l'auricolare! 2 All'Interlocutore, purtroppo la mia voce arriva, disturbata e rumorosa. There is a In un mese, ha snervato! Quindi resi! There is a Spera vada meglio con i prossimi...

👤Ilusionado, la verdad, sonaban fenomenal. No me han dos meses. El auriculares tiene una semana amitad de entrenamiento dej de funcionar. La verdad.que tienen deberan durar ms. Aunque la publicidad dice, no es cierto. Aconsejo, por lo, tienes a usar para deporte busquéis. Slo os porque ha sido tal. Decepcin. No, no, no Aportacin tienes pero sea. What is the situation?

👤Mann ist die In Ears. The bestellt is the weihnachtsgeschenk. There is a Im Akkuleistung ist es, um lediglich. Im Sommer ist das Grund. There is a The Hrern selbst (es ist frs Ohr verschieden groe Noppen”) ist. er ist die Zufrieden. Ihren Kaufempfehlung und 4 Sterne ist die Grund.


What is the best product for headphones wireless bluetooth apple earbuds?

Headphones wireless bluetooth apple earbuds products from Amazon Renewed. In this article about headphones wireless bluetooth apple earbuds you can see why people choose the product. Apple and Beats are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphones wireless bluetooth apple earbuds.

What are the best brands for headphones wireless bluetooth apple earbuds?

Amazon Renewed, Apple and Beats are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphones wireless bluetooth apple earbuds. Find the detail in this article.

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