Best Headphones with Speaker and Microphone for Laptop Zoom Calls

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1. Microphone Cancelling Recognition Softphones Conference

Microphone Cancelling Recognition Softphones Conference

eaglend has a 24 months warranty. It's ideal for online courses, call center, and more. The sound quality is crystal clear. Every word can be heard loud and clear with the noise cancelling microphone and HD wideband speaker in thisusb computer headset. Digital signal processing (DSP) technology is used in the headset to improve your voice and music. It's perfect for working from home, remote work, conference calls, and more. A bendable and rotatable microphone arm allows you to adjust the microphone to any position you want, as well as place the microphone on either side freely. The big and soft ear cushion is comfortable to wear all day. The headband is perfect for all head sizes. The acoustic shock protection technology protects your hearing all the time. There is a 2-year warranty on Superb Domestic. Superb quality computer headset with reliable components structure, quality plastic, excellent quality mic and speaker, professional designed for the toughest environment. They control the quality from the beginning. 45 days money back guarantee and 2-year manufacturer warranty. Their team will solve your issue within 24 hours. There is wide companybility and multi-purpose. The premium headset is Plug and Play. There is no need for a driver for computers, laptops, and other devices. As well as work for many well-known softphones and softwares. It is easy to adjust the PC headphones volume up/down with the in-line controller. This computer headset with superior voice recognition microphone is ideal for online learning, online teaching, students education, school classroom, and many more.

Brand: Kejia Electronic Co. Ltd

👤There is an update. They didn't make it to January. The wire was broken in the trash and could not make a sound. I wish I could put the ear cushions on a working pair of headphones. They are comfortable, and appeared to be of good quality; however, after about two weeks, there were breaks in sound unless I held the wire in a certain way. The headband part of the paint is chipping and picures already, so I was pretty upset when I saw that. The pictures were taken about a month ago.

👤This headset is very good. I like the fact that I can move the microphone around in all directions. Everyone can hear me when I use it for teleconference. It blocks noise so the sound is clear. I think the buttons have a way to pick up phone calls. I have not connected it to my phone. I can't review that feature. It's more comfortable than the logitech headset that I received, and it's brown to match my hair. I'm happy with the purchase.

👤The color combo looks great in meetings. I look like a DJ and it's good for a laugh. The sound quality is great, the ear padding is thick, and I can control volume from the headphones. I am overlooking the fact that a small amount of paint has already started to rub off on the walls. I expected it to take about three weeks, but it did. This is just an update.

👤These are light and comfortable. I use them for hours straight every day. The noise reduction is great, and I like the volume control on the cord. The cord is long enough to allow movement.

👤I love this headset. I've been using it for a few months now and I love it. It's important to make sure my voice is clear for recording and live streaming. I was worried that it wouldn't be a good headset because of the low price. The headset functions very well. I love it!

👤I needed headphones that I could use while wearing hearing aids. I can have a zoom meeting while my husband watches TV in the same room, and we don't bother each other. It's convenient to be able to use the mic on either side because it projects my voice clearly. I am so happy I ordered them.

👤The headphones are comfortable. I work from home and do a lot of Microsoft Teams. The headphones are comfortable. The price was reasonable.

👤The volume is not good. I work at a call center. People can't hear me because the mic is touching my mouth. I have had the cord for less than a month. My ear is sore because the space where it goes is too small.

2. Headset Over Ear Computer Headphones Control

Headset Over Ear Computer Headphones Control

Easy Control and 12 months Gurantee. Press once to answer/reject/end calls. The assistant is from the internet search engine. Click tomute microphone with indicate light only works on phones. Volume and next/last song control are on the headset. There are more details and instructions in the User manual. You can contact them with the user manual. The noise cancelling microphone is outstanding. The headphones only pick up your voice and block out background noise. You can wear it on the left or right ear. All-Day Comfort for All Head Shapes. There will be no restraint pressure with the Eaglend, it is always designed for all-day comfort. The soft memory foam ear pads are made of high-level materials that prevent your ears from heat and sweat. Eaglend sound lab tested thousands of times for your daily conversation, music, movie, and gaming, bringing you extra clear and bass for pleasant experience. The connection is 3.5mm. The 3.5mm audio cable with the In-line audio volume control is designed for multiple use. It's compatible with PC/Tablet/Mac/iOS/laptop and other devices. eaglend has a 24 months warranty. It's ideal for online courses, call center, and more.

Brand: Eaglend

👤This is a highly cost-effective PC wired headset which is recommended. There is a The choice of high-quality materials and the contemporary design make it 888-282-0465, which is 888-282-0465, is a multi-functional headset for both leisure and entertainment. The sound quality and noise reduction effect will give you an amazing audio-visual experience, whether you are playing games or online meetings. The design will not make you uncomfortable. The multi-angle microphone earpiece makes you feel more comfortable. The high-quality noise reduction effect will not allow you to record other sounds in the surrounding environment, and will bring you a better call effect. You can use the two interface modes of 3.5mm andusb. There is no separate button for the 3.5mm interface. Carefully selected high-quality materials make this headset more durable. You can use the storage bag more flexible as you please.

👤Since purchasing it, I have exceeded my expectations. There is a The microphone has been great. I signed into class early when my teacher was on the phone. I asked how my sound quality was. He said it was clear and crisp. He was very impressed by the teacher who records podcasts and lectures and takes his sound-quality seriously. It also makes it hard to hear sounds around you, such as air conditioners, keyboard typing, and pencil writing. The microphone silences it so that it is barely noticeable if it is picked up. A great microphone. There is a The headset is comfortable. The ear pads are soft and do not make my ears hot. There is a This headset is a plug and play headset, which means you just plug it in and you are good to go. You do not need to pair it, sync it or anything else. The model has a 3.5mm jack that is perfect for use with a phone or tablets. There is a People may complain about how long the wire is. It is quite long, but I haven't measured it. I don't mind it at all. If you don't need all the length, you can tie it with something to keep it shorter. You will be happy with the purchase if you use it regularly.

👤I've used a lot of headsets. I have to wear a headset for work. I don't like any kind of interruption. These ear pads are large and squishy. The microphone picks up the sound of the audio. I am very happy with this headset, it is better than other headsets at a similar price point.

👤The first thing to report is that this headset is very versatile. You can connect it to your device using either a 3.5mm jack or ausb port. The unit has an inline volume controller. There is a The unit has a sound card. This probably explains why the sound quality on your phone, laptop, or tablets immediately jumps out at you, as better than what you get by using a sound card. This is more than satisfactory for speech. It isn't high end quality. If you want to listen to your music in a certain way, you won't be looking at this kit. There is a The headset is light and comfortable to wear over both of the household's heads. The unit is very comfortable to use over extended periods of time, thanks to the decent sound quality and this. This is a steal at 29 bucks.

3. TECKNET Bluetooth Microphone Canceling Headphones

TECKNET Bluetooth Microphone Canceling Headphones

The noise cancelling headphones with microphone can cancel up to 99.6% of background noise. Making your voices clear is important. The microphone can be turned on and off with the help of the mute key. This is a great headset for people working in call centers and construction sites. All day competition and 270. The wireless headphones with microphone have comfortable earmuff and ultra soft leather for all day comfort. You can answer or hang up calls with the MFB button on the headset, it's only useful for phone calls. If you want to answer or hang up calls, you should set it up through the software. The TECKNET Trucker headset with microphone can provide up to 2 days of talk time and 4 days of standby time on a single charge. The charge is 1.5 hours and provides complete wireless freedom. It's perfect for office, home, and remote work. With a wide range of compatible devices, the TECKNET is a wireless headset for computers, laptops, cell phones, and other devices. You can connect to the device with theusb dongle. It will be more stable to connect to a computer via ausb. It is 18 months of support for the TECKNET on ear headphones with microphone. If you have any problems with using the computer headset with microphone, please contact their professional customer service team, they will provide you with high-quality solutions.

Brand: Tecknet

👤I needed a wireless headset so I could stand up and get around while on my phone calls, because I do phone calls for 8 to 9 hours a day. This is amazing, the mic quality is great and the sound is good. It's not a problem, just adjust the volume on it, it's a small sound but on the quiet side. There is a The battery is great. The duration is amazing. The connection? It's great that they have the option to use a more stable connection or use a more wireless one. The headset does not squeeze my head during my 8 to 9 hour shifts. If you're looking for a headset for a telecom job, I highly recommend this one.

👤I rely on a Blue Tooth headset to communicate with my passengers. I was very pleased with this item. The battery life was excellent. The maximum listening volume was not very high. After 2 months, my overall satisfaction with this item dropped significantly. My return period ended. I thought the price was reasonable. Maybe I should have bought a more expensive unit.

👤The headseat has a clear mic and a good speaker. I have it connected to both my computer and my phone, and I use ausb port on my computer to connect it. I can use the computer and the phone at the same time. I am able to wear it all day because it is very comfortable. I have never gone into "battery low" state when I have been on-mic for 3-4 hours a day. I have never gone into "battery low" state while working around the house and workshop and only used the speaker. I recommend this headset without reservation. I did not get paid for this review.

👤I bought this for my boyfriend to use while he is working. He is a truck driver. The biggest issue in the past was being able to hear him due to the background noise and a lot of headsets sound far away. I was surprised when he called and was on the road. The call was clear, even if he wasn't using a headset. We were curious when he had the window down and on the highway. It was clear. I hear Outside noise occasionally but it is very soft and in the background. He reported being very pleased. Quality and design are important. He likes being able to hear the road with one ear and this design is perfect for that. We are very happy with the headset.

👤I needed a wireless headset since my company laptop doesn't allow the connection. Sound quality and noise cancellation are both good. When the battery is low, it doesn't give enough warning. I won't be able to use my headset during a half hour meeting because it won't last long enough to hear a battery low message. The headset won't stay on my head if I tip my head downward. I have to hold the power button multiple times before it turns on. It is a decent headset for the price.

4. Headphones Microphone Generation Reinforced Compatible

Headphones Microphone Generation Reinforced Compatible

The extended headphone is called a cobra. It is easy to connect a long Headphone cord through clothing and bags. The earbuds support new generation phones such as the iPad Mini/ Air, the S9/S10 and the M2/F2 phones. The cable is long. The tips of their noise isolating ear buds are 40% higher in wear resistance and can adapt to users ears to stay snug in place; wired comes with three pairs of replacement silicone tips. The metal wired ear buds with microphone offer optimal audio quality with powerful bass and the ideal balance of mids and treble; the three-button remote further allow volume control and call receiving/ending. Three pairs of replacement tips, a carry case, and an E-book guide come with the purchase of their ear buds with microphone wired; their representatives are available 24/7. Their in ear headphones, wired to connect with most devices, have sleek metallic exteriors and tangle-free braided cables in multiple colors, so you can choose from 15 different shades to suit any outfit, mood, occasion, or personality.

Brand: Ludos

👤These stay in place for extended calls as well as long listening or gaming sessions at home or on the go. Excellent sound for voice, music and gaming sound effects, and good range considering they are earbuds, and Memory foam expands to serve as an earplug. It takes some getting used to because buttons are all the same shape and size and hard to distinguish by touch. The buttons are not functional on other devices such as laptop or Nintendo Switch. It's not a big deal since you have built in controls for audio on those devices. There is a I've never owned a better pocket sized headphones. Ear buds are usually uncomfortable and fall out of my ears. I was in the market for some lightweight audio output because of the recent conditions. There is a The quality of the LUDOS Clamor Earbuds has won me over. They are comfortable enough to wear for long calls or gaming sessions.

👤I was forced to be on the meetings constantly. Several of my headphones become uncomfortable after a few meetings. I was looking for a pair of earbuds that still have 3.5 MM, and I am so happy that I got this one, I was debating between this brand and other cheaper earbuds. The color of the memory foam is gorgeous. I almost reached for the red color, but decided to try yellow first. The unit is well built, the sound quality is top notch, and the buttons to control volumes are easy to use. I tried it on my laptop and it worked.

👤It was pretty much a title. They're great earbuds. I have only had them for 5 days, so I hope they last. There is a The sound quality and volume control are great. Everything is clear. The volume control has different buttons. The downside of my previous headphones was that they had volume and track control, but it was only one large button which could cause me to pause or skip a song if I wanted to make it louder or quieter. Not the case here. I like the fact that they came in a tin and had a pouch with them inside. It's a very neat way to carry them around and much better than just throwing them in my pocket. I don't think that helped with my old headphones. The other headphones that I had were shorter than these. I have only had one issue so far and that is comfort. They didn't fit well in my ears, but I may have just been adjusting to them. I don't see any flaws with these if that's the case. Otherwise... Yeah. They were difficult to wear for the first day or two, but since then it's been fine. Again, it could be me. I felt it was worth mentioning.

👤I have normal ears. The ear buds are smaller than shown. They don't stay in my ears with the tension on the cord. There is a * The cord is not special. The photo makes it look like it is made of higher quality plastic, the type that is a little rigged and tangles easily. The cord is made of cheap plastic. There is a * The volume controls are only 6 to 8 inches from the ear piece, according to the photo. They are only 3 to 4. One cannot see what they are pressing, and the microphone cannot be put in front of their mouth. I'm a regular person with regular dimensions. There is a * This is unrelated to the photos or description. There is a constant sound on some of my devices that reminds me of the sound of old projectors. It is audible above the volume of a show. This has never happened with other headphones.

5. Jabra Evolve Wireless Headset Headphones

Jabra Evolve Wireless Headset Headphones

The Jabra Evolve 65 Wireless Headset is an industry leading performance. You can work away from your desk with a range of up to 30 meters. The integrated busy light that acts as a do-not-disturb sign for colleagues can be used to increase agent focus. The ear cushions eliminate high-frequency noise. Get up to 14 hours of talk time with the Jabra Evolve 65. You can use the office headset and connect the charge and theusb to it. You can connect directly using theUSB cable or via a wireless connection. You can take calls on your preferred device if you connect your PC and other devices at the same time. All leading UC platforms work with this pro headset. Certified for more than one company. It is compatible with all of the popular online voice call services. Universal devices are compatible. There are phone models that are compatible.

Brand: Jabra

👤I had high hopes for these phones before I bought them. I think they should have stood up to my expectations, considering the price. The sound quality is 100%. They were easy to install, and I think they sound great. The first reason I give 3 stars is that I use these for work to be wireless so I can roam freely around my office and into the other rooms upstairs, but without being able to stop and listen to music, which is something I don't like doing. The second reason is that I don't have the ability to answer calls that come through. If I want to make a smoothie between calls I can't make it because I can't keep my phone off. They are not as snug as I 888-276-5932 They fall off my head if I look down for a long time. Maybe I have a small head. Who knows? These will probably be the last pair of this model I own. That makes me sad.

👤A previous employer gave me a headset that I use to work as a SW consultant. I bought a corded system for myself after leaving the company and returning the headset, even though I had a corded system that worked well. It's worth it to be able to turn around in your chair and put stuff in a cabinet, stand up and stretch, walk to break room and grab a coffee, or even plug in the headset and charge it with out dropping the connection. It's fantastic that this is connected to your phone and your company computer so that you can switch between playing music on your phone and taking a conference call with out touching your headset or the computer. Long term use comfort is the only downside. The 75 has more padding on the head strap and larger ear cups. If you can swing $200 in an "open office" environment, I strongly urge you to go for the 75. I stayed with the 65 because I ran out of tech budget. It is not getting as much as it should.

👤I pause and resume videos frequently. When you pause the audio, the receiver goes into a state of inactiveness less than a minute later. It takes approximately 4 seconds for audio to resume. Do you know how long it takes to miss a word? The poor design of the unit is confirmed by Amazon support and Jabra support. I spent a lot of money on a useless product. Unless you don't care about what you're listening to, avoid this.

👤I expected them to last longer than 4 months, but I loved the sound of it. The earpiece snapped off. The earpieces are attached to the headband by a small piece of plastic. I paid a lot for these. You can return them for 30 days on Amazon. We will see how the company backs their product after I email them. If I get a resolution, I will update.

6. Kaysuda Omnidirectional Microphone Speakerphone Cancellation

Kaysuda Omnidirectional Microphone Speakerphone Cancellation

45 days money back and 24 months worry-free are included in the 2-year warranty. It works with Windows 2000/7/810/Vista, Mac OS X and Softphone. It's ideal for online courses and presentations. The PC microphone is a speaker and microphone. A full duplex. Untie yourself from your phone and headset for one-to-one calls. The earphone port is 3.5mm. The omni-directional microphone picks up sounds from any angle. Microsoft has recognized Cortana as a Certified. It's compatible with Windows. It can work for PS4. HD Voice for conversations in high definition. Good for home studio, YouTube, Skype, Online course, Yahoo Recording, and Chatting Recording, as well as for voice search and steam. Plug and Play, no need software or battery, just connect it to your PC via the recommended interface. If the item is faulty or missing accessories, please contact them.

Brand: Kaysuda

👤I work from home and use a laptop with a Windows 10 operating system to make calls. I can hear everyone loud and clear, notifications, music, and on conference calls people can hear me without that weird "breathing" that can be heard sometimes when you wear a headset. There is a It turned out to be a great speaker, it was loud, clear, and has cool controls. I like the touch buttons for controls that are sensitive and the lights that change on the device to show status. It was plug and play and works well with my Mac Mini. This is the one I kept and would recommend it to anyone.

👤Those who listen to me over zoom have told me that this is my best microphone yet. I've tried a few mics. I can hear other participants clearly when this speaker is in the room. I don't have to face a certain direction in order for others to hear me. I put it in the middle of the table so the entire family can talk to each other. The cord should be about 12 inches longer. It has a plug in that works with my laptop. I don't have to use my app to mute the device. If I need to say something to a family member in private, this is great. There is a This is used for classes. My friends can tell that my dryer is running because the mic picks up so well. The speakerphone is portable because of its size and weight.

👤It's small. It was palm-sized. My coworker saw the case and thought I had bought a new set of earbuds. She was amazed that it was a small device, since the ones we use at the office are much larger. The sound quality is not as good as the ones we have at work. It's a smaller speaker, so that's reasonable, but the echo cancellation hardware isn't as good. I'm not sure if it's due to an inferior chipset or a lack of microphones on different sides. There is a If you get one that has an obvious echo, it's not a good sign. The first one I received had a bad echo, but the seller offered to send a new one. The second one doesn't have an obvious echo, but they did say that the new one was not the same as the old one. The beginning of the first word was making it through, even though most of their sentence was being squelched properly.

👤I had a high quality standard for comparison, since I have a Jabra for work. It worked as advertised, but in the midst of a web meeting, there was sound that became distant, full of echo and noise. It was hard to understand. The connection was not made because of the headset sound. When the Jabra is so good, be aware that the product has a serious flaw and not worst wasting the money. The bundled software updates the system's software and keeps it running at optimal performance. The Kaysuda was returned for a refund.

7. XIBERIA Cancelling Microphone Computer Headphones

XIBERIA Cancelling Microphone Computer Headphones

This computer headset with superior voice recognition microphone is ideal for online learning, online teaching, students education, school classroom, and many more. The Boom Design is perfect. The micr can be placed at any angle to capture voice, which can make a loud call. It's suitable for online courses, conferences, call centers, and other things. All day comfortable. The earmuff is soft and flexible. The double suspension head beam of the earphone is designed to reduce pressure on the head. The ear cups on the PC headphones are 180. The material is not easy to break. XIBERIA carefully selected materials and created an excellent computer headset. Not only lightweight, but also durable. There is a 3.5mm and ausb connection. The computer and mobile phone can both have a 3.5mm jack. It can be used for mobile phones, ipads, iPhone, Smartphones, tablets, laptops, PS4 and PC computers. In-line controls. The earphone In-line Controls design is convenient for you to adjust the volume and microphone/speaker with one click, it improve the quality of your chat, let you concentrate on work and study.

Brand: Xiberia

👤The volume works well. The mute button is an important feature for my job. It's soft to my ears. There is a It's a basic mic that does all the functions I needed for my work.

👤I liked how light they are. The ones I used before were heavy and made my head feel heavy, the ones I use now are light and comfortable. The sound is good.

8. Bluetooth Microphone Headphones Cancelling Handsfree

Bluetooth Microphone Headphones Cancelling Handsfree

Plug and Play, no need software or battery, just connect it to your PC via the recommended interface. If the item is faulty or missing accessories, please contact them. There is a table with two dual connected things. This headset has a microphone with upgraded tech and is more stable and effcient. It's easy to pair with 2 devices at the same time, so you can work and study at the same time. Up to 40m in the open area. Crystal Clear Sound & Noise Cancelling mic The noise canceling headset can eliminate most of the static noise in chat, it's best for talking in open office, outdoors, driving, school, and classroom. This stereo sound and deep bass of the headphones are suitable for music and gaming. 28Hrs battery life and wide compatiblility. Earbay wireless headphones have 2 hours micro-usb charging, they support 28 hours of continuous playing time, and more than 250 hours of standby time, the best choice for call center, online meeting. Most of the main stream devices, including Mac Os x/Windows/Linux/iOS/Android, Tablets and Ipads, are supported by this headsets with microphone. Ultra Comfort and Ergonomics are adjusted. The wireless headset is designed for long time use and has an appropriate fit for adults and kids. The soft and durable leather ear pads are made of the same material as the mattress. Easy Control and 12 months Gurantee. Press once to answer/reject/end calls. The assistant is from the internet search engine. Click tomute microphone with indicate light only works on phones. Volume and next/last song control are on the headset. There are more details and instructions in the User manual. You can contact them with the user manual.

Brand: Earbay

👤I've been looking for true love since I started working from home in 2020. I have other high-end headsets that I like, but this is comparable to those, and I like it for when I have to be out and about with the headset in my backpack. I don't want to worry about these being damaged or lost because they were reasonable. Sound and microphone are comfortable. There is a If you work from home and have to take a lot of conference calls, I recommend these.

👤The mic has a loud sound. Audio had a weak sound. It was seamless with PC and iPhone. Poor audio quality is too bad.

👤This lightweight headset is very good and helps me get through this work-from- home period. Some of the headsets I've used are too heavy for a job that lasts 8 hours a day. I wear headsets that squeeze my glasses. It's important that I pick a headset that's comfy. This guy is light and comfortable to wear.

👤I have had headsets that cost more than 200 dollars that did not work as well as the ones that cost less than 50 dollars. The battery life is great and they sound good. Highly recommend these.

👤The microphone doesn't work well. I began my testing in a quiet place so that the background noise wouldn't be an issue. My voice was inaudible in the test calls. The quality of the audio was odd and did not sound like a natural voice. I contacted the support group using the email address on the box, but did not hear back from the manufacturer. I will return the headset.

👤After a month, the pair was stopped with limited volume control. There is a The price went up from $35 to $42.

👤I decided to give these a try because of the price-point, but I would not go for more expensive headsets from more recognized brands. As it turns out, you get what you pay for. The audio quality is quite good when listening to a meeting, music, or something else. They do not do the job for me because I work multiple hours a day, and they only need these for the work conf calls. The sound quality for anyone trying to hear me when I'm speaking is terrible. My colleagues have described it as sounding like I'm in a tunnel when it doesn't work at all. You can find better headphones that don't have a mic that are more comfortable, but you have to deal with sticking up next to your head. It's nice to be able to pair them with two devices, but it doesn't balance out the drawbacks. If you need a working headset, skip this one.

👤A great item for a work from home job. They have an 8 hour charge. There is a I figured it out despite the dumb instructions.

👤The headset is working. The instructions in the pack were not compatible with the headset. It was easy to pair and use.

9. USB Computer Microphone Cancelling Headphones

USB Computer Microphone Cancelling Headphones

Long-distance working range and hands-free calls. Even if you leave your connected device for a short time, the call quality will not be affected, perfect for call center, office, remote work, home, classroom, Skype, and truckers. If you have a problem with the product, please contact them, their professional customer service team will provide you with solutions. The laptop headset fits different head sizes comfortably, with the option of rotating it up or down, and with a 270Boom mic. The ear cups on the PC headphones are 180, which makes them easier to use. This wired headphones with microphone has a 3.5mm jack audio cable and ausb plug, it's suitable for many devices. The cable can be adjusted when wearing the headset. The microphone headset for the computer can block out unwanted noise and offer a clear chat experience. The phone headset has a noise-cancelling microphone that picks up your voice loud and clear, along with upgraded speaker drivers that bring high fidelity audio. Earbay designed In-line control allows you to adjust volume and microphone/speaker with a single click. HD audio acoustic speaker is adjusted well for clear conversation and the computer headphones are born for audio and online chat. Earbay provides a 12 months warranty and wide using range, if you have any issues with their products, please contact them. This telemarketing headset is compatible with a number of online courses and conferences.

Brand: Earbay

👤Decreased: The seller reached out to me based on my 2 star review and told me that I most likely received a faulty headset and that there are newer options with a larger ear set. They asked for my address and then shipped me a new headset. The first headset was wrong and I had to change it with the new one. I can use it on my laptop, the ear coverings are larger and more comfortable, and associates on my calls say I sound fine, no more talking far away in a box. I highly recommend this product and company because of the customer service response and the new headset. There is a The previous 2 stars. I was hoping that these would work, but they have some serious issues. The microphone wouldn't work if it was plugged into my laptop. When plugged into a laptop replicator, conference users could hear me. The instruction book is not very helpful. Several users complained that I sounded far away or in a box, and that they didn't know what I was talking about. The receiving quality seems decent because I can hear them. They are not comfortable to wear. Within a few minutes my ears start throbbing. I am not sure if the ear pads are meant for kids as they are small. There is a I don't see the point in handing over a headset that has poor mic and is uncomfortable to wear.

👤The seller reached out to me and asked why I had an issue with the headphones. The quality of the headphones is not my issue, I thought I had made clear in my original review. The seller did a great job of customer service. I upgraded my rating to four-stars because it's hard to find a good customer these days. There is a The headphones are not comfortable for me. They kept slipping off of my ear. The sound was clear and crisp when it was on my ears. I don't think they're a good idea.

👤The headset performs as expected. It saves me because I have so many meetings. It is comfortable to wear it for a day without feeling unwell. The headset is loud enough to hear what is being said. There is a It is a good headset to use in the office.

👤The headset has good sound quality. It works well for meetings. It can be used as a AUX cord and ausb. It allows for using in the PC, phone and tablets.

👤I'm happy with the price. I haven't used them long enough to judge the durability, but the materials seem flexible enough to bend and break. Sound quality is good. Most of the use has been done by the teams. When first plugged in, the computer won't recognize them. I plug it in and it goes away.

👤My work issued headphones would make my ear sore when they pressed down on the side of my glasses. People would say they couldn't hear me. These are as light as a feather, and it barely feels like I am wearing any head wear. I can hear the calls clearly and they can hear me as well.

10. Bluetooth LEVN Microphone Cancelling Headphones

Bluetooth LEVN Microphone Cancelling Headphones

This computer headset with superior voice recognition microphone is ideal for students education, such as Language-learning, Dictation, Online Course, and many more. There is a noise cancellation function. The environmental noise cancellation technology is used in this headset. It is possible to prevent the listener from hearing background noise by calculating the environmental noise's Frequency Band in advance. The microphone can be turned on and off with the mute function. The LEVN on ear headphones use two methods to connect with computers, cell phones, telephone, and other devices. You can use the device to connect with the USB dongle if it doesn't have a function. It will be more stable and there will be no transmission delay to connect this PC headset to the computer. A 350-mwh battery and exclusive charging base allow the trucker headset to provide up to 35+ hours of continuous work time. It has long-term service for call center agents and remote workers. You can use the POGO charging base or the Type C charging cable to charge the headset, it comes with a plug and play charging base. It has a comfortable earmuffs and a 270 microphone, which makes it all day comfortable. The microphone can be used on the right or left side and will not be damaged even if it is changed thousands of times. With just one click, you can make your own calls. Long-distance working range and hands-free calls. Even if you leave your connected device for a short time, the call quality will not be affected, perfect for call center, office, remote work, home, classroom, Skype, and truckers. If you have a problem with the product, please contact them, their professional customer service team will provide you with solutions.

Brand: Levn

👤If the headset broke in a month, I would probably buy it again. The battery, comfort, and most of all the noise cancelation is fantastic. The people on the other end couldn't hear my dogs barking because they were next to me. This is the most important part of a work from home headset and it is the best I have had in a long time.

👤I am very pleased with this purchase. The call quality is very good and the headset is lightweight. It seems to have a good battery life after being hooked up. It seems to be enough to get me through a day. There is a Charging can be a bit of a trick. It is possible to make it to where there is only one practical way to place the headset on the charge. If you place the headset on the wrong spot, it won't charge. The earpiece has two contacts on the underside that are supposed to line up with two prongs. It is very easy to put the headset down, think it is charging, and dump it the next day. This leads to... There is no charge indicator that you can easily see that it is charging. The red charge light is at about 4:00 when the headset is on the charge. It can be difficult to make sure that the device is charging. The battery status does not show, but it could be a Windows 10 thing. I am not going to lose sleep over this, I have not looked into it. There is a Overall, a solid performer. If the charging problem is solved, I would consider buying V2 and making the indicator bigger and brighter. If I had to run a quick charge, there is a port for that, but that isn't the point.

👤It is really sleek. I like the look of it. It is wireless. I want to use this in a different way. I work from home. I wanted to be able to move around with this. Guess what? I can't unmute this thing when I'm not at my desk. I have to unmute myself. It has a button that can be turned off. I have to manually unmute myself on zoom calls. You would think that the function would connect the computer to the meeting I am attending. I am scared because I don't know how I'll be able to unmute this thing or if it will work with Genesis, I haven't taken calls with this yet. The mic works well and the sound quality is good. It is the unmuting and muting that irritates me. You would think this would work better than the cheaper ones. The seller reached out to me and apologized. If you buy these headphones, you will have to use your computer to make noise. The headphones are not compatible with all laptops. It is meant for cellphone usage, so it would be a great headset for a truck driver. It has a good battery life and is comfortable. If you work from home, you will be able to use a wireless device.

11. Microphone Cancelling Controls Headphones Softphone

Microphone Cancelling Controls Headphones Softphone

Talk all day and 3 year warranty with the Angeteela trucker wireless headset, it allows you to make reliable wireless calls throughout the day. You can easily drop it in for a charge and storage, and you can also charge the headset directly with theusb cable. Friendly customer service is ensured. Business-grade Wideband Headset, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and noise-cancelling mic are used for crystal-clear conversations. The most comfortable headphones include a lightweight, The Single Ear Skype headset with mic is a sturdy headset due to its high quality design, plastic construction, and flexible metal mic boom. Plantronics or Jabra are high-quality Office Headsets. Simple audio controls. Plug and Play doesn't need drivers for PC, Computer, Laptop, Mac...USB compatible devices. Convenient in-line Controls, easy to adjust this computer headset volume up/down. 45 days money back and 24 months worry-free are included in the 2-year warranty. It works with Windows 2000/7/810/Vista, Mac OS X and Softphone. It's ideal for online courses and presentations.

Brand: Callez

👤I work from home doing customer service and I use a headset for 8 hours a day. A comfort headset is very important to me. When I got the callez headset, I was so excited. This headset is much more comfortable than my previous headsets. The headsets I bought were too tight on my head and hurt my ears. I can wear this headband all day long because it's lightweight and fully adjusted to fit my head. There is a The microphone picks up my voice accurately, the sound quality is great. I can hear my clients well. There is a The cheapest headset for computer calls. I would recommend it to others.

👤It was great until it stopped working, I bought it at the beginning of the epidemic. The sound quality was great and it was lightweight. I don't know if there's a short in the wiring because the sound cuts in and out The seller has been sending me emails asking me to remove the negative review. The most recent email is trying to get me to review a product that I paid for. I think this is shady business practices. A poorly made product is still a poorly made product even after a refund. If they have improved their product since I bought it, that is great. The improved product can be talked about by future customers. I hope that no one else here who has been disappointed with this product is getting the same daily emails manipulating them into removing their product review.

👤The headset is well-fitting and comfortable. For a price like this, I get a lot of praise for the microphone quality. Some guys commented on how clear I sounded and they could hear me better. My friends thought I spent over $100 on the headset, but I got it for less than $30. You don't have to buy expensive headphones from either Plantronics or Sennheiser. These are much cheaper than the other ones. There is a The attached volume control and mute button on the cord are great for when you are under discussion and don't want to adjust it.

👤I use the headphones to chat and meet online. I contacted the seller before buying and got a positive reply, so I decided to go for the headphones. Great customer service. Plug and play has been tried for a week and there is no driver needed. The noise cancelling works well. Poor hearing is a problem for my parents. When watching TV in the living room, they always turn up the volume. Some of our neighbors have complained about it. When I used the headphones to chat, I didn't hear anyone complain about the noise around me. The cord is long enough for a conversation. You can wear the microphone boom on the left or right ear. Highly recommended.

👤I bought two headsets for my insurance agency. I used our computers to make and receive calls after getting rid of our phones. These are light weight, great sound quality, and include a small clip to attach the cord to your clothing to help with the cord management. The cord is long enough to accommodate our work space and large enough to allow us to move around without having to remove the computer or head. I highly recommend this headset as a cost-effective way to improve telephone communications.


What is the best product for headphones with speaker and microphone for laptop zoom calls?

Headphones with speaker and microphone for laptop zoom calls products from Kejia Electronic Co. Ltd. In this article about headphones with speaker and microphone for laptop zoom calls you can see why people choose the product. Eaglend and Tecknet are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphones with speaker and microphone for laptop zoom calls.

What are the best brands for headphones with speaker and microphone for laptop zoom calls?

Kejia Electronic Co. Ltd, Eaglend and Tecknet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphones with speaker and microphone for laptop zoom calls. Find the detail in this article. Ludos, Jabra and Kaysuda are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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