Best Headphones Xiaomi Originales

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1. Soundcore Waterproof Sweatproof Comfortable Bluetooth

Soundcore Waterproof Sweatproof Comfortable Bluetooth

China is the country of origin. 20 million people love the sound. The spirit of the bass. A bass-maximizing material surrounds Dot 2's driver to increase bass output by up to 100%. BassUp technology uses a custom algorithm to analyze and intensify bass in real-time. Sweatproof and waterproof: The IPX7-rated protection of the Spirit Dot 2 true wireless earbuds is strengthened by exclusive SweatGuard technology, which stops liquids and sweat from breaching the case. Zero-Pressure AirWings. Their hollow AirWings have a flexible, soft Silicone build that partially deflates to conform to the shape and size of your ears for a secure fit with unparalleled comfort. The earbuds are small and slim to ensure they fit in your ears no matter what you do.

Brand: Soundcore

👤I was able to find a way to use the medium size wings on these earbuds. I used Clear Gorilla Glue to make the inside of the wings stick so that I wouldn't have to take the bud out of the case. It's much nicer. After I submitted my review, Anker contacted me and said they stood behind their products. I added a star because of their support efforts to resolve the deficiencies noted in my original review. The Spirit Dot 2's are still going to be in the rotation even though they are not a perfect fit for how I use them. They are very comfortable and sound great. After this experience, I would still recommend the products. Soundcore buds like SoundBuds Slim and Liberty Neo are an improvement in some ways but have some drawbacks that surprised me. I have been using these earbuds for a few weeks. There is a The soft material of the wings makes these earbuds more comfortable than my Liberty Neos. I could wear them all day. - The ability to use both ears is a great improvement. The slide motion is smooth and the sliding case lays better in my pocket. - These would be worth the reasonable price if there were no cons. There is a I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the touch-sensitive button. It has been more frustrating to use. If there is a drop of water on the exterior of the ear bud, it will cause it to shut down and require me to put the bud back in the case. It's very annoying when riding a bike. While. There are two issues, one of which is that these are more comfortable to sleep in than my Liberty Neos. 1. If I roll onto the ear that has the earbud, I can turn it off by touching it to the pillow. 2. The battery life of one bud is not always last through the night. My Liberty Neos can be found there. The wings come off an unfortunate percentage of the time I remove them from my ear or the case. The charging cable style is different from my other earbuds, battery packs, etc. These earbuds are not in my charging rotation yet. I have to grab the cable for this case. I use earbuds for activities that the cons hit, so the Spirt Dot 2's will probably be returned.

👤These buds are close to perfect. They are very slim in your ear, fit amazingly well, don't fall out, work well with a motorcycle helmet, sound good, etc. I returned them because of two major drawbacks. Is- The buds didn't get rid of noise. After a long ride on my motorcycle, I would hear buds in my ears. I tried all the combinations of the tips and sleeves, but they didn't improve the isolation. The case is second. They wanted to make the case bigger than it needed to be. There is a The Life Dot 2's are more expensive than the older ones. They do not have anything over the LIfe. Both dot 2's. The lineup of buds from Ankers is confusing. The Life is a good place to look for a good motorcycle friendly pair of earbuds. The second dot's!

2. Mi In Ear Headphones Basic Black

Mi In Ear Headphones Basic Black

The front Cavity of the 3rd Gen balanced damping has been improved. The package has a dimensions of 7.37 H x 2.2 L x 7.11 W. The package weight is 0.02 kilograms. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Xiaomi

👤For years, I've preferred the cheap, but great-sounding ear buds from Xiaomi. I was interested in hearing the "budget" version of the ear-phones. There is a They come in a plain cardboard box, with one extra set of rubber ear pieces, which is quite a contrast to the more expensive earbuds that come in an elegantly designed box. The buds have the same shape and design, but the cheaper buds have a lot more plastic. The sound is not as good as it could be, and it's best suited for audiobooks or podcasts. I don't like listening to music. I was able to use Apple's microphones in simple operation with these earbuds.

👤I have been buying headphones from Xiaomi for a long time. They give you great products for the price, which is more than the brand name products. These are not exceptions. Sound quality is not exceptional, but it is great for the price. There is a higher end model for people who care about sound.

👤I had a pair of Piston V2 headphones for three years before they failed, but they loved them. The previous version had a noticeable departure in quality. The left earbud is very quiet, which seems to be an issue from the other reviews. The metal of the jack was slightly bent after two days of use. The cheap build quality made me look elsewhere.

👤It is good for music. It took a while to arrive. There is a The sound of the left side is already fading. It's not even a month. I expected more from them.

👤I bought these to replace a pair of earbuds that only lasted 8 months. I made sure to put the 100$ headphones in their case when I was done with them. The earbuds have lasted longer. I think they are getting a short in them but for 10 bucks you can't beat how good they sound.

👤I thought it was great until I found out that only one of the ear bud sides worked and that the other didn't work at all.

👤The noise cancellation on these things is amazing, I have experience with it on an airfield. The build and sound quality are good.

👤Fone no, igual o das fotos. No anncio, the fotos de dois fones are different. O jeito estava dobrado. A funo de volume is presente. Mandei email no dia, recebi o produto reclamando porém, até hoje 31 March.

👤No recomendo a niguém, produto de pessima qualidade, cabo, som, acabamento.

👤A produto de péssima qualidade. A caro esperando um produto melhor, porém em menos de um ms. A total of R$ 73,21 was achieved. Um dos lados do fone j veio meio solto, até com o tempo foi piorando. Ainda pega, mas no volume mximo, ainda difcil de ouvir. A microfone parou de funcionar. Pois adquiri Estou decepcionado. A realizao de trabalho home office is available.

👤Falsificacin de baja calidad coincide with the empaquetado de Xiaomi. Color negro, recibidos en color azul clarito. The packing was horrible, it was a caja de carton, and it was a plstico. Tuve unos. No tiene ni punto.

3. Xiaomi Earphones Bluetooth Sweatproof Wireless

Xiaomi Earphones Bluetooth Sweatproof Wireless

Power Match and XBass offer a variety of analog enhancements to personalize your listening experience. The data transfer rate is up to 2 times more stable than before, and the connection is faster and more stable. It's easier to listen to songs and play games. The 2mm Dynamic unit has nice music and clear calling. 4. Three models of earplugs to meet your higher requirements for closure and firmness, even when running, punching, and listening to music on the road are 1g Ultra-Light. Dustproof and IPX4 waterproof, Double-eared split design, single and double ears are free to wear. The multi-function button physical buttons of the AirDots support voice control. Click to use the phone's voice assistant. The battery life is 4 hours, the endurance is 12 hours.

Brand: Xiaomi

👤I looked at this product as a cheaper alternative to the Apple AirPods. I was expecting mediocre sound quality and battery life. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like these earphones. There is a The sound quality is very clear, but no earphones are worth $30. I've heard people complain about the video quality. I have not experienced that. I don't notice any lag when I watch a video on YouTube, I suppose I'm not as sensitive to that as other people. The battery life is solid. The included instruction booklet made it easy to set up the system with my phone. They are comfortable to wear. I usually don't like the squishy rubber found in earphones, but I think these are comfortable. If you prefer a larger or smaller size, rubber pieces are included. There is a The only complaint I have is that there was no charging cable. It's not egregious because Microusb cords are ubiquitous.

👤They will have a hologram on the box to tell the real story. There is a I have come to realize that every single one of these with the exception of a single pair I have purchased have been counterfeit. The ones that are fake are garbage. The genuines are hard to find here. You can check the manufacturers website for a serial number and hologram on the back of the article. If your box doesn't have a hologram, you've got a fake pair. There is a After going through 4 pairs of these... I love the size, form factor, and performance. Not a single pair lasted more than a couple of months. At some point, one of the buds fails to charge or turn on. I like the earbuds very much. There is a The first pair that I received were fakes. The fakes are so bad that I am leaving the original review. The standard procedure doesn't bring them back together when they lose pair. I lost my original pair and I don't know why I replace them, but I don't like losing stuff. They made a decent pair of Emergency pairs. The ones I received were better. The clarity of the voice on the other end of the phone call was better than on my end. They can survive an accidental drop into the toilet if you don't flush. The fit and finish of the first pair was a step above what I received. The battery life for a small, light, and compact device is amazing. For the price of one pair of Apple earbuds, I can buy eight pairs. I am adjusting my rating. I don't have the original earbuds to compare, so I took some photos of the cases. The legitimate case has a better feel to it and is more matt finish. The fake one is glossy and you can barely read the back, but I didn't realize there was anything on the bottom until I shined the photo light on it. The electric contacts come up through the bottom of the case, which is obvious on the fake one, but they are much more precise in the genuine one. There is a Hope this helps. There is a I lost one and used the other in single ear mode, but these worked perfectly for me. It has been difficult to get them to work together. I read the manual and tried different procedures online. It works with tech support. Nothing. They will not pair back together. I am not willing to go to this every time. The product would be great if it worked.

4. Xiaomi Earphones Cancelling Composite TWSEJ08WM

Xiaomi Earphones Cancelling Composite TWSEJ08WM

100% genuine USA based customer support. All messages are responded to within a day. Do you know anyone that would love a new set of true wireless earbuds? Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 BASIC is the latest semi in- ear earbuds from Mi and brings huge improvements in sound quality and ergonomics. The earbuds weigh less than 5g each. The dual 14.2mm drivers have the same audio quality as an mp3 player. The earbuds have a microphone with noise cancellation technology for crystal clear calls. While playing your favorite games, join a conference call or join a zoom meeting. Pairs automatically with your phone and device. Each earbud has approximately 5Hr of battery life from a full charge. The case will give you up to an additional 15 hours or more to listen to music, watch videos on Youtube, and use social media without running out of juice. The carrying case can be charged in less than 1.5 hours. Each earbud can be used independently or simultaneously for a warm and enveloping aural experience. It will pause your music when you remove your ear buds. The sound is back where you left off. You can use your fingers to operate the earbuds. You can easily pick up calls, use your voice assistant, pause or play music and videos with a simple tap feedback control. You can do it all hands-free with the sensors picking up your touch and handling it without the need to remove the earphones.

Brand: Xiaomi

👤The right earphone has higher volume than the left one. Maybe I got a bad set.

👤The left earbud stopped working. Does not charge. Only the US is covered by the warranty.

5. Xiaomi Earphones Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof

Xiaomi Earphones Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof

You can charge your battery for 12 hours with the 300mAh Charging Dock. One Step Fast Pairing is a part of theBluetooth 5.0. After the first pair, you only need to pick up two earbuds or any single ear bud, they will work with the new Redmi earbuds 2S, which are equipped with a faster and stable connection, and a data transfer rate up to 2 times higher than the previous generation. Game Low Mode and Smart Wear Detection are available. The game mode is activated to enhance wireless performance, it almost fully syncs the audio to the video so that you can quickly locate and react to any situation in competitive gaming; Compared with the previous generation 2, this 2S earbuds upgraded version has smarter Wearable Technology: In-Ear Detection. Long battery life and stereo sound. The Mi True 2S Airdots headphones have a bigger dynamic driver and a moving-coil horn loudspeaker, which make them sound like they are listening to a concert. You could charge your earbuds whenever and wherever you wanted, with the Charging Case you could get a total of 20 hours of working time. Touch Control Function and Single/Binaural seamless switch. Mi true 2S earbuds have touch control sensors, which can be used to minimize the pressure on your ears when listening to music and making calls, as well as being more convenient for you when making calls. It's light and comfortable for Ears and IPX4 Water-Resistance. It's not easy to lose or fall out when you wear them moving or running, and IPX4 waterproof can effectively prevent earbuds damage from sweat, rain, and splash.

Brand: Xiaomi

👤The battery life has never been an issue, and the sound quality was better than anticipated. There is a They turn off if you take too long to put them in. They often don't connect or connect briefly and then drop again, so they have to be put back in the case and try again. Random shutdowns are common and should be put back in the case. I leave them off when they turn off, because they're frustrating to the point of useless. I want to like them so much, that's why it's a shame.

👤Couldn't get them to pair when they were out of the case. The sounds profile was not good. Even after using an amplification device, it was not very good. I would look for something else.

👤Unless you speak loudly, practically yell, the mic performance is poor. I wanted to come back after a couple of days. Sad. Have the xiaomi products and be happy with them. This one is not good.

👤Se desconectan del PC, al igual. A video deja de escucharse y luego vuelve el audio.

👤This is not an official XIAOMI product. Look at their website. There is a Your phone will start playing music when your earbuds stop working. If you want everyone to hear your music, then buy this.

👤Muy buen producto a un razonable, lo nico es una sesin de audio.

👤Para escuchar msica es bastante, pero un llamada ests en trabajo.

👤Los audfonos tienen un defecto para escuchar msica. No tienen un control para adelantar.

👤Non ci pu aspettare grandi prestazioni ma nemmeno brutte, onestamente. L'audio. Non estremamente potente ma nel complesso. Non pu pretendere un pochino compresso ma per 30 euro. There is a La qualit audio percepisce il chiamato, risulta discreta in un ambiente non eccessivamente rumoroso. Le cuffie non riproducono. La qualit risulta comunque buona e il parlato risulta sufficientemente chiaro anche se non di volume alto. There is a A tramite touch sulle cuffiette perché basta sfiorare la superficie per stop pare. O spegnerle se casual, il dito per qualche secondo appoggiato.

👤No comeo, eu fiquei com medo de no gostar, mas umas das coisas. J estou a 1 ms usando, j deixei cair no cho umas trs vezes. A aguentou até de tarde, varro o cho com. Ele direto, jogo basquete, estudo, caminho, e Ele est "zero bala", resumindo. XIAOMI XIAOMI N? Repita comigo, XIAOMI XIAOMI N!?

👤I war anfangs. Design ist begeistert, die Tonqualitt finde. Is immer zum Verbindungsabbrchen. Zwar is aber das nervig grade beim Bahn fahren. Ihren Akku berzeugt gar. Die Box schafft bei Mhe 2, die dann etwa 1 Stunden Musik hren mglich machte. Von daher fr. The anderen Hersteller umgestiegen und nutze hier is the Reserve. Kann ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das ist, das is

👤Ich hatte die Xiaomi Earbuds Basic begeistert. Allerdings "hngt" der linke Earbuds. I am Gehuse, d.h. Im etwas Gewalt ist, ist er ldt. There is a The Macke ist die Rckseite, an der kleinen Sensor, und beim Ohr befindet. Dieser ist aber, es ist deshalb. Reden und Z.B. Essen der Earbud aret besondere. Dieser richtig nervig ist. There is a Die Tonqualitt ist fr den Preis unschlagbar. Wechseln ist das gute Bild.

6. Xiaomi True Wireless Earbuds Basic

Xiaomi True Wireless Earbuds Basic

The battery life is 4 hours, the endurance is 12 hours. The data transmission capacity of the previous generation of Redmi AirDots is twice that of the Basic S. The connection is more stable. A new low-latency game mode can be activated by pressing a button on the headset three times. The master-slave connection is canceled by the new Redmi AirDots Basic S. The two earbuds were connected when the phone was first used. When they put on only one headset and play in mono, they can quickly restore stereo with the other one. Just put on your headphones, it's ready to go. The Redmi earbuds have a 7.2mm moving coil unit and an intelligent noise reduction system, which can help you enjoy high-fidelity sound quality and clear calling effects. The weight is 4.1 grams. They have prepared 3 models of earplugs to meet your higher requirements for closure and firmness, even when running, punching, and listening to music. The charging case has a long battery life of 12 hours on a single charge. The headset can be charged and protected. There is a multi-function physical button. The multi-function physical button on the headset reduces false touch and voice control. To use the phone voice assistant, double-click to open the phone and voice assistant function.

Brand: Xiaomi

👤The earbuds are built well. They don't fall from my ears when I exercise. On the second day of use, one ear bud stopped charging. There are temporary solutions that require you to do things that you shouldn't do. I couldn't use them for a couple of days. Please be advised that this may not be the case for everyone. This could happen to you.

👤Son fcil de usar sonido bueno y creo. Mi par de audfonos constantemente tienes. Problemas de confeccin estoy escuchando msica y de repente. No se escucha nada por 1 a 10 segundos. Adems la calidad del micrfono es menos. Tengo un par de headsets de $200, pues el micrfono en ellos, cuentan alrededor de $20. In general, tiene una pena pero no tanto dinero creo, pero funcionan. There is a Mencionar de un uso. The Pro Max of the iPhone 11. Agreg esto porque, pero tienes usas con un dispositivo. It's a mobile operating system.

👤The bass is too low for music in my opinion. The materials are good. The battery lasts four hours. I think these are great. I've been using them at work for months without any problems. There is a The cheap sound comes with multiple tips of different sizes and is more comfortable for me. Fast charging comes with a charging case, so you can take it with you. I wouldn't buy a bass for music. They're perfect for audiobooks and podcasts. You can press the button to stop. It's hard to use when it's in your ear. There is a You get what you pay for. These aren't like apple airpods, but they are a fraction of the price.

👤No prende la luz, no trato de encenderlo, no dej de funcionar. No agarra carga. Escrib a soporte de Amazon. Me comunque con el fabricante. Notificaron, solo es 1 mes de garanta con ellos. I tarde porque, por barco. There is a Mi dinero, en conclusin.

👤The game mode on these games is quite impressive after a lot of research, and it's low audio latency. The end to end audio latency is around 150ms, which is a huge improvement over most others. There is a The sound quality is average, I mostly use them to watch youtube, and stream games off my phone with Steam Link. I use them in one ear, and they connect to your phone in 5 seconds. These have been the best purchase I have ever made. For the price, it's very impressive.

👤I bought the AirDots S because I heard that they had a very impressive low-latency gaming mode. The AirDots 2 were the ones that came in the mail. The Basic 2 does not have a gaming mode. I call customer support, explain the situation, request a replacement, and clarify that I want the S, not 2, S! The replacement arrives a few days later and they're the Basic 2 again. I'm starting to have doubts that they make the Basic S anymore, because this is a false listing.

7. Xiaomi Cancellation Dual Device Connectivity Transparency

Xiaomi Cancellation Dual Device Connectivity Transparency

A simple press of a button will allow you to Pause, play, answer and hang up calls. It's compatible with Mi phones. The latest in- ear earbuds from Mi bring huge technological improvements in sound quality and features. Each earbud is lightweight and comes with Silicone tips for all ear sizes. The 9mm coil is a vibrating coil. It brings you a clear and pure sound with no distorted high-pitched sound. The dual active noise cancellation technology will effectively cancel ambient noise and reduce excess noise as deep as 35dB with up to 98% background noise reduced. There are three options: Deep noise cancellation for Metro/plane, Balanced noise cancellation for parks, and Light noise cancellation for offices. The noise cancellation depth is adjusted by the noise cancellation algorithm based on ambient noise level and usage habits. When transparency mode is turned on, you can still hear ambient sounds without taking out earbuds. Voice mode should be changed to make it clearer. 3 microphones work with the noise cancellation algorithm to pick up speech and prioritize conversations in noisy environments. The drivers deliver plenty of bass for movies and games. Smart switch between entertainment and work can be achieved with dual- device smart connectIVITY. The same set of earbuds can be connected to two different devices, allowing you to switch between work and entertainment. You can enjoy the new fast connection by opening the earbud box near your phone or clicking the pop-up window. The battery life is 28 hours and there are many features. 3 hours of talk or 6 hours of movies. The included case provides an additional 22 hours of power. The earbud has smart controls that allow you to pick up or hang up calls, play pause or change tracks. IPX4 is sweat and splash resistant. When within the range, your earbuds can be found by the sound.

Brand: Xiaomi

👤There is an Earbud made by Xiaomi. The Mi Buds M8 App is required for the headphones to work, if you don't own aXiaomi device. There is a These have a lot of features. There's a multipoint connection with good sound quality, active noise canceling, a transparency mode, wireless charging, in- ear detection, touch controls, and more. All of these features are nice, but they aren't worth much if they don't work. The noise canceling out of the box is not enough for me and the app only has four different levels of noise canceling, which was not enough for me. These started to feel like noise-canceling headphones once I switched to deep. The Enhance Voice mode makes a huge difference when talking to people and I was able to hear other people even while media was playing. There is no way to turn off the ANC once it is on, but you can change the gesture on the earbuds to switch it off once in the app. When you change the tone, your earbuds will play so you know which one it is. There is a I am not happy with the battery life of the 9mm drivers used for wireless charging, which means there should be more room to house a larger battery. 6 hours and 28 are not high. Wireless charging is a great feature that all TWS earbuds should have and it helps offset some of the issues that I have. There is a The Touch controls leave a bit to be desired, out of the box there is no way to change the volume on the controls and even with the app, you must decide between a pair of moving between tracks. There isn't a scenario where I would pause my media and not take out the earbuds, so I have forgone the play/pause on the touch control. Most earbuds don't have a feature like this, so the multipoint connection is seamless up to two devices. I have it connected to my laptop and phone, so I can listen to music on my phone, but also watch shows on my computer, and switch between the two without going into settings. It works as it should, it will pause the media on one device and you'll hear the other one. There is a Finally, for the sound quality and sound staging. Don't expect to be blown away by how these sound. Considering what other earbuds are out there in this price range, it's pedestrian. The Earbuds only support the HD codec which is used on Apple products and is not supported on other devices. I can't tell the difference. I am on a phone that uses an audio compression technology called anaglyphic for their earbuds, so experience may vary for other phones. This earbud has a slight bass boost a little higher than the reference level but could be lacking for some consumers. The mids on these are not pushed forward, but they are not drowned out either. Vocalists and guitars are easy to hear. It can be harsh at times and lacks detail. I don't have to have the volume that high because my ears are sensitive, these earbuds are on the quiet end. When I sit at 60 percent of max volume for other earbuds, I set it at 70% or 80%. These earbuds are an easy five-star for me as they are an acceptable audio experience with an elite functional experience, but they also bring a lot ofFunctionality to the table.

8. Airdots Wireless Earphone Charging TWSEJ05LS

Airdots Wireless Earphone Charging TWSEJ05LS

The battery life is 28 hours and there are many features. 3 hours of talk or 6 hours of movies. The included case provides an additional 22 hours of power. The earbud has smart controls that allow you to pick up or hang up calls, play pause or change tracks. IPX4 is sweat and splash resistant. When within the range, your earbuds can be found by the sound. XIAOMI Airdots 2 is a replacement for Airdots S. You can use either left or right earbuds whenever you want. The latest tech fromBT offers superb sound with fast pair. There is no Micro-USB cable included. There is single button control. Pressing the earbud will make low lag gaming mode work. Pause or play music and movies. It's easy to start your phone voice assistant without your phone. Ip4X roofing and sweat resistance It is water resistant, sweat proof and perfect for intense workouts. They can resist splashes of liquid, but they are not fully waterproof, so don't wear them in the shower. The charging case is not water resistant. There are 12 hours of movies games or music. A companion that can provide hours of multimedia for your ears. You can watch up to 6 full length movies, or listen to music, and get a quick charge with the included charging case. 100% genuine USA based customer support. All messages are responded to within a day. Do you know anyone that would love a new set of true wireless earbuds?

Brand: Xiaomi

👤Buyers should be careful. The product I received was the basic version. It would be fine. I thought I was paying for something when I could have gotten them for less. I can't think of anything else to complain about. For 30 bucks, you can get cent TWS.

👤I was wrong to think that the updated one would have had AAC. The sound is still good, but I prefer the newer one. Great ear buds and value. Don't hesitate to buy.

👤I paid for the Airdots S and received the Earbuds, but the box had a label that was really disappointing.

👤I'm really happy with my purchase, thanks to theXiaomi brand.

👤Sound is good. It charges quickly. I received it this week. I use it every day when walking my dog. I like it.

👤A una cancin, darle pausa, a un vdeo. O adelantarla y también a veces se escucha una breve distorsin del audio. Aparte de lo mencionado.

👤100% satisfecho con la compra.

👤He comprado el producto para toda la familia.

9. Xiaomi Single Ear Double Ear Compatible Performance

Xiaomi Single Ear Double Ear Compatible Performance

The headphones are compatible with an advanced audio coding that can improve sound quality on mobile devices. Stereo andmonaural modes are available with a 7.2mm dynamic unit and a noise reduction system. 4.1g is ideal for running while listening to music. The call quality signal is stable with high-quality headphones that have a built-in microphone. Bluetooth is a 5.1 headphone. The Airdots are equipped with a faster and stable connection, as well as higher data transfer speed, and are powered by the latest version of the chip. The most advanced technology replaces wired headphones. Silicone earbuds in 3 different sizes and in- ear headphones that make them stable and comfortable in the mountains are what you get. A long battery life is 4 hours of battery life on a single charge, 12 hours battery life with the charging case, headphones with 40 mAh battery, and a charging case with 300 mAh battery. The headphones can be charged twice.

Brand: Xiaomi

👤I didn't know about these before a friend of mine recommended them to me after buying them off AliExpress, I figured that since he liked them so much, I may as well try them as they're cheap and up till now all my wireless earbuds have been imitations of official brands I would have scrolled past them thinking they would be terrible, and I would have been mistaken. There is a There are the good things. If you want to see how amazing these are, you can link these up to your phone and search on "The Tucker Zone". I could easily point out where each member of a band is if I were paying close enough attention. It's got a great bass, good balance between the high and low end on music, and an enjoyable boom when the bass kicks in to full gear, I'm actually impressed with how much strength these things have. 2. The battery life isn't as long as some of the larger companies, but if you're looking for a good battery life for earbuds, no one needs more than 8 or 9 hours. When they die, the case takes from a half hour to a full hour to charge fully. 3. They fit in perfectly, and are quite comfortable, now as with all things, they'll take a day or two to get used to, but past that point, you're gonna end up forgetting they're in your head. 4. I would say that these work is too well, to the point that I've been yelled at because I couldn't hear someone calling for me. It's a good thing because it allows you to just tune out the rest of the world and play some music. There is a The noise canceling on them is good, but not as good as I'd like, because if a noise is constant and loud, the canceling cancels out my voice as well. You wonder what the cellphone industry is doing wrong. There are a few things that I have a problem with. There is a The bad things. I tried to pair them up to my laptop, but it got to the point that I had to unpair them. I haven't noticed any lag on mobile yet, but it's barely noticeable. Don't pair these to your pc, and if you're going to, keep it to music, or at least for zoom calls. 2. The buttons are a nice replacement for touch controls, but the amount of pressure I have to put on them is enough to make them uncomfortable, even though they have caused more than their fair share of problems. There is a The buttons don't serve much of a purpose anyways, so they're there for if you have to use them, but you're probably never going to. 3. The case doesn't have a micro-usb port, which is not great, but I can live with a decent micro-usb phone charging cable, and for these, it's probably a worth while decision. 4. Don't pair them to multiple devices. I tried them on my laptop. They don't respond to anything until you re-paired them after they've been pair to more than one device. 5. If they're too loud, they bleed. I don't recommend listening to music in headphones or earbuds at max volume, I mean some of us have tinnitus, last thing we need is to make it worse. There is a If you like listening to music on the bus loud enough, you're going to get a couple disgruntled looks from people who don't know who you are. There is a You know who you are. There is a Do I recommend these? There is a Absolutely! I mean for the steal of a price? The biggest bang for your buck is these. Forget about Ray's Cons, forget about the Airpods, forget about the SaMsMuG bEaNs, and forget about looking through the more expensive wireless choices that only end in you returning them for your money back. You will probably love these, they are more than good enough. I understand that your experience may not be the same as mine, as most of the reviews are 1 star or under, and for all I know I just got lucky, but at this point I can't recommend these enough, worse case scenario.

10. AirDots Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Earphones

AirDots Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Earphones

You can charge your battery for 12 hours with the 300mAh charging dock. Storage automatically shuts down and charge, and there is a split body design. It consumes less power and has a longer operating range. The 2mm Audio drivers are supposed to produce deep bass and high-quality stereo Audio. You can use a touch zone to work with a voice assistant. You can charge your battery for 12 hours with the 300mAh Charging Dock.

Brand: Xiaomi

👤No escucha, el redmi erbuts y es ms costoso.

👤The piece of ear hurt my ears.

11. AirDots Wireless Earphone Earbuds Headset

AirDots Wireless Earphone Earbuds Headset

There is a multi-function physical button. The multi-function physical button on the headset reduces false touch and voice control. To use the phone voice assistant, double-click to open the phone and voice assistant function. Storage automatically shuts down and charge, and there is a split body design. It consumes less power and has a longer operating range. The 2mm Audio drivers are supposed to produce deep bass and high-quality stereo Audio. You can use a touch zone to work with a voice assistant. You can charge your battery for 12 hours with the 300mAh Charging Dock.

Brand: Airdots

👤I didn't know if the review was right for me after listening to it. They were wrong. The calls are clear and the sound quality is perfect. The noise cancellation is not as effective as it could be. They don't slip out at gum time and active time. It took a long time to get them here, but I will definitely buy them again. I love the redmi brand. It's not. The brand is known in Trinidad and Tobago. They love it when someone gets it.

👤The sound is ok. My biggest complaint is that phone calls don't stay on the line.

👤The earbuds are great, but I'm giving 3 stars because you can do "Next or Previous" on your music with it. I don't know how it works. That option is important. I'm not going to pick my phone up when I want to do something.

👤Es bueno, la carga de batera no da mucha vida, sin embargo por el precio.

👤No funciona el stand de carga, era un detalle.

👤It wasn't compatible with my phone.

👤Calidad de the sonido fue.

👤O produto foi original. Falhava a transmisso constantemente, coisa de 1 mt, j falhava, ou seja. Ao verificar, alguns dados. O original, fora, for O vendedor was solicito. J devolvi o produto.

👤Decepcionado. 100% of the time.

👤Comprem meu fone a uns 1/3 meses, funcionava perfeitamente até ontem, hoje o fone do lado direito parou de funcionar do nada.

👤A bateria mesmo comigo o usando quase o dia até. A bateria da caixinha dura cerca de uma semana, um timo produto de qualidade.

👤O original sim, pros melecas de plantao, est foi forma. E ss! Durabilidade de bateria boa, a site da xiaomi impe para fazer essa indetificao. Top.


What is the best product for headphones xiaomi originales?

Headphones xiaomi originales products from Soundcore. In this article about headphones xiaomi originales you can see why people choose the product. Xiaomi and Airdots are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphones xiaomi originales.

What are the best brands for headphones xiaomi originales?

Soundcore, Xiaomi and Airdots are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphones xiaomi originales. Find the detail in this article.

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