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1. LG HBS 830 Bluetooth Wireless Headset

LG HBS 830 Bluetooth Wireless Headset

The product is tested and certified to work like new. Functional testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging are included in the process. The product may arrive in a generic box. The original US retail packing has the wall 1.2 Amp and car charging device. The wire management solution makes for a comfortable fit. Balanced audio and less distortion can be achieved with advanced quad-layer speaker technology. Voice clarity is delivered by two microphones. It works with: Apple iPhone 13 12 11Pro Max 13 12 11Pro 13 12mini 11/XS/iPhone Max/iPhone X/iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone 7 Plus/ It's universal to all the phones and Tabs.

Brand: Lg

👤My bluethooth keeps cutting off my phone, for the money I paid it shouldn't keep doing that, not happy at all.

👤My daughter has some disabilities and a lot of wireless buds and headphones don't work for her, so I bought her a nice head set. She likes these. I'm not sure if ear bud wires are as durable as you might think, where you have to tug on them to let them go. We will see.

👤I bought this for my boyfriend. He likes it. It's so comfortable that you don't have wires or a headband.

👤I wanted to wear these headphones. The previous model was enjoyable for three years. The HBS830 is a poor quality product. I don't ask for a lot of headphones because I only use them for work phone calls. Occasionally there is a show or song. The sound quality was average. I decided to live with it. The speaker on the right side stopped working about 90 days after I bought it. I had to move on. I wouldn't recommend this model.

👤My daughter bought this for me. I love it. I had a different one. This one is really good.

👤A good headset. The sound is good. The controls aren't as easy to figure out as the HBS520. The battery life is good for listening to music. I can fully charge my battery in 1.5 hours.

👤I had a previous model that was a bit better, but this one is ok for the price point. I don't like that it gives feedback between songs. It is similar to a previous product I had purchased. I'm still looking for the exact product I had before, but this is working for now.

👤The controls are a little different compared to my old set. Well built. The review guide mentioned that there was something called "moisture wicking". And no. It doesn't help with hydration.

2. LG HBS XL7 Bluetooth Wireless Neckband

LG HBS XL7 Bluetooth Wireless Neckband

Premium-quality sound that lasts for hours is what the 32-bit hi-fi dac provides. The audio files are upscale to a higher resolution without compromising battery endurance. The sound is close to the original recording with rich bass and clear treble. Press and hold the button on the assistant to get fast access and a response. You can have your personal concierge activated by a dedicated button on your phone. Push and hold the dedicated button to ask questions or translate. Fast charging? No problem. You can get three hours of playtime with 10 minutes of charging. Every conversation is clear with dual mics. You can listen to music for 8 hours all day. Universal phone models are compatible.

Brand: Lg

👤I am a neckband enthusiast. If you're looking for a honest review on the headset, you've found it. I bought the headphones from my old ones, the (LG Tone Flex HBS-XL7), after using them for many years. I was disappointed with the results after a few uses. The sound quality of the Tone Flex is terrible. Come on, they're using a new sound company. I've heard the sound of a gong in my ears and it's not the same as the sound of a gong in the other room. Please pay attention reviewers, the battery life is not good. The battery life on the Flex is 18 days. The battery life on the Tone Ultra HBS-810 is up to 55 hours or 23 days. This is not rocket science, but the Tone Ultra HBS-810's are better on battery life. The controls on the Tone Flex are a little confusing if you have used another set ofBluetooth's like me for a long time. I have to say that the ball was dropped on that. It was a bad idea to have the volume and skip working together. I found myself driving asemi trucks and getting the buttons mixed up, and eventually taking theseLG Tone Flex HBS-XL7 off my neck. I was going to box them up and send them back. I didn't like having to hold down the power button to tell if my Flex HBS-XL7 was on or not. The flexible neck band is the only good thing about the LG Tone Flex HBS-XL7 I couldn't wait to get home from work to box up my phone and return it, that was a good feeling. I'm glad I didn't throw away my good looking Tone Ultra HBS-810's. I cleaned them off and apologized to them. I take great care of my headsets. I brought an extra pair of the Tone Ultra HBS-810's just in case something happens to the ones I already have, but now I'm taking extra care of my phone. I hope the review helps.

👤It's difficult to find an all-round headset. I've had many headsets and I'm very particular with sound and call quality. This one was okay. I would leave that option if there was a 3.5 star review. The sound was good, but not as loud or deep as the legato headset. There is a In regular environments, call quality will catch your voice as well as anything going on behind it. If there was a wind noise or a nose that sounded like a vacuum cleaner in the background, forget it. People will not be able to hear you. My Plantronics Edge or 5200 works well for voice calls. The noise from the vacuum will be removed. It's a mono-headset which is nice when you want to listen or watch quietly. There is a Plantronics is a good choice for voice calls. Use the Legato around the neck headphones to listen to music. Let me know if someone has a good option. I've had a lot of generic headsets and headphones, such as Plantronics, motorola, Legato, and bose. I've been using the flip out Motorola headsets. People thought I was crazy when I was talking and walking without a wire.

3. LG HBS SL6S Bluetooth Wireless Neckband

LG HBS SL6S Bluetooth Wireless Neckband

It's easy to switch between headphones to ear bud-free calling and music for safe driving. Every conversation is clear with dual microphones and multiple mics. The multi-metal layer unit is a hi-fi sound solution. 10 minute fast charging for 3 hours. Talk time is 8 hours. Music is played for 8 hours. The time is 18 days. Universal phone models are compatible.

Brand: Lg

👤1. The sound quality was better than all the other ones I have purchased. It was done side by side with the same thing. It was 920 who won. 2. The app is only compatible with Apple. There was no way to adjust the EQ through the app. There is no multi connect to different devices. Human errors are caused by multi function buttons, which cause human errors when trying to press and hold or double press. 5. The push buttons work best. The ear bug must be fully extended before they can be pulled. 6. The speaker is nice and the form factor of the unit is nice.

👤This is my third pair of these. I can assure you that they are not poor quality. I am very hard on them. I wear them all day. I take conference calls in the shower. I wear them to ride my bike. They have an awesome, crisp sound and can take a lot of wear and tear. Music and my conference calls sound great. Will purchase them again.

👤I've been using the same model for a couple of years and love it, but the new models don't come with speakers, it's a shame. The earbuds sound quality is bad compared to the old models, I'm going to try a different brand on this style.

👤I read many reviews and the complete description before buying but I didn't know that it doesn't work on iPhones. I don't like the button configuration, it's like pressing and holding the power button to turn on or off, volume buttons skip songs but you have to hold them down to skip, and the call button is also the power button. I preferred my old neckband as it had a slide switch for power, a separate button for playing music, a volume button that was only for volume and a power switch instead of a button. I don't like the fact that when I receive a call, the unit doesn't work with my phone. I have to use my phone. When I press the call button on my phone, the call is disconnected. I can not use the device through this unit. Sometimes the speaker's neckband doesn't connect, so that's why the maps go to speaker. This neckband is supposed to make my work day hands free. I have issues. The earpieces are small and hard to fit into my ear. One thing that works well is the retractable buds. Don't misunderstand me. The sound is great when I get to use it, but it hates my phone so it must be designed for other phones.

👤I own almost every neckband headset from the company. Even though neckband headsets rarely last more than a year, I keep buying them from the same brand again and again. I wear them 24/7. I use my phone as a sleep aid when I'm sleeping. I can say that these are the same models I've owned before. They are one of the best looking models and the sound quality is on par with other models. To sound good, you have to make some changes. The earbuds are small and you need to go larger. I usually use the regular size but with these I had to go with the larger ones. You can change the audio settings by holding the fwd and reverse buttons at the same time. I use the bass boost setting to amplify my sound. The speakers hit deep bass and are a little more powerful. You might need to break in the speakers. The bass was much better after I ran mine at full volume. There is a The light weight is stylish. A speaker that reads. Controls are hard to get used to and the battery life is 8 hours. There is a They forget the default setting. When they lose connection, they don't turn off automatically. I will be keeping these and hoping they last more than a year because sometimes the speaker is not very loud.

4. LG TONE Free FP5 Cancelling

LG TONE Free FP5 Cancelling

Less noise than before is the result ofACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION. The ANC works by using a high performance upper microphone and inner microphone to cancel out noise. The ultimate fit with ear seal design. The fit of the new design is comfortable and stylish. Hi-fi sound with a realistic sense of space. The bass and treble tones sound like they came from the live recording. Clear calls with noise reduction and echo cancellation. The built-in high performance dual microphones in the earbuds help amplify your vocals even in a crowded space, and maximize call clarity. It's perfect for home offices. Save time and keep the vibe alive with this 888-405-7720 Up to 11 hours in the cradle and up to 8 hours in the movie theater. You can get another hour of playtime with a five-minute fast charge. Protect your privacy. Even if you're in a library or on the subway, you can still hear the call on the other end of the line even if you're wearing earbuds. It's possible to connect to devices that are compatible with the Bluetooth standard. Your device will recognize the TONE Free earbuds. It's compatible with Apple devices including the iPad, iPod, etc.

Brand: Lg

👤The Earbuds are good for listening to music. The Earbuds have a nice balanced sound and I like the Custom acoustic platform. The Earbuds have a touch control function that makes it more convenient to use. You can control it without using the phone. I like the One-Step Pairing and Easy Touch Controls. The playtime lasts for 5 hours from single charge and 30 hours with a charging case. I like the fast charging on the earbuds. I like the high-quality call performance and voice assistant interaction that comes from built-in microphones. When it comes to music, bass is strong and clear, and you can hear subtle nuances like the shifting of a hand on guitar strings, which is nice. And well. These Earbuds are true Wireless. I have the AirPods Pro and they are more affordable and better. They fit perfectly and don't feel like I have anything in my ear. I like that the earbuds don't have a long stem. The CVC noise reduction can make other people hear your voice. The Earbuds have a good sound. These earbuds have large audio drivers, triple-layer composite diaphragms, and good vocals. The earbuds are designed for sound and music lovers. The sound quality is top quality. I have had some of the best earphones. The battery is good and comfortable. I would definitely recommend these as they are very affordable. Excellent value.

👤If you didn't buy it from Amazon, you should be able to review it on YouTube because it fixes a lot of problems and the sound has gotten 15% better.

👤The ear is comfortable to wear. I had otitis externa and the eartips are comfortable.

👤These earbuds look nice. I'm not sure if it's worth the money, but I like the idea of sterilizing. The case looks high end. Ear buds fit. The case has a nice quick recharging feature that can be used for just a few minutes. I will use these over most of my earbuds. They are nicer. I got them in order to review them, but I wouldn't be happy with this price point, so I'd probably go with less quality or a different product. Only one ear bud can be used. It's very easy to tap if you can slow it down and it will register. You don't have to be fast. Sound is solid. The first pair I received stopped communicating within a few days. The replacement process through Amazon was painless, but I was not given any support other than to confirm the steps that I had already taken to fix the buds were correct. The app is trash. I don't know why I would use it. The app wouldn't work, but I just hung there. When I'm less than 15 feet away, these don't communicate with my phone. I have a pair of cheap wireless earbuds that I use to communicate across my work building. Unless I have my phone, I can't go to the bathroom with these. I don't want to carry my phone to the restroom if I want to sterilize.

5. LG Tone HBS 510 Triumph Black

LG Tone HBS 510 Triumph Black

Not included is the car's battery. Only the computer's hard drive. There is a new brand of retail packing. The dual MEMS microphones deliver crystal clear conversation. The design has small wire management technology. You can come with the BluetoothHBS-510. The Quick Wall Charger with 11pin Microusb Data Cable DC09WC-G is a car accessory. It works with: Apple iPhone, X/XR/XS/Max, Pro11, plus or S, and Edge Note1/2. It's universal to all the phones and Tabs.

Brand: Lg

👤It's too loud for my office and car. The forward and reverse are not matched. The current song is increased volume and 888-270-6611 The volume goes down and the person goes to the next song. The expected is to increase volume and go to the next. The microphone is facing up. Cloth rubbing over the unit is caught. The person on the other end hears a loud sound. There is a The microphone picks up all the sounds that come in as well as the wind. The other person was very noisy. There is a I suggest a different product.

👤I bought these because my old ear phones stopped working. I thought these would be the same quality as the ones I had with LG. People complain that they can't hear me and I can't get them to connect for my call on my cell phone. I need to find another brand.

👤After 10 minutes it makes a weird noise that hurts the ears. There is a The headset magnets are weak if you move then they fall off.

👤It's a nice unit. The noise canceling feature was on the other headsets I owned. I wish these had that, but other than that, they are a nice set.

👤The sound got very low a few weeks ago, after the headset worked great initially.

6. LG HBS 510 ACUSBKI Bluetooth Universal Smartphone

LG HBS 510 ACUSBKI Bluetooth Universal Smartphone

Talk time is 8 hours. Music is played for 8 hours. The time is 18 days. It is easy to listen to anywhere. Quad Layer Speaker Technology has a balanced sound with clear, crisp treble. Microusb Data Cable - Extra Eargels is in the box.

Brand: Lg

👤I received this item and it did not work for me, I have used a black market tone for years, and if you get one they wont work the best way to tell you are getting a real tone from the manufacturer or a cell. This is not a compatible device. The person on the other end can't hear you. I wouldn't recommend this. Thank you.

👤I have been using neck budz for a long time and they have always provided a good sound quality, easy to use, long battery life, and the security that I am not going to lose one of my buds, so I have been using them for many years. I can't really ask for more.

👤I was hoping that there would be an explanation of what the gear is used for. The headset works. Please tell me how the gear works and what it is used for. Thank you.

👤They are fragile. The wires crack and I have broken 3 sets. I have a lot of pets, but I am not a good house keeper, so they sometimes sit out. It makes me sad.

👤My husband uses this for work, he likes them, but he has to stop what he's doing, get his phone out to switch the song, because there isn't a switch song button on them.

👤As long as other buds are charged, the battery doesn't stay charged.

👤I have tried other headphones, but they do not have the battery life of the ones from Lg. It tells you how much battery life is left. These are fast and sturdy. On a 10 hour flight, there was never a need to replenish.

👤My husband doesn't know how to use the accessory. Can someone explain why there were no instructions? Thanks.

7. LG Electronics HBS 800 Bluetooth Headset

LG Electronics HBS 800 Bluetooth Headset

The product is certified to look and work like new. Functional testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging are included in the process. The product may arrive in a generic box with all relevant accessories. Only sellers with a high performance bar can sell Certified Refurbished products on Amazon. A premium sound experience is provided by the JBL Signature Sound. Ambient noise cancellation cancels background sounds. With the integration, you can look up a friend, check the weather, or get updates on the big game. Not included is the car's battery. Only the computer's hard drive.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I was a bit worried about getting a dud or a pair of headphones that didn't work the way I wanted them to. The product I got was a solid one, but not as good as the new versions, because they didn't have the ear bud options. The noise cancellation on the flight made the battery hold up fine and I was able to use my phone for about 40% of the flight. There is a The sound quality is not spectacular. I use the comply foam tips from Sony, which helps keep noise out even without the ANC on, and it's a great price point, which is perfect with the addition of the bluetooth feature. It's hard to tell what your primary and secondary device is when using multi-point, which is why I don't like it. I wish this could pair with more than one device so that I could use it with my phone, computer and tablet, as this is where I keep losing my primary device. The controls are easy to remember after a while, but the volume and track change require you to grab a bit more of a hold than just pressing on the button. I like that I can hide the unit inside the collar of a polo and nobody will notice. I wish the magnets were stronger to hold the earbuds in as they get knocked loose once in awhile. After a couple weeks of using them at least an hour or two a day for listening to podcasts or music at work I have been happy with these overall and achieve my goal of having a set of decent quality earbuds that stay in my ears, sound good, can last all day and work well These hit all the objectives.

👤The headset has lasted about 18 months. It is dead today. It sounds like it's shorting out, I hear sound off and on from both sides. I have used bluetooth before, but it was crisp and clear. That's the best we can hope for in electronics? Is it 18 months of use? To address the obvious, I didn't drop it in water, wear it in the shower, stomp on it, or use it as a boomerang. I am careful with my money.

👤This is my second set. I use it every day. This one is great because they're always loud but not this one. The battery life is long. How can you beat $29?

👤I bought these to use when I drive a convertible with the top down because they cancel out the background noise and wind noise and I can have fun. I bought the non-retractable wires for the purpose they are fantastic, I don't like the non-retractable wires.

👤The product that died on me in 3 months was usually a good one. I wasted my money on this thing. When it worked, it sounded good. There is a full sound and a lot of bass. I bought this to last me for more than 3 months.

8. LG HBS 830 Ultra Wireless Headphones

LG HBS 830 Ultra Wireless Headphones

It works with: Apple iPhone 13 12 11Pro Max 13 12 11Pro 13 12mini 11/XS/iPhone Max/iPhone X/iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone 7 Plus/ It's universal to all the phones and Tabs. The speaker technology is advanced. There are dual mics. Delivers crystal clear voice conversation. There is retractable wire management.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I bought a Wireless Stereo Headset from Amazon in January of 2012 It died in January 2021. Nine years! It was a good experience with the headset. When I looked on Amazon for a replacement, I found it too expensive. I looked at the refurbished section of Amazon and found the HBS-830 Tone Ultra. I assumed that if you use it once, you will use it again. Right? I decided to try the refurbished, and guess what? It works perfectly, continues to work perfectly, and I saved a nice chunk of change by going for the refurbished. Thank you Amazon!

👤Good for music. It's not good to talk on your phone. The quality on these is not good.

👤The sound quality for listening to music is just as good as the microphone for talking on the phone. I lost my first pay and that's why I bought this one. I like that it's light on my neck and that I can take the phone out when I need it. I only had this one for a month. The cord to the ear plug is small, so I worry that it will break.

👤The headphones were good for about 6 months.

👤They work well for being renewed and not new. I don't need to have my ear buds in because my music is loud and clear. The voice chat through headphones is pretty good. I got a 3 year warranty in case they are renewed.

👤These are comfortable in the ear and around the neck. The sound and mic are good. I don't know how long they last, I only had them for a few weeks. My only complaint is that the connection isn't as strong as before. I get a loss of signal if the phone is in my back pocket or side pocket.

👤I use this set daily for relaxation. They are noise blocking. It's very comfortable, easy to pair and lightweight.

👤A previous set got old. For phone calls and podcasts, they work just fine.

👤The sound is very pleasant.

9. LG HBS SL5 Bluetooth Wireless Headset

LG HBS SL5 Bluetooth Wireless Headset

There is retractable wire management. Premium one-body look and design. The multi-metal layer unit is a hi-fi sound solution. 10 minute fast charging for 3 hours. Talk time is 8 hours. Music is played for 8 hours. The time is 18 days.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I've bought at least 15 sets of headsets. I just bought the warranty and the headset wouldn't stay connected to my phone, so I had to send it back to the manufacturer. They have asked me for proof of purchase over and over again and I have not been able to send it in time. Terrible customer service.

👤I didn't expect to get another person's ear wax and oil still attached to the headphones. I thought they would have been cleaned in the rejuvenation process. I guess that was not done at all. The scratches and other marks on the surface of the headphones are explained by that. The batteries do not last 80% as the seller claims. I have 7 hours on the battery. The batteries go from high to medium in about an hour.

👤My expectations were not high after I purchased a refurbished headset. It is very frustrating that the headset connects to the phone. The sound quality is decent and I mostly use it for listening to music in my spare time. I would have sent it back, but the money you spend for shipping and waiting for a return is not worth it.

👤This is my second version of this headset. I think this will be the one I buy in the future. It's not good to use for phone calls. Audio makes me sound better, others can't make out what I'm saying. If I can get a year out of a headset, it's a great rugged headset and worth the price, because my job is very harsh on electronics.

👤When I pull the earbuds out it will hang up, but it may be my phone. Sometimes they don't retracted correctly. The battery life is good. I will go with a different kind when this ends. It seems a bit expensive for the quality.

👤This set of headphones is noisy and full of static, not a good quality, and will not be used again.

👤One button to rule them all or fail them all. MFB used to be able to answer call. Two clicks to place call doesn't work. Is there a single button for each function? Why was that a problem?

10. LG TRIUMPH HBS 510 Wireless Bluetooth

LG TRIUMPH HBS 510 Wireless Bluetooth

When a phone comes, the foldable Bluetooth headphones will remind you with a loud sound and you will not miss a call even if you are in a noisy environment. The speaker technology is advanced. The microphones deliver crystal clear conversation. The conversation is crystal clear. The design has small/ light retractable wire management technology.

Brand: Lg

👤The worst pair of headphones I have ever owned are from the company. They don't tell you when the batteries are low. They go crazy if I run with them. They aren't reliable. I could leave them in charge all night and they wouldn't work. They have their own thoughts. I bought these headphones because they were the cheapest option, and I think it's true. I rip my headphones off my neck every single day because they are so bad. Invest in something else.

👤I have been happily using the HBS-510 headphones for over a decade, and I got them to replace the HBS-730 headphones. I had modest expectations. It was easy. The instructions were clear and concise. The sound was clear despite having a little crackle on occasion. The collar is light and comfortable. The size was snug but comfortable, because of the extra set of earbuds. It was fast to charge. I only used 20% of the battery after using these continuously for 3 hours. The longest "in use" battery life was the reason I chose this headphones. Problems began the second day of use. The unit turned itself off. I tried to turn it on, but it didn't work. The earbuds were still on, but there was static coming through. The unit began to vibrate. It would vibrate for 3 or 4 minutes. Since the unit was off, there was no way to stop it. I requested a return after I decided that it was too many problems to have in the first 24 hours. I will try to order one of the more expensive models in order to get a better product.

👤The left earbud stopped working when the Headset was 11 months old. I talked to an Amazon customer service representative. I was told I needed to go to the manufacturer for warranty work. I have been on this road before with my wife's headset. After sending the wrong product, we had to call several people to get it replaced. It was easier to change to a vendor with a higher rating than it was to try to make a warranty claim.

👤I've bought 3 pairs of the previous model. I decided to try the newer model because you can't get them on Amazon anymore. The 510 is better. That doesn't mean I like it more. There is a You can tell which way is up with the best feature. I put the old pair upside-down a thousand times. The old ones had a circular design, but the top and bottom were the same. There was no way to tell if the buttons were up or down. This new design has a clear top. There is a My least favorite innovation is that the headphones have moved away from the switches. The old pair had an on-off switch. There's just a press and hold on the switch and separate buttons. Right? There is a It's a big deal. How do you know when the things are powered on? I used to feel the switch. They were already on if it was up. You have to hold that button for 3 seconds to turn it off. 3 seconds feels like a long time for someone who has turned these suckers on and off thousands of times. I miss the switch. Same for volume. There is a The most significant change is that they feel a bit bulkier. Is there a better design and more quality? Yes. I want a simple, lightweight, cheap design that worked well. Sometimes better is better. Better is newer, but not better. I miss those old cheapies.

11. LG HBS SL5 Bluetooth Wireless Neckband

LG HBS SL5 Bluetooth Wireless Neckband

The sound is close to the original recording with rich bass and clear treble. The power battery life. Talk time is 8 hours. Music is played for 8 hours. The time is 18 days. 10 minute fast charging for 3 hours. Every conversation is clear with dual mics. When you get a text or call, the neckband vibrates.

Brand: Lg

👤The on/off button is exactly what it is, and that is what I misinterpreted. The headset is turned off. I thought it would be the last time I would use it for answering calls and calling out. The people heard me but they didn't hear my vacuum. It doesn't help when I'm cleaning all day. Bitter life. horrible! The battery charge lasted days even after I was on the phone for hours. It takes one barely a day to make it through an average. It was comfortable enough. I have to get used to the retractable earbuds. I will return this item. It's too expensive for what you get. I won't recommend Lg like I used to. Sad.

👤I owned 2 pairs of Lg hbs910's for 3 years, and my wife and I both loved them. This is the closest thing we could find to replace them after they failed. There is a They have the same sound quality and bass as the last pair, but they are different. We don't like the fact that the headphones don't shut themselves off after signal is lost. The battery is dead. The old style would stop working after a while. You have to hold the button for about 6 seconds to turn them on and off. They had a simple on off switch, which has been replaced by a simpler multi-function button. I love the headset and recommend it very strongly.

👤I'm on at least four or five pairs of the Tone headsets. The most disappointing is theSL-5. The unit does not give a lot of warning before cutting the connection off when the battery is low, which makes the battery life not good. Grrrrrr. I have to scramble every time because my mind is thinking "surely, I can't be this low on battery already" and then it shuts off. The on/off function is really annoying. You have to hold the button for 6 or 7 seconds, then wait to hear the chime to see if it's on or off. It is not always obvious after using the unit for at least 5 days per week. The unit is low-budget. It's not a model for people who use a lot of headsets.

👤These are great earbuds. These are even better than the last headset I had, and I have had one before. The retractable earbuds are the best features, and I love being able to quickly store away the buds when I need to, and pull one out quickly to make a call. They are light and do not get in the way. The battery performs the way it is advertised, and it is fast. It charges very fast (10min for 2hrs of playtime, and 1hr for 8hrs of playtime), and it also charges very fast. I would recommend these to anyone who wants a great audio experience and a stylish headset.

👤I sound muffled to everyone.

👤I've owned previous models of the over the neck headphones and enjoyed their sound quality, comfort, and battery life. The sound comes out muffled. The settings for the equalizer were adjusted and played to no avail. I have to return them. I don't have the time to keep buying and returning, but maybe it was a bad pair.


What is the best product for lg bluetooth headphones neckband?

Lg bluetooth headphones neckband products from Lg. In this article about lg bluetooth headphones neckband you can see why people choose the product. Lg and Lg are also good brands to look for when you are finding lg bluetooth headphones neckband.

What are the best brands for lg bluetooth headphones neckband?

Lg, Lg and Lg are some of the best brands that chosen by people for lg bluetooth headphones neckband. Find the detail in this article. Lg, Lg and Lg are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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