Best Oculus Quest 2 Head Strap with Headphones

2 25 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. CNBEYOUNG Head Strap Oculus Quest

CNBEYOUNG Head Strap Oculus Quest

It's sold separately for the headset. Premium foam pad reduces the head pressure, and Reinforced material ensures that they will not easy to cracks like the Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap, which is perfect for the Oculus Quest 2. The "Hat" Shape provides increased support and maintains balance, reduce head pressure, prevent VR headset from slip, greatly improving the gaming experience. The Enhanced Comfort is made of high-quality plastic. The head back cover is made of high quality foam, which is soft and comfortable, and will allow you to be more immersed in the virtual reality world. Extending the time of playing a game is great. The Head Strap Adaptor has an adjustment method so that anyone can find a comfortable angle. You will be more comfortable and enjoy the game. It is easy to install and replace the original soft strap. The headset was not included.

Brand: Cnbeyoung

👤It's not difficult and works well for the price. I was able to get it together without the help of the instructions. I uploaded a how-to video in case anyone needed to figure out how to put it together, or if they wanted to research how to do it before buying. It works great, doesn't slip, and is more comfortable on my head than the stock strap. I definitely recommend.

👤I don't understand why oculus doesn't give you a headband that is as good as this one. This band is better than the others. The original band was very heavy in the front and my son was getting headaches from it. He no longer gets headaches, the band is easier to adjust to, and it is no longer67531 in the front. He needed me to fix it in the back for him because he wasn't able to do it on his own. He is able to adjust on his own with this band. He says the band is better and he is happy with it. I would give a negative comment if I couldn't install it. It took me 20 minutes to install, but I am not very good at doing that. It took about two weeks to arrive. The wait was worth it, I am glad I purchased this item, it makes it much better for my son to play with his oculus, and I don't have to worry about him getting headaches.

👤I felt cheated at the end of the day because I was hoping to love this. There is a I'm afraid the quality just doesn't warrant the price, and it does offer a nice padding to the back of the head. There is a The side pieces don't stay in place and often slide out of their slots. My head is pretty big, but I found the standard strap to be more stable and secure than this ugly contraption. Which leads me to the look. The shade of gray is pretty good, but the design leaves something to be desired if you're an infant in need of cranial reshaping. The top strap that is supposed to cover the top of your head feels cheap, but you can swap it out for the original one, even though you shouldn't have to. I haven't felt this kind of buyer's remorse in a while. I'm enjoying my game, so there's that. The final verdict. Save for something better.

👤The left side does not have a good relationship with the device. The four clips are not strong.

👤The strap looks good at first, but once you start tying it up, you will discover where they cut the corners to lower the cost. There are three clips on each side of the strap. The one I received was not perfect. It was difficult to assemble the strap. I don't think this would survive a single removal and reassembly, even if you needed to take it apart. Save yourself the hassle and get the real thing if you think this is cheaper than the branded version.

2. Replacement Kuject Detachable Lightweight Accessories

Replacement Kuject Detachable Lightweight Accessories

The upgrade design was specially designed for the sequel to the video game. The head strap can be changed according to your needs to better support your head and balance the gravity. It is very easy to carry the replacement strap because it is lightweight and portable, and it fits perfectly into the official Quest2 carrying case and most of the market case. The corners of the product are designed to not squeeze your ears. The head back pad is easy to clean and has memory foam in it. It can give you a longer game time and more comfortable gaming experience. The frame of the headband is made of reinforced plastic material, which takes into account the characteristics of toughness, durability, and drop resistance. It greatly extends the life of the headstrap and reduces the risk of cracking. The side bar can be adjusted through the anti-slip knob, so that family members can find a suitable head position, and the tightness of the vr headset can be quickly adjusted, so that all family members can use it.

Brand: Kuject

👤I have uploaded pictures of the replacement headset. It was in a small box when it arrived. There was an instruction sheet that showed how to put it together. The instructions were easy to follow and the color pictures were helpful. There is a It was easy to put this together once I laid the pieces out. One of the nice features of this is that the padded support has velcro on it so that you can adjust it if you need to. You need to push pretty firmly for the small side pieces to go in and be sure to walk them in as you push them onto the side pieces. There is a The fit is adjusted using a screw knob in the back. There is a I would say that this would be a quality product for anyone to consider for the second iteration of the game.

👤The strap does not fit my head well, it is not comfortable, and it takes a lot of pressure off the face. The top portion of the strap touches the back of my head, while the rest is close by. If the back piece fit against my skull, it would be more comfortable. The oculus brand strap is better. There is only one case that would fit this strap.

👤If you're reading this, you're like me and don't want to pay more for a name brand strap upgrade. I bought 2 different aftermarket straps, but this one is the better one. This one is built to last and works great, but I can't compare it to the name brand one as I never bought that one. It fits my daughters head as well as my larger male one, and it can go bigger. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The first 3 times I used it, it didn't stay tight on my head, but after that, it stripped out.

👤The straps that come with the goggles are better. My son's goggles fell off when he looked down. It was a great idea to order the strap replacement. My son's face was secured by it, it is super comfortable. When I used them, they fit my head and were a twist of the know. I had to adjust the straps before. In case you didn't know, your old straps simply pull off the headset. Take the plastic pieces off the arms. You're good to go if you snap on the arms of the replacement. You will have to put the replacement together. There is a I bought a 16 foot charging cable and an AIMTOM portable charger. My son can use it in the garage or anywhere without electricity. The AIMTOM lasts a couple of days before being used again. You can charge other devices at the same time. I think this was the better option. Remove the cable once the Oculus is back to normal. I got the cable from Amazon as well. Enjoy!

👤The best head strap for the virtual reality headset. The padding at the back of the head is super comfy. It is easier to switch between people if you twist the knob at the back of the headset. This is quicker than the head strap that comes with it. It is easier to align on your head. I tried a few other off brand head straps but this one is the best. Not too big or small. There are cases for these 3rd party head straps.

3. Oculus Quest Replacement Accessories Lightweight 2

Oculus Quest Replacement Accessories Lightweight 2

A head strap with a 5000mAh battery and high-speed cable can be used for 6 hours. When quest 2 is connected, you can charge the head strap and quest 2 at the same time. The battery weight cleverly balances the weight of quest 2. Ultra-light material and ergonomics help reduce the facial pressure brought on by quest 2. The back pad adds a hole design, more breathable, reduces sweating, improves the support ability, and greatly enhances the gaming experience. The Aubika head strap is made of a material that can stand over 100,000 times bending. Service life and environmental protection are improved by rejecting the risk of broken. The safety system includes over-current protection, over charge protection, overload protection, and more. The TPU pad is easy to clean, it won't have any strange smell or stains. You just need a damp cloth.

Brand: Aubika

👤Just wanted to say that it has been about 2 months. I still love it! Still going strong! No wear and tear, no shoddy construction, no regrets! I am a daily user. I am definitely putting it through its paces. Happy day. I did a lot of research before making a decision. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and I am very happy with the purchase. There is a The Meta strap seems to break on a lot of people. I didn't want to spend $100 on something that would break and have to deal with horrible customer service. This one is a cheaper version of that. The specifications are a little better. The advertised battery life is 6 hours. If it is not 6 hours, it is close enough to where it is not noticeable. A few nights ago, we had people over, had a few adult beverages and played. The headset stopped working about 1030pm. We were having a good time. We probably weren't the most careful when passing the headset back and forth, but the strap stood up better than expected. I went to a family gathering last night and one of the kids brought his oculus with him, so I looked it over. I will tell you this. If the meta elite and aubika were side by side, I would pick the aubika. It seems a lot stronger. Easy installation, sturdy hard plastic material and a dial in back. The rubber head cup is very comfortable on the back of the head and I think you could call it an upgrade from the stock strap. There is a This is proof that there are other options besides the Meta elite. I feel like I found a gem with the Aubika. The Meta has a longer battery life and is 40% cheaper. Don't call it a knock off because it's actually better than what they're imitating. You can talk smack to people who spend more money on lower quality products for this guy because you will not regret this purchase.

👤A cloth cushion behind the head is a replacement for a head strap. I love exercising because I have various health issues that make the oculus 2 my primary source of exercise. I look to have to wash fewer things because of the sweaty head sponge. There is a The rubbery head cup is what I was hoping for. I have only test fitted the unit and haven't worked out yet, so it's been pretty good so far. There is a The top strap is a stretch fabric piece. It is built into the rubber head cup. The problem with this is that the stretch fabric will break down and get gross, and not working for the sweaty workout version of me. This needs to be replaced, if at a minimum with a rubber strap with a velcro on top, so that the rubber doesn't absorb the sweat, or make it a separate piece from the rubber head cup, so that it can be taken off and washed. There is a My fix is to use the strap from the departing piece of kit and cut off the stretch fabric strap of the Aubika. Again, this is an issue for me. I sweat when I workout. I will give a fit and comfort update when I use this within the next 24 hours. It's peace!

4. Younik Replacement Adjustable Headband Enhanced

Younik Replacement Adjustable Headband Enhanced

The design of ergonomics. The new upgraded backrest is of a reasonable size and will not cause any problems due to being too large or heavy. Even if you wear it for a long time, it is comfortable because of the elastic support. The Head Strap for Oculus Quest 2 will not scratch your ears, compared to other types. The head strap for the second iteration of the game is made of a high quality plastic material with leather and foam pads. The material is easy to clean and will not get yellow or crack easily. The foam pads and PU material are soft and skin-friendly, and will not cause pressure on the head. You can adjust the headband to the right sight position with a design on the top of the head. The design of the rotating button with silent rollers on the backrest allows you to adjust the headband elasticity with one touch, just screw it to the position you feel comfortable and then can finish wearing, convenient and safe. The noise is reduced during mediation. Their Head Strap is specifically designed for the Oculus Quest 2 device, so you can get a better gaming experience. It's easy to put on and take off with just one click. The installation can be done in a few minutes with the help of the instruction manual. The package includes a reinforced head strap for the second iteration of the game. It's easy to put on and take off with just one click. The installation can be done in a few minutes with the help of the instruction manual. The package includes a reinforced head strap for the second iteration of the game.

Brand: Younik

👤I assumed all the Chinese halo straps were the same. I have the Bobovr strap, but I didn't like the pokey pieces on the top of my head. It seemed cheap as soon as it came out of the box. I can't think of a better way to compare it to the loaves of bread. Very thin. I installed it and tried it out, but I can't speak to long-term durability since I decided to use the Bobovr, which seemed like a high-quality product. If you're on a budget, I'm sure this will suffice, but apparently there is a difference in quality with price points.

👤The oculus unit can be lifted while the headstrap is on. That doesn't happen. It's comfortable and the unit sits on my face better. This is a great purchase if you don't care about being able to lift up the unit.

👤I am a casual user and I love this product. I would pay a little more for it if it were made more sturdier and lock front connectors so they don't move.

👤I haven't tried the order straps yet. It puts the pressure off your face by taking it off your head. I don't hear any pain or aches from it. It passed my test!

👤If you have long hair, it works great. If you do it, it will go up on your head. My wife has an issue with me with my short hair.

👤It took me a while to get it right. I found that adjusting the part that fits over your head first worked for me.

👤It's good for the price but not great. It might be good for a child or a temporary use.

👤The head strap is nice and snug, but it does feel a little loose when tightened, but it does hold up well for games like beat saber, and I don't think that's an issue.

5. Replacement Adjustable Accessories Enhanced Support

Replacement Adjustable Accessories Enhanced Support

The earphones can be placed up and down in different scenes of the game, bringing a very strong comfortable feeling. The head strap for the A2 and A3 is for the virtual reality headset, the replacement strap reduces head pressure. Anyone can find the comfortable angle. It can better hold the headset and the battery pack. It's easy to adjust the headband. Anyone can find the comfortable angle with the help of the rotatable knob. The elite strap can be adjusted to the best fit for your head. The soft inside memory foam leather reduces head and facial pressure effectively, you will get a longer video game experience. The ADICOP Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap is made of premium quality plastic material which has better strength and is less likely to break. It is easy to install and disassemble, and it will not grow yellow or break.

Brand: Adicop

👤That is the first thing you will notice when you put on this new head set. I don't think this is a strap, as it's much more robust than a strap, and the set will feel like a new set altogether. It is much quicker to adjust and secure than the OG strap, which is great for BeatSaber contests with friends. Is there an added bonus? You don't have to deal with the weird racing stripe that runs down the center of your head anymore! There is a raised slot above the size adjustment wheel that I believe is for an additional head strap or battery bank. I use a cable tie to secure my cable. It keeps the cable from getting caught on my shoulder or falling in front of me while connected to my PC. It's hard to say anything bad about this strap. I don't regret buying it.

👤The fabric strap gave me a headaches after only 1.5 hours of wearing it. Jay B says it's the sliced-bread of halo straps. When I put it on to test it, the back slipped up because of the weight of the device on the front. It slipped more if I tightened it too much. I think my head is different from Jay's. I tied my hair in a pony-tail and tightened the strap to fix it. That held it in place for 2 hours. The strap is better for me than the bare-bones one that came with the device.

👤After using elite straps, mine was killing me. I have a lot of comfort issues and this thing solved them. I was hesitant for a number of reasons, including the fact that it looks like a helmet for the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but I figured I would just return it if it didn't work out. I can't say enough about how it saved my experience. The boxing app can't remember the name. I have been using it for a long time and it is very comfortable. It took 10 minutes to remove the old Elite 2 and attach the new one. I would buy it again.

👤This is an excellent alternative to the Oculus brand one, which costs a lot more. I've had mine for weeks and have not had any problems. The fusion inside of the turning knob is beneficial. I strongly recommend purchasing a headset strap like this since it will shift the weight from your face to the back of your head. This will result in more enjoyable gaming sessions, as well as a lot more pleasant face and no nose irritation if the Oculus was resting on it. This is a huge buy.

👤I think we are not typical users. We are both over 70 years old, so we thought we would enjoy the new experiences. I watched a lot of videos on the internet. It was obvious that we needed a different head strap after we received our head set. There is a Most of the weight on our face was kept by the original head strap. We considered other head straps, but this one places the weight on the head. It allows us to play for longer periods of time. It was easy to install and look good.

6. KIWI Design Controller Accessories Protector

KIWI Design Controller Accessories Protector

The battery opening design makes it easy to replace the battery without removing the controller grips cover. You can easily replace a battery by opening the battery compartment and pulling the plastic battery Tab. The plastic battery pull tab is placed under the battery. The touch controllers are protected from being thrown out while playing games, and the grip cover protects the controllers from scratching and soiling. The texture of the protective shell makes it easier to grip and sweat, and the bottom of the grip cover is more comfortable for people with large hands. Pressing the sticker lightly will make it stronger. The knuckle strap can be adjusted to fit different-sized hands. The angle of the rivet can be adjusted according to the different sized hands or game actions. The grip cover is easy to install and remove. The grip cover will not slide off if 2 grommets are secured. The package included a battery compartment cover and plastic battery pull tabs. The batteries are not included.

Brand: Kiwi Design

👤The tracking LEDs are invisible to the human eye, but can be seen by a camera. The two most forward LEDs are blocked by these.

👤This design is wonderful! I wish there was a way to cover the controller's O shape so that it wouldn't get hit a lot. There is another accessory that is compatible with protecting the O shaped part. Pulling out the batteries is difficult even with the pull tab. I might be doing something wrong. This is my favorite grip. I highly recommend it!

👤The controllers are not firmly attached to my hands because the setting of the velcro is not tight enough. It's too loose. Those with smaller hands were not designed for these. The biggest problem with these grips is their longevity. I bought these three months ago and the left grip is no longer supported by the velcro. It will often come undone mid Beat Saber match, which has made for some hilarious quick recoveries. I was expecting a lot better for premium grips. There is a As other reviewers have noted, they cover some of the sensors. I feel like this has affected the timing of my movements, which is important if you're playing a game that relies on accuracy. These are not good grips for Beat Saber.

👤This is what I needed. The battery covers on my controllers are hard to remove. I usually need to force the battery covers off with a screwdriver or something if my fit is tighter than most. There is a The wrist strap is frustrating. You cannot remove the controller from one hand without using the other. It just gets very frustrating when you have your eyes and ears covered and your head tethers to the desk. A lot of that has been fixed by this cover. They made an alternate battery cover with a window cut out so that you can swap batteries without having to remove the cover. The battery cover has a plastic pull tab, which you're supposed to place in front of the battery. You can use the handy tab to help remove the battery. There is a The straps are comfortable and allow you to fully open your grip without the controller getting out of position, which makes throwing objects in virtual reality much easier. The weight is increased and the Menu and Oculus buttons are more difficult to use. I give it 5 stars because neither of those are a problem for me.

👤My old AMVR grips were locked on to the controller with zip ties, which made it hard for me to make mistakes. It was very difficult to change the batteries because of the tie wraps and the fact that the new one was not on. I would like these to fit the controller as snug as possible. The knuckle strap is held to the controller by the top river. I had to trim down the inside rubber of the grips because they keep triggering the insidetrigger. I only used them for a couple of weeks. I can tell that it might be an issue. If you're playing echo vr or similar, you might want to wait for the next version unless you like a looser grip product, and battery door is a good seller here.

7. Oculus Quest Elite Enhanced Support Comfort

Oculus Quest Elite Enhanced Support Comfort

Premium rigid hard strap enhances stability and ergonomics. The brace supports your head. The rear fit wheel has a quick twist. It's sold separately for the headset.

Brand: Oculus

👤The second review is called "second review". There are many reports of straps breaking off. This may happen if you spend $50. Unless you plan on using your headset a lot, it's not a great step up. My opinion has not changed much after a week of use. The cloth strap does a better job of distributing weight than the Elite strap. The cloth strap has a different mechanism to tighten it. The headset is too front heavy. It's definitely noticeable even with the Elite Strap. After an hour or so of use, your neck will get sore from carrying the weight of the headset. It would be better if the back of the Elite Strap was heavier. I was considering changing my review to a 5 star but an issue came up. There is a Quality is 2. I was worried about how thin the side plastic was. The strap may not hold up for certain games that require a lot of movement. Many other people have reported that the side straps have snapped off. After playing moderately intense games like Beat Saber, apparently only after a few days of use. They claim that simply adjusting the straps leads to cracking. I'm not sure if this is universal or just certain product malfunction, but the fact that this has happened to certain people is concerning. There is a --- The first review. It's difficult to install, but it feels better than the cloth strap. Unless you're planning on using your headset a lot, the $50 is not worth it. If you're like me, you did a lot of research into the game before buying it, and you know that reviewers have a lot of complaints about the quality of the cloth strap. The product serves as a replacement but has some drawbacks. There is a Installation is done on 2nd of May. It is not possible to say it in a nice way. The installation was frustrating and potentially dangerous. When installing the elite strap, the Quest 2 comes with some parts that need to be removed. The cloth strap must be removed first. There is no sliding mechanism or a way to lock it in place that doesn't require pulling it out. It's difficult to tell which part of the strap is which part of the headset as it requires a lot of force. I was going to force it off before I decided to hope for the best. It came off fine, but it's not likely that you will damage your headset. This part was worse for the strap itself. The instructions are vague so it takes a bit of interpretation to find the best way to approach it. The way the cloth strap came off was similar to this. You can force the strap onto the headset. The arms of the headset are thick and it's not possible to gently attach it. I tried to attach it before pushing it onto the arms, like with the cloth strap. It took a couple tries before it clicked. It worked again, but it's not likely that you'll damage your headset in the process. First impressions: Works as advertised. The cloth strap distributes the weight better than it does the headset. The dial is more convenient than the cloth strap. --- I will be updating this review as I get a better idea of it.

8. Oculus Battery Enhanced Comfort Playtime 2

Oculus Battery Enhanced Comfort Playtime 2

Keep your headset secure, extend your play time, and maximize your comfort. Play for longer with a built-in second battery that can double the play time between charges. A balancing design uses the weight of the battery to lift your headset away from your face. The fit wheel lets you quickly find your size. Keep your headset in place and you will get all-round support. Lighten the feel of your headset and reduce wearer fatigue with a flexible comfort brace that cradles the back of the wearer's head and supports headset weight. Remove your original strap and snap the Elite strap with the battery in place. Re-charge your headset and battery at the same time. There is no need for additional charge cables or power outlets.

Brand: Oculus

👤It works well, but it costs more than 100 dollars for a strap with a small battery. The price of this needs to be dropped. It should cost between 60 and 75 dollars.

👤The strap is much better than the regular one. I can't comment on the battery pack since I don't know how to charge it. The page says there are no extra cables needed, but I see a port with no cable. I'm not sure if I'm missing the charging cable or confused about how it charges. Finally figured it out... duh! The battery cable should be plugged into the battery charging port while the Oculus cable should be plugged into the oculus charging port. The HUD will show the current charge for both batteries. Last long too! I haven't gotten to the oculus battery yet. The best investment so far is the Quest 2.

👤The standard strap of the Oculus 2 is so uncomfortable that I feel it should come with a warning. It would cause me headaches after just a few minutes of use. It becomes and exercise in pain and frustration if you add another user to the mix. The issues are largely eliminated by the Elite strap. The Elite distributes the weight evenly across the front, back, and top of your head, rather than cinching it to your face. It's convenient to switch users with ease. The 2hr battery capacity is icing on the cake. It is definitely worth $110.

👤One head strap might be comfortable for one person but not for another. I think this one has been well thought out, but it's hard to tell which is the best. I've tried the Bobovr M2 Pro and the Kiwi Elite Strap before. I was hesitant to use this one because of all the reported issues, but the 2 years warranty puts my worries at ease since by the time that warranty does expire, you probably already moved onto a different headset. I think this will be very comfortable for most people, but there will be some who find it not so comfortable. The strap was touching the top of my ears. After an hour of use, my ears would get a bit sore. This is no longer an issue after adjusting the strap so that it sits a bit higher up. The narrower strap makes it work with more headphones, and it looks a bit better. The official Elite strap has a rubbery cup, while the back padding of the Kiwi is pleather. The official strap does a better job of conforming to the back of your head, but it's not as uncomfortable as the Kiwi strap. The built-in battery is the biggest advantage this has. It helps make it a little more comfortable as it acts as a counterbalance, but it also extends play time. You can strap on a battery pack, but this is a more elegant solution. I think the Bobovr M2 Pro still comes out on top for most people. This beats the M2 Pro in many aspects, but unless you have a halo-style strap, it's not worth it. The build quality feels better. The M2 Pro just feels cheap, even though it has been known to snap. There's a lot of plastic, the pleather is very firm, and it has a questionable design decision. The M2 Pro battery pack is double of what you get on the Elite pack, so you can go longer in a single session. The M2 Pro battery is hot swappable, so you can play for infinite time. The DAS frakenquest mod and the Elite strap make sense to me. I think the Elite strap does a better job of conforming to the back of your head than the other one. After an hour of play, the DAS hurts my head because it has a hard plastic shell. You lose a bit of "spaciousness" due to the fact that you have some things on your ears, but the headphones of the DAS provide a bit more body to the audio. This is one of the more expensive options so you should try a few different head straps. It's pricey even if you consider convenience. If it was a bit cheaper, this would be a no-brainer, but you have to make sure this is the most comfortable solution before you go for it.

9. SARLAR Headphones Immersion Optimized Accessories

SARLAR Headphones Immersion Optimized Accessories

You get 2* Earbuds and 3 sizes of custom Silicone caps. Please contact them if you are not happy with the earbuds. 18 months of product warranty and 24x7 friendly customer service will be provided by them. 3.5mm custom-length cable designed for the Oculus Quest 2 gaming headset provides minimal latency for optimal realism. 45mm large-aperture drivers provide you with great audio quality no matter what the occasion. Enlarge the ear pads for complete noise isolation. You don't have to think about the outside world when you are fully immersed in the virtual reality experience. You can endure virtual reality with a lightweight fuselage with superior ear pads and headband. There is more accessoreis. There is a microfiber cleaning cloth and headphones carrying case.

Brand: Sarlar

👤I bought this because the earpods were interfering with my movement and the cords were long, which made it hard for my husband to hear TV. There is a These headphones fixed both issues and I feel like I'm immersed in my games and forget I have them on. I have a small head, but it would be difficult for anyone with a large head to use the head strap that I have. For the price you get a case and cleaning cloth, and the sound quality is decent. Absolutely worth it.

👤These headphones are not as good as the regular on-board speakers. If your audio is going to be worse, what is the point of buying them? Avoid the palace.

👤I have had a headset for a while. I have been gentle with it. I use it on my oculus quest 2. It is pretty nice. I don't know if I caused it or the shipping caused it, but I love it until it starts to tear. I looked at my headphones one day. It is good for oculus quest 2 if you get a fabric tear. I was ripped.

👤The headphones were cheap. The construction reflects that. They feel light and flimsy. The sound quality is not better than the built in speakers, but it does prevent you from bothering others while playing. They come in a nice case with an extension cord and lens protectors for the Oculus. They're alright for the cheap money, but don't expect it to be an upgrade.

👤I didn't think I'd have to write a review because everyone else seems to like the headset. These headphones are a lot worse than the open ear speakers on the quest 2, they don't have the bass or clarity I was looking for, and they don't have the immersion I was looking for. This headset does not have a microphone. The headset has to be unplugged in order to use the oculus mic. I don't know how this has good reviews.

👤I am very pleased with the headphones. They work well with the oculus. They come in a nice travel kit to keep them protected. Very happy with the purchase.

👤The product broke after only 3 days of use, unless you use duct tape after a few days, they are cheaper and last far longer. When I buy a product, I expect it to last a week of non-stop usage, but it failed on day 3. There is a Again sound is as advertised, comfort is great, but just don't expect it to last long, highly recommend buying duct tape, for its likelihood of breaking, or not buying at all

👤My son said it's necessary for the oculus.

10. KIWI Design Silicone Enhancing Accessories

KIWI Design Silicone Enhancing Accessories

Built-in speakers deliver cinematic 3D audio. These earmuffs are specially designed to amplify the sound and improve audio quality when you are playing games but not wearing earbuds, bringing you a better virtual reality gaming experience. To reduce noise leak, direct the speaker sound into your ears, so that it won't bother people around you. If you share quest/quest 2 with others, they will keep your ears clear so you can still hear around you. It is made of soft silicone and tasteless, so it won't hurt your skin, and it has a custom design that ensures a firm fit against the Quest 2. It keeps the oculus quest 2 white headset straps clean. It's easy to use, you just need to align the earmuffs to the side of the game and press it firmly from the end position. What you get is a pair of earmuffs. Please contact them if you have a problem with their product. 18 months of product warranty and 24x7 friendly customer service will be provided by them.

Brand: Kiwi Design

👤It greatly increases the volume. They are easy to slip on and off. If you want to see how much audio will be directed to your ears, you can just cupping your hand over your ears while wearing the headset. I don't have to turn my audio on past 50%. This is a no-brainer for the price.

👤I saw this item listing a couple weeks ago while I was looking for headphones for my new headset, and I dismissed it because there were no speakers or electronics involved. A few days ago, when I was pulling my hoodie over my head strap, I had my hands over my ears, and the sound was completely different. I ordered it immediately after I remembered the listing. These are very effective at increasing the depth and volume of the sound coming out of your head strap. If you haven't already tried it, I would encourage you to cup your hands over your ears, and see for yourself how amazing the difference can be.

👤It seems as if you amplified the sound or turned it up, even though these are completely passive. The sound quality of the speakers is the same, but you can turn it down because other people won't be disturbed, and you will still hear everything you would have at the higher volume. If you are looking for a good product to replace earbuds, but you don't want anything stuck in your ears, it is a good product and can be useful.

👤When I was researching the location of the speakers, I discovered this product. I can't see the speaker grill. I wondered how the sound travels to my ears. Someone on a forum suggested cupping the ears to make them louder. I saw this product on the same thread. The sound got louder when I tried the cupping method. You get the same effect if you put the kiwi muffs on. They look pretty cool on the headset. There is a Thecups are not shaped right to fit most ears. I think the male model they used has smaller than average ears. The cups hit my ears just above the earlobes, if you look at the female model in the description section. None of the reviewers had the bottom of their ears completely covered. The cup should have been 1 to 1.5 inches extra at the bottom. Most people's ears would be covered by that. It would be nice to not have the bottom edge of the cups touching the ears, but I don't think it would make a big difference in sound. There is a I would give it a 5 stars if the cup shape is changed.

👤If you're looking for better sound than the default speakers, this product isn't what you're looking for. There is a The sound coming from the speakers is redistributed by these earmuffs. It's more comfortable for me to stick earbuds into my ears than it is to use a pair of over- ear headphones. It adds to the experience by making the sound come from the outside and into your head instead of from inside your ears, in the case of using earbuds or headphones. These earmuffs are lightweight and easy to install, even while using the Quest on, and they also serve as a small barrier to external sound. They will still be able to get your attention by just yelling, even though it will shield you from light chatting in the background. It's up to you whether this is a pro or con.

11. Orzero Adjustable Compatible Replacement Comfortable

Orzero Adjustable Compatible Replacement Comfortable

The replacement for the Elite Strap is perfect for the Meta Quest 2 headset. Before installation, please check the installation video or instructions. It is easy to install and remove the round button. The full coverage head cushion is easy to clean and made of soft sponge. Reducing head and facial pressure is possible. The size of the head cushion has been enlarged. High-quality plastic with a unique design supports your head longer. Bring an experience that is not static. There are accessories for Meta Quest 2. Orzero Service is protected.

Brand: Orzero

👤The construction is good. It's easy to install. I think these are great if standing. After a short time, the weight is noticeable. I had neck fatigue within 20 minutes of use. I found this to be a deal breaker. "Bigscreen" or any movie watching app is great for this. I wanted to recline in my chair to watch a movie. Once the large back piece of this hits the chair... It applies pressure and uneasiness to the viewing experience. I switched back to the original equipment and found that it made the problem less of a problem. This accessory makes for a more stable attachment, with less movement of the screen, so it's good if you're moving about, which is why the 3-star review was written. The side attachment for size adjustment seems to cut into my ears, as if it fits directly behind the ears and as gravity takes over, it has a habit of rubbing. It's not good to have sharp plastic and ears. You have to go really tight if this becomes less. Being honest.

👤This is very cheap. This is a total miss. Total waste of money. It sounds like an old horror movie house. The worst plastic is used to make it and it doesn't fit in the head. It feels inflexible and hard to adjust to.

👤After 2 weeks, the rotating knob broke, no longer able to turn the knob to expand.

👤It was much better than the original from Oculus. I should have paid the extra $10 for my order.

👤The plastic snaps broke. The headset was dropped. The headset was broken. Lesson learned.

👤I can't compare this strap to others because it is the only one I tried. It was relatively easy. There is a When I put it on my head it hurt my ears so much I had to find a solution. The strap is being exoanding from the square wide edge. It was 5 stars if it had some trouble there. I found a soft material that would not hurt my ear. It is probably okay after that. There is a If I was buying with my experience, I would check the edges of the ear to make sure there were no sharp edges.

👤It took an entire week for this item to be shipped with only the head strap and not the parts that came with it. I have to wait a week and a half for a replacement. This is not professional.

👤The straps push down on the ears if you adjust the angle of the straps. The lower part of the back support won't touch the back of my head if I raise them up. If the pads in the back were individual, you could make it fit your head. I have to either make my own pads or return the item.

👤I decided that the strap that came with the product was not good enough, after only having it for a couple of weeks. I am an adult male with a large head and have been playing with my daughter who is 11 years old and playing the game of Oculus Quest 2. Having to constantly adjust the strap when we took turns was getting annoying so I decided to give it a try. There is a What a difference. It was easy to swap the headset for a new one to let my daughter have a go. There is a There is a wheel on the back that is easy to turn and adjusts the size of the strap and so is a big upgrade. I found it difficult to assemble as the picture that came with it didn't explain how to remove the stock head strap, and after watching some videos I found out that you have to be very careful when removing the strap. Take your time and look for better instructions online before trying to remove the old strap. There is a I think it is a good product. I'm glad I bought it.


What is the best product for oculus quest 2 head strap with headphones?

Oculus quest 2 head strap with headphones products from Cnbeyoung. In this article about oculus quest 2 head strap with headphones you can see why people choose the product. Kuject and Aubika are also good brands to look for when you are finding oculus quest 2 head strap with headphones.

What are the best brands for oculus quest 2 head strap with headphones?

Cnbeyoung, Kuject and Aubika are some of the best brands that chosen by people for oculus quest 2 head strap with headphones. Find the detail in this article. Younik, Adicop and Kiwi Design are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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